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Antiques Road Trip Comments

Good and Bad.
This weeks antiques road trip will be like Christies against house clearance, and we know who's who don't we.
GRIME REAPER. 2:26pm Tue 17 Jan

If you were getting paid what these so called experts are getting paid, you would be laughing too.
psh 5:59pm Sun 15 Jan
for goodness sake do me a favour and stop laughing all the time i have no problems with people being happy but your constant laughing gets on my wick
mossie 1:30pm Sat 14 Jan
I know that Christina is a pretty girl but does she have to use her charms to get the price down all the time. interesting to note that the dealers she goes to are usually males is this planned, gives a unfair advantage.
shaun the ant. 10:11am Wed 11 Jan
New road trip next week will be interesting to see if they get half off the items like last week, who do the BBC think they are kidding.
psh. 11:57am Sun 8 Jan
Thay get on your nerves.
If I behaved the way these experts behave in the auctions I'd be chucked out.Catherine Sutherland balling at people would get on my nerves if I was one of the punters
Fairview 5:15pm Fri 6 Jan
Road trip joke.
Catherine Southern gets worse as no idea what she's doing, please stick to auctioneering.Charles Hanson gets on everybody's nerves all the time but did well yesterday.
Jethro 10:41am Tue 3 Jan
Great Need.
Well thats the end of Celebrity Road Trip so back to repeats, last nights was the usual drivel and children in need making very little in the series overall.
Octopus. 3:34pm Thu 15 Dec
David Harper
Don't be fooled by his antics getting the prices down on cheap tat. It is all an act to boost his tv persona. He actually has a high end antique shop in Barnard Castle, Co Durham. I have seen him in action in his shop......no question of any bartering there!!
get real 11:04pm Fri 9 Dec
Pink Elephant.
Expert David Harper on last nights usual tripe, a dealer wanted £5 for a vase and he got him down to a pound ,wanted on another item to flip a coin but lost I'm glad to say.The mans only in it for the money, he's a glorified carbooter.
viking 6:29pm Fri 9 Dec
Two words used all the time are QUIRKY and COOL, they don't mean a thing, so why do experts and contestants keep using them.
Highlander. 2:08pm Mon 5 Dec
Road trip to hell.
Items brought at half price by celebs and experts , which we all know does not happen. DEALERS NEED TO EAT NOT GIVE THINGS AWAY,so stop conning the public.
Hobgoblin 7:54pm Sat 3 Dec
Celebrity road trip two weeks of trash, nine no profits one profit.Lets see what this week brings???
octopus 6:36pm Mon 28 Nov
Nn profits
Cars braking down all over the place no profits from so called experts and celebrities no idea what a show.
Boring trash 2:32pm Fri 25 Nov
White Elephant
Why on celebrity road trip don't the BBC give the charities all the money they waste, on the show e.g all the money on celebs petrol etc.Because the experts and celebs certainly don't make any.
common sense 6:45pm Mon 21 Nov
When you look into all antique shows it appears that its all a big soap opera,and nothing is actually real.one big con. Cheap television repeated over and over again, bargain hunt ,antiques road trip utter tripe,
tripe hater 3:18pm Fri 11 Nov
You are so right. David Harper is a prime culprit. Tried it in his own establishment in Co Durham and was laughed out of the shop!
once more 9:44am Fri 30 Sep
Total embarasment.
Get a red face, when I even think of it!
Carbootboy 7:23pm Thu 29 Sep
The English Raj
I like Raj and he seems to know a lot about antiques.Lets have some new presenters on the show.
fairview567 11:06am Wed 21 Sep
bbc kidding viewers
do the bbc except viewers to believe that dealers will sell antiques for a quarter of the price, e.g 150 pounds seeing as its you 50 pounds try going into a antiques centre with that idea,and see where it gets you. the only answer can be that the bbc pay the shops and centres,to film the deals to make the money up. after all it is their living.
psh 7:37pm Tue 6 Sep
disgusting bbc
They put two shows together and mark them down as new but of course its repeats repeats repeats
mossie 9:43am Thu 2 Jun
Calm down Natasha
That Raskin girl is heading for a heart attack.
Cogs 1:06pm Wed 1 Jun
Has this previously been shown before on BBC1 or BBC2.If so advise viewers that it is a repeat showing please.
Pierre 7:17pm Thu 12 May
stupid concept
Road Trip "experts" buy retail and sell wholesale - what a novel idea
Dee Bunker 6:16pm Fri 1 Apr
Natasha Makes Me Cringe
Where on earth did they find this irritating idiot? Probably got a big leg up from someone in the business, a question of not what you know but who you know.
vintagelover 5:47pm Mon 22 Feb
Good program spoilt
Can this program get any trashier I don't think so please stop Charlie Ross from trying to portray himself as gods gift to women, And a box of broaches being brought for £5.00 I don't think so dealers know within a few pounds how much any item is worth and the broaches contained one by Charles Horner. The broaches at auction made a awful lot of money so please don't try to fool viewers into thinking this was a genuine deal. Get the program back to where to experts compete on equal terms
Cork 4:27pm Sat 20 Feb
What an actress she should join RADA !!
find it increasingly difficult , to watch any antique programme with Natasha Raskin in it . Please someone tell her to stop doing that false open mouthed grin . also stop her continuous use of the phrase ( Oh my goodness ) .
morpheusjohn 6:33pm Fri 19 Feb
Charlie Ross irritating
Elder 5:54pm Tue 16 Feb
Revise content with more focus on antiques and less on experts
Elder 5:15pm Tue 16 Feb
Annoying Natasha Raskin
No more please
Old antique 6:40pm Mon 15 Feb
Natasha Raskin
Fully agree. Trouble is she crops up in all the antique shows now. Where did they get her from.....and why?
once more 7:03pm Fri 12 Feb
Annoying Natasha Raskin
We can no longer watch episodes of antiques road trip with Natasha Raskin in it . She is childish , false , constantly gushing, over active & lowers the tone of the programme . Why don't the producers tell her to calm down ? The false laughter is pathetic . Sorry but she makes a lovely programme difficult to watch .
Florence 6:52pm Fri 12 Feb
P and pence
Thank you Tim for saying pence most of the time instead of P.
Fussy Terry 8:05pm Tue 26 Jan
Mr Bean
Is Charles Hanson the real life Mr Bean?
Tower 6:01pm Mon 14 Dec
Charles Hanson
Is Charles Hanson the most annoying person on tv? Yes! I could have thrown the television out of the window today. Childish!
Rita 5:19pm Fri 23 Oct
Drama queen.
Yes you guessed it James Lewis being a complete drama queen as usual on antique road trip this morning.Im amused that these so called experts are frequently stitched up by these dealers but as course as you're aware it's totally made up.What goes on in reality in auction houses are the rings and people being in cahoots with auction house.You learn very little by these programmes except don't take things at face value.
fairview 8:11am Mon 19 Oct
David Harper
I'd be happy if I saw less of him full stop!
once more 2:17pm Fri 16 Oct
O for black and white TV
Where does David Harper get his trousers from Dulux.How the hell does he get into them,one false move will have them coming apart at the seams.
Fairview 8:52am Fri 16 Oct
Natasha, annoying in the extreme. Needs to control the arm waving and look of total amazement at everything, so distracting and detracting.
Simpler 8:02pm Fri 5 Jun
Why can't the BBC get the presenter to speak correct English? (Pence, not pee) And how much do they spend on travel?
Magicterry 11:37pm Fri 20 Feb
David Harper
Try getting the goods cheaper in his shop in Barnard Castle.......I don't think so!
once more 11:48pm Tue 10 Feb
please stop
laughing christina and as for anita manning she is dreadful more full the shop owners for giving her things for next to nothing
solopolo 10:18am Fri 6 Feb
road trip ok???
l like road trip but l'm afraid l can't stand Annita Manning , she does my head in. With her weird open mouthed laugh and her terrible grey trousers. At the moment she's on twice a night aahhhh
pdl 9:36pm Wed 28 Jan
Something for nothing!!!
I presume if my husband and I went into these shops featured on these programmes we too would be able to haggle the prices right down as well?!?
Dornut 5:12pm Fri 23 Jan
Christina is a ni go - he quasi charm is supposed to make the dealers give he the goods for anything, shame on her and the producers to have someone like her on the show. Will someone please also stop her cackling laughs.
Medusa 9:27am Thu 8 Jan
Does anybody know
My uncle was on the show when they were in Wales, His name is Robert, but they called him Robin they visit his shop .... ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT
Nittynoo 1:53am Thu 13 Nov
Charmin man
Mark Hales is so polite and respectful you almost forget he is an antique dealer.....no one is perfect!
ria b 3:20pm Tue 21 Oct
Absolutely disgusting that the final auction was held in a fish market! Profit to children in need ? Who picks these auction houses? Sack them
JanetB 5:13pm Fri 10 Oct
somthing to make you smile and have a laugh
it would be good paul lailaw and Charlie hason to do antiques road trip
caz 8:04pm Tue 7 Oct
David Harper
Try tossing a coin in his shop in Barnard Castle.......
ria b 7:41pm Mon 21 Jul

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