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Antiques Roadshow Comments

let me know where those skips are that hold treasured items, the little old ladies customers that leave you precious gems or the doctors patients who are so grateful.
georgie 9:08pm Sun 23 Apr

Old Ladies
Where are they? You never get given anything from the ones I know. They are far too shrewd!
ria b 2:50pm Thu 25 Sep
Fed up
I am so fed upwith all these repeats - it seems there is a waalth of NO talent and ideas nowadays. All channels are the same and act like copy cat zombies. I pay good money to the BBC and expect more from them than the other channels but they are all as bad as each other.
Medusa 9:49am Sun 11 May
Reply to Nerdy
If your post is indicative of your obviously limited vocabulary then I dare not use any ostentatious words
OED 6:47pm Sun 22 Dec
A very good show.
Always interesting & informative. Apologies to Wymz for using big words.
Nerdy 7:57pm Sun 19 May
So Bad
Such a bad TV show
Wymz 2:12pm Wed 17 Apr
So Bad
Such a bad TV show
Wymz 2:08pm Mon 15 Apr
Fiona Bruce
I personally think she is good on the show. She interacts with people very well and appears generally interested and her comments are always pertinent. Enjoyed this weeks rememberance show.
doubletake 8:42pm Sun 11 Nov
what is his name?
The expert who looked the the HM Bateman enamel box on the Antiques Roadshow compilation today (15/10/11) on Yesterday when the visit was to Highcliffe Castle? Looks a bit like Peter Cook. It's driving me mad!!
loopyLyn 11:47pm Sat 15 Oct
fiona bruce should stick to reading the news
how the hell did bruce get this job, she knows nothing about antiques and has the personality of a glass of water. as others said shes completely the wrong person for this program.
tt 9:09pm Sun 2 Oct
I don't like this show
123 7:40pm Sun 7 Aug
help with artist name...
does anyone know the name of the artist from the Tavistock show who painted two men (possibly depicting the same man). I only caught the end of the show and missed the name of the artist.
roadshow_junkie 9:21pm Sun 10 Jul
its true
not what you know, its who you know that will determine how you get on in life.
bloke downt pub 8:42pm Sun 5 Jun
oh yeah
Fiona Bruce on this show is like Katie Price presenting Mastermind. BBC sods wasting our money yet again. It must be great to be on the BBC Gravy Train.
Dradel 5:47pm Sun 8 May
Makes my Sundays - look forward to them always something interesting turns up.
Dave - Ilford 8:59pm Sun 24 Apr
Great Show
full of surprises and it's a joy to watch. Fiona is marvellous. 10/10
Brimstone MIssisle 7:42pm Sun 27 Mar
Curious Collection
Did anybody catch the name of the lady who kept the diaries, bus tickets, old can labels and rebuilt her house? I'd love to look her up!
Marianne 8:31pm Sun 20 Mar
who likes this show? im thinkng. still thinking, um.... grannies perhaps???
fraybee 7:21pm Sun 20 Mar
worst show ever?
the antiques roadshow is what makes sundays so boring. worst show ever
mazza 6:50pm Sun 6 Feb
I watched part of an old "Antique's Road Show", there were Walt Disney's family portraits,I may have one of a William Disney, any info would help,compare M. Aspel... Thanks Barry
Brightspark 9:37am Thu 16 Dec
THey dont know jack s***
I took an family painting to the Bath show, (it was not on TV) but it was still evaluated by one of the researcher idiots who scan the queues for objects. They told me it was not by anyone significant and the only real value was about £25. I had the last laugh though, I sold it on Ebay for £320 to some idiot in Newcastle.haha
In the money 4:28pm Sun 5 Dec
it is of no concern to anyone how a woman treets her husband.
les bian 11:14am Mon 29 Nov
Last week the woman made her dog drag a truck to the roadshow, poor dog was tired out in that heat, should never have been allowed
banditboy 7:56pm Sun 28 Nov
no more
This show is on yesterday all the time. it is like watching paint dry. Please no more of this dire tripe
sparky 6:26pm Sun 7 Nov
Fiona has probably been briefed to keep is simple for the likes of you.
Hagred 10:01pm Sun 26 Sep
showed them my old hot water tank
and they correctly identified it as MFI circa 1973. they are good, arent they.
a concerned viewer. 7:25pm Sun 26 Sep
You listing a few of your favourite things? Nepotism + casting couch + S&M?? Perhaps AR could value some of your opinions, we'd see just how antiquated and worthless your views are. AR is a brilliant show and FB presents it perfectly.
Robert The 7:12pm Sun 26 Sep
One of the most pointless shows I've ever seen. I mean look at all the shows across BBC1.... all of the shows are aimed at pensioners..
Josh 5:38pm Sun 19 Sep
It would be quite hard to insult your intelligence, such a small target to aim at. BTW, is 47 your IQ or age?
Rosey_DD 3:48pm Sun 19 Sep
old things
Brilliant show, well received in Holland
Jantje 9:18am Sun 19 Sep
Re:Disgusting woman
I think you are confused and are really thinking about your Mom.
c 7:22pm Sun 2 May
Heavens above!
Why oh why does Yesterday keep putting the bloody Antiques Roadshow on'all the time'..there are sooo many great 'history'documentary's that they could air..instead of these damn re-runs..it is an insult to my intelligence! I have nothing against antiques but please! not all the time..it does my head in..aaaarrghh!! It's supposed to be a 'history channel'not an antiques show..More biography's & more documetary's would be so nice?? Thanking you.
Rikki47 7:36am Mon 19 Apr
Fiona Bruce
If only the AR would come to my town.. I'd love to get my old antiques out and give them a polish, blow the dust off. I'd really work on my favourite one and take it out for the experts to admire. Hopefully Fiona would be there to see too. I love the Roadshow, its brilliant.
Colin. 9:00am Sun 21 Mar
this show is about me :D
gemma louise tite 10:45am Tue 9 Feb
well, when the antiques roadshow visits southall
they can value my victorian hot water tank, and my early MFI furnature.
blog bloke 7:41pm Sun 10 Jan
well said
the truth hurts
east end boy 6:57pm Mon 4 Jan
"Disappointed", "Friend"
disappointed disappointed disappointed disappointed friend friend friend friend
Microsoft Paperclip 5:30pm Sun 6 Dec
remedy remedy remedy remedy remedy remedy
Microsoft Paperclip 8:39am Wed 25 Nov
break break break break break break
Microsoft Paperclip 11:10am Sun 22 Nov
I noticed that too!
Tariq obviously works for TV Guide and he took offence at everyone using his name to have a laugh - his name should only be used to stir up racial hatred, it's no laughing matter.
SI 6:28pm Mon 16 Nov
SOMEBODY'S been deleting comments
I wonder why, hmnn?
TV Guide 6:03pm Mon 16 Nov
trashbat utterance
nathan barley am I
all going wrong 5:32pm Mon 16 Nov
Talk about you?
Why would we want to. We want to talk about sulpher pits and damnation and deficient bints and how the West was won - you've lost the plot recently - all this talk about bums and stuff.
talk islamand alot of bul 3:25pm Mon 16 Nov
New IDs on the block
Its all happening!
Eric of Sykes 3:00pm Mon 16 Nov
you little minx
Give me your address, and maybe I'll consider it. Is this a booty call?
belloq 2:35pm Mon 16 Nov
Come and get me big boy!
Crack of Oldbum 2:24pm Mon 16 Nov
You're off to the sulpher pits my friend.
takin itveri ardup dabum 1:37pm Mon 16 Nov
Mr Belloq
Mr Iqbal on this site is actually Mr John, from Leeds, with a chip on his shoulder.
Ha ha ha ha 6:24pm Sun 15 Nov
Who knows, Mr Iqbul...
...In a thousand years, even you may be worth something!
Belloq 11:49am Sun 15 Nov
That filthy low retarded collection of cheap holes, Fiona Bruce, really makes me sick.
Jilly 2:51am Thu 12 Nov

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