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Not a bad point...
I'll update my comment, it shall now read: Avatar = Ferngully x Aliens x Pocahontas x Call Me Joe, with the caveat that I was comparing a movie with other movies, not with a novelette ; )
Ridley Scott 6:19 am Fri 14 Sep

3rd Rate Rip Off
No not Ferngully or Pocahontas but Call Me Joe by Poul Anderson. Also similar to a section in Cliff Simaks City.
Dan Brown 8:52 pm Mon 27 Aug
!watch avatar
IB 6:49 pm Tue 21 Aug
Stupid, rubbish graphics, crap story, rubbish acting, glorified D movie.
gou 11:32 pm Fri 20 Jul
the best
this flim has the beastest action ever!!! the story is realy uneak and sad, but so so good, its the best i ever seen
cool dud 9:56 am Fri 20 Jul
Hollow, hollow.
Nice graphics, shame about the tired, stale plot. (see any of half a dozen westerns.) Cavalry bad, native Americans spiritual and good.
Corey of Cabra 9:34 am Sat 14 Jul
So boring, got fed up half way and went to bed. All that glitters is not gold.
MrBigTellsYou 5:11 pm Sat 21 Apr
I can spell peas
Banjo 5:22 pm Sun 8 Apr
This is
cinema for imbeciles.
dr Sean Maguire 4:08 pm Thu 5 Apr
soz everyone who loved it but i just didnt get it made no sense. Me and me friend were just sat there like whats actually going on!!
Sophie 5:34 pm Sun 1 Apr
Avatar =
Ferngully x Aliens x Pocahontas.
Ridley Scott 9:04 am Sun 1 Apr
Fantastic Storyline
I find it hard to like a lot of films since the storyline is so terrible, despite the huge amounts of money spent on CGI and post production. But this actually has an interesting well thought out story and is definitely one of those films to see before you die.
Dan 9:21 pm Sat 31 Mar
Over rated and boring
I purchased this film on dvd (£5, never spend much on most dvds) watched it until about half way, then could not be bothered to watch any more. The film is over long, the main 'good' characters are unlikable. The film is a bad attempt at mixing a western & general sci-fi action film. Its dire drivel. The adverts may help to break up the monotony.Good luck.
Shadowban 12:35 pm Sun 25 Mar
Waste of cyberspace
Are you idiots really discussing a children's cartoon series when the programme featured here is at the very least visually the greatest film made? Some here are even stupid enough to think Avatar is a movie based on that cartoon!? The mediocre at best movie attempt of that cartoon was called The Last Airbender, it casted the Far east Asian characters with Indian and white people for gods sakes! Even General Zhao, who was an Indian man didn't have his character's named pronounced correctly! Anyway go to a cartoon forum if you want to discuss that thing, this Avatar is something completely different!
Peter 12:34 pm Sun 25 Mar
Amazing Movie
I think some people have gotten confused thanks to the picture, with Avatar the movie and Avatar a cartoon series. This is the movie by James Cameron, despite what the picture is showing. They're 2 very different things. Avatar is an amazing movie and I love it. Definitely one to watch.
jhnfgcd 12:27 pm Christmas Eve
the best
the bestest in the world man!!
Squid-man 8:37 pm Mon 15 Mar
If you don't like it then don't watch it, If people want to watch something like this then why don't they just like this and maybe people don't want to watch a "MATURE Drama Anime". Naruto,Bleach and DrangonBall are some of the best Anime's created, I Don't really like Naruto but i wouldn't sag i off because just because I don' like it dosn't mean everyone else should follow me... Oh and BTW... I Don't like you! =)
Momo_Ate_Ryan 4:14 pm Fri 15 May
Don't like it
It's just a cheap anime rip-off. It wants to be a shonen anime like all the other crap ones (Naruto, Bleach, DragonballZ etc..). 5/10. If you want to watch something like this, then actually watch an anime, not this cartoon. Or watch a MATURE drama anime thats actually pretty good, like Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, or Fullmetal Alchemist, or Rurouni Kenshin etc
Godot 8:47 am Sun 10 May
not anime, not japanese
Actually Avatar is not anime and is not made by the Japanese. It is an American show and is a mixture of different styles
ZutaraFan 5:23 pm Sat 21 Mar
yer avatars a good show not just for kds adults will get something from it as well a really nice cartoon 10/10 (im 18)
shakeyjake1990 7:09 pm Sat 13 Sep
AvAtAr is the best
avatar rocks i wtch it evryday im 15 and i think its brill
avatar wannabe 7:51 pm Fri 5 Sep
here i am so bored avatar is a amazzzzzzing show but no new episodes
1 sad fan(no new) 1:29 am Thu 14 Aug
avatar is great
avatar is so amazing i a 45 year old love it
i heart avatar 4:53 pm Thu 31 Jul
Avatar Rulez
Avatar is the best Anime Japan has ever Created
Raggerz 6:13 pm Sun 13 Jul
Hey ciara go get a life
Stig 2:27 pm Sun 13 Jul
i luv watching avatar but now i am kid of board watching the same old dumb episods i want to watch the fire nation attack
ciara 11:19 am Tue 24 Jun
Idea for all avatard
If any person of the avatar company reads this its just an idea why dont you do a chrismas special it will be cool
I LOVE AVATAR YEHA 8:26 pm Wed 4 Jun
avatar is really good
i think avatar is really good but i can't wait till july for the next episode that is to long. Sokka is funny
Naruto, Sakura + Sauske are so cool!! 8:29 pm Sun 1 Jun
S.P 8:52 pm Tue 22 Apr
Avatar fan
I love avatar its the greatest thing since family guy i love it but there one thing when the eclipse on avatar gonna happen cause i was on nightmears and daydream
Avatar fan 9:41 am Sat 5 Apr
The show is Fab, I wish it was on a little earlier. Maybe there should be an Avatar Marathon again.
Katara 12:08 pm Thu 3 Apr
when will book 3 chapter 14 come on U.K tv
rag's 5:40 pm Wed 2 Apr
whaen will book 3 chapter 14 air on uk television
wannabee 3:22 pm Wed 26 Mar
This is the best program in the world. Sokka is the man
Aang 8:55 pm Sun 6 Jan
when will chapter 12 air
bob 6:22 pm Sat 1 Dec
When will Chapter 10 be shown on UK tv
Luca 12:30 pm Wed 28 Nov
worth watching
its left me wanting to no wot happens more than any adults shows so that just says it all
tvfreak 5:52 pm Sun 11 Nov
Avatar - The Last Airbender 310
no 1:53 pm Tue 6 Nov
Book 3 Chapter 10
So nick..when will book 3 chaoter 10 air? So many people longing for proper information of the date. Thank you :)
Avatar 9:30 am Mon 5 Nov
not what you think
kids love it but they have fans of almost any age. I love watching it and the cliff hangers are nerveracking!
lou_lou 9:51 am Sat 29 Sep

suprisingly good with an adictive story line
8:58 pm Sun 12 Aug

a brilliant program. great for kids and a ingenious story line. the plot is amazing i really enjoy watching this programme
ginger_reviewer 6:58 pm Sun 3 Jun

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