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Bargain Hunt Comments

must be in vogue. Someone wrote into my morning tabloid to ask where they could buy her "colourful felt necklace"! You could not make it up.
don'tbelieveallyouread 2:09pm Sat 17 Feb

BBCare con merchants, we get antiques crap, reality crap, and soap crap with bit more crap thrown in end of story.
ZEUS. 3:44pm Thu 15 Feb
People who have watched these repeats 3 or 4 times would not be in the rating . So they must be new viewers. and I feel sorry for them.
BUSBY. 4:10pm Wed 14 Feb
bargain hunt downfall
getting more ridiculous every day - today 'EXPERT' losing £150 , whats going on ? tax payers money going down the drain
mosie 1:58pm Wed 14 Feb
Today's REPEAT show
the girl who loves herself is back .....
taffy 12:36pm Wed 14 Feb
narasha raskin
switched on and that face was staring out, switch off quick. Get rid of Raskin
oscar 12:17pm Wed 14 Feb
Bargain Hunt
That desk calendar which there were millions in work buildings is no way 60 odd quid, not even a tenner! Replace this programme, sorry it's finished!
taffy 3:46pm Tue 13 Feb
Anita Manning
What an annoying voice she is so over the top and not a good presenter. Take her off
Reviwer 1:03pm Tue 13 Feb
£45 profit on the awful desk calendar. It wouldn't surprise me if the producers are the ones bidding on the Internet.
King tadpole. 1:01pm Tue 13 Feb
she's on again
Anita Manning is the best auctioneer but undoubtedly the worst presenter. Give her a rest, she's on too often
Terry 12:17pm Tue 13 Feb
Today's show
what's with the tight trousers CH - desperate to increase viewers!
taffy 4:39pm Mon 12 Feb
I hope the daughter who wants to follow her A levels to study hospitality learns to drop the word "like" in every sentence.....
don'tbelieveallyouread 12:24pm Mon 12 Feb
BH don't stop cos the reality crap is taking over the tv. At least tv in the afternoons is free for now.
don'tbelieveallyouread 7:24pm Sun 11 Feb
Bargain Hunt is beyond recall the show is dated and as been over exposed it as no where to go but scrapped?.
CROMWELL. 2:06pm Sun 11 Feb
Bargain Hunt
Good to see the Olympics yesterday, better viewing ! Calls for Wonnacott to return as per newspaper reports!
taffy 1:32pm Sat 10 Feb
How can that many idiots like a contrived repetitive programme that is past its sell by date.
PSH, 10:23am Fri 9 Feb
Bargain Hunt
Google - 84% like programme, another site 5.5 out of 10 but rating 3.1 out of 10 on this site - Raskin the higher number of a binary code!
taffy 9:12pm Thu 8 Feb
Anita must buy job lots of the same hats but in many colours .She ends up looking like Agatha Christie. but without the talent.
MORTIMER. 7:32pm Thu 8 Feb
Today's show
All losses made by one team and won.......Ir@sh Bargain Hunt !
taffy 4:18pm Thu 8 Feb
Bargain Hunt
Not a lot on the telly. The comments are more entertainng. Keep them coming folks.
don'tbelieveallyouread 10:07pm Wed 7 Feb
off again
Switched on halfway through the programme, heard Raskin speaking off screen, saw the two team captains, then switched off , and watched Prime Ministers question time instead, and thats a load of crap as well
MIKEM 5:03pm Wed 7 Feb
Today's show
poor entertainment value again - pull the plug!
taffy 4:32pm Wed 7 Feb
narasha raskin
hurry up BBC, get rid of this woman
oscar 12:16pm Wed 7 Feb
Clonk 1:22pm Tue 6 Feb
Today's show
Respect to the red/blue teams - bought great and the way it should be played! Only positives!
taffy 12:57pm Tue 6 Feb
When ever I see her I feel like smashing the tv, she is so annoying.
Dave 12:51pm Tue 6 Feb
anita manning
Oh no not her again.
Oscar 12:17pm Tue 6 Feb
But she looked much more attractive!
don'tbelieveallyouread 9:32am Tue 6 Feb
Anitas hair.
How irresponsible letting anita wear the helmet. It could have damaged her beautiful coiffured hair.
Sceptic. 10:00pm Mon 5 Feb
Bargain Hunt must be on its last legs, you cannot keep this BBC drivel going much longer. The interest is not there anymore, people are not interested so it as to go?.
BINKY. 7:22pm Mon 5 Feb
Natasha Raskin..dire
How much longer do we have to suffer this moon faced idiot. Facial expressions like a demented fool. Give her the boot. Now!
Mitch 5:06pm Mon 5 Feb
Facial expression with AM behind him - priceless! Bet you he scarpered when she was out of sight!
taffy 12:32pm Mon 5 Feb
Another team of dumb morons who spent £44 and still made no profits , when will these idiots learn?.
JAKE. 1:30pm Sun 4 Feb
good and Bad news
the BBC are considering droppping this programme because of low viewing figures, mostly caused by bad and insane presenters,ie Manning, Raskin ,Sebastion, Hanson and the rest of the no hopers, Thats the good news, the bad news is, they will not be showing a similair programme, with sane presenters, RIP
MIKEM 6:14pm Sat 3 Feb
Bargain Hunt
Park the bus and buy cheap - same thing over and over yesterday! Presenter is cr@p!
taffy 11:36am Sat 3 Feb
Gipsy Sebastian and Slaphead Harper today, with two teams of thick morons spending nothing on antiques again. THIS SHOW IS A BORING CONTRIVED FARCE FROM START TO FINISH.
CROW. 1:07pm Fri 2 Feb
Please BBC take notice of your public VIEWS we cant all be wrong about the obnoxious RASKIN presentation of bh her dress is insulting to TW.
old git 1:03pm Fri 2 Feb
narasha raskin
I agree with taffy, in particular when Raskin is on.
oscar 12:53pm Fri 2 Feb
Today's show
This programme is de@d in the water - take it off the air!
taffy 6:35pm Thu 1 Feb
natasha Raskin
the obnoxious one is back, switch off quick.
Oscar 12:21pm Thu 1 Feb
I do apologise. ........to the council. Seriously though it's all said in humour
Sceptic. 10:55pm Wed 31 Jan
I don't hate anyone but Anita is not a favourite of mine and as your a fan of Thomas Platt too........have you tried therapy? Lol
don'tbelieveallyouread 9:05pm Wed 31 Jan
Who cuts her hair, the council?
Sceptic. 3:10pm Wed 31 Jan
Bargain Hunt
Sliding towards its deathbed and the presenters don't help(plus the experts)!
taffy 2:21pm Wed 31 Jan
Teams spend little because they do not know what an decent antique is.Play the game you half wits and spend?, its not helped by having experts who don't give a damn.
CAPYBARA. 2:16pm Wed 31 Jan
pathetic spending
I agree with mossie and MIKEM, its time that a minimum spend has to be put in practice, at least £150
oscar 12:46pm Wed 31 Jan
Crazy People
What is a matter with people,they buy an item then congratulate each other shake hands and do high fives and then it looses at auction.
Dave 3:42pm Tue 30 Jan
what is the point
the silly contestants get £300 what do they do spend pennies on crap and experts know its crap but say nothing the should be told to spend at least 80%of their cash mind you most of them seem as bright as a candle anyway
mossie 2:21pm Tue 30 Jan
tuesday programme,
l agree with Bilko, what a pathetic lot, paying over the odds for crap,whats the point having £300 to spend, and then only spending £50. lts time for the final sale price after commision which is between 20 and 25 per cent to be given, an item bought for £20,and sold for £20 would make a loss of £4 to £5
MIKEM 1:06pm Tue 30 Jan
Nick Hall bad taste in shirts, and Caroline Hawley looks like Andy Pandy. Teams were crap today with no idea as did the presenter.
BILKO. 4:27pm Mon 29 Jan

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