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Bargain Hunt Comments

Elizabeth the Auctioneer
I think she will be safe even from TP's attentions.
gina 4:48pm Thu 26 Apr

Why are the female experts on BH either plain or ugly, except for Christina?.
Snipe. 12:26pm Thu 26 Apr
Raskin's bonus buy
Made a quick loss..
Mike L 12:01pm Thu 26 Apr
Ooh you are awful but I like it........
lila 11:53am Thu 26 Apr
Today's auctioneer looked like cosmo smallpiece. Crossed with olive from on the buses.
The real septic 11:47am Thu 26 Apr
septic the real one
Well his mannerisms today were more Cosmo Smallpiece.........
lila 7:21pm Wed 25 Apr
Time to Major on Christina Trevanion?
Despite the producers trying to foist Natasha Raskin upon us, can no-one in the BBC realise that Christina Trevanion has much better screen presence and genuine warmth?
Observer of Life 6:33pm Wed 25 Apr
My gaydar is on the blink. I honestly thought he was gay. He's married with twins. It's his mannerisms.
The real septic 5:09pm Wed 25 Apr
previous comment
Make him walk the plank probably
ClaireC, 3:58pm Wed 25 Apr
TP with Christina. He will take the auction anytime for her, said with a smirk.
lila 1:57pm Wed 25 Apr
Today's show
Less of Raskin, after promotion - LOL !
lou 12:06pm Wed 25 Apr
Putting items out of a BBC van for teams to buy cheaply is not playing the game. False tricks to con the viewers, plus crap experts.
Octopus. 12:41pm Tue 24 Apr
Today's show
Charlie Ross explaining how auctions work and the start was the only good points...
taffy 5:31pm Fri 20 Apr
new programme,
New ideas forBBC, Cooking with Antiques, Antiques in the Kitchen,New Antiques, Old Antiques,Antiques without Raskin, Antiques without Manning,three Stooges Antique show with Raskin, Manning and Sebastion, the list is endless, all cheap to produce,Good old BBC
magic mike 2:59pm Fri 20 Apr
Repeating Items
Why are the same items appearing on different antique shows.Today it was an oxford rowing club life saving ring which was bought by Phil Serral on a previous antiques show . We are not daft get your act together.
antiqueWatcher 11:42am Fri 20 Apr
Yeah so she can watch BH in peace!
gina 2:16pm Thu 19 Apr
Natasha is on.
I think magic mikes wife has gone into hiding.
BEYONCE 11:17am Thu 19 Apr
Time and again these moronic teams spend next to nothing, its not your money you dopes, Its not a help having experts that could not give a damn, and are only there for the cash?.
Zorba. 12:07pm Wed 18 Apr
The blues.
Couldn't even get a golden gavel only spending £35. On the bright side at least magic mikes wife's had a rest.
The real septic 11:59am Wed 18 Apr
A New programme,
On BBC, there is a new antique programme called, Flipping Profit, its absolutely crap, a perfect programme for the likes of Raskin, Manning Serrell and Sebastion, lets hope the BBC transfer the above so called experts to that show, and then we can enjoy BH again
lans dad 8:10pm Tue 17 Apr
Downgraded to cheapskate, hand back those gavels!
Natasha 2:23pm Tue 17 Apr
Magic Mike xxl. Or puny percy? I bet your wife says to herself oh no not natasha again I'm worn out.
BEYONCE. 2:04pm Tue 17 Apr
raskin again
Switched on, saw that Raskin was on, switched off and made love to my wife instead, much nicer
magic mike 11:51am Tue 17 Apr
Today's show
Started off well then fell away with the middle and ending!
Natasha 3:11pm Mon 16 Apr
These idiot teams would still try to spend a pittance, so whats the point of giving them more?. Lets face it this cheap dated show needs scrapping.
Cromwell. 1:24pm Mon 16 Apr
This show desperately needs an upgrade
Why not get rid of the experts and add another 0 to the spending money. It would make for a far more exciting/interesting show and contestants would obviously spend much higher
Daff 11:40am Mon 16 Apr
Take no notice. It's jealousy by a certain person . My innocent comments on call the midwife were deleted. Saddos!
The real septic 12:16pm Sun 15 Apr
Deleting comments
Whoever is responsible need not fret. I also use another name........so there you go sucker!
gina 12:05pm Sun 15 Apr
The real septic
I knew that was not your comment. There is mischief abound and who can it be......
gina 11:45am Sat 14 Apr
Was out when episode was on but the tip off saved me watching off the i-player!
Reuben 1:41pm Fri 13 Apr
Elton Serrell and Christina both useless, but at least she is pretty?.
Zeus. 12:30pm Fri 13 Apr
Complete rot!
Phil Serrells a complete joke. Again! £185 spent on 3 rotten lots and all he does is laugh.
The real septic. 11:56am Fri 13 Apr
Eager Beaver
l had nothing to do with your comment being taken off, and heres the bad news, Raskin is on today, the good news is, not to bother watching it and save on the leccy bill, lt looks like this woman is in pole position to be on this programme, So with the loss of viewers, it will not be on for much longer, Still. theres always Politics Today to watch, or why not watch paint dry, its more entertaining,
magic mike 9:28am Fri 13 Apr
Prev comm
That's not my comment. An impostors using my nickname!
The real septic. 12:40pm Thu 12 Apr
Was the horse called Buckaroo - more boring shambles!
Septic 11:58am Thu 12 Apr
Covert Operation
Why has my comment supporting Natasha been deleted - something fishy there. Magic Mike what have you been uo to?
Eager Beaver 10:48am Thu 12 Apr
No Experts
Why not get rid of the so called experts, and let the contestants. do it without the hindrance,l am sure they would get better results, at the end of todays programmes in the sub titles, it mentions experts,, and yet,today there was Philip Serrell making a pratt of his self again, losing money , Re eager beavers review, you have to take pity on him
Magic Mike 4:20pm Wed 11 Apr
He's been linked with directing some of the antiques' episodes Oscar - sure others out there would do a better job!
John P 2:37pm Tue 10 Apr
narasha raskin
Oh no not her again, at least we save on electricity. Seeing recent comments about who she is married to, we have no chance.
oscar 1:55pm Tue 10 Apr
While contestants try in vein to make profits, this presenter steps on stones - this programme is dead in the water!!
John P 12:24pm Tue 10 Apr
An EX Viewer
l used to watch this programme, but got fed up of the weird presenters and so called experts, the worst being Raskin, Manning, Sebastion and Hanson, on looking at BH Reviews, it appears that the same crap presenters are still riling viewers, When will the BBC take note of Reviews,
Mike M 7:48pm Mon 9 Apr
Switch Off
Danny Sebastian joins Charles Hansen as the most irritating men on TV
GillylovesVintage 5:06pm Mon 9 Apr
Bargain Hunt - Raskin
saved the electric
Peter 2:50pm Fri 6 Apr
Natash recently marries bargain hunt director ... so not much chance of salvation now !!! Rats
Jimcanner 1:40pm Fri 6 Apr
Is Kate taking the bliss???.
Owen. 11:56am Fri 6 Apr
narasha raskin
wheres the off switch
oscar 11:44am Fri 6 Apr
The standard of expert and presenter on BH is very poor, and it keeps getting worse, where can the BBCgo from here??????.
Zippy. 2:55pm Wed 4 Apr
Most of the comments are about anita, natasha, tat etc i agree. BUT. some of the comments are word for word from months ago. Claire is spot on.
Septic. 5:11pm Tue 3 Apr
Some keep on about Anita and her hair, then its about her hats so its all relative isn't it .
Zeus. 4:09pm Tue 3 Apr
Some if us have no choice but to change name as our comments keep getting deleted. What ever happened to freedom of sperch??
ItisI 3:45pm Tue 3 Apr

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