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Benidorm Comments

Best part.
The best part tonight was played by Shane ritchies wig.
Pelo. 11:16pm Wed 21 Mar

gary foley
First 5 series funny,the Garvie family,we could relate to them,since then,story lines going worst and the splurge of z list stars appearing is making it worst,there making Leslie ,Tim Healy looking the best actor?
gary foley 9:41pm Wed 21 Mar
Boring & Unfunny
How sad - used to brilliant with superb characters. Very poor quality farce, persuaded husband to watch it - wish I haden't!
Annie 3:25pm Fri 16 Mar
As stale and mouldy as week old bread left in the sun .The chuckle brother dressed as a grizzled old flapper girl was awful.
Sceptic. 12:46am Fri 16 Mar
Past its best ...
Unfunny and over-reliant on innuendo, so time to close the doors of the Solana. So sad - what a waste of decent actors and a once-good idea. Shame on you, writers!
EH 10:28pm Thu 15 Mar
not the old Benidorm. . Do better or finish series Dreadful
douglas 2:50pm Thu 15 Mar
down and down
How establised actors can appear in this show is beyond me. Last night they introduced a childrens entertainer who hated children - this was done in Hi de Hi years ago. For goodness sake please pull this series from our tv.
carla c 1:32pm Thu 15 Mar
What’s happened?
The first three episodes and not one laugh to be had. What has happened to this once excellent series? Dire script writing, corny acting. Such a shame. They need to either pull their socks up or make this the last series.
Disappointed Of Thundersly 1:06pm Thu 15 Mar
I have watched every series of this show and always had a good laugh but last nights was totally disgusting Humour not funny at all, such a shame to spoil this show it was one of the very few light Hearted ones we looked forward to, it was poor toilet humour and hope no more series are planned, wouldn't watch them anyway good show gone so wrong.
JOLOW 8:10am Thu 15 Mar
This was a brilliant sitcom that is now like a very poor soap opera cringeworthy and not funny script is laboured acting tired and plots plain daft very sad
Critic 10:11pm Wed 14 Mar
What's so funny about someone snoring (I hear it every night ).mateos cringeworthy and Jacqueline and her intimate references makes me feel sick. As for joey, he makes joey Essex looks like a mastermind champ.
Sceptic. 9:13am Fri 9 Mar
Very poor and not funny
As with most other comments the show has gone from being brilliant to now being very poor and not funny. Some poor characters now. Only Kenneth gets a laugh.
Hubby10000 7:17am Fri 9 Mar
Used to love this show but it has got progressively worse each season. This series is dire. Not at all funny and cringeworthy it’s so bad. Won’t be watching again.
Chez 1:42pm Thu 8 Mar
Dawson family
All of Dawson family are very poor actors.
andy 1:33pm Thu 8 Mar
bad to worse
This programme has reached rock bottom. Poor amateurish scripts, no laughs and no characters. I have watched first two episodes of latest series but enough is enough, how could an originally good series end up like this - hopefully end of the line.
ringo 10:07pm Wed 7 Mar
The new benidorm series has got very silly .Loads of people i now have said the same thing . Should have brought back the garveys
Gorilla 9:38pm Tue 6 Mar
bring back the old characters
The original series 1-5 were good and always raised a laugh, the last few series have been terrible the latest the other night I never laughed at all. The characters and storylines are really poor - bring back Madge and her family
edscotland 10:24am Fri 2 Mar
Since mel and the garveys left the shows putrid. Kenneth from blow 'n' go is the only character that's remotely funny.
Pelican. 4:43pm Thu 1 Mar
This programme needs to be brought to a swift end. Originally an amusing well written series full of great characters. Whoever writes this current nonsence should never be commissioned with another tv series. Please put a speedy end to this nonsence
ringo 1:35pm Thu 1 Mar
Not one laugh
If you want good laugh catch up with. Two doors down
Mackem 11:30am Thu 1 Mar
Della Smith
THIS used to be so good. series 1 to 5 was best. Witty and funny, quick and good characters. The last few series not funny at all, bad actors ...best watch the old ones and forget making any more, I got my dvds of the good ones so will make that do.
ger 10:47pm Wed 28 Feb
... where old and useless actors go to die, or make a naff programme?
P V 9:55pm Wed 28 Feb
Call a vet!
Can't someone put this once very good show out of its misery please. It is in serious pain.
Jimmy 2:40pm Wed 28 Feb
We've found him /her. Benidorms one and only fan . Or it could be joey himself making the comment.
cynic 5:33pm Wed 10 May
died a horrible death
An awful painful death to a once loved show
PEJ 9:05pm Sat 6 May
Pure drivel ...
... for lobotomised viewers only.
Braindead 1:48pm Wed 3 May
Benidorm last episode
Johnny Vargas appeared to endorse an alcoholic when someone was trying to help her is he one to?
Curious 3:20am Sun 23 Apr
Used to be one of the best especially during series 4 & 5 but now very disappointing. I haven't laughed in any of the episodes of Series 9 however I love series 4,5,6. The new family that replaced Garvey's are not funny in the slightest. Darren, seems like you lost the funny bit in these new series of Benidorm mate.
Gopi 4:38pm Fri 21 Apr
Benidorm services 9 episode 7
I have never laughed and cried so much best shows around
Amandeep 12:00am Fri 21 Apr
Love your style. Hasbeens, neverbeens, doyouknowwhoiambeens, and whomyouknowbeens but don't let ineptitude get in the way!
georgie 12:36pm Thu 20 Apr
The graveyard for never beens. The vultures have been circling since the garveys left. More like Benigorm.
Jessie. 9:32am Thu 20 Apr
Not funny
Time to call time on this - not funny at all - I haven't laughed once at the new series - keep hoping it will improve ? But it has not - terrible scripts - boring
Jessie17 9:31pm Wed 19 Apr
The graveyard for hasbeens!
georgie 9:14pm Wed 19 Apr
Having watched benidorm from day one,never missing an episode it is sad to see series 9 do so bad so much so I switched of halfway through episode 5.
xfan 8:52pm Wed 12 Apr
Joey is awful. If he had a braincell, it would die of boredom.
jellybean. 10:27am Tue 11 Apr
Sadly the present series has lost its sparkle That Joey boy gets on my wick
Jack 9:21am Tue 11 Apr
Not laughed yet
Watched last nights episode (infant the whole series)...did not laugh once, Joey and his friend....smh .
Eill 2:52pm Thu 6 Apr
What was once a well observed funny show , has descended to a ridiculous farce. I cannot believe people actually get paid for writing and appearing in this utter drivel. Put it to bed please.
Sheba 11:16pm Wed 5 Apr
Had it's day....
Having been a fan since day 1, I'm hanging in there, telling myself it'll get better. Sadly, it's not happening. Not laughed once - the old characters are different to previous series - the new ones (in fact all of them), should hope that they still have careers after this! Gutted as was once one of the best programmes around!
LauraMay 9:48pm Wed 5 Apr
love benidorm
I love it. Is that bob monk house on tonites? I love kenneth's t shirts..
lady tottingham 9:30pm Wed 5 Apr
As funny as diarrhoea in the drinking water
Rabbie 12:19pm Wed 5 Apr
Not funny at all any more
Used to be good for the first three or four series. But gone downhill rapidly ever since. Badly needs pensioning off.
Will 11:02am Wed 5 Apr
not funny anymore
The new family is not funny at all.the show seems to focus mainly on them.bring back madge and her family,wheres jonny vegas and his mum
andy 1:06pm Thu 30 Mar
So bad now
What has happened to Benidorm, 4 episodes in to the new series and yet to raise even a chuckle, terrible unfunny scripts and dialogue with stupid unbelievable unfunny and disjointed characters . Sadly the show is now absolute drivel and needs some fresh writers to give it a chance before it loses all of its fans
George 10:28am Thu 30 Mar
Put it to bed now
What was once a clever observed commedy with believable characters is now silly slapstick that relies on lines like " I need to lay a cable! Funny it ain't. It's time to put this series to bed.
Jose 11:20pm Wed 29 Mar
Don't pull the plug
....pull the chain on this show.
Tollo 11:03pm Wed 29 Mar
God I miss Mel
Never been the same since Mel died series 4 saw decline now it's as funny as Jimmy Carr. Please finish it spare us.
Mr Algarve 10:34pm Wed 29 Mar
Yawn zzzZzzz
No doubt these comments get ignored but it seems benidorm is a little desperate now. Even mateo has changed.
The thriller 2:58pm Tue 28 Mar
Weak carry on?
The character played by Bobby Nutt and his sticky nuts character does not work in my opinion but I do like Tiger and Joey.Like most comments I feel its had its day?
cenz 5:59pm Fri 24 Mar
Was once a good show which I enjoyed now it is really silly, bring back proper humour
Polly 12:02pm Thu 16 Mar

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