18 January 2018  | 

Breakfast Comments

Naga go
Naga munchetty is the only person I have ever written about. The bbc should really think about sacking her. He only thing she likes is golf. Her persona is condescending and her choice of attire is beyond belief.
Retep 6:13am Wed 10 Jan

There would be many more if some of our comments were not disallowed.
Irritated 8:43am Sun 7 Jan
Unbearable wake up call
All these poor viewers suffering the same intolerable Naga. Why don’t the BBC listen and do the right thing?
JS 8:07am Sun 7 Jan
Naga deep throated voice
Like many others I tune in to other programs when my most disliked presenter is on duty. I believe her horrible voice is made worse by the production staff placing the mike on female presenters virtually on their voice box with the resulting deep throated voice that grates on so many. Male presenter‘s mikes are normally fixed to their cushioned jacket collars and not a problem. So insulate those mikes on the ladies from direct contact please. It is 2018 after all!
El tell 9:21am Sat 6 Jan
I wish she would leave, she is irritating, condescending and patronising to her co presenters beyond belief.
Dave 6:46am Sat 6 Jan
Malfunction. What on earth is Naga wearing this morning? Giving me a migraine.
Irritated 8:34am Thu 4 Jan
the naga show ?
naga is so full of herself the bbc should rename breakfast time and call it the naga show, she is so annoying
ann w 8:44am Fri 29 Dec
Time to go
Please please BBC enough is enough. Naga Manchetty is the most irritating person on Breakfast and Charlie Stayt has absolutely no personality. I can't bear to watch so turn off. Breakfast needs a total revamp with these two the first to go.
Oswald 7:45am Wed 20 Dec
Naga munchetty
I cannot bear this woman. She has the most grating voice on television and know it all attitude. I'm even reduced to watching Piers Morgan on ITV
Discerning lady 11:34am Sun 17 Dec
Plastic wig? Don't you mean lego hair
Zee 5:23pm Thu 7 Dec
nagging nagga mon chatty
Get this voice grating plastic wig woman off our screens, her and Charlie stayt are the biggest turn offs on TV, we cannot watch BBC news or any other programme that she is on, she does so love herself,
MIKE M 5:12pm Thu 7 Dec
Naga looked flushed . I am amazed they found a toilet big enough
HAHAHA 5:52pm Thu 30 Nov
Why is this irritating woman on so often. She is so full of her own importance. She even took over Dan's sports section this morning. Someone needs to tell her it is not The Naga show.
Irritated 8:57am Sat 25 Nov
She puts our household into a bad mood before we even leave the house for the daily grind. How do these people get these jobs?
the weatherman 2:24pm Thu 23 Nov
More like....
Nagging munchkin yetty
HOHOHO Green giant. 5:06pm Sat 18 Nov
Nagging Munchette
Say it all
HAHAHA 12:45pm Sat 18 Nov
Nagga and Charlie stayt
These two are the worst news presenters, her irritating voice, is awful, and Charlie Stayt, thinks he is so important, , usually they are on Wednesday and Thursdays, so we switch to ltv or Sky, , she was on this saturday morning, and with Newswatch, being shown, the saviour of BBC News, it was definetely switch off time,
Mikem 11:22am Sat 18 Nov
I have had to turn the volume down again this morning due to her grating voice. As for Ore on Radio two!! So full of himself.
Irritated 8:57am Thu 9 Nov
She really needs to go. Her interaction with Ian Duncan Smith was infantile. Is she incapable of understanding as she repeats herself constantly. Get someone on who has some idea what they are talking about fgs. Btw she looks particularly drab this morning.
reuben 7:31am Thu 9 Nov
Ore Oduba
Has anyone heard him standing in on BBC 2 radio? His oh so posh voice is irritating. Even her Maj does not speak that way.
reuben 1:21pm Tue 7 Nov
Here,there & everywhere
The most annoying,irritating & self obsessed person on tv,radio or wherever at the minute is Ore Oduba.Please BBC stop ramming this egotistical prat down our throats.
Peaky Magpie 3:05pm Mon 6 Nov
Probably the worst presenter on the bbc.I don,t watch the news if she is on it,GET RID.
BOB 11:31pm Fri 3 Nov
Steph and Naga
Dumb and Dumber....
HAHAHA 11:48am Sat 28 Oct
Naga and Steph
They are like the Chuckle Brothers without the looks.
reuben 7:54am Fri 27 Oct
Spot on review!
Yes, what a message Dave you have gifts there mate! Absolutely spot on about that Naga!! I stay in hotel where BBC Breakfast is the only channel on in the morning and honestly mate Naga actually puts me in a bad mood for work when ever she is on. That voice, god it's torture
Hell TV 4:53pm Tue 24 Oct
I like to say she's stuck up her own ar$e
dave 8:54am Tue 24 Oct
I am afraid I agree with everyones negative comments about Naga Munchetty we switch on BBC1 and if she is on we switch to Sky. She has an air of superiority about herslf and a weird sense of humour We can't stand her in our house get rid please.
PottyLotty 8:36am Tue 24 Oct
BBC breakfast
The presenters Louise Minchin & Dan Walker are the best. Their chemistry is excellent and brings a smile to the face in the morning. With respect the others aren't worth listening to and if the former named aren't on I turn it over.
Will L 7:46am Tue 24 Oct
A quick question
How long does it take for a review to appear on here? I have written a number regarding that Naga but I never see them
Joe Public 10:20am Thu 19 Oct
This Morning
Naga seemed to think it was hilarious that a man who swallowed a fish almost died. Her behaviour was totally unprofessional. I hope she is severely reprimanded for that and her constant put down of her fellow presenters
disgusting 7:48am Fri 13 Oct
For someone to have a serious talk to Naga and tell her to do the job she is employed to do which is to present the programme and not to take over completely. The incident with the Trophy was way out fof order
Irritated 7:48am Sat 7 Oct
Enough is enough
Wow. Naga has outdone herselft this morning. I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion but you also need to respect everyone else's opinion too. Naga fails to do this at every turn. Firstly with mobile phones and then with pandas. She has a air of importance that is not deserved and her voice is so monotonous. I thought the presenters were meant to be unbiased?
Raxh 7:13am Sat 7 Oct
Steph looks like she needs a good meal. Her eyes are sunken.
jimbo 9:14pm Thu 5 Oct
Prev comm
Fake tan? Are you for real?
reuben 6:31pm Thu 5 Oct
Get her off
She is a b##ch. Can't stand her face her voice her ears her stupid sprayed on hair and fake tan. Why is she on tv by the way
Good Will Hunting 2:54pm Thu 5 Oct
Dreadful Voice
When Naga is on, I usually turn over, dreadful grating monotone voice, it was bliss when she was off.
GOrkn 8:24am Sat 30 Sep
Previous comment
I totally agree. She gets more irritating by the day. Then there's charlie asking Benjamin If he was worried about becoming sixty. REALLY!!!
Irritated 8:09am Thu 28 Sep
How long before the BBC realise what a turnoff Naga is; literally! Turn on tv, Naga on the sofa, turn off. BBC's loss, Sky's gain.
Lynda 7:03am Thu 28 Sep
Relentless monotonous tone for what seemed like forever on the panel today. Fgs take a breath!!
reuben 8:20am Wed 9 Aug
Naga and Steph
Time to take the Trash out
HAHAHA 11:50am Sat 5 Aug
Naga and Steph
The Chuckle Sisters............
georgie 8:04am Fri 4 Aug
Breakfast - not a good start to the day
This has not been a good week - Naga on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - so had to watch Sky as the best of the rest. This morning I thought there must be someone else on but no she was there again and not even the presence of the lovely Steph could prevent me changing channels. As an early bird let the late night viewers share the pain by putting Naga back on the nightshift for a spell.
Early bird 8:32am Thu 3 Aug
naga and steph.
bbc breakfast elocution lesson not going very well this morning on the carol kirkwood show.
oap. 8:13am Thu 3 Aug
I don't normally make unkind comments or reviews but Naga has reduced me to shouting at the TV and now this. She has a very unfortunate approach. She is monotone, supercilious, patronising, shows no empathy, lacks any real humour. Has no connection with whatever co presenter she is paired with. I have to turn over when she is on and I have yet to find anyone in my friends or colleagues who thinks otherwise. I'm sure she is a lovely person in real life but as a presenter I'm afraid it doesn't work.
Gilly 10:09am Sat 29 Jul
Nagging Naga
I love 'Breakfast' TV but now watch with sound turned down when Naga is on the sofa. Her voice drives me crazy!! It is so abrasive, not at all pleasant to listen to. Why on earth is she on the programme?
Rosie 9:46am Sat 29 Jul
Thought Naga could not be more irritating! But she excelled herself this morning. She needs reigning in!!!
irritated 10:05am Fri 21 Jul
i can understand dan getting paid the most as he presents football focus,but naga getting paid more than louise and charlie.hows that possible
jim 7:33pm Thu 20 Jul
So where does Naga get her wigs from . Looks like betty boop cartoon character
HAHAHA 3:22pm Thu 20 Jul
breakfast pay
naga munchetty gets paid more than louise minchin unbelievable
james 11:21am Wed 19 Jul
Fed up
This show seems to be morphing into a TV version of Woman's Hour.
Jon 10:26am Wed 19 Jul

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