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Breakfast Comments

Relentless monotonous tone for what seemed like forever on the panel today. Fgs take a breath!!
reuben 8:20am Wed 9 Aug

Naga and Steph
Time to take the Trash out
HAHAHA 11:50am Sat 5 Aug
Naga and Steph
The Chuckle Sisters............
georgie 8:04am Fri 4 Aug
Breakfast - not a good start to the day
This has not been a good week - Naga on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - so had to watch Sky as the best of the rest. This morning I thought there must be someone else on but no she was there again and not even the presence of the lovely Steph could prevent me changing channels. As an early bird let the late night viewers share the pain by putting Naga back on the nightshift for a spell.
Early bird 8:32am Thu 3 Aug
naga and steph.
bbc breakfast elocution lesson not going very well this morning on the carol kirkwood show.
oap. 8:13am Thu 3 Aug
I don't normally make unkind comments or reviews but Naga has reduced me to shouting at the TV and now this. She has a very unfortunate approach. She is monotone, supercilious, patronising, shows no empathy, lacks any real humour. Has no connection with whatever co presenter she is paired with. I have to turn over when she is on and I have yet to find anyone in my friends or colleagues who thinks otherwise. I'm sure she is a lovely person in real life but as a presenter I'm afraid it doesn't work.
Gilly 10:09am Sat 29 Jul
Nagging Naga
I love 'Breakfast' TV but now watch with sound turned down when Naga is on the sofa. Her voice drives me crazy!! It is so abrasive, not at all pleasant to listen to. Why on earth is she on the programme?
Rosie 9:46am Sat 29 Jul
Thought Naga could not be more irritating! But she excelled herself this morning. She needs reigning in!!!
irritated 10:05am Fri 21 Jul
i can understand dan getting paid the most as he presents football focus,but naga getting paid more than louise and charlie.hows that possible
jim 7:33pm Thu 20 Jul
So where does Naga get her wigs from . Looks like betty boop cartoon character
HAHAHA 3:22pm Thu 20 Jul
breakfast pay
naga munchetty gets paid more than louise minchin unbelievable
james 11:21am Wed 19 Jul
Fed up
This show seems to be morphing into a TV version of Woman's Hour.
Jon 10:26am Wed 19 Jul
Lousie has a permanent smirk even if the subject is of a serious nature Dan should stick to sport imo. We need new presenters asap.
reuben 11:26am Wed 12 Jul
Dan and Louise
Giggling like school children on Breakfast, irritating to watch
SM 9:41am Wed 12 Jul
Screen should be moved.
Why have TV screen behind presenters, they have to turn around when interviewing the making it difficult to hear and impossible if you need to lip read.
Jo 1:54pm Thu 6 Jul
Why are we being subjected to constant talk and visits to Wimbledon on this programme? It is bad enough that it is taking up all of the Bbc in the afternoons.
Irritated 9:05am Wed 5 Jul
Not Amused
Please, please, please get rid of Nagga... It's awful to listen to her self opinionated comments, non humerous remarks and then constantly trying to put the other presenters down. Worst decision ever, to bring her back onto the couch.
Unhappy 7:09am Tue 4 Jul
What a joy to see Ben on the sofa this morning, but oh no!! sitting next to Naga. They don't gel at all, he tries, she doesn't. He has a wonderful sense of humour, she likes to put him down and make herself more superior. Where is lovely Louise. Please Breakfast if you have to employ her, put her doing something where she's not present all the time. Like outside broadcast.Then perhaps I can watch most of the show without having to listen to her awful voice, put down comments and terrible laugh.
Betty 9:04am Mon 26 Jun
speak English naga.
What's "hullseimers "? Speak English naga ,you ignorant cow!
marnie. 9:09am Thu 8 Jun
Steph Mcgovern
She seems to spend all her time looking for brexit remoaners to interview. Could she possibly be pro remain.
Mennaye 9:01am Wed 31 May
Awful, awful, Naga is back with her terrible supercilious attitude. Not nice to watch in the morning. Very unpleasant, will have to abandon Breakfast, again, when she's on.
Jen 10:54am Mon 29 May
Please, no more naga
Worst ever news reader,that voice really is awful.
Canton 9:03am Mon 29 May
no, naga.
What a difference a day makes. The Manchester atrocities still fresh in people's minds, yet naga laughing on the sofa. It's not right.
sylvie. 9:22am Fri 26 May
no way
NAGa back.switching off.
oap 8:22am Thu 25 May
why do television and news readers use americanisms.wow.cool.gosh.you guys.you know.woo.awesome.speak clear english its not difficult.
uk patriot. 6:11am Wed 3 May
why does dan walker force his laugh.he will never beat the king of forced laughter mat baker.
oap 2:02pm Tue 25 Apr
It's empty!!
Why does Dan holier than thou Walker pick up an empty mug and pretend to drink from it? He's up there with Jimmy smarm Carr - unlikeable and switch him off please!!
JohnH 9:48pm Mon 24 Apr
BBC Breakfast
What is going on with the Breakfast show? Sally Nugent is annoying when she only has a bit part reading the sport's highlights but letting her present the whole show was a terrible choice. Infantile and inane comments, trying too hard to entertain, painful to watch.
DEG 9:24am Thu 6 Apr
Where are Louise and Naga? Bring them back BBC news. The others are ok, but not a patch on these !!!!!
Nicki R 9:00am Wed 22 Mar
Right or left
Have you thought it may be it's a mirror image??
get real 9:25pm Mon 23 Jan
Sarah Hadland
Wtf has she done to her face?? Another one ending up looking as if she is wearing a mask!
get real 8:56am Tue 17 Jan
What absolute joy to watch Breakfast every morning now that Naga has gone to Newsnight. Please BBC don't have her back, to save me from changing channels again.
Jen 11:26am Sun 15 Jan
Love Louise
Brightens up the morning with her warm cheery disposition. She also copes with the more serious issues with the empathy and sincerity needed.
get real 10:11pm Thu 15 Dec
Phew! Thursday morning without her.
Marge 1:34pm Thu 15 Dec
Giggling girlies show
Can we put some seriousness back please? This makes the One Show look to be the pinnacle of high-brow. Please give me news (not froth).
Harpic 7:52am Mon 12 Dec
I can' stand watching Breakfast when Naga is on. Totally spoils it for me, awful voice, awful clothes and has a superior attitude towards her fellow presenters. She gives the impression she knows more than them and her guests. Such a shame I have to switch off when she's on because I love the Breakfast show. Give me Louise Minchin every morning, she's such a sunny person. Please don't have Naga back after her stint on Newsnight.
Linsey 1:19pm Thu 8 Dec
Hooray! Naga moving to BBC 2 Newsnight.
Daphne 5:33pm Tue 6 Dec
Naga has dreadful english
If she is educated why oh why does she say SAWR instead of saw! Basic speech error.
Ork 9:04am Thu 1 Dec
Whatever she wears is awful but her outfit today is particularly atrocious. So much so, I cannot stand to look at her.
get real 8:15am Thu 1 Dec
Naga Munchetty
Must be one of the worst tv presenters ever!
Elrik 10:48pm Thu 10 Nov
So irritating today and voice that goes through one. Turned off after one minute.
Daphne 8:22am Sat 5 Nov
what can i say apart from arrogant and irritating
munchettymisery 8:36am Fri 21 Oct
turn off
cant stand her i no longer watch bbc news if she is presenting
bringbackturnbull 8:25am Fri 21 Oct
turn off
cant stand her i no longer watch bbc news if she is presenting
bringbackturnbull 8:17am Fri 21 Oct
Totall agree. Don't you think though her whole demeanour and personality is abrasive. Not the right person to head an early morning slot......or any time really!
once more 9:02am Sat 15 Oct
Thought Naga's interview with London Zoo keeper was aggressive and discourteous. Quite unnecessary.
Marge 12:25pm Fri 14 Oct
Tate Britain
eg A circle of dead ants? Art? No...the emperors's new clothes!
once more 1:52pm Mon 26 Sep
Previous Comment
I watched Clare Balding on Breakfast this morning. I Saw no 'false modesty' etc. To each his own!!
A.T. 9:08am Mon 26 Sep
Clare Balding again!
All false modesty and name dropping!
once more 8:48am Mon 26 Sep
Get Naga off T.V.
If i put the breakfast news on and Naga is on i turn my T.V. off ! She is the worst News Reader i have ever seen by far ! After the BBC lost Bill and Sian its standards have really gone down the pan !
Joe P 4:18pm Sun 25 Sep

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