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Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Comments

It's all Timmy's chums earning a few quid for doing sweet f.a. This is the programme that should have been titled 'Clueless'.
eyorkie 3:20am Fri 15 Dec

Braxton at it again, closely followed by Irvine buying cheap tat for celebs. End result nil profits, Braxton is consistent if nothing else.
ZIPPY. 3:05pm Thu 14 Dec
Glad to see an auctioneer putting arrogant David Harper Tim Vine and company in there place at last.
Teddy 8:23pm Wed 13 Dec
S7 E2
Wow. What a great pair of legs Catherine Southon was displaying at the auction. Couldn't keep my eyes off her.
the Critic 10:12am Wed 13 Dec
J.Braxton on for most of the week, he must be racking it in and doing nothing. Whats the bet his poor celeb makes nil in all his shows, the mans an walking disaster.
OWEN 11:47am Tue 12 Dec
Braxton up to his usual level of not interested and only there for the money. and Southon her average self yet again.
ZEUS 8:53pm Mon 11 Dec
Yet again Bliss and Serrell paying a third of the price on items and still making no money for charity. This beggars belief and is a complete con, when will this charade end.
CROW. 9:45pm Wed 6 Dec
Prices plummeting again and still losing, what a farce from start to finish. Those two idiots P.Serrell and K.Bliss at it again, its a complete load of utter fantasy?.
PSH. 1:00pm Thu 30 Nov
Two very poor experts.
Nothing any good can be said of the experts J.Braxton and K. Bliss, he could be stuffed for all the help he gives and she acts like a matron when talking to people.
JAKE.. 6:08pm Tue 28 Nov
J.Braxton could not careless, all he's does is go cheap with no guidance for the celeb who was also cheap as chips. Had a right fluke with the painting to make a profit, he had no idea it was worth anything the mans a joke.
OCTOPUS 9:31am Fri 24 Nov
Two actresses of no knowledge what so ever, given no help by dopey Margie Cooper and ex-porter and loon Natasha Raskin and not so Sharp , what chance any profit????.
CROW. 11:06am Thu 23 Nov
Prev comm.
Serrell lookalike Elton. Both have dodgy wigs. Southon " concorde nosecone " , couldn't sniff out a big Mac in McDonald's.
Sarky 2:54pm Wed 22 Nov
Here we go again [Elton] Serrell utter crap, same with C. Southon devoid of any ability to pick anything worth buying. Two more nondescript celebs from another planet, £800 to spend result £10 for charity what a load of drivel.
THE COLONEL. 10:29am Wed 22 Nov
Annoying Items with Antiq
Annoying Items with Celebrity Road Trip. 1) why the antique cars? Brings nothing to the programme.?? 2) why the explanation for no seat belts? Think it is irresponsible despite being "legal"and if I was a Celebrity or Expert hurt in an accident I would take the BBC to court for damages. 3) please pay a bit more time to Celebrity Choice some of them are totally OTT and detract from the programme eg Andy Peters!!
Welshcol 8:33pm Tue 21 Nov
Annoying Items with Antiq
Annoying Items with Celebrity Road Trip. 1) why the antique cars? Brings nothing to the programme.?? 2) why the explanation for no seat belts? Think it is irresponsible despite being "legal"and if I was a Celebrity or Expert hurt in an accident I would take the BBC to court for damages. 3) please pay a bit more time to Celebrity Choice some of them are totally OTT and detract from the programme eg Andy Peters!!
Welshcol 7:48pm Tue 21 Nov
Margie Cooper and Charles Hanson pitiful to say the least, z list celebs usual hopeless lot
QC 9:57pm Mon 20 Nov
More of the no money for charity tonight, with Raj.Bisram and J. Braxton a right pair of tat merchants Unknown celebs again, they have £800 to spend and I bet bigram toys to spend tiny as usual.
PHILOCTITES. 6:23pm Fri 17 Nov
BBC keep wasting our money on this tat, and the charity gets a pittance from it. Sick of watching unknown celebs and moronic experts make no profits????.
Q.C. 4:31pm Fri 17 Nov
Sweet tooth
My mother saw Charles hansen once. He had eaten that many sweets he was bouncing off the walls.
Magpie 10:53pm Thu 16 Nov
Charlie Hanson is very odd and extremely silly, he gets on peoples nerves all the time. Very little profit for the charity in three programmes,celes if you can call them that were next to useless as were the experts.
SKYLARK.. 3:19pm Thu 16 Nov
Two x listers from Liverpool, followed by two low grade experts with very little ability in antiques, same old load of codswallop again.
crow. 4:13pm Wed 15 Nov
Flip me, sickly hayley mills is on. Last time I saw her she was in the parent crap, sorry, trap.
Maz 3:46pm Mon 13 Nov
Fantasy hunt starts again tonight with celebs from z list, but they will still get 75% off and experts the same. Here we go with another week of this trash.
MORTIMER. 3:35pm Mon 13 Nov
These antique programmes are all fake from start to finish, the items are all planted for low prices and its so contrived its a joke.This seems to apply to most of these sorts of shows, its a pity but there you go?
JETHRO. 1:30pm Fri 1 Sep
Two idiots who don't have a clue and the "celebrities " aren't much better.
magpie. 7:13pm Thu 31 Aug
Cannot believe how bad these celeb ones are until you see a repeat, such a contrived load of tripe.
JAKE. 9:51am Tue 22 Aug
They are bad enough first time roundabout having to watch it again is boring. The contrived nature of the programme takes reviewers for idiots, either BH or Celebrity BH is a con.
SICK OF IT ALL. 10:16am Wed 26 Jul
Band its
jk 4:49pm Sat 30 Jan
Cheap cack
People who make this stuff are paid £500,000 a year!
kelly 7:00pm Wed 25 Nov
catherin Southon
I agree with previous comments on this person. No matter how ridiculous it is that these dealers "negotiate" stupidly low prices Ms Southons antics in reneging on agreed prices degrade the show even further. she did it again today and even Tim Wonnacot called it naughty.
robbo 7:51pm Fri 13 Feb
looks totally phoney
So they make about £10 a day and drive 500 miles.
Eaton pipes 7:18pm Mon 29 Sep
Brilliant show
excellent show, however sometimes spoilt by drab so called celebrity. Eg todays episode had Germaine Greer who was terrible, poor ole Charlie for having to put up with her. She was so miserable and walked about with a great big chip on her shoulder.
Pat 12:31am Wed 28 May
how sorry we were to hear that david barby past away, he will be sadly missed. we love the show
fatbuddy 9:20pm Fri 23 Nov
nice concept
you do get to see a variety of places but the so called celebs are a bit low key - I mean Germaine Greer really!
doubletake 7:07pm Tue 13 Nov
Pompous pundits
There seem to be more and more of these ignorant, pompous social inadequates and freaks mincing around the country and trying the patience of every antiques dealer who has the misfortune to be in their path. I wish a dealer would be shown responding to their offensively low offers and nauseating banter by throwing them out of the shop or, even better, with a punch on the nose. I'm sure it happens regularly.
Tim Wantacut 3:08pm Mon 14 May
not real
fake buys, fake sales, fake auctions, fake experts, fake celebs it's all fake
faker 6:49pm Mon 9 Apr
Caroline Quentin
Caroline Quentin was such an overloud irritating mess that I had to turn it off. Running round the auction house and screaming like a toddler. Tut.
basyguy 7:59pm Mon 7 Nov

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