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Gert a life
Sad program , for sad people
HAHAHA 6:13pm Thu 24 Aug

I think sarah is self centred, clingy & attention seeking, & doesn't give a damn about who she hurts.
Vicky 5:34pm Thu 24 Aug
poor me.
Sara has played the sympathy card for too long. Felt sorry for her at first. Poor me, me, me. Poor Chad, she's only clinging onto him because no one else wants to know her.
Mario. 6:52pm Thu 17 Aug
Jemma lucy is a ugly nasty jealous, trout faced cow.
Annalise 9:43am Thu 10 Aug
Derek acorah and 15 stiffs.
mel. 10:01am Wed 2 Aug
Best show
Loyal bb fan forever! 3:57pm Tue 1 Aug
Kim is a nasty vicious argumentative horrible person, she would have a fight with her own reflection.i hope she dosent win,
Lucy 12:55pm Fri 3 Feb
Best one ever
Doodles58 8:07pm Fri 27 Jan
Funniest series ever
Love it such good tv wish it was on longer
Bigbrotherlover59 7:39pm Sun 22 Jan
The best
The best show ever
Bbfox 9:08pm Sat 21 Jan
Crazy kim
Kim woodburn is completely outside of her tent. She needs sectioning
Harry 10:01pm Fri 20 Jan
It seems chole's only talent is acting like a brainless piece of trash.
Mandy 8:21pm Mon 16 Jan
Brill fun
eye 6:02pm Sun 15 Jan
CBB is crap this year.
Banananana 5:37pm Sat 14 Jan
This show has taken a terrific nose dive since chan 4. Absolutely dire. Full of has beens and manipulated to create as much controversy as possible. Is this really what the majority call good tv?
Harry 11:10pm Tue 3 Jan
Horrible bear
Bear should of been evicted from the house weeks ago when he broke the mirror, it's a fix if he wins. .other people have been asked to leave the house for much less than what he's done. He's a annoying man child.
Gaz 3:50pm Wed 24 Aug
Yessssss I love bear. Top wind up merchant
Kirst1991 10:17pm Sat 20 Aug
Stop moaning
Why do people complain about what goes on ,on the show if you don't like it don't watch it simple.
Monka 7:47pm Thu 11 Aug
...to be discussing b***,*** in detail only two minutes after the watershed.
BJ 10:12am Tue 2 Aug
Great show for you brain dead morons.
Dave 5:30pm Mon 11 Jan
Brilliant show
I don't care what other people say - this show is awesome and I will watch it till it's dying day.
Rob 4:02pm Thu 7 Jan
Enough is Enough
OMG they've turned it into loose women. It's had it's day time to retire.
Jock 9:35pm Thu 22 Jan
This is about as entertaining as a broken leg. CRAP !!
Calpe1823 10:52am Thu 8 Jan
Best show ever!!
Bob 12:01pm Fri 22 Aug
Celebrity Big Brother
Celebrities?? I´d only heard of two of them!
Feather HG 7:49pm Tue 19 Aug
One of many shows for people who are too lazy to do anything worthwhile.
Hi 9:42pm Sun 19 Jan
Avoid like the plague
This show is awful - if you have never seen it keep it that way. If you watch it even semi regularly - STOP NOW!
Sedentary_Slob 8:31pm Tue 7 Jan
ah lark dem
can deh reed an ting? dem gud an sheet.
neegroid 9:02pm Sun 5 Jan
wow - low
so very low
billy 10:34pm Tue 3 Sep
not for humans
IQ 35 like dis
jaly 10:13pm Tue 3 Sep
syph on a stick
dey got scabs
billy 9:01pm Thu 29 Aug
rylan 4 da win
go rylan woohoo xxxxxxxxxxxx ps i love suzie
rylan fan x 12:48pm Thu 24 Jan
spencer fan
spencer is sooooooo HOT
spencer fan 10:04pm Mon 21 Jan
Seriously who actually watches this drivel - only potential Jeremy Kyle candidates and inbred people
Critic 1:11pm Sun 13 Jan
The Prince and the Tart
Haha.. Danica is keeping her goldigging principles fully in tow.. I suspect when he sees the Sex Lies and Rinsing Guys her dreams of becoming a Princes will be toast. And RIGHTLY SO!
Prince Charles 9:57pm Sat 25 Aug
no point watching now that Natalie's gone. 'vote to save' rather than vote to evict is designed solely to make more money for the producers. (Assuming that if you are dumb enough to vote in the first place, you will be dumb enough to vote for several people you want to keep in). The downside is that the favourite/most popular housemate often loses out because everyone assumes they will be safe so nobody actually votes for them. What a rubbish show.
Eggymoo 10:09pm Sat 21 Jan
Michael Madson is one cool Genuine guy i little bit Hollywood out of touch side but better than some of the other tinsel town loonies that have been on in the past ,,,Respect to Mr Blonde
Cool Dude 10:52pm Tue 10 Jan
oh ffs
Andrew is so fake and that guy need to come out of the closet , I feel for his poor naive wife :(
AJ the homo 10:24pm Sun 8 Jan
Tv tripe for couch simpletons...
DAVE 9:05pm Fri 6 Jan
Please God NO!
Not more of this brain-numbing bilge? If Channel 5 are THAT desperate for viewers bring back the test card. That's far more interesting to watch!
P V 6:19pm Fri 6 Jan
i agree
i agree
Madam Fifi 2:51pm Sun 18 Sep
Look at it as Psychology
Its immediate goal is to understand individuals and groups by both establishing general principles and then breaking them. Love it when big brother plays with their minds and the bitching starts.
Pops 6:36pm Mon 12 Sep
I suppose if that pikey is in the BB house then he wont be stealing telephone cable and selling crap tarmac 1 cm thick
brokenflipflop 10:37pm Sun 11 Sep
It was a good one this year but the normal BB looks like its back to the same old drivel fake people in fake surroundings ,,pity why dont you get better housemates in instead of those losers you picked last night
Change the squad 9:44pm Sat 10 Sep
I honestly only watched it for Jedward, shame they didn't win! although i dont mind paddy.
KT 9:31pm Sat 10 Sep
come on how can darren ?
get any votes form the public, surely his staff and on the phones 24/7 :-0
Chuckles 9:10pm Sun 4 Sep
what a pair of wasters, a real job would see them off.
there was this bloke ina pub, and he said. 7:54pm Sun 4 Sep
I am for Jedward all the way, i love them to pieces and always will.. they are entertaing and that gives them the chance to win.. LOVE YOU JEDWARD!!
Aisha..:) 4:22pm Sun 4 Sep
I've never watched Big Brother, but I have been watching this series. I must say it is not bad. Jedward makes it more Entertaining, but the rest of the Contestants are dull. 6/10.
Swiifteh 4:14pm Sun 4 Sep
Hate And Beauty
I absoulutaly love big brother i would advise for younger viewers to watch it the next day because all the rude bits have been cut out.
Royal Angel 9:54pm Mon 29 Aug

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