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Coach Trip Comments

happy faye and holly lost
glad the boys won holly and faye where false and was too confidant of a win
j 11:36pm Sat 25 Feb

love this show
love this show, honest entertainment with the charming Brendan
daveyboy 11:12pm Sat 25 Feb
Yet another programme spoilt. Had watched the original shows for years now, but no longer, turning into a version of Big Brother, all about couples getting together.
A.T. 5:15pm Fri 12 Aug
Coach trip road to ibiza
Lots of trickery going on with tasks to get immunity. Aping the worst bits of ",Big brother," I have stopped watching - used to love the programme
Lee 12:12pm Fri 12 Aug
Podgy belly
Watching Brendan being 'touched up' is enough to make me puke. A separate channel would be good for this sort of stuff & similar related.
Kiity 12:58pm Wed 27 Jul
So much for evolution
Brendon actually thinks he is intelligent, knowelageble and 'internationa' ......... its embarrasing to watch & makes me cringe. Are the producers exploiting guy. Perhaps he would be best left in the closet.
Kitty (Cliff) 12:51pm Mon 25 Jul
Who in their right minds would want to go on these trips?
Dino 12:45pm Sun 21 Dec
The florist from belgium
Loved the florist from Belgium, he. Was so funny and bossy
Mazerboo 7:24pm Fri 12 Dec
This Week
I am really enjoying this weeks episodes. Loving The Twins
Great 9:22pm Wed 29 Oct
The Prize
As mentioned at least twice was a voucher for a coach trip. Same as always???
usual format 7:35pm Fri 7 Mar
Two girls who won very nice but thick as planks. Roy usual southerner all mouth
Manc Lad 9:46am Fri 7 Mar
not as good as other series
twiggy 9:38am Fri 7 Mar
prev comment
I disagree. It used to be all of those things but now its all about ugly people and insults. And who is this Brendan and whats happened to the real one....
bemused 7:46am Fri 7 Mar
Best ever
This series was brilliant, light hearted, easy watching and very very funny, whens the show back on ? Hope another series is planned.
mastdatoza 6:35am Fri 7 Mar
what is the prize
what did emily and annabel win
oldskoolreunion 6:34pm Thu 6 Mar
Nasty people
Are the people specially selected for their sheer ignorance and nastiness?
Getting bored 5:41pm Mon 3 Mar
Camp or what?
Coach trip was brilliant. Then there were the two "spin offs" which seemed to be flops. This new series Brendan has obviously been manipulated to be "over the top camp" He's a great bloke and could do other types of show, like blind date, quiz shows but I am afraid this latest coach trip has encouraged Brendan to shoot himself in the foot. He has had his personality squeezed out of him
Bojangles 3:38pm Mon 17 Feb
For the intellectuals among us! Couldn't ask for more!
Frank 6:50pm Wed 5 Feb
Love brendan
My fav. programme but how do they select horrible couples?Who are the selectors
Titch 3:28pm Fri 13 Apr
Lou and Chez
I love it when the contestants have to ask the meaning of simple words! Deal or no Deal rejects
Mike F 1:17am Mon 12 Mar
Lou and Chez
How dare lou comment on ugly people, there is not one pound of her body hanging the right way, never mind her face. This is the worst coachful of people I have ever watched. Poor Vic and Mick what a case of ageism. Still good to watch.
coachtrip fan 8:48am Sun 11 Mar
Lou and Chez
Have to be the most unpleasant women ever on Coach Trip - ghastly. Leah and Ollie should have won - the winners were frightful and deserve another coach trip as their prize... Worst one for a long time.
Waggette 6:39pm Thu 8 Mar
How havw they managed to stay on the coach ?
I am amazed that Lou and Chez have stayed on the coach so long, they are beyond hateful with their nasty sneering comments, especially Lou (Miss Piggy without the charisma)saying about people being 'ugly' - she obviously does not own a mirror !
Sacha 2:52pm Thu 8 Mar
What a nasty bunch.
These contestants must go down as the most vile in the history of coach trip, all that is bad about the human race on one bus.
Pops 9:47am Thu 8 Mar
they could have let the boys stay the women and gay couple are bunch of bicthes
disappoint 11:02pm Wed 7 Mar
How spiteful
What a pair of horrid women Lou and Chez are,cannot understand how they have stayed on so long!Lou dosent like ugly people,has she taken a good look at herself?
heath 6:01pm Wed 7 Mar
Vic and Mick, so not fair!
@ Katie Birdie I absolutely agree with you, it was disgraceful! I can't believe they have gone when 2 couples haven't even got 1 yellow, and the dreadful Donna, Claire, Lou and Chez who must be the most conniving, vile women in the country, should be kicked off straight away. I so wish I was on there to do it, nothing would make me happier than to wipe the smug smiles from their faces!!!
Vic&Mickfan 8:50pm Tue 6 Mar
I have never written on a forum but after watching the last few days of Coach Trip here I am!! The agism which was shown to Mick and Vic by all the travellerswas appauling. What was even more disgraceful was their reasons for voting them off - saying it was because they couldnt join in with certain activities. Does that mean you can not be friendly and get along with someone - they have to be able to do what you can do? They should all be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and I hope none of these idiots win
Katie Birdie 7:07pm Thu 1 Mar
Guolty Pleasure
I don't have many, and this is brilliant. Love it.
Nick 5:29pm Fri 3 Feb
I can't believe that the programme used a bullfight ring as a setting in one of their episodes. Bullfighting is cruel and animal-welfare groups have campaigned for decades to educate people about the cruelty involved. Even the Association of Spanish Vets have spoken out against bullfights as have the majority of the Spanish nation. Now the bullfighting lobby is fighting back: by using this programme? Reality is, most of the tickets will be bought by tourists. And I would urge these tourist to take a few minutes and check what really happens at a bullfight. Anyone with any heart for animal suffering would be disgusted.
Monique 9:39pm Fri 22 Apr
The Future of the Human Race ??
After 4½ billion years of evolution this is where people are at. And Brendan has the cheek to call others Common ... your delusional. He thinks he's some international know all, how sad for the wee man. Ignorance is bliss. What a nightmare, a good case for banning tourists full stop.
Cameron 3:50pm Wed 20 Apr
Horrible Hilary
How can the most disgusting vile pair still be on, Hilary is the nastiest, manipulative animal around and Terry is her handbag.
Naj 6:01pm Wed 23 Mar
can't miss it
I really do love this series-so much fun watch the old and the new trying to be clever about voting-hilary is a very clever old boob-
old traveler 8:19am Wed 23 Mar
terry and hilary got their well deserved yellow card
lkr 10:28am Tue 22 Mar
how did the contestents not part of the freak show not take the opportunity to vote of one them at Brendans instant red card vote? It was heaven sent and they missed it. Numpties!!
Caz 11:48am Mon 21 Mar
Gagging @ the losers
Hilary is actually odds on favourite to win the most repulsive person ever on Coach Drip closely followed by the dull and duller pair aka Timmy & Dimmy
Ripped 6:49pm Tue 15 Mar
Gagging @ the losers
Hilary is actually odds on favourite to win the most repulsive person ever on Coach Drip closely followed by the dull and duller pair aka Timmy & Dimmy
Ripped 6:16pm Tue 15 Mar
Rude Awakening
Cant wait for Hilary to get back to the real world and realise how disliked she ...maybe she will wise up and realise what a nasty and devious woman she is !!!!!!
Bezacious 5:59pm Tue 15 Mar
Get Terry and Hilary of and thier 'alliance'
laura 10:46am Tue 15 Mar
Coach Trip
Just watched latest episode - totally agree with Grimreapers comment. Are there 6 less likable people??
mark123 1:48pm Sat 12 Mar
Shame on you 4 vote rigging ?
Red Card Hillary Terry Wayne Waynetta and the Lardy Boys, we can’t watch it any more the brave Andrew & Leah made them squirm with the truth the sad six are fixing it.
Grimreaper 12:54pm Fri 11 Mar
Wot an awful witch of a woman all 25 stone of her. Get her off and make room for a football team.
mandi mayhem 10:19pm Thu 10 Mar
vote rigging....
What happened to the straight red card when contestants were rigging the vote? Hilary is blatantly doing it yet still remains on the coach!! She thinks she'd popular but got news for you if you're reading this yr a twisted two faced "woman" whos as popualr as attila the hun on speed!!!
dawny 9:43pm Thu 10 Mar
vote rigging....
What happened to the straight red card when contestants were rigging the vote? Hilary is blatantly doing it yet still remains on the coach!! She thinks she'd popular but got news for you if you're reading this yr a twisted two faced "woman" whos as popualr as attila the hun on speed!!!
dawny 8:24pm Thu 10 Mar
Stop it NOW
Have loved this show in the past but this series just ain't working. It seems ALL the tourists are unlikable, selfish people whose only motivation is to keep their (mostly ugly) faces on our TVs. Chuck 'em all off!
Blue Andy 12:36am Thu 10 Mar
how do I apply for coach trip
lesley 10:17pm Wed 9 Mar
Bums Away
Prima Donna Brendan should be given a medal for his forbearance with this coachload of uncultured, whingeing ingrates who make the cast of Benidorm grotesques seem almost human. The British should not be allowed abroad to mix with civilised folks until they relearn their manners and grace
Avardon 2:32pm Sun 6 Mar
Barbara and Elaine
Both look nice, But Barbara is the hottest.
chelski 3:39pm Fri 4 Mar
i love coach trip its light hearted and fun i especally love brendan sheerin and the man who does the voice over
laura 13 12:58pm Wed 9 Feb
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