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Coronation Street Comments

Sticking point
Honestly, Sinead sounds like an adenoidal cartoon character with 'loser' oozing from every pore. Why on EARTH would a clever good looking guy like Daniel want to stick around with her? Won't wash I'm afraid!
Jed 7:41pm Sun 28 May

Sorry about that. About Martin's hair, I like it. I think it looks attractive
MartinSherlocklover 11:49am Sun 28 May
Fridays episodes a good mixture of drama, suspense and even a bit of humour from Roy and dopey Bryan.
frances 8:32am Sun 28 May
FYI. I was replying to a comment that was from Frances or Mary about the tea. If other people want to reply it's their perogative. Martin freemans bleached hair was straight from Agadoo. Discuss.
pootle. 4:40pm Sat 27 May
PG Tips
somebody called "Pootles" started it, and now everyone is talking about it and its getting annoying. The best acting in this soap that i have seen so far was Martin Freeman in a Vodafone ad during the breaks!
MartinSherlocklover 2:53pm Sat 27 May
So you are annoyed about tea comments. I would be more annoyed about the tragedy that happened in Manchester. FFS , get a grip!
davey. 12:57pm Sat 27 May
The background music in the scenes is way too loud and distracting. I'm literally losing the plot! Please turn it off or turn it down please.
Purpleartist 10:50pm Fri 26 May
previous comment.
Which commenter are you talking about in particular? As there are a few tea comments.
PG Tips 9:41pm Fri 26 May
Yorkshire Tea
Does it matter what kind of tea they drink? I guess the person who wrote that comment was having a laugh that has got to the point of annoyance
MartinSherlocklover 8:40pm Fri 26 May
Bad story line...Nick
Dont your story writers realise that sometimes we appreciate a happy ending!!...so sick of misery..stopped watching Eastenders for same reason...This oncoming episode of Nick is the absolute PITS..had enough....
Fed up soap watcher 7:30pm Thu 25 May
Yeay Mary!
Ken's past his sell-by date, Norris is ridiculous and Peter way too old for the storyline. But I DO like Mary, so try not to spoil her rather subtle character with clunky lines! The Barlows are nut jobs.
Brett 4:27pm Thu 25 May
Did he do away with his mother ?
jimbo. 11:54am Thu 25 May
Yawning zzzz
Corrie is becoming as dreary as its?theme? tune !!
Fan 9:49pm Wed 24 May
Don't forget what they've done to Simon. He has been a horror for quite sometime, don't the script writers like children?
Albert 8:08pm Wed 24 May
They have turned Fay and Amy into very unlikable girls... Not good role models for Youngsters watching, if youngsters are allowed to watch this sex soap anymore.
Dismayed 8:06pm Wed 24 May
What's the agenda
Would be more interesting without the gay vicar, the gay window cleaner, the gay barman, the gay whatever Todd is - time to rethink your agenda led series maybe?
Jed 5:41pm Wed 24 May
Yorkshire tea
..... Yorkshire tea drinkers could always watch Emmerdale instead!
Jenty 6:27pm Tue 23 May
Reality check
Good eps tonight, loads of tension and even Sinead's acting began to look real.
Jed 9:54pm Mon 22 May
Go Back to Your Roots
Coronation St has gone to the dogs. Too many stories have sex scenes, scraping the barrel here. No wonder people are switching off. Needs a good clean up.
Yorkshiregel 5:44pm Mon 22 May
naming ceremony and baby shower
Stay calm EJ and pootle and have a BREW, brew, brew,brew,brew,brew brew brew and so on and on
frances 11:21pm Sat 20 May
Are you trying to say naming ceremony? Some other crap from America, like baby shower, baby shower, baby shower, baby shower. Stuff this I've got writers cramp.
pootle. 11:14pm Sat 20 May
Naming Ceremony
Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony - Naming Ceremony
EJ 9:41pm Sat 20 May
Now you're talking Sylvie
Yorkshire "Gold" is the best tea there is in my opinion. I bet they don't drink that in Roy's Rolls though !
Rich 9:47pm Fri 19 May
I can't understand why they waste money on tea and coffee in Roys cafe. They live right by it. I bet they drink that inferior tea called Lancashire tea. It tastes of gnat wee. Give me Yorkshire tea any day.
sylvie. 5:01pm Thu 18 May
Pretend tea drinking
Sorry Treg but I must correct you. Tea is not served on this street only a BREW!!!!! Brought up in the North but have never been asked if I want a Brew neither have I offered anyone a Brew. I DRINK TEA!!!
frances 4:28pm Thu 18 May
Pretending? to drink
Means no one can choke on their lines !
Fan 11:56am Thu 18 May
RIP Corrie !
Well done all concerned, you've managed to absolutely destroy this once great soap. Katie Oates, you promised us so much but have managed to drag this soap to the very bottom. I too have more intelligence than than to sit through another episode of this drivel.
Rich 9:51am Thu 18 May
Pretend tea - drinking
It would be better for Corrie actors not to pretend to drink tea at all rather than make viewers endure their poor efforts at pretend swallowing.
Treg 9:32am Thu 18 May
Disgusting and way too long
Bethany sex abuse makes everyone on the show look like a moron. How long and how old does the perv/boyfriend have to be for people to clue in. A serious issue made into a long joke. I hope producers read these comments and get it together. After watching almost 40 years, I am out. Have too much brain for this crap.
Brat 1:20am Thu 18 May
Can't watch it anymore
After 40 yrs I see no point in watching it anymore. Have to agree with dissapointed den, since tony warren has died it has lost its way. The story lines are ridiculous.
Mac 11:07pm Wed 17 May
Whose fault?
Fay can't act and isn't even pleasant to look at = surly sour looks. This will be the director's fault, not hers.
Dej 9:17pm Wed 17 May
Gone wrong
Corrie has definitely lost its way since Tony Warren died - is that a coincidence.
Disappointed Den 9:38am Mon 15 May
The Advertisers will start withdrawing soon, and maybe that will make ITV sit up and realise what is going on!
Rebecca 8:05pm Sat 13 May
No Nominationa for any Awards this year......Now what is that telling us all? Especially the Production Team...if there is one anymore...
Donald 8:03pm Sat 13 May
First Wives' Club
As Steve McDonald has had 5 wives, it would make an interesting plot to have them all reconvene in one ep. More fun than what's going on anyway!
Jed 3:50pm Sat 13 May
Lost Direction
So many incomplete stories. I seem to have totally lost the plot!
EJ 10:27pm Fri 12 May
Agree with frances
I've written a few comments and non have been printed, so I don't bother Let's see if this is
Feramonge 9:23am Fri 12 May
back to not having comments printed. If they do go for reading before printing WHY!!! when they see they are not abusive or full of bad language then printed. An answer to this question wouls be appreciated
frances 9:14am Fri 12 May
What's New?
Honestly, Corrie takes dysfunctional families to an all time low. The Barlows are barking, the Platts pathetic, and the Alahans nowhere on screen. Leanne Tart with a Heart again with the bad choices, Nick again a sucker, while Steve nibbles his knuckles with a worried frown. Anything new there? I don't think so.
Jed 8:39pm Thu 11 May
Whoever agreed the dreadful story about Rob, Tracey and Amy should be fired. It made my mind up to stop watching Corrie after over 40 years
JoJo 6:42pm Sun 7 May
So very sad!!
Corrie has lost its way with so many unresolved story lines and other boring ones. Now have more free time to do pleasurable things instead of getting cross by the slow demise of my once loved CorrieRIP
Samantha 2:25pm Sat 6 May
Corrie has changed so much
Used to like it,now it is so boring, Too much crime in it now,and far too much of Tracy Barlow,anyone agree?
Mary 10:28am Sat 6 May
I like it
Its doing really well am not keen on the bethany story it should never started tho its the most intreasting. I like the tracy story line and many others the other soaps are really boring compared to this.
jayloves 10:19pm Tue 2 May
Sallys sister
Crikey ej Ive watched corrie from the very start. Could not remember Sallys sister at all really doubted you so I checked it out and yes there she was. My apologies
frances 1:45pm Tue 2 May
Billy makes my skin crawl, FF every scene he is in...
music fan 9:21am Tue 2 May
Sally's sister Gina
Gina Sedona was in the show at the same time Sally first appeared. She lived with Kevin and Sally for a while until she made a "play" for Kevin !
ej 9:15pm Mon 1 May
Good ep
Tonight's ep good drama, tense and pretty good acting all round.
Jed 8:01pm Mon 1 May
brain freeze.
Tracey Barlow was supposed to be arrested on Friday. With Rob locked in the boot. But no, the scriptwriter must have had a brain freeze. Missed opportunity.
shazza. 7:37pm Mon 1 May
So fed up with Tracy Barlow,she puts
Me off this soap,featured too much
Anne 4:30pm Mon 1 May
Too old!
That last sentence should have been deleted. We don't need to be reminded of sick peoples abuse of children.
Jenty 4:07pm Mon 1 May

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