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Coronation Street Comments

It's getting so bad, i thought my wife had put some L.S.D. in my beer last night, sack the script writers, or it will die a death.
Eric 1:49pm Thu 21 Sep

Dressing for the occasion
Enjoyed the weddings - always love a big dress even when it's soggy!
Patti 8:41pm Wed 20 Sep
Eva must have a drip dry wedding dress according to the way it's all fluffed up on the hotel window ledge.
Smiffy 7:39pm Wed 20 Sep
Very boring now
I've been watching this sort for years and they've always had dramatic storylines but the Coronation Street now there's nothing exciting about this soap anymore they are some annoying characters which I can't stand and I'm really going off this soup which is a shame as I've loved every minute of it but not know
Coblers123 7:18pm Tue 19 Sep
The Daily Star
Said the new lady in charge has "Revitalised " the ailing soap... Now that's funny
Carolyn 5:12pm Tue 19 Sep
So Phelan gets away with murder, kidnap, extortion, blackmail etc. Again?? And how long will it take to spin out the latest atrocity?
Reddy 7:02pm Sun 17 Sep
Prev comm
I stopped watching some time ago but what is happening to Rita will resonate with a lot of us. Unfortunately less of us have a "beautiful ending". No doubt there will be a help line shown to ring. Sadly anything to help is at a minimum compared to other illnesses.
reuben 10:46am Sun 17 Sep
I think the storyline of Rita is terrible. She deserves a beautiful ending for all the years she has been in the programme. Her fans do not want to see her suffer. You should be ashamed of this storyline
Jackie 9:47am Sun 17 Sep
Totally agree Macca I could go on and on
Gracie 12:47am Sun 17 Sep
You forgot Gemma, Eileen and Sean and worst of all, will.
macca 11:29pm Fri 15 Sep
Totally agree
I absolutely agree the the 3rd comment below, couldn't put it better myself! I stopped watching in May this year.
Mac 8:52pm Fri 15 Sep
Last comment
Forgot to add Gina
Gracie 7:57pm Fri 15 Sep
Sorry but Gary's acting ( or should I say overacting) is terrible,he is so unbelievable. Hope he goes soon and takes Anna,Rosie,Faye and Izzy with him.
Gracie 7:42pm Fri 15 Sep
Tell me why?
No one with Authority or the Sponsors have got to grips with the disgrace this Soap now is ?!
Totally Baffled 9:28am Fri 15 Sep
Steve macDonald
In response to a comment a bit further back Simon Gregson is not the best actor in the world especially in a serious situation but he is great at comic quips and brings some much needed light relief in what at the moment is a very depressing programme
elaine 8:14am Fri 15 Sep
Really bored with phelan, coronation St needs a overhaul the writing & acting have gone down the pan.
Mandy 11:46am Wed 13 Sep
Reuben and Bagshaw
Fully agree with your comments especially reuben.
elaine 7:22am Wed 13 Sep
The tv critics in the morning papers are all saying Corrie has lost its humour and lost its way. Why the producers do not take note is a mystery.
reuben 10:29pm Tue 12 Sep
Coronation Street has lost its way ....
Agree with all the comments below. Years spent enjoying this light hearted, comical, tongue in cheek show. Used to cheer me up! Far too depressing and violent these days. Certainly not suitable for younger family members.
Bagshaw 9:41pm Tue 12 Sep
its got that boring. I record it and fast forward the cellar bits.
mazza 12:44pm Tue 12 Sep
phelan and andy
This phelan and Andy story is awful I am this close to stopping watching anymore how long are they going to drag this on for
tilly 12:27pm Tue 12 Sep
Couldn't agree more that this soup!!! Has gone down hill rapidly it is certainly playing havoc with viewers spelling??
Bagpuss 9:55am Tue 12 Sep
Storylines going on far to long and far to many of them. Start putting an end to all this tosh, before we all lose interest. All new storylines seem to have a touch of evil, not an ordinary character exists. Get real please.
Rosie9 8:15am Tue 12 Sep
Too many plots!!
Too many story lines started and then left on the back burner for months. Storylines which are quite pathetic at times. Why Gemma has to scream like she does beats me. Very sad as Coronation Street was, in my opinion, one of the best soap operas.
Marion 10:13pm Mon 11 Sep
Steve Macdonald
What is this character all about. He does nothing other than sit about all day and talk tripe.
EJ 8:42pm Mon 11 Sep
Monday's Episodes
The second show on 11th Sep was possibly the worst piece of television I've ever had the misfortune to watch. What absolute utter tosh. An absolute insult to anyone's intelligence
Kristian 8:02pm Mon 11 Sep
Coronation has gone boring
This story lines on Coronation Street at the moment are becoming a joke with the Yorkshire Terrier dog deciding who to go to I'm really going off this soup it's gone downhill rapidly
Coroman1 7:54pm Mon 11 Sep
Change of Script Writers Urgently Required
Said it already!
Amethyst 5:32pm Mon 11 Sep
Obvious comment and it never occurred to me. Think I'm joining the duh!!! brigade.
elaine 3:09pm Mon 11 Sep
Think the scriptwriters are forgetful...not Rita. Anna banging on Phelans door for Sebs phone number although Faye had left her phone at home so would Sebs number not be on it? After all he is her boyfriend....duh!!!
Gracie 9:51am Mon 11 Sep
Scare tactics
Feel sorry fo all the oldies who watch corrie of which there are a lot,forgetfulness and difficulty sleeping are mostly part of getting older but now will all think they have some terrible ailment be full of worry & blocking up surgeries,watch & enjoy corrie, not any more,now watch & worry or turn off.
Bagpuss 9:17am Mon 11 Sep
The Rover
New Management - what a joke
EJ 8:59pm Sun 10 Sep
Another ex Corrie watcher
I wonder if the writers are deliberately trying to get rid of Coronation street or do they simply have no ideal? I've not watched it since May. Couldn't stomach it anymore and I used to be a fanatic of the program!
Mac 7:02pm Sun 10 Sep
after being so frightened by her so called kidnapper why would she go up and stand to him. Doesn't make sense .
buster 8:11pm Sat 9 Sep
ex Corrie watcher
I stopped watching Corrie soon after Bethany and Sarah returned to the street. Bethany was too mouthy and looked older than her mother.
Millie 2:44pm Sat 9 Sep
A good soap washed out
I have watched corrie since the very first eoisode but it is now time to pack it in. It is the biggest load of twaddle on the box. The plots are outragious and the characters barely touch base with reality It is now the most cringeworthy prog on the telly in my humble opinion.
tharrow 9:00pm Fri 8 Sep
Tonight's episode
Michelle, Will and Gemma worst actors ever.
Pewa 8:03pm Fri 8 Sep
OO macca you are awful but I like you.
ellie oops 4:57pm Thu 7 Sep
If Andy had shouted for help, Eileen wouldn't have got out alive. Phelan would've had to silence her. Oh andy you could have done us all a favour.
macca 11:35am Thu 7 Sep
Andy storyline
Probably the worst scenario I've seen since watching The Street since it started. Pretty disgusted- can't watch it any more!
Caz 8:32pm Wed 6 Sep
Andy not shouting for help totally unbelievable. A total disrespect to the viewers intelligence
elaine 7:34pm Wed 6 Sep
Can't believe Andy didn't shoutout to Eileen,what are these writers thinking of??? They also need rid of Will, Anna and Faye send them for acting lessons. Used to be my favourite soap but won't be tuning in again anytime soon. Utter crap.
Gracie 7:11pm Wed 6 Sep
turn off.
Watershed or no watershed, who wants to see someone kept prisoner in a derelict house. This storyline should never be shown.
Yvonne. 12:58pm Wed 6 Sep
I don't understand why people complain. You know what the storylines are - so why don't YOU decide what programmes are best for your child.
tee 10:47am Wed 6 Sep
Phelan in the dark
I am fed up of the scenes in the cellar with Phelan and Andy. I cannot see a thing. It's ridiculous and really spoils the storyline for me
Teenyweeny 11:27am Mon 4 Sep
Adults really cannot be expected to only be able to watch programmes that are possibly seen to upset children before nine o'clock.there are enough children's shows on all day,evenings are adult viewing times.there is an off switch if parents think anything may be unsuitable or record for later.
Bagpuss 9:45am Mon 4 Sep
Well said fully agree with you.
elaine 9:40pm Sun 3 Sep
Far to sinister for a Sunday before watershed. Please put an end to all this evil. Storylines gone on for far to long.
Rosie9 7:10pm Sun 3 Sep
Coronation Street getting boring as Phelan still not got caught for all his bad doing's.
MiniSue 6:29pm Sun 3 Sep
Couldn't agree more
I totally agree with the comment below and couldn't put it better my self!
Mac 9:14pm Sat 2 Sep

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