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Coronation Street Comments

There is absolutely no chemistry between Daniel and Sinead, the whole storyline is ridiculous. If he really wants to spend his life with a ditzy, thick factory worker, then he should at least insist they move to Oxford. Still, if he's so indecisive he deserves whatever he gets. I do agree with others that Peter Barlow is the best actor on here. The worst, by far, is Nick Tilsley - how much more of his terrible frowning face can we take?
catbail 11:26pm Wed 22 Mar

What has happened?
What has happened to the "Corrie" that we know and love. It is fast becoming and X-rated show but before the watershed
Marguerite 12:27pm Wed 22 Mar
With previous comment. It is turning into all the other soaps. Probably to get the younger viewers to boost their ratings as all the loyal views who have watched since the beginning are turning off. Oh- what a coincidence that Peter happened to have a couple of door bolts and a door safety chain to hand !
Unbelievable 10:15pm Mon 20 Mar
Not liking sex story,after all it is a family soap
When will writers learn,sex is not Everything.Corrie not what it used to be,now a bit trashy
Mary 10:41am Mon 20 Mar
Does Bethany look years older than Ssrah? Could someone please explain...
Cobalt 7:35pm Sun 19 Mar
Phelan did with Andys body he did it very quickly as he was still on time to marry Eileen who had left for the registry office before Phelan went upto the flat. Yet another case of scriptwriters suspending belief..
Cobalt 11:35am Thu 16 Mar
The Nick/Leanne/Steve saga
Yet another storyline I bet the writers dont know how to get out of!!!!!! Corrie is pathetic.
Wotrot 9:11pm Wed 15 Mar
Andys body
I bet the Scriptwriters still haven't decided what on earth Phelan did with Andys body..
Kristian 6:18pm Tue 14 Mar
Ken can actually act,he has been better than I have ever seen him
But what a dissapointing family he has
Mart 7:29pm Sun 12 Mar
Value for money
Keepitreal thinks the viewers have too high expectations because we want to watch unfolding drama when we can watch adverts! They're paid to give good programmes - so get on with it.
Optimistic 9:03pm Sat 11 Mar
lost the plot
I think viewers have lost the plot here.Scriptwriters don't give a toss about storylines,they're only concern is to get as many adverts in as possible Too many episodes too many ads and too many poor actors.What do the writers(lol)! have to say? Give yourself a break..... Stop watching!
keepitreal 8:50pm Sat 11 Mar
Laughable storylines. And how on earth did Peter leave his phone behind so soon after answering it to Touch whilst in his fancy piece's house ?
Caz 1:44pm Sat 11 Mar
This is what CoronationStreet is
Kristian 1:20pm Sat 11 Mar
chatterer think you might have made a slight error. It must have happened within the last 16 yrs, 29yrs ago Sarah was a baby
ellie oops 8:58pm Fri 10 Mar
Internet chat room?
So Sarah met someone in an Internet chat room which went wrong. Sarah had Benthany when she was 13, Bethany is now 16. I.e. It was 29 years ago when this event took place. They didn't exist in 1988. These writers go worse, get rid of them
Chatterer 8:04pm Fri 10 Mar
What the longer term characters (some of them who are also able to actually act ) think about what has happened, or is it simply a question of money before pride?
Alison 7:27pm Thu 9 Mar
Maybe those in authority can't bear to watch it anymore!
Trevor 7:23pm Thu 9 Mar
Border crossing
Emmerdale in N Yorkshire is a small village FULL!! of every type of criminal and sexual deviant but Lancashire now has outdone that with all the same but in one small street. The south of the England must be laughing their socks off
ellie oops 7:21pm Thu 9 Mar
There must be someone somewhere with the authority to do something to save corrie from its rapid and disturbing slide into its current trash
Simon 7:20pm Thu 9 Mar
Yet another unplanned pregnancy. Haven't the scriptwriters ever heard of birth control?
Millie 11:03am Thu 9 Mar
Marina 1:13am Thu 9 Mar
Jack P Shepherd wants four kids
He already has three one he has totally ignored,some father he is,and he works with kids,this Will not be printed but it should be,how can any man ignore a son
Liz 6:53pm Wed 8 Mar
Tony Warren
It is not the Coronation Street that I grew up with, since December 1960 have been a supporter, Tony Warren would be in tears if he could see his creation now
deadeye 7:21pm Tue 7 Mar
Please don't turn corrie soap into
Trash like other soaps are,it is changing so fast but not in a good way
mary 12:59pm Tue 7 Mar
You can see it coming....
So the lad has lost his job cause he whistled at Rosie, men with men, women with women, I think eventually evolution will make humans a dual gender animal, it would save a lot of problems, no fun though !!
music fan 8:39am Tue 7 Mar
Agree 100pc with previous comment
What a disgusting family the Barlows have turned out to be, Cannot be bothered with corrie at the moment,the acting is crap as well,Rosie for one,she is crap
Mart 8:15am Tue 7 Mar
Going to stop watching
I have watched Corrie for over 40 years. I am considering giving it up. I've watched the first 15muba tonight and have switched it off. There are too many new characters with unbelievable storylines. It is all so false and over dramatic. Sack the people who make up the storylines.
Teasiemc 7:52pm Mon 6 Mar
Phelan and Eileen
I have not watched Corrie for a few weeks, but last night switched on. What has happened to Phelan and why are there different builders in Adam's builders yard; and where is Eileen? Could someone tell me what is going on?
Dorothy 11:11am Sun 5 Mar
At least Ken has stopped doing his bad Marlon Brando impersonation
Guest 11:16am Sat 4 Mar
Watched show for years. Since Christmas its been shockingly bad. Thinking of not bothering anymore.
Robo2 7:20am Fri 3 Mar
Was that megaphone thing for real. Am i missing something or was it meant to be comic. Oh please.
katie 3:17pm Thu 2 Mar
Social Issues
Respect for women - has Sally gone mental? Stuff that megaphone where it Hurts!
EJ 9:33pm Wed 1 Mar
don't employ Rosie
why employ Rosie to clean windows? her looks might crack the panes!
clentman 8:14pm Wed 1 Mar
Ger a dictionary.
The scriptwriters should look up the meaning of "gay". Gay is happy. This lot of actors are anything but. PLEASE get rid.. Bring back good northern humour. (Bet you don't print this)
Marina 8:20am Wed 1 Mar
In response to previous comment I am not. I too dislike all these storylines and agree with the comments made, but it is the 'name calling' I find offensive. If the comments were racial there would be an uproar. By the way-what if i was?
!!!! 11:28am Tue 28 Feb
!!!! Are you gay?
I know it is part of life,but not on TV at 7.30
Mary 10:08am Tue 28 Feb
What the????
Anyone else having trouble understanding what on earth is going on in Corrie these days? They really have lost the plot - literally!!!!
Piffle 7:34am Tue 28 Feb
This site was for comments on the programmes? Too many anti Gay comments being made I am surprised they are being printed. Live and let live I say!!
!!!! 5:06pm Mon 27 Feb
Prev comm
There are two words worst than gay and they are gay pride. Why would anyone be proud of a sexual gender.....it's not as if they have achieved anything!
get real 2:52pm Mon 27 Feb
In my young day GAY had a totally different meaning. Homo may be a slightly derisive form of homosexual but is not incorrect. The change in meaning of GAY I find offensive
elaine 1:06pm Mon 27 Feb
Some of the homophobic tirades that I see on here amaze me , I get blocked or deleted for commenting on a characters clothes!!
000000and many more. 10:48pm Sun 26 Feb
have been blocked five times on same comment and no doubt this will go same way
luna 4:11pm Sun 26 Feb
Corrie actors should take a close viewing of Only Fools & Horses, this was acting in a natural way, corries is staged and so wooden. thought Friday's rendering was a little better, are the scriptwriters' reading the negative views of the show.
clentman 2:32pm Sun 26 Feb
Gone off corrie
Bethany Platt story a step too far
Liz 2:08pm Sun 26 Feb
blocked again
winston smith 12:33pm Sun 26 Feb
Would not be surprised if either Siobhan or Bethany are next in line to join the baby club.
agnes 10:35am Sun 26 Feb
soap births
Does anyone ever have a baby in hospital any more?
Mllie 2:27pm Sat 25 Feb
Big Brother
Is watching
Winston Smith 12:11am Sat 25 Feb
The ending of the second half
what does corrie think it is? a rom-com drama. absolutely stupid film-montage ending. Still cant believe they did that.
Mark 8:59pm Fri 24 Feb
First part tonight...
Coincidences abound, it's absolutely unrealistic. Cause it's perfectly normal to hold impromptu parties on a whim. And Jenny the machiavellian blackmailer, absolutely ridiculous.
Sally 7:59pm Fri 24 Feb

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