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Coronation Street Comments

Izzys Pains
She was using cannabis to treat her ailments and hysterically was put in jail for having a few joints. Since her release from prison she's never had any pain...
Kristian 11:32am Sat 22 Jul

A fraudster and murderer, and now he happens to have daughter who happens to get a job on Corrie, and where is Andy`s body.
Jan-Ban 9:49am Sat 22 Jul
Sorry but the character, the story line and the acting are beyond ridiculous. Walking round with a megaphone, Who writes this garbage
elaine 9:15pm Wed 19 Jul
So you are in denial as well !!
No mug 7:47pm Wed 19 Jul
Good times, bad timnes
Lots of 'baddies' on Corrie, and they seem to be all getting away with it!!
Lowrie 1:41pm Tue 18 Jul
Sensible idea
I wonder if the corrie writers ever look at this site,it might be a good idea for them to do so as they could then see where they are going wrong and hopefully correct their mistakes.
Bagpuss 12:36pm Sun 16 Jul
Vicars scary smile
Agree about shooting the vicar(not sure if it's allowed to shoot vicars but worth a try in this case) but not the lovely Todd.
Bagpuss 11:24am Sun 16 Jul
Please shoot the vicar and his horrible boyfriend.
Stringers 10:53am Sun 16 Jul
100% employment in such a small street. Liz getting a job as a doctor's receptionist with no experience. These writers must be experts in writing fairy stories.
observant 2:57pm Thu 13 Jul
Oh Kristian
The writers don't think we the viewers have even half a brain. The whole Phelan situation beggars belief
elaine 9:55pm Wed 12 Jul
Phelan and the flats money
Completely forgotten about by everyone who he ripped off. And where's Andys body ?
Kristian 6:17pm Wed 12 Jul
Really bored with coronation St, the stories are so badly written & acted, & please put a end to phelan's ridiculous story.
Vicky 12:09pm Wed 12 Jul
Got to stop watching in HD . Ritas face needs a good dollop of polyfilla.
cranky jo. 2:02pm Tue 11 Jul
The End!
This is the End my only friend the End,end of an era!
Mac 12:54am Tue 11 Jul
So Nathan gets off Scott free. Well done corrie, how many victims will now not report what has happened to them.
Lucy q. 6:59pm Sat 8 Jul
Precocious kid and a creepy vicar. Now why WOULDN'T you want him in charge!
Bluesy 4:57pm Sat 8 Jul
Well - The show hit an all time low tonight !
EJ 10:33pm Fri 7 Jul
What on earth was she wearing!!!Hope we do not have to put up with the 12 year old girl much longer, scriptwriters need sacking giving children adult roles to plat. IT DOES NOT WORK. As if she would be allowed to wander about on her own talking to strangers.Look what happened to 'Bethany'
unbelievable 8:07pm Fri 7 Jul
Completely agree about her over-acting. Why does she feel it necessary to clear her throat or sigh every time she speaks?
Pewa 8:16am Fri 7 Jul
Well she isn't really an actress she's a failed singer. Can't do either
frances 4:10pm Wed 5 Jul
bagpuss /cactus .
Michelle has always looked like a cross between a cut price cleopatra and a rabbit caught in the headlights.
Bowie. 3:33pm Wed 5 Jul
Thanks Bagpuss! Thought I may have been the only one to criticise Michelle's over the top acting.
Cactus 1:10pm Wed 5 Jul
Eileens always had a face like she's sucking a lemon. Sour old cow .
cranky jo. 10:18pm Tue 4 Jul
Over the top
Michelle has always over acted can't understand why everyone seems to think she's so brilliant if she left it would not be a loss to corrie in fact it would be a brilliant start to getting rid of a lot of dead wood.
Bagpuss 6:48pm Tue 4 Jul
Michelle's actíng..............
Michelle's acting last night over the stabbing was simply dreadful. She seemed deranged?
Cactus 4:11pm Tue 4 Jul
Try soaking the t shirt in vanish. The blood stain will soon disappear.
nemo . 2:32pm Tue 4 Jul
Pleased to hear Ofcom are investigating ITV over showing grooming scenes before the watershed. Not before time
frances 9:23am Tue 4 Jul
What's up with her face? She is beginning to look like a drag artist only without the femininity.
georgie 8:51pm Mon 3 Jul
We hate fizz
It should of fizz that got stabbed not chezney. Send her back to acting school, that's if she's been at all. What purpose does she have?
Mancunian. 8:47pm Mon 3 Jul
Pat Phelan
reveals his dad was nasty to him, hence a good reason to commit fraud and murder. The story line about this social worker happening to be his long lost daughter, ridiculous.
Jan-Ban 3:40pm Sun 2 Jul
evas lie.
So evas lying about being pregnant. Not very nice on people in real life that are trying to get pregnant. Next step, Jeremy kyle.
sylvie. 8:50pm Sat 1 Jul
prev comm
Same sex relationships.
sputnik. 10:32pm Thu 29 Jun
Take sex out of Corrie .. what is left ?
Fan 9:26pm Thu 29 Jun
The scriptwriters and producers all seem to be sex mad nowadays. Certainly not what we expect from Corrie. Anna and Tim and Kevin and Erica will be the next couples to get together!!!
dissapointed 1:13pm Wed 28 Jun
did the writers from emmerdale transfer to corro because it's going down hill won't be long before it hits the trash save it before it's too late please
here's hoping 1:54am Wed 28 Jun
fiz's friend.
Let's hope that Kim isn't going to be seans new boyfriend.
mel. 8:56pm Sun 25 Jun
It's becoming boring ! Every 5minutes some one is locking lips. It's not a soap any more. Too much cheating /affairs. Won't watch now. Don't care .??
Fan 11:45pm Sat 24 Jun
Same old same all
Here we go again. Can two acquaintances of opposite sex never have a drink together in Coronation street without having sex.
Lizzie 7:22am Sat 24 Jun
Fiz's friend
Please, please, please not another GAY!! They're taking over the street. Enough is enough
frances 3:31pm Fri 23 Jun
know all.
I don't like summer. She's a female version of know it all, little big man, Simon Barlow.
SEA HAG. 3:40pm Tue 20 Jun
Summer's Grandma
Best character in the soap
Sally 3:30pm Tue 20 Jun
Sack the writers,they write a lot of crap
Mary 10:26am Tue 20 Jun
Really enjoyed tonight's episodes - lots going on and very tense.
Rhoda 9:00pm Mon 19 Jun
Billy is so fake
The Billy story is so ridiculous his totally fake smiles and the adoption story
jennyjones 8:34pm Mon 19 Jun
Good Ep
Mary is such a good actress and makes the most of any scene she's in. Good ep this evening.
Lister 8:01pm Mon 19 Jun
Oh please no,not another pe teen joining the corrie cast,we have enough young characters already our beloved corrie is sinking fast.
Bagpuss 8:22pm Fri 16 Jun
having joined the cast as a rather chubby, gormless son of a loud mouth he has matured into a very likeable young man. Please writers don't spoil his character with some awful story lines. I bet this young man is as nice in real life,
frances 1:45pm Fri 16 Jun
Ken Barlow
Anyone could look as good only we have to work hard to pay the mortgage. Nice if you can get the same job as a somewhat boring character in a soap for over 50 years.......
georgie 5:02pm Tue 13 Jun
Hope I look like Eva if I reach 85.
mel. 4:16pm Tue 13 Jun
Ken Barlow
Whatever I think of Bill Roache and his acting I hope if I make it to 85yrs I look half as good as him.
elaine 8:55am Tue 13 Jun

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