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It's a repeat
Cant you put something fresh on?
Unguided 7:10pm New Years Eve

Trying to attract a new audience with her clothing and featuring her at the peak time of the programme - disclosed her salary Lefty BBC !
taffy 6:08pm Sun 20 Aug
19/3 gethin and Ieuan
Towards the end of the programme the two boys are interviewed. can't tell their individual names but the ginger haired guy S ays he's been chosen to go to New Zealand and soon after the dark haired boy is interviewed; did anyone notice how he looks like he's got a lump in his throat and looks like he's going to burst into tears any second? Aaahhh :(
Didusee 9:44am Sun 19 Mar
Wool supplier
What is the wool called and where can I buy it.
Mees 7:39pm Sun 22 Jan
Ellie's Hat
I would love to know where she got it from. It seems oversize and a cosy fit. Whether I have a big head, that's debatable, I find most too compressing and close fitting.
get real 7:35pm Sun 22 Jan
Horses on the road
Not a review a complaint about the coverage. They openly admit that horses are a flight animal and easily spooked, but they still manage to blame drivers for the accidents instead of questioning why horses are on the road in the first place. For the first time I am really agree at the one sided coverage of the issue.
DaSilvor 6:43pm Sun 27 Nov
Helen Skelton
What is it with this presenter yet again unnecessarily showing flesh. It was a bike ride to commemorate the Battle of the Summer not some cycle fashion show. Did anyone else wear a flimsy Top? No! Show some respect Helen. It's not all about You!
Bluto 7:02pm Sun 13 Nov
Speak for yourself but some of us have to survive on the minimum wage and why not pay less for the basics. I have yet to see a farmer who is on the poverty line! No special case than any other.
once more 10:12pm Mon 17 Aug
Why why are all recent episodes made up of old repeating clips??? You the BBC get more than enough money from the tax payer to present new content!!
Werz 7:40pm Sun 9 Aug
Agree with Wee Hamy
That is what gives this prog its appeal. A good all round viewihg.
once more 7:30am Mon 15 Jun
Isn't it nice and part of the learning about the programme to hear about the history of the areas visited? After all, it is History that made this land.
Wee Hamy 7:10pm Sun 14 Jun
Would it ever be possible to do a show about farming in Cuba? It would really open farmers eyes over here
Mobi1955 7:42pm Sun 1 Feb
I am a meat lover, but having the animal standing next to the meat cuts was a bit much.
music fan 3:05pm Mon 3 Nov
My young granddaughter says she is going vegetarian. Really did they have to point out the cuts of meat on the unwittingly live cow swishing its tail?
ria b 10:18pm Sun 2 Nov
Keep politics out of this program
I was disappointed to see part of the program considering the effects of the new rail line. This is not the place for this content. Spoilt my enjoyment of this program
Hotbiker 7:16pm Sun 1 Jun
Lovely Portland
I love this island and hope the people recover from the terrible floods. The Cove Inn is fantastic and was nearly swallowed up with the gigantic waves.
SueQ 8:07pm Sun 23 Feb
is this program aimed at idiots, talking about nature like no ones ever gone outside and seen a tree. Should be aired on Cbeebies.
Jenny Talls 10:17pm Sun 19 Jan
john craven
When on earth is that dreadful John Craven going to retire? Does he not know that he brings an air of despondency to this wonderful programme?
ozzy 7:19pm Sun 24 Nov
John Craven cannot shake his Newsround pedigree whilst telling us all about the benefits of silage
DuckWho 10:35am Fri 27 Sep
Dragons den idea
Instead of the smart water (fair idea btw) why not have those exploding puple dye cannisters like they do to spoil banknotes. When the sheep get stress - kaboom - puple uneusable sheep.
Problem Solved 7:49pm Sun 18 Aug
Sheep theft
All they need is some kind of smart water & coat the sheep with it. Then any kind of transactions with another farm or abbatoirs have to correlate the smart water with that particular farm.
The Prof 6:32pm Sun 18 Aug
Union Flag
Upside down. goose race
Derek 8:57pm Sun 28 Jul
It's impressive that you are getting thoughts from this paragraph as well as from our argument made at this time.
Virgie 11:18pm Wed 22 May
ragley hall toffs
patronising crap,how many dead to make a toffs house
country lover but 7:21pm Sun 23 Dec
A super programme, consistently good. Adam's Farm is often the best bit. But the production team seem oddly obsessed with Wales and the Lake District. The programme very rarely ventures north of the border. On one of the few visits to Scotland, Ellie Harrison seemed obsessed by the amount of litter at Loch Lomond. Sure, that can be a problem on some parts of the loch, but to witter on about that when there was a whole national park to explore seemed a bit odd.
Old Mortality 1:05pm Tue 30 Oct
julie bradbury
why have you got rid of ellie far more homely lovely to watch julie is too fond of herself
queenie 6:44pm Sun 21 Oct
Annual Photo Comp
Much as I like the show I do not appreciate the judges mickey taking of the entrants work. Jo Brand, comedienne does not provide any knowlegeable input whatever and its not fair to put down peoples efforts in order to raise a laugh. It spoilt an otherwise well connect nature programme.
doubletake 2:26pm Mon 3 Sep
the only prog of its kind that I know of. Very informative with an easy going style that keeps you interested. On the whole the presenters are ideal.
doubletake 7:23pm Sun 22 Jul
Ruined Castle, Where?
Someone was talking & I missed the name of ruined castle(:-(( Don't really want to watch whole prog' again on I player. Anyone out there know where it is?
Ellude 7:34pm Sun 20 May
only watch countryfile to see ellie
trike man 3:06pm Thu 15 Mar
dissapointed with content of this beautiful island too long on horse and speed date walking all unknown to residents what about lovely beaches and old houses that we have coloured sands etc not a mention SHAME
GRAM G 9:55pm Mon 13 Feb
Reply to john3110
Ignorant, ill informed disinformation post in a guise to promote nuclear. Hydro, Solar and wind generated power is utterly sustainable after initial investment. The powers that be do not want cheap electricity, they want expensive electricity generated by oil, gas & coal powered generation plants. They want to keep everyone reliant on fossil fuels (Oil mainly) so they can control the Global economic situation by the petro dollar!
larry the lamb 6:32pm Sun 29 Jan
Wind Farms
I was dismayed by the feature on wind farms.You need to send a technical expert to discuss pro's and con's with the operators.The operators quote wind farm capacity yetfail to mention actual generation is about 25% of this. Equivalent backup power generation capacity has to be on standby for when the wind speed is outside the turbine operating limits. The cost of wind power is more than £150/megawatthour compared with £100 or less for other types of generation. Our politicians have made a mess of energy policy through ignorance and timidity - we should have decided on nuclear 10 years ago.
john3110 3:01pm Mon 17 Oct
Saddened by failure to research the issue
I was very disappointed by the failure to accurately research and report on the impact of wind farms. It appeared that the whole article was taken straight from the PR brochure of a developer rather than being based on the facts. For example, good for the environment. What about the CO2 cost of their construction? Or the CO2 cost of the inefficient gas powered generators are the only type able to adjust to the fluctuations in power output of a wind turbine. You mentioned the jobs created by the developers, but failed to mention the job losses in the tourism industry. You mentioned the profits for landowners. But failed to mention that government policy is to build windfarms on land controlled by the government so the subsidies added to our energy bills are just another form of taxation. Very very disappointed about such an inaccurate report.
J-Gwen 12:24pm Mon 17 Oct
Time Change
We settled down to watch - and its all over!! Did you tell us last week about the time change? My wife loves it, I love the weather bit. We both missed out.
chrisb 8:03pm Sun 9 Oct
no clair baldwin but avery nice presenter instead
hazel 11:11pm Sun 18 Sep
11/09/2011 What fantastic animals in the Parkland with Matt Baker.[the young couple were so sincere and hard working and deserved the farming award.
Roy. 12:34am Sat 17 Sep
Matt Baker & John Craven are two of the nicest guys on TV,
Credit where it's due 3:16pm Mon 12 Sep
Photo competion
wow how ever did you manage to choose out of so many worthy photographs. I will be voting for my favourite
Carol S 8:31pm Sun 11 Sep
To the Gentlemen
Matt Baker & John Craven are two of the nicest guys on TV.
Credit 8:11pm Sun 11 Sep
I think that countryfile is a great programme with features about the countryside and activities for people to have a go at.
reggie 9:41pm Sun 4 Sep
clair baldwin is on everything she does not suit contryfile
minny 12:35pm Tue 9 Aug
Hel SkeLton
was awful in this Sundays's programme
Ruby Romford 8:27pm Sun 31 Jul
Julia Bradbury
She not the type of person wanted on this program, far too full of herself. In Sundays program one would have thought she was the only person ever to been pregnant.
Brian W 9:08pm Wed 25 May
Why oh why does Julia Bradbury insist on wearing funny hats at every opportunity!!!!!!
Ampadu 7:37pm Sun 17 Apr
Get rid of Julia Bradbury
Julia Bradbury is totally unsuited to Countryfile. Her aggressive presentation style is more suited to Watchdog!! Fashion jackets are all she seems to bring to the programme. Elie is so much more relaxed and comfortable with the countryside. Please, please can we get rid of Julia Bradbury??
Fred 7:31pm Sun 27 Feb
We love Cranes
I see that cranes are being reintroduced to Somerset. We live in France and it is a wondrous thing to see the migration of these birds. I would be interested to know if the birds that are being introduced to Somerset will be expected in the end to migrate too?
Carodol 7:13pm Sun 6 Feb
Wentworth Castle
Could your presenters get their facts correct please. Wentworth Castle is on the outskirts of Barnsley not Sheffield.It's in the Barnsley Borough but Sheffield is approximately ten miles away.
keith t 9:21pm Mon 31 Jan
I clicked rate expecting it to ask what rate I wanted. I guess I rated it zero when I actually really love this programme as I live and work in the country.
Giles 7:51pm Sun 30 Jan
tutii tutii tutii tutii
me 5:00pm Sun 30 Jan

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