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Cowboy Builders Comments

Wish someone would tell that thoroughly irritating little man that the word is Consumers not Conshumers cannot stand presenters who do not speak the Queens English
irritated 7:27pm Wed 21 Jan

how much?
how does cowboy builders fund all the renovations pls? is it all donated
kezza 9:03pm Fri 23 May
Cowboy presenter
If you want to watch Dominic Littlewood mince around & talk big but ultimately do absolutely nothing, than this is the show for you!
The Fox 7:25pm Tue 22 Oct
the voice
the proggrame is ok what i ,hahate is the voice over man ,ralph ineson hhis voice makes me cringe i watch this on subtitles
biscuits 12:36pm Fri 11 Oct
Stetson Crazy
Cowboy builders filmed adding a conservatory to the back of the Southfork Ranch. JR is delighted.
Whoohoo2 10:16am Fri 27 Sep
Why after so many years of programmes like this that people still pay money up front before work is done and completed. I find it very difficult to understand the rational of these idiot people. And to top it all off every body else has to give them all there house contents for FREE. Which they do not even get a thank you from these idiots..???????
Mr TV Critic 10:34am Sun 25 Aug
not surprised
@handypaul he didnt even know rockwool soaks up water and neither did the building inspector.. that builder is an idiot
steve 11:26am Tue 30 Jul
Mary Poppins scares me more than Dom
Do you really feel sorry for a lot of these homeowners? I feel more sorry for the businesses put on the spot to give away stuff to these gullible people. John, Mellinder's ace builder has recently gone bust owing 6 million quid ... sums the show up really.
Handypaul 9:32pm Wed 12 Jun
If you don't like the show, switch off and get off your backside and get outdoors! You moaning sad cases are pathetic! Earn a living!
GreatBrit! 9:08pm Fri 31 May
cowboy customers
Hi Dom heres an idea how about you start a new programe called cowboy customers. Or even dont get dom get done. as i am not a cowboy and yet me and my wife still seem to get people trying to rob us. honest working people are getting shaffted and we cannot do anything about it. so go on i bet it would never happen or let me know when it does
ntb 3:19pm Wed 8 May
Melinda get lost
I to like Cobb's and I like Dominic but I can't stand Melinda its about me me and me it should be The Melinda whining big headvshow, she never ever praises the team or thanks them. GET RID OF HER PLEASE.
kelly 12:28pm Tue 30 Apr
N.Z. veiwer
This program is on now in nz and is awesome. Some shocking holes in uk building co practices. Go get 'em.
kerlsnz 12:42am Mon 22 Apr
Melinda Messenger is
you will be caught 2:53pm Mon 1 Apr
Good Show
I personally like this show, yes I know it is a bit repetetive (The whole furnishing for free), but it is good to see the Cowboys get exposed for the bad work they have done so that no one would hav to suffer again. :)
Natasha1 7:23pm Sun 24 Mar
very formulaic and repetitive. Dull and unoriginal. Messenger doesnt add much to the obviously rigged and scripted programme.
Discerning 8:06pm Mon 18 Mar
The law says
These firms con descent people and the law is on there side ecause you can have 6 Ltd companies and start again everytime when there folded up its legalised madness and deception something has to be done to stop other people gertting hurt
Paul 9:55am Thu 21 Feb
Ooh nooooo
They run out of budget at the last minute AGAIN! This is getting to be a habit. Fortunately the rigged script saves them with local "contributions" Get real, theres basically a good prog in there, but you turn it into a melodramatic soap.
Discerning 10:23pm Tue 15 Jan
dom and melinda have both been involved in scams they,re self hypocrits
fedup 5:38pm Fri 14 Dec
Typical channel 5 crap
Let's do yet another programme about the gullible and get that bald moron to present it.
Fat Controller 7:52am Sun 1 Jul
I also made the mistake of giving money upfront I trusted the guy he seemed so genuine and his line was he had been screwed before with people changing their minds after he has the stuff and he is stuck with it so trust works both ways .. I am silly to have done it and will not do it again but it does not help my situation for now
The old school.. 3:11pm Wed 27 Jun
Money Up Front..
Why do these people always keep paying the money first.They deserve what they get, then expect the TV channel to produce a programme from there mistake. And to top it off get companies to offer free sponsership
FedupTVviewer 9:26pm Thu 24 May
mr neil samaraweera
an deaf , british sign language , van mite man cowboy vist upstair man fix problem tile and kichern room floor colour tile blues , from sentienl housing ,manager man which lies cheeky ltd , basingstoke ,basingstoke , unhappy , from secila lindy husband , before WHY gun colour wall , anthony carr psyhic , lets know now all right tarot card that man which lies tell you , first time shock wrong me ,involved nothing never me , my want move buy riches house better , please not name me , ok
neil samaraweera 9:13pm Wed 25 Apr
harsh but true
Stop repeating this garbage all the time. It was cr@p the first time it aired and it will still be cr@p however many times you repeat it.
truth seeker 9:50pm Tue 13 Mar
Free Stuff?
I like the program overall but not the way they ask local business's for free stuff... Does ch.5 not have a big enough budget???
Svea 2:09pm Wed 7 Mar
Great show in all aspects.
I love the show - my girlfriend and I always choose to watch it when it's on. It's hardly making out that all small-time contractors are evil, and helping out a handful of people that have been taken advantage of, simple as. The hand-drawn bits are cool, too - definitely helps illustrate what's going on to a non-builder!
FastFrank 10:54am Tue 21 Feb
great show
love this show.love dominic, and john the good builder.it seems like some of the above comments are coming from cowboy builders. go get em domonic. we love this show in canada, and look forward to more episodes.
monica 1:17am Tue 21 Feb
Very disappointed
I was hoping to see lots of men in chaps, building stuff. Very Village People.
John 3:27pm Wed 1 Feb
Byest editing
Hate the fact that we live in a country that our people are subjected to this programme and its byest editing, there is the need in this recession for people to thrive and develop..this programme just instills a fear that using anything that an accredited (by quango accossiations)builder will result in a disasterous rip off and shoddy job done. this programme does nothing towards the process a potential service user should do to determine a decent job will be done....the programme also does not give any oppurtunity (other than the ridiculous confrontational interview) to explain some of the wrong doings. As for the experts they roll out to assess work.....I hate them..there mannerisems...there obvious brief by the directors.....and most of all there smugness..things go wrong on building projects for many reasons, and its usually a proportion to blame on the client.
Russell 8:54am Thu 12 Jan
We all know there are thousands of scams etc. Why the programme? It changes nothing. It isn't entertaining. It's just Messenger and Litlewood showing off.
Agatha 8:28pm Wed 21 Dec
what is?
does anyone know what model mitsubishi Dom drives? I want one!
Di 10:30pm Wed 12 Oct
i wactch it every time it's just intresting how some people act. Everyone has different opinions if they like programs or not. I can't believe how selfish the builders that did it in the first place are!!!!!!!!!!!
Shadow 12:27pm Tue 23 Aug
very good show
Keep up the work guys its a very good show.U r actually helping lot of people.Thanks to all.
niti 11:14am Tue 2 Aug
Good show
I like this show but it would be nice if they can give the names of the people who actually fix the building as they are real heroes like DIYSOS.
niti 11:44am Thu 28 Jul
channel 5 at it`s best...
lol, such a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad show
absolutely horrid 5:38pm Wed 27 Jul
Sheree Murphy
I noticed she drives a rent a car instead of her expensive mercedes on the show compared to Dominic.
Playing it down 11:51am Fri 25 Mar
waste of time.
no more to say.
so what? 8:30am Mon 21 Mar
I agree, the same old script everyweek. First Melinda shows the builder, he says there is no way we can do it, then there is a conflict of some kind before Melinda saves the day by scrounging products from gullible local firms. And as for Littlewood, he tracks down the builder and then say`s you are out of order.wow. Utter garbage from Channel 5 as usual
John Thomas 1:50am Sun 20 Mar
I absolutely detest the way they always seem to find some charitable suppliers to furnish the houses they fix up on the show. Its just absolutely rubbish the way they portray that you can get a house furnished for NOTHING. It makes me cringe every time they say ohh we run out of money so we have to beg and busk our way to furnish the house. who sets the budget they are aloud to spend anyway? Rubbish programme anyway...Why not mention the builders they are using to do these houses up, they are the real stars of the show not the annoying baldy and washed up blondie!
annoyed..... 12:24pm Sun 13 Mar
why are they repeating this? What a waste of airtime
chief wiggum 12:28pm Wed 2 Mar
Thank God this tripe is over !! Littlewood is a moron and Melinda seems to think every man fancies her.NOT. She was pretty in 1999 but looks a state these days
cowboy builder 10:59am Sun 27 Feb
i love the show, i beleive all these cowboys should be addressed, i have had lots of work done to my house and all the builders have done is ruined it, i need to get in touch with the show and get there names mentioned, as this could happen to anyone of you!.
honesty 9:25am Thu 24 Feb
How do you
build a cowboy? Someone please tell me, I'd like one!
ethel 8:36pm Sun 23 Jan
hahahahaha, you changed the picture, but now Melinda is back on the show.. So the pic is out of date again!!! Oh and this show is cr@p anyway.
pwned 5:00pm Wed 19 Jan
how too
How do you apply to be on the show , as my aunty really needs there help . she has had loads of cowboy builders out to fix their house and its works the roof aint supported and walls are falling down rain is getting in the house
lalu 12:43pm Thu 13 Jan
poor web design
Melinda is no longer the presenter, It is now Sheree Murphy, so the picture is out of date by about a year!
bolly would 3:49am Mon 3 Jan
i do not agree
I love watching the repats over and over again, it is like a subliminal film, you notice something new every time you watch it..like how crap it really is
m&m&m 10:50am New Years Eve
oh wow, yet another damn repeat!!!
Billy McITV 12:22pm Mon 27 Dec
The progam
This progam has destroyed the livelyhood of thousands of tradesmen up down the country and brought doubt and fear to the population generally. There is not a project or development without problems as mr littlejohn well knows! and he is picking on the few bad builders and generalising it! to make himself popular and profits for the program.I know that if mr littlejohn was a builder he would be singing a very different song! IE."customer refusing to pay further deposit or not happy with job". Every vocation that has human interaction carries human "error" including his!I think the program should be "Banned"!before further damage is done.Because it has "tarnished" the name and reputation of builders and the confidence people have of them, in the public eye!and somebody should be responsible for that.
owl 1:50pm Wed 27 Oct
Dont throw stones in greenhouses
I watch your programs with interest, and I agree with you in all that you show or bring to light. BUT, Don Littlewood should learn to drive before he throws stones. (ie. when he turns his steering wheel in his car he always crosses his arms. If he took his test again and did this, he would fail his driving test !!!!!!
doozer 9:27pm Wed 13 Oct
Did I see Dominic Littlewood driving along a pavement at the end of last nights ( Sunday 15 August )?.
Meles Meles 7:53am Mon 16 Aug

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