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Can anyone tell me when criminal minds will be repeated on tv?!
Lauee 5:39 pm Tue 7 Jan

Criminal Minds Season 9
You can watch season 9 now on watchseries.It or couchtuner. I am on episode 10!!
paganchild 6:45 pm Thu 5 Dec
What happened to this series? It used to be unmissable, but the scripts have been deteriorating season by season.
Discerning 8:01 pm Mon 18 Nov
Does anyone know when the DVD of season 8 is released? I don't have Sky and have to catch all episodes on DVD. Previous seasons have been released September/October. The waiting is torture!
BennyC 2:43 pm Mon 18 Nov
Uk air date
Criminal minds season 9 is set to air in the uk in January 2014 #lovereidxx
Spencerriedxx 9:00 pm Fri 15 Nov
watching criminal minds
Hi if anybody missed any epepisodes you can get season 1-8 on couch tuner for free Carnt wait for season 9 to start in the UK love reid
angel 2:11 pm Tue 22 Oct
Morgan say no more gorgeous
vin 8:26 pm Sun 6 Oct
best ever
Love it best programme ever hurry up season 9 can't wait
vin 8:25 pm Sun 6 Oct
Criminal minds
Hey , my fave character is Garcia x i think shes amazing x but i love all the team xxx any1 know when season 9 is out in uk x thanks x
OfficalUkBabyGirl 1:10 pm Fri 27 Sep
Criminal minds
Hi when does season 9 start and what channel can any1 help plz
Stevie 10:10 pm Thu 26 Sep
Criminal minds
Hi when does season 9 start and what channel can any1 help plz
Stevie 10:05 pm Thu 26 Sep
I love Reid im so glad he is returning for season 9 the show would not be the same without him, he is so hot , :D
Lovleylucy1 10:01 pm Mon 29 Jul
start date
When does criminal minds season 9 start in the uk please? X
gabster 10:43 pm Mon 8 Jul
Reid has to be my favorite u got to. Luv him I do ^o^
Shelly 5:08 am Wed 20 Feb
shemar moore!!
addicted to this programme thanks to the drop dead gorgeous "morgan" shemar moore oooosh... apart from him lighting up my day the story lines r great and have me glued every night
mrs moore ;p 8:08 pm Tue 18 Sep
criminal minds
Hi im 12 and i love criminal minds and my favourite character has to be reid. he's the best! xx
!!x:)#:)x!! 7:49 pm Tue 7 Aug
i,ove criminal minds i am 13 and my favoruite character is emily prentiss
YoYo 5:35 pm Fri 3 Aug
Criminal Guides
I love Criminal Minds but i would love to know what season is Ireland on, because you know yourself that you would , get confused
KitttyKat11 3:04 pm Wed 1 Aug
criminal minds
How gorgeous is Thomas Gibson who plays Aaron Hotchener. He is definitely worth watching there is something sexy about him that is unexplainable.
jay 5:58 pm Tue 20 Sep
AMAZING progran AMAZING charicters *aspeshaly hotch :p*
Im a new fan of criminal minds i have only seen a few episodes and they are amazing. my favret charicter is definttly Aaron Hotchener i dont no what it is about him that makes him my favret apart from hes canny good luking :p :)
F.B.I Girl 7:35 pm Sun 28 Aug
great programme
This programme is the best ever, the story line for each programme is different and grabs you in!! it's fab!
Nic 11:14 pm Thu 18 Aug
series 6
where have the subtitles gone? Finding it very difficult to follow my favourite programme because I cannot find the titles.
jmb 11:08 pm Fri 11 Feb
When is catch up on?
Me and my husband can't watch the new episodes on Friday so we usually watch it on Sunday nights. Its not on tonight. Does anyone know when catch up is on?
The Hortons 9:12 pm Sun 6 Feb
To Be Continued-When ?
Ive Just Watched Episode 5 23 of 23, When Is The Second Half On
jollop 12:25 am Sun 30 Jan
Hair cuts
What on earth has happened to the hairdos in this series? Reid - who cares so little about hisw appearance that you can track which season you are watching by the length of his hair - suddenly has a curly perm? JJ looked like a Barbie doll in her only appearance this series and even Hotch has a new layered look, Bring back our favourite characters please - these clones look really weird!
GillypostUK 11:25 pm Sat 22 Jan
I love Criminal Minds,as I am deaf why is this 6th series not subtitled? I am very disappointed i cant watch it.
hippy 10:12 pm Fri 7 Jan
Lanaa 8:19 pm Wed 22 Dec
... AJ Cook has been dropped from Criminal Minds and will be replaced by a new female cast member during the CBS drama's upcoming sixth season. we are going to miss you jj
man 10 9:57 am Thu 21 Oct
Need more Reid episodes.
i think in the new season they should put in more episodes about Reid because he is just the best ever.
reid fan 10:07 am Thu 30 Sep
Why so gruesome?
I love this programme but have found the episodes with Hotch and the Reaper far too gruesome. Absolutely no need to show such detail.
SashaM 9:24 am Mon 20 Sep
love it
Me and my partner watch this show every night we just "love it". My favourites are Reid and Garcia i think without them the show just wouldn't be the same
m and p 11:14 pm Fri 27 Aug
Criminal Minds' Kirsten Vangsness Joins Spin-off as a Series Regular
Criminal Minds' Kirsten Vangsness Joins Spin-off as a Series Regular Criminal Minds co-star Kirsten Vangsness will pull double duty this TV season: Vangsness' quirky computer tech Penelope Garcia will also appear on the Minds spin-off as a series regular, CBS announced Monday. See photos of the Criminal Minds cast As we previously reported, Vangsness was in negotiations to appear on both shows though it was unclear how often she would appear on the spin-off, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. "In reality, the real BAU teams share analysts, so it made sense for us to combine the positions on TV," Suspect Behavior executive producer Chris Mundy said in a statement. "On a personal note, Kirsten is amazing, both personally and professionally. Her talent will make our new series that much better both on screen and behind the scenes." Vangsness joins other series regulars Forest Whitaker, Janeane Garofolo, Matt Ryan, Michael Kelly and Beau Garrett. "I'm super excited to be invited onto the series," Vangsness said in a statement. "The cast is astounding and I love playing this character." Criminal Mind: Suspect Behavior premieres at midseason. Are you excited to see Garcia on both shows?
man 10 4:21 pm Sat 7 Aug
OK, what's going on?
So, episode 5 before Private Practice, then Episode 7 after. What the hell happened to Episode 6???? Arghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
Jessie 11:06 pm Thu 5 Aug
Left Hanging?
episode 23/23, how can it end with no idea when next chain of events will be shown? Best show yet
Demac 9:44 am Mon 19 Jul
criminal minds spin-off
MAN 10 2:52 pm Fri 4 Jun
The 4TH season of CRIMINAL MINDS ends with the Reaper KILLING HOTCH
MAN 10 11:01 pm Wed 2 Jun
Season 5 repeats
I have put season 5 to record on my skyplus, however i missed the first 4 episodes, i have been waiting for repeats before watching the ones i have recorded and have not seen them yet, Does anyone know if or when season 5 will be repeated, The repeats living does have seem to be random episodes from various differant seasons
Titchtonka 10:36 am Fri 9 Apr
season 5
season 5 starts 2night on living at 9pm in the uk
Drew 4:26 pm Sun 7 Feb
i just love this drama
syl 8:18 pm Sat 6 Feb
New Season
When does the new season start,does anybody know
Millie 4:42 pm Fri 15 Jan
This show is amazing, its so complex and it often has really amazing twists at the end.
WooooH!!!! 11:56 am Thu 17 Dec
ooh, ooh...
don't forget the North, the South and the East. (You don't want to come across as some kind of demented one-note oddball, do you?)
balance 10:48 am Sun 29 Nov
were is ur compation for the word china
can not find ur compation for crimminel minds can u tell me were it is thanks
si harty 10:13 pm Wed 25 Nov
series 4 dvd and series 5 premiere
I know these are often asked questions on these boards, but, was wondering if anyone knew when season 4 was out on DVD and when series 5 aires over in UK.
David 10:54 pm Wed 18 Nov
Best On The Box
Criminal Minds is the best crime show on tv! Absolutely hooked on it. Just waiting for series 4 to come on to Virgin 1!
JMae 8:58 pm Thu 23 Jul
Virgin1 /TV Guide
What's with "last in series" at end of season 3 on Virgin 1 when RTE Two for example are well into season 4???
Anne 9:28 pm Thu 26 Feb
Radio Times
Like what the Radio Times have said about this programme, that it is the most intelligent of cop shows, totally agree.
Tamz 6:04 pm Wed 4 Feb
Fat Tony
The is an excellent series although it's funny that the guy who voices Fat Tony from Simpsons character is in it!
Pete 7:13 pm Mon 2 Feb
jay jay
Virgin1 are showing the third series at the moment so I guess the forth one will be on after that?
Gorm 6:36 pm Tue 27 Jan
help me!!!
does anyone know when the new series aires in the uk been waiting for it to come on but never heard anything when its coming on
jay jay 8:06 pm Sun 25 Jan

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