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Dickinson's Real Deal Comments

He claimed that he knew nothing about lalique. Liar, liar pants on fire.
KING TADPOLE. 8:29pm Thu 14 Dec

On todays real deal Hogburn tried to steal a Lalique vase off an old lady for next yo nothing, what a complete moron he is he had to payt more than he wanted. He still made a big profit what a creep.
PSH. 6:15pm Thu 14 Dec
Hogben, he would skin a gnat. Apparently, vic Reeves was his best man. Two prats together.
Sceptic 3:46pm Thu 14 Dec
Diamond Geezer as dave calls hogburn, he must be having a laugh.
CROW. 4:39pm Wed 13 Dec
He already has sold her.....over and over again! ps I no longer watch so is he still saying "I don't know much about this item" yeah right!
onlysaying 9:13pm Tue 12 Dec
Michael hogbens so tight he wouldn't give you the steam off his tea. He's a con artist. He'd sell his own granny for a packet of cigarettes.
KING TADPOLE. 2:34pm Tue 12 Dec
Is Hogburn an actual expert or what, he seems like a gipsy to me and so tight the mans a waste of time.
TURPIN. 11:53am Tue 12 Dec
Greedy git.
To which the dealer made two grand profit. Serves the greedy git right. He stated at the beginning he would have accepted £200.
KING TADPOLE. 4:44pm Thu 7 Dec
What a complete airhead the owner of a Chinese cloisonné table was, the dealer offered £5000 for it and he turned it down. Later it did not reach its reserve, then the moron sold it to the same dealer for £3.500 what a plonker.
CAPYBARA. 3:13pm Thu 7 Dec
let me win
It must be Me
mog 4:03pm Fri 20 Jan
Why only on UTV Ireland?
Why not also on ITV?
Bram 9:05pm Mon 3 Oct
Why do you see some of the same "sellers" on the show selling for a "friend"?
Lynn 3:14pm Fri 29 Jul
what area will you be going to next
Do you ever go to essex area ie Romford
Donna 3:35pm Wed 29 Jun
I would like to take part in the next show
I have few valuable items for sale.
Mimi 4:13pm Tue 7 Jun
I would like to take part in the next show
I have few valuable items for sale.
Mimi 3:45pm Tue 7 Jun
Best show on TV. love the competition.
David 3:38pm Wed 18 May
Show Format
Who is responsible for completely B....xing up the programme. What with the preview at the start, the constant 'whats coming next' through the programme, then each seller saying what they want and each buyer saying what they want to give, the only part worth watching is the auctions.How long before you tell us what will happen there? Whoever you are you have done exactly the same as Flog it and F....d up a perfectly good programme.
Bill Keen 4:25pm Tue 29 Mar
Rino horn
there was a rhino horn walking stick auctioned on the programme on Monday 28th march 2016 and it went for over four grand I know it was carved before 1945 but I still think this is very irresponsible for the programme to show this as it indirectly promotes the demand for rhino and other banned horn like Ivory I do not think these items should be sold and shown
saddened 3:26pm Tue 29 Mar
Hi I would like to get a valuation of a Michailas Maminas original oil painting. How would I go about that?
Jackysema 3:34pm Thu 1 Oct
no catch up
aoll summer I have not been able to watch my fave programme on catch up it really is not fair !!!!!
teeceee 5:37pm Thu 3 Sep
Male Dealers
most of them are on the wrong show. They need to be on a who can be the campest reality show!
once more 6:55pm Sun 19 Jul
1960's catologue
I found a 1960's catologue in my loft and was wondering what the value of it would be if i were to sell it?
Aneesa 10:41pm Sat 28 Mar
jo brayshaw
She is so tight,giving people money,sorry awful person
andy 3:41pm Wed 25 Mar
I think they should do a online free valuation I have a japanese satsuma vase can't get it valued anywhere
Steve 52 2:54pm Mon 28 Jul
i am a collector of ww2 militaria i wonder why they always value items so low .
tom webb 4:03pm Wed 9 Jul
sarra 12:22pm Thu 3 Jul
It does not matter how much an item is initially bought for, it is how much the item is actually worth.
DD 3:12pm Tue 27 May
Superb programme
Love everything about this show. David is the star undoubtedly. The dealers are fair but one or two are a little mean with their offers.
Eddie 8:03am Tue 6 May
Great show but very difficult to find the competition on line, probably because on line entries are free
Alex 12:30pm Sun 23 Mar
Ian Towning
I love Ian, he's very camp but the most entertaining dealer on the show. Mike Hogben is so tight and David D never tells him off.
Goldie 7:37pm Tue 4 Mar
repeat today
Today the 4th March is a reppeat so how can anyone win the prize on a repeat program
cello1973 2:32pm Tue 4 Mar
repeat today
Today the 4th March is a reppeat so how can anyone win the prize on a repeat program
cello1973 2:20pm Tue 4 Mar
How can it be the same day because if you really watched it you will know how many times the seller is absent because the have gone on holiday.
bemused 12:06pm Tue 18 Feb
Auction day query
They say 'go to auction and gave a nice day out with David' but you see them with the same clothes on so it must be on the same day....so that's not another day out. Also, if it's the same day, how do they have the time to advertise the item to get the best bids on the internet?
Hils 10:34pm Mon 17 Feb
DAVID interferes too much
Much as I like the Duke,he puts far too much pressure on the dealers to offer more so that the seller can take his mum on holiday or some other nonsense.In the real world the dealer would in effect not be swayed by some sob story !
madandbad 3:49pm Wed 5 Feb
David,s Parrot act
I enjoy the programme very much as it can be quite enlightening, but David,s echoing of the auctioneer is most annoying
Silverhead 78 12:25pm Tue 21 Jan
Debbie Serpel
What a babe,knows her stuff.More of the Debbie Serpel please
ninjawarrior 2:22pm Mon 20 Jan
its ok
Some of the lady dealers are awfullthough. Like cheryl hakneye what a fake smile..oh and the other cheryl, shes not on much cause no one likes her, she was Iin court the other day motering offences you know...ok gotta go now..bye bye
honest john 4:34pm Sat 18 Jan
I have been a collector of medals for many years now and i was appalled at the pittance paid to a seller for very valuable medals.who are the experts valuing these awards
RME 8:33am Mon 6 Jan
I have been a collector of medals for many years now and i was appalled at the pittance paid to a seller for very valuable medals.who are the experts valuing these awards
RME 11:08pm Sun 5 Jan
are the free internet entries actually entered??? I@ve been doing them every day for nearly 5 yrs now & not even a hint of a win & certainly not many Essex winners.
Christo 8:15pm Fri 29 Nov
Get Him Off
Michael Hogben is deceitful - he told a lady that her medals would not be melted down as he was going to give them to his brother - yeah right! He then sold them for profit on-line.
bemuised 11:07pm Fri 22 Nov
Very. Fair honest
young ace 5:04pm Fri 22 Nov
hdfhsg xhhdhdhsjx xhsdhdhx
jack 9:23am Wed 9 Oct
6ft jew gives us the power of his antique wisdom
Ugh 12:48pm Fri 27 Sep
not as good
Love secret dealers cant blame people wanting as much as possible but dealers haggling and upping bids over and over by five pounds annoys me not as good as last series and mike melody a genuine dealer looks don't matter don't think he would rip anyone off
wolffy 10:01pm Mon 19 Aug
wanting to see some thing
do u no how much a book of photos of all different soap stars all sighned is worth
meme 11:22pm Mon 1 Jul
silver and gold
Neither their silver nor their Gold will save them in the day of inspection.so these Greedy ones will not benefit from ripping people off,and it will not protect them (Prov 18:11) Valuable things a stronghold in the Rich mans imagination.
T.A.S 4:23pm Fri 7 Jun
independent experts
myself and many others queue up for an hour and a half for a ten second glimpse by the above experts and they dismiss antiques out of hand
ivor bigun 4:48pm Sat 25 May
If you want proper and interesting antiques try Flog It!
avid quizzed 12:44am Sun 19 May

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