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The Taylor boys...
I honestly don't mind the Taylors. They're kind of funny in a sense, but this whole baby business wasn't needed. Anyway, Keegan and Keanu are okay, but the other two boys (Riley and Charlie?) need acting lessons, unless the writers really wanted two autists to play their roles? I don't know if they're autistic or not but their line delivery screams the Make a Wish Foundation. "Hello baby did you miss us" who the heck says that?
Whyyyy 7:12am Fri 15 Sep

A man is having cpr but don't let that stop the tussle over who gets to use the defib. How very bizarre!
reuben 7:10pm Tue 12 Sep
When are they going to get rid of Preston...can't stand him...he makes me gag!!!
Kelsey69 4:37am Mon 11 Sep
Previous Comments
I totally agree. It was embarrasing watch,what a shambles
unbelievable 9:50am Sat 9 Sep
Getting fed up with this
I've watched EE since it started. The recent plots are amateurish. 2 fire engines outside Beales and not one firefighter attempting the blaze? Meanwhile everyone else in the Vic whilst Beales burns with Jane in it! What do you take the viewers for stupid or what?? Too many plots going on at the same time make it more unbelievable. Utter crap! Can't watch anymore
Past fan 10:50pm Fri 8 Sep
amazing storylines
I think last nights EastEnders was great because there was a bunch of different storylines in one episode
annomus 6:08pm Fri 8 Sep
the explosion
watched eastenders last night first time for a long time Utterly pathetic. 2 fire engines and still the fire wasnt put out. How amateurish. Please get rid of Max His acting his abysmal He is so wooden In fact finish Eastenders completely Its gone down hill fast
chas 11:55am Fri 8 Sep
The quality of the explosion was so ametuerish, it was cringeworthy, Phil landing on a black bag, laughable. Acting, deplorable. Mick still growling his lines and peering from under his eye brows, boring.
Rosie9 9:54am Wed 6 Sep
Bex and other teens
Bex, Louise and the other teens are all terrible at acting. Actually, scratch that, they're all horrendous at doing their jobs. I am so glad that Alexandra and Madison were kicked off the show and I was looking forward to Louise burning to death. Also the cinematography in recent episodes has been notable horrible. Please pay for Shaki's actor to get speech therapy, I have to turn on subtitles whenever he's on screen. The Norwegian nanny is particularly annoying too.
Vera 8:56am Mon 4 Sep
Very annoying
Annie 7:10pm Mon 28 Aug
Good fight scene
The fight scene was brilliantly done on Thursdays EastEnders between Ben and Jay. I liked the touch of humour at the end "Can you bring my slippers as well please" Good acting Jamie Northwich and Harry Reid. Love them!
Jackdaw 2:05am Fri 25 Aug
The director should really make this more interesting by making Vincent release out of prison and take revenge from Max by finding out it would be so good max needs a lesson teaching
Zara 10:29pm Fri 18 Aug
no loss.
So Danny dyers playing silly beggars by not signing his new contract. Why not take the decision out of his hands and get rid of him. No one would notice, or care.
fleabag63 2:54pm Sun 6 Aug
Lost the plot
Im giving up with eastenders having watched it from the start its got boring, its not the show it was.
Tess 7:08pm Sat 5 Aug
It is tiresome repeating a plot - Stacey's, crazy Mum, Jean and now Louise's mum, Lisa. That gets old and exaggerates any possible reality.
LIllietta 5:42am Fri 4 Aug
Quite enjoying it
I don't know. I am quite enjoying all the new characters and not knowing what theyre going to do next. I find it entertaining now with the simultaneous events taking place
LIllietta 5:24am Fri 4 Aug
Really?!! Tumour??!!! SMH
Lorraine and Steve relationship it's now becoming annoying...in the real world no1 would believe Steve sudden claim. And Abi supporting this?! Please..no real blood sis will be this wicked and silly ...Max on this too?....I'm DONE! This storyline is stupid ...
Bubble13 9:56pm Tue 18 Jul
No comment
Have you noticed there are no comments recently, makes you think no ones watching anymore.
Rosie9 7:31pm Tue 18 Jul
Shame on you for depicting Eastenders in this fashion. Real Eastenders should be up in arms, they are salt of the earth people, not incestuous , theiving,murderous, bullying wicked layabouts you are writing about.
Rosie 9 7:23pm Sat 8 Jul
The Awful Eastenders
I am no longer watching Eastenders as I can't stand the Taylor family. Get them off please. The mother's acting is appalling. Shame, have loved the programme for years.
Flower 11:19am Sat 8 Jul
In general
I seriously feel the writers should take a step back and look at what they are showing us these days. Not the EE I have known since the beginning. Sadly I am almost ready to give up viewing it.
Bella 6:20pm Fri 7 Jul
I bet you wished that all your staff were like Tracey the barmaid. She's spoken once in 30 years.
wellard. 7:57pm Thu 6 Jul
The new family are yuck get rid of them or lose viewers I am sure you can do better than this I hope so
Eddie 7:56pm Thu 6 Jul
over satffing
having owned a pub,.restaurant and hotel for 30 +years all your ridiculous story lines are absurd to the degree of being on another planet
D 7:50pm Thu 6 Jul
THe Taylor Family
A poor relation to the chavs!!
georgie 1:13am Wed 5 Jul
The Taylors
Not sure this family will do EE any favours, it will turn viewers off. The mother is really overdoing the part and badly at that! Get them to move house away from Walford or we'll move channel!
Bouob 7:43pm Tue 4 Jul
Given up
The last few episodes have quite frankly been appalling! Story lines going nowhere hauling in previous actors who failed previously and as for the Taylor's need I say more. RIP
Meow 5:32pm Tue 4 Jul
Awful actor
Why on earth is Robbie back on Eastenders, his acting has not improved at all and his character is really annoying
Jovic 8:23pm Mon 3 Jul
End of the road
I think it's hit the skids. Jeremy Kyle show personified. I liked EastEnders once Your story lines are the bottom of the barrel. I feel sorry for the actors. Please get rid of the writers.
Chas 8:11pm Mon 3 Jul
Please EE get rid of the taylors there not at all nice to watch and the mothers big gob is worse than nails down a blackboard and there so unrealistic and a turn off (literally) i turn off, one of EE worst casting mistakes ever
Rosie posie 8:51pm Fri 30 Jun
At last
someone has listened. The boss of the soap has been sacked!!
georgie 1:01pm Sat 24 Jun
New family on street
The new family headed by the mother is a complete turn off .we have watched EastEnders from the first day it started but this women's character .is awfull not what we want to watch.myself family and numerous friends now no longer watch this programme due to this character .I wish she was dropped from the program.and then we could rewatch a program we once loved
El. TEL 3:33pm Fri 23 Jun
After decades of following EE
The recent stories are not convincing, psychology is wrong (Denise), too many nasty characters.
Disappointed 2:38pm Tue 20 Jun
Awful eastenders
Omg I sat through the last two nights and I think that's it until the Taylors are gone awful acting, I gritted my teeth the whole way through
Buckle 11:32pm Fri 16 Jun
New Actress
SO glad the actress Lorraine Stanley has joined the Show (Eastenders). I saw her recently in a feature film called London to Brighton, and I thought her acting and charisma were absolutely amazing. Let's hope she is here to stay - she is a quality actress with 'watchability' in bucket loads.
Old fashioned Girl, Lynda 8:32pm Fri 16 Jun
New boy a hit
I am already liking Keanu after only one appearance. Hope he gets some good storylines.
Jackdaw 6:23pm Fri 16 Jun
Lauren looks ok to me,neat and Tidy
Mary 12:30pm Tue 13 Jun
Dressed up
I'm sure a high flying lady like Lauren working in London would have better dress sense and would not look like she's scoured the local charity shops, she doesn't look the go ahead type at all.
Rosie9 9:43pm Tue 6 Jun
prev comm .
Why do they recieve texts with witheld numbers or no numbers showing . It's not possible.
sid. 9:03pm Sun 4 Jun
never any locks on mobile phones and computers!
I've always found this so annoying that not one person in eastenders has security codes on mobile phones and computers! absolute joke!!
jonny 6:46pm Sun 4 Jun
Starving Denise
Yes have to agree. There's no way she wouldn't ask her sister to help her out with food. Unrealistic.
Lizzy 4:56pm Tue 23 May
I love eastenders but this story line about Denise starving is beyond ridiculous. As if anyone who had lost her job and was looking for another one wouldn't ask her sister to lend her a few pounds for food until she got sorted. I'm finding it pathetic!
Fran 8:33pm Thu 18 May
Enjoying EE at the moment
Probably because DD hasn't been in the recent episodes.
Mary 2:23pm Mon 1 May
I must admlt I am enjoying EE
Without Danny Dyer,as an actor he is sadly lacking in ability,off screen he seems to have a bit of a reputation as a big head,the problem as I see it is he thinks he is a better actor than other male actors in EE,I think not.
Mary 1:46pm Tue 18 Apr
Michelle has got to go!
The actress who plays Michelle is driving me to distraction. Having watched the soap for decades I find myself regularly switching channels due to 'Michelle's unconvincing 'acting'. Everything about her seems false from her accent through to her emotions. Gutted she recovered from the accident. Pleeeeease send her back to America to live happily ever after!
EastendMal 4:57am Sun 16 Apr
DD not worth the inflated wage he is being paid
He has very little talent,there are better actors than him in EE,time his backside was kicked off the soap,he is boring
Mary 3:36pm Mon 10 Apr
Michelle not leaving?
So disappointed after Friday's episode as it seems she is staying. She is one of the most irritating people in the whole show and a hopeless actor. I may have to stop watching if she is staying & I've been watching for years!!
Traveller 4:24pm Sat 8 Apr
Glorious days of the 60s
It was lovely to see Bex singing that fabulous Sandie Shaw song Long Live Love on Thursday.
Jackdaw 2:08am Sun 2 Apr
dd hate?
i dont understand the hate for danny dyer, his acting has been flat recently but not terrible, much better than ben's or abi's actor, not to mention those rotten teenage girls louise is friends with, srsly, where did they find them?
joe 11:13am Wed 22 Mar
Absolute crap recently...
Writing stories about underage sex and nude exchanges? Yeah, the 60 year-olds watching are totally gonna relate. I don't know anyone under the age of 30 that watches EE, who are the writers trying to appeal to? And seriously, if they make Mick cheat on Linda I think people will lose a lot (and I mean a LOT) of respect for the writers.
kate 10:35am Wed 22 Mar

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