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Daniel Aspin?
Who is Daniel Aspin ?
Son of Cain 6:08am Thu 19 Apr

Eastenders is falling deeper and deeper into the quagmire with its ridiculous storylines and unconvincing acting. Giving up altogether shortly.
Fedup 6:52am Tue 17 Apr
Mick Carter don't kiss Linda Carter and IDaniel Aspin love Linda Carter
James 11:20pm Mon 16 Apr
Oh please get rid of the slaters, they are doing nothing but bringing the show even lower than it is with their ridiculous story lins, not their fault but the writers, even they must be cringing wither dross they have to play and while you’re at it cancel the contract fir Hunter and hi mother. Awful people.
Rosie9 9:28am Thu 12 Apr
Have watched for years and can't believe it is like watching paint dry lately! Sharon with her fake voice, eyelashes and eyerolling. Louise and Tina with their fake baby voices. Mick with his fake hardman and cringeworthy phrases. Shirley and Carmel's whiney voices. Patrick with his "Yeah man"! OMG waste of time and money!
ANNOYED! 9:58am Wed 11 Apr
stopped watching
After years of being a fan I have now stopped watching the show, so boring I couldn't waste my time anymore...I'm glad to have my evenings back.
Sandra32 12:08pm Sat 7 Apr
New characters
Have I slept through a month or two episodes. You’ve introduced old characters with pasts that we can’t remember or care about. New watchers won’t know any of these awful people’s history. All very random making no sense at all.
Rosie9 6:40pm Thu 5 Apr
Proving his worth
I have always been a big fan of Christopher Timothy and although there was some criticism from different people about his character Ted . Now he is proving them wrong. As I knew he would. His character is beginning to be interesting. Will you give him a chance now people?
Jackdaw 7:41am Thu 5 Apr
Bernie called at Ted's door last night with a large container of milk yet when his daughter opened the fridge there was only a small almost empty container there. ?
Confused 9:18pm Tue 3 Apr
Time to stop watching
I've watched EastEnders for years and defended lows in the storylines in the past, but no more. Recent stories have been so awful that I'm afraid I'm another one who's not going to waste my time on it any more.
BB 6:46pm Mon 26 Mar
i think people should give up watching tv
miss 9:06am Mon 26 Mar
Story lines more and more implausible. Writers need to look at Aussie soaps for inspiration. Give up!!!!!!
Fedup 8:00am Mon 26 Mar
A real pantomime at its worst, farcical, I was waiting for someone to shout “he’s behind you” then drop their trousers.
Angela16 4:31pm Sun 25 Mar
Great script today
Funny, funny lines!
Lillietta 4:46am Sat 24 Mar
Eastenders return of Mo and Kat
Absolutely awful! I’ve watched Eastenders since day 1 and last night was the worst ever! Terrible acting and even worse story line! Can’t actually believe how awful it was!
Jemmal 7:08pm Fri 23 Mar
Always has and always will look like a cheap 1980s slapper.
Klutz. 5:40pm Fri 23 Mar
Kats Back.
Funniest episode of eastenders i've watched in ages.Well done !
Alf 4:36pm Fri 23 Mar
It's return
What a rediculous story line...I have watched eastenders since the beginning but last nights episode was boring and stupid. Maybe time to stop watching?
Carrie 2:46pm Fri 23 Mar
what a load of crap
londoner 5:18am Fri 23 Mar
Prev comm
My sentiments too but comment not shown. It would not have been so bad if the reason for the deception was anything other than Mo's usual shenanigans... The writers deffo need therapy
gina 11:00pm Thu 22 Mar
Tonights episode made a mockery of everything, plot absolutely ridiculous, try to introduce a lighter mood, but please don’t turn everthing into an unbelievable farcical pantomime.
Rosie9 10:21pm Thu 22 Mar
Best tonight
Really great episode tonight I gave up watching EastEnders a year or two but after tonight I am going to watch more ...
She 9:31pm Thu 22 Mar
Do we have to put up with Launderette Lill's shenanigans?? About as alluring as Dot Cotton. More sex on the box....quell suprise!
gina 1:30pm Fri 16 Mar
Daniel Aspin need get a life! Oops couldn't resist that one.
gina 8:03am Thu 15 Mar
is Mick Carter
Eastenders Mick Carter is Bad Man and Daniel Aspin Love Linda Carter
Daniel 1:03am Thu 15 Mar
Cant watch Eastenders any longer
Used to love the show but its so boring now that I cant stand it.
RoxyMitchell 6:28pm Sat 10 Mar
The fans went wild and their hearts were racing according to the daily rags. I though it was more like a snowball fight at the ok corral!
gina 9:32am Sat 10 Mar
He's back!
What a brilliant episode from EastEnders tonight. Good old Phil! Excellent from all concerned. Danny Dyer is showing what he can do as well.
Jackdaw 10:57pm Fri 9 Mar
past characters
Why not bring back the Kray brothers. It happens with other people past.
Bella 10:27am Fri 9 Mar
I agree with previous comment it was my sentiments exactly with teeth in a jewellery box are they Ben's ?? Will Phil blow aiden into the atmosphere oh I do hope so cause this has got beyond ridiculous my friends have all switched off this once good soap but hey I mean a few years ago it's gone to pot sobi am now joining them bye bye EastEnders
Tickedoff 4:09pm Wed 7 Mar
I only get to watch this now and again but this is the worse ever. All this crap about gangsters and hit-men!! It's not the time of the Kray twins anymore. Find some more credible stories for once as I am losing the will to live with all the soaps.
don'tbelieveallyouread 9:08pm Tue 6 Mar
Die Hard Fan
I've watched Eastenders since episode one. Loved it and sometimes hated it, but the last 2 months have been terrible. We've had implausible storylines before, but this one has gone on for toooooo long. Please Eastenders, stop the pain, before i loose the will to live, like that poor woman in that coffin.... perhaps she'd been given the last 2 months scripts to read
Jax Rats 6:01pm Mon 5 Mar
Why has Ian not called his wife back yet? Why put the pointless scene in and don’t follow it up. If Jane had left the EE again then at least address the story line.
Loupra 6:53am Mon 5 Mar
Please and hundred times "PLEASE". No more Aidan!
Bella 6:19pm Sun 4 Mar
Like real soap, eastenders wants releasing down the plughole.
Sceptic. 12:01pm Sat 3 Mar
Even a soap does not need to insult the viewers intelligence!
don'tbelieveallyouread 2:25am Sat 3 Mar
Sorry all you moaners
But I enjoy eastenders,after all it is a soap
Liz 10:13pm Fri 2 Mar
Absolutely from bad to worse. Pointless story lines and characters. We have followed it faithfully since its inception and now no more ! Please learn from the Aussie Soaps!
fedup 9:05am Fri 2 Mar
Boring !
What on earth has happened to Eastenders these days? I've watched it from the beginning but I've decided I cannot watch the ridiculous storylines any longer. Aidan, Mel and Masood, all pointless characters.
Nomore. 8:40pm Thu 1 Mar
What is the obsession with pub toilets? Corrie was the same this week. And yet another disrespectful scene in the funeral parlour.
Disgusting 8:19pm Thu 1 Mar
Our family have finally given up on Eastenders, the story lines are ridiculous even the actors look uncomfortable - sack the writers and bring in some new ones.
Laird 8:14pm Thu 1 Mar
poor story lines
why is it so boring at the minute
CMT 8:14pm Thu 1 Mar
Can you end this Aidan episode it’s putting us off eastenders. This is an ongoing issue can something seriously be done.
Mimi 7:59pm Thu 1 Mar
Can’t we transfer PatPhelan from Corrie to get rid of all the bad characters that are currently in the square. He’ll get away with it, he always does.
Rosie9 7:50pm Thu 1 Mar
Please get rid of this character totally boring storyline. Soap has lost its East End charm.
mac 9:00pm Tue 27 Feb
The baby didn’t even have an umbilical chord
Big boy 8:25pm Tue 27 Feb
Get rid of him he’s boarding and only talks about money
Ya boy 8:24pm Tue 27 Feb
I have been a fan from day 1 I have never known a time where I have wanted to stop watching, this storyline is so bad, if it doesn’t stop sorry I’m off.??
Harvekat 5:23pm Tue 27 Feb
The writers of the 3 soaps have enough negative comments posted yet they choose to ignore as they think us the thick easily pleased viewers are happy to sit and watch endless gay storylines together with dragged on stupid plots that no one can make head to tell of its time for them to go either get people in who can do their job properly or get rid cause it's bloody deplrable the lot of it
Lisa 4:03pm Tue 27 Feb
I can't watch this garbage anymore. Are there any interesting characters left? Masoods annoying family please get rid of them. What the hell no offense but is this show only for the over 90 crowd? Pam and Less were boring enough yet they replace them with an even more boring couple with nothing to add except PTSD. Karen and her loser family. what is wrong with easternders. Who wants to see two old men play chest with a teenage girl night after night? Aiden I have nothing to say i fast forward. Kim Pearl and Vincent--I have to fast forward on Kim. How annoying why is she always dress as if she is blind and can't see what she is wearing. There is zero chemistry between her and vincent Please stop this madness eastenders. AT least I have not had to look at Phil for a while. I have been watching for 10 years. I can't anymore.
charlie 12:19pm Tue 27 Feb

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