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As if
A grandfather clearly with mental health issues who caused his daughter's death and banned from her funeral. Hey but don't let that stop him having unsupervised access to her new baby!
don'tbelieveallyouread 10:35pm Fri 16 Feb

sarah tyson
Sara 7:52pm Mon 12 Feb
She is not doing people with mental health issues any favours either.
don'tbelieveallyouread 7:02pm Sat 10 Feb
you need to get rid of her cause she is putting me of eastenders. moaning cow.
Arafat 5:50pm Sat 10 Feb
Has no one missed Luke yet? Or have i missed some episodes as there is no continuity to these ridiculous stories. Worst soap ever!!!
Gracie 1:49pm Fri 9 Feb
I feel as if I’ve missed a years episodes, nothing is making sense, all new people and plots. Where are all the regulars. They can’t all be on holiday or have flu.
Rosie9 1:18pm Wed 7 Feb
So Aidan did a robbery and Sharon ended up with the money but gave it to Mel and a random blonde woman not sure exactly what she does but mels happily gives over the money so her son doesn't know his father was a loser ????? Who writes this ????
Cheesecake 2:24am Wed 7 Feb
Have the writers read the comments on Facebook lately the best of all the comments is the storyline is is not up to scratch and no one knows what going on
Lynniemess 6:25pm Tue 6 Feb
I’ve watched for as long as I can remember but I’m giving up on it now. Utterly boring, rediculous plots - invest in a good script writer, bring back Dominic Treadwell-Collins or loose all your viewers.
Sue48 8:49pm Mon 5 Feb
Very disappointed
Watched from the beginning but never been as bad as now. Very poor storylines no continuity with plots and very boring.
Mac 11:33pm Wed 31 Jan
Eastenders character lackluster
I used to love Eastenders and its residents...now we have residents I don't care about: Aiden, Karen Taylor and her stupid kids, and Masoods stupid story line. Its becoming a yawner...and after watching since 1992...I miss all the Carters, the Beals, the rest of the Mitchells, and Abbie and Lauren..of course Ronnie. I liked it up until about 5 months ago when people started walking out of the show.
Deedee57 5:41pm Wed 31 Jan
So so boring
Mary 9:39am Wed 31 Jan
I agree with previous comment Im completely stunned myself as well what the heck has happened to this soap and Corrie and emmerdale same old same old and I'm sick of the aiden polava how much bloody longer is this now going to play out knowing the brainless writers the money will turn up under Ted's sprouts in the allotment
Marie 10:50pm Tue 30 Jan
Is anybody else completely confused with the various random plots going on. Big stories one minute, then forgotten the next. No real conclusions to anything. Mick will probably turn up as Santa Clause Christmas time. Anyway who cares.
Rosie9 9:52pm Tue 30 Jan
Oh god another toothpulling dragged out plot I don't think anyone's actually cares about psycho aiden and his stupid money it's going on and on fgs cant the writers move this on its nearly the end of January!!!
Copp21 8:33pm Mon 29 Jan
sarah tyson
Sara 6:37pm Tue 23 Jan
Rock bottom said it all
Cut off story lines, people disappear with poor explanations or no explanation. Is there a writers strike where they hire different “writers” every day who aren’t informed of the previous days script?
Fallenaway 3:28am Fri 19 Jan
Have to agree with the negative
Comments,thinking of watching something on another channel
Mary 3:21pm Tue 16 Jan
poor acting
I know you are trying to liven up the show but putting on people who have no idea of ho to act is not the way to do it
moe 8:20pm Mon 15 Jan
Rock bottom
What has happened ?The current scriptwriters and producer need to go.No complete storylines lines anymore .Not worth watching
Ann B 4:11pm Sat 13 Jan
Boring. Every episode something bad happens. I agree with everyone that has made a comment. It is a TERRIBLE show
Don'brotherwatchingit 7:06pm Wed 10 Jan
Going from bad to worse. Ridiculous storylines, unbeleivable "plots", all doom and gloom and deep voices or screeching. Lauren recovering from the fall so soon, boring depressive Max, boring Carters. Whole show total garbage. I'm switching off.
The Cat's Mother 8:08am Sun 7 Jan
So disappointing
Maybe disappo8nting isn’t the right word, probably disgusted is moe apt, the story line is diabolical and so amateurish and the writer,producer and actors should be ashamed of themselves,
Disgraced 7:50pm Fri 5 Jan
I am really unsure why I waste my time watching this any longer, time to call it a day’
No name 10:39pm Thu 4 Jan
Do EE have any grown up scriptwriters? only amateurs can produce such trash. "The funeral parlour" are you kidding me? appalling bad taste.
SCT 2:39pm Thu 4 Jan
The walford so called mafia having meetings in a funeral parlour over a dead body, sick so sick! And tonight's episode when the dead lady flew out of the coffin .. what the hell! So so disrespectful. Line has certainly been crossed!
HM 10:59pm Wed 3 Jan
At least
3 episodes have Billy. Phil and Co having meetings in the funeral parlour over a 'dead' body. Totally out of order. The producers need sacking.
Disgraceful 8:44pm Wed 3 Jan
totally unrealistic trash,EE has accelerated downhill,that robbery was so comical...
jh 6:48am Wed 3 Jan
I give in
Feel too bad about myself for continuing to watch this diabolical programme. I will not be following this soap anymore
Fussy 8:03pm Tue 2 Jan
Good idea. NOT
Producers, scriptwriters and the BBC. Let's put this trash out from 7pm to 8pm before the watershed and see if we get away with it and throw in an old auntie with first aid experience. Then we could try afternoon episodes too with more violence.!!!
Unbelievable 7:19pm Tue 2 Jan
I was shocked that the armed robbery turned out to be worse than a kids play,at best an aweful farce!!!!!!!!
Why 12:20pm Tue 2 Jan
Beware os the sister deaths
2 sisters die last year now 2 more sisters at deaths door beware Denise and sister
IRC 10:07pm New Years Day
bad bad bad
how bad can EE get before hiring new writers
chippers 10:49am New Years Eve
Where is Tanya
How unbelievable can East enders get? Tanya's both girls are fighting for their lives and their mother disappears. Storywriters must get their act together else soap followers will go elswhere
Ashe 5:08pm Sat 30 Dec
Please please Get rid of Maxs' character I have to turn away from the screen when he is on which has been constant over the last few episodes.
Irritated 8:57am Sat 30 Dec
Get new writers!
Unbelieveable: Tanya disappears and not near Abis bedside with Max and Cora. Stacey would never leave her family. Once a story loses its credibility, all bets are off, stupid. Oh there was a time when this show was good!
Lillietta 6:47am Sat 30 Dec
No more..
How bad can it get?!stacey leaves with her 3 kids leaving poor lovely Martin behind!nice.. can't watch it anymore...
Exfan 3:48pm Fri 29 Dec
Not acceptable
To hear foul language used on one of last night's episodes. There must be some governing body that can step in and vet the episodes as they are shown pre warershed
Appalled 3:48pm Fri 29 Dec
Prev comm
They didn't need to seeing as the pub was made out of lego
onlysaying 10:39pm Thu 28 Dec
Abi and Lauren
Both girls survive the fall. What did they land on. A memory foam mattress.
Jed. 9:33pm Thu 28 Dec
Max branning.
His face always reminds me of spurting potatoes.
Lenny. 10:37am Wed 27 Dec
How much further downhill can Eastenders go? The latest episodes were so unbelievable it's time you got a different lot of writers. Totally fed up with it all-especially Max Branning. Makes me cringe and feel sick whenever he appears. Finish him off pleeeease!
Fed Up 1:46am Wed 27 Dec
The end
Good god the three soaps could not get any worse a chimp with a pen could have written better episodes and have a happy ending this really has got to be the most depressing year and Xmas episodes I have ever watched since they have aired what the hell goes through these writers brains I'm totally speechless and switching off that's it can't watch this anymore oh writers, take a long walk off a short plank and do everyone a favour.
Tpoff 9:06pm Boxing Day
Previous Comment
I have said all along that the two scripts are almost identical. Eastenders/Corrie' I even listed all the characters at one point (sad I know) and a majority have the same names on each soap. That says it all!!
unbelievable 12:50pm Boxing Day
First Billy in corrie accidentally falls from a cliff, then max's daughters accidentally fall from the top of the vic. Are the writers sharing the same bed
Jed. 10:07pm Christmas Day
Gets worse
Too much of Max tonight. Please let it end soon. He makes me nauseous, always has.
Annoyed 8:11pm Thu 21 Dec
eastenders mondays episode ..no ones offended by christmas more than yourselves ..no need for that disgusting dialogue
hd 4:06pm Tue 19 Dec
Mitchell and Carter's Team Up
The only way to get rid of a rapist is to bring back Dean to get rid of a rapist down and Save the Carter's and Ben beale Mitchell this is the only way to do this do it Now before it's too late
LauraMitchell844@ Gmail. Com 9:09pm Fri 1 Dec
Knew as soon as Max put the ring in his pocket that Caramel would find it!!
Irritated 9:03pm Thu 30 Nov
Tuned in
for first time for ages. Same old miseries with scowls on their faces. Carmen will soon have her smiles wiped off hers soon. Real life us full of ups as well as downs fgs.
onlysaying 8:11pm Thu 30 Nov

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