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Emmerdale Comments

Ha, Ha
having their dump of a home knocked down was the best bit of Emmerdale all week. The reason I say this, is because the Dingles are the most hypocritical thiefs and liars and I love seeing someone treating them the same.
Jan-Ban 2:31pm Sat 20 Jan

Time for this to end!
This show is badly written, badly acted, and badly reviewed! What went wrong? I think it is time for this kind of Emmerdale to end, it is not an American daytime soap, it is North Yorkshire!
Amos 7:19pm Fri 19 Jan
Previous comment.
You do realise the programme isn't real.
Lulu. 9:23pm Thu 18 Jan
Dingles family
Don't go to the Party it's fake he is Planning to Destroy the Dingles home With the Children inside it . Go to the Council for help to Stop it Now
LauraMitchell844@ Gmail. Com 7:27pm Thu 18 Jan
Bird lady
He won't be cheery for long.......
don'tbelieveallyouread 5:58pm Tue 16 Jan
Breath of fresh air? That would be the smell off the cow pats.
Pennywise 4:50pm Tue 16 Jan
Breath of fresh air
What a nice change bringing Gerry into Emmerdale he's so funny and such a happy face please keep him in the show .He is a breath of fresh air.
Bird lady 4:26pm Tue 16 Jan
Gerry pointless character
Why is the character gerry in every episode a pointless bad actor.
Ih 7:48am Tue 16 Jan
Thought he was on bridge with his mum but now he's suddenly whiter than white
elaine 10:53pm Mon 15 Jan
gerrys phone
why do the scriptwriters of this once great soap treat us all as if we are stupid?.
cygnusx1 8:44pm Mon 15 Jan
Will Seb survive Robert's ministrations? He has been pressed to that chest far too much!
Boz 8:41pm Mon 15 Jan
brilliant comment. gave me a much needed laugh.
morr 7:48pm Mon 15 Jan
Emmerdale has hit rock bottom with ridiculous never ending storylines and recent attempts at shock tactics with toilet "humour" from perverted depraved writers. Adding to that the incestuous nature of the village where everyone has sex with everyone else, what is left to watch?
Gel 11:04pm Sun 14 Jan
Think loyal viewers left long ago .long been a waste of air time .
No longer watch 6:37am Sun 14 Jan
If you continue with this storyline without a not so early conclusion (and one which has been long awaited) you will lose your loyal viewing audience!
Mogal 2:06am Sun 14 Jan
No lorry driver
I knew this driverless lorry experiment was a bad idea !!
Ih 11:51pm Sat 13 Jan
Lorry driver
The lorry driver was either unconscious, dead or he sat in his cab reading the Sun. Who knows, typical Emmerdale!
Boz 4:54pm Sat 13 Jan
Lorry driver
What ever happened to the driver of the Lorry in the accident? Did I miss an episode? He would be the best witness.
Abstract 7:01am Sat 13 Jan
Brilliant emmerdale
Well done yet again
Teddy 11:49am Fri 12 Jan
This programme has sunk to the lowest depths possible.Take it off the air
stringers 1:37pm Thu 11 Jan
Obviously writers desperate for storylines. It's pathetic and unnecessary
elaine 12:30pm Thu 11 Jan
As if defecating wasn't bad enough we now have flatulence. To top it off we sunk even further into smells. Who writes this tripe?
Boz 9:24pm Wed 10 Jan
Your unrequited love for miss Diane. A bit like Roy and Carla in corrie.
Doris luke. 9:47pm Mon 8 Jan
i presume you were in crossroads?
kp 8:35pm Mon 8 Jan
Home farm
For some reason the owners of home farm have always been superior and arrogant.Is this to make the villagers look like modern day peasants. After all emmerdale is filmed in the grounds of Harewood house.
KayJay 7:36pm Mon 8 Jan
Joe Tate is the king of the castle ! This is gonna be great.
Benny 7:28pm Mon 8 Jan
Prev comm.
What do you expect from charity. I doubt if she was ever potty trained.
Jed. 8:24pm Sat 6 Jan
What are Emmerdale thinking of do they realise a lot of young people watch this soap. They are sending out the wrong message that it's ok if someone upsets that it's ok to use their house as a toilet. Could have got there own back in a different way.
Bird lady 5:54pm Sat 6 Jan
What next?
Absolutely disgusting, Sam with the dog poo now Charity I won't be able to look at her without thinking of this,Yuk.,what ever can these depraved writers think of next?
KayJay 9:54pm Fri 5 Jan
Me thinks that the writers are having their fetishes acted out for them. They are depraved.
Professor yaffle. 8:39pm Fri 5 Jan
scraping the barrel now, charity does poo in house and wipes in on sale sign. revolting.
lost viewer 7:33pm Fri 5 Jan
Of course lucky can go to Australia. Most Australians are descended from convicts. So he would fit in very nicely.
Shauna 5:07pm Fri 5 Jan
For goodness Boz this is Emmerdale the writers don't deal in common sense they think we are all uneducated twerps who can't pick up on these things
elaine 2:27pm Fri 5 Jan
Australia bound
How are the Whites going to get Lucky into Australia, he has a conviction. I thought you had to be whiter than white, forgive the pun!
Boz 11:35am Fri 5 Jan
I h
It's the writers that have got the memory of a goldfish, not us viewers.
QT 8:32pm Thu 4 Jan
Writers have forgotten the plot !
Have the writers forgotten that ross played a part in emma's death by driving her to the bridge in adam's car then burying the tyres with cain ! Such inconsistent scripts' do they think we are goldfish lol.
I h 7:52pm Thu 4 Jan
Writers have forgotten the plot !
Have the writers forgotten that ross played a part in emma's death by driving her to the bridge in adam's car then burying the tyres with cain ! Such inconsistent scripts' do they think we are goldfish lol.
I h 7:19pm Thu 4 Jan
Violent scenes
Well tonight was another turn off. The violence between Cain and Moira was unacceptable, I was shocked. Also, Charity screeching like a banshee gave me a headache. This is supposed to be entertainment.
Boz 9:08pm Wed 3 Jan
In response to your comment someone should
elaine 8:08pm Wed 3 Jan
what is wrong with her? tonight if i'd been cain i'd have chinned her.
nikky 7:31pm Wed 3 Jan
Really ?
The absolute worst programme going now.. When these 'actors' get their respective scripts do they not question their own integrity acting out this bo**ocks ..?
Absolute garbage 4:35pm Wed 3 Jan
Bring back Crossroads, or Elderado. At least we knew what we were getting. I miss Benny and his green hat.
Rosie9 8:05pm Tue 2 Jan
Absolutely ludicrous
Emmerdale is now totally ridiculous with murderers, thieves, total nutcases and the silliest storylines ever. Get real this is not.
Lorraine 7:51pm Tue 2 Jan
being obvious
I know Debbie and her boss are "AT IT" but really turning up at the office with nothing on below the waist is a bit too obvious. And those legs YUK!!
elaine 7:15pm Tue 2 Jan
First day at new job?
Wow! Debbie turns up at work in 3 inch skirt and 6 inch heels! What is her job exactly?
KayJay 7:09pm Tue 2 Jan
Sam dingle and dog poo
Sam dingle picking up dog poo yuk what are the writers thinking of disgusting especially at that time
Poooee 9:49pm New Years Day
Why do all the women resort to booze when they are upset. No wonder all their relationships end in chaos. Brenda is too responsible to behave like that.
Boz 3:31pm Fri 29 Dec
Doom and gloom
Emmerdale is getting ridiculous with some boring story lines and all you ever see now is doom and gloom no one us happy and the christmas dsy emmerdale was so boring
Emmerdalefarmboy 2:19pm Fri 29 Dec
Little Britain
Little Britain should do a sketch about emmerdale. Titled, the only straight in the village
Lenny. 10:21am Fri 29 Dec
Gutter TV/ sink hole
Perfect solution to this once great soap. Please folk out there take note THIS IS NOT A TYPICAL YORKSHIRE VILLAGE!!!!! As for the fur coat, words fail me.
frances 9:52am Fri 29 Dec

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