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Emmerdale Comments

whylies farm
The only barn in Yorkshire with no snow on the roof in winter.
puff the magic dragon. 7:41pm Sat 24 Jun

Whylies Farm
When Finn cut down the crop of weed found cultivated at the farm, he didn't dry it so it would have gone mouldy anyway.
Howard Marks. 6:19pm Sat 24 Jun
The same applies to the Sharma sweet factory. Good job it's soap land and not real life or it would be closed down with immediate effect
elaine 9:47am Sat 24 Jun
Marlon shouldn't even go outside the woolpack wearing his chef clothes, because of contamination. They think that we viewers are stupid.
observant . 1:23pm Fri 23 Jun
This is the third attempt to post this comment.Why is everybody and anybody allowed to walk into the Woolpack Kitchen.have they never heard of health and hygene.
Stringers 1:07pm Fri 23 Jun
over acting
please get rid of marlon, and paddy marlon over acts like mad.
tara 10:52pm Tue 20 Jun
What was that lump of wood cain had in his arms? Answer, Kyle, mark II.
joanna j 8:06am Tue 20 Jun
Sick of seeing his pouty face all the time. Get rid
Rob 8:39pm Mon 19 Jun
fed up. /Ann
The only comments on soaps that seem to get shown at weekends are the ones what say that comments aren't being printed.
disillusioned. 2:21pm Sun 18 Jun
Had three comments not printed in last couple of days. Wonder if this will get past the censors
fed up 9:01pm Sat 17 Jun
whats the point of this page
when trying to get a comment printed. I think they read them first and a sign of derision of the programme and they're discarded.
Ann 10:56pm Thu 15 Jun
won't do it
they won't pull the plug if emmerdale keeps winning best soap .how they win that I'll never know .awards for crap can't believe it
puzzled 11:05pm Tue 13 Jun
Drop the dying soap
From the stupid sponsorship to the ridiculous story lines how much further can this soap drop before the plug is pulled.
KayJay 7:12pm Tue 13 Jun
So now Jai not so long ago the biggest villain in the village has a bright shiny Halo. Do the writers think we don't have memories
elain 10:58pm Mon 12 Jun
More like a Ford escort. Circa 1972.
nemo . 7:12pm Fri 9 Jun
Finn - A male escort????
Oh PLEEEEEASE this pointless character as a male escort??? An insult to male escorts out there
Deryl 7:08pm Thu 8 Jun
Yes he fully deserved all his awards, must have been a very difficult part to play
frances 5:10pm Thu 8 Jun
Congratulations on achievement at
The soap awards,didn't "Ashley do Well
Mary 1:24pm Thu 8 Jun
Does any employee speak to their employer, the way Kerry did, and not dismissed immediately
frances 10:22am Thu 8 Jun
Fully agree with you, but if you think back she joined as a loser did a few rotten things then a MIRACLE!!!! she turned into a decent person. Most of the kids who arrive in Emmerdale arrive as trouble but this criminal and GAY!!! infested village turn them into little angels
elaine 9:30am Tue 6 Jun
Carly hopeless
If Carly can dump everybody who loved her for a loser who left as soon as she was pregnant then good riddance
Kayjay 7:04pm Mon 5 Jun
soap lover
it's a good job.somebody does a hell of a lot doesnt
no longer watch 10:32pm Sun 4 Jun
I love emmerdale so much ,its the best soap:-)????????
Soaplover 10:10pm Sun 4 Jun
dont believe it
that emmerdale has won soap awards. Something's wrong somewhere. Not possible with the current corrie storyline not geting anywhere.
doubtful 3:50pm Sun 4 Jun
Thank goodness
this is soapland and not real life or the Sharma factory would be closed down with immediate effect due to gross breaches of health, safety and especially hygiene laws.
elaine 9:35pm Fri 2 Jun
hey ho
We all know that the village people are gay. This is the village of the gay people
dale Winton 5:04pm Thu 1 Jun
Village of doom
how much longer before the writers get the push and the one that gives the final say.the story lines make me think they have had terrible lives living alongside murders rapist thieves blackmailers thugs etc don't they know there are happy people out there also couples that have been happily married for years.we don't all go from one partner to another.it's like buy sell and swap.let's get back to a little more reality please
happy person 8:08am Thu 1 Jun
dear writers.
We know that Rob, Aaron, Finn, kasim, and the two old farts at home Farm are gay. So stop keep ramming it down our throats every five minutes. Although, Robert doesn't know what he prefers.
mel. 6:07pm Tue 30 May
Queer st
Absolutely fed up to the back teeth with the disguting homosexual scenes PLEASE get rid of them.
Stringers 5:45pm Tue 30 May
bunny boiler.
Wouldn't wish anyone on Finn. He's too needy. Falls in love after 5 seconds. Male equivalent of a bunny boiler.
josh 1:08pm Tue 30 May
end the robron nonsense
robert should be rewritten to be madly in love with rebecca, aaron can have finn, robron fans can do one
lorna 10:42am Tue 30 May
Emma and teen storylines
How long are the writers going to DRAG out her storyline? Well at least Emmerdale's not the new Hollyoaks like Corrie is at the moment. I get that the writers want to attract teens to watch it, but it's getting out of hand now with all the stupid teen stories. Now, I myself am 17, but didn't get into these soaps cause of these dismal stories!
MartinSherlocklover 4:21pm Sun 28 May
Says it all . Must be scriptwriters experiences coming out
HAHAHA 5:19pm Sat 27 May
So so boring
Sorry emmerdale,you bore me to tears
Mary 2:37pm Sat 27 May
Prev comm
Adult content before the watershed. At least the CBBs will be in bed by then......at least for now!
reuben 6:29pm Fri 26 May
What was I watching last night??!!!
Finn Barton. 9:22am Fri 26 May
watching two men with their tongues down each others throat and then discussing their intimate sex lives makes me want to vomit. I am aware it goes on but I don't want it thrown at me whenever I watch Emmerdale. It's repulsive
irene 11:40pm Thu 25 May
are they going to rename it the homosexual show
oscar 7:26pm Thu 25 May
EE by gum lad tha cud be reite cos they sure aint normal in this village it's full of numpties and villains
elaine 8:09pm Wed 24 May
They are on the farm. The funny farm .
jezza 8:23am Wed 24 May
Farm!! FARM!!
Did someone mention a farm WHERE?? thought it had been demolished years ago to make enough room for EVERY TYPE!!! of villain known to man to be accommodated
frances 8:09am Wed 24 May
Tonight's episode was beyond a joke. Really pathetic storylines and a total waste of my time! I've watched the show for years back in the day when actual farming was done but have had enough of this crap
Ex Emmerdale Fan 10:29pm Tue 23 May
There are far to many plots going on, and have been for so long, we've forgotten the storylines. Isn't it about time we had a few sensible endings to these tedious stories. Tonight's episode was an absolute disgrace to your viewers.
Rosie9 7:35pm Tue 23 May
no viewers.
There are no viewers left. Everyone is sick of the violence, nutty Emma and the gay brigade .
joanna j 4:16pm Sun 21 May
the programme has now reached the very bottom dregs of the barrel what is there left to comment on
elaine 3:04pm Sun 21 May
where have they gone last one Wednesday.
puzzled 12:30am Sun 21 May
when are you going to grow a pair!
tim 7:20pm Wed 17 May
prev comm .
What a brilliant comment. You should write the script. Hope that the writers use your idea and pay you well.
sylvie. 6:55pm Sun 14 May
Did Emma also murder Moira's daughter
I don't think she took an overdose, I think someone climbed through the window when she was asleep and injected her, then left the silver paper so it would look like she overdosed...again I think it was Emma who murdered her!!
Berkshire 2:39pm Sun 14 May
don't listen
writer's don't care .what the viewers think they keep writing trash and the only way to stop them is switch off.watch some thing else
ex viewer 12:24am Sun 14 May

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