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Emmerdale Comments

What is the point of this character and his sexual antic at his age are not only sickening but laughable. Does this programme have any other story lines other than sexual
wendy 1:36pm Wed 25 Apr

Who cares
Jimmy impotent? It wasn't long ago he was always at it with nicola. It's Rodney who needs bromide in his tea.
The real septic 10:42am Wed 25 Apr
Agree with all
Why do people who have been cheated on blame the other person instead of their partner?
Donna 7:54am Sat 21 Apr
had enough
had enough of these pervs
stringers 2:38pm Thu 19 Apr
Daniel A spin?
Who is Daniel Aspin?
Son of Cain 6:07am Thu 19 Apr
Laurel Love Bob get Married next week in The Church
James 11:02pm Wed 18 Apr
Vanessa and Charity
Vanessa new Boyfriend Called Daniel Aspin I will kiss you Vanessa
James 11:41pm Tue 17 Apr
Liv. Care. No.
Miss Holloway. 9:58am Tue 17 Apr
That awful detective is going to force himself on charity. Another reason not to watch. These writers are warped.
Angie 10:45pm Mon 16 Apr
Vanessa and charity
We will no longer watch emmerdale as I’m fed up with trying to explain to my children why so many men kiss men and women kiss women, especially Vanessa and charity as they couldn’t look more wrong together. There is no need for all this in what was a great soap.shame on you.
Not happy 4:10pm Mon 16 Apr
Vanessa and Charity
I’m really loving Vanessa and Charity as a couple. Think there storyline is great and they make a cute couple.
Haytwee 2:06pm Mon 16 Apr
Johnnie is Vanessa's baby by Kirin.
Teasy Weasy 12:56pm Sun 15 Apr
I watch Emmerdale
in one go on Saturdays, I see rebecca has taken over from Aaron for always crying, and Charity and Vanessa, BORING.
Jan-Ban 11:16am Sun 15 Apr
Dark Days in Soap Land
Too many dark and depressing story lines and disgusting continuous gay scenes before watershed.
More fun please 7:42pm Fri 13 Apr
It is really sickening to see so many homosexual men and women in these soaps.Absolutely SICK.
stringers 12:53pm Wed 11 Apr
Oh dear
Sex, sex and more sex, homosexualty throw in blackmail, murder and thieving. Lovely family viewing before the watershed. Does it exist any more
zena 12:05pm Wed 11 Apr
His facial scars from the acid attack are now healing nicely in a few months he'll be back to normal. A total insult to real victims. This story should never have been allowed.
wendy 6:09pm Tue 10 Apr
You got it in one. People are up in arms if you call them duckie or dear now. It's usually a term of endearment but you get "I'm not your dear" by some sour face. oops or some less than sweet face oops can I say that..........stop the world I want to get off!
gina 11:36pm Fri 6 Apr
Well said, I'm heartily sick of the pc brigade. It's got to the stage when you can't say anything without someone taking offence.
Boz 8:07pm Fri 6 Apr
You've got me there, what is wrong with dishy?
Boz 5:36pm Fri 6 Apr
Is "dishy" allowed? You know with all the nonsence going on ??
gina 3:13pm Wed 4 Apr
Can't Laurel find someone more dishy than Bob Hope? Oh! sorry, dishy doesn't exist in Emmerdale except for Ross Barton! She needs excitement not pipe and slippers.
Boz 10:57am Wed 4 Apr
Who’s Johnnie?????
Rosie9 8:52am Wed 4 Apr
Johnnies Hair!!!
What on earth have the hairdressers done to little Johnnies hair????!!!!!
Teasy Weasy 6:00pm Mon 2 Apr
previous comment
Says it all. After the total disregard for genuine people of horrific acid attacks not one comment since 27/03. People are turning off in droves
wendy 4:03pm Mon 2 Apr
Sack the make up artist. His face looks like it's smeared in chilli sauce dip.
Pelo. 7:46pm Tue 27 Mar
I criticise this programme a lot but tonights episode with Tracy and David was very well acted and believable.
elaine 6:52pm Tue 27 Mar
Exactly. I think it's an insult to sufferers of acid attacks.
wendy 6:45pm Fri 23 Mar
Ross joke
I've had worse face scars from shaving. and I've removed my beard!
lejardin 4:29pm Fri 23 Mar
Turn It Over
I've stopped watching the drivel .. Dreadful actors , none worse than the lump 'Paddy' with primary school storylines .. They have no professional integrity , anyone worth their salt would look to move on but these actors know their limitations. Dreadful , puerile nonsense
Turn it Off 4:52pm Thu 22 Mar
What a bunch, shouting at a woman recovering from a heart attack,they really are a horrid bunch. Please can someone give the actors, acting lessons, they are all clones, speak the same, same hand movements, so annoying. School dinner times have never been so long.
Bathsheba 10:18am Thu 22 Mar
The vicar
I agree with Sharon, how ridiculous to hold an interview in the cafe with all the village throwing in their two penarth. Debbie dingle must be the most unseductive character on tv, peering from under all that hair, not a good look.
Rosie9 9:14pm Wed 21 Mar
A very serious interview between vicar and bishop conducted in Local coffee shop ??????? Ridiculos
sharon 7:22pm Wed 21 Mar
Mum of four
Sorry to disappoint you but it will go on and on and on. Kipper yes I thought that. Jan ban fully agree they are horrible characters
wendy 10:16am Mon 19 Mar
Please when is the little creep going to get found out for murder? Can't watch while he carries on as normal watching poor Rebecca fall apart and showing no remorse. Hope it's not dragged out forever.
Mum of four. 7:34pm Sun 18 Mar
skin graft
Ross has a skin graft and they DON´T shave his beard off? What sort of hospital is that?
Kipper 1:24pm Sun 18 Mar
but please get rid of Gabby and Liv, the way Gabby is portrayed is, she is a budding psychopath, and Liv her weak follower, it is depressing watching these two,portray the youth of today.
Jan-Ban 8:28am Sun 18 Mar
Life goes on
Actually not watched this since the episode of the plane crash . Reading comments , Looks like not wasted many hours watching drivel
HAHAHA 11:07am Sat 17 Mar
Without being unkind, couldn't the writers bring in a storyline for Lisa to lose weight. Having suffered a heart attack it would be an ideal opportunity to get the message to overweight viewers.
Boz 11:40am Thu 15 Mar
Dreadful story gabby and Liv stealing vodka and various items .
Lil 6:44pm Wed 14 Mar
This show is now the pits.Can't they think of anything else but homosexual men and lesbians.
stringers 3:40pm Wed 14 Mar
Gaby and liv
Get rid of these two as they are brats and are bringing the programme down can’t stand them being in it please get rid or more people will switch of
Sara 7:49pm Tue 13 Mar
Moira's remarkable recovery
Has anybody else noticed Moira's dramatic turn round? She couldn't stand being at the so called"farm" after her daughter died. She had no intention of ever getting back with Cain. Pushed Emma to her death,lost her son and was leaving the farm to Ross and Pete. Now she's full of the joys of Spring and is as happy as a teenager in love. WOW!!!
Von James 9:15pm Mon 5 Mar
To stupid for words
Emmerdale as really lost it Jimmy stupid ,Nicolas stupid, Rishi stupid and the worst of all is Rodney he's past stupid get rid of him please.
Bird lady 5:15pm Sat 3 Mar
Acid attack
This story line is an insult to victims of acid attacks. Ross's face is hardly marked and no doubt in a few months he'll hardly have any scars. Having seen victims of acid attacks on the news they are dreadfully scarred for the rest of their lives. They must be appalled at this story. The writers want sacking
zena 11:47am Sat 3 Mar
Switching off!
Who the heck is writing this tosh? Implausible and verging on pantomime. The acid attack storyline has completely missed the mark, both by writers and the 'actor' concerned.
Nirvanian 8:50am Sat 3 Mar
Who is Graham?
Who is this morose, miserable looking Graham? If Joe Tate is the big 'I Am' why does he take notice what Graham says. Their dialogue is so disjointed I haven't a clue what they are going on about.
Boz 9:17am Fri 2 Mar
It gets worse and worse
Watched from the beginning but the way things are going will be packing it in. Laurel and Bob! Joe Tate, Jimmy's storyline not to mention the magic children people have and don't seem to need to actually look after. Please give us some decent storylines
Peej 7:43pm Thu 1 Mar
Ashley's window.
That church window must have been made out of plastic film, either that or the tennis ball must have exploded to cause such damage.
KayJay 6:41pm Thu 1 Mar
Bab and Paddy
What do women see in these two. If I had a choice it would be someone with a bit more charisma. Also sick of gay stories. I live in a large Dales village and I've never seen any men kissing or women canoodling. All that nightclub episode was mind blowingly boring
Boz 8:44pm Sat 24 Feb

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