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how did they get so much money?
brat 3:40 pm Fri 18 Apr

Guess the price
Why do they have to go outside to discuss price?
gullyfoyle 7:25 pm Tue 15 Apr
Re last comment for list of tracks - Many tracks were used in most episodes & I have managed to compile a list of most of them. I don't know which tracks were used in the specific episode you have quoted though.
Wolrad 1:39 am Fri 28 Feb
Season 10 Episode 32 Yorkshire - does anyone know where I can find the music lists for this episode, it was stunning.
Terrya 3:34 pm Thu 27 Feb
What drivel; waste of taxpayers' money!
What's the incentive for those insufferable attention seekers to appear on this show? A show of self serving and smug bores looking for airplay not for properties; very disappointing.
Sue 4:01 pm Sun 23 Feb
Sure you've got the right programme? What's your point?
Wolrad 12:33 am Thu 20 Feb
book sildenafil
Tadalafil 6:37 pm Fri 14 Feb
violin music
Paul Mottram bold prediction
stonedranger 1:56 pm Fri 14 Feb
Long awaited return.
Thank goodness there are new programmes! But why are the interspersed with repeats? Still the best house hunting programme on tv! Love it, love it, love it.
Toosie 4:12 pm Wed 5 Feb
Violin music
The violin music is called 'Morning Dew' by Paul Mottram
Bakedapple 8:06 am Tue 21 Jan
Background music
Much of the violin music currently used is by Paul Mottram. You can find it at audio Network.
Wolrad 1:01 am Sun 12 Jan
Background music
We love the violin music used in several of the programmes what is it please
Barty 6:57 am Sat 11 Jan
I agree with Gwenny about the music - the new music is depressing & has spoiled the programme. The original music was brilliant. I now know that various music used up to series 13 was written by Paul cuddeford, Alistair Lindsay & Matt Coldrick. Currently in process of trying to identify titles & hopefully purchase - not an easy task I'm afraid.
Wolrad 1:15 am Sun 17 Nov
What is the origin of the Music used in this programme please? Band name..tracks used..? Thanks
Sue 12:02 pm Thu 14 Nov
real world
lets have people who live in the real world rather those with a budget of 750000 plus
cook 1963 7:21 pm Mon 11 Nov
Please explain to your presenter that "guys"are of the male gender and women are of the "female "gender.I am suprised that women on the show do not pull the presenter for thinking they are men.
Tony H 2:44 pm Sun 20 Oct
this is the best program on tv with its houses and budgets it is amazing!
NeverKnowMyName 10:41 am Mon 14 Oct
Why do we have repeats ,repeats , repeats , why has it been moved to 4 pm !!!!! Are you trying to get rid of it by saying viewing figures have dropped , shame on you when you have loyal followers of the programme .
Doodles 4:27 pm Mon 7 Oct
Brilliant shiw
I love this programme and all the presenters. Would be quite lost without it! Dreaming is good for the soul!
Toosie 6:00 pm Fri 13 Sep
Music and Themes
the original music was better than the recent. It made the show so warm and uplifting to watch. The themes such as bread makings and looking at donkey farms is not what I switch on for. More houses to view would be preferable. I have always loved the show and Catherine Gee was a favourite presenter.
Gwenny 4:23 pm Mon 12 Aug
I wish someone would get Aled Jones a new jacket/coat !
mew 4:14 pm Thu 8 Aug
Anyone know the fill in background music played in most episodes...
Vinnybobs 9:27 pm Wed 3 Jul
welsh people
Does anyone remember the welsh family who were really chavvy and wanted to change all the rooms and wanted a bar and a pool. Catherine gee was gobsmaked
auntie p 2:56 pm Mon 17 Jun
Presenter's constant laughter
Apart from showing inappropriate properties, usually over the top of the available budget, the presenter never stops laughing and it sounds so false
Breen 2:59 pm Mon 13 May
Hands in pockets
Why does Aled Jones always have his hands in his pockets
Wendywoo 4:42 pm Tue 12 Mar
I like what you guys are up too. Such intelligent work and reporting! Carry on the excellent works guys I
xiang91zpu 2:02 pm Sat 2 Mar
to fussy
These people do my head in the kitchen not right garden to small the road to near god sake live in the real world some of these house are out if this world si what do they want
plum 3:22 pm Thu 31 Jan
Is there a song used in this show that is a downbeat version of "sympathy for a devil" by the stones?
EttC4Lyf 8:57 pm Wed 30 Jan
By far best presenter . But couldn't help noticeing how ill he looked on recent episode filmed in 2012 . Do hope he is ok and hope he better now !
yorkie 10:25 pm Sun 27 Jan
think maybe something to do with airial photo's phil
allie 3:30 am Sat 26 Jan
for the rich again
why is this programme aimed at thee rich again. why not do escape to the country home swap, for people in rented accommodation.
vinny 2:43 am Fri 25 Jan
In the credits at the end of the show it says "With thanks to NASA" Anyone know why NASA and does it mean NASA in the USA?
Phil 3:52 pm Mon 21 Jan
Title of the classical fill in music please !
Love to know the title of the fill in music . Ralph Vaughn Williams ?
JR 4:21 pm Thu 10 Jan
Want that Photo
I adore the little house in the photo that flashes by as the program stats. It is also mounted on back (top) of the laptop. Is there a way to download a copy.?It would look nice in a picture frame.
Y-18 10:46 am Fri 28 Dec
Need help with finding an episode!
Hello, I'm wondering if any of you avid and knowledgable viewers could help me? I just caught the end of an episode the other week and since then I've been searching for it online! As I only got the last part, I don't know much of the story and can't even remember the presenter! :/ I do remember the family, they were a lovely, young married Asian couple and the last house they viewed was an amazing huge Georgian property, my favourite ever! If anyone remembers any more about this episode, or even the series number etc, it would be very, very much appreciated! I want to see that house again! Many thanks :)
Westie 1:02 pm Thu 29 Nov
What Happens After
It would be good to go back to some of the people who buy a house after Escape to the Country, to see if they are still happy with their purchase etc.
Neecy 1:46 pm Mon 29 Oct
Gorgeous Eye Popping Properties
As a Canadian viewer I'm amazed at the beautiful renos and amazing properties, makes me want to live there. But oh,the prices, even if currency was at par !! How do people afford them ?
Canuckian 5:40 pm Fri 19 Oct
Gorgeous Eye Popping Properties
As a Canadian viewer I'm amazed at the beautiful renos and amazing properties, makes me want to live there. But oh,the prices, even if currency was at par !! How do people afford them ?
Canuckian 3:43 pm Fri 19 Oct
What's the point
No one ever buys anything. Plus why try to buy a house and think that it's no good if you can't fit your original furniture in it for heavens sake? Surely they can change some of their furniture. Alistair is the best with his "New Age" bracelets and gorgeous face. Wish he was straight, I enjoy watching him even more.
Bez 1:04 pm Fri 19 Oct
Why keep showing repeats when there are newly filmed episodes that haven't been screened. Old episodes are not relevent to todays prices.
Nic 8:25 pm Thu 18 Oct
What a complete farce
The wealthy cash buyers wanted to buy something in the country, as you do. They then made stupid excuses not to buy anything then the footnote was they were now looking for something in the city. Now there's a surprise! Programme makers do not take us viewers for fools.
doubletake 1:27 pm Wed 5 Sep
a must-see for masochists......
....who want to dwell on how skint they are and marvel at the egotistical twerps who want to "upgrade" what is already a lovely room and "stamp their personality on it".....hmmmm.
g 11:54 am Wed 5 Sep
Quit complaining
This show is what it is, a fun romp in the country. I enjoy Jules and the rest. I would actually like to see someone with a higher budget once of about six million pounds. That would be a kick.
Wifnoe 12:36 am Thu 30 Aug
Wrong Title
This programme should be called "Pointless" not the other. watched only by the people in it & their families! An absolute waste of tax-payers money as no-one I know could afford such places. Anyway, there must be dozens of progs. like this on EVERY channel....
BigK 5:42 pm Thu 16 Aug
When can we expect a print time show?
Why are we back to repeats!! And EVEN then ETTC is taken off to make room for every other topic under the sun. Stop messing with this show.
Toosie 7:56 pm Fri 3 Aug
Denise makes us cringe
We love this show but Denise really makes us cringe. With legs akimbo, awful boots and dress sense, forever touching poor potential buyers - please take her off and find someone new
two of a kind 10:21 pm Sun 29 Jul
Why are we still paying for people to look for a new house. At the end of most of the shows I have watched I think the % who bought was less than 1%. Also why do we not have people who are looking for AFFORABLE Houses whatever that is.
brockle 1:03 pm Wed 25 Jul
Mmmm yes please. i agree with you Lindy
sarah 9:37 am Sun 8 Jul
I Think Alistair Is So Cute More Alistair Please
LINDY 4:28 pm Sat 7 Jul
I know Matt Coldrick wrote the music to the TV show, but is it available to buy anywhere, please?
keithobro 4:46 pm Sun 24 Jun

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