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Four in a Bed Comments

Fire risk
Someone should have told Mandy dust is preferable than leaving sellophane on the lampshades.
don'tbelieveallyouread 6:10pm Tue 16 Jan

Mark and Jo
What a fussy woman Jo is. Complained today about 'double dipping' when she had to take some sugar cubes out of the sugar bowl! What did she expect, Individual sachets.!!
Unbelievable 7:25pm Tue 14 Nov
bleak house
thought nina & Nicola were tv Gold this week on 4 in a bed. they should have their own show to rival steph & dom. Bleak house looked fabulous too....
mo 10:47am Sat 11 Nov
Channel 14 today: 6.9.2017: it makes my blood boil to see the other contestants' attitudes to Terri who was unable to have the curry. Do they not understand that\; a. not everyone likes curry b. not everyone can eat curry. It was thoughtless to arrange this meal without considering this. I for one cannot stand curry and cannot eat it . The thought of it makes me sick and so does the attitude of the other competitors.
Dorothy 10:27am Wed 6 Sep
Baked Bean Bob
What a thoroughly unlikeable man; full of his own importance he thought he was the funniest man on earth. He caused one couple to lose the competition with his shennanikans over the order. If I was the cook I would have emptied his breakfast over his head! (And I bet that would stop his infantile behaviour)
Marina 12:44pm Tue 5 Sep
No Way
Ken and Elaine of Alscott Mill, Telford Shropshire give us the picture of a male chauvinist and his downtrodden wife. For goodness sake, Elaine, speak up for yourself and spend some of his money at a good hairdresser.
Marina 3:25pm Sun 16 Jul
Previous comment
Totally agree. I live in Ayrshire and will definitely avoid them like the plague. He was an X footballer. So what. So was my brother but I don't broadcast it.
Annoyed 10:22pm Fri 30 Jun
Well what a shock. I slated the other couple last night but boy what devious, arrogant horrible people owners of Langside. So don't deserve to win
AMANDA 9:10pm Fri 30 Jun
Jenny from Norfolk
Loud mouthed; opinionated (her opinions are only right if they are HERS; poached eggs) I felt sorry for Hans; she picked on him and couldn't let go.
Traveller 12:49pm Wed 28 Jun
Jenna & Christine
Channel 14 today. Jenna & Christine from Chipping Sodbury - two of the most irritating people I have ever seen. Christine's fake accent got on my nerves and Jenna (I'm sorry to have to say) was not what you would call "a people person". To have Karaoki when they knew that they were due to have a visit from their critics strikes me as particularly insensitive.
Marina 12:37pm Tue 27 Jun
Ignorant Behaviour
I too object to Kevin dressing as a nun. I am watching Channel 14 today and the programme with Terri and Katy is broadcast. 1. Why is it that no-one seems to realise that not everyone likes curry or indian food, and Katy's remarks about Mensa are ignorant to say the least. 2. Katy's behaviour is nothing short of disgusting from dressing in pack-a-macs to her remarks when the visit to haunted Ednburgh took place. She should have a good look in the mirror and go on a diet.
Dorothy 12:32pm Fri 2 Jun
I totally agree. That woman was a Nasty piece of work. Considering she was supposed to have so much experience. She also looked like she had been 'tangoed' not a good look.
Annoyed 10:38pm Sun 28 May
I am not impressed with the Commodore Hotel shown on 22 may 17 or the owners would not go to this hotel if I was in wales
Shark 6:53pm Sun 28 May
ardingly inn
I am not very impressed with this couple or their establishment
private 5:34pm Sun 28 May
I feel I must protest at Kevin dressing as a nun and appearing at breakfast at Cherry Tree House, in Blackpool I know he is into this but some of us find it distasteful to say the least. Does he not realise that some guests have strong feelings about this. It is not funny. I am afraid this behaviour would put me off going to this B & B
Margaret 2:10pm Sat 6 May
Solar Strand Hotel
Gary and his daughter from the Solar Strand Hotel look as though they live off the fat of the land. But perhaps its due to eggs!
Marina 5:32pm Fri 5 May
Why is bedding not washed between guests. This would stop any hairs being left on the bedding and staining would not be found. I would never want to stay in a place where bedding was not clean and fresh. You wouldn't eat off a plate that had not been washed; well then---------
Marina 1:43pm Mon 6 Feb
Please could Elaine of Ken & Elaine get that blonde top-knot removed. She would look so much better without all that straggly hair.
Marcia 12:30pm Thu 26 Jan
Single rooms: no!
Why are no allowances made for those who are travelling alone? They are allocated double rooms. Say the charge for the room and breakfast is £80. Two people using the room pay £40 each. The single traveller pays double Breakfast: husband eats 1 breakfast, his wife eats 1 breakfast but the single traveller is charged for 2 breakfasts.
Dorothy 2:46am Thu 19 Jan
Halebarns House
Charges equivalent of a four star hotel, then adds a surcharge for anyone who wants to raid the fridge. No cooked breakfast? They can serve as much bread,jam & muesli as they like but the aim is to save on labour and kitchen facilities. Price tag on everything. Are there really that many mug punters out there? As a business plan this doesn't equate to 'hospitality.'
Bill H 4:46pm Thu 22 Dec
overpriced B&Bs
The Admiral Hotel in Hyde Park, aka Paddington, was a ridiculous price of £350 per night you could have stayed in a 4/5 star hotel for that. And why did the owner walk around with what appeared to be a biro behind his ear all the time - or am i missing some new type of phone??!!
Mo 1:50pm Sat 3 Dec
Stoneleigh b&b
What a horrible pair. Former teachers and treating people the way they do who do they think they are?. Criticising someones dialect is down right discrimination and they should know better. Who would want to stay there cat in dining area, shared bathroom, someones home more like lodgings than b&b. No thank you
Bigdoo 7:48am Sat 5 Nov
Not for me
Premier Lodge, Travelodge etc far cleaner and better value than the vast majority of guesthouses shown
redinnick 4:32pm Wed 2 Nov
NOT B+B at all
Both prices and expectations appear to be based on Hotel accomodation! Traditional B+B is usually in someones home, with fairly normal/average breakfasts at resonable pricing. What a lot of over-priced divas.
Conner 5:04pm Sat 15 Oct
really bad
Poontang 10:31am Thu 6 Oct
Has she taken a dose of laughing gas. A more irritating false giggle I have never heard! The woman makes me sick. I am tired of seeing the same repeats time after time.
Fed Up 4:39pm Sun 18 Sep
Northrise Lodge
What a horrible pair. Wouldn't set foot in their clinical establishment. Personality of both leaves a lot to be desired. She is a whiner and needs a good hairdresser and needs to look more professional
ajb0102 8:15pm Thu 18 Aug
Mean minded owners
I am keeping a list of all the snide,arrogant, uncharitable, sneaky, two faced, overconfident and downright unpleasant B&B owners on this proramme and will never visit their estamblishments. They seem to forget they are in the public eye.
Aldi 6:56pm Tue 9 Aug
Would never stay there owners arrogant,friends say food over priced , and rooms shabby
taffy 8:01pm Wed 1 Jun
four in a bed
what a nasty pair the young couple are , the women is the worst
clavering 6:10pm Wed 1 Jun
Does Stacey (of Spencer and Stacey) EVER stop laughing like a hyena.
Marina 1:14pm Thu 19 May
Food obsession....
What's with that Matthew ??
Sasha 9:16pm Wed 4 May
Four in a bed 29th April
What an awful pair of women, how could they have won this competition, the young couple should have won, goodness as someone else has said if cold scrambled egg is all she can moan about, well where has she been all her life, wouldn't stay at her place at any price
Firebird 8:06pm Fri 29 Apr
Jacqui's ' ordeal' on Four in a bed
If cold scrambled egg is the worst ordeal Jacqui has faced at her age she's one lucky woman !
Sasha 6:54pm Fri 29 Apr
Hair advert
You are not alone!! I can't stand the advert either !
FeatherHG 9:57pm Sun 24 Apr
Bad hair day
Great show but I am tired of the advert showing someone sniffing her hair. Unhygienic. Yuk! (Does anyone else feel the same?
Dorothy 4:20pm Sun 24 Apr
court house unique boutique - what bloody sour faced cheats - all I can say is, if you need to win that badly - carry on. Your rooms are lovely but I would not want to spend ten minutes in your company
noodles 6:36pm Mon 18 Apr
Not the right tv program
I get a different lot for payment day than the people I've watched this week. What's going on?
Me 6:38pm Fri 15 Apr
Hard to believe
I agree. Gordon and Blossom were dreadful. He gave me the creeps. Today I watched a repeat and one of the activities was "skittles". Hard to believe but no one knew what it was. We loved playing skittles when I was a child.
Dorothy 10:54pm Wed 30 Mar
Great show but Feedback should be given at the end . It would stop the game playing and cheating !!!
K 9:42pm Tue 1 Mar
I think feedback should be left until the end as being able to review feedback has an impact on the behaviour there after! This would then be fair. Thank you
4inabedfan 3:09pm Fri 22 Jan
How do they know?
1. If they are anonymous feed-back forms how do the B & B owners know whose form belongs to who? 2. At the end when they open the envelopes how do they know whose envelopes they belong to. There is no indication on the envelope. I think the whole thing is a fix.
Dorothy 12:35pm Mon 18 Jan
Feed back forms
I have all the feed back forms should be read at the end. This would stop pay back tactics
Penzance 12:35pm Thu 14 Jan
could you please tell me who won the programme shown on 6th de 2015
jero 7:56pm Mon 7 Dec
6th November 2015 Winners
The two B&B owners who were joint winners were game playing all the way along wouldn't stay at theirs if they paid ME
Kitty Cat 1:28pm Sat 7 Nov
Motley Crew
What an odd mix this week!!! What with Kevin wearing his hat indoors which is the height of bad manners and the two pub landladies showing their cleavage. I would not like to share a table with them. Would put me off my food
disgusted 7:20pm Wed 4 Nov
yet again 25.09.15
Another couple - Rosemead - who think they are good at what they do! What a sad deluded woman who thinks she knows it all and a wimp of a yes man husband. Long live Mary and the others
Flymo 5:32pm Fri 25 Sep
Tactics at their best
View this often and watch how the tactics unfold. But, I've never felt so sorry for The Gloster co owner and his wonderful Danish Nana. Clearly the best establishment and lovely fair people. Winners got some well deserved stick but don't be fooled by Sandy's well timed slip she was a previous inspector! Knew only too well they would all be nervous she's still 'got the power'! They really should change the winning plaque to 'Owners of the most devious minds'!
GR 10:50am Thu 10 Sep
Kevin (Marple)
I have never been so disgusted in my life. Talk about conceited and self-righteous! Also it would have been better to get someone from Marple local history to talk about the history of the town. It is very hard to talk to a group of people and (I'm sorry but) his droning voice was enough to put anyone off.
Disappointed Viewer 3:43pm Sat 25 Jul
Comments and Raj
The comments need to be at the end to prevent payback. What happened to Raj, was he asked to leave?
Sebster 7:02pm Thu 16 Jul

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