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i await excitingly
i do hope the new series of gardeners world will be of some use to gardeners in the real world. I am tired of longmeadow and want to learn plan and design for my small garden please.
Jobird69 9:51am Sat 13 Jan

Not more Long Meadow
Fed up with Long Meadow. Couldn't stand another episode of the dual garden (jewel) or the pond or the box blight. I will be going out on Friday nights next year. We must have a change either presenter or garden or both. Who has 20 acres and un-limited budget, how does any family eat all those vegetables - half of it must go on the compost heap?
Fred 5:24pm Tue 31 Oct
We need more Monty in the garden for next series please. Frances helping the man sort out his pond was good but unnecessary as Monty went on to give us all the pond advice we need. Oh and "Nige" is so cute.
reuben 9:08pm Fri 27 Oct
Lovely end to the week
This makes a gentle end to the week. I especially enjoy watching Carol Klein, her knowledge and enthusiasm is inspiring. I would like to see her doing a few shows on planting design NOT the extremes they show in Chelsea etc.
Jeannie 10:44am Fri 20 Oct
More tips on ...........
It's getting better but could we stay longer at Long Meadow and get tips on how to get rid of garden pests like black fly please.
Daffy Dill 11:55pm Wed 19 Jul
lovely dogs
It was so cute seeing Nell helping Monty by bringing him the seeds. Also at last we seem to be getting more gardening tips now. Keep it up Monty - back to basics please!
APBBS 3:50pm Tue 11 Apr
More real gardening please
Well now we know about gardens in Barbados. Really helpful - not. Although very pretty. Nice to see a graveyard as well!! When, if ever will Monty have the time on the show to get down to proper gardening. At least we were spared Carol this week so not all bad.
APBBS 10:53pm Fri 24 Mar
Not for gardeners
Who paid for the girls jolly to Barbados?
Switch off 8:55pm Fri 17 Mar
what didn't happen there!
The first show back I was expecting to see Monty giving tips and ideas for our spring/summer gardens and what to start off ready for summer. That didn't happen, instead we saw Carol smiling away again and estate gardens with huge beds and professional gardeners saying nothing that will help us with our ordinary gardens. I hope it gets better next week but if this was the impact of the first show I'm not holding my breath!
APBBS 9:56am Sat 11 Mar
Monty is back
He is great but the rest of the presenter offer very little to the show
Dave 8:10pm Fri 10 Mar
Previous comment
I agree. Stick to Monty and his garden. The other presenters are so boring.
Daffodil 3:19pm Wed 1 Mar
Not enough at Longmeadow
Too much going to other places. We need to see proper ordinary gardens not professional gardens.
APBBS 2:03pm Wed 1 Mar
Great for a good kip
Outstanding for sending you to sleep , never fails
Dj 5:50pm Sat 14 May
Monty is the man
I want to forward a photo of my garden which I started 3 year ago. I owe everything to Monty, I learn something every week, step by step I have learned what I should be doing and when and he makes it all sound so easy like anyone can do it. That's what I love about Monty. There's no one like him, he's lovely to listen to, cultured and makes it all fun.
Betty 12:50pm Sun 28 Jun
Inspiring even in SoCal
GW, Monty and retirement have gotten me gardening again. Sad to see negative comments here. I had no idea there were so many trolls in an English garden.
SoCal Gardener 8:04pm Thu 6 Nov
rockery planting
I have a rockery with gravel and a felt weed liner beneath. I want to make this into a beautiful sloping flower bed. Could you please advise the best way to go about this?
Jonathan Roseman 2:02pm Fri 1 Aug
Love him love him love him. He's my gardening inspiration.
Mrs Vock. 8:57pm Sun 11 May
Do not like the new format, even more so Monty Don; why the insipid advice and constant crawling to the RHS, we do not all have huge estates.
James 2:22pm Wed 30 Oct
I like Monty but wasn't he caught with his hand in the BBC cookie jar recently booooo
OOps 7:48pm Fri 27 Sep
I have watched Gardeners World for 30years , mostly loved it but think Monty Don has been the best presenter. And Nigel .... Absolutely gorgeous! Keep going Monty , wouldn't be the same without you!
Seasidesue 1:47pm Mon 26 Aug
nearly as good as when GH was on. Monty is good but could get rid of others. Has Carol Klein had a makeover cos she always looked rough.
doubletake 12:59am Mon 18 Jun
really like him
he is natural, has a super voice, a super man.
seren 10:39pm Wed 30 May
I think this program is lovely, nice to see him back, only wish it was an hour instead of half and hour, dont need any of the other presenters on the show, just him would be fine.
jd 7:17am Mon 2 Apr
Oh Dear.....
How dreadfulllllll....having watched this excuse for a gardening programe I want an apartment with 3 flower pots....why do they have to make it look such a drudge? Please bring back another Percy and send Monty to Outter Mongolia....or somehere even fuarther away....
Broken Green Thumb 8:59pm Fri 16 Mar
MONTY DON is GOD and has the power to CRUSH you
tt 8:30pm Fri 28 Oct
Nicely put and I think you are quite right.
Fond botty wafts to all. 7:28pm Fri 14 Oct
getting more depressing week on week..
Oh dear, I've really tried to like this incarnation of Gardeners World but even I have to admit that not only is it dour, dull formulaic, unoriginal (I could go on) but also really rather depressing. I'm sure Monty Don is a really nice person but he makes one feel as if gardening is a huge responsibility and a duty rather than an enjoyable and creative endeavour. I have been a major fan for years and often found the programme inspirational, informative and even fun (when Alan T was presenting) but the magic has gone. At least bring back the original and different Alys please (and her little dog) and try to recreate that wonderful balance of practical escapism!
nannystate 7:01pm Thu 22 Sep
a change for the worse
I dont enjoy watching the programme as much as I used to. Dont like pompous Monty Donn and dont like how he presents the show. Real shame. I enjoyed Toby,s shows and have always loved alans.
sue 1:46pm Fri 8 Jul
Thanks goodness Toby has gone.
I couldn't watch it because of him. Monty has rescued the show. Now we just need to boot off Carol and the show will be half decent.
Arnold Rimmer 8:41pm Fri 17 Jun
Miss the old days
Not much to add to your comments, except that I miss the old days and Geoff Hamilton - good down-to-earth gardening advice, and no egos. I don't mind young Buckland, he's the best of an otherwise mediocre bunch, in my humble opinion.
The Gnome 7:23pm Fri 20 May
I thoroughly enjoy this programme now that self appreciating racist bigot Titchmarsh is no longer presenting it. His current programme The Alan Titchmarsh Show is so bad you wouldn't put it on the compost heap. Keep Titchmarsh OFF Gardeners World. Monty Donn is a professional gardener and makes Gardeners World a distinctive and knowledgeable programme.
Dave 8:05pm Fri 6 May
Critics' Choice 15 April
John Dugdale's comments regarding the rescue of Gardeners' World, I feel Toby Buckland'd jovial and informative presentation did not need to be rescued!.
M.Ward 8:08am Mon 18 Apr
Its soooo much better than top gear.
Farmer 8:47pm Fri 1 Apr
What has happened to GW?
So it's now got 5 presenters? Bring back the days when it was Alan T. BBC mess everything up yet again.
BBC=Rubbish 4:58pm Fri 11 Mar
Just testing
... wondering why I'm being sensored.
Izzy 6:26pm Fri 6 Nov
Alan T
Hi hear Alan Titchmarsh may be coming back to rejuvenate the programme - hope so.
SI 6:22pm Fri 6 Nov
Information or again BBCentertainment
Used to be intersting and helpful but that bit now kept to a minimum because the BBC must entertain the viewers.
Donkey 6:21pm Fri 6 Nov
Here here
You are jolly well right, how the bunnykins can we be expected to tend our little corners without good and wholesome advice.
Berty Cuthbertson 4:55pm Sun 23 Aug
Gardening world?
More like garden politics! What a waste of time checking out Retailers about PEAT in Compost! Whats happened to real gardening?
BBC is going downhill 11:38am Sun 29 Mar

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