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Absolutely love this programme. The people watching the telly are hilarious. The best
Deb 8:12pm Thu 7 Sep

Jenny and Lee
Hilarious and Funny
Sal 10:51am Sat 3 Jun
Unfortunate comments
I was unhappy with some of the comments about Barry Manilow on last night's Gogglebox. Giles and Mary were the biggest offenders. Incredibly stupid comments about one of the greatest entertainers in the world.
Jackdaw 8:10am Sat 13 May
Gogglebox Ireland
Gogglebox UK has gone off the boil,but Gogglebox Ireland is hilarious,could possibly be better than the original.
alcapone3382 6:25am Tue 14 Mar
much bad language ...it really is not needed
maz 7:03am Sun 12 Mar
Why nutty nickname?
Can someone enlighten me why Giles calls Mary nutty ? My favourites are the two male hairdressers.
Jackdaw 1:51am Tue 7 Mar
It's lost it's sparkle
It's gone off the boil now.I still love the siddiquis and Ellie and Lizzy,and Giles and Mary,but the new bunch are very boring. Also,I think the way some of the families swear is horrible.Sandra is completely held back without sandi.It's had it's day.
Lizzie 1:27am Wed 1 Mar
the fat trappers
they should all be on a diet
jk 11:44pm Sun 26 Feb
Ah ahaa hhaaaa
Yes harry
G-reg 1:57am Sun 19 Feb
Less interesting viewers
These two older ladies from Bristol - I am sure they are lovely - but really not interesting. And getting so much airtime? hmm
Flam 12:47am Sun 11 Dec
Expat living in Spain
If you ever want to make a programme with expats, who comment all the time on UK TV, my husband and I would be more than happy to help.
Duttsinspain 9:05pm Tue 22 Nov
Missed old favs. Tonight. Are Sandy and Sandra and Steph and Dom not going to be in Series 8 ? The new rich family said nothing interesting or funny.
Bud 2:15am Sat 24 Sep
brexit programe
lady vicar had a jibe at Nigel Farage at the expense of the mentally ill.
T.j. 3:48pm Mon 8 Aug
Hooray !
Thank goodness we don't have to watch Gogglesprogs. Can't wait to see the adults again. Love the two ditzy sisters.
clayog 7:30pm Wed 3 Aug
Screeching Louie
Get rid of screeching louie
Gaston 12:00pm Sun 5 Jun
Most of the families are getting boring/ predictable. Time for a change of families. Love Giles and mary
Evie 9:45pm Sat 28 May
Do the families always say 'The English' when commenting on issues relating to the UK. whether is in relation to who won the war to the current talk of The Euro Referendum. We are British!! Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales included.
A.SCOT 9:47pm Fri 27 May
the moffats
The moffats are AWESOME!
moffats 8:32pm Sat 21 May
Not the show to have a child on Get rid of the kid with the moffats
Greenman 3:02pm Sat 7 May
Gogglebox used to be such a good, fun programme, but now it's full of gore and horrible stuff - Why???
abinequine 10:07pm Sun 17 Apr
not enougth scottish
Why is it on gogglebox there is only one scottish family and yet this being the case we only get to see them for a split second. I am scottish myself and feel this is very unfair and would like to see more off them and a equal amount off scottish familes to even the programme up. I bet am not the only scottish person to have this view.
scotland the brave 9:40pm Fri 15 Apr
Ellie and lizzy
Ellie and lizzy need to pipe down on their make up they look like an inside of a mango
E and b 11:49pm Fri 8 Apr
But too much use of the F word, Is it really necessary!!
disappointed 9:50pm Sun 3 Apr
Boring Michaels Family
Please get rid of the Michaels family from Brighton. They are on every week without fail and are incredibly boring. I don't understand why they get so much time. Who enjoys their pointless high pitched shrieking.
Gogglebox Viewer 7:45pm Sun 3 Apr
My Complaint
I recently sent a complaint about the McCormick family regarding the Autistic young man on the 25/03/16. I was not aware their son has Tourettes. may I sincerely apologise.
Spencer 4:39pm Sun 27 Mar
Disgusting remark
Remark made about the young man with Autism by one family member on 25.03.16 was disgusting and parents did not comment.take this family off programme.
Sencer 4:49pm Sat 26 Mar
I agree after this persons comment about a small hole she hold be taken of the programme
Animal lover 11:51pm Tue 23 Feb
Ditch the vicar
After the comments from that vicar about dog and small hole it's time for her to go. I feel sorry for her husband he looks a beaten depressed man!
Feathert 1:20pm Sat 20 Feb
Vicars comments
All gods creatures great and small how Christian of her disgusting she should be ashamed
Gowan 11:28am Sat 20 Feb
The vicars comment about dog
Think was disgusting what she said only have to dig a small hole what was she thinking get her off!!!!
Pauline 11:21am Sat 20 Feb
Female vicar
Heartless comment about the little dog who died on supervet that it will only need a small hole. Get her off the programme now !!!!!!!
Doglover 10:09pm Fri 19 Feb
Wonderful Moffats
The Moffat family is wonderful!
Johan 6:21pm New Years Day
Googlebox Crap
What a load of crap, how can we have a show like this on Australian TV...???? disgusting
Jake 11:42am Thu 15 Oct
No political balance
Why are their so many lefties on the show digging away at the Government each week? There is no political balance whatsoever and I find a majority of the comments to be both ill informed and ignorant as
Mike Westcliff 12:12am Mon 28 Sep
Does there really have to be so much swearing its beyond a joke
Candybaby 3:54pm Sat 19 Sep
Boring Vicar
Please please please get rid of that boring Vicar! Would a fireman or Nurse wear their uniform to watch telly? So ridiculous! Her views are boring and her voice. Her husband can't even open his gob.
Ed 12:21pm Sun 13 Sep
Giles & Mary
Giles & Mary do not add anything to the show, personally I feel they let the show down. Giles... The "leave Scotland" comment was offensive and narrow minded... People like you should not be given air time .
Claire7180 7:18pm Sun 24 May
Scotland, Wales, Ierland
Can we please get a Scottish family or a Welsh family or even Irish?? I feel like you aren't representing the UK properly! We are the UK too! This needs to be corrected.
AJ 5:26pm Wed 20 May
Getting tired?
Feeling like its going over the same ground sometimes...and feeling less inclined to laugh after some of the election comments.
NotBlue 5:01pm Fri 15 May
Giles and Mary are so boring I hate watching them they are not entertaining please get them off
Steph 5:36pm Tue 12 May
Giles and Mary ROCK
Funniest couple on the show!!! Love them so much. So genuine. Diitch the Malones!
Caz 8:27am Sun 10 May
Tapper Tory family
Hope your family don't get affected by the Tory cuts on health education etc!!! Think before you speak on tv .... Sooo disappointed
Elli McGee 9:56pm Sat 9 May
That's why we want to leave uk
Oh my how patronising and offensive to talk of Scotsman - get over yourself you silly boring man!! Look in before you loom out
Elli McGee 9:27pm Sat 9 May
Stephen and Christopher
Are amazing that's all I have to say
cherry 5:54pm Sat 9 May
Giles and mary
Don't want to sound awful but we don't want Giles and Mary on gogglebox any more! They are really boring and not funny at all.
cherry 5:49pm Sat 9 May
Giles and Mary
Love Giles and Mary! Very dry sense of humour Do not get rid of them!
Angel 12:54am Sat 9 May
Giles and Mary
Warming up to Giles and Mary with their dry sense of humour, however I think Giles will have upset s few scots tonight over Oor Willie!
Tahmor 10:43pm Fri 8 May
Giles and Mary
Good God, really. Please someone with more life required. Where did they dig these two up from? Boring!
Saysitlikeitis 10:09pm Fri 8 May
Giles comment about leaving Scotland after inheriting money from oor wullie is nothing but offensive and derogatory.... I find all other couples funny and add value to the show but comments of this nature is uneeded and single out diverse cultures of Britain
Scotland 10:06pm Fri 8 May
Don't like the Malone family at all especially the dad who has absolutely nothing of importance to say except swear and act like a complete scally.
Dawnie 9:52pm Fri 8 May

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