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Homes Under the Hammer Comments

Dan McGolpin, listen to your audience !!! Of the fifty postings listed below, not one positive comment about “ Wooden Dion “. He is not for this daytime program. Does anyone know if Wooden has received a red card ?
Broomy 10:41am Thu 8 Feb

l , enJoy this programme, but l cannot stand the accent from the female presenter, Maxwell, she may be nice to look at, but thats about it, let her go, and take wooden Dion with her,
MIKEM 11:04am Thu 18 Jan
Stop the Music please
Why do you have to have this ear blasting music.....please stop it. We have stopped watching because of it. It's not necessary....
Claudia 10:33am Tue 5 Dec
Why the ridiculous music? Its unbearable and for me makes the program unwatchable.
BasingRich 7:34pm Sun 26 Nov
Homes under the hammer
Please get rid if woodentop Dion Dublin......he seems to state the obvious and is definitely NOT convincing....hate his contribution
Ladymerle 10:11am Tue 14 Nov
Not again
They only feature three properties and almost always they return to one unfinished nowadays. It is very disappointing not to see the period property in its final glory. Instead you get the incredibly boring same old kitchen/bathroom non-descript ones . Time for a shake up to keep us interested I think.
reuben 10:59am Thu 2 Nov
Can't believe BBC let Lucy go she made that programme should have been last in first out (Dion) then the BBC should have given her Dion's pay HUTH is not the same & with Martyn being so condescending to the buyers & with Dion only a footballer hopefully it won't last much longer
Olaf 9:55am Mon 18 Sep
Yes I know it's repeats, but I can't believe we are now into the second week of NO DION !!!! Keep up the good work Dan McGolpin.
Broomy 12:11pm Tue 1 Aug
Most irritating by far
1) New owners "We don't know what we are going to get".....fgsl 2) Martyn "In need of wallpaper and a lick of paint".....you don't say!
georgie 10:09am Mon 24 Jul
Good show , but please no daft music
This is a good program I like seeing the end result, presenters good but it's really cheesy with the certain songs so predictable and annoying
Trish 10:50am Fri 14 Jul
Not forgetting the cheap poly (nylon) carpets rough as a badger's a..se!
georgie 11:29am Tue 9 May
And now she advertises that 50s /60s /70s horror LINO. Oh the cold feet!
60s child. 8:31am Tue 9 May
Glad she has gone. Why does she think the buyer takes on her ideas when they are patently obvious and why does she keep nodding her head in fake interest while they are telling their story?? Shock, horror but I prefer Dion!!
georgie 10:57am Mon 8 May
Even Worse!
Do you hate your own show Producer? First the limited Dion Dublin, then you let the gorgeous Lucy go. Now, what idiot decided to play background sales commentary? An "experiment" too far!
SunbirdD 10:49am Tue 2 May
They're all the same
Homes isn't spoiled by DD.. It's spoiled because every programme now shows thre e potentially interesting houses.. Bought at Auction.. Stripped out by unimaginative people.. Who make them All The Same!!! Every show.. Same kitchen, same fireplace, same paintwork. Oh and they make sure they remove anything interesting that might give them character!!!!
Freda 11:12pm Sun 30 Apr
Give Dion Red Card
i have watched HUTH since its conception. I liked Martin and Lucy. They were a good team and knew what they were talking about. Unfortunately, since Dion has joined the fold, I turn over when he is on. I cannot stand him. He has absolutely no charisma whatsoever. The idiot who signed him up to the programme needs to be sacked. Dion is uninformed, repeats himself and has zero personality. As a footballer he was probably fine. As a television presenter he needs permanently relegating to the benches. Now Lucy has gone it has lost its sparkle. Get Lucy back and ditch the Dion.
Leela 10:33am Thu 23 Mar
longtime fan
I've been a fan of Homes under the hammer for many years but am getting really tired of repeats especially when it's the third sometimes fourth time of watching it's a bit too much
Dora 11:03am Wed 1 Feb
I bet,if the idiots responsible for letting our favourite shows be spoiled,allow HUTH to go,Channel 4 will snap it up,take Martin,ditch Dion,and get a woman on the prog. who is popular with the viewers.
Lizzie 12:52pm Fri 16 Dec
Dan McGoplin, Controller of BBC Daytime said on The Barb on the 26th April that one of the qualities needed to be a good commissioner is - audience empathy !! The definition being - the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Over 85% of the comments listed below relates to " Woodens " inability to hold an audience. No amount of training, after 19 months in the job, will make him an acceptable presenter for this day time program. Dan McGolpin you need to listen to your audience!!
Broomy 10:39am Tue 1 Nov
Interior designer??
The woman paid to do up the property would not be able to renovate a dog kennel imo. The buyer was robbed although he/she did make some changes in the end, Always best to do it yourself or project manage it at least.
once more 11:03am Wed 21 Sep
Ditch Dion
What can be done to save my favourite property programme, Homes Under The Hammer? Dion Dublin is only comfortable talking about football. We need someone in it that will give us confidence in their knowledge of the property and he most definately does not! Even worse is the news is that Lucy is now leaving. Will Martin be able to hold it together on his own. My friends have already abandoned it. The BBC are renowned for not listening to the public but for once please have some sense and save it!
Hammer Geek 11:09am Mon 19 Sep
The BBC never listen
They wouldn't need to scrap it,if they got someone decent to do the job alongside Martin.It's unwatchable for me in it's present state
Lizzie 12:24am Fri 2 Sep
Went to front Carpetright. She never got anywherr presenting Homes Under The Hammer after 11 years anyway Dion is doing fine imo. Beware the criticism as the show will be in danger of being scrapped.
once more 11:36pm Thu 1 Sep
Have you read how much they paid to train him for hones u.t h. Though. Ridiculous
sick of the con 9:39pm Thu 1 Sep
If WOODEN mentions that he played for Manchester United once more I'm going to scream!!!! Twelve appearances in two years is nothing to crow about. A free transfer by the Beeb now would ensure the crowds return.
Broomy 10:51am Wed 31 Aug
Gone ?
Has DD gone or are they putting kld shows on. Ive spotted a couple this week where he's absent so have watched them. ill turn off again if he reappears
Cautious 9:26am Fri 12 Aug
Time to have a make over
Dion Dublin does nothing for the show. His presentations completely lack conviction. Add Lucy' departure to this scenario and it further reduces the show's impact. Time for a dramatic make over!
Sringclean 10:12am Tue 9 Aug
Now Lucy is going
Ever since Dion Dublin got on,Homes under the hammer has developed dry rot.Now Lucy is leaving,it won't be long before the whole show falls down.
Lizzie 3:37pm Thu 14 Jul
Keep it ip
The one and only lucy and martin fan club yeeaa.. Oops forgot dionne
ex member 4:48pm Sun 10 Jul
Keep up!
Martin has been on other things. Does not mean he is leaving does it? Lucy was on telling us about her NHS experience with her young daughter. She has slso has something new coming up. As she has said her leaving was not what she wanted.
once more 12:59pm Sun 10 Jul
keep up !
Tut tut keep up. She has already been on another weekly programme
Twice more 12:21pm Sun 10 Jul
Is going before she is pushed, in a manner of speaking , due to the BBC cutbacks. She most probably has something else in the pipe line..
once more 8:23pm Tue 5 Jul
Lucy Alexander Shock Exit
Lucy Alexander is leaving the show after 13 years, cant believe she is leaving after 13 years on the show. Who else is mad.
Lucia 8:09pm Tue 5 Jul
Can't believe I'm enjoying the repeats so much this week, it may have something to do with Wooden Dion being missing !!
Broomy 10:26am Thu 23 Jun
Prev comm
It has been news in all aspects of the media including the DM.. Cutbacks at the BBC due to financial losses. As I said, keep up!
once more 9:09am Wed 8 Jun
For the chop
How do you know they're for the chop then
Not convinced 8:35pm Tue 7 Jun
once more
You are so condescending. People are entitled to their comments without you picking faults in them.
bemused 6:58pm Tue 7 Jun
Prev comment
Do keep up. Homes, Bargain Hunt, Road Trip and Flog It amongst others are for the chop. Happy now are we with all the moaning comments?
once more 6:58pm Mon 6 Jun
An episode without Dublin
I switched on HUTH last week and there was no Dion Dublin on it.I thoroughly enjoyed the programme and I thought BBC has taken notice of viewer's comments and ditched Dublin. The following day I switched on HUTH again and low and behold there is Dublin with the other presenters Lucy and Martin.Dublin is such an annoying presenter with his monotone and boring voice I cannot watch the programme anymore. Everyday since I have checked in hope but alas it seems he is there as a permanent feature until someone at the BBC takes notice of viewer's comments.I fear we could be in for a long wait.
How to spoil a popular programme. 8:17am Mon 6 Jun
Another one
We are led to believe someone would fork out over £300,000 for a property without actually seeIng it. That old chestnut again.......AS IF!
once more 10:45am Thu 2 Jun
cling on
He's still on I see. Not watched it for months I turn over to channel 3 instead. Why dont they realise people are switching off or maybe they do but are too arrogant to care.
Ex viewer 1:37pm Sun 22 May
I hate how Lucy always says keetchen.
Jennifer Eccles 6:55pm Wed 18 May
Siiiiiik programme innit
Boay 6:32pm Wed 18 May
If proof was needed Lucy interviewed a buyer in an empty flat. The buyer spoke with an echo while Lucy spoke as clear as normal...........umm
once more 10:27am Tue 10 May
Why bother
Seems hundreds of viewers have complained that Dion Dublin is not good for the show He is so boring good footballer he was but a presenter on homes under the hammer NEVER
Billy Boy 9:53am Mon 2 May
We are now being " spoon fed " wooden Dion every day -- aaaaaaaargh. Does no one listen at the Beeb.
Broomy. 10:12am Thu 28 Apr
Big turn off
I have watched Homes Under The Hammer for years and thoroughly enjoyed it.The presenters Martin and Lucy are perfectly suited as presenters.So why bring in a third presenter Dion Dublin.His voice and presentation are so monotone and boring. He is so annoying that I cannot watch the programme any longer.I do tune in every morning hoping that it is going to be an old programme without him but it seems as though he is now a permanent fixture and I like so many other viewers it seems,immediately switch off.
Ex HUTH viewer 10:28am Wed 27 Apr
I still watch and am not the only one who thinks Dion is okay....he does the job. There are a lot of longstanding presenters who are worse. Why can my friends, family and work colleagues not get our positive comments shown?? I hold my breath this time....
once more 1:06pm Sun 24 Apr
A good programme gone bad. Have watched for years but cannot watch anymore since Dion joined . nothing against him as a person, but this show is not suited to him.
Sad 10:10pm Sat 23 Apr
If it ain't broke..
He's an awful presenter. So wooden and boring. There's no point in him being on there, it worked fine as it was. They've spoiled the show
Gar 7:20am Sat 23 Apr

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