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Knight Rider Comments

It always amazes me when someone remakes something poorly acted, poorly scripted, poorly budgeted etc. from the 80's and somehow manages to make it even more poorly acted, scripted, budgeted etc. and this time completely lacking the originals charm and appeal.
How? 3:28pm Sun 4 Mar

sham its gone.
Its a shame they only made one series of this show, it as now been cancelled so i guess there will be more which is a real shame.
Jesse V 9:05am Tue 13 Jul
I loved Knight Rider the first time round, and still think it's great, but I missed some of the episodes, so please bring it back - ON FREEVIEW CHANNELS - VERY SOON.
BABE 9:14pm Thu 29 Apr
The only true god is a giant yellow rubber one.
RubberDuck 7:19pm Thu 26 Nov
zippy loo has likop ehy juddi
iqbul 3:12pm Mon 23 Nov
prepare to freeze for all eternity
in the ice caves of arioch. The cold embrace of nulspace awaits all unbelievers.
kneel before zod 9:43am Mon 23 Nov
The Flying Spaghetti Monster
will make short work of your soul, come the day of Parmesan, unbeliever.
Cheeses of Nazareth 4:10pm Sat 21 Nov
Yes Allah
is the grease monkey who services the car.
quack quack 6:17pm Fri 20 Nov
Sorry to be the only one commenting on the actual show but
They should have done it differently maybe make Micheal a black guy and Kitt should be a lady or something. Kitts voice in this is dead. It's terrible. Did someone mention Allah? Is he in this?
RubberDuck 7:47pm Wed 18 Nov
Or ...
... my lipstick - still waiting to hear that you've bought me a new one!
Big Sister 11:56am Tue 17 Nov
one law for the entity known as t***k
...another law for us folk. I think I might have to let his mum and dad know what he's up to, they'll probably want a word with him. To the best of my knowledge he still hasn't got back to his mum about the Hollyoaks calenders ;)
Belloq 10:15am Tue 17 Nov
horses for courses
Actually he's an inbred redneck from alabama, who goes by the name of Jethro. Has 2 pet racoons and a rat.
cousin joey 6:43pm Mon 16 Nov
re; wrong tactic
If it's all the same with you chaps, I'll continue to yank his chain, whilst reminding everyone that he is actually a sad lad from Leeds called John, and is no more a muslim than his hero nick griffin.
horses for courses 7:51am Mon 16 Nov
Dr Feelgood
Well said.
tom 6:11pm Sun 15 Nov
Things are tough all over...
Be good, and if you can't be good, be lucky.
Chin up mate :) 10:59am Sun 15 Nov
I Love It
I was an avid fan of the original and was chuffed when the remake hooked my daughter K.I.T.T is fab and we plan to acquire the old and new series on DVD cant wait for K.A.R.R's appearance and his improvements is he still a juggernaught??
Gypsy 7:27pm Sat 31 Oct
No not the bubble car
the porsche 911 S
lol 11:34am Fri 30 Oct
the show is great.i'm likeen it
pasty 9:02pm Wed 14 Oct
better than the old one
daz 6:39pm Wed 30 Sep
Knight Rider
More like Knight Nurse, What a load of crap
victor 9:06am Sun 27 Sep
About Time
It About time this show was on Fiver. It a fantastic show. Have seen Bits of it before. Can't Wait to see the KARR Episode :)
CyberMaxpower 10:26pm Sat 26 Sep
What the L is good about this remake?? NOTHING! thats what. I'm glad i recorded it..so i could fast forward to find any good bits. Result - 95% skipped. More 'made for kiddies' crap.
Gray 9:12pm Sat 26 Sep
It's not as good as...............
It's not as good as the original series from what I've seen. It reminds me a bit of Team Knight Rider (same graphics, etc)
ricardo436 9:38pm Thu 24 Sep
Brought series 1 on DVD and watched them all in 2 days. hoping there is a second series!!!!
T.E Bright light 6:46pm Thu 24 Sep
very good
barkhad 3:11pm Sun 20 Sep
Also it will be on.................
Also it will be on Fiver, this Thursday coming
ricardo436 9:20pm Sat 19 Sep
i wish it was nightly !
fantastic show, alot i better than the original, cant wait to see next episode. hope it cont. running. wish i could see it on every night.
tauruslady 12:33pm Wed 12 Aug
Boring superficial trash
Makes the OC and Hollyoaks look like hard-hitting intelligent dramas. Nuff said.
Booooring 4:54pm Tue 30 Jun
Show is cancelled
Supposedly its been cancelled since March now.
kittfan 3:23am Sun 21 Jun
Anyone know where I can watch the first 2 episodes missed em but luved the 3rd any ideas hotshots?
Firey but free 8:34pm Thu 28 May
Deano 8:02pm Tue 26 May
LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Great first two episodes, can't wait for the next one and the one after that! Gotta release it on DVD with the originals too...please
Kaz Bear 7:26pm Tue 26 May
Damn Cool!
I never watched the original show, but this new series is light hearted and fun to watch, and the Mustang is an AWESOME choice of car.
Goodfella_815 3:44pm Tue 26 May
I thought Knight Rider would be rubbish, frankly, but it's not - it's 'brain in a jar' stuff (seriously, audio fingerprint??!!!), but as long as you accept that it's utter nonsense, you'll adore every minute. Watch out for the COMPLETE geek-out when KARR turns up, Peter Cullen ftw!
Jennypen 10:45am Thu 14 May
Great show!
Dramosuk 12:32pm Wed 13 May

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