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Lesley Garrett - Masterchef
Lesley's singing and over the top personality is spoiling Masterchef for me! Ulrika's "pity me, I'm so inadequate" is also making me doubt the decisions of Gregg and John :-( I hope they have the integrity to choose the best chefs to go forward on this, mostly enjoyable, TV show!
Chris00199 12:15pm Sun 3 Sep

Get rid
Wallace out.
BB 1:56pm Tue 23 May
As is every show the clown Wallace is in.
Ged 2:19pm Wed 17 May
I really like this programme but did not watch the recent series due to Greg Wallace still being part of it. Such a shame. I am sure I am not the only one.
AP 6:57pm Sun 14 May
Love it
Love it love it love it
Goon69er 5:43pm Mon 8 May
Greg Wallace
A big minus factor. Todays paper refers to a slog to rhe final which eventually will be a refief. Greg is pompous beyaond beloef and his abilities, making us go more to Austalian version and even to F...... Gordon Ramsay in America for better viewing.
Haggis basher 12:56pm Mon 8 May
Previous comment
Totally agree ,that's why I cannot watch this new series. Such a shame as otherwise I loved it.
Disappointed 10:30pm Sat 15 Apr
Greg wallace
How long do we have to go on watching and listening to this man shouting at contestants and who seems to have taken over the lead role.Not good television.
Dormus 7:23pm Sat 15 Apr
I think Greg and John make a good team. one of the reasons i watch it.
Bee 7:02pm Fri 31 Mar
Had enough!
Smug, bald bloke shouts a lot and annoys everybody.
Heather 12:02pm Thu 30 Mar
Why is Greg Wallace still on this show? Irritating, annoying and in the wrong place. He's making the programme unwatchable. Please get someone else.
MRG 10:03am Thu 30 Mar
Programme but can't watch because of Big Head Wallace
AP 7:00pm Wed 29 Mar
If only
Someone please get rid of Wallace. It's the only way to make this watchable.
Jan 5:21pm Wed 29 Mar
Why does he have to shout, John Tirode is right next to him.
LP 9:26pm Fri 29 Jul
Food Hygiene
Why is it all the chefs in the professional kitchens handle the food without wearing thin plastic gloves? It is most unhygienic?
foodie lover 9:21pm Thu 14 Jul
All cooks on masterchef touch their hair and face, false nails and eyelashes - yuk! No nets over hair. Disgusting! I wouldn't eat in any of the restaurants they cook in. Not a good advert.
Mrs Hygiene 8:55pm Thu 14 Jul
The narrating!
seriously. Do We need someone saying, "gordon looks at it biting his bottom lip." or Gordon removes the silver dome lid." or "so and so looks at gordon with great intent". Soon cheeasy. Dot know why they thought it was a good idea to gibe a play my play of the most obvious observations.
Jen 7:25am Thu 7 Jul
India Fisher's Voice
Please get rid of that woman.She talks as though she's addressing children!There is no need for the voiceover as it's abundantly clear what's happening on screen.It's enough to make you scream.Aaaaagggghh!
Mr.Shouty 8:49pm Thu 30 Jun
India Fisher is voted off
In the reviews above only 2 people like her voice out 14 who find her voice very irritating. Like teachers who can not teach, India Fisher is getting away with her hideous voice overs. Unfortunately someone like the person above claimed they liked her patronising drivel. Weirdly the BBC are not able to weed out individuals who are clearly not liked!
Ali Wie Words 9:22pm Thu 5 May
I agree with everyone on the irritating voice, but I like Greg and John! India sounds whiney, can't think of a better word.
Jaycee 8:40pm Mon 2 May
Wrong decision
You two must have had blinfolds on for this one---apart from portion sizes the red team was streets ahead--in your own words the blue team relied on one person!!!!! Is this a production ploy,? I wonder..... Shame on you....
Derekmag 10:02pm Wed 27 Apr
My thoughts exactly. I watch the show but cannot look at the screen when he is on and mute the sound when he starts shouting. Does not make for easy viewing but I like the programme
AP67 8:47pm Mon 25 Apr
Can't watch it
Smug, bald, shouty one puts me off completely.
Rick 3:21pm Mon 25 Apr
I love masterchef but ut really annoys me to see contestants cooking wearing long sleeves, wrist watches, bracelets, rings with stoned in them. These objects are a breeding ground for infection and eould not be allowed in any decent kitchen under health and hygiene policies
Looby 9:00pm Wed 20 Apr
What an extremely irritating and obnoxious person. Spoils this show. Why does he have so much to say when John is the cookery expert.
confused 8:46pm Thu 7 Apr
Guitarrichard is right. The "music" drives me mad. I am. Really interested in the programme but not the comments, which are always the same, and definitely not the "music".
Irritated from Edinburgh 8:14pm Thu 12 Nov
Why do we have to put up with that voice?
India Fisher's voice pervades all programs now, there is no escape! How can anyone think that she has a good voice!
RAC 9:37am Fri 11 Sep
background comments
Get rid of female voice making background comments....extremely annoying.....will no longer watch show!
BG 4:07am Sat 8 Aug
Loose the Pastry Chef / Woman
No one cares about Pastry Bring back Joe ...tell her goodbye ...might not watch too many more episodes ...she is terrible and a bad choice for a replacement for Joe ....
Almost an ex watcher 5:36am Tue 28 Jul
Voiceover spoils the show!
Surely no one speaks like this in real life. Can't watch the show because it is completely spoilt by the voiceover. Please change your awful tone, India - or please change the voiceover, BBC!
Scotty! 10:21pm Thu 9 Jul
Unbearable voice
i have had to watch without the sound and use subtitles because the voiceover is unbelievablly irritating.
lindyloo 11:49pm Fri 3 Jul
Why Oh Why ? Narrator
Please get rid of the irritating lady. Do they think we can't see? It's an insult as if we, the viewers are dumb. She needs to go it spoils the show and get rid of whoever thought it was a good ideal to use her. It's a bad ideal.
MomMae 12:34pm Sat 27 Jun
is a perfect example of his bit of fame going to his head, the guy seems to think he is some sort of A-lister. He is however a pompous deeply unpleasant man.
Hear Hear !!!
Irritating 9:58pm Thu 23 Apr
fat guys, one a crap chef the other one sells spuds.
Smug, pompous and offensive all in one person.
Jack 4:07pm Thu 23 Apr
Honestly, she sounds llike she's talking through a bog-roll tube... it... is... extremely... irritating!!!
d4david 9:20am Thu 23 Apr
What an annoying woman. Very patronising and quite unnecessary comments spoilt my evening.
A fani 9:11pm Wed 22 Apr
Why does Greg Wallace have centre stage in this series. He is a Greengrocer for goodness sake. Must be one of the most irritating people on TV. He is cropping up everywhere
YUK!! 9:03pm Wed 22 Apr
Voice aaaaaaah
What an annoying narrator. Who on earth speaks like that normally!!!!!
Me 8:20pm Wed 22 Apr
This show is going the way of others and becoming a vehicle for the presenter's egos. We used to buy the book of the show to cook the recipes for ourselves. Who would want to cook the food presented at the resturaunt featured last evening. We only get cooking when the chefs create their own food. But no one will listen to any of our comments will they?
Petros 4:48pm Tue 21 Apr
By Greg Wallace. He is soooo opinionated. Would be interesting to see him cook something. He really spoils the programme for me
Taylor 9:14pm Fri 17 Apr
Voice over
I love India as a voice for masterchef. I really don't see what the problem. Cheer up people!
Teekay 10:16pm Mon 13 Apr
You and me both!!
Irritating 5:48pm Mon 13 Apr
Can't stand the smug, bald one.
Hugh 2:08pm Mon 13 Apr
that womans voice is stopping me watching this at all, you got rid of her once, please do it again !!!!!!
Glo 7:11pm Thu 9 Apr
Greg Mugging
Why does Mr Wallace have to pull so many extreme faces(the word to describe it is Mugging)does he do it because the director tells him to do it or does he do it because he thinks it looks good.It does not, it looks idiotic and over the top.Stop it for heavens sake,you look a fool man.
Simplesimon 9:04pm Wed 1 Apr
India Fisher voice
This ladays voice spoils watching Masterchef for me. Very annoying. And the musik needs to be changed as well. Please BBC listen to your lincence fee payers!!
mam 8:49pm Wed 1 Apr
Follow the format of Australia, New Zealand, even South Africa!
Boring MC 11:54am Thu 26 Mar
Ghastly repetitive music
Why do we have to listen to endless droning repetitive music throughout Materchef? A brilliant programme but could we please have some peace and quiet?!!
Guitarrichard 7:03pm Tue 9 Dec

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