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MasterChef: The Professionals Comments

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I totally agree. Such a shame as it is a good programme. I cannot what anything that he is in
Not a Fan 4:41pm Tue 7 Nov

The kiss of death
Smug Wallace again. Makes anything he is in unwatchable.
Guy 4:13pm Tue 7 Nov
loved it
this show really has been something great for me as an older woman to watch and really get into, i have alot of time on my hands so trying to do what the chefs on this show do is really really fun, the show itself i find watching on the edge of my seat, its gripping, exciting and i cant wait to see who wins
sarah 1:34pm Fri 28 Apr
So old, so tired.
Desparately needs consigning to the dustbin. So far past its best it's gone mouldy. And please don't give Wallace anything else to do. Ever.
Mac. 1:40pm Thu 24 Nov
On earth is responsible for putting that irritating Greg Wallace on this show. And the silly faces they all make whilst the chefs are doing their challenge is certainly far from Professional. Find it uncomfortable to watch especially the way Wallace speak to some of the chefs. Get him off and the viewing figures will soar.
irritated 8:38pm Wed 16 Nov
PANDA 9:34pm Thu 19 May
All chefs were amazing. Tip for the producers-drop Greg Wallace and the ratings will increase ten fold.
PLEASE!!! 9:11pm Christmas Eve
Bin Gregg
Why is Greg on this programme? Has he not owned 2 failed restaurants? Leave it to the professionals
Eckiemo 8:48pm Wed 16 Dec
This show gives Greg Wallace too much airtime, totally spoils the whole show for me. I record the show and fast forward the bits with him in. Should rename it The Greg Wallace Show-But the viewing figures would plummet !!!
annoyed 2:22pm Thu 3 Dec
Seeking perfection
Food is only one part of a dining experience. How squint was that tablecloth on tonight's critics table!!!
Ade 9:14pm Wed 2 Dec
Brings nothing to the table!! Only a loud mouth and a big ego.
Not A Fan 6:58pm Tue 1 Dec
Not sure what Greg brings to the table.
armchairsupervisor 6:56pm Tue 1 Dec
Greg Wallace speaks for punters
Greg Wallace should be in all of them. He has the viewpoint of paying customers.
Kevin 6:53pm Thu 26 Nov
Improvement needed
Love Marcus but please get rid of Greg Wallace. He adds nothing to the programme, rather he makes the programme unprofessional
Devotee 8:21pm Tue 24 Nov
MIKEY 9:42pm Fri 17 Jul
Bring back Mitchel Roux
Marcus W dull dull dull bring back Miitchel.......Monica is carrying Marcus please please do the right thing and get him off the TV
KLC 8:56pm Thu 4 Dec
Loud background music
Why is the music so loud?
Once a fan 10:18pm Wed 3 Dec
I love Marcus Wareing!
Nik nik 11:37pm Sun 30 Nov
Professional foodies or those who make comments
Would much prefer Thursdays without the so called professional critics. Are they worth the time spent or can they cook or are they hangers on?
Elli 8:59pm Thu 27 Nov
Greg Wallace
What a very irritating obnoxious person. What exactly is his role in this show apart from stuffing his face and acting like a two year old in a sweet shop. He brings nothings to the show-quite a turn off (looks like the diet has been abandoned)
irritated 8:59pm Wed 26 Nov
What exactly is Greg Wallace doing on this show. His only experience is stuffing his face. Get rid and leave it to the Professionals
irritated 9:39pm Wed 12 Nov
Masterchef even better!
Great so much better this year!Marcus great and Monica the best!
buffyblue 8:47pm Thu 6 Nov
John Torode
John Torode presents the standard edition of masterchef not professional. that is why he isnt here.
bob 10:44am New Years Eve
Final really unfair
Michel Roux was horrible to Adam in the final. He should know better,. Perhaps it was because Adam is too good.
Disappointed 1:17pm Fri 13 Dec
Really disappointed with finals
I feel really sorry for Michael Roux Jr. to make such a fool of himself on public television! I can not imagine the pay off one could get to do that to himself.
Reallyintofood 1:03pm Fri 13 Dec
Praise to The Professionals!
This is the best show I have ever seen! I love Michel and Greg. They treat their guests with respect. And the guests are respectfully in awe of Michel and Greg. The other comments I read are ridulous! Maybe those folks like the silliness of the other cooking shows that are far removed from professional status.
Susie 10:52am Sat 7 Dec
Greg Wallace
Has the programme finally dropped the big mouth goibbler? I hope so!! The programme is so much better with Monica and Michel
David 7:02pm Thu 5 Dec
Scottish Adam is amazing!
That kid should be able to walk into ANY restaurant kitchen and they'd be lucky to have him there. I don't think he's made a single mistake so far. Michel and Monica are blown away
Adman 1:31am Fri 29 Nov
Facial Expressions
Monica and Michel are spending too much time together their facial expressions are identical.
Irritating 7:57pm Thu 28 Nov
Good Show!
But please be hard on them like you used to be that's the best part about it! If they mess up, don't look for a good thing they "MAY" have done? Be realistic! Don't turn into an American soap opera like Kitchen Nightmares did!!!!!
Pete 7:34pm Thu 28 Nov
The pomposity of it all seems a bit much
It all seems like a lot of trouble to go to in order to make faeces waiting to happen.
Really ??? 12:32pm Thu 28 Nov
Facial Expressions
Monica's Facial Expressions are exactly like Michel's its uncanny
taylor 8:17pm Wed 13 Nov
endangered animals like HARES should NOT NOT be used in cookery programes.
mr angry 8:25pm Tue 12 Nov
please turn off the music too loud and not needed spoils the show
hanna 11:05pm Thu 7 Nov
I still watch this programme and am looking forward to the final. But please, please, PLEASE drop that gurning, pretentious buffoon Wallace. He knows nothing abut food. It's like watching Stevie Wonder commentate on a football match
Dyan Napoc 10:02am Thu 13 Dec
Personality Contest
This used to be good & fair. It now seems to be toeing the PC line, women & non white have an advantage. If you display a lot of emotion, tears etc it makes for good T.V. and you get to stay & obviously superior cooks go. Disappointing
Lafrowda 3:15pm Fri 30 Nov
Nom nom nom, 2 pretentious overweight buffoons waffling on about food and they always disagree. YAWN
Usual BBC shenanigans 4:39pm Wed 28 Nov
Only four?
Why only four contestants today - 27th November?
Meaty 11:02pm Tue 27 Nov
Greg Wallace
Remember when he first came on the scene he was introduced at the start of each prog as the "fruit and veg man" and John Torode was "the chef". Now he is the expert....how did that happen, did he take a crash course in chef training???
doubletake 12:47am Thu 22 Nov
Please, please drop him off the programme - if he fancies a chef its Mate that was great etc. He's all gob and makes me sick.
Wendy 10:23pm Wed 21 Nov
Has become formulaic, predictable and fake. Why does everyone speak in such short sentences? Also, atrocious use of music!
Neurotic Much 9:26pm Tue 13 Nov
Greg Wallace
No cooking qualifications and eats like a pig. His coments are irrelevant. Time he was dropped in the bin and left the show.
David 8:59pm Mon 12 Nov
Greg Wallace
Can anyone tell me what this guy's qualifications are? He's nothing but a fruit and veg salesman to the restaurant fraternity. Don't listen to a word, he has ABSOLUTELY no idea what he's talking about. Cerly he has a good agent, and that's all.
Chester Flowerpot 8:53pm Mon 5 Nov
Pretentious snobbery !
enough said .
Cr@p 3:31am Mon 19 Dec
chefs whites
Why are the chefs allowed to wear their whites outside. My wife has worked in kitchens including hotels and the chef can only wear their whites in work.
Yoz 11:41pm Tue 6 Dec
Nobody actually cooks this crap. Give the miserable sods a curry and a few tins. They might actually cheer up a bit.
Mrs. Badly Beaten 10:02pm Mon 5 Dec
Music played
Does anyone know any of the tracks played at all?
Badger 8:51am Wed 23 Nov
English chefs suckssss
mm 7:42pm Thu 10 Nov
New presenter in background
The voice in the background is not good, this may stop me watching what is always a brilliant programme!
BLIB 6:44pm Tue 8 Nov
A bit of a yawn
I don't like the format of the show. There's a low ominous drone half the time you're watching it, and the food critics seem like they're reading from a script and not really talking to each other when they're talking about the dishes. Also, the contestants are a bit boring :(
vor 5:22pm Fri 5 Aug

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