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Midsomer Murders Comments

Poor ITV!
You're already showing this every day on ITV3. Are you so poor you have nothing more? Or are your funds going to pad the coffers of your management?
Parky 5:47pm Tue 22 Aug

Sedate easy viewing
Didn't bother watching it for years, although Mum enjoyed it & I enjoyed Terry Wogan's jokes about it on R2. Finally starting watching it after they filmed where I worked. Yes, it's sedate, middle of the road drama, but it's decent enough. All the cast are pretty good, although I prefer Nettles & Jones/Troy.
dd 10:54pm Tue 1 Aug
Why Why Why
is Fiona Dolman in this show? There is absolutely NO NEED for her and she is a very bad actress, so GET RID OF HER. She doesnt need to be in it. John Barnaby would be a better character if he was single.
the Critic 7:28pm Sat 10 Jun
Gwyllam lees
Is a far far better actor than the wooden characterless dudgeon , he should have stayed on and and wooden top retired
Caroline 10:17pm Wed 15 Feb
sick of repeats
Why have the last 3 episodes of Midsomer Murders been repeats of the last series. It was advertised as a new series, since when did a new series consist of 2 weeks where new shows with a toddler Betty and a new dog after Sykes was buried when the actor dog retired.
aries53 8:31pm Wed 15 Feb
Nothing new
Same old tale, historical dig, old bones, a priest and murder! At least the old Barnaby and Troy/Jones could have carried it off with menace. Instead we got two wooden tops with as much enthusiasm as a damp squid. The only redeeming factor was right at the end with Sykes watching the tennis.
get real 10:07pm Wed 8 Feb
The new Inspector Barnaby
Neil Dudgeon is so much better in the role than John Nettles was. Nettles was like a robot.
peggysue 6:49pm Sun 5 Feb
Neil Dudgeon was a very poor choice to replace john nettles. He is simply not good enough, humourless, plodding, robotic, and that pause each time before he speaks....is he waiting for someone to whisper the limes I his ear?? Can he not be replaced in the near future by another Barnarby relative (please)
Charlotte 8:06pm Fri 3 Feb
Bring back the test card.
MC Captain Mcoy 8:36pm Sat 28 Jan
Love the show.
We miss and love John Nettles, Cully, Joyce, Troy, Scott and Jones so much. The sceneries are gorgeous. We do enjoy the new combination also, especially, Sykes. Love him ! However, the masks on the crews do not make sense. Why do you have white masks on out door? Please remove the mask from the new Dr.'s neck. She looks like she has a large tumor on her neck. Please please please.
Ood 11:31pm Sat 6 Aug
Goodbye Nettles
So glad Nettle has left..never could understand what he was saying. Needs to open his mouth instead of speaking between his teeth.
itsme 4:04pm Sat 19 Mar
A dud
Dreadful prolongation of a formula that depended on brilliant acting and top scripts. Unwatchable.
BrotherJak 12:52pm Sat 5 Mar
Bring back John Nettles
After Bergerac relocated and changed his name I really got into Barnaby...he is the story...please bring him back...superb delivery by the Berg really grasped the Nettle
The Urbane Spelunker 2:56pm Tue 23 Feb
Bring back John Nettles
After Bergerac relocated and changed his name I really got into Barnaby...he is the story...please bring him back...superb delivery by the Berg really grasped the Nettle
The Urbane Spelunker 1:21pm Tue 23 Feb
Wasn't Sykes the dog in early episodes of Doc Martin?
Dorothy 9:30pm Wed 17 Feb
What is the Point?
Of Cully Barnaby and Sarah Barnaby appearing in these shows? In my view, no point at all.
Rick 3:54pm Sat 19 Dec
Correct Spelling
HUMOUR in the UK-not HUMOR.
Mr.Pedantic 11:23pm Tue 24 Nov
Original population?
Anyone know the original population of that wacko town? Must be near-zero by now...
Robot 7:35pm Tue 15 Sep
We are the victims. Who is the culprit?
The Neil Dudgeon midsomers are terrible; all of the humor, warmth, camaraderie, smarts of the other series is gone. I've not gotten to where they have replaced Jones, but I hope the actor left the show by choice due to the horrible scripts he's been given. Suddenly he's a dunce and that dull dudgeon is so brilliant? Oh dear, the whole show is now as tasteless and unpalatable as the TV dinners the too young mrs Barnaby leaves in the oven!
Chelsea-girl 1:40am Mon 7 Sep
Same old
Same old actors doing the rounds. Hamming it up beyond believe. Niamh Cusack and Harriet Walters trying to out ham one another! Neil Dudgeon is its saving grace
Sparks 6:12pm Tue 19 May
Why are Midsomer Murders repeats & when was The Calders biscuit edition last seen
Cath 11:21am Sat 5 Apr
Too graphic
Some of the scenes are far too graphic before the watershed. Spoils a good programme. No need for it Very gratuitous
Scallywag 8:52pm Wed 26 Feb
"A Hard Act To Follow"
It was always going to be incredibly hard to follow John Nettles, and Neil Dudgeon doesn't really pull it off, and his wife is FAR too young and pretty for him. Troy and Jones were really as irreplaceable as Nettles, though of course Jones did a good job of replacing the peerless Troy. RIP George, the pathologist - he brought a lot to the show, as did the people who wrote the music. Watch 10 minutes without the music and you realize how brilliant it is.
KlaatuWithGort 7:37pm Mon 17 Feb
The new Barnaby lacks the personality and charisma of John Nettles. In fact I find him and his new partner wooden. Jones was the reason I was still watching!
bemused 4:24pm Thu 13 Feb
The show has lost its sparkle. John Nettles Barnaby and now Jones has gone. Sykes is the only worth watching!
bemused 10:05pm Wed 5 Feb
lost it
The show has lost it humor. The new guy does not fit the role. I think this is the last time I will watch, shame as it was always my favourite detective show.
JC, Croydon 9:32pm Wed 5 Feb
Very poor lighting on new series
The lighting is So dark and flat, horrible green cast on interior scenes make this program unwatchable.
gmr73 9:08pm Wed 5 Feb
What is the point of the dog ? Also Barnby far too old to pull of new baby story
Doe 8:41pm Wed 5 Feb
New Midsomer Murders
What has happened to the lighting? It's terrible! We cannot watch it now and have to turn it off
Pads 6:20pm Thu 9 Jan
Neil Dudgeon excellent sidekick looks like Hitler but the b lue lighting filter makes me switch off
disappointed 9:34pm Christmas Eve
whats happened to jones
nijinski 6:19pm Christmas Eve
I need the script for
"The Black Box" Season 12 Ep 2...I think. Where can I get the script?
Sandee 12:58am Sun 22 Dec
Death of a Beloved Series
I have adored this show, and cannot believe what has hapenned to it since John Nettles and Brian True-May have left. All the inherent charm and humor are gone, replaced by mediocre plots and distasteful characters.
Fluffy 4:21pm Wed 26 Jun
Big Star
Who played Sykes?
Sorley 8:40pm Tue 16 Apr
John Nettles
His photo is incorrect it belongs to another actor
TVHolic 10:39pm Sat 9 Feb
Jason aka DS Ben Jones
I love Midsomer Murders. Brilliant acting and fantastic cast though am disappointed to hear that Jason Hughes is leaving..am gutted as I think he's very cute.
Claireeee 6:55pm Mon 21 Jan
Classic TV
So not everything scene and action is strictly correct - its fiction!! I for one have really enjoyed these latest two episodes just like the old ones. It is so quintessentially english.
bemused 11:03pm Wed 9 Jan
Yet another ludicrous plot, but I like the actors, including Sykes. Badly lit, and far too much reflector use giving everyone flashing teeth. Why is it that even with a lethal injection they always expel the air from the syringe, maybe for the same reason that all divers are deemed to use oxygen. Ignorance.
cpochin 10:18pm Wed 9 Jan
Wrong photo AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cpochin 10:22am Sat 15 Dec
Last Nights Episode
I don't mind the actors, but the plots are getting a bit thin.
Sirtim 12:40pm Wed 26 Sep
I wish hurry up, and make some more episodes, it sooo fustrating!! All my Tv shows have stopped now, like csi, and sherlock holmes!! I wish they wouold bring back midsomer murders--sooooooooooooooooooon
I like Poirot 11:42am Wed 22 Aug
Why isn't there more information regarding old and new Barnaby's and consistency of days when the programme is shown. I'm confused and recording out of date programmes rather than the new and more interesting versions?
Molly 7:39am Wed 22 Aug
Don't knock it - I love Midsomer
I live in Midsomer and... oh there's a knock at the door - I'll be back in a minute....
Neighbourless Bob 9:12pm Tue 21 Aug
I have to disagree with that statment...I think Jones(Jason Hughes) is a great actor. I also, however think the dog is pretty funny! I LOVE midsomer murders, and i am devastated they have stoped filming-i hope they re-start, very SOON!
well, well, well... 10:23pm Mon 20 Aug
Dreadful acting, especially Jones. The dog can do better. Each episode worse than the previous one.
cherry 8:12pm Thu 9 Aug
How I adore it so...
I LOVE MIDSOMER MURDERS! I was a bit sceptical about the new Barnaby, but i realy have a-taken to like him! Great actors, and i love Sykes, the dog so i can't wait for the new series to be bak on!!!!
tally!!! 5:51pm Sun 15 Jul
sick as a dog
That dog looks fed up, his acting skills are wooden and at the end of this episode he was yanked twice on his lead by Barnaby. Not cricket!
doubletake 10:05pm Wed 4 Jul
should have gone a long time ago
i think midsomer murders should have been put to rest before now john nettles was very good as tom barnaby neil dudgeon is not right for the part dont know how he got to be chief inspector half the village had to be killed off before he could work it out who the killer was
kev 7:49pm Sun 24 Jun
repeats, repeats
there even repeating the new Barnaby Midsommer now. I must have seen some of the old Barnaby ones three/four times over in recent times.
doubletake 1:08am Mon 18 Jun
It would be nice if repeats showed the date originally broadcast!
Betseylee 7:07pm Tue 12 Jun

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