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My favourite tv show. Can't fault it.
fan 9:14 pm Wed 20 Nov

I love this show so much! It is hillarious
J 12:34 pm Sun 27 Jan
My Favourite Show
I am a yank from Kansas and watch MisFits on Hulu. This show is so awesome and fresh compared to the crap on American TV
Yank from Kansas 3:26 am Fri 13 Jan
i think this is the best tv show ever! i love it so much!
jojo 1:28 pm New Years Day
filmed in thamesmead
This programme is filmed in thamesmead near my house, south east london. Notice how one of the towerblocks on the lake roof spotlights is broken in this series.... my fault ! Lmfao
pirate radio rocks 7:08 pm Sun 30 Oct
its not a new series 2day! u got my hopes up!
disgrunted deardry 11:11 pm Tue 3 May
Eastenders NEARLY EVERY DAY and this on just half a dozen episodes a year?
Give us what we want 2:10 pm Sat 15 Jan
Americans watch this
A friend of mine introduced me to this show and I am hooked for sure. Love Robert Sheehan's character but I find Iwan Rheon's character to be way hotter since the last 2 episodes ;)
kmc 9:57 pm Thu 13 Jan
Nate BB
This show is so awesome
NaTe 9:14 pm Thu 16 Dec
Are all Misfits viewers......
Dyslexic? Or are you all typing with your fists? Excellent show BTW.
Pedant 8:27 pm Thu 16 Dec
I love this progame it is fu***n brillaint its the one programe i actually like to watch i cant wait for the next serious if there is one lol.
hatti 11:28 am Mon 13 Dec
the show
what a great show ... and think the two women are both hot
halfpint 11:01 am Fri 10 Dec
ROSE 10:32 pm Thu 9 Dec
extremely watchable adult fun/fantasy series.keep em coming!
iNsOmNiAc 9:47 pm Thu 9 Dec
Going to be sick
Sex god 9:46 pm Thu 9 Dec
best show on tv. ever. watch it. ;D
robertthechickenlovley 9:43 pm Thu 9 Dec
sic kk one
CAN NOT WAIT. it is going to be mental, getting my chinese in and sitting with my dog all night with that sexy gal kelly she is soooo hot, MY NAME IS ADAM WILKINS AND WANT TO LET THE WORLD KNOW!!!!! smooches xxxxxxxx
Adam Mark Wilkins-+ 10:30 am Thu 9 Dec
Great show
Superb writing and superb acting. Just a bit sad about the time travel plot as it seems a bit too similar to Heroes - Misfits shouldn't need to borrow ideas from Heroes, it's way better than that.
Nathan is god 7:17 pm Thu 2 Dec
Best TV of 2010
Another one of the highest-rating shows on, the comedy has proved that it's just as good the second time around. With razor-sharp wit and edge-of-your-seat action, this show is unlike anything else on TV right now. It makes our Top Ten for the second year running.
TVGuide 11:30 am Wed 1 Dec
Miss Fitz
E Pleptical 7:50 pm Fri 26 Nov
I absolutely love The Misfits..! It is funny, intelligent and surprising, and I love the dialog..! I really hope it will go on for many more seasons :) Greeting from Norway!
monica7911 4:07 pm Fri 26 Nov
nathans faourite words
melon f------ i know i have a power i can feel it in my balls
mig12370 11:31 pm Thu 18 Nov
S2, ep3
Graham should not have attacked Nathan's mother like that; their will be repocushions four shore.
Oh dear 11:44 pm Tue 16 Nov
Syko0121 10:22 pm Tue 16 Nov
I only just got into Misfits, but I already know it's going to be a big programme. I love watching it, so do my frieds, we're all hooked!
Thomy :) 10:08 pm Mon 15 Nov
I love it!
I like the story. I thought that the Chav girl would, like hear Nathans thoughts and they would dig him up but this masked man thing sounds a but boring.. but i dunno :L
I like misfits 7:50 pm Thu 11 Nov
best show
Can't wait for tonight!!! nathan is so fit, hope the second series is as good as the first
jeeje 7:23 pm Thu 11 Nov
nathans well fit!!
what is his power??
clo x 4:42 pm Wed 18 Aug
Alright.. not as good as " H E R O E S " !!!
kum 1:53 pm Tue 3 Aug
best ever!
weird but good!!!...great acting,cracking jokes,awesome characters!
mirela 10:05 pm Tue 27 Jul
Bad acting? what are you watching?
Yaspaa 9:42 pm Sat 10 Jul
f+++in crap
talk about bad acting.
blog bloke 6:04 pm Sun 10 Jan
F**in Amazin
Of all the tv series I watch.. this is by far the best!!! ... Absolutly fantastic.. gagging for the next series :D :D :D
xX_Navi_Xx 4:40 pm Sun 10 Jan
Nathan is funnnyy!! it got me very interested i watched every single series and am waiting for it to start showing on tv again with brand new series hopee der will be a new series
Pasaklii 12:08 am Sun 10 Jan
i think nathan is well funny and i would to see it carry on for aslong as it can also dont change any of the charicters like most seies do because it runis it and its just not the same and to the guys who play the cast keep up the good work im lovin it lol
tara 2:31 am Mon 28 Dec
best thing on TV
Beautifully shot, well acted, thought provoking, funny and a Great soundtrack. Rubbish
mr jones 9:44 pm Sun 20 Dec
Nathan's power isn't immortality!
I don't think Nathan's power is immortality that doesn't fit with alot of other stuff! It's that he has a 'pack' of versions of himself. The guy on the bike was a version of him (its why you couldn't see his face). It's why his shadow at the beginning is a wolf!!!
Afcotuna 11:27 pm Thu 17 Dec
Best TV of 2009
Take Skins, add a slightly older cast and some edgy jokes - and you've got another E4 hit! This dark comedy about a bunch of young offenders with superpowers owes its success largely to an amazing cast and great writing. Clearly, there is justice in the world, as it WILL be back for a second series in 2010!
TVGuide 1:14 pm Wed 16 Dec
needs better taing on here
this should be a 10, IT'S THE BEST SHOW I HAVE EVER WATCHED, EVER!!!!
MAT 8:14 pm Fri 11 Dec
re: Nathan and the Baby
my impression is that the baby had the power to choose a dad, and that Nathan's power is self-healing, that's how in episode 4 he survived the attack in which all the others died.
Chris28 4:59 pm Fri 11 Dec
when is the next series after the last episode next week?
telsbels16 3:04 pm Fri 11 Dec
re: Nathan and the Baby
Possibly, although many think he has multiple abilities...
Jas 2:15 pm Sat 5 Dec
Nathan and the Baby
Why is Nathan so protective of the baby? Maybe Hes like wolf, I keep expecting him to snarl like a wolf at the group when they try take the baby form him, possibly also he meight have healing powers like Jacob from Twilight. Healing Wolf. You know wolves in legends protect and raise lost babies!? lol
Misfits is awesome 1:32 pm Sat 5 Dec
Was expecting it to be balls
Misfits is awesome! I was expecting it to be alright, but there was hardly any hype about it, but im definitely telling all my mates to watch it
Boz 3:08 pm Thu 3 Dec
Good but hole-y
Except for many plot loopholes, this is a very enjoyable and well written series. A shame about the Irish idiot, though, who remains surprisingly unscathed despite my efforts to smack him by concentrated mental effort.
vadek 5:40 pm Sun 29 Nov
dis show is bare gud cant miss it for nuttin it shud come on everyday
steph 12:56 pm Fri 27 Nov
Best thing I've seen since the Imbetweeners. Alot better than anticipated
Anon 11:43 pm Thu 26 Nov
its awesome
i love this show its everyting i like in one :P and all my friends love it so its the talk of my school
jonzey 5:43 pm Thu 26 Nov
Great sci fi comedy weirdness, one of the best things I have seen since Dead Set.
Karl 8:41 pm Tue 24 Nov
Great Show
Awesome writing, good actors, dark humour and sex... I'm enjoying every second of it and wait in anticipation for next weeks episode. You'll love it
Rabid 2:46 pm Fri 20 Nov

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