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Only Connect Comments

Best show on TV
Great show, great presenter.
Bushbaby 12:33pm Mon 31 Jul

far too easy
Pete 6:37pm Tue 8 Dec
Double-plus good
Vicky is intelligent, attractive, confident. Only Connect is one of the few programmes that require the use of a brain. No wonder some of the posters here are so resentful.
Dave 6:33am Mon 15 Dec
Congratulations to Vicky Coren on winning the EPT San Remo last night :)
Tyloo 8:20am Mon 21 Apr
cracking show and presenter
a tax on your brain and a delightful presnter I thoroughly enjoy this 30 mins of entertainment .
twinoaks 1:13am Tue 2 Jul
Good show..
..so it is.
Nerdy 10:04pm Mon 20 May
Great show
Shame about the supercilious presenter!
MykaMac 1:50pm Mon 20 May
stop the wall swilleling most annoying
tony 8:11pm Mon 22 Oct
Reply to IQ above Average
Well your IQ can not be that high if you fail to differentiate between a television PROGRAMME and a computer PROGRAM.
I have much more intellect 3:51pm Mon 22 Aug
Yellow dress?
Isobel 9:27pm Mon 14 Mar
Hard to fathom
What are all your infatuations with Miss Coren? You need to all get a life (or at least a Girlfriend) She is not good looking, she is short and fat and is a mediocre Poker player at best. As a presenter she is arrogant & pretentious and always tries to "prove" how well educated she is. She may have been well educated, But you cannot learn class or sex appeal, And she has neither of these!
JR TOKING 5:53pm Christmas Day
Great show, Poor host
Victoria Coren seems to think she is some kind of Uber celebrity since she presented that program "Balderdash & Piffle". The truth is she is a two bit journalist with no credibility whatsoever, I wish she would just sod off and play Poker which seems to be her first love. Change the presenter and this show might be worth watching!
Peter Hominakoff 9:02pm Mon 6 Dec
could be better
Coren is rather MILF`y, but she comes across as arrogant, like she is better than all the contestants!
fight the power 4:39pm Mon 6 Dec
Yummy Cren
Victoria Coren is the thinking man`s crumpet. What a classy bit of totty!
Yummy 12:40am Sat 20 Nov
Brainy entertainment
finally one of the very few shows that actually challenge the thinking capacity instead of just offering some pleasant pictures and let your brain die. I certainly will watch again. But I was annoyed by today's (06th Sep) contestant from the team Epicureans who constantly interrupted and talked over the rest of the team especially the captain. Has he never heard of manners?
Sunshine 9:26pm Mon 6 Sep
I would...
... like to point out that not everyone who likes this programme is a right wing loonpot. Best watched on a format you can pause so you can have a go at the connection wall. Agree with 'challenge'.
Spuff 7:28pm Tue 31 Aug
At last, an intelligent quiz!
Very entertaining indeed - and the answer is not always obvious..... unlike most quiz programmes.
Big Ben 3:41pm Sat 26 Jun
Re:Victoria Coren
Very Hot Babe.
Phil A Bucket 5:00pm Mon 31 May
Victoria Coren
Yes I would
Terry Dactool 9:46pm Tue 27 Apr
The best presented show on TV. With a few more beautifully spoken eloquent presenters like Victoria Coren influencing the youth of today there might be a bit of hope for this illiterate society.
Oddjob 11:56pm Thu 15 Apr
Victoria Coren
If she plays her card right, I'll be her 7 card stud.
Gerry Hattrick 5:28pm Wed 24 Mar
What a fabulous figure Victoria Coren has. I like the connecting wall part of the show where you get to see her standing. Yum! But, BBC, stop moving the flipping wall! Leave it on the screen in one place.
Malcolm 8:53pm Mon 15 Feb
Only good Connections
After a warm up with Univ. Challenge what better than the cheery convolutions of OC and the intellectual stimulus of VC (or vice-versa!)
Hotspur 10:12am Mon 8 Feb
I think Coren is the ultimate thinking mans crumpet - woof !
Ivan Lobboff 7:16pm Thu 28 Jan
The Barrel speaks
My parents love this show, but they're convinced it's called Connect 4 - hilarious.
cracker barrel 5:01pm Thu 7 Jan
Good to see
One of the few programs aimed at people with an above average IQ, good to see. Most shows today are aimed at people who are, mentally, below average (i.e. Labour voters). The dumbing down of the UK must stop now, and we can start by increasing the quality of the programs shown on TV, no more soaps and reality shows.
IQ above Average 3:33pm Sun 16 Aug
Great stuff! Plus...badly dressed short armed presenter chick is a world class poker star.
mickey 2:08pm Mon 22 Dec
possibly the worst thing on TV at the moment
why 8:38pm Tue 2 Dec
A pleasure to watch/enjoy knowledge/deduction skills displayed by individuals instead of more common quiz shows where people only seek their 15 minutes of fame not to mention the presenters!! Impressed by the skillful management of time, and avoidance of repetition and time wasting pauses. I am a regular viewer to this programme.
Challenged 11:09am Tue 2 Dec

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