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Bring it back
Only 1 del boy
Rodders 1:47 am Thu 9 Jan

JoJoX 7:38 pm Sat 21 Sep
I thought i'd never start.
beryl 9:51 am Sun 24 Mar
says to asian business man whose family lost their gold to Krisna "Have you thought of going on Esther Rantzens Thats Life". Brilliant!
bemused 2:58 pm Tue 5 Feb
Still As Funny
I dare any of those who think not to watch the Batman and Robin episode and not laugh........I rest my case.
bemused 3:34 pm Tue 8 Jan
God bless John Sullivan
A true set of classic brings back memories of when yer were at a carefree stage in ur life back in de 80's an 90's and you sat down with ur family and watched an laughed at these the unforgettable Trotter clan:) Brilliant
Millerman 6:59 pm Mon 7 Jan
really enjoying these laugh out loud episodes - a change from all of this "alternative" stuff nowadays.
doubletaker 3:06 pm Fri 7 Sep
i realy loike this show
this is the best comic ever!!!! the acting is so funny, and grandad is the best, i like this, its comedy at its best, it dosnt get bitter than this realy. i wish it was still on :( becos its the best!!!
cool dud!!!! 1:08 pm Fri 7 Sep
Pure Genious! Au contraire, Rodney, au contraire...
I honestly cannot believe half the comments on here. This is by far one of the best comedy's ever written. Yes I do like it, and yes I have watchd every episode around 500 times! And yes I never get bored of it! Hilarious, "Gordon Bennet! You PLonkers! Go and watch it again, cause He who dares... win's" An 8.8 on IMDB and 10 times better than any drivel that's been out on TV in the last 20 years!
Sparky 1:26 pm Sun 29 Jul
Pity they don't all
fall down a mineshaft and take this crud with them.
edna 7:53 pm Thu 8 Mar
He deep fries the salmon instead of poaching them.
edna 7:11 pm Tue 6 Mar
Oh Yes
The one where rodney falls for some old bint and del takes a beating. My vote goes to the hubby, give del a boot in the rocks from me.
Edna 5:36 pm Sat 11 Feb
It,s only
30 years old. BIN IT..............
Edna 3:45 pm Wed 7 Dec
its the top
best ever comedy.
there was this bloke ina pub, and he said. 7:57 pm Sun 4 Sep
Superb Television!
Watching it at this minute on Dave, and enjoying every minute of it. Well written, and great Acting. 10/10
Swiifteh 4:00 pm Sun 4 Sep
Mr Bodola
Why would you watch 'every episode again' if you don't like it?
? 2:27 pm Tue 2 Aug
Whats the difference
between Dell and a dose of clap, you can get rid of clap.
Damien 12:34 pm Tue 2 Aug
BBC tripe
Typical BBC drivel, made out to be a classic because of 1 Christmas special. I recently watched every episode again and found it not even funny. Unlike a good Wine this rubbish has certainly not improved with age
mr bodola 3:25 am Tue 2 Aug
great writing and stories, these were the best ones before they brought the women in then it all went downhill and wasnt funny
t 1:50 pm Wed 20 Jul
Fools and Horses is
like Groundhog Day, you keep seeing it over & over & over & over
bill 1:15 pm Tue 12 Jul
This programme is
like a broken record.
cyril 8:29 am Tue 12 Jul
best british comedy
ever made.
bloke downt pub 8:30 pm Mon 4 Jul
you plonker rodney
About time this was back on normal telly, i fume that it can only be viewed on pay tv when ive already paid for it in the 1st place ... annoying !!
Tyke 12:59 pm Mon 4 Jul
Oh Yes
The one where grandad says "what are you opening a wendy house". It's no longer funny, the humours worn off.
edna 1:25 pm Thu 23 Jun
The Trotters and a canary
3 Bird brains all in one place.
Denzil 8:22 pm Mon 28 Mar
You are obviously speaking from experience.
tess 8:42 am Thu 24 Mar
go watch the test card, you will find it a better view.
EH? 10:04 pm Wed 23 Mar
You mean
like yourself, obviously.
pip 2:07 pm Wed 23 Mar
its spelt this way
so thet tha pople tryeng ta reed it cun ondestond et. fool.
what? 8:02 pm Tue 22 Mar
so what?
Friends is spelt ie NOT ei!!!! Talk about brain dead.
libby 2:29 pm Tue 22 Mar
for the negative comments
join the rest of the brain dead and get back to watching freinds.
so what? 8:26 am Mon 21 Mar
During the War
Grandad hid out in Berlin, disguised as a Jew.
libby 6:34 pm Sun 20 Mar
Today for several
times there selling Peckham spring water. It's as wet as thet are.
flo 8:50 pm Sun 13 Mar
They go as
Ratman and Bobin
ethel 1:46 pm Sun 6 Mar
Del's got as much
class as a turd.
eric 2:02 pm Tue 18 Jan
best british comedy ever
but if you watch it all the time on gold, then you will get bored with it.
get real 8:46 pm Boxing Day
top british comedy of all time
if you decide to watch it every day on gold, then like everything else, you will get bored with it, then you are the fool, so go and find yourself a nag.
Get Real 8:24 pm Christmas Day
Same boring repetative crap
This garbage is as bad as the weather
sid 9:38 am Christmas Day
I liked it!
Well, despite the negative remarks, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. The poignant chat at the end was touching and had more than a mite of reality in it.....what's left when one does become a millionaire overnight? What challenge is their in life?
the joker 3:02 pm Christmas Eve
This crap is
over 30 years old, and has'nt improved with age.
cecil 3:17 pm Mon 13 Dec
No not classic
Just PATHETIC. This rubbish is well overdue for the Skip
libby 1:39 pm Fri 10 Dec
I Thin you Mean...
Yaspaa 6:55 pm Sat 13 Nov
This episode is
just plain stupid.
edna 8:48 pm Sat 23 Oct
Del boy
Gives "Jedward" a job down the market selling hairspray and then sends them to Grimsby for a Longstand. Expect them back when they figure it out.
edna 6:26 pm Mon 13 Sep
has been in that loft/attic more times than the pigeons. Still he is a bird brain.
ethel 4:57 pm Thu 2 Sep
only fools and horses
mr martin roberts
monton 11:19 am Sun 1 Aug
O Yes
the pair are mistaken for Rosemary & Thyme, the crime fighting duo
Arthur 6:10 pm Sun 25 Jul
They been
to Hull and back more times than a Trawler.
denzil 1:33 pm Sat 17 Jul
Rick Shaw's comment obviously, and why is Britain's greatest commedy getting a 6.8.
Yaspaa 9:45 pm Sat 10 Jul
Rick Shaw's comment, obviously, and why does the greates british comedy have 6.8, damn morons.
Yaspaa 9:08 pm Sat 10 Jul

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