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Need help with a song!
Whats the song is played during the manchester derby at the etihad 12/13 season?
MC7 10:25 pm Sun 28 Jul

Need help with a song
There is a song that was played on the 2005/06 replay on sunday 12th august. It was before 10am and i am sure the lyrics started with "Why dont you lift / let me" I need to find out who the artist is and what the song was called
steve 7 9:24 am Wed 15 Aug
The 2005/06 season will be repeated at least twice in the coming months on one of the smaller satellite channels. Keep your eyes peeled dm.
Donald Schebolt, Assistant Scheduler 4:56 pm Wed 13 Aug
2005/06 season
Does anyone know if the 2005/06 Premier League Years will be shown again?
dm 4:51 pm Wed 13 Aug
Opening Song
Does anyone know what the opening song is called?
j 12:55 am Tue 12 Aug
this is some good stuff
TJ 2:19 pm Fri 8 Aug

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