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QI XL Comments

Canned laughter
Hey, I know when to laugh. The cue is when its funny! Be funnier, then you will not need canned laughter.
Bof 8:46pm Wed 20 Dec

Better now Fry has gone
But not much. So dependant on the guests. Good guests = good show; bad guests like the Millican woman who was so out of her depth that she didn't say more than a dozen words = bad show.
Jim 1:36pm Sat 4 Feb
Alien Landings
Ever wondered why aliens landed and decided to take off again immediately. Watch Fry and Davis for 2 minutes and you'll get the answer
Zog from sirius 427642 2:14pm Fri 27 Mar
Surely polymath Fry knows the difference between "atom" and "molecule"!!!!
cpochin 5:23pm Thu 26 Mar
Not Canned Laughter
That's ridiculous.
Yaspaa. 11:20pm Mon 4 Nov
Used to be GREAT
Please tell Alan Davies he's getting very annoying. He used to be great & funny. Now he's acting like a 6 year old kid! Not a good idea.
MykaMac 9:09am Fri 25 Oct
Stop the canned laughter
This show definately uses canned laughter - which is at a much louder volume than than the normal dialogue. This makes setting the volume on the TV difficult. Also I don't need "prompts" to tell me when something is funny! This would be a good programme without the canned laughter.
Jp 11:16pm Sun 11 Aug
Best TV
Still good - still relevant - still hilarious.
Bof 7:39pm Tue 16 Apr
nobel prize
Mr. fry made a comment on a Christmas special which claimed that Iceland had more noble laureates per capital than any other country in the world. this is not the case as the island of St. Lucia has two noble laureates Sir Aurthur Lewis which got his for economics and Mr Dereck Walcott who goes his for literature. thanking you in advance for making the correction
damn proud lucian 9:14pm Tue 9 Oct
shameful QI
The show is now nothing but sexual innuendo and childish jokes.. No wonder our population is getting dumber especially our youth they are too stupid and too easily manipulated..
Shame on BBC 12:31am Sun 16 Sep
Great Prog.,
I've heard some strange things on Q.I. but nothing as weird as Jimmy Carr's laugh.
What the ****? 11:13pm Sat 15 Sep
Alan Davies grudge
For a grown man,Davies is such a child on this show.Why does he appear on allmost every show.
Roguebear 9:19pm Mon 13 Feb
Seen it
Pity the BBC removed the scheduled episode because one of the contestants said the public sector strikes were a good thing on an unrelated show. PATHETIC.
O'Fendid 5:31pm Sat 10 Dec
Canned Laughter
I SERIOUSLY doubt QI uses "canned laughter". For a start there IS an audience, have you never seen it when Fry asks the audience or even when there is someone in the audience that is part of one of the questions? Great show and i will continue to watch it.
Pete and Repete 7:09pm Sat 5 Nov
What the hell are you repeating these programmes so many times,it's getting really tedious.
Boredviewer 9:48pm Thu 26 May
Phill Jupitus gets its wrong
Oh dear lord.... His name is Phill Jupitus for a start and the track 'Suicide Solution; is by Ozzy Osbourne. Please get your facts right before slagging people off. Ta
helicopter 9:25pm Tue 19 Apr
Stop complaing
It's a funny and informative show. Stop moaning just because you'd rather be watching the Antiques Roadshow.
hii888 8:55pm Sun 9 Jan
Phill Junipus gets it wrong
On the Qi XL episode. Stephen Fry is explaining how two American kids attempted suicide listening to a Judas Priest song. Phill Junipus incorrectly states that the song was called 'Suicide solution'. And then smuggly says 'I've picked up something on a pop show'. Suicide Solution was a Black Sabbath song, not Judus Priest, and the Judas Priest song in question was actually 'beyond the realms of death'.
Angels77 8:04pm Sun 9 Jan
Facts are not correct
They say the Margarine and Spreads association is now called British Spreads association. Not true http://www.margarine.org.uk/ They say margarine is no longer sold in this country. Also not true, just go to any UK supermarket site. They all sell Stork margarine. Many other things they state as fact are not true.
Topaz 1:37am Thu 16 Dec
Tartan & Kilt claptrap
Monday 6th December 2010 - Highs & Lows. How Stephen Fry has the audacity to recycle such historical claptrap about tartans and kilts as if it were the gospel truth does the BBC a great disservice. Why on earth didn't someone undertake a modicum of research before writing such a shallow and insulting script? And as for Fred Macaulay - is he really a Scot? We Scots don't mind you lesser beings taking the mickey but get it right . . .please! Scottish Tartans Authority
Apoplectic 6:18am Thu 9 Dec
Why is it that people cannot just enjoy things? The people talking down on this show are probably just venting anger because they are angry with part of their lives. Whether it be their dead end careers or how they can not satisfy their wives anymore. Who knows? I forgive you though. If I were as inadequate as you then I would be angry.
lllll 9:28pm Tue 7 Dec
BUT there was a surplus for a 30min show - so they show it in the XL version. This is not always possible by the looks of it...
A x 5:35pm Sat 4 Dec
the point of XL should be to show footage that WAS good enough for the main show BUT
Ax 5:34pm Sat 4 Dec
Dear Beeb
Instructions are to not shoot Davies
Licence to not kill 12:12pm Sat 4 Dec
Whats the point?
I hate all these extended and uncut shows! what the hell is the point of showing QI, then showing QI XL with all the footage that was deemed not good enough for the main show. Cheap poor TV, scripted same old same old panel shows, all scripted and relying on canned laughter Waste of license payers money! And sorry to offend anyone but Stephen Fry is the most over rated person on UK TV.
Bill Gates 12:10am Tue 30 Nov
The Truth Isn't Always Out There
You have to be careful about what you hear on QI. It's a very entertaining show, but some of the facts they come out with just are not right, I think they rely to much on the internet for their material. Also, is the laughter canned ? Not as bad as Reginald Perrin, but still a bit over the top sometimes.
Magician 5:10pm Tue 26 Oct
losing its way
Still love the show but notice more and more that Fry will ask a question and immediately answer it, the panel just being there for the gags. Fry is still brilliant though, give him a biscuit!
phl8pg 4:04pm Tue 19 Oct
dear beeb
ignore the last message shoot Alan davies
licence paid 12:28am Wed 13 Oct
Deer beeb
Please don't shoot Alan Davies!!!
licence fee payer XL 7:38pm Tue 12 Oct
Dear beeb
Please shoot Alan Davies, a stomach wound for a slow death would be preferable. Thank you very much in advance for your prompt cooperation.
licence fee payer 8:09pm Sat 9 Oct
Montgomery Flangewart is a lemurs genital wart
Montgomery Flangewart eats poo pie
Montgomery Flangewart, duh! 9:08pm Mon 28 Jun
yes, but so what?
So it's scripted. So is have I got news for you - all of it on both shows. But they're both really funny tv to watch. XL is better, though I can never remeber when it's on. Perhaps this type of intelligence-based humour is above you, iq10+?
The Electro Kangaroo 2:36pm Sat 3 Apr
Another scripted, rehearsed ‘ad-libbed’, auto-cue reading 'comedy' quiz show. Please put another record on.
IQ 10+ 10:25am Sat 20 Mar
That sums this show up for me.
Montgomery Flangewart 10:27pm Wed 27 Jan
XL is always better than the regular programme. They cut out too much.
Baked 8:56pm Sat 9 Jan
a word for ml
could be worse - could be graham norton
m 11:23am Sat 9 Jan
Homophobic ml
ml, Would want him to spare you his sexuality if it was someone more hetero? Like Angelina Jolie for example?
Dilzybhoy 9:02pm Tue 17 Nov
always enjoyed the QI programme but think he is fast becoming an intelligent jonathon ross with his inuendos it's all very balls orientated. we're all fans stephen but spare us your sexuality
ml 9:58pm Fri 13 Feb
A good one
Unfortunately Fry's french is full of mistakes, and even though he corrects the others his is not fully accurate. Nevertheless this is a real interesting episode and quite funny too
TVJunkie 9:10pm Sat 24 Jan

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