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Silent Witness Comments

Was all that about?? I almost switched off when I saw Nicky going towards the coffin as I could see what was about to happen but hoped it would not. A whole world away from the usual series more like a shocking DRAMA. If this is what we have to expect in future episodes I for one will no longer be watching,
unbelievable 11:02am Tue 31 Jan

Rediculas storyline.. As if??
Andy 11:04pm Mon 30 Jan
Does nicki die
Bannyana 10:46pm Mon 30 Jan
Second Time Around
You find how mplausable this was. eg a Forensic Scientist (Nicky) gets attacked and can only remember a strange smell. It turned out to be the smell from alcohol breath.....so much for an "expert". Even moi could identify that!
once more 8:43am Mon 10 Oct
Was frank Burke in it too
Alanhypno 9:25pm Sun 17 Jul
Location of Aerodrome
What is the location of the Aerodrome in this episode. Don't think it's Duxford
Littlelegs01uk 10:23pm Sat 30 Apr
Getting tired
The earlier ones are far better. It's now a bit like a soap opera. And why spoil it further by splitting it into 2 parts over 2 weeks? Waking the Dead was far better.
Trev 2:57pm Sun 21 Feb
Does anyone know the title of the piano track played at the end of River's Edge Part 2?
Z 8:19pm Thu 4 Feb
Wooden acting, unethical plot lines... So many faults in this series I would be typing til midnight! Get it off our screens please.
Allyjazz 10:06pm Tue 5 Jan
Foxy Lady
Emilia is simply hot.
Jimi 9:37pm Tue 5 Jan
Liza Tarbucj
I do not believe the role she is "acting" and I say that loosely. Totally unprofessional more fishwife.
once more 9:10pm Tue 5 Jan
original SW
This episode with Sam Ryan is so good.
once more 10:27pm Sun 22 Mar
Eminem Track?
Not by Eminem, but by Kanye West & JayZ titled 'No Church in the Wild' (found it by typing in a few of the lyrics into Google....
Bob W 8:22pm Thu 5 Feb
Eminem Track?
Does anyone know the title of the music during Episode 1 that sounded a bit like Eminem?
Bob W 8:10pm Thu 5 Feb
dna testing
The forensic scientist obtain a sample from a child in a play area while undercover while the parent is unaware......is that legal??
once more 10:43pm Sun 1 Feb
must it always be about foreign diplomats and espionage in this type of show.......so baffling and boring
once more 9:33pm Tue 27 Jan
Parallel universe
Really enjoy the show, but for some reason(s) it does seem to be based on a parallel universe where nothing is quite realistic e.g. where they work - large and almost empty at all times, except for a guest cop watching over the one person working that day.
Mandrill 4:12pm Mon 26 Jan
the music..
"Silencium" by John Harle is the music ? .. as for Emilia, pretty sure I've met her in real life by accident.. she should change her middle name to "is a" as she is very pretty.
daily male 8:34pm Mon 19 Jan
The best yet
The new series has to be in my opinion the best so far.
Kmess 11:37pm Tue 13 Jan
Emilia Fox
What has happened to her? She looks and dresses so drab in this new series.
once more 10:00pm Tue 13 Jan
Opening music
Anyone know the opening music name & artist?
MarkH 9:28pm Tue 13 Jan
Male singer
I'd also like to know who it is singing. Reminds me of the voice in the opening credit song, Hollow Talks, by Choir of Young Believers.
Also interested 11:48am Tue 13 Jan
Ridiculous plots, lazy writing with inconceivable leaps of logic to solve crimes, unauthentic, corny dialogue, terrible acting. Can't wait for the next one.
Watched 10:22pm Wed 7 Jan
no hands
Is ther any reason why the dci in silent witness cannot take her hands out her pockets
CONNY 9:29pm Wed 7 Jan
Seems this site is doubling up on questions
confused 5:31pm Wed 7 Jan
Nikki raised the dead young student's head, turned it to the side and then dropped it down and moved on!
bemused 8:03pm Wed 21 May
superb episode
Brilliant acting throughout and excellent blend of incidents.
bemused 11:17pm Tue 13 May
Series 5 "Faith"
Totally lost on part 2 of this, what was the DI Toner listening to on the tape which led to the arrest of the director dupen?
TJ 1:11pm Sun 9 Mar
Watching these originals only re-inforces my opinion how wooden the later ones with Emilea Fox really are!
bemused 11:05pm Tue 11 Feb
Sound Music +++
I used to love the old one and even though Fox is most likely a great actor and the sound person is tops and the music? Sorry, it all drives me crazy with boredom ....all of my friends and I still have it on because there is nothing else to watch. Not that we actually watch it! It is so extremely tiresome. The sound is awful - no control and voices and script are impossible to follow. I really would like to watch it, and I do keep it on but please oh please make some serious changes.
Ex-Fan 9:51pm Fri 31 Jan
What exactly is Jack's profession? I thought he was a pathologist! If that is the case why was he so heavily involved in the tracking down and capture of the suspects, surely this would not be allowed in the 'real world'
confused 9:56am Sat 25 Jan
overegg the pudding!
We do get that Nuri (the boyfriend) was tortured. Was there really a need to show his face several times throughout?
bemused 10:20pm Fri 24 Jan
This two episode storyline was more like it used to be.
bemused 10:37pm Fri 10 Jan
is this for the deaf
what about the blind?
Kdenny 8:46pm Fri 10 Jan
Decent Drama
At least there is one drama that I can enjoy watching
simpsoap01 6:04pm Sat 12 Jan
Silent Witness Series 16 'Change'
Part 2 Nikki in the sewer with Jack finds victims inhaler and in an explanation to him refers to the inhaler as being a Steroid Inhaler when in fact the inhaler she is holding is not a Steroid but a Ventolin (Salbutamol) inhaler which does open up the airways.
Domino 12:24pm Sat 12 Jan
Getting a bit far fetched
Desperate plots these days. The cast deserve better writers. Bring back Waking the Dead for realism.
Fat Controller 5:51pm Thu 4 Oct
I love this programme :)
It's my favourite programme currently on tv :D I wasn't so keen on Sam Ryan episodes but I love Harry, Nikki and Leo :)
Rosey 11:47pm Mon 17 Sep
two thirty something asian men wait outside school gates and then take two schoolgirls in uniform shopping in broad daylight. The story subject is real enough but the culprits are more subtle than that which is how they are getting away with it for so long.
doubletake 10:36pm Sun 19 Aug
A story too far
Shot in the leg, walking within minutes, no blood loss... LOL really, defies belief. Someone, somewhere is very desperate for a story lines. Woefully abysmal
Oblomov 10:42pm Mon 7 May
As others have said.
All getting way too far-fetched. Earlier series were much better (once Amanda Burton and her wooden acting had gone) and a return to feasible plots would be well received.
Dai Laffin 2:30pm Sun 6 May
A stretch too far
I have always been willing to suspend my disbelief in some of the less credible story lines since the show first started. In return I have generally been rewarded with some cracking tv drama. This series, however, has descended into a combination of keystone cops meets Ghostbusters and The Exorcist. I'm afraid it all smacks of desperation. Sad really, but it must be time for the crew to pack up their scalpels and head off into the sunset.
DevonWatcher 9:06am Tue 1 May
Too Far Fetched
Isn't it terrible when you have submitted a comment, and then realise you have spelt something wrong in the "Comment Title"... Arghhhhh! Yes I do know the difference between "To", "Too" & "Two". Also NOT "TWOO" God I've even typed RIDICULOUS with "RE"......
Crumhorn 4:47pm Tue 24 Apr
To far fetched
This programme has now entered the realms of the silly season. The writer should be hung. You stumble across a road accident, and you don't think to phone for an ambulance? Then you go of to a house, without contacting the police or again an ambulance, and there's twoo of you!!!! Totally rediculous.
Crumhorn 10:16am Tue 24 Apr
totally unprofessional
I know this is a work of fiction but Leo's action.... drummed out of the profession within seconds..the one man crusade... ROFL.. and the anger.. from a professional "scientist" No way Jose
Oblomov 11:35pm Mon 23 Apr
Too much
Last nights closing scene was completely unnecessary like other posters it made me feel sick I won't be watching tonight I'm afraid not what the show is about for me. Stop trying to shock us and concentrate on a plot!
Laural99 8:47pm Mon 23 Apr
Upsetting scene on Tv!
The scene in the toilets really upset me. I felt sick how wicked people can be in real life. Been watching from start with Amanda Burton. Love Silent Witness fantastic series weldone BBC1.
Michx) 2:47pm Mon 23 Apr
Worst scene on Tv ever!
The last scene in the toilets has got to be the worse on BBc TV I have ever seen, it left me feeling sick & a little unsettled. Truely gritty episode.
Debsx 10:44pm Sun 22 Apr
What was happening to the guy in the toilet I,feel sick
Clo 10:11pm Sun 22 Apr
Wake me when its over I got lost in part one
brockle 5:37pm Mon 9 Apr

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