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Obscurity knocks.
Sceptic 7:41pm Sat 13 Jan

Ryte (awful duo )
First two words out of her mouth when describing her partner when they met were awkward and stalker. Bodes well for when they slip back into obscurity.
Sceptic 4:01pm Sun 7 Jan
Deffo a bird of prey...
georgie 1:28pm Mon 3 Apr
Emmas more like a klingon than cling on.
trekkie. 11:16am Mon 3 Apr
After watching the final I can see that one dinosaur will not be returning. May be the cling on presenter too. ps if that was a touchy feely man.........
georgie 11:02am Mon 3 Apr
Mo will go far. . . . As far as the nearest job centre.
bluebird. 9:00pm Sun 2 Apr
The winner
Will mo be seen singing live very soon he is amazing singer the best voice of 2017 he will go far
Sammy jay 8:47pm Sun 2 Apr
Really can't wait
to find out the winner.........oops only joking. Makes no matter as you never hear of them again!!
reuben 7:05pm Sun 2 Apr
oh no
The Voice, Ninja turtles or warriors or whatever its called. Oh how i hate Saturday night TV.
katey 5:28pm Sat 4 Feb
Why does he always pick the girl in the sing offs? Answers on a postcard please.
once more 8:44pm Sat 27 Feb
TThey also
bring back people whose career has dried up. Not fair for those starting out.
once more 7:05pm Sun 14 Feb
second chances
There must be thousands of people trying to get that one break on the voice. Despite this, they insist on bringing back people who have already appeared before on the show and failed. This seems unfair but presumably they have friends in high places !
simonsays 7:32pm Sat 13 Feb
Paloma Faith
Please bring back Rita Ora and get rid of Paloma Faith. I cringe whenever Paloma speak. She sounds stupid.
dingledorf 12:14pm Sat 13 Feb
Boy George
Seeing Boy George on this in light of his not to longago conviction for dubious sexual activities makes my stomach churn & I feel pity for his VICTIM/s who now have to suffer this insult by the BBC
Zaphod 2:17pm Sat 16 Jan
At Last!!!
Been waiting for the new series. Love it. Always watch it. Better than X Factor!xxx
loobyloo 12:57pm Sat 9 Jan
Sally Barker. ..
... should have won in 2014, shouldn't she?
Thomas the Worshipper 9:28pm Mon 4 Jan
14 episodes of crap karaoke! Who needs it.
FFS 1:31pm Sat 10 Jan
In my opinion
Leah should have won last year, and Christinal Marie this year, will we ever get it right ? At least it makes a change from the over hyped XF, I think it has evolved into a fun entertaining programme, without the silly fall outs, over dramatic's and wall to wall tears of the XF.
music fan. 9:35am Mon 7 Apr
I have watched the voice
Again and Christina Marie was absolutely wonderful,am dissapointed that she didn't win,I hope she records a no 1
Mary 8:50pm Sun 6 Apr
I wonder if this years winner will be successful
Unlike the last two years winners,they were never heard of again.
Mary 9:50pm Sat 5 Apr
What a Farce
Christina Maria stuck out a mile to be the winner.
crynshame 9:02pm Sat 5 Apr
No Way|||
confused 9:00pm Sat 5 Apr
Guest Male singer
That was pathetic!!!
taylor 8:53pm Sat 5 Apr
Jermain was amazing he brought tears to me eyes he's a winner no matter what...love you jermain ur dopexxxx
mand 8:48pm Sat 5 Apr
You look absolutely stunning tonight,Holly W pales into the back Ground compared to you.your outfit is beautiful
Jazz 7:38pm Sat 5 Apr
Can not understand how chris did not go through ?
Nemo 8:57pm Sat 29 Mar
Where is Emma's taste in clothes coming from
The council clothes dump,.Emma you can do better
Jazz 7:48pm Sat 29 Mar
Viewers' biased in favour of male singers
Yet again, wherever there is a choice between a male and female singer in the vote-off, the British public has gone for the male. This is really disappointing, and I have seen the same with other TV singing contests. The weakness of this and other formats is that the producers probably have no idea of the demographics of the phone voters - I would guess that they are predominantly females.
Disappointed from Sussex 1:15am Mon 24 Mar
Smoking Kylie
So poor, Kylie too busy mucking around with Will to clap of her act as he leaves the stage, very false !!
Tortoise 7:32pm Sun 23 Mar
Good show
But Kylie and Will I Am need to act their age,some great singers this time round.Choice of winner will be difficult
MW 5:44pm Sun 23 Mar
The voice?
Kylie very annoying don't know who is worse kylie or Jessie j. Kylies singer choices leave a huge question mark in my my mind. Tom has the best singer the older woman,though where she will fit in in today's banality is hard to say
Likeitis 2:52pm Sun 23 Mar
so disappointing
setting aside the talent that was left out last week, this week has left almost no-one worth listening to. Only Sir Tom picked the best voice and I honestly hope that she wins. Will seems more interested in product placement than actually picking talent this year. The sooner tiny from down under moves on the better and don't get me started on Mr Rock Mediocre. There was so much genuine talent and promise in this show after the auditions, but we are now left with one or two. I guess reality TV is what is wanted and not a talent show.
idwilson 10:38am Sun 23 Mar
I was impressed by the singers tonight
Emma Willis,yellow dress and bright red shoes,not a good match And her hair was a bit stragely Emma you can do better.
MW 8:51pm Sat 22 Mar
why no proper singing
they all sing like wooden spoons
BBC spoons 5:32pm Sat 22 Mar
Picked her favourites and not the voices. It was so obvious. I'm sure her third choice was going to be another man but she bowed to pressure.
bemused 10:13pm Sat 15 Mar
Sorry to say guys not liking this show at all
Jazz 8:17pm Sat 15 Mar
Kylie and jade!!
Jade uses the crying technique to be chosen, the girls were much better!! Unlucky girls!!-(
Jpteapot 9:55pm Wed 12 Mar
I have heard better singers at a school concert
Very very disappointed at the voice this time round.
MW 9:06pm Sat 8 Mar
Georgia song title
Way fixed , song right up Georgia's street !!!
Cinderella 8:42pm Sat 8 Mar
shart on a stick
de do dat 7:51pm Sat 8 Mar
Didn't like JJ,she wanted the lime light
Kylie is no better,she loves herself
Don't like this series 9:30pm Sat 22 Feb
Where is Jessie J?
I really don't think Kilie is sincere. Its my opinion she has her own agenda. The show is supposed to focus on the voice or am I missing something?
bemused 9:10pm Sat 22 Feb
Well I have watched the Voice and
Found it no better than last week,it is a dissapointment,whoever chooses the people they want to sing needs to be sacked
Me 8:56pm Sat 22 Feb
Bet it cost the BBC a lot less for Emma Crosbie
Than they paid for Holly Willouby.I am glad for Emma she doesn't look like the dumb blond that she replaced,good luck Emma
Me 8:29pm Sat 22 Feb
Emma Willis
Seen on Big Brother, The Voice, This Morning. What does she know about the BBC and the children?
go away 5:13pm Sat 22 Feb
Hope tonight's show is better than last week
I am going to force myself to watch it if it doesn't improve then it will be goodby
Me 4:57pm Sat 22 Feb
Tonights show.
Loved the young 16 year old girl from Liverpool.Her rendition of "First time ever" was spellbinding!
FeatherHG 11:11pm Sat 15 Feb
Look forward to it!
I look forward to it every saturday! Love Ricky and Will.i.am!
JoJox 3:10pm Sat 15 Feb
This disaster of a show backs people with no talent and let's talented people go
Not prime time entertainment,has Kylie forgotten she is an adult and Will I Am well I am lost for words
Dissapointed 12:13pm Mon 10 Feb
The Voice
I don't pretend to be an expert except what my ears tell me. The chair remain still for some of the best voices and then they say they should have turned!! Also has Kylie only got one dress?
bemused 8:16pm Sun 9 Feb

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