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The reason I can't stand her is she is such a hypocrite. She reunites people on long lost family, yet she disowned her own mother. I know her mother had problems but you only get one mother.
Sceptic. 11:26am Sun 18 Feb

Mr Wonderful and Miss Tee-hee
Oh my days what a pair of narcissists. The false empathy of these two is beyond compare.
don'tbelieveallyouread 10:29pm Fri 16 Feb
2 most annoying people on the planet
OMG had to turn over - both trying too hard, their timing is dreadful. Davina is soo loud and they both talk too much and think they are funny - which they are definitely not. Please don't let them be regulars. Davina stip shouting!!
DeeDee 12:08pm Fri 16 Feb
LOVELY 11:58am Fri 16 Feb
noisy Davina
please ask her to calm down...SO loud and taking over the morning show,needs to stand back and let others speak
moaner 11:25am Fri 16 Feb
Sherrie hewson
An ad for not having a face lift, she always speaks like she's got a faceful of gobstoppers.
Sceptic. 6:04pm Wed 14 Feb
The models feet are disgusting
Anyone else noticed
Mary 11:57am Tue 13 Feb
Eamonn Holmes
Stuffing his fat face as usual.
Rory 12:28pm Mon 12 Feb
Henry Fraser - Mouth Painter
This is someone who deserves an OBE if he hasn't got one already NOT Eamonn Holmes with his lightweight career. What an incredible inspiration Henry is. Fantastic!
Johanna 10:59am Wed 7 Feb
Who does Schofield think he is ? What a vocabulary. He says What the hell and that's a hellava whatever.
scottie 12:18pm Tue 6 Feb
Schofield and Willoughby
All this FALSE uncontrollable giggling is getting on my nerves - and everyone else's too I suspect!! Desperately need change of lpresenters!!!!
Too much 12:15pm Tue 6 Feb
Alison King 'Carla'
Quite the worst - most unconvincing -actress on our screens.
Stella 7:59pm Mon 5 Feb
D*** out!
How pathetic and unfunny! Those two are like a couple of primary school children only less mature.
Liddy 6:34pm Mon 5 Feb
It's funny how schofield and Willoughby suddenly have an attack of the giggles, yet when they interview a crackpot from Yankee land who "lost his virginity "to an alien they are deadly serious. This is what they should be laughing at. It's all put on.
Sceptic. 11:00am Mon 5 Feb
Time to have a complete clear out. Everyone is sick of Schofield, Willoughby, HOLMES OBE and Langsford. They're everywhere!!!!
InWithTheNew 7:41am Mon 5 Feb
He's everywhere! On everything even on the ads now. Is he the only presenter now !!! Agree with previous comments!
Jeb 7:36pm Fri 2 Feb
Phils so sickly and smarmy. Holly, with all that slap on her face looks like a tranny. And an ugly one at that.
Codger 2:37pm Thu 1 Feb
So so fed up with Phil and Holly who seem to be on everything, cant we find some new faces, Phil has got such a smugness about him now, think hes such an expert on everything ! Boring we really need some new presenters, give Stephen Mullen a chance , younger and funnier !
Buzz 12:24pm Thu 1 Feb
What a stupid smug zippy face Philip Schofield has. He likes to think he can do anything better than anyone else even picking his nose faster. Time he did a real challenge not little boy things
patch 12:24pm Mon 29 Jan
This Morning
I am amazed how many dumb people actually voted for this programme.. I guess the average IQ of the voters was .2
HAHAHA 12:04pm Sat 27 Jan
Holly and Ben
I do not watch any programmes on morning ITV but if the previous comments are anything to go by Ben and Holly should have been sent home if they were still under the influence after there night out. No other employer would tolerate such behaviour
Annoyed 12:12pm Thu 25 Jan
Greedy guts.
Holly picking up a large square of shortcake and eating a corner. Greedy guts.
Pippa. 11:20am Thu 25 Jan
Old lush.
Hollys going down the same path as Paul Gascoigne. Then who will do her perfect hair and makeup.
Babs 2:08pm Wed 24 Jan
Used to love this morning but hearing Eamonn going on about Obe the other week and now Mr Ego himself Phil and his hangover from hell is a step too far .Man up !!Sick of seeing them now??
See Red 12:35pm Wed 24 Jan
Have Schofield and Willoughby got drink problem. Anyone going into work and bragging about having hangovers should be sacked. They are so intolerable and very over paid. Get some professional decent presenters on
time for change 11:41am Wed 24 Jan
I am sick and tired of Phil and Holly they seem to be on every show and now adverts with Phil. Sorry I only watch on Friday can't stand them,
Jeffrey 11:34am Wed 24 Jan
Human ken doll.
More like inhumane. Nutcase week, courtesy of the Americans. They all need to see a shrink.
Sceptic 11:37am Tue 23 Jan
Time for a change of presenters
Have got bored with Philip and Holly
Mary 10:33am Tue 23 Jan
Well someone married a gopher!
don'tbelieveallyouread 12:51pm Mon 22 Jan
I've never heard anything so stupid. A girl in America wants to marry her tetris game. Her previous boyfriend was a calculator. She needs psychiatric help. As do Phil and Holly for taking it so seriously.
Sceptic 11:42am Mon 22 Jan
Are you joking?
Alison talking about obesity amongst nurses. The last person I would ask about diet advice is Alison Hammond.
Barb. 11:21am Sat 20 Jan
I cannot stand Alison Hammond, she's so loud . Anyway, I don't believe that eamons Ill. Alisons eaten him.
Liz 10:53am Fri 19 Jan
this morning
I am sick and tired of seeing Phil and Holly on nearly every programme on tv, are there no other presenters on itv, this morning is a tired format and needs revamp.
pip 1:52pm Mon 15 Jan
Holly gets the time wrong, whoopee do. Stop the world i want to get off. She can compare herself, sort of to the victims of Harvey weinstein, she slept her way to the top, only it was with her husband.
Sal 9:52am Fri 12 Jan
What a hypocrite 1970s tart Debbie Arnold is. Moaning about unwanted male attention. All this from a talentless bimbo who made her money flashing her chest and being chased on the benny Hill show.
Ernie. 11:34am Wed 10 Jan
Eamonn Holmes
If I see him.on any more programmes (currently on CBB Bit on the Side) with people fawning over him because of his OBE, I SHALL SCREAM!!
Lauri 11:54pm Fri 5 Jan
Overweight, Bloated, Eejit.
Drongo. 9:33pm Fri 5 Jan
free loaders
Does Eamonn Holmes and his wife ever feed themselves. Everything cooked on this morning is guzzled down as though they've never eaten for days with Eamonn slobbering down his face. He's disgusting
moonbeam 11:31am Fri 5 Jan
Yes he had the trots and sickness. That is what OBE stands for "Open Both Ends" as he is always full of it
HAHAHA 12:09pm Tue 2 Jan
I am absolutely disgusted to hear that Eamonn Holmes has been awarded an OBE.
PD 10:45pm Fri 29 Dec
Addams family?
What is it with celebs and family photos. Holly, Emma Willis and now rio ferdinand posing with their families but you only see the back of the heads. Why bother. Unless they are auditioning for cousin IT from the addams family.
Sceptic 4:11pm Christmas Day
Time foe a Change
The only time I enjoy This Morning is on a Friday and during the school holidays. I am really fed up with "Holly and Phil's playtime" as that is what the show has turned into. They should be on children's TV. Why does Holly put on a squeaky voice?
Christina 10:04am Wed 20 Dec
Previous comments.
After reading the last two comments I must agree with the previous one. I only hope that the mother isn't doing it so she can keep in touch with the recipient's as their details should be confidential.
Sceptic 6:03pm Tue 19 Dec
Don't agree
with bringing the mite into the world to harvest her organs. Fair enough if a child has died. That's my opinion.
onlysaying 1:31pm Tue 19 Dec
Hayley and Scott.
Hayley will be giving birth to a stillborn daughter. Instead of a termination she will be giving birth and donating the baby's organs for transplant. What a wonderful woman.
Faith restored. 10:59am Tue 19 Dec
Guzzling drink from the bottle early morning. Should be on Jeremy kyle, as both have a drink problem.
Sceptic 11:42am Tue 12 Dec
What is that sticking out the side of Toffs top ?
Jen 11:06am Mon 11 Dec
Money mad
Schofield is on the we buy any car dot com ad as a statue. Please can someone topple it over and beat it with a shoe.
Sceptic 8:00pm Sun 10 Dec
absolutely shocking
A full Christmas dinner made by Phil Vickery on Friday for Eamonn Holmes and his wife. Dawn French and Ryland Clark and drinking Champagne with Holmes shoving food down his throat. Enough to make me vomit. Money should be spent on more worthy causes than these untalented fools
Im foaming 3:12pm Sat 9 Dec
A woman has physical relationships with spirits and wants to get pregnant by one. She's crazy. Too much whisky and not enough water has addled her brain.
Zee 1:13pm Thu 7 Dec

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