The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Season 1 Episode 3of 16
Plenty of Baggage Adrienne invites the ladies and their husbands to her casino resort, but a fight breaks out between Camille and Kyle, which continues all the way home
Category Challenge/Reality Show
ITV2  4:10pm-5:05pm (55 minutes) Tue 16 Jul
(Subtitles) (Repeat)
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Show Comments
Season 3
Season 3 is now showing on Lifetime TV. Next episode 5th jan 7pm
Babs   10:58pm Sun 29 Dec

Episode 8
When will Season 3 Episode 8 be shown
jj   8:29pm Sat 28 Dec

Housewives enquiry
When will season three of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills be shown in the UK? We have now seen seasons 1 and 2 twice over and the U.S is about to start season four.
jackie059   7:17am Sun 3 Nov

Has anybody got an update of wen season 3 will be shown on UK tv.
Jinty   7:55pm Sun 20 Oct

It's called TV guide isn't it? Not TV reviews?
SallyM   9:41pm Tue 9 Apr

its a review site?!
But this is a website for reviews so why would they answer your questions?!
Real Housewife   5:07pm Tue 9 Apr

What's the point???!!!
I don't understand this website. What's the point of being able to post comments if no one can give any answers? I too love rhobh and would love to know when it's coming back but the TV guide people don't seem to help.
Bbfrank   10:33pm Mon 8 Apr

when is season 3 airing in uk?
caz   11:46pm Wed 27 Feb

Season 3 start date
Has anyone got a clue as of when rhwobh season 3 starts
Joz   4:23pm Thu 31 Jan

Stepford Wives
Do these women really think they look good? They are all walking talking plastic Barbies. All are hideous examples of the misuse of cosmetic surgery and SO false.
P V   4:34pm Fri 4 Jan

...kelsey grammer´s wife.....
...has obviously got a really serious personality disorder...the woman is absolutely revolting !!!!
g   12:59am Wed 23 Mar

watching this after having seen......
rich, famous and in the slums just makes me want to vomit. $60,000 spent on a four year old´s party uggghhhh........
g   12:43am Wed 16 Mar

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