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5USA +1
12:00am-2:00am (2 hours ) Fri 15 Aug

NCIS Movie: Judgement Day

Category: Detective/Thriller
3 votes
Season 5
Judgement Day - Parts One and Two The funeral of a special agent in Los Angeles leads Shepard on a dangerous covert mission to finish some classified business she began a decade previously in Europe. While investigating a mysterious Russian connected to the past operation, Ziva is unable to shake the feeling that the director is in trouble and does her own undercover work to help. Feature-length edition of the crime drama, starring Lauren Holly, Cote de Pablo and Sean Murray

Category: Detective/Thriller

Director: Thomas J Wright
Writer: Steven D Binder, David J North


Jenny Shepard Lauren Holly  (IMDB)
Ziva David Cote de Pablo  (IMDB)
Tim McGee Sean Murray  (IMDB)
Abby Sciuto Pauley Perrette  (IMDB)
Dr Donald `Ducky' Mallard David McCallum  (IMDB)
Leroy Jethro Gibbs Mark Harmon  (IMDB)
Anthony DiNozzo Michael Weatherly  (IMDB)
Mike Franks Muse Watson  (IMDB)
Jimmy Palmer Brian Dietzen  (IMDB)
Frankie Wyatt Smith  (IMDB)
William Decker Marc Vahanian  (IMDB)
George Terrence Hardy Jr  (IMDB)
Sasha Gordon Betsy Rue  (IMDB)

5USA +1
12:00am-2:00am (2 hours )Fri 15 Aug

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