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CI +1
CI +1
4:00am-5:00am (1 hour ) Mon 16 Nov

The Forensic Squad

Category: Factual Crime
Episode 3 of 3
Season 1
The Perfect Murder Examining three murder cases in which the killers thought they had escaped justice. In 2008, various body parts were discovered in Arbroath, and it emerged the victim was a Lithuanian migrant worker. In 2009, the corpse of Carol Jarvis, who was killed by her husband Harry, was found under the floorboards of their West Lothian home. Plus, the case of 63-year-old John Kennedy from Dundee, who was stabbed by his neighbour in 2012

Category: Factual Crime

Director: Alex McCall
Producer: Alex McCall, Robert Beedham

CI +1
4:00am-5:00am (1 hour )Mon 16 Nov

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