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Channel 5 +1
Channel 5 +1
10:00pm-11:00pm (1 hour ) Mon 3 Mar

Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!

Category: Documentary
78 votes
Episode 2 of 4
Season 1
Repossession agents Mike Allonby and Terry Jones travel to Cheshire to collect a vehicle from a woman who owes several hundred pounds on a loan, then they head to Liverpool to recover a Jaguar X-Type. High court enforcement officers Paul Bohill and Steve Pinner carry out an order to evict a couple with young children in London's East End just a few days before Christmas, and in Essex try to track down a man who owes more than £10,000 to his landlord

Category: Documentary

Executive Producer: Malcolm Brinkworth
Series Producer: Adrian Padmore

Channel 5 +1
10:00pm-11:00pm (1 hour )Mon 3 Mar

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Show Comments

R.I.P. Mike Allonby
Condolences to the family of Mike Allonby (A.T.A.R. Recovery Agent) featured in the programme who sadly died last week aged 47. The way he dealt with the mother who was having her people carrier taken away showed what a gent he really was. Rest in peace Mike :-(
AndyTee   9:55pm Tue 4 Mar

please tell me how to get in touch with the ex army chap that was on this show can we stand by and watch an ex army personnal who has health problems loose his home! working all the hours he can this poor man please stand with me and help this chap do some soul searching the great british public
mrs rogers   10:15pm Tue 25 Feb

Given the pressures and worries on the average family nowadays, on what planet do channel 5 consider this to be a subject for entertainment, disgusting show, should be taken off air immediately
Robl   8:33pm Tue 25 Feb

One for Channel 5
C'mon Channel 5 producers. Wake up to what's going on in Britain today before you start producing one-sided programmes of this sort. Get some proper research done, you never know, you may actually benefit from it yourselves...
landlubber   11:27pm Mon 24 Feb

Debt collectors and certified bailiffs are idiots, easily sent packing with a single letter, even High Court bailiffs can be sent packing when you know the law and how to approach them.   8:11pm Mon 24 Feb

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