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Star Trek: Voyager

Category: Science Fiction
Episode 5 of 26 | Season 6
Fri 21 Oct
2:10am-3:10am (1 hour)

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Watching Voyager on PICK TV 6pm UK, a 2 part episode is supposed to have a the 2nd part shown, midweek it's simply vanished, no explanation nothing
ticked off   6:10pm Tue 3 Jul Report Abuse

repeats ......
repeats ...... repeats , when are the going to bring out a new S trek series :o(
T Borg   8:33pm Thu 2 Dec Report Abuse

Someone left this comment: 'Plastic acting, senseless plots.' I disagree, unless they were speaking about a specific episode. The show as a whole actually has some very good episodes here and there, and the one airing today ('Someone to Watch Over Me') is one of them, in my opinion. It's a bittersweet character piece on the Doctor (perhaps the best actor on the show) and his relationship with Seven, and it works wonderfully on all levels. Voyager certainly isn't the best Trek, and I have criticised it to a great degree in the past, but it still has some good moments mixed in with the bad. To condemn the entire series is silly.
Riposte   2:50pm Fri 17 Sep Report Abuse

Does anyone else think...
...that Janeway is really annoying ? I used to like this show years back but I can't stand her for more than five minutes these days.
Jim   7:31pm Wed 8 Sep Report Abuse

does anybody ever get to watch a programme?
i just go round and round in circles with yopur web pages and never to to actually starting to view the programme i want. your system is crap.
woodworm   3:41pm Sat 31 Jul Report Abuse

I'd have loved to watch it. Except the crappy software just takes me to iTunes shop.
ennay   3:50pm Thu 15 Jul Report Abuse

It told me I had to have iTunes installed. So, I said, OK... so off it went... & went .... & went. It took so long I just gave up, and went and watched BBC instead. I'd suggest you find a decent 3rd party supplier for these functions.
ennay   3:32pm Thu 15 Jul Report Abuse

no no no no no, you got it all wrong. there are 153 crew members when they leave earth, and not that many have died and they have taken new members on board as well, on top of that i don't ever remember 87 crewman dying in a continuing episode, they only die in those where they travel in time
nerd geek   10:48am Mon 24 May Report Abuse

Dead crewmembers
I always wonder where they get new crew from, considering that they've lost hundreds via all the crap they've been through. The ship's always getting shot or invaded or something, and Neelix is always like, "Durp, my sensorz indicate 87 crewmen are dead lol", yet they never seem short of people to keep the ship running. DO they do little recruitment drives every time they touch down on a planet? If so, stafleet must have hit its alien ethnic minority quota through Voyager's crew alone!
Alyss   5:46pm Tue 4 May Report Abuse

I love voyager
One thing I don't understand though, is why they want to come back here? If I was on voyager I would break something or eject the warp core, so we couldn't get here. I would clean the plasma conduits if they wanted me to? They don't know how lucky they are? Their own quarters, no mortgage, all the food they can eat, a holodeck, a doctor who can fix anything? Nutters!
fozzo   5:15pm Mon 19 Apr Report Abuse


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1184 votes
Alice Paris is persuaded to buy a second-hand space shuttle, which promptly assumes a female form with an agenda of its own. Sci-fi adventure, starring Robert Duncan McNeill

Category: Science Fiction


Capt Kathryn Janeway Kate Mulgrew (IMDB)
Seven of Nine Jeri Ryan (IMDB)
Lt Tuvok Tim Russ (IMDB)
Alice Claire Rankin (IMDB)
Lt Thomas Eugene Paris Robert Duncan McNeill (IMDB)
Lt B'Elanna Torres Roxann Dawson (IMDB)
Ensign Harry Kim Garrett Wang (IMDB)
The Doctor Robert Picardo (IMDB)
Chakotay Robert Beltran (IMDB)
Neelix Ethan Phillips (IMDB)

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