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24 Hours in A&E Episode Guide

Season 2 Episode 4
A builder falls at work and dislocates his shoulder in such an unusual way it takes a five-strong team to pull it into place. A man in his sixties who had one leg amputated in 2009 comes in with the other dangerously swollen following a holiday in Goa, and an 83-year-old has to be persuaded by senior sister AnnMarie to accept treatment for a cyst on his knee

Season 2 Episode 5
A 19-year-old is flown in with a possible penile fracture resulting from a canal barge accident, and while his parents make jokes to try to lighten the atmosphere, the injury could have serious repercussions for his future. A man with an injured finger following a night of clubbing contemplates his upcoming gender reassignment therapy, which will include taking hormones, while an 80-year-old with terminal cancer arrives after collapsing at her home

Season 3 Episode 1
New series. Return of the documentary following life inside one of Britain's busiest A&E departments at King's College Hospital in south London. A doctor is shocked when a young woman arrives in resus with life-threatening swelling on her brain following a random attack by a stranger on the streets, while a mother faces an agonising wait as tests are carried out on her 12-year-old son, who was hit by a car and airlifted to King's by emergency medics. A 90-year-old former circus performer is also in A&E after collapsing at home, and news of his colourful past quickly circulates among the staff

Season 3 Episode 2
Eighty-year-old Rose has fluid on her lungs and is having trouble breathing. Her daughters Christine, Sandra and Debbie put on brave faces around her bedside, convincing her that everything will be all right, but in the relatives' room there's high emotion as they contemplate life without their mother. Also in resus at King's College Hospital is Kevin, a 55-year-old trucker who has sustained injuries in a road accident

Season 3 Episode 3
A 39-year-old man is flown to King's College Hospital after being involved in a head-on collision while driving a friend's sports car, and doctors fear his injuries could leave him paralysed. Meanwhile, 21-year-old Thomassine requires treatment following a skateboarding accident and the staff see to Matias, 34, who has been dragged along a station platform by a moving train

Season 3 Episode 4
The staff at King's College Hospital treat patients on Valentine's Day, including a 53-year-old psychologist who has injured his shoulder in a motorcycle accident. His partner is abroad and he doesn't want to worry her, so he decides to keep the incident a secret. Also in the A&E department are a man with a bleed on the brain and an elderly widower who has been bitten by his dog

Season 3 Episode 5
Doctors assess the injuries of 47-year-old Chrissie, who was hit by a motorcycle as she crossed the road, but her husband Tim is caught in the traffic jam her accident has caused, leaving him struggling to get to the hospital. John is in resus in a confused state following a suspected stroke, and Benedict, who is 22, has come into King's because of his drinking problem

Season 3 Episode 6
Eight-year-old Abby has had an accident at a diving pool and needs to have her head and neck scanned for serious injuries. Worried mum Nikki puts on a brave face while doctors perform tests, but dad Scott is stuck hundreds of miles away in Scotland. Meanwhile, Anne and Holton - part of a security team dealing with more than 50 incidents a month - encounter a variety of challenging patients on the night shift at King's College Hospital in London

Season 3 Episode 7
Patients arriving at King's College Hospital in London include 26-year-old Nicholas, whose jaw has been dislocated in an unprovoked attack, and Tyrell, 17, who needs to have a blackened toenail removed following a football injury. Meanwhile, Ho has brought his grandmother Amoui to the ward after finding her collapsed in her flat

Season 3 Episode 8
Single father Gary, 47, is put in a medically induced coma at King's College Hospital to reduce the risk of brain damage following a serious motorcycle accident, and 69-year-old Steve confronts his fear of needles when a nurse has to remove a fishbone stuck in his finger. Meanwhile, 58-year-old lung cancer patient Terry is in A&E with his carer Sandy, a year after being given two weeks to live

Season 3 Episode 9
Scaffolder Thomas arrives at King's College Hospital after suffering a head injury at a building site and doctors are concerned he may have fractured his skull, back or neck. Hilton, 85, has diabetes and is worried about his swollen legs, and retired architect Edgar is struggling to breathe following an asthma attack. Meanwhile, in the waiting room, two women make friends and swap stories and jokes

Season 3 Episode 10
The staff of King's College Hospital reflect on the different ways in which people deal with physical and emotional pain as they treat a new batch of patients. Ahmed, 28, dislocated his shoulder during a game of American football and grits his teeth as a doctor slots it back into place. Meanwhile, 24-year-old Lee is living with Behcet's disease, a condition that affects his nervous system and causes pain so severe he passes out, and father-of-four Simon, 30, has been found unconscious at the bottom of a stairwell and it emerges he hasn't eaten for days following a relationship break-up

Season 3 Episode 11
War veteran Douglas, 94, is brought into King's College Hospital with breathing difficulties by his youngest daughter and full-time carer Sylvie, while 97-year-old Hector's airway is at risk of collapsing and his blood pressure is dangerously high. The programme also meets 69-year-old Steve, who had to give up his job as a plumber four years ago following a road accident. He's on the ward seeking treatment for a fractured shoulder after falling off a chair

Season 3 Episode 12
Senior nurse Scott deals with a very busy shift in resus, where every bed is occupied and patients continue to arrive, including 56-year-old Pauline, who has hit her head in an accident at home. Aerial fitter David, 62, has life-threatening injuries after falling 30ft from a roof, while opera critic John is in minors with a bad ankle, and 78-year-old former window cleaner Alfred talks about coming to terms with his wife's death

Season 3 Episode 13
Sarah, 35, arrives at King's College Hospital concerned that a brain tumour she first had as a teenager has returned. Helen, 47, is worried about her baby son James, who was born with a hole in his heart and one kidney, and has been vomiting since the morning, while 28-year-old Wayne seeks treatment for knife wounds to his leg after he tried to stop someone stealing his girlfriend's phone

Season 3 Episode 14
Tree surgeon Kevin, 57, arrives at King's College Hospital in London with breathing difficulties, having fallen off a ladder onto a metal bar, while 11-year-old Archie has cut his lip in an accident at school and is worried about stitches. Elsewhere, a drink-related fall has left 53-year-old John with a head injury, and barman Ross, 31, needs treatment for a fractured eye socket following an alcohol-fuelled night out

Season 3 Episode 15
Staff nurse Graeme is attacked by a prisoner who has been brought to King's College Hospital for treatment and the team has to restrain the patient before giving him the care he needs. Father-of-two Tony, 59, is rushed in by helicopter medics following a head-on traffic collision, 85-year-old Eric arrives with ongoing stomach problems and 79-year-old Jim, who is experiencing breathing difficulties, quickly strikes up a rapport with the female staff and muses on what it means to be a gentleman

Season 3 Episode 16
Motorcyclist Richard, 23, is rushed into A&E by helicopter after crashing into a parked car and newly promoted consultant Fleur sends him off for scans, with his dad Ian racing to the hospital to check on his son's condition. Bar worker Bobby, 22, stood barefoot on a broken wine bottle and his best friend Sophie provides moral support and distracts him while junior doctor Ed stitches his wound. Meanwhile, 75-year-old Sarah has fallen and fractured her wrist, but deals with the pain stoically in the company of her daughter Lorraine and son Kieron

Season 3 Episode 17
A young man who has had a severe reaction to a recreational drug is wheeled into Resus by paramedics, and senior sister Jen and the medical team face a challenge to calm their patient down so they can treat him. A 65-year-old woman is brought in by her best friends after hitting her head when she fell off a chair while playing bingo, and a 31-year-old man with multiple sclerosis is rushed in after developing a fever at home

Season 3 Episode 18
Schizophrenic Graham, 75, is brought to King's College Hospital after being stabbed in the neck by a stranger on his doorstep, and needs a CT scan to reveal the extent of his wound. Former nursery nurse Pat, 89, also arrives on the ward, having been found at the bottom of the stairs at home with no recollection of how she got there, while palliative care nurse Tracey treats 72-year-old retired postman Michael, who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer

Season 3 Episode 19
On a busy Saturday night at King's College Hospital, staff have to juggle the needs of elderly patients and sick children alongside those who are drunk or violent. Paramedics bring 12-year-old Grace into resus after she falls down a flight of stairs, while Sarah and Andy are concerned for their 10-month-old son Dexter, who has a high temperature and is unresponsive. Elsewhere, clinical site manager Gordon has a series of tests as a result of senior sister Jen noticing his bloodshot eye

Season 3 Episode 20
The staff of King's College Hospital treat patients involved in traffic accidents. Jade from Kent is brought in after being hit by a car and knocked under a bus on her way to school, and doctors are concerned the 12-year-old may have fractured her skull. Meanwhile, Geraldine, 60, has been injured while trying to cross the road, and after recently being released from prison 40-year-old Brian is in minors with a broken ankle, but the swelling means his electronic curfew tag will have to be removed

Season 3 Episode 21
Medics at King's College Hospital treat 79-year-old Arthur, who has been brought into resus with acute stomach discomfort and has several underlying conditions that could be to blame. Meanwhile, 20-year-old wine merchant Tom is rushed into A&E after collapsing with sharp chest pains and breathing difficulties, and retired soldier Rockey is concerned about his blurred vision

Season 4 Episode 1
New series. Return of the documentary following life inside one of Britain's busiest A&E departments at King's College Hospital in south London. The staff treat patients involved in serious road accidents, including 48-year-old retired soldier Steve, who was found unconscious at the wheel, 11-year-old schoolgirl Scarlett, who has been knocked down by a car, and Pauline, 70, who was hit by a vehicle that mounted the pavement, seriously injuring her lower legs

Season 4 Episode 2
Young parents Nicole and Stefian arrive in resus with their 19-month-old daughter Xah'Nae, who is unresponsive and has a high fever, and doctors fear she may have a life-threatening infection. Meanwhile, the team suspects 61-year-old Christine has suffered a second stroke in 10 years, and 52-year-old Graham, who has Down's syndrome, is brought into A&E by his sisters following an accident

Season 4 Episode 3
Bill, 92, arrives at King's with breathing difficulties and a swollen leg and test results suggest there may be something seriously wrong, while 25-year-old Sarah is finding it hard to stand up and has been brought in by her mum and grandfather. She has learning difficulties as a result of an inherited genetic disorder and doctors are concerned she may have suffered a stroke

Season 4 Episode 4
Peggy, 85, arrives at the hospital by ambulance, having injured her knee at home. It's the second time she has fallen in two months and medics want to find out if there's a more serious underlying cause. Meanwhile, the team keeps a close eye on 75-year-old Bob, who has had a suspected heart attack, and Ben, 25, isn't overly concerned by his swollen finger, until a doctor diagnoses cellulitis

Season 4 Episode 5
Schoolboy Eddie, 12, is brought into A&E having been hit by a car on his way home from school, and doctors are concerned he may have suffered a bleed on the brain, as well as damage to his kidneys. Meanwhile, 64-year-old Linda, who breathes with the help of a tracheostomy, arrives at King's after experiencing respiratory failure at home, and student Amy, 20, has been coughing up blood

Season 4 Episode 6
Doctors are concerned that 38-year-old Stacie may be paralysed following an accident at a friend's all-night party, while 19-year-old veterinary student Ashleigh is rushed into A&E after being involved in a high-speed head-on car crash. Elsewhere, Peter, 78, arrives at King's with abdominal pains, and as he receives treatment, he paints a picture of his eventful life

Season 5 Episode 1
New series. Return of the documentary following life inside one of Britain's busiest A&E departments at King's College Hospital in south London. It's Red Nose Day, but there's little to laugh about for 33-year-old Dilson, who is rushed in with knife wounds to his head and neck after being attacked outside a nightclub. Meanwhile, 79-year-old Doreen has broken her wrist in a fall at home, and parents Keeley and Michael are concerned by the fact their toddler Cydney hasn't urinated for two days

Season 5 Episode 2
Fifty-year-old mechanical engineer Graham is rushed into King's College Hospital in south London with a suspected heart attack, and after his brother reminisces about their carefree youth, the doctor suggests Graham's problems may be related to his more recent stressful lifestyle. Meanwhile, 71-year-old Pat is found unconscious by her husband, and 65-year-old Mick is discovered lying in the street with blood coming out of his ear. In both cases, the medics suspect brain haemorrhages, so scans are required

Season 5 Episode 3
Doctors run tests on 89-year-old Alyce, who has been brought to King's by ambulance after falling near her home, and 23-year-old groom-to-be Sean is examined following an epileptic seizure lasting most of the night. Meanwhile, John, 57, has suffered bouts of delirium as a result of liver disease and may have developed hepatitis C after experimenting with drugs 40 years ago. John is learning to live with the consequences of his actions and trying to spend as much time as he can with his son Sean, who has a terminal brain disorder

Season 5 Episode 4
Arriving at King's College Hospital this week is 56-year-old Malcolm, who is put on life support after a cardiac arrest. Nightclub host Phil, 36, receives treatment for chronic pain in his back and side, and realises his party lifestyle is taking its toll, while medics discover 61-year-old Bob has suffered a stroke. Doctors also see to Kamilla, 12, who has been knocked down by a car on a pedestrian crossing

Season 5 Episode 5
Tensions run high at King's College Hospital when police suspect a patient is concealing a weapon, while 58-year-old mother-of-four Hillary arrives in resus with a severe head injury after falling from her horse. Icylyn's bloated abdomen baffles the medical team and she has to wait overnight for a diagnosis, and 14-year-old Chloe receives treatment following her involvement in a fight

Season 5 Episode 6
Sister Jen is on duty in resus looking after 48-year-old Bobby, who has been suffering from seizures at home. Bobby has spent most of his adult life in prison for a number of violent crimes including murder. Meanwhile, 70-year-old Ronald had to cut short his 46th wedding anniversary celebrations after experiencing breathing difficulties, and Rienelle, seven, receives treatment after falling from the top of a climbing frame at school

Season 5 Episode 7
Registrar Ling is concerned about 23-year-old David, who has been brought to King's College Hospital after having seizures for 30 minutes and isn't responding to drugs. Ling weighs up the benefits of putting him into an induced coma to stop the attacks. Meanwhile, 49-year-old Suzette is brought in following an accident involving a cyclist, and Selin is accompanied by her best friend Maria to receive treatment for a cut

Season 5 Episode 8
The team treats 78-year-old Kevin, who suffered a cardiac arrest at the gym and fortunately received life-saving treatment at the scene from an instructor trained to use a portable defibrillator. Meanwhile, 23-year-old paramedic Declan is sent for an emergency CT scan, and Monica, 83, is experiencing numbness in her leg following a fall at home, and her initial X-ray appears to indicate she has a broken neck

Season 6 Episode 1
Documentary following life inside one of Britain's busiest A&E departments at King's College Hospital in south London. Four-year-old Alfie is rushed in with a broken thighbone after falling off his bike, the medical team suspects 19-year-old rugby player Chris has suffered neck and spinal injuries, while James, 42, arrives with chest pains and breathing difficulties

Season 6 Episode 2
The documentary follows the work of the stroke team at south London's King's College Hospital. Laura's family faces a big decision when the 72-year-old grandmother is found to have a blood clot on her brain, while father-of-three Nic, the over-40s National BMX Champion, collapses in reception after suffering an accident while training for a stunt. The medics also treat 83-year-old Marjorie, who is complaining of a pain behind her eye following a recent bout of shingles

Season 6 Episode 3
Brian, 74, is brought into King's by ambulance after falling backwards down a flight of stairs and being knocked unconscious at his partner's house. Sylvester arrives in paediatric A&E with his two-year-old son, who has cut his forehead on a visit to church, while 70-year-old builder Leonard has lost sensation down his left side and the medics are worried he may have suffered a stroke

Season 6 Episode 4
Ellen, 86, has been brought in by ambulance after her daughters found her collapsed at home. Her body temperature has dropped dangerously low and she's also lost five pints of blood. Meanwhile, appendicitis is suspected when 75-year-old Martin is rushed in with severe abdominal pain, and neurologists perform tests to determine whether 70-year-old mother-of-10 Lula has suffered a stroke

Season 6 Episode 5
Linden, 15, is brought to A&E having badly cut his leg while back-flipping off a shed roof onto a trampoline. As well as calling an ambulance, his friends filmed the accident on their mobile phones and happily show the clip to the staff at King's. Junior doctor Sammy looks after 88-year-old Panayiota, who has been referred to hospital with breathing difficulties. Originally from Cyprus, the patient speaks very little English and Sammy has to contact a translator to help with the diagnosis and treatment. Meanwhile, 55-year-old lorry driver Antony has lost all feeling in his left leg, and an ultrasound scan reveals he needs emergency surgery on a blocked artery to save his limb

Season 6 Episode 6
It's a busy Mother's Day at south London's King's College Hospital as 23-year-old builder Jamie is rushed in by paramedics having fallen from the roof of a three-storey building, landing on a brick wall. The team performs an emergency ultrasound to determine whether he has suffered internal injuries or fractured his ribs and spine, and spot a punctured lung that needs to be reinflated. Four-month-old Weston has been brought to paediatric A&E after suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting for more than 24 hours, while doctors suspect David, 74, has had a stroke. Junior doctor Matt looks after 80-year-old Daphne, who has dislocated her replacement hip

Season 6 Episode 7
Max, 16, is brought to King's College Hospital by air ambulance after falling 14ft onto his face at a skate park, and the results of the CT scan show a life-threatening bleed on his brain, meaning the next 12 hours are critical, as well as being an agonising wait for his parents. Meanwhile, 13-year-old Hector has injured his hip playing football and needs an X-ray to confirm whether his leg is broken. Last in the series

Season 7 Episode 1
New series. The documentary moves to St George's Hospital in south-west London, following life inside one of the world's busiest and most advanced A&E departments. The trauma team fights to save the life of a young woman involved in a motorbike accident, who has completely severed her right leg below the knee. An 11-year-old boy is brought in after suffering a prolonged epileptic seizure, and a 19-year-old arrives with a sewing needle stuck in her foot, but she seems more keen on taking advice from her mum in Bulgaria than from the doctor

Season 7 Episode 2
This edition focuses on the treatment of sporting enthusiasts who have had accidents on two wheels. Billy, 19, has been thrown 20ft from his motocross bike during a race, suffering multiple spinal injuries. Teacher Dave, 53, has facial injuries after riding his new bicycle into the back of a stationary car in Richmond Park, while 30-year-old adrenaline junkie and former Royal Marine Richard has badly dislocated his thumb after falling off a bike

Season 7 Episode 3
Tree surgeon Paul, 38, is rushed into resus after falling 25ft. He is experiencing shooting pains in his back and pins and needles in his feet, leading to concerns he may have injured his spine. Meanwhile, 66-year-old Anthony, who has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and prostate cancer, has taken a tumble down a flight of stairs at home. He's very frail and a scan reveals he has broken some ribs, puncturing a lung

Season 7 Episode 4
Former boxer Paul, 22, has been stabbed in the face and arm with a broken bottle outside a nightclub in Kingston. As the team works to stop the bleeding and treat the patient's wounds, his girlfriend Naveena reflects on his sensitive side. Angela, 93, is brought to A&E by her daughter Elizabeth after suffering from blood loss and disorientation at her care home, while 70-year-old John arrives with his wife Francesca after falling while out running and dislocating his shoulder. To get John's pain under control quickly the medics give him ketamine, and the hallucinogenic side effects keep everyone entertained

Season 7 Episode 5
The team at St George's treats patients who have injured themselves through work or play. Iain, 60, is rushed in by ambulance after falling 10ft off a ladder on to his head while fixing an air-conditioning unit. He has a deep laceration above his right eye and doctors can't guarantee he won't lose some of his sight. Student teacher Lloyd is helped into A&E by his friend Mollie after injuring his foot on an inflatable obstacle course on their last day at university. Lucy has had a trampolining accident in her family's garden and medics fear the 13-year-old may have suffered a neck injury

Season 7 Episode 6
The team treats two trauma patients arriving by helicopter on the hospital's new helipad. Eric, 75, collapsed shortly after falling from a ladder while pruning trees in his garden. He is stabilised and put in an induced coma while a CT scan is used to determine any internal injuries. IT consultant Mihhail, 29, is admitted after crashing his motorbike at high speed and again a CT scan is employed to look for hidden wounds. He's later transferred to the Intensive Care Unit while specialists decide how to repair the damage to his liver and stop his internal bleeding. Meanwhile, 22-year-old performing arts student Maria complains of chest pains and 82-year-old Rusty is treated for a broken ankle sustained in a road accident

Season 7 Episode 7
Freddie, seven, is brought in after falling several metres from a tree in his garden. He's been in and out of consciousness and doctors are concerned he could have head or spinal injuries. Martin, 66, collapsed at home and spent the night on the floor, and he's now experiencing poor eyesight and dizziness. The stroke team diagnoses a blood clot, but because of the amount of time that has passed since the incident, clot-busting drugs will have little effect. Elsewhere, eight-year-old Jayden has come to St George's with swollen eyes, the result of severe hay fever

Season 7 Episode 8
Retired builder Roger has fallen 13ft from his daughter's roof and the trauma team is concerned he may have badly injured his head, back and neck. Folk musician Tad, 29, has come to A&E after developing a dangerously high heart rate, and doctors must use an electric shock to try to get it back to normal. Meanwhile, 69-year-old Richard is brought in after being found unwell at home by his son, and there are fears he has developed a serious infection. Last in the series

Season 8 Episode 1
New series. Return of the documentary following life inside the A&E department of St George's Hospital in south-west London. Will, 13, arrives by helicopter after a serious collision with someone during a game of baseball, while in the paediatric area, teenage parents Connor and Saffron have arrived with their six-month-old daughter Amira, concerned about the irregular heartbeat their GP spotted. Pizza delivery rider Chris, 20, is brought in to resus following a motorbike accident

Season 8 Episode 2
Documentary following life inside the A&E department of St George's in south-west London. A 45-year-old woman is brought in after collapsing at home with chest pains. Tests reveal she has suffered a heart attack, so she undergoes an emergency procedure to unblock an artery. A 53-year-old psychiatrist is rushed in following a seizure. Doctors suspect Philip might have suffered a stroke, but when it is revealed he was diagnosed with lung cancer several months earlier, registrar Chris believes it could be related. Finally, doctors treat a 25-year-old woman suffering severe headaches brought on by the build-up of excess spinal fluid

Season 8 Episode 3
Staff at St George's Hospital tackle one of their most dramatic emergencies when 60-year-old rail worker Alan is airlifted to the helipad after being hit by a high-speed train. A CT scan reveals he has suffered multiple fractures and loss of blood flow to his right arm. Without circulation he will lose the limb, so the medical team tries everything to save it, including complicated surgery. Meanwhile, 95-year-old Betty is brought in after experiencing breathing difficulties at home, and retired engineer James, 63, has a nasty cut to his head and weakness in his arms following a tumble down the stairs

Season 8 Episode 4
Eleven-month-old Isabel is rushed to St George's after suffering a fit and losing consciousness, while 22-year-old Felix is brought to A&E with a self-inflicted stab wound to his stomach. Retired engineer Bill, 68, fell 15ft from a ladder while cutting a leylandii hedge. He arrives by air ambulance with breathing difficulties and suspected multiple fractures

Season 8 Episode 5
Peter, 85, has been brought - unwillingly - to A&E by his stepson Brian. He cut his finger on some wire two weeks earlier and his hand is swollen and won't stop bleeding. Emma, 23, is rushed to St George's after crashing her car on the way to her father's house, while doctors also see to 86-year-old Harry, who fell down a flight of stairs a day earlier but didn't seek treatment. Ciaran, 27, injured his ankle the previous night while out with friends and was given a temporary cast. Emergency nurse practitioner Helen needs to get him X-rayed and replastered, but he faces a return visit for an operation

Season 8 Episode 6
Tree surgeon David, 27, is airlifted to St George's after falling 40ft to the ground, hitting several branches on his way down and landing head-first onto concrete. Having been knocked unconscious for 10 minutes, the medical team must urgently assess him for internal injuries. Anne, 74, arrives with a sharp pain in her chest, 51-year-old taxi driver Mark receives treatment for a cut on his finger caused by broken glass, and 92-year-old Betty is brought in by ambulance after her carers found her with slurred speech and a shaking hand

Season 8 Episode 7
Bob, 51, is airlifted to St George's after falling 20ft from a ladder while repairing his roof. With debris in his wound, doctors are concerned he could develop a life-threatening infection. Retired pharmacologist Anthony, 68, receives help for a chronic gas problem, while 83-year-old Gladys collapsed on the stairs at home and has a dangerously low heart rate

Season 8 Episode 8
Keen rugby player Robert has a dangerously high heart rate and may need to have a pacemaker fitted - a scary thought for the nine-year-old's father. Mark, 32, has fallen 30ft from scaffolding while doing some DIY, and there's concern he may have damaged his spine. Christine, 74, arrives in A&E after an accident in her garden, and she's suffered nasty injuries to her face

Season 8 Episode 9
Becky, 59, is rushed in after a suspected stroke, and medics are concerned she may have had a bleed on the brain. Georgia, 19, locked herself out of her flat and lost her balance trying to climb through a second-floor window, falling 20ft on to concrete. She's sent for an urgent CT scan with possible spinal injuries. Meanwhile, 88-year-old Edith is kept under observation after collapsing at home

Season 8 Episode 10
Nikki, 50, and her mum Angela, 68, have been involved in a serious car crash. While Nikki, who was driving, is sent for a CT scan with suspected internal injuries, Angela is treated for head wounds and a dislocated elbow. Ellen, 53, arrives with a painfully swollen elbow after falling over in a supermarket, and seven-year-old Jack is rushed to A&E with an open fracture on his arm and a blow to his head after an accident at a wedding

Season 8 Episode 11
Zaki, 63, recently underwent a tonsillectomy following a diagnosis of throat cancer, but he has come to A&E after suffering a serious bleed. Doctors try to save 10-month-old baby Amy, who stopped breathing at home, while 21-year-old expectant father Craig appears to have had a miraculous escape after a motocross accident, but has he learnt his lesson?

Season 8 Episode 12
Betting shop owner Les, 40, is rushed to St George's after losing control of his car on a country road on his way to work. Cambelle, a 21-year-old plumber, has an infected cyst that may require surgery, while 67-year-old retired doctor Patrick is brought to A&E following a horse-riding accident in which he was dragged 130ft and not found for more than two hours

Season 8 Episode 13
Cora, 62, arrives by air ambulance following a high-speed road accident, which left her trapped in the car for more than an hour. Her husband Rae, 65, who was driving, is brought in soon after, and staff are concerned he may have sustained serious head, neck and internal injuries. Scott, 23, has badly cut his knee after a night out, and while he's being treated, he reflects on his schizophrenia diagnosis as a teenager. Retired carpenter Richard, 68, has fallen and hit his head on the pavement, but medics also want to look into his unusually low blood pressure



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