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Braquo Episode Guide

Season 1 Episode 1
Max French police thriller starring Jean-Hugues Anglade as Eddy Caplan, the captain of a team of Parisian cops with a brutal approach to the pursuit of law and order. Eddy's squad leader is placed in the custody of IGS after he is accused of corruption

Season 1 Episode 2
Crossing The Line Rossi's colleagues resolve to clear his name, and head to the hospital to force Benaissima to change his story. Crime thriller, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade. In French

Season 1 Episode 3
The Head in the Bag Eddy helps Walter dispose of two loanshark thugs, and Roxane becomes aware that her colleagues seem to be trapped in a spiral of violence. French crime thriller, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 1 Episode 4
The Other Side Eddy is hospitalised, and Walter is kidnapped outside his home. French crime thriller, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 1 Episode 5
Beyond the Night Eddy and Vachewski are forced to work alongside Lemoine to raise enough money to secure Walter's release. However, things fail to go according to plan, leaving it up to Roxane to make a tough decision. French crime thriller, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 1 Episode 6
Group Rate Eddy reluctantly accepts Bordier's help after being duped by Lemoine, and as time runs short for Walter, Vachewski steals incriminating evidence, cementing the group's solidarity for better or worse. French crime thriller, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 1 Episode 7
Tangent Lemoine's lawyer is found dead, and his case is given to Marceau, prompting the team to track down the elusive gangster before he can make a deal with the commandant for information on Eddy. Meanwhile, Rossi's widow discovers photographs that shed new light on his death. French crime thriller, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 1 Episode 8
Eddy Lemoine is finally arrested by Marceau, and demands an audience with Eddy, who he plans to blackmail into securing his release. It becomes clear the team has no choice but to let the gangster go, but the question remains what to do with him once he is free. French crime thriller, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 2 Episode 1
Les damnes Caplan, Morlighem, Delgado and Vachewski struggle to adjust to their new stations in life. However, trouble brews when four men kill 12 people during a large-scale gold robbery. The team discovers the criminals are mercenaries recently returned from Africa, and out to take revenge on those who betrayed them. French crime thriller, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 2 Episode 2
Seuls contre tous Marceau offers the entire team amnesty if Eddy agrees to join fellow inmate Merks in a bid for freedom. Once outside, the disgraced cop is instructed to go undercover among his new friend's criminal associates. Meanwhile, Theo wages war against Serge Lemoine, the man responsible for his unit's undoing. French crime drama, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 2 Episode 3
Tous pour un Caplan tries to get in touch with the Invisibles, but his only lead is Myriam Elmidoro, the sister of crime kingpin Merks. Meanwhile, the disgraced cop's allies try to rescue Theo, whose life is in danger now that he has become Lemoine's new target, and the fugitive mercenaries struggle to find a buyer for their stash of stolen gold. French police thriller, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 2 Episode 4
Chevres et chacals The Invisibles capture Eddy, and try to torture him into confessing his role in Merks's death. However, the damaged cop's reputation impresses the gang's charismatic leader, Col Dantin, who invites him to join their ranks. Meanwhile, Roxane and Morlighem decide to kidnap Myriam. French crime drama, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 2 Episode 5
Infiltre Eddy is forced to negotiate with Madame Arifa to gain Col Dantin's trust, and Gen Fevre takes Marceau's place in running the infiltration operations. Meanwhile, the Invisibles receive financial help from the head of an arms-dealing company who appears to have an agenda of his own. French crime drama, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 2 Episode 6
Mere et patrie Eddy successfully sells the gold to the Arifas, prompting Col Dantin to offer him another dangerous mission. He is asked to steal a prototype rifle from Bleuvenne Industries, but the order leaves him wondering why Irene Bleuvenne, one of the Invisibles' chief supporters, would want to rob her own company. French crime drama, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 2 Episode 7
Au nom du pire The Invisibles are arrested, but Gen, Fevre and Roxane are all reported missing. While Eddy takes the apprehended mercenaries to Rocky's scrapyard to wait, Madame Arifa and her sons kidnap Myriam, who has embarked on an ill-advised affair with the unruly cop. French crime thriller, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 2 Episode 8
Quatre moins un Fevre prepares to disappear, but provides Eddy with everything he needs to know about the neo-colonial dealings between figures in France and Africa. The cop is also reunited with Roxane, and joins forces with Irene in a desperate race to secure a secret dossier key to proving their theories. French crime thriller, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 3 Episode 1
Affliction New series. Return of the French police thriller starring Jean-Hugues Anglade. Vogel finds an ally who wants to eliminate Caplan and plans to force her father to help her do so. Meanwhile, Roxane is upset about Theo and watches over him day and night. With Karole Rocher

Season 3 Episode 2
Our Funeral Caplan and Morlighem uncover a major prostitution ring after intercepting a truck from a company belonging to the Germans, and are advised by a police officer from Georgia that a war between clans of the Vor V Zakone Mafia from different post-Soviet states is about to break out in Paris. Meanwhile, Roxane strikes a deal with former prosecutor Vanderbeke as she seeks revenge for Vogel. French thriller, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 3 Episode 3
Odessa The power vacuum brought about by Vissarionovitch's death continues to cause trouble, with two rival mafia bosses battling for supremacy over the criminal underworld. As Caplan, Morlighem and Megrelishvili stake out the late crime overlord's funeral, a hired killer sets up shop nearby. Elsewhere, Roxane makes use of information provided by Vanderbeke to track down Vogel's sister. French thriller, starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 3 Episode 4
Stoukatch Jordania is placed under police surveillance in hospital after an assassination attempt, where Caplan offers him a deal. Meanwhile, his adversary Pavlovitch teams up with Atom Parajdanov. Elsewhere, Vogel and Oriane take Helene Rossi hostage

Season 3 Episode 5
Milk and Honey The Pavlovitch clan organises the kidnapping of Salome and her son. It forces Jordania into the open, and he has no option but to accept Caplan's deal and turn traitor to protect his family. Meanwhile, Roxane tracks down Vogel again, leaving him at her mercy, but she cannot bring herself to pull the trigger. She rejoins her unit - assigned as bodyguard for Jordania - and they head to a safe house 30 miles outside of Paris

Season 3 Episode 6
Prologue Orianne works her way into Caplan's group as an interpreter and is bent on vengeance, while the Russians launch an assault on their stakeout. Starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 3 Episode 7
Andreas Andreas falls under suspicion after the maximum-security safehouse is quickly located by the Russians, and Caplan is told to stay out of his way. Starring Jean-Hugues Anglade

Season 3 Episode 8
Between Earth and Heaven A change of allegiance leads to the arrest of Andreas, as Caplan and Morlighem continue their investigations despite their orders. Meanwhile, Roxane and Helene fall into the hands of Vogel - who sets a grotesque ultimatum for the women. Last in the series



Braquo Episode Guide.  



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