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Season 2 Episode 6
Sales rep Jane Phillips Martin is the first contestant of the week in Essex. She plumps for a meal of lamb shanks, but finds herself so busy talking she forgets to prepare any accompanying vegetables - and then injures herself in the kitchen

Season 2 Episode 7
June Tedaldi tries to impress her guests in Essex with an Italian feast, before rounding off the evening with a belly-dancing performance - but Kevin Reynolds remains unimpressed with the company, activities and lack of beer

Season 2 Episode 8
Fitness fanatic Kevin Reynolds decides it is time to put interior designer Amanda Swanwick-Aharoni in her place and serves a healthy meal of carrot soup and salmon for the third dinner party in Essex. However, the alcohol that accompanies the dinner sees him leading his guests through a series of press-ups to burn off the extra calories

Season 2 Episode 9
Trainee actress Keeley Lawrence orders her food from a restaurant, as well as a table, chairs and place settings for her new home. Hoping to convince her guests in Essex she created the meal herself, she goes to watch it being cooked, but gets a nasty surprise when she is asked to help kill the lobsters for the starter

Season 2 Episode 10
Interior designer Amanda Swanwick-Aharoni hosts a formal banquet on the last night in Essex, hoping to win the £1,000 cash prize with the help of tiaras and a butler. However, the evening proves too pretentious for her guests, who temporarily disappear after the starter. Meanwhile, Kevin Reynolds and Jane Phillips Martin continue to upset the others with their bickering

Season 2 Episode 11
Childminder Neena Rainey hosts the first dinner party in Doncaster, with a menu of mushrooms stuffed with pancetta, noisettes of lamb and lemon chiffon tart. However, her professional skills may prove as important as the cooking when faced with juvenile behaviour from her guests

Season 2 Episode 12
Entrepreneur Katherine Taylor rustles up a four-course meal for her dinner party in Doncaster, with a menu including fish patties and pate-stuffed steaks with Yorkshire pudding. However, guests Neena Rainey and Ross Thompson criticise her for calling on friend John the chef to help out

Season 2 Episode 13
Electrician Steve Clift hosts the third dinner party in Doncaster, but his menu of stuffed mushrooms, roast lamb and gooseberry pie is very similar to Neena Rainey's, and the bad feeling generated by the previous night's arguments threatens to overwhelm his gathering. Sure enough, it is not long before harsh words start to fly

Season 2 Episode 14
Tailor Danny Churchill plans an entertaining evening featuring impressions, magic and music for his dinner-party guests in Doncaster, with an Italian-themed menu including wild boar. Unfortunately, he is unaware the group's harshest critic Neena Rainey loathes conjuring tricks - and his starter is also a pet hate of first-night rival Ross Thompson

Season 2 Episode 15
Ross Thompson prepares a veal main course for her guests in Doncaster, but Danny Churchill's jokes about the food annoy the hostess - who hopes a dip in the hot tub will calm everyone down. The diners then wait in anticipation to discover who has won the cash prize of £1,000

Season 2 Episode 16
The first of five parties from Brighton sees mother-of-two Margaret O'Loughlin preparing a menu with a Caribbean theme, which features coconut as an ingredient in all but one of the courses

Season 2 Episode 17
Actress Julia John is forced to experiment when the main ingredient of her fish pie is unavailable. Further complications arise when her crab dish does not meet with everyone's approval, and matters spiral out of control as two of her guests continue their feud at the table

Season 2 Episode 18
PR expert Paula Pearson calls on the professionals for help, and even takes a nap before her guests arrive, convinced the prize is already hers. Despite a catalogue of disasters, her confidence remains high, and she regales the diners with tales of her prowess in the kitchen, before accidentally setting off the fire alarm

Season 2 Episode 19
Housewife and former glamour model Nathalie Clarke's simple meal proves problematic when she forgets to add half the ingredients to her main course. She turns to her family for help, and hopes cocktails will rescue the evening

Season 2 Episode 20
Farm owner Melinda Padley hosts the final party in Brighton, preparing crab salad, beef Wellington and a dessert of prunes in her bid for the £1,000 cash prize, but the mounting pressure causes her to resort to a quick tipple for Dutch courage. The host hopes her surprise pudding will impress the guests, before the winner is revealed

Season 2 Episode 21
The first of five parties in Glasgow features 72-year-old host Aileen Dunn, who resolves to dazzle her guests with an unusual menu featuring Bloody Mary terrine and a main course of hare. However, she takes a gamble with her dessert - she will not know whether it has come out right until the moment it is served

Season 2 Episode 22
Host Paul Lydon decides to serve trout - and for that extra-special touch, he intends to catch it himself. However, when the fish prove reluctant to co-operate, he begs the farm owner to provide one. Cooking his prize catch also turns out to be a headache, but he has a secret weapon for the dinner - a waiter in traditional Scottish regalia

Season 2 Episode 23
Christine Thornton plans an ultra-glamorous soiree for her dinner party guests down to the last detail. Unfortunately, she misplaces her to-do list before anything has been prepared. The summer pudding is a niggling worry - but Aileen Dunn's resentment of her smoking is a more pressing issue

Season 2 Episode 24
Glasgow businesswoman Sharon Eaton prepares an oriental feast for her guests, including 10 Thai recipes. She quickly finds she has not left enough time to do every dish justice, and is forced to leave the spicy fruit salad runny and the prawns unshelled - and has not made the dipping sauce either

Season 2 Episode 25
Ishrat Gazala prepares an Indian curry and boasts it will be hot enough to burn the house down. However, the hippie host has given away all her furniture and asks her guests to sit on the floor for dinner - a request that provokes bewilderment from some and complaints from others. After the meal, the winner of the £1,000 cash prize is revealed

Season 2 Episode 26
Entrepreneur Karen Cullen hosts the first dinner party in Nottingham, in a house that looks like a bomb site. Her list of woes includes a dining table that gets stuck in the doorway, having to fish an insect out of her home-made ice-cream that just will not set, and managing to spill champagne all over herself when her guests arrive

Season 2 Episode 27
Food and drink enthusiast Gordon Todd hosts his dinner party in Nottingham, but is not as prepared as he would like to think. Refusing to waste money on expensive wine for his `unrefined' guests, he makes a decision that may prove his undoing. Surprises are in store for his horrified diners, who lift the lid on some bizarre secrets

Season 2 Episode 28
Psychic Jenny Cross prepares a menu of melon and prosciutto salad with wild smoked salmon, but her paranormal powers do nothing to help her foresee the culinary problems ahead. She storms out before dessert when Karen Cullen questions her powers of prediction, and divisions within the group begin to surface

Season 2 Episode 29
Sales rep Jarrod Pepper creates an exotic menu inspired by his native Australia - including crocodile and prawn kebabs, and kangaroo steaks. He has never cooked the starter before, and frets about the sauce, while his dessert requires help from his family. When the host overcooks the main course, he fears for his reputation

Season 2 Episode 30
Flight attendant Sam Hughes prepares a main course of chicken wrapped in pancetta with vegetables for her dinner party in Nottingham, but struggles to cook and entertain at the same time. Her guests amuse themselves by consuming alcohol - with predictably volatile results. At the end of the evening the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 3 Episode 1
Celebrity edition of the dinner-party challenge, in which famous faces take it in turns to entertain their guests to win a prize of £1,000 for their chosen charity. Comedian Rowland Rivron is first to put his skills to the test, cooking for Anneka Rice, Linda Robson, Aggie MacKenzie and Toby Young

Season 3 Episode 2
Actress Linda Robson takes on the dinner party challenge, hoping an organic Italian menu can compensate for her lack of experience and impress guests Toby Young, Anneka Rice, Rowland Rivron and Aggie MacKenzie

Season 3 Episode 3
Anneka Rice prepares a Mediterranean menu including roasted Piedmont peppers and Valencian paella for guests Linda Robson, Aggie MacKenzie, Rowland Rivron and Toby Young. However, she loses a recipe and breaks two whisks, before turning to her eight-year-old son for help

Season 3 Episode 4
Restaurant critic Toby Young takes his turn as host, preparing a simple meal from the finest ingredients money can buy for Anneka Rice, Linda Robson, Aggie MacKenzie and Rowland Rivron. However, after a disaster in the kitchen, it falls to his wife Caroline to make sure everything goes as planned

Season 3 Episode 5
Journalist and presenter Aggie MacKenzie is the final celebrity contestant to show off her culinary skills, and her guests have high expectations as they wait for their dinners to be served. Her ambitious menu consists of eight Middle Eastern dishes, including a main course of lamb tagine. At the end of the meal, the winner is presented with the £1,000 cash prize for their chosen charity

Season 3 Episode 11
In the first of five programmes from Edinburgh, delicatessen owner and whisky connoisseur Tracy Dobbie uses alcohol to break the ice. Hoping to claim the £1,000 prize, she begins with a specially made cocktail and serves a main course containing a bottle of wine, but two of the guests are experts when it comes to drink

Season 3 Episode 12
The second meal in Edinburgh sees the four contestants head to wine critic Paul Dwyer's house, with rifts already starting to appear. Not everyone is delighted with the vegetarian host's meat-free Tuscan menu, and his hopes of impressing them with lectures about grapevines are soon dashed

Season 3 Episode 13
Texas-born Tanya Williams tries to impress her guests in Edinburgh with six courses of cuisine from the southern states of America. However, it becomes apparent she may have bitten off more than she can chew and the atmosphere around the table turns decidedly cold

Season 3 Episode 14
Catering manager James Gammie puts his bartending experience to good use by serving a different cocktail with each course during his dinner party in Edinburgh. Although he did not see eye to eye with fellow diner Tracy Dobbie earlier in the competition, it seems his whisky concoction may finally win her round

Season 3 Episode 15
For the final meal in Edinburgh, Jennifer Crosbie hopes to impress her four guests and claim the £1,000 cash prize by improving on two dishes served up earlier in the contest. Paul Dwyer accepts her risotto might be better than his, but James Gammie is adamant his monkfish was tastier. However, the quality of food is not the host's only concern

Season 3 Episode 16
Anthropologist Linda Shanson kicks off the competition in London by capitalising on her well-travelled past with a menu of 16 dishes from around the world. Her relaxed attitude soon causes her to fall behind schedule, and matters are not helped by one guest's perfectionist nature and another's allergy to prawns

Season 3 Episode 17
The second meal takes place in London, with fishmonger Jonathan Norris preparing a main course of turbot. However, his inexperience in making desserts and lack of knowledge concerning wines threatens his chances of impressing the other competitors

Season 3 Episode 18
Opera singer Patricia Varley rustles up a retro repast of dinner-party dishes from the 1970s in the hope of persuading her guests that classics are better than nouvelle cuisine. The 70-year-old serenades the bemused group with I Could Have Danced All Night before the main course is put to the test

Season 3 Episode 19
Estate agent John Santamaria hosts the fourth party in London, and tries to impress his guests with a fillet of beef cooked to their individual tastes. However, nerves threaten to get the better of him when the big day arrives, and prior grievances with fellow contestants Jonathan Norris and Richard Whitaker make matters worse

Season 3 Episode 20
Architect, surveyor and property developer Richard Whitaker hosts the final meal in London, convinced his restaurant-style modern recipes will put all the other contestants in the shade. However, his obsession with tidiness threatens to overshadow his culinary efforts

Season 3 Episode 40
Nature-lover Sarah Pickering hosts the final dinner party of the week in Ayr, with a menu featuring soup, home-made ice-cream and a flying Scotsman - chicken stuffed with haggis and wrapped in Ayrshire bacon. The meal takes a lot of preparation, allowing the guests ample time to consider what score they will give

Season 6 Episode 11
Former pub landlady Zoe Condon hosts the first dinner party in Ipswich, hoping her plan to use only the best local ingredients will win her the £1,000 prize money. She makes her guests take part in a computer game tournament, but the entertainment receives a mixed response

Season 6 Episode 12
On the second day of the competition in Ipswich, a series of mishaps and slip-ups leaves a hung-over Barry Davis short of ingredients as he prepares a three-course meal for his fellow diners. Resorting to an old family recipe fails to help the hapless host, and tension between two of the guests threatens to derail the evening

Season 6 Episode 13
Blackburn Contestants from Blackburn try to outdo one another by throwing the perfect dinner party, which is then judged on its merits by their rivals

Season 6 Episode 14
Waitress Lisa Quinton hosts the fourth dinner party in Ipswich, seeking advice from her cafe's head chef on creating an Italian main course - even though he is Egyptian. After enduring tense evenings with Zoe and Angie, keen clubber Lisa decides to lighten the mood with a series of party tricks, and later tries to heal the rift by getting everyone on the dance floor

Season 6 Episode 15
Butcher Gerard King hosts the final meal in Ipswich, serving up meat from his own shop in a bid to win the £1,000 prize money. However, he has to contend with a sore head and struggles to pull the menu together at the last minute. He hopes to turn it around when his guests arrive, despite the week's previous quarrels

Season 6 Episode 16
Swedish-American Judi Lembke hosts the first dinner party in London, hoping her relaxed attitude and an aperitif of schnapps will put the guests at ease and help her win the £1,000 cash prize. In an attempt to keep stress to a minimum, she prepares all the dishes in advance and plans to pass off shop-bought pastry as her own, unaware that some of her diners are self-proclaimed food snobs

Season 6 Episode 17
Houseproud legal adviser Lisa Connell throws the second party in London, but her perfectly planned dinner is thrown into disarray by some tricky Parmesan crisps and a temperamental oven. The kitchen crisis quickly becomes the least of Lisa's worries when fellow diner Judi Lembke spills a glass of red wine on her cream couch

Season 6 Episode 18
Teddy bear-loving deputy headmaster Peter Rixham hosts the third dinner party in London, hoping to make his guests feel at home with special place settings, kitsch music and a stuffed deer's head. Things start to go awry, however, when Peter cannot find the key to his shed, where the dining chairs are stored

Season 6 Episode 19
Moni Bharij prepares a lavish Indian banquet for the fourth dinner party in London, cooking a starter of king prawns, followed by five main courses and a strawberry and cream cake topped with glitter for dessert. However, after the host insisted on drinking her favourite wine at the other contestants' houses, the tables are turned when Lisa Connell decides to do the same

Season 6 Episode 20
Matthew Baker banishes his parents from the house and prepares a menu involving fruit soup and solo tortellono in basil leaf for the final meal in London. The music-lover, who models himself on Jamie Oliver, hopes to impress his guests and win the £1,000 cash prize

Season 6 Episode 21
Chartered surveyor Dave Wheeler throws the first dinner party in Manchester, but gets off to a bad start when the guests announce they dislike the first course. He tries to lighten the mood with a series of pranks, but fails to impress optometrist Shaida Shipping, and resorts to a Mick Jagger impression in a final attempt to dazzle his diners

Season 6 Episode 22
At the second dinner party in Manchester, drama teacher Matthew Nichols plans his meal of Cheshire tart and lamb as if it were a military operation. However, it takes more than pinpoint precision in the kitchen to erase memories of Dave Wheeler's lively bash from his guests' minds

Season 6 Episode 23
Self-confessed celebrity-stalker Jane Bates hosts the third dinner party in Manchester, planning to bring a touch of Hollywood glamour to the suburb of Burnage. The theme is reflected in her menu, with dishes inspired by some of her favourite stars, including Johnny Depp and Dean Martin

Season 6 Episode 24
Optometrist Shaida Shipping hosts the fourth dinner party in Manchester, offering a spicy menu featuring a roly-poly meat loaf and a main course inspired by her Tanzanian roots. Determined to give the group a night to remember, she demonstrates her ballroom dancing skills, but not everyone is keen to take part

Season 6 Episode 25
Chris Brady hosts the final meal in Manchester, planning to make his own pasta and provide entertainment involving an eating game and a gorilla suit. The HR consultant, hoping to snatch the £1,000 prize at the final hurdle, tries to apologise to one guest for a tense exchange earlier in the week, but she reacts unexpectedly

Season 6 Episode 26
Nightclub owner Tony Griffiths throws the first dinner party in Sunderland, but gets off to a bad start when he locks himself out of his car while shopping. Things continue to go wrong as he encounters problems with a lobster dish and takes a series of shortcuts with the dessert, but the host hopes his luxury home with leather-lined walls and a £25,000 chandelier will impress his guests

Season 6 Episode 27
PR executive Bernice Saltzer throws the second dinner party in Sunderland, and hopes her cooking experience will make her the front-runner in the competition. Despite her confidence, she is unprepared for the criticism from Ashley Hughes, and efforts to melt her fellow diners' hearts with an eight-month-old puppy are foiled when two of them reveal their dislike of dogs

Season 6 Episode 28
Self-confessed lager lout Ashley Hughes hosts the third dinner party in Sunderland, serving up a classic menu featuring salmon mousse and Stilton-crusted fillet steak. She spends four hours pressing napkins, steaming glasses and measuring place settings to ensure the table's appearance is perfect, and hopes to impress the guests with her extensive collection of football memorabilia

Season 6 Episode 29
Barrister Anthony Merton-Smith hosts the fourth dinner party in Sunderland, serving up a fine-dining menu featuring game terrine and venison. However, his complex preparation causes him to fall behind schedule, and his efforts to make up for the delay leave his guests speechless

Season 6 Episode 30
Warehouse manager Roy Ledger hosts the final dinner party in Sunderland, hoping to win the £1,000 cash prize by offering his guests a festive dinner with all the trimmings, including crackers, decorations and a Christmas tree - even though it is the height of summer

Season 6 Episode 36
Cafe owner Tara Tasker kicks off the first of five dinner parties in Dundee and St Andrews. In a bid to banish stress from the kitchen, she visits a beautician for a facial and massage, but the effects of her treatments soon wear off when she falls behind schedule with her three-course meal and canapes

Season 6 Episode 37
Artist Francis Glancy sets out to impress with his flair for presentation during the second party of the competition in Dundee and St Andrews. Adam Smith makes his distaste for a fellow diner known and forms an unexpected bond with another while perusing the host's art collection

Season 6 Episode 38
Laura Cunningham hosts the next dinner party in Dundee and St Andrews and believes she has the culinary skills to win the prize money. After spending the morning at the hairdresser's, she starts work in the kitchen, but her smoked salmon dish proves a controversial choice - and she will have to work on her manners to win over Adam Smith, who is dreading the evening

Season 6 Episode 39
Former serviceman Jimmy Fox hosts the penultimate dinner party in Dundee and St Andrews, serving an all-Scottish menu and saving money by using ingredients from a low-cost supermarket. He struggles to follow the instructions for one course, but thinks he has found the perfect presentation idea for his main dish

Season 6 Episode 40
Englishman Adam Smith hosts the final party in Dundee and St Andrews, but because he has appeared suave during the competition his guests are disappointed by his home. When overindulgence on gin leads him to forget a vital ingredient and he cuts his finger in full view of the others, it looks unlikely that he will win the £1,000 cash prize

Season 6 Episode 41
Supermarket sales manager Kate Hibbert hosts the first of five dinner parties in Portsmouth. She plans a simple menu using only the finest seasonal produce, but her preparations hit a stumbling block when she accidentally sets fire to her starter. A frosty atmosphere threatens to ruin the evening when one of the guests takes offence at a fellow diner yawning at the table

Season 6 Episode 42
Lee Stafford hosts the second dinner party in Portsmouth, hoping his years of service as a flight attendant will help him to victory. His plans for an atmospheric meal include providing his guests with a strict dress code and allowing them to witness his culinary exploits by seating them in his open-plan kitchen-diner

Season 6 Episode 43
Restaurateur Maria Wilkinson hosts the next dinner party, with her guests expecting a great evening from the woman who works with one of the best chefs in Portsmouth. However, she faces a series of problems when her music fails to work and the diners are unimpressed by her assistant

Season 6 Episode 44
Policewoman Sheena Ives hosts a Scots-Mexican fusion night for the penultimate dinner party in Portsmouth. After managing to ruin the oats for her cranachan dessert, she finally reveals what she does for a living, but a nonplussed reaction from the group leaves her trying to win her guests back with alcohol

Season 6 Episode 45
Lynne Derry hosts the final party of the week in Portsmouth. The therapist hopes her menu of goat's cheese, roast lamb and sherry trifle will impress everyone, but worries a mouse might make an unwelcome appearance. When her guests arrive, she grows distracted and forgets to check the progress of the food, jeopardising her chance of winning the £1,000 cash prize

Season 6 Episode 46
Street warden Gavin Dyer hosts the first dinner party in Torbay, Devon, preparing an ambitious menu that soon has him sweating. Posh guest Patrick Walker falls out with single mother Carol Sylvester, leaving bingo enthusiast David Ward amused and teetotaller Alison Deare ready to go home. But Gavin hopes his `dressing-up' wardrobe can raise the tone of the evening and help him win the £1,000 cash prize

Season 6 Episode 47
For the second party in Torbay, Devon, housewife Alison Deare provides an immaculately cleaned dining room for her guests. However, despite her hard work, she admits to disliking the majority of her fellow diners. At the meal, Patrick Walker's innuendo-laden chatter dominates proceedings once again, and his rudeness begins to annoy single mother Carol Sylvester

Season 6 Episode 48
Political activist and bingo enthusiast David Ward hosts the third dinner party in Torbay, Devon. As his guests have not been getting on too well up to this point, he intends to keep the peace and impress them with his gold-plated cutlery and stylish presentation

Season 6 Episode 49
Restoration expert Patrick Walker hosts the penultimate dinner party in Torbay, Devon. Unfortunately, his menu does not live up to the palatial surroundings he is so keen to show off. Accustomed to entertaining politicians, artists and actors, Patrick finds his new guests hard work

Season 6 Episode 50
The final party from Torbay in Devon cannot come soon enough for the diners after the arguments and breakages that led Carol Sylvester, the host of this meal, to declare war on Patrick Walker. Now she must struggle to hold her temper in the hope of winning the £1,000 cash prize

Season 8 Episode 1
The first dinner party of the week from Swansea sees pub landlady Sharon Craig introduce her guests to an adventurous South African menu, featuring live locusts as an hors d'oeuvre, canapes with an unsettling secret ingredient, and a starter called `grandmother in a blanket'

Season 8 Episode 2
On the second day of the competition in Swansea, die-hard patriot Annie Haden prepares a menu full of traditional Welsh delicacies and hosts her party at the birthplace of Dylan Thomas. However, the atmosphere turns icy when Sharon Craig criticises Annie's table talk

Season 8 Episode 3
It is DJ Nick Madge's turn to host the dinner party as the competition continues in Swansea. He decides to take a huge gamble by serving raw meat for his main course - and things get complicated when the guests arrive and a fuse blows, leaving the house in darkness

Season 8 Episode 4
Beauty queen Samira hosts the penultimate dinner party in Swansea. Determined to put a stop to the arguments, she tries to keep her guests happy with a menu inspired by her Arabic roots and entertainment in the form of a belly dancer. However, Nick is not in a forgiving mood after Sharon admits to ransacking his wardrobe

Season 8 Episode 5
More friction threatens the final meal of the week in Swansea, hosted by Colin Consterdine. His guests enjoy their starters of deep-fried cockles and home-made tomato soup, but when Sharon interrupts Annie, another argument develops, meaning Colin must take control if he is to stand any chance of winning the £1,000 cash prize

Season 8 Episode 6
Bradford Charity worker Jane Longhurst is joined at her home by a radio DJ, an engineer, a competitive would-be chef and a barmaid for the first dinner party in Bradford. She struggles to find halal chicken, and burns part of her dessert when she gets distracted by flirting among her guests

Season 8 Episode 7
Bradford In the second party in Bradford, radio DJ Khaliver Ashrafi prepares traditional dishes from her Pakistani heritage. The menu proves too much for self-confessed `spice wimp' Jane Longhurst, but draws praise from competitive foodie Stuart Hudson, who considers himself a curry connoisseur

Season 8 Episode 8
Bradford Engineer Nigel Beaumont hosts the third dinner party in Bradford, hoping to impress his guests with a seafood platter, pork and a millefeuille. However, the choice of wildflowers as table decorations annoys some of the diners, and the main course fails to hit the mark when he allows the food to go cold

Season 8 Episode 9
Bradford With tempers among the diners still frayed after the previous night's party, barmaid Theresa Walsh hopes an Italian-themed menu will lighten the mood on the penultimate evening in Bradford. Unfortunately, the proceedings are dominated by Nigel Beaumont and Jane Longhurst, neither of whom is willing to pull punches in a face-to-face row

Season 8 Episode 10
Bradford Stuart Hudson, who has ambitions to be a professional chef, hosts the final meal of the week in Bradford, but the pressure jeopardises his preparations and his rabbit terrine starter looks set to crumble. He must ensure his monkfish main course and pistachio cake dessert are excellent to stand any chance of winning the £1,000 cash prize

Season 8 Episode 11
Leicester Cycling safety enthusiast Sue Massey devises an Indian-themed menu for the first dinner party in Leicester, but the event gets off to a bad start when NHS training consultant Russell Dunmore reveals he dislikes curry. As the evening progresses, the guests are bemused when Sue admits to talking to her guinea pigs

Season 8 Episode 12
Leicester In Leicester's second party, market trader Liam Reid sets out to impress with a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. However, Sue Massey's feelings of exclusion leave a bitter taste around the dinner table - and that is before Russell Dunmore alerts the diners to the fact that their host has burnt his dessert

Season 8 Episode 13
Leicester The dinner party challenge continues in Leicester with former dancer Ria Thomas hosting a night of spectacular entertainment, including a cancan dance that leaves some of the guests far from impressed

Season 8 Episode 14
Leicester Russell Dunmore hosts the penultimate dinner party in Leicester, and hopes his five-dish menu of two starters, steak to order and two desserts will give him the edge. He also arranges for his 16-year-old daughter to sing for the group, but finds it hard to win the approval of Stephanie Heimer

Season 8 Episode 15
Leicester The final dinner party in Leicester is hosted by Stephanie Heimer, who hopes her skill in the kitchen will ensure she wins the £1,000 cash prize. Her meat-free main course upsets the guests, so believing that openness and charm are the best guarantees of success, she makes a series of revelations about herself

Season 8 Episode 21
Businesswoman Gill Buley hosts the first dinner party in Basingstoke, Hampshire, but gets off to a bad start while trying to make a choux pastry. Family man Richard Carpenter and fellow guest Sophie Branfield fail to make a good first impression on each other, and Gill comes clean about her cosmetic surgery - much to the shock of marketing manager Spencer Uren and art teacher Gabrielle Hennig

Season 8 Episode 22
Sophie Branfield invites the diners to her multimillion-pound country house for the second party in Basingstoke, and the guests are suitably impressed by her palatial home. However, despite the advantage of being able to cook in a space-age kitchen, Sophie finds her meal does not go according to plan

Season 8 Episode 23
Richard Carpenter hosts the third dinner party in Basingstoke, but risks alienating Sophie and Spencer with the clutter and cats that inhabit his house - and he does not help matters by suggesting the property might be haunted. Undeterred, he remains confident his cooking will win the guests round, but makes a grave error when preparing custard for the dessert

Season 8 Episode 24
Art teacher Gabrielle Hennig hosts the penultimate dinner party in Basingstoke. After a day of chaos in the kitchen, her calm exterior begins to crumble, but her surprising house, eclectic clutter and eccentric hosting result in an entertaining night for the guests

Season 8 Episode 25
On the final night in Basingstoke, marketing manager Spencer Uren regrets doing little preparation before the party but, despite his vegetarianism, hopes to impress with a chicken dish. Gabrielle gets upset when everyone quizzes her about food and Sophie's fussiness begins to annoy people, but a surprising revelation brings them all together before the winner is announced

Season 8 Episode 31
Surrey Chartered surveyor Mike Aldous hosts the first dinner party in Surrey, beginning by visiting an off-licence to choose a wine to accompany each course. He is still trying to prepare his risotto as the guests arrive, and soon finds himself struggling to keep things cordial between diners Terry Gallagher and Rachel Underwood

Season 8 Episode 32
Surrey Businesswoman Amanda Keeling throws the second party in Surrey, raising the stakes by hosting the event at her palatial home, and employing the services of a butler. However, the plan backfires when her guests suggest she cheated by hiring an extra pair of hands, and things go from bad to worse when Mike and Terry come to blows

Season 8 Episode 33
Surrey School cookery club teacher Maggie Thomson hosts the third dinner party challenge in Surrey, and prepares a menu that includes boeuf bourguignon and cheese tart. She also has to keep the peace between two guests whose animosity almost boils over when they come face to face in the garden

Season 8 Episode 34
Surrey Mother-of-five Rachel Underwood hosts the penultimate dinner party in Surrey, taking a relaxed approach with tried-and-tested recipes. However, rival Mike Aldous claims her menu is far too easy and her choice of pudding ends in disaster

Season 8 Episode 35
Surrey Fitness fanatic Terry Gallagher opens his home for the final dinner party in Surrey, hoping to win the £1,000 prize by serving a healthy low-fat menu after four high-calorie meals earlier in the week. Main rival Mike Aldous is on the lookout for the slightest mistake, so the host hopes he can impress with his evening's entertainment - disco dancing

Season 8 Episode 36
Glamorous sales manager Leilani Ting hosts the first dinner party in Halifax, West Yorkshire, hoping to woo her guests with a sophisticated menu, beginning with hors d'oeuvres and vodka shots. However, not everything goes to plan when she forgets to cook her potatoes, struggles with the salmon and misses out a key ingredient

Season 8 Episode 37
Single mother Caroline Blackburn hosts the second party in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and realises she needs to raise her game after the previous night's meal. She cooks sea bass for the first time, and hopes the entertainment will please her guests, but her whistle game only complicates matters

Season 8 Episode 38
Ed Oliver hosts the third dinner party challenge in Halifax, West Yorkshire. He decides to use the finest ingredients to prepare an ambitious menu, which includes goat's cheese tartlet, chicken roulade Florentine and a clementine and almond cake, but soon begins to struggle in the kitchen, and when the guests arrive they prove unhelpful

Season 8 Episode 39
Staff nurse Diana Swales-Pickering hosts the penultimate dinner party in Halifax, throwing an Indian-themed curry night. Following Steve's bombshell that he hates spicy food, she is determined to win him over with her menu, but it is not long before the plain-speaking guest is voicing his complaints

Season 8 Episode 40
Managing director Steve Roberts hosts the final dinner party in Halifax, putting his faith in tried and tested recipes in an effort to redeem himself after upsetting the other contestants with complaints about their evenings. He prepares a starter of seafood moneybags, and boeuf en croute as a main, but has to remain positive if he wants to win the £1,000 prize when Diana begins criticising his meal

Season 8 Episode 41
South Yorkshire Fitness instructor Alison Murrie hosts the first meal in South Yorkshire, hoping to impress her guests with a traditional menu. However, her starter of tomatoes stuffed with liver provokes one diner to make a revelation that leaves everybody surprised and the hostess tries to get the night back on track with party games

Season 8 Episode 42
South Yorkshire Motorbike enthusiast Toni Morgan hosts the second party in South Yorkshire, hoping to impress with a selection of unfamiliar dishes, and the diners are given a chance to explore their shaven-headed host's softer side. However, the evening ends on a shocking note with a trip to A&E

Season 8 Episode 43
South Yorkshire The competition from South Yorkshire reaches the midway point and it is the turn of football-mad sales manager Mark Hannigan. He is extremely confident of his prospects but, having taken too many shortcuts with the preparation of the food, he hopes that a surprise celebrity visit will help his chances of success

Season 8 Episode 44
South Yorkshire Gary Holden hosts the penultimate dinner party in South Yorkshire, cooking a complicated menu from scratch and taking note of everyone's likes and dislikes to make sure he wins extra points. However, his non-alcoholic welcome drink does not go down well and Mark is looking for revenge after being on the receiving end of criticism

Season 8 Episode 45
South Yorkshire Kerry Lloyd hosts the final dinner party in South Yorkshire, preparing a feast of classic dishes aimed at filling her guests' stomachs. However, her chances of claiming the £1,000 prize are jeopardised when she burns the starter and the dumplings go awry, leaving her relying on charm and wit to win over the diners before the victor is announced

Season 11 Episode 21
Sonia Scott Mackay hosts the first dinner party in Glasgow, but the former model is more used to being waited on than catering for the needs of others. She devises a menu featuring a different cocktail with each course, and is on the lookout for romance

Season 11 Episode 22
Writer and whisky lover Ian Black hosts the second dinner party in Glasgow, with a distinctly Scottish menu involving two courses coming from the same pot of boiled beef. He also hopes a bottle of expensive wine he has been saving for more than two decades will be a hit with his guests

Season 11 Episode 23
School teacher Natalie Morrison hosts the third dinner party in Glasgow, and prepares a complex menu with two soups as a starter and a Moroccan-themed main. The food is a success but the conversation turns sour when Scott Borthwick makes a remark about Natalie's marriage

Season 11 Episode 24
Scott Borthwick hosts the penultimate dinner party in Glasgow, hoping his evening will impress former model Sonia Scott Mackay. After yesterday's argument, he tries to put aside his differences with Natalie Morrison, before indulging in a steamy conversation with the object of his affections

Season 11 Episode 25
Grandmother Helen Hancock hosts the final dinner party in Glasgow, preparing a retro menu featuring prawn cocktails and an arctic roll. Scott Borthwick and Sonia Scott Mackay's flirting continues throughout the evening, and the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 12 Episode 1
Kent Full-time mother Lydia Jones hosts the first party on the Kent coast, opting for a French menu and some recipes that she has never succeeded with before. The responses of her guests are not ideal, and fashionable hairdresser Marcello Marino manages to insult his fellow diners

Season 12 Episode 2
Kent Hairdresser Marcello Marino hosts the second party on the Kent coast, but after offending each of his fellow diners the previous night, his chances of impressing look slim. As the guests arrive, the host's outlandish wardrobe and risque art collection quickly become a popular topic of discussion, and when the main course turns sloppy, the evening takes a turn for the worse

Season 12 Episode 3
Kent Margate resident Donna Grieves hosts the third dinner party of the week on the Kent coast, and hopes her locally sourced ingredients and best-of-British menu will impress her guests. However, Italian hairdresser Marcello Marino proves hard to please, criticising both her appearance and cuisine, and the night goes from bad to worse when it's time for dessert

Season 12 Episode 4
Kent Artist Anthony Wait hosts the fourth dinner party on the Kent coast, and tries to woo his guests with experimental food and a burlesque dancer. He also hopes to get the diners interested in his new art project, which uses toenails and body hair

Season 12 Episode 5
Kent Chris Newbold hosts the final evening in Kent, hoping to impress his guests with his motorbike collection and an international menu. However, he faces tough competition from a critical Marcello Marino, who buys the other diners presents, before the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 13 Episode 10
Manchester Four amateur chefs from Manchester take turns hosting dinner parties in an effort to win the £1,000 prize. Food critic Mark Garner, tarot-card reader Pascha Taylor, pub landlord Jon Patullo and free spirit Jilly Fitzgerald try to impress the other contestants with evenings featuring Russian food, upmarket gastropub fare and Mediterranean dishes

Season 13 Episode 11
Merseyside Four amateur cooks host dinner parties in Merseyside for a chance of winning the £1,000 prize. The contestants are Kate MacDonald, who believes in fairies, local radio DJ Rick Vaughn, life coach Peter Worthington and socialite Cathy Frost, who try to impress with evenings featuring an unsavoury seafood starter and a guest from former soap Brookside helping out as a waiter

Season 13 Episode 13
East Suffolk Four amateur chefs in east Suffolk compete to win the £1,000 prize. UFO enthusiast Jo Jo Smith, agony aunt Janet Gershlick, sales director Paul Emery and department store owner Jim Godfrey host dinner parties featuring a drum solo meant as entertainment, a kitchen meltdown and an unusual cocktail

Season 14 Episode 11
North-west London Bollywood fan Paresh Vara competes against shop assistant Cherelle Welch, mind reader Alex Crow and solicitor Cathie Woolhouse for the £1,000 prize as the dinner-party challenge heads to north-west London. The week's highlights include a mysterious parlour filled with creepy creatures and a botched batch of deep-fried kofta balls

Season 17 Episode 31
Celebrity Special Day One - Bobby George Five celebrities take part in the dinner party challenge, with the top-scoring host winning £1,000 for the charity of their choice. The contest begins as former darts player Bobby George prepares a Chinese-inspired menu for 1980s pop star Pete Burns, former Celebrity Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton, comedienne Cleo Rocos and dancer Andrew Stone

Season 17 Episode 32
Celebrity Special Day Two - Chantelle Houghton Chantelle Houghton hosts the second star-studded dinner party, but her starter of bruschetta does not go down well with darts veteran Bobby George, who labels it `salad on toast'. When the reality TV star sets her guests a catwalk challenge, actress Cleo Rocos and Pineapple Dance Studios' Andrew Stone are quick to strut their stuff, but a reluctant Pete Burns decides to sit it out

Season 17 Episode 33
Celebrity Special Day Three - Cleo Rocos Cleo Rocos hosts a Monte Carlo or Bust-themed party, and prepares a menu that confuses Chantelle Houghton and Andrew Stone by including dishes such as A Lick of Rio on the list. She hopes to impress her guests with stories about her famous friends and a colourful balloon-popping parrot

Season 17 Episode 34
Celebrity Special Day Four - Andrew Stone Pineapple Dance Studios star Andrew Stone hosts the fourth dinner party and opts for a Moroccan-themed night to woo his guests, with most of the food prepared by a restaurant. The evening goes smoothly and Chantelle Houghton seems to like the starter, but sparks fly when Bobby George gives some unwelcome advice

Season 17 Episode 35
Celebrity Special Day Five - Pete Burns Singer Pete Burns hosts the final celebrity dinner party and leaves the majority of the preparations and cooking to his partner. He plans a neon dress-themed evening, and serves his guests cold soup, a chocolate main course and wobbly dessert, before the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 17 Episode 81
Worcestershire Fitness fanatic Claire Wier hosts the first party in Worcestershire and hopes her low-fat menu and pre-dinner exercise routines are enough to secure her the £1,000 prize. However, her guests are disappointed that the evening meal is lacking in cream, fat, oil and butter

Season 17 Episode 82
Worcestershire Beauty pageant queen Pippa Langhorne throws the second party in Worcestershire, and hopes to impress her fellow diners with a sophisticated Midsummer Night's Dream-themed event. However, her starter fails to win the approval of shellfish-hating Claire Wier, and Tim Lawson disapproves on the basis of his friendship with fish. Everyone is surprised as the hostess brings out an unusual dessert, and a guest appearance by her singing dog Buddy rounds off a memorable evening

Season 17 Episode 83
Worcestershire Publican Tim Lawson hosts the third dinner party in Worcestershire, laying on a country-themed evening featuring a novel take on prawn cocktail and a creamy main course. Chris Sheppard finds himself confronted about his tan, while tension mounts between Pippa Langhorne and Claire Wier, who takes issue with her fellow diner's claims to have a white bread allergy

Season 17 Episode 84
Worcestershire Teresa Cox hosts the fourth dinner party challenge from Worcestershire and sets her store on wooing the guests with a lobster starter and an extravagant main course. The menu seems to go down well with the diners, but when the conversation turns to the paranormal there are mixed reactions

Season 17 Episode 85
Worcestershire Chris Sheppard hosts the final dinner party in Worcestershire, throwing a black-tie-themed evening. He impresses some of his guests with his home-made sweet chilli sauce and potato towers - although Claire Wier finds the presentation pretentious - before the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 17 Episode 86
Celebrity Christmas Special Day One - Linda Nolan A series of dinner parties inspired by pantomimes begins with singer Linda Nolan's Jack and the Beanstalk-themed evening. There is fun with magic beans and a dessert disaster, while Nick Bateman embraces the role of the panto villain, Bianca Gascoigne fails to recognise Colin Baker, and Danny Young gets the giggles

Season 17 Episode 87
Celebrity Christmas Special Day Two - Nick Bateman Former Big Brother contestant Nick Bateman hosts the second dinner party for Bianca Gascoigne, Linda Nolan, Danny Young and Colin Baker. Hoping to win the £1,000 charity prize, he plans a Dickensian Christmas Carol-themed evening with all the trimmings, but his measly portions and festive conversation fail to impress

Season 17 Episode 88
Celebrity Christmas Special Day Three - Bianca Gascoigne Glamour model Bianca Gascoigne kicks off the third party with a Snow White-themed evening, complete with entertainment featuring seven dwarfs. Danny Young makes a social faux pas and receives a lesson in dinner-table etiquette, Colin Baker gives an enthusiastic dancing performance, while the tension between Linda Nolan and Nick Bateman threatens to boil over

Season 17 Episode 89
Celebrity Christmas Special Day Four - Danny Young Actor Danny Young hosts an Aladdin-themed evening, and it becomes clear he has skipped his kitchen chores and ordered prepared food instead. Despite managing to mess up the simple assembly of the dishes - and the subsequent war of words between the guests - the arrival of a belly dancer lightens everyone's mood

Season 17 Episode 90
Celebrity Christmas Special Day Five - Colin Baker Former Doctor Who star Colin Baker hosts the final dinner party, throwing a Cinderella-themed evening. After 30 years of shying away from the kitchen, the actor tries to rustle up a three-course meal, and welcomes entertainment by Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer before the winner of the £1,000 prize for charity is announced

Season 18 Episode 8
Four enthusiastic cooks compete for the £1,000 prize in Watford, Hertfordshire. Mother Mandy Godman, highly opinionated Danny Walsh, nursery worker Claire Scotchett and fashionable Perrie Dixon take turns hosting dinner parties in a week that features sumo wrestling, lettuce soup and a house full of dead animals

Season 18 Episode 10
Stockport Four amateur cooks from Stockport, Greater Manchester, compete to win the £1,000 prize. Bank clerk Alastair Lomas, super-competitive student Amy Green, recruitment consultant Gillian Twist and mechanic Samuel Norrin take turns hosting dinner parties during a week featuring a car-themed menu, unexpected revelations, chaos and a touch of a mystery

Season 18 Episode 14
Four amateur cooks from Wolverhampton compete for the £1,000 prize. Traditionalist Deborah Green, tattoo enthusiast Kat Whyton, community worker Nick Bassett and Italian Francesco Ceccarelli take turns hosting dinner parties featuring an around-the-world menu, raw chicken, hidden agendas and rule breaking

Season 18 Episode 21
A hairdresser, a trainee barrister, a mother and an IT teacher take turns hosting dinner parties in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. One of the amateur cook's hyper-critical approach to the contest riles his rivals, and only heightens expectations for his own offering at the end of the week

Season 18 Episode 22
Four amateur cooks from Crawley, West Sussex, compete for the £1,000 prize. Primary school teacher Chris McGivern, care worker Kerry Gates, sign-language interpreter Carly Buckle and joker Bruce Burgess take turns hosting dinner parties featuring fancy dress, the inappropriate use of a lie detector and food fights

Season 18 Episode 23
Four amateur cooks from Hartlepool, Co Durham, compete for the £1,000 prize. Former holiday rep Dotty Page, financial adviser Gavin Wise, beautician Becki Cooper and student Alex Jackson take turns hosting dinner parties, but have to contend with angry outbursts and charm offensives

Season 18 Episode 24
Four amateur cooks from Chichester, West Sussex, compete for the £1,000 prize. Football fan Darren Morrison, former Navy officer Stefan Gershater, housewife Henrietta Edwards and the travel-loving Jemima Thomas take turns hosting dinner parties featuring male rivalry, a bit of romance and a Carry On-themed evening

Season 18 Episode 27
Warwickshire Four cooks from Warwickshire compete for the £1,000 prize. Former Miss Rugby Jade Hollis, film and TV extra Susan Gillis, recruitment boss Lee Bunting and academic Alan James take turns hosting dinner parties. Alan begins with a challenging menu featuring slow-cooked sweet and sour mackerel, and as the week progresses, tension mounts between the women, leaving the men bemused

Season 18 Episode 28
Peterborough The dinner-party contest heads to the Peterborough area, as four hosts compete for the £1,000 prize. Personal assistant Claire Mazurek hosts the first soiree, but it becomes clear this will be a week in which the relationships between the guests overshadow the cooking. Hairdresser Kristian Beckham's flirty behaviour annoys managing director Nimon Davey, who then falls out with Claire - leaving fourth contestant Karen Hingston facing an uphill battle to lighten the mood

Season 18 Episode 29
Milton Keynes Competitive sportswoman Lauren hosts the first of four dinner parties in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, with an evening of hearty grub and glitzy fun. But the male guests - amateur-theatre enthusiast Ben and racing-car driver John - quickly bring proceedings down to their level of banter, and party girl Julia struggles to hide her frustration as she spends all week in their company. On Ben's night, his starter of squirrel causes a stir and the sports day-themed entertainment brings out Lauren's ruthless streak

Season 18 Episode 31
Surrey Four contestants take part in a week of competitive dining in Surrey, hoping to win the £1,000 cash prize. Estate agent James Quantrell hosts the first evening, with a Best of British theme, and the group dynamics soon become a talking point. Project manager Sandhya Gadsby is not impressed by James's tales of public-school antics or pensioner Cherry Hughes' old-fashioned values, while Cherry clashes with tattoo artist Lee Jackson. As the nights unfold, the divisions become clear, but is it a class divide or something more surprising?

Season 18 Episode 32
Enfield Four contestants compete to win the £1,000 cash prize in Enfield, north London, and two of them are soon vying to be the centre of attention. Burlesque dancer Charlie Hunt impresses with her food and some racy entertainment, but Habiba Hrida thinks nudity has no place at a dinner party, and serves up an evening featuring impromptu `rockabilly poetry'

Season 18 Episode 33
North Cornwall Four amateur cooks compete for the £1,000 prize as the dinner-party challenge heads to north Cornwall. The fun begins at the home of exuberant bouncer Danielle Stephens, who immediately makes a big impression on lawyer Liz Ashton, while ladies' man Sam Bishop looks to impress surfer Tiva Dakar with tales of his nights on the town. As the week continues, one contestant takes a fancy to a fellow diner, while a more softly spoken member of the group tries to make themselves heard

Season 18 Episode 35
Benidorm Four expats - travel journalist Irena Bodnarec, banker Nick Middleton, clairvoyant Hilary Marshall and drag queen Gary Brown - take turns to host dinner parties in Benidorm, battling for the £1,000 cash prize. As the week goes on, there's the usual mix of banter and blunt speaking, as well as some strange photos and food that doesn't require cooking

Season 19 Episode 1
East Lancashire Vicki Fairbrother hosts the first party in East Lancashire, hoping her steak main and banoffee pie dessert will be enough to win her the £1,000 prize. However, she must contend with self-confessed snob Chelsea Symcox, perfectionist Chris Slater, entrepreneur Jenna Tattersall and hairdresser Nigel Womack if she is to walk away with the cash at the end of the week

Season 19 Episode 2
East Lancashire Businesswoman Jenna Tattersall hosts the second dinner party in East Lancashire, but an unimpressed Chelsea Symcox suspects the stuffed courgette starter is intended to send a message to the guests. Jenna's decision to hire a bouncy castle as post-meal entertainment also causes concern

Season 19 Episode 3
East Lancashire Chris Slater tries to add some class to proceedings as he hosts the third dinner party in East Lancashire, but his habit of chewing with his mouth open disgusts his guests. The spicy main course gives Jenna Tattersall acid reflux, and Nigel Womack has an embarrassing incident with a shortbread biscuit

Season 19 Episode 4
East Lancashire Chelsea Symcox hosts the fourth party in East Lancashire. While the boys fight over a punch-bag in the garage, the girls discover a secret about their host when they find her credit card. Chelsea hopes her Mediterranean menu is enough to win her the £1,000 prize at the end of the week

Season 19 Episode 5
East Lancashire Hairdresser Nigel Womack hosts the final dinner party in East Lancashire, hoping his romantic evening will impress his guests. With a menu featuring aphrodisiacs, he aims to create an amorous mood among his diners, and also sings a song before the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 19 Episode 6
Ipswich Theatre-lover Claire Flatt hosts the first party in Ipswich, where one guest makes a big impression by arriving in a limousine. Claire prepares Thai fishcakes and Princess Jasmine rice, as well as her signature dish `chaos cake', in the hope of winning the £1,000 prize at the end of the week

Season 19 Episode 7
Ipswich Millwall fan Kerrie Pankhurst hosts the second dinner party in Ipswich, which she decides to give a football theme - but the mood turns sour when one of the guests insults her team. Kerrie's decision to serve scallops and chorizo as her starter also does not go down well with DJ Dave James

Season 19 Episode 8
Ipswich Magician David J Marks hosts the third dinner party in Ipswich, and hopes to win over Kerrie Pankhurst after offending her the previous night. His salmon starter impresses all the diners except Dave James, who explains all the gruesome things he would rather do than eat the fish, so the host lightens the mood by showing off his ventriloquist dummies and laying on a magic show

Season 19 Episode 9
Ipswich DJ Dave James hosts the fourth dinner party from Ipswich and asks his guests to attend dressed as pop stars. Claire Flatt and Nicki Yucel are suspicious about his celebrity connections, and there is trouble when the diners discover Dave obtained help with the cooking

Season 19 Episode 10
Ipswich Speed-dating expert Nikki Yucel hosts the final dinner party in Ipswich, and is determined to cultivate a romantic atmosphere. As the evening progresses, Kerrie Pankhurst reveals her feelings for another diner, before the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 19 Episode 11
East Kent Carpenter Wes Leaver hosts the first party in east Kent, hoping his science theme will be enough to win him the £1,000 prize at the end of the week. However, the 34-year-old faces competition from estate agent Alexandra Austin, beautician Emma Phillips, dog-lover Sally Parry and fancy-dress enthusiast Stephen Drew

Season 19 Episode 12
East Kent Estate agent Alexandra Austen hosts the second party of the week in east Kent, hoping to impress her guests with pan-European cuisine. However, the meal gets off to a shaky start when Sally Parry is forced to confront her fear of beans, while Stephen Drew struggles with a goat's cheese parcel. Alexandra's decision to serve veal also proves controversial, and it soon becomes clear two of the guests are not enjoying each other's company

Season 19 Episode 13
East Kent Beautician Emma Phillips hosts the third dinner party in east Kent. Her main course is described by one diner as a pet on a plate, and Alexandra Austin declares the menu to be rather odd. Meanwhile, Stephen Drew and Wes Leaver enjoy an impromptu beauty treatment together

Season 19 Episode 14
East Kent Dog-lover Sally Parry hosts the fourth dinner party in east Kent, hoping to impress her guests with a pink-themed night, including posh pink food and table decorations. However, Sally and Emma have a heated argument, Alex misbehaves and Wes falls asleep

Season 19 Episode 15
East Kent Flamboyant Stephen Drew hosts the final dinner party in east Kent, and has designed a menu that will allow him to spend time entertaining his guests. With an Absolutely Fabulous theme, a few of the diners are expecting a Mardi Gras vibe, but he has different ideas for the night - before the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 19 Episode 16
Oxford Marlon Williams hosts the first party in Oxford, and hopes his love-island-themed evening will be enough to win him the £1,000 prize at the end of the week. However, after a shambolic start to proceedings, the night ends with the smashing of plates

Season 19 Episode 17
Oxford Inventor Richard Berrecloth hosts the second dinner party in Oxford, and hopes to impress his guests with home-made food and an unusual form of entertainment. However, Heidi Kelloway and Marlon Williams appear to be more interested in each other than their host's hospitality - while another diner seems rather too keen on sampling the wine

Season 19 Episode 18
Oxford Mother-of-three Victoria Collett hosts the third dinner party in Oxford and begins the day with a hangover and a few culinary disasters. It is not long before her guests start grumbling and Richard Berrecloth criticises her seafood starter, so she pins her hopes on the Caribbean curry being a success

Season 19 Episode 19
Oxford Dog trainer James Hearle hosts the fourth dinner party in Oxford, but his four-legged friends threaten to turn the evening into a mess. Tempers also rise between the guests as culinary critic Richard Berrecloth continues shocking the group with his brutal honesty

Season 19 Episode 20
Oxford Heidi Kelloway hosts the final dinner party in Oxford, determined to lighten the mood of the other diners. However, the evening turns sour when the diners confront the overly critical Richard Berrecloth about his frank comments, before the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 19 Episode 66
Taxi driver Nik Christides hosts the first party in east Hampshire, where one guest causes a stir by revealing details of a romantic encounter with Boyzone singer Ronan Keating. Later, Nik introduces his diners to the sport of Cheesy Darts, which requires one guest to smear their face with cream, before having cheese-flavoured crisps thrown at them

Season 19 Episode 67
Mother-of-four Jax Naudi hosts the second dinner party in east Hampshire, but her theme for the evening causes confusion and leads to one guest wearing an inappropriate outfit. Although Sue Hood expresses her distaste for the host's menu by remaining silent throughout the meal, the mood improves when Jax reveals the evening's entertainment - life drawing with a nude model

Season 19 Episode 68
Natalie Edemska-Plant hosts the third dinner party in east Hampshire, and plans to serve dishes from her childhood to give her guests an authentic Russian dining experience. She begins the evening with traditional customs such as banning shoes inside the house, and although her food is not a complete success, the night ends on a high note with some energetic dancing

Season 19 Episode 69
History fanatic Kyle Curtis hosts the fourth dinner party from east Hampshire. A self-confessed novice in the kitchen, he decides to get his guests to help him with his main course - a fish fondue - and his choice of dress code for the evening proves a hit

Season 19 Episode 70
Sue Hood hosts the final night of the culinary competition in east Hampshire, hoping to impress her guests with a Caribbean-themed dinner party. The evening kicks off with the diners taking turns hitting a pinata, followed by entertainment in the form of dancers before the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 20 Episode 1
Kingston upon Thames Five amateur chefs compete for the £1,000 prize in Kingston upon Thames, south-west London, and keen basketball player Ken Oputa is the first to host, inviting his guests to turn up in sportswear fancy dress. He hopes his Double Dribble mushrooms and Slam Dunk salmon will prove to be winning ingredients

Season 20 Episode 2
Kingston upon Thames Interior designer Erika Sager hosts the second dinner party of the week on board her boat in Kingston upon Thames, south-west London, and invites her guests to dress up as pirates. Despite the unconventional setting, her rivals are all impressed by the standard of her food and hospitality

Season 20 Episode 3
Kingston upon Thames Mother-of-two Sarah Brice hosts the third dinner party in Kingston upon Thames, hoping to impress her guests with her own take on dishes including prawns, lamb and chocolate mousse. Ken Oputa tries to make an impression on the female contestants with his romantic poetry, but finds Erika Sager switches her attentions to his rival Jamie Baker

Season 20 Episode 4
Kingston upon Thames Photographer Jamie Baker hosts the fourth party in London, and his ambitious menu of langoustine and crab ravioli, herb crusted rack of lamb, and milloux of chocolate - combined with his choice of evening entertainment - go down well, until an unexpected turn of events scuppers his plans

Season 20 Episode 5
Kingston upon Thames Retired golfer David Witcher hosts the final evening in Kingston upon Thames, south-west London, and hopes to impress with an American-themed menu, including Wyoming slow-cooked ribs and Louisiana seafood chowder. After dinner, he entertains his guests with a bucking bronco, before the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 20 Episode 16
Milton Keynes Driving instructor Ray Dodd hosts the first dinner party in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, but finds his guests a difficult crowd to please. Recruitment executive Michelle Watson turns her nose up at the salmon starter, while choir director Joseph Benneh sends his steak back to the kitchen

Season 20 Episode 17
Milton Keynes Recruitment executive Michelle Watson welcomes the diners to her home for the second dinner party of the week in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, but the previous night's host Ray Dodd is hungry for revenge following stinging criticism of his efforts. Michelle's cooking also fails to impress Joseph Benneh, so her hopes of scooping the week's prize rest with her choice of entertainment

Season 20 Episode 18
Milton Keynes Stuart Henson hosts a safari-themed dinner party on the third night in Milton Keynes. He hopes his exotic menu of zebra steak and `elephant dung surprise' will please his guests, but after the insults of the previous night he faces a difficult challenge to persuade his fellow diners to get along

Season 20 Episode 19
Milton Keynes Choir director Joseph Benneh hosts the fourth dinner party in Milton Keynes, hoping the flavours from his homeland Ghana and a vocal masterclass will prove a winning combination. The guests' expectations are high, so he is under pressure to hit the spot with a menu that includes chicken liver pate, and groundnut soup with coconut rice

Season 20 Episode 20
Milton Keynes Country enthusiast Susan Rogers hosts the final dinner party in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, hoping her French cuisine will win her extra points. She also demonstrates her skills with an accordion and gives her guests an origami masterclass, before the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 20 Episode 21
Liverpool Barber Kenny Flynn hosts the first dinner party in Liverpool. His evening has a `big kids' theme, so he prepares burger buns striped like a zebra and baby octopuses that resemble spiders. His guests are Nigerian model Cynthia Umezulike, rock music enthusiast Glen Simpson, businessman Rob Spicer and fine-dining enthusiast Jilly Pollock

Season 20 Episode 22
Liverpool Multiple business owner Rob Spicer welcomes the diners to his home for the second party in Liverpool. He is convinced his `historical leader' theme will be a hit, but there is a shock in store as one of the guests reveals a secret about herself

Season 20 Episode 23
Liverpool Model and barrister Cynthia Umezulike hosts the third dinner party in Liverpool, and hopes her meal including tribal fish, a traditional Nigerian jeloff and an exotic fruit platter will impress her guests

Season 20 Episode 24
Liverpool Rock music enthusiast Glen Simpson hosts the fourth dinner party in Liverpool. He rustles up sticky blackened pork and an Elvis-inspired dessert of deep fat-fried chocolate bars with home-made peanut butter and banana ice-cream, but grievances among the guests threaten to derail the evening's entertainment

Season 20 Episode 25
Liverpool Jilly Pollock hosts the fifth and final party in Liverpool, inviting her fellow contestants to a black-tie event. She prepares a selection of self-styled dishes for her diners, including figs, hot beef and berry delight, and hopes an evening of ballroom dancing will ease tensions following the previous night's arguments

Season 20 Episode 26
Crewe and Nantwich Hairdresser Mushgon Dadfar hosts the first dinner party in the Crewe and Nantwich area of Cheshire, and has high hopes for her Caribbean-themed evening. However, the guests have little time to let their meal settle before they face an energetic Zumba session

Season 20 Episode 27
Crewe and Nantwich Housewife Pip Massey welcomes the diners to her home for the second dinner party of the week in the Crewe and Nantwich area of Cheshire. As a fortysomething woman who lunches and is used to entertaining, she has high hopes that all those years of practice will make her glamorous evening a success

Season 20 Episode 28
Crewe and Nantwich Landscape gardener Darren Leech hosts the third dinner party in and around Crewe and Nantwich, Cheshire. He hopes to impress his guests with fine food, including smoked haddock and black pudding, and entertainment that involves laughing at his bottom

Season 20 Episode 29
Crewe and Nantwich Student Emma Davies hosts the fourth dinner party in the Crewe and Nantwich area of Cheshire, hoping to woo her guests with a creative menu featuring stuffed pork and a home-made gnocchi starter as well as treating them to a musical performance

Season 20 Episode 30
Crewe and Nantwich Hypnotherapist Russell Stubbs hosts the final dinner party in Crewe and Nantwich, Cheshire, hoping to impress his guests with a rock-night theme. In a bid to improve his chances of claiming the £1,000 prize, he prepares a meal using British produce, before the winner is announced

Season 20 Episode 31
Co Durham and Wearside Personal trainer Eve Booth hosts the first dinner party in Co Durham and Wearside, expressing concern that her starter of haggis and black pudding may not be to everyone's taste. Although her main course gets a lukewarm reception, the biggest threat to the evening seems to be fellow contestant Ken Brown's taste in jokes

Season 20 Episode 32
Co Durham and Wearside Interior designer and gypsy wedding supplier Paula Thompson hosts the second party in Co Durham and Wearside, and hopes to bring a touch of class to the proceedings with her `black and bling' themed event. The evening's menu includes fresh lobster and hairy prawns, accompanied by a spot of belly dancing

Season 20 Episode 33
Co Durham and Wearside Nineteen-year-old languages student Donal Anand-Shaw hosts the third dinner party in Co Durham and Wearside, and decides to make the event black tie. He also arranges for a string quartet to play, and serves up a locally-sourced scallop starter

Season 20 Episode 34
Co Durham and Wearside Debt collector Eleri Watson hosts the fourth dinner party in Co Durham and Wearside. However, her efforts to organise an all-Welsh evening do not go according to plan when soil is found in the leek soup and lamb is served burned, dampening the guests' enthusiasm

Season 20 Episode 35
Co Durham and Wearside Businessman Ken Brown hosts the final dinner party in Co Durham and Wearside, and hopes to entertain his guests with a `wear a wig' themed evening. After annoying his fellow contestants over the past week, he hopes to make amends with his unique entertainment, before the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 20 Episode 41
Salisbury Natasha Conti hosts the first dinner party in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and puts together an evening on the theme of a summer fete, complete with prizes for her fellow competitors. However, as the guests get to know each other, Chris Hiller finds himself in an awkward situation

Season 20 Episode 42
Salisbury Farm manager Sophie McConnell hopes that her pig-racing entertainment will impress the guests on her night as host in Salisbury, Wiltshire. She also plans to serve her home-raised cow Levi for the main course

Season 20 Episode 43
Salisbury Anthony Brown-Hovelt hosts the third dinner party in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and his menu includes Uzbekistani food and porridge ice-cream. The former army major dresses as an American sailor, but Natasha Conti does not find the outfit as appealing as she had hoped

Season 20 Episode 44
Salisbury Housing support officer Chris Hiller plans an eclectic but affordable menu for his night in Salisbury, including chicken a l'orange and peppers stuffed with baked beans. However, with the sole focus being on keeping costs low, his efforts might not go down well with the other guests

Season 20 Episode 45
Salisbury Care worker Jane Arnold hosts the final dinner party in Salisbury, Wiltshire, hoping to impress her guests with food from her local area. However, it is her bedroom revelations that catch the diners' attentions, before the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 20 Episode 46
Hastings Charity manager Andrew Batsford hosts the first of a week of parties from Hastings, aiming to inspire his fellow contestants with a menu of dishes prepared using foraged ingredients, including sea broccoli and stinging nettles. However, if the food fails to win them over, he hopes a dynamic Wham!-themed evening of festivities will do the trick

Season 20 Episode 47
Hastings It is the second day of the competition in Hastings, East Sussex, and retired solicitor Adrian Carter is hoping to impress his guests with a Moroccan-themed evening. However, disaster strikes when he neglects his tagine, and his rendition of a Rod Stewart classic does not go down well either

Season 20 Episode 48
Hastings Sally-Anne Keller hosts a German-themed dinner party on the third night in Hastings, East Sussex, and requires her guests to dress, sing and dance accordingly. Charity manager Andrew Batsford explains how the principles of anarchism and punk can be applied to football, while retired solicitor Adrian Carter dresses as the 19th-century statesman Otto von Bismarck and raises eyebrows with his jokes

Season 20 Episode 49
Hastings Hairdresser Kate Eadon hosts the fourth dinner party in Hastings, East Sussex, with a menu styled on a gourmet pub meal. Adrian Carter gets himself in hot water, Sally-Anne Keller reveals a surprise celebrity crush, and the host recounts her own encounter with a famous funnyman

Season 20 Episode 50
Hastings The confident Stelios Michael hosts the final night in Hastings, East Sussex, hoping to impress his guests with a Greek-inspired evening. The diners get involved when they receive a masterclass in the country's traditional dance, before the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 20 Episode 51
Leicester NHS manager Helen Mather holds the first party in Leicester, hoping her plans for a simple menu will allow her more time to entertain her guests. However, the accident-prone host has a mishap involving raw pig's blood, and tries to turn the evening around with some `urban ballet' after one diner sours the mood with a display of less-than-polite table manners

Season 20 Episode 52
Leicester Estate agent Terry Robinson hosts the second dinner party in Leicester with a `Dress as Your Hero' theme, and the Elton John fan also decides to treat his guests to a song. He is confident his menu will score him top marks, but while Richard is blown away, Ryan remains unimpressed

Season 20 Episode 53
Leicester Beauty spa manager Porchia Lee hosts the third dinner party in Leicester, serving up a French-themed menu of chicken liver pate, pan-fried chicken with tarragon sauce and creme brulee. Unfortunately for her the pudding is so bad her guests are reduced to tears, and double glazing salesman Richard Deeping insults her appearance

Season 20 Episode 54
Leicester IT enthusiast Ryan Bruce hosts the fourth dinner party in Leicester, and tries to impress his guests with a Spanish-inspired menu cooked in front of them. Entertainment is provided by Ryan's sister, West End actress Charlie Bruce, who puts the contestants through their paces in a salsa lesson

Season 20 Episode 55
Leicester Double-glazing salesman Richard Deeping hosts the final dinner party in Leicester, and hopes to make up for his boisterous behaviour by impressing the guests with his culinary prowess. In a bid to land higher scores, he puts on his own brand of entertainment, only to reveal a little too much of himself in the process, before the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 20 Episode 56
Warwickshire Fitness instructor Liza Macias hosts the first party in Warwickshire and hopes wooing her diners with a French menu and three hunky waiters will be enough to win her the £1,000 prize at the end of the week

Season 20 Episode 57
Warwickshire Sailor Steve Aston hosts the second dinner party in Warwickshire, hoping his nautical-themed evening will impress the women in the group and win him the £1,000 prize. But what will the ladies think when they discover the secrets of his `love ship'?

Season 20 Episode 58
Warwickshire Admin manager Emma Reddin hosts the third dinner party in Warwickshire, and hopes to secure the £1,000 prize by offering her guests pea and potato samosas and a selection of Indian curries, and organising Bollywood dancing

Season 20 Episode 59
Warwickshire PA Pinky Sidhu hosts the fourth dinner party in Warwickshire, hoping to educate her guests about the finer things in life with an evening of sophistication and pageantry. However, the diners quickly find fault with her starter and dessert, and there is a surprise winner of the beauty competition she arranged as entertainment

Season 20 Episode 60
Warwickshire Driving instructor Alison Firth hosts the final dinner party in Warwickshire, and hopes that her 1980s disco-themed night featuring a marshmallow competition will impress her guests enough to see her win the cash prize

Season 20 Episode 61
Swindon Five amateur cooks from Swindon take turns trying to throw the perfect dinner party. International DJ Mark Eteson hosts the first night and hopes his Ibiza-style menu featuring Bora Bora Beach brownies, paella and fishcakes will be a hit, before challenging his guests to a rave-off which he will judge himself

Season 20 Episode 62
Swindon Amateur dramatics enthusiast Michaela Kearns hosts the second party in Swindon, but admits she is not much of a cook. She hopes to dazzle her guests with a glamour-filled evening featuring melted chocolate with dipping treats, but anticipates she might not be able to persuade her fellow diners to take part in her planned show tune performance - complete with a full band

Season 20 Episode 63
Swindon Financial advisor Scott Hillier hosts Swindon's third party, hoping to impress his guests with a Wild West-themed evening. Tensions run high as Gill Bright awkwardly apologises to last night's host Michaela Kearns and Scott Hillier hopes to smooth things over by performing a rap

Season 20 Episode 64
Swindon Direct sales manager Sally Rachael hosts the fourth dinner party in Swindon, featuring a `girls' night in' theme with mysteriously titled dishes and a quirky dress code that leaves her guests clueless and unhappy

Season 20 Episode 65
Swindon Alternative therapist Gill Bright hosts the final dinner party in Swindon and has plans for an `upstairs downstairs' Edwardian-themed evening with sophisticated food followed by some circle dancing to Bob Marley

Season 20 Episode 136
Southend-on-Sea Dog-mad executive PA Julie-Ann Rayner hosts the first dinner party in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, and hopes to impress her guests - science teacher Damian Loneragan, DJ Scott Langley, barmaid Steph Barrett and glamorous granny Carol Dolman - with a `taste of the sea' menu

Season 20 Episode 137
Southend-on-Sea Glamorous grandmother Carol Dolman hosts the second dinner party in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, hoping her scallops and roast lamb, `dress to impress' theme and tango lessons given by local instructors are enough to win her the £1,000 prize

Season 20 Episode 138
Southend-on-Sea Teacher Damian Loneragan hosts the third dinner party in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, where he hopes his chilli-based dishes, and a lemon and ginger dessert, will help him win the £1,000 prize. However, after a disastrous main course, he goes all-out to wow his guests with science experiments in the garden

Season 20 Episode 139
Southend-on-Sea Barmaid Steph Barrett is the fourth host of this week's competition in Southend and sets a 1940s dress code. The day gets off to a tricky start when she attempts to make home-made pastry for the first time, but her nan saves the day. The guests are suitably impressed by her home, and the dancing entertainment goes down even better than the food

Season 20 Episode 140
Southend-on-Sea Scott Langley hosts the final party in Southend, and decides to take a gamble by serving fried pigeon as his main course. He insists on an `outrageous' dress code for the evening, and unveils some special entertainment before the week's winner is announced

Season 21 Episode 2
Alicante Bono tribute singer Rob Bloomer, hairdresser Dale Francis, eccentric sun-seeking retiree Rosalind Eastland and OAP party girl Carol Perkins cook for one another in Alicante on Spain's Costa Blanca. Highlights include a swimwear party, a menu that nobody can understand, a U2-inspired evening, some raw lamb, bulls' testicles and a fly in the paella. Narrated by Dave Lamb

Season 21 Episode 3
Jersey The culinary challenge visits the island of Jersey for the first time, with local radio DJ Kevin Pamplin, food aficionado Jane-Anne Collier, finance manager Craig Dempster and dinner-party novice Jessica Stanier taking part. The week features ruined food, shameless self-promotion, raucous fun, and some truth-telling around the table

Season 21 Episode 4
Swansea Four amateur chefs in Swansea compete to win the £1,000 prize. Dean Verbeck's Hollywood night dazzles his guests, glamorous Yvonne Davies throws a Dallas and Dynasty evening and clashes with the equally sophisticated Bronwen Ward, while recruitment consultant Mike Bates serves up a wrestling theme when it is his turn to host

Season 21 Episode 5
South-east London Politically incorrect Reg Gaston, English teacher Hannah Elliot, musician George Chambers and legal expert Sarah Maguire do battle in south-east London. As they compete to win £1,000, the week serves up some heated discussions, a few revelations, an accident in the kitchen, a poem entitled Satan, and experimental music that one diner mistakes for an asthma attack

Season 21 Episode 6
Kingston upon Thames Mother-of-two Carly Baker, unconventional thinker Lisa Hughes, barrister Simon Levene and confident Philip Gwott compete as the dinner-party challenge heads to Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. The week features a diverse array of dishes, including Italian, Australian and Nigerian cuisine, as well as an attempt at magical entertainment - but one contestant's attention-seeking antics leave their fellow diners deeply unamused

Season 21 Episode 9
Derby The dinner-party challenge comes to Derby as four hosts - talkative housewife Tori Yerbury, Canadian drama teacher Allison Hunt, baby-faced Tom Flannery and prankster Jeff Foster - compete to score the most points from one another and win the £1,000 cash prize. The week's highlights include juvenile jokes, non-stop chatter and some over-the-top mothering

Season 21 Episode 10
Wrexham Dinner party challenge from Wrexham. Taking part are financial adviser Joey Perez, keep-fit enthusiast Jacki De Sanders, sci-fi fan Tom Evans and hotel inspector Lisa Groom. The week's highlights include one of the contestants being under the mistaken impression that they are the life and soul of every party

Season 21 Episode 11
North Yorkshire Beautician Amanda Bradley, author and businessman Heath Samples, accident-prone Fran Atkin and technician Phil Laycock from North Yorkshire take up the dinner party challenge. During the week the contestants constantly rub each other up the wrong the way, and things finally come to a head when an argument erupts over Heath's controversial novel about Princess Diana

Season 21 Episode 12
Lake District Fitness fanatic Lindsey Berry, salesman Marc McAdam, hairdresser Julie Wall and Michael Webster, former butler to the Queen, take up the dinner party challenge in the Lake District. Michael hosts a night where the contestants have to dress as their favourite royal - but it doesn't go to plan when Julie turns up as Freddie Mercury and Marc as a corgi. The rest of the week features a pub-themed dinner party that goes down rather well, and another inspired by Lady Gaga

Season 21 Episode 13
Barnsley Four dinner-party hosts compete to win £1,000 in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Elaine Ashton starts the week off with an American-themed evening, while Sam West tempts his guests with a few unusual delicacies including ostrich egg and pig's ears, before upsetting the next host, local councillor and market trader Wayne Johnson. The final night, hosted by Cindy Broadbent, features a Wild West-style bash that ends in tears for one of the contestants

Season 21 Episode 15
Bristol The dinner-party challenge comes to Bristol, where American Keith Weinberg, fun-loving Rachel Flowers, extrovert Andy Holbert and legal trainee Jen Elphick compete to win £1,000. The week's highlights include some `gert lush', a revealing outfit, a personal homage to the work of PJ and Duncan and a best of British theme

Season 22 Episode 2
The dinner-party challenge comes to Chesterfield, Derbyshire, where teaching assistant Clare Gaunt, salon owner Carly McGregor, long-distance lorry driver Robinson Reid and caravan enthusiast Richard Hollingsworth compete to win the £1,000 prize. The week seems to be going well, until events spiral out of control at Richard's home and he's forced to ask one of the guests to leave - only moments before the final results are announced

Season 22 Episode 3
Four dinner-party hosts in Chippenham, Wiltshire, compete to win a £1,000 prize. RAF engineer and prankster Corporal Keith McEvoy meets his match in gym owner Mark Lamputt, who has a few practical jokes of his own up his sleeve, while florist Fleur van Heijningen is single and hoping for some romance as the week goes on, and Finnish musician Terhi Ikonen treats her unsuspecting guests to a performance that leaves some of them unimpressed

Season 23 Episode 1
Winchester Ptol Slattery hosts the first dinner party in Winchester, Hampshire, but his menu of seared scallops, lamb steak with baby new potatoes followed by chocolate mousse leaves his guests - waitress Patrician Pearson, DJ Francis Leigh, care-home worker Georgia Groves and estate agent William Tilsley - underwhelmed

Season 23 Episode 2
Winchester Waitress Patricia Pearson hosts the second party in Winchester, but the decision to write her menu in Spanish causes confusion for one guest who mistakes lamb for llama. The Peruvian-themed feast is followed by a rendition of the country's national anthem and a traditional dance involving a candle and a donkey's jaw

Season 23 Episode 3
Winchester DJ Francis Leigh hosts the third dinner party in Winchester, hoping to dazzle his guests with his sunburnt chicken curry, a Thai meal with a twist and a dessert simply called `sticky.' The entertainment for the night proves to be weird and wonderful as he dons a tutu and fur coat to serve the main course

Season 23 Episode 4
Winchester On the fourth night of the competition in Winchester, Georgia Groves plans a black-tie evening complete with a red carpet, posh frocks and a spray-tan booth. It appears to be going well until Patricia Pearson reveals what she thinks of Ptol Slattery and his wine antics

Season 23 Episode 5
Winchester Estate agent William Tilsley throws one last dinner party as a week of competitions in Winchester, Hampshire, draws to a close. The host plans to offer his guests a vegetarian menu, with a blind food-tasting game providing the evening's entertainment. As the night draws to a close, one of the competitors rises above the rest to become the winner

Season 23 Episode 6
Lichfield Business consultant James Herbert hosts the first dinner party in Lichfield, Staffordshire, and has high hopes that his guests - football coach Tim Travers, sales assistant JP Goodyear-Martinez, businesswoman Amanda Smith and retired mental-health nurse Ronnie Imlah - will enjoy his complex Italian menu

Season 23 Episode 7
Lichfield Retired mental-health nurse Ronnie Imlah hosts the second dinner party in Lichfield, Staffordshire, hoping her menu inspired by dishes she has eaten at friends' events will win her the £1,000. A revelation by the host leaves her companions in shock, and two guests fail to see eye-to-eye on plastic surgery

Season 23 Episode 8
Lichfield JP Goodyear-Martinez hosts the third dinner party in Lichfield, Staffordshire, where he treats his guests to a mix of Jamaican food, tight lycra outfits and a drag queen. However, James Herbert's rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody does not go down too well with fellow diner Ronnie

Season 23 Episode 9
Lichfield Football coach Tim Travers hosts the fourth dinner party in Lichfield, Staffordshire, and is determined to prove his culinary skills, despite never having cooked before. He tackles an American-themed menu with the help of his mother, but discovers the hardest task is keeping the peace at the table

Season 23 Episode 10
Lichfield Recruitment consultant Amanda Smith hosts the final dinner party in Lichfield, and hopes to impress with a well-executed, sophisticated menu. However the night is not to everyone else's liking and an accident at the table leaves her guests in hysterics, before the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 23 Episode 11
Inverness National Heritage worker Gillian Sutherland hosts the first dinner party in Inverness, and has high hopes that her guests - emergency-call handler Melissa Kirby, property tycoon David Edes, hair stylist Zarina Ainslie and personal fitness trainer Jamie Tulloch - will appreciate her traditional Scottish menu

Season 23 Episode 12
Inverness Designer-label fan Melissa Kirby hosts the second dinner party in Inverness, hoping her cooking lessons from one of the city's best chefs will win her the £1,000 prize. However, rival Gillian is unimpressed when she finds out the chef also made the gravy

Season 23 Episode 13
Inverness Property tycoon and teetotaller David Edes hosts a nautical evening for the third dinner party in Inverness, where his menu of `basic but wholesome food' makes his guests wary. A night of suspicion and hilarity between the diners ensues

Season 23 Episode 14
Inverness On the fourth night of the contest in Inverness, it is hairdresser Zarina Ainslie's turn to host. The tattooed party girl claims to be a good cook as the contestants prepare to rate her on the evening

Season 23 Episode 15
Inverness Former professional footballer Jamie Tulloch hosts the final party in Inverness, going to the trouble of ensuring all the ingredients in his chosen dishes are locally sourced. However, it remains to be seen whether his home-grown approach to fine dining will be enough to impress his discerning fellow competitors, and as the night draws to a close, the week's winner is revealed

Season 23 Episode 21
Lincolnshire University lecturer Amanda Sherratt is keen to impress as she hosts the first dinner party in Lincolnshire, joined by beetroot farmer Chris Moore, theatre student Jack Stone, retail manager Ali Roberts and fitness enthusiast Alex Coxon. Amanda takes a risk with her Japanese-themed evening, which includes a raw fish starter and sumo-wrestling for entertainment

Season 23 Episode 22
Lincolnshire Retail manager Ali Roberts hosts the second dinner party in Lincolnshire, confident that her gourmet cuisine and elegant style will win her the £1,000 prize. However, one diner's conversation threatens to overshadow the ambience of the evening

Season 23 Episode 23
Lincolnshire Farmer Chris Moore hosts the third dinner party in Lincolnshire, where he plans to wow his guests with a beetroot-themed dinner. However, it is not just his obsession with the vegetable that surprises his diners, as they soon discover he has some hidden talents

Season 23 Episode 24
Lincolnshire On day four in Lincolnshire, Jack Stone plans to win over his guests with a creative evening during which they will have the chance to make their own food, but the DIY pizzas don't go to plan. Meanwhile, an interesting outfit from Alex Coxon gets the attention of Chris Moore

Season 23 Episode 25
Lincolnshire A week of competitive dining in Lincolnshire concludes as self-described proud Geordie Alex Coxon invites fellow contestants into her home, where she invites guests to sample dishes with names favouring her distinctive dialect. However, chaos in the kitchen hinders her chance of securing victory, and as the night draws to a close, the winner is announced

Season 23 Episode 26
Merseyside Oil and gas co-ordinator Danielle Greenwood is keen to impress as she hosts the first dinner party in the Merseyside area, as she welcomes divorcee Jade Chantelle Short, Michael Buble impersonator Jamie Somers, pastoral care manager Steven Booth, and nursery school teacher Anna Senior into her home. Danielle takes no risks with a down-to-earth menu, which she hopes will help bag her the £1,000 prize at the end of the week

Season 23 Episode 27
Merseyside Pastoral care manager Steven Booth hosts the second Merseyside dinner party, and names each course after a Tina Turner song, hoping to win the £1,000 prize. The food is well received, but tensions rise when one guest makes a tactless comment

Season 23 Episode 28
Merseyside Glamorous PR representative Jade Chantelle hosts the third night in Merseyside, where she hopes a casino-themed evening with lashings of champagne and a high-class menu will help her to win the £1,000 prize

Season 23 Episode 29
Merseyside Primary school teacher Anna Senior hosts the fourth night in Merseyside with a fairy tale-themed evening. Her menu consists of a Mad Hatter's soup and sandwich, a special pork dish cooked three ways and baked cheesecake for dessert, but she must try to control the tension between Jamie and Jade to have a successful party

Season 23 Episode 30
Merseyside Michael Buble impersonator Jamie Somers hosts the final Merseyside dinner party, but may have to put aside his differences with guest Jade if he is to be crowned the winner of the £1,000 cash prize

Season 23 Episode 31
North Kent Clairvoyant Yvette Tamara hosts the first dinner party in north Kent, and the night gets off to a spooky start when data analyst John Tower and working mother Yemi Christopher-Soares discover a ghost-busting machine. Meanwhile, jeweller Lisa Townend is so impressed with Yvette's abilities that she wants to return for a psychic reading

Season 23 Episode 32
North Kent Data analyst John Tower hosts the second dinner party in north Kent, and lets his passion for military re-enactment show when he barks orders at the table. However, not all the guests enjoy his fatty pork stew and psychedelic dessert, and two argue over dating etiquette

Season 23 Episode 33
North Kent Project manager Yemi Christopher-Soares hosts the third dinner party in north Kent, where she hopes the guests will enjoy her Nigerian-inspired menu and appreciate her love of all things spicy

Season 23 Episode 34
North Kent Jono Simm hosts the penultimate dinner party in north Kent and is convinced his wholesome and hearty menu is the way to win. However, two of his guests are less than impressed by his cooking

Season 23 Episode 35
North Kent Party-loving Lisa Townend hosts the final dinner party in north Kent, and hopes that a menu full of French fancies and innovative entertainment in the form of human roulette, will be enough to impress her guests and see her crowned winner of the £1,000 cash prize

Season 24 Episode 22
Four amateur chefs from south Oxfordshire compete for the £1,000 prize, including social worker Karina Stratford, who kicks off the week with a Willy Wonka-themed evening and serves up meat cupcakes and chocolate chicken. Recruitment consultant Gary Boys, accountant Kam Parker and law student Connor Jones also host their own parties, which involve too many personal questions, a chilli-eating competition and a lot of jokes

Season 25 Episode 1
Harrogate Five cooks from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, battle to win the £1,000 prize in the culinary contest. First to take on hosting duties is farm girl Jane Steele, who hopes a combination of innovative recipes and fancy wine will win over her guests - horse enthusiast Cassy Bell, photographer Simon Mayer, country gent Alasdair Moore and adventurous punk and cupcake seller Cathy McConaghy

Season 25 Episode 2
Harrogate Horse enthusiast Cassy Bell hosts the second dinner party in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, hoping her jockey-themed evening and gastro-pub menu will be enough to win her the £1,000 prize

Season 25 Episode 3
Harrogate Cathy McConaghy hosts the third dinner party in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, where she decides to return to her Irish roots and serve a menu of homemade soda bread, cockle soup, oysters, roast lamb, and stout-infused sticky toffee pudding as she vies for the £1,000 prize. However, not all of her guests are impressed with the choice of food being dished up

Season 25 Episode 4
Harrogate Photographer Simon Meyer is the fourth dinner-party host in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. He takes a laid-back approach to the task, but his chicken soup starter goes down so well the guests' comments leave him struggling to retain his composure

Season 25 Episode 5
Harrogate Country gent Alasdair Moore hosts the final dinner party in Harrogate, and hopes to impress his guests with his specially selected wines and `proper' menu. While his monkfish is well received, an early slip-up dents his confidence, and a risky parlour game does not endear him to farm lady Jane Steele. As the evening progresses, his competitors rate their experience, before the winner of the £1,000 cash prize is announced

Season 25 Episode 6
Cheltenham Hotel consultant Oli Delaunoy kicks off the week of dinner parties in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and hopes that his scallop starter and a meaty main course will impress his guests - events-company director Zak Roby, administrator Kim Thomas, house husband Paddy Castledine and nurse Jan Blomer - and win him the £1,000 cash prize

Season 25 Episode 7
Cheltenham Nurse Jan Blomer hosts the second dinner party in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, hoping her menu of chicken with sun-dried tomatoes and home-made ice-cream will win her the £1,000 cash prize. Paddy and Zak's rivalry keeps the evening lively and loud, but the host reclaims the spotlight with a surprising revelation

Season 25 Episode 8
Cheltenham Events director and bodybuilding enthusiast Zak Roby hosts the third evening in Cheltenham and hopes his polite nature will help him scoop the £1,000 prize. However, a series of confusing party games alongside tricks and posturing at the dinner table mean Zak's quest is far from straightforward

Season 25 Episode 9
Cheltenham Australian admin assistant Kimberley Thomas hosts the fourth dinner party in Cheltenham and hopes that an evening of sophistication will win her the £1,000 prize. However, despite her best attempts to create a dignified atmosphere, it does not take long for Paddy Castledine to begin telling rude stories

Season 25 Episode 10
Cheltenham Paddy Castledine hosts the final dinner party in Cheltenham, and hopes that his simple menu of locally sourced produce will impress his guests. As the evening draws on, admin assistant Kimberley Thomas tells the host what she really thinks of him, and alpha male Oli Delaunoy is brought to tears, before the winner of the £1,000 cash prize is revealed

Season 25 Episode 11
Beds, Bucks and Herts Marketing manager Andrea Nichols hosts the first night in a week of dinner parties that span Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. She welcomes dance instructor Nicola O'Donnell, saleswoman Penny Peklivanas, music producer Tim Lawson and events entertainer Andy Harvey into her garden that has been decked out with straw and stuffed chickens in a bid to win the £1,000 prize

Season 25 Episode 12
Beds, Bucks and Herts Kitchenware saleswoman Penny Peklivanas hosts the second party in a competition that spans Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. She is confident her grand house will impress her rivals and win her the £1,000 cash prize, but her croissant-based main course is not to everyone's taste

Season 25 Episode 13
Beds, Bucks and Herts IT analyst and music producer Tim Lawson hosts the third dinner party of the week in the competition taking place across Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, hoping to impress his diners with ingredients brought back from Morocco. He also offers an urban music education in a bid to claim the £1,000-prize

Season 25 Episode 14
Beds, Bucks and Herts Dance instructor Nicola O'Donnell hosts the fourth dinner party of the competition spanning Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. The guests expect very little from the night, but Nicola hopes to impress Jamaican-born contestant Tim Lawson with her Caribbean-inspired evening

Season 25 Episode 15
Beds, Bucks and Herts DJ Andy Harvey hosts the final night of the competition which has visited Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. He decides to pull out all the stops at his Stevenage home, hoping to impress with extravagant food and outrageous entertainment - including a luminous underwater disco. At the end of the evening, his dinner guests reveal their scores before the winner of the £1,000 prize is revealed

Season 25 Episode 16
Cardiff Shop manager Nicola Steele hosts the first dinner party in Cardiff, and hopes that her dog-themed surprises and unusual entertainment will impress her guests - army wife Rachael Smith, casting agency owner Jerry Lockett, childminder Andrea Grainger and chatterbox Sam Clark - and win her the £1,000 cash prize

Season 25 Episode 17
Cardiff Jerry Lockett hosts the second dinner party in Cardiff, and following a flood at his home, hopes to impress his guests by serving the meal at the grand venue of his cousin's mansion

Season 25 Episode 18
Cardiff Army wife Rachael Smith hosts the third party in Cardiff, allowing her competitive edge and no-nonsense approach to come to the fore in her bid to pick up the £1,000 prize

Season 25 Episode 19
Cardiff Costume designer Sam Clarke prepares a Mexican menu for the fourth dinner party in Cardiff. Everything does not go to plan, however, when two guests begin fighting at the table, and his `fun' game leaves everyone in tears

Season 25 Episode 20
Cardiff Childminder Andrea Grainger hosts the last dinner party as the competition in Cardiff draws to a close. She hopes a menu of traditional Welsh dishes will help her secure the prize, and lines up a selection of games to improve her chances of success. As the evening comes to an end, the diners discover which of the meals made the best impression

Season 25 Episode 21
Rochdale Fitness instructor Tanya Manock offers up a Mediterranean-themed menu as she kicks off a week of dinner parties at her home in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, where one of her guests - medium Dean Fox - stumbles upon a plethora of lingerie in the bedroom

Season 25 Episode 22
Rochdale Food-lover Rod Tonge hosts the second dinner party in Rochdale, Lancashire, hoping his efforts will win him the £1,000 cash prize. However, his chances are low as he has already insulted fitness instructor Tanya Manock, and HR manager Claire Lemon does not have high hopes for his entertaining skills

Season 25 Episode 23
Rochdale HR manager Claire Lemon hopes to compensate for her `imperfect cooking skills' with her bubbly personality and superior hosting ability as she hosts on day three of the dinner-party challenge in Rochdale. But tension rises when Tanya barely touches the starter - or the main course

Season 25 Episode 24
Rochdale Psychic medium Dean Fox puts his cooking skills to the test during the fourth dinner party in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. His main course goes down well with his fellow diners, but his pudding jeopardises his bid to pick up the £1,000 prize

Season 25 Episode 25
Rochdale It's the last night in Rochdale and the turn of feisty mum Sadiya Hussein to host, as the tension between Sadiya and Tanya threatens to reach boiling point. The evening takes a curious turn when Sadiya decides to put psychic medium Dean Fox's clairvoyant powers to the test

Season 25 Episode 26
Northamptonshire Make-up artist Jules Osmany hosts the first of the week's dinner parties in Northamptonshire, and hopes her Indian-Moroccan fusion menu and laid-back attitude will win her the £1,000 prize. Joining her are tomboy Lauren Oxlade, stay-at-home mum Stephanie Reeder, MD Carl Johnson and funeral service manager Peter Pickering

Season 25 Episode 27
Northamptonshire Funeral service manager Peter Pickering hosts the second dinner party in Northamptonshire, hoping his traditional approach will win him the £1,000 cash prize. However, one guest does not like bread and butter pudding, and Stephanie is horrified by Jules's shocking revelation

Season 25 Episode 28
Northamptonshire As the third party from Northamptonshire gets under way, stay-at-home mum Stephanie Reeder's nerves are evident as she plans to serve classic fish and chips, while offering a glamorous clothes-swapping session for entertainment

Season 25 Episode 29
Northamptonshire Business planning manager Lauren Oxlade is the penultimate host in Northamptonshire. She reveals herself to be the dark horse of the competition when she invites a few surprising friends along to the party, and impresses with her organisational skills and passionate cooking style

Season 25 Episode 30
Northamptonshire Last to try his hand in Northamptonshire is managing director and proud northerner Carl Johnson, with a menu that includes gammon cooked in two litres of cola. Stephanie and Lauren are treated to a glimpse of the host in all his glory when they see what he has hanging above his bed - but it remains to be seen what the guests will make of his lumpy chocolate mousse

Season 25 Episode 31
Exeter New Zealander Steve Levy kicks off a week of dinner parties in Exeter, where he hopes his home-inspired menu consisting of a prawn starter, a fish main course and two desserts will impress his guests - administrator Estelle Macrow, media sales executive Richard Kaye, customer services adviser Sarah Wallis and PR guru Glen King - and make him an early contender for the £1,000 prize

Season 25 Episode 32
Exeter Media sales executive and music mad foodie Richard Kaye hosts the second dinner party in Exeter, where he is confident he can impress his guests with his culinary knowledge, and hopes to dazzle one diner in particular

Season 25 Episode 33
Exeter Self-assured PR worker Glen King is confident she will be the `hostess with the mostest' in Exeter, and has gone all-out to impress - even co-ordinating the dishes with her surname. She appears to be unflappable in the kitchen and seems to have a plan for everything to fall perfectly into place - but will it?

Season 25 Episode 34
Exeter Customer services adviser Sarah Wallis is the fourth host in Exeter, and despite holding back all week she hopes to come out of her shell with an evening full of humour. The guests are welcomed in a terrifying manner, before being served some rather unusual cocktails

Season 25 Episode 35
Exeter On the final night in Exeter, singleton Estelle Macrow is keen to discover whether she has the ability to successfully host a dinner party. Sarah Wallis, music-mad food connoisseur Richard Kaye, New Zealander Steve Levy and PR bod Glen King await her piece de resistance

Season 25 Episode 36
Dundee Alarm-company owner Bill Black kicks off a series of dinner parties in Dundee, where he hopes his belt-busting menu will impress his guests - proud Arbroathian Phil Petrie, English student Hannah Wilson, ferret fancier Alex Pithouse and 28-year-old Kim Gillespie - and make him an early contender for the £1,000 prize

Season 25 Episode 37
Dundee Architectural technician Alex Pithouse hosts the second dinner party in Dundee, and aims to impress his guests by giving them an education in fine dining, complete with a complex menu and some good wines, as well as by introducing them to his three pet ferrets

Season 25 Episode 38
Dundee Vegetarian Hannah Wilson prepares an Italian feast for her guests in Dundee, and in a bid to win over her carnivore guests she devises a cunning plan that involves dishing up some meat with the starter

Season 25 Episode 39
Dundee The fourth night in Dundee is hosted by self-styled food critic Phil Petrie, who has been unimpressed with the culinary standard so far. He hopes to impress with his evening, but things begin to go wrong when he runs out of ingredients and leaves his guests feeling hungry

Season 25 Episode 40
Dundee On the final night in Dundee, Kim Gillespie plans an ambitious menu, largely based on Yorkshire delights, with exotic dishes from Spain and Thailand also featuring - all accompanied by a Scottish choir singing American songs

Season 25 Episode 41
Peterborough Aspiring rapper Warren Temple kicks off a week of dinner parties in Peterborough, where he hopes his Spanish-influenced menu will impress his guests - ethical trader Donna Trafford, glamour model Susie Hutson, straight-talking professional Vicki Culverhouse and veterinary nurse Robin Hills - and make him an early contender for the £1,000 prize

Season 25 Episode 42
Peterborough Ethical trader Donna Trafford hosts the second night in Peterborough, and plans to wow her guests with a colourful evening of tasty food and relaxed fun in a bid to win the £1,000 prize

Season 25 Episode 43
Peterborough On the third night in Peterborough, glamour model and columnist Susie Hutson is out to prove she's not the dizzy blonde some of the guests assume she is - and it doesn't take long for ethical trader Donna Trafford and would-be rapper Warren Temple to make an unexpected discovery that proves there's more to Susie than meets the eye

Season 25 Episode 44
Peterborough Straight-talking businesswomen Vicki Culverhouse hosts the fourth night of the competition in Peterborough. She surprises the group when she unleashes some poetry at the dinner table, after having been very direct with the other diners throughout the week

Season 25 Episode 45
Peterborough Veterinary nurse Robin Hills is the final host of the competition in Peterborough. He prepares an animal-themed evening, accompanied by well-presented cuisine, which he hopes will be a big hit with his guests

Season 25 Episode 46
Yeovil PR manager Emmy Webster kicks off a week of dinner parties in Yeovil, Somerset, where she hopes her locally sourced produce will impress her guests - self-proclaimed `country bumpkin' Mel Dunford, used-car salesman Andy Neil, radio broadcaster Steve Carpenter and businessman Alan Bunter - and make her an early contender for the £1,000 prize. However, she is caught out when her hollandaise sauce is found to have been bought from a shop

Season 25 Episode 47
Yeovil DJ Steve Carpenter hosts the second dinner party in Yeovil, Somerset, hoping his country-style cooking and carefully sourced ingredients will win him the £1,000 cash prize. However, the entertainer lets his focus slip when he allows an unwanted ingredient onto one plate

Season 25 Episode 48
Yeovil Hosting the third dinner party in Yeovil is diminutive fork-lift truck driver Mel Dunford. With an exotic menu - including duck vindaloo, which is her own invention - Mel hopes to prove her doubters wrong. And it's not just her surprise culinary skills that wow her guests - she also breaks into song, leaving everyone astounded

Season 25 Episode 49
Yeovil Businessman Alan Bunter hosts the fourth dinner party in the Yeovil area of Somerset, hoping that his enthusiasm for all things Japanese will help propel him into the lead. However, car salesman Andy Neil and DJ Steve Carpenter fail to be influenced by the calm atmosphere and spend the evening arguing. As the ladies at the table struggle to get a word in, the menu of rotten beans, tofu cheesecake and soggy noodles fails to impress

Season 25 Episode 50
Yeovil Last to host in Yeovil is 50-year-old used-car dealer Andy Neil, who is supremely confident that his fine dining experience, along with the `beautiful' surroundings of his home, will bag him the £1000 prize. A selection of six amuse-bouches for his starter are a visual and culinary treat, but his constant questions and need for feedback and praise threaten to put off his fellow diners. He also has to contend with local radio personality Steve Carpenter jockeying for position as top dog of the group, and fussy eater Mel Dunford, who is not afraid to tell him exactly what she thinks of his fancy food

Season 26 Episode 1
Welsh Valleys Dog-lover Kerry Bowell-Williams kicks off a week of dinner parties in the Welsh valleys, where she hopes that a full choir and a simple menu will impress her guests and make her an early contender for the £1,000 prize. However, she does not react well when it is suggested that her home has a rather distinctive smell

Season 26 Episode 2
Welsh Valleys Food-lover and theme park fan Dave Morris hosts the second dinner party in the Welsh valleys, hoping his home-grown herbs, hand-picked fruit and complicated menu will win him the £1,000 cash prize

Season 26 Episode 3
Welsh Valleys Shop owner Tasnim Sardar hosts the third night of the competition in the Welsh valleys, and hopes her Pakistani-inspired party will secure her the £1,000 prize. Financial advisor Gill Leonard likes her curries to be hot and spicy, and is particularly pleased by Tasnim's curried cauliflower

Season 26 Episode 4
Welsh Valleys Ryan Woodward hosts on the fourth night in the Welsh valleys and has put a lot of thought into his evening, but each of his courses goes wrong - from a bread blunder to a clam crisis. He hopes an Ibizan dance lesson and drinks served in his hot tub will help to turn the party around

Season 26 Episode 5
Welsh Valleys On the final night in the Welsh valleys, financial advisor Gill Leonard dons the oven gloves to entertain the other contestants, and there is a dramatic start to the evening thanks to a mock fire-breathing dragon. Later, the host makes a remarkable revelation to her shocked guests

Season 26 Episode 6
Eastbourne Trainee teacher Kirsty Davenport kicks off a week of dinner parties in Eastbourne, East Sussex, where she hopes that a simple menu will impress her guests - property finder Ann-Marie Hamilton, sales consultant Russell Turnbull, part-time lecturer Adam Holt and hairdresser Becci Moloney

Season 26 Episode 7
Eastbourne Ann-Marie Hamilton hosts day two in Eastbourne, where she plans to entertain her guests by singing in her garden. Fellow contestant Russell makes a lot of jokes, but foodie Adam does not seem amused

Season 26 Episode 8
Eastbourne Hairdresser Becci Moloney hosts the third dinner party in Eastbourne, East Sussex, and prepares a menu of hearty food for her guests. Her outdoor bar makes a positive impression on rivals Kirsty and Ann-Marie, but Russell and Adam are puzzled by her collection of recycled toilets in the garden

Season 26 Episode 9
Eastbourne Adam Holt hosts the fourth dinner party in Eastbourne, East Sussex, where his fellow competitors' expectations are high. However, some of them are surprised by his menu - which fails to amount to much more than sausages and mashed potato

Season 26 Episode 10
Eastbourne Raconteur Russell Turnbull hosts the final night in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Having played his cards close to his chest all week with regards to his culinary skills, his plans for a fancy menu intrigue his rivals. However, for all the bravado, it remains to be seen whether he can actually cook

Season 26 Episode 11
Devon Eco campaigner Hector Christie holds the first dinner party in Devon, hoping his selection of raw food and home-grown produce will win him the £1,000 cash prize. His guests - make-up artist Kirsten Brend, slate salesman Damion Fearnley, theatre nurse Jenny Fox and retired housekeeper Viv Foster - are more interested in the stately home he lives in, so the host reveals an unusual surprise to command their attention

Season 26 Episode 12
Devon Make-up artist Kirsten Brend showcases her Danish roots while hosting the second dinner party in Devon, serving a traditional menu to celebrate her heritage and some Eurovision-style entertainment to demonstrate her singing skills

Season 26 Episode 13
Devon Slate salesman Damion Fearnley hosts the third dinner party in Devon, hoping to impress his guests with a carefully crafted menu of restaurant quality food. No dish is as simple as it sounds, and Damion has given each one his own little twist. Unfortunately for him, two of the diners seem more intent on taking verbal swipes at each other than bites out of his food

Season 26 Episode 14
Devon Theatre nurse Jenny Fox's dinner party in Devon fails to get off to the best start when Damion Fearnley is not impressed by the dishes on offer and Hector Christie takes exception to her choice of main course. Meanwhile, the tension between Viv Foster and Kirsten Brend continues as they show no sign of putting their disagreement behind them

Season 26 Episode 15
Devon Retired housekeeper Viv Foster hosts the final night in Devon, and feels in confident mood after years of experience serving the rich and famous. She pulls out all the stops to impress with a butler, silver service and her favourite tried and tested recipes. With tension mounting between Viv and Kirsten for some time though, her plans to put on the perfect evening may yet be sabotaged

Season 26 Episode 16
Essex Trucker Tony Houston holds the first dinner party in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, hoping his menu of scallops on black pudding with pea puree, and seabass with prawn mash will impress his fellow diners. However, if his food fails to live up to his expectations, he anticipates the whole ambience and presentation of the evening will secure him the £1,000 cash prize

Season 26 Episode 17
Essex Anthony Street hosts the second day in Essex, and has his work cut out trying to impress the diners after displaying some unusual table manners the previous night. However, he hopes his passion for quirky entertainment will be enough to win them over

Season 26 Episode 18
Essex Driving instructor Claire Kelly hosts the third dinner party in Essex. Her devil-may-care approach does nothing to dampen her confidence, and she is convinced hers will be the winning night. Even if her chaotic cooking style and haphazard evening fail to win over the guests, the mother-of-two has some special entertainment lined up to gain a few extra points

Season 26 Episode 19
Essex Entrepreneur and foraging fan Richard Harris hosts the fourth night of the competition in the Clacton-on-Sea area of Essex. Not everybody is impressed when they discover he has had help, and Claire Kelly accuses him of being a food snob. However, he hopes a performance by the local church choir will help improve the atmosphere

Season 26 Episode 20
Essex Teacher Kerrie Brinkley-Whittington hosts the final dinner party in Essex, and uses a few props to help her night go with a swing. However, she is soon under fire from entrepreneur Richard, who is not amused to be asked to contribute more to group conversations, and when trucker Tony makes an emergency run to the garden, it looks as if the rhubarb dessert could be just as controversial. At the end of the evening, the winner is announced

Season 26 Episode 21
Wigan Hospital theatre practitioner Geoff Conway holds the first dinner party in Wigan, hoping his nine-course Spanish tapas feast will impress his fellow diners and secure him the £1,000 cash prize

Season 26 Episode 22
Wigan Outgoing hair salon owner Natalie Crompton hosts the second dinner party in Wigan, and since she loves to party she plans a fun-filled night for her guests - including some very special treats

Season 26 Episode 23
Wigan Music teacher and funeral singer Alan Gregory hosts the third dinner party in Wigan, and lines up an evening of Greek food for his guests. However, his plans for a cultured soiree are soon spoiled by straight-talking Geoff Conway, who seems intent on causing arguments

Season 26 Episode 24
Wigan Gymnastics teacher Simon Grimwood is hoping to host a special evening on the fourth night of the contest in Wigan, Greater Manchester, because it is his birthday. He wants his `posh' menu to dazzle his guests, but salon owner Natalie Crompton is worried about some of the food on offer. The other contestants also discover his secret lifelong passion for ferreting

Season 26 Episode 25
Wigan Nurse practitioner Caroline Heaven hosts the final night in Wigan, hoping to end the week by showing her guests a `proper Lancashire night'. However, hospital theatre manager Geoff Conway is on the verge of being thrown out if he continues his run of misbehaviour. At the end of proceedings the winner of the £1,000 is revealed

Season 26 Episode 26
In Surrey, four cooks from the Woking and Weybridge area battle to win the culinary contest's £1,000 prize. The first to host is Vincenzo Ferlita, who works in an ice-cream van. Staying true to his Italian and Sicilian roots, he hopes that his wealth of family recipes will impress his guests

Season 26 Episode 27
Canadian housewife and craft-maker Sarah Maynard is second to play host in the Woking and Weybridge area, and hopes to impress her guests by serving up a three-course Turkish feast. However, the lavish spread needs a lot of preparation time, and she must hope it turns out as presentable as she plans it to be

Season 26 Episode 28
Riot policeman Steve Carvill hosts the third dinner party in the Woking and Weybridge area, and hopes that a night of fine food and fun will impress his guests. He takes no prisoners with his menu, rustling up home-made pasta and white chocolate pana cotta from scratch for his four unsuspecting diners, who are expecting fast food rather than fine dining

Season 26 Episode 29
It is the turn of gardener Sara Gilding on the fourth night in Woking and Weybridge in Surrey, but it is her first time hosting a dinner party in more than 20 years. Guest Vincenzo Ferlita is not looking forward to the evening, while Steve Carvill hopes he will get some respite from Sara's flirtatious advances

Season 26 Episode 30
Children's entertainer Kelly Cummins hosts the final party from Woking and Weybridge, and the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced. The guests keep their fingers crossed that dog-loving Sara Gilding does not return to her critical ways, while a bout of flatulence provides some comic relief

Season 26 Episode 36
Dumfries and Galloway Dairy farmer's wife and Disney enthusiast Charlene Fry-Henderson hosts the first dinner party in Dumfries and Galloway, where she hopes that her locally reared meat, home cooking, and entertainment involving a plastic cow will secure her the £1,000 prize. Her guests are local radio presenter Tommy Jardine, banker Olive Melville, prison custody officer Tammy Rice and trainee teacher Josh Jones

Season 26 Episode 37
Dumfries and Galloway Horse enthusiast and banker Olive Melville hosts the second dinner party in Dumfries and Galloway, where she hopes to impress her guests with a crab starter and mousse dessert - but things take a turn for the worse when a conversation about the royal family divides the diners

Season 26 Episode 38
Dumfries and Galloway Local radio DJ Tommy Jardine hosts the third dinner party in Dumfries and Galloway, and prepares chicken stuffed with haggis - but first he must continue a family tradition and rustle up a sheep for his entertainment. Tommy then tries to impress his guests with a touch of celebrity name-dropping, but young dance DJ and trainee teacher Josh trumps him at his own game

Season 26 Episode 39
Dumfries and Galloway Trainee teacher and club DJ Josh Jones hosts the fourth night in Dumfries and Galloway, and hopes he can broaden his fellow contestants' palates with his menu of Indian food. He plans lamb pasanda and tandoori monkfish, but Tammy Rice finds something in her glass that wasn't on the menu. However, Josh hopes his disco entertainment might impress the guests enough to bag him the £1,000 prize

Season 26 Episode 40
Dumfries and Galloway Tammy Rice hosts the final evening in Dumfries and Galloway, hoping to win the £1,000 prize with her no-nonsense approach and traditional Scottish fare. The dinner-party novice rustles up chorizo and cous cous stuffed peppers for her starter and incorporates haggis into her chicken-based main course

Season 26 Episode 41
Vale of Aylesbury Australian Natalie Dixon hosts the first dinner party in the Vale of Aylesbury, where she hopes that her Asian fusion menu will secure her the £1,000 prize. However, one of her guests - food regulation lawyer Greg Pearson - will be paying particularly close attention as he joins football stadium announcer Mike Botto, sales manager Bekki Jones and 74-year-old taxi driver John Feore at the table

Season 26 Episode 42
Vale of Aylesbury Taxi driver John Feore hosts the second night in the Vale of Aylesbury, where the 70-year-old hopes to impress his guests with a traditional Irish roast dinner, complete with all the trimmings - but the septuagenarian cabbie struggles with the complex timings of the meal

Season 26 Episode 43
Vale of Aylesbury Competitive sales manager Bekki Jones hosts the third dinner party in the Vale of Aylesbury, where she tries to keep the mood light with stories of nudity and twin telepathy - but cabbie John manages to insult construction company boss Natalie Dixon by comparing her to Miss Piggy

Season 26 Episode 44
Vale of Aylesbury Greg Pearson hosts the fourth party of the competition in the Vale of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, and hopes that his food knowledge will be enough to secure a successful evening. However, fellow diner Bekki Jones is out for revenge after he criticised her dessert, and his guests are left underwhelmed as he tries to charm the group

Season 26 Episode 45
Vale of Aylesbury Last to host in the Vale of Aylesbury is football match announcer Mike Botto, who hopes his Italian-themed evening will secure him victory. He tries to impress with spaghetti Bolognaise, and enlists a Pavarotti impersonator to sing for his guests. However, Australian Natalie Dixon reveals that, unlike Mike, she knows what she is talking about when it comes to Italy. The fallout between Greg Pearson and cabbie John Feore also sours the mood

Season 26 Episode 51
South London Divorce lawyer Michelle Camacho hosts the first dinner party in south London, where she hopes that her 1970s menu of duck a l'orange and coleslaw, vegetables and a Bloody Mary sorbet for dessert will help to secure her the £1,000 prize

Season 26 Episode 52
South London Pub manager and artist Matt Wren hosts the second evening in south London, but his dinner party is beset by disasters in the kitchen and arguing guests at the dinner table when Michelle and Licia have a spat. However, one of the five takes a liking to another of the contestants

Season 26 Episode 53
South London Licia Snow hosts the third party in south London, and hopes to impress her guests with rustic and homely touches during her laid-back evening. However, her relaxed and calm approach could be threatened when she clashes with Michelle at the dinner table

Season 26 Episode 54
South London Raphael Steele hosts the fourth night in south London and hopes that his first-ever dinner party will be a success. He plans a Caribbean evening based on old family recipes featuring ackee, saltfish and curried goat, and organises steel drum music for entertainment

Season 26 Episode 55
South London Swedish businesswoman Charlotte Sundberg hosts the final party in south London. Her tactics are to present a night full of schnapps, folk songs and classic cuisine from her Scandinavian homeland, which she hopes will help her scoop the cash prize



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