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Season 2 Episode 6
Sales rep Jane Phillips Martin is the first contestant of the week in Essex. She plumps for a meal of lamb shanks, but finds herself so busy talking she forgets to prepare any accompanying vegetables - and then injures herself in the kitchen

Season 2 Episode 7
June Tedaldi tries to impress her guests in Essex with an Italian feast, before rounding off the evening with a belly-dancing performance - but Kevin Reynolds remains unimpressed with the company, activities and lack of beer

Season 2 Episode 8
Fitness fanatic Kevin Reynolds decides it is time to put interior designer Amanda Swanwick-Aharoni in her place and serves a healthy meal of carrot soup and salmon for the third dinner party in Essex. However, the alcohol that accompanies the dinner sees him leading his guests through a series of press-ups to burn off the extra calories

Season 2 Episode 9
Trainee actress Keeley Lawrence orders her food from a restaurant, as well as a table, chairs and place settings for her new home. Hoping to convince her guests in Essex she created the meal herself, she goes to watch it being cooked, but gets a nasty surprise when she is asked to help kill the lobsters for the starter

Season 2 Episode 10
Interior designer Amanda Swanwick-Aharoni hosts a formal banquet on the last night in Essex, hoping to win the £1,000 cash prize with the help of tiaras and a butler. However, the evening proves too pretentious for her guests, who temporarily disappear after the starter. Meanwhile, Kevin Reynolds and Jane Phillips Martin continue to upset the others with their bickering

Season 2 Episode 11
Childminder Neena Rainey hosts the first dinner party in Doncaster, with a menu of mushrooms stuffed with pancetta, noisettes of lamb and lemon chiffon tart. However, her professional skills may prove as important as the cooking when faced with juvenile behaviour from her guests

Season 2 Episode 12
Entrepreneur Katherine Taylor rustles up a four-course meal for her dinner party in Doncaster, with a menu including fish patties and pate-stuffed steaks with Yorkshire pudding. However, guests Neena Rainey and Ross Thompson criticise her for calling on friend John the chef to help out

Season 2 Episode 13
Electrician Steve Clift hosts the third dinner party in Doncaster, but his menu of stuffed mushrooms, roast lamb and gooseberry pie is very similar to Neena Rainey's, and the bad feeling generated by the previous night's arguments threatens to overwhelm his gathering. Sure enough, it is not long before harsh words start to fly

Season 2 Episode 14
Tailor Danny Churchill plans an entertaining evening featuring impressions, magic and music for his dinner-party guests in Doncaster, with an Italian-themed menu including wild boar. Unfortunately, he is unaware the group's harshest critic Neena Rainey loathes conjuring tricks - and his starter is also a pet hate of first-night rival Ross Thompson

Season 2 Episode 15
Ross Thompson prepares a veal main course for her guests in Doncaster, but Danny Churchill's jokes about the food annoy the hostess - who hopes a dip in the hot tub will calm everyone down. The diners then wait in anticipation to discover who has won the cash prize of £1,000

Season 2 Episode 16
The first of five parties from Brighton sees mother-of-two Margaret O'Loughlin preparing a menu with a Caribbean theme, which features coconut as an ingredient in all but one of the courses

Season 2 Episode 17
Actress Julia John is forced to experiment when the main ingredient of her fish pie is unavailable. Further complications arise when her crab dish does not meet with everyone's approval, and matters spiral out of control as two of her guests continue their feud at the table

Season 2 Episode 18
PR expert Paula Pearson calls on the professionals for help, and even takes a nap before her guests arrive, convinced the prize is already hers. Despite a catalogue of disasters, her confidence remains high, and she regales the diners with tales of her prowess in the kitchen, before accidentally setting off the fire alarm

Season 2 Episode 19
Housewife and former glamour model Nathalie Clarke's simple meal proves problematic when she forgets to add half the ingredients to her main course. She turns to her family for help, and hopes cocktails will rescue the evening

Season 2 Episode 20
Farm owner Melinda Padley hosts the final party in Brighton, preparing crab salad, beef Wellington and a dessert of prunes in her bid for the £1,000 cash prize, but the mounting pressure causes her to resort to a quick tipple for Dutch courage. The host hopes her surprise pudding will impress the guests, before the winner is revealed

Season 2 Episode 21
The first of five parties in Glasgow features 72-year-old host Aileen Dunn, who resolves to dazzle her guests with an unusual menu featuring Bloody Mary terrine and a main course of hare. However, she takes a gamble with her dessert - she will not know whether it has come out right until the moment it is served

Season 2 Episode 22
Host Paul Lydon decides to serve trout - and for that extra-special touch, he intends to catch it himself. However, when the fish prove reluctant to co-operate, he begs the farm owner to provide one. Cooking his prize catch also turns out to be a headache, but he has a secret weapon for the dinner - a waiter in traditional Scottish regalia

Season 2 Episode 23
Christine Thornton plans an ultra-glamorous soiree for her dinner party guests down to the last detail. Unfortunately, she misplaces her to-do list before anything has been prepared. The summer pudding is a niggling worry - but Aileen Dunn's resentment of her smoking is a more pressing issue

Season 2 Episode 24
Glasgow businesswoman Sharon Eaton prepares an oriental feast for her guests, including 10 Thai recipes. She quickly finds she has not left enough time to do every dish justice, and is forced to leave the spicy fruit salad runny and the prawns unshelled - and has not made the dipping sauce either

Season 2 Episode 25
Ishrat Gazala prepares an Indian curry and boasts it will be hot enough to burn the house down. However, the hippie host has given away all her furniture and asks her guests to sit on the floor for dinner - a request that provokes bewilderment from some and complaints from others. After the meal, the winner of the £1,000 cash prize is revealed

Season 2 Episode 26
Entrepreneur Karen Cullen hosts the first dinner party in Nottingham, in a house that looks like a bomb site. Her list of woes includes a dining table that gets stuck in the doorway, having to fish an insect out of her home-made ice-cream that just will not set, and managing to spill champagne all over herself when her guests arrive

Season 2 Episode 27
Food and drink enthusiast Gordon Todd hosts his dinner party in Nottingham, but is not as prepared as he would like to think. Refusing to waste money on expensive wine for his `unrefined' guests, he makes a decision that may prove his undoing. Surprises are in store for his horrified diners, who lift the lid on some bizarre secrets

Season 2 Episode 28
Psychic Jenny Cross prepares a menu of melon and prosciutto salad with wild smoked salmon, but her paranormal powers do nothing to help her foresee the culinary problems ahead. She storms out before dessert when Karen Cullen questions her powers of prediction, and divisions within the group begin to surface

Season 2 Episode 29
Sales rep Jarrod Pepper creates an exotic menu inspired by his native Australia - including crocodile and prawn kebabs, and kangaroo steaks. He has never cooked the starter before, and frets about the sauce, while his dessert requires help from his family. When the host overcooks the main course, he fears for his reputation

Season 2 Episode 30
Flight attendant Sam Hughes prepares a main course of chicken wrapped in pancetta with vegetables for her dinner party in Nottingham, but struggles to cook and entertain at the same time. Her guests amuse themselves by consuming alcohol - with predictably volatile results. At the end of the evening the winner of the £1,000 prize is announced

Season 3 Episode 1
Celebrity edition of the dinner-party challenge, in which famous faces take it in turns to entertain their guests to win a prize of £1,000 for their chosen charity. Comedian Rowland Rivron is first to put his skills to the test, cooking for Anneka Rice, Linda Robson, Aggie MacKenzie and Toby Young

Season 3 Episode 2
Actress Linda Robson takes on the dinner party challenge, hoping an organic Italian menu can compensate for her lack of experience and impress guests Toby Young, Anneka Rice, Rowland Rivron and Aggie MacKenzie

Season 3 Episode 3
Anneka Rice prepares a Mediterranean menu including roasted Piedmont peppers and Valencian paella for guests Linda Robson, Aggie MacKenzie, Rowland Rivron and Toby Young. However, she loses a recipe and breaks two whisks, before turning to her eight-year-old son for help

Season 3 Episode 4
Restaurant critic Toby Young takes his turn as host, preparing a simple meal from the finest ingredients money can buy for Anneka Rice, Linda Robson, Aggie MacKenzie and Rowland Rivron. However, after a disaster in the kitchen, it falls to his wife Caroline to make sure everything goes as planned

Season 3 Episode 5
Journalist and presenter Aggie MacKenzie is the final celebrity contestant to show off her culinary skills, and her guests have high expectations as they wait for their dinners to be served. Her ambitious menu consists of eight Middle Eastern dishes, including a main course of lamb tagine. At the end of the meal, the winner is presented with the £1,000 cash prize for their chosen charity

Season 3 Episode 11
In the first of five programmes from Edinburgh, delicatessen owner and whisky connoisseur Tracy Dobbie uses alcohol to break the ice. Hoping to claim the £1,000 prize, she begins with a specially made cocktail and serves a main course containing a bottle of wine, but two of the guests are experts when it comes to drink

Season 3 Episode 12
The second meal in Edinburgh sees the four contestants head to wine critic Paul Dwyer's house, with rifts already starting to appear. Not everyone is delighted with the vegetarian host's meat-free Tuscan menu, and his hopes of impressing them with lectures about grapevines are soon dashed

Season 3 Episode 13
Texas-born Tanya Williams tries to impress her guests in Edinburgh with six courses of cuisine from the southern states of America. However, it becomes apparent she may have bitten off more than she can chew and the atmosphere around the table turns decidedly cold

Season 3 Episode 14
Catering manager James Gammie puts his bartending experience to good use by serving a different cocktail with each course during his dinner party in Edinburgh. Although he did not see eye to eye with fellow diner Tracy Dobbie earlier in the competition, it seems his whisky concoction may finally win her round

Season 3 Episode 15
For the final meal in Edinburgh, Jennifer Crosbie hopes to impress her four guests and claim the £1,000 cash prize by improving on two dishes served up earlier in the contest. Paul Dwyer accepts her risotto might be better than his, but James Gammie is adamant his monkfish was tastier. However, the quality of food is not the host's only concern

Season 3 Episode 16
Anthropologist Linda Shanson kicks off the competition in London by capitalising on her well-travelled past with a menu of 16 dishes from around the world. Her relaxed attitude soon causes her to fall behind schedule, and matters are not helped by one guest's perfectionist nature and another's allergy to prawns

Season 3 Episode 17
The second meal takes place in London, with fishmonger Jonathan Norris preparing a main course of turbot. However, his inexperience in making desserts and lack of knowledge concerning wines threatens his chances of impressing the other competitors

Season 3 Episode 18
Opera singer Patricia Varley rustles up a retro repast of dinner-party dishes from the 1970s in the hope of persuading her guests that classics are better than nouvelle cuisine. The 70-year-old serenades the bemused group with I Could Have Danced All Night before the main course is put to the test

Season 3 Episode 19
Estate agent John Santamaria hosts the fourth party in London, and tries to impress his guests with a fillet of beef cooked to their individual tastes. However, nerves threaten to get the better of him when the big day arrives, and prior grievances with fellow contestants Jonathan Norris and Richard Whitaker make matters worse

Season 3 Episode 20
Architect, surveyor and property developer Richard Whitaker hosts the final meal in London, convinced his restaurant-style modern recipes will put all the other contestants in the shade. However, his obsession with tidiness threatens to overshadow his culinary efforts

Season 3 Episode 40
Nature-lover Sarah Pickering hosts the final dinner party of the week in Ayr, with a menu featuring soup, home-made ice-cream and a flying Scotsman - chicken stuffed with haggis and wrapped in Ayrshire bacon. The meal takes a lot of preparation, allowing the guests ample time to consider what score they will give

Season 6 Episode 13
Blackburn Contestants from Blackburn try to outdo one another by throwing the perfect dinner party, which is then judged on its merits by their rivals



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