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Season 1 Episode 1
Fake Goods The stories of a seven-year-old boy killed by an electric shock from a faulty power charger, and the mini motorcycles endangering the lives of children. Plus, presenter Dominic Littlewood exposes the high-street shop selling counterfeit cigarettes

Season 1 Episode 2
Fake Cash and Cards Officers from the Metropolitan Police's Economic Crime Squad burst into a credit-card forger's heavily fortified base of operations, and former Royal Mint employee Robert Matthews reveals how many fake pound coins are currently in circulation. Plus, a woman from Kent explains how she unwittingly used counterfeit notes at a casino in Las Vegas

Season 1 Episode 3
Fake Cars Dominic Littlewood investigates the cons and rackets associated with the motoring trade, including cloned vehicles that have been stolen and given new identities, and fake service histories that can be purchased online. Counterfeit tyres being sold legally in the UK are also tested on a circuit in Germany to demonstrate their potential danger

Season 1 Episode 4
Fake Medicines Dominic Littlewood reveals the extent of fake medicines, showing how easy it is to purchase drugs online and meeting victims of counterfeits. The programme follows attempts to track down the routes used to transport drugs into the UK, and analyses their contents

Season 1 Episode 5
Fake Identity Dominic Littlewood hosts the consumer show, exploring the extent to which people use false identities in the UK. The programme follows the Border Agency as it apprehends a woman travelling with a fake passport, and gains an insight into the National Document Fraud Unit, which has dealt with cases including the Lockerbie bombing

Season 2 Episode 1
Investigations into counterfeit pound coins, car cloning, and a woman whose dog had a fake pedigree certificate. Presented by Dominic Littlewood

Season 2 Episode 2
Dominic Littlewood and the team investigate the murky world of loan sharks, expose scams surrounding the sale of fraudulent celebrity autographs and reveal how UK Border Agency teams prevent millions of pounds' worth of counterfeit goods entering the country via Felixstowe docks

Season 2 Episode 3
Fake Ransom Conmen targeting families with children on gap-year trips, the dealings of fake medicine suppliers, dangerous hair straighteners, and how deadly counterfeit chainsaws were sold to unsuspecting members of the public. Dominic Littlewood presents

Season 2 Episode 5
A private investigator works with the police and trading standards to track down one of the largest hauls of fake gold and jewellery ever discovered in the UK. Dominic Littlewood also learns how the Border Agency is stopping international forgers using air cargo to transport counterfeit IDs

Season 2 Episode 6
A raid on a house selling counterfeit fashion items, and the tracking of imitation washing detergent from China that saw the culprits imprisoned. Plus, a look at how 108 million eggs were fraudulently relabelled in Britain's biggest ever fake food scam. Presented by Dominic Littlewood

Season 2 Episode 7
Dominic Littlewood tells the story of a 78-year-old grandmother selling bogus loans, and meets a woman who was arrested after a fraudster made withdrawals on her credit card. He also follows the story of fake car brake pads being sold in Northern Ireland, and finds out about how limo drivers are putting their passengers in danger

Season 2 Episode 8
Frauds involving fake oil-drilling parts, agricultural fuel, micro pigs and software, plus tales of bogus landlords renting occupied properties to unsuspecting tenants. Dominic Littlewood presents

Season 2 Episode 9
Revealing the amount of fake electrical cable being found in the UK. Plus, trading standards and police teams in the Midlands tackle the trade in smuggled cigarettes and art forgery expert Curtis Dowling demonstrates how conmen create fake collectibles

Season 2 Episode 10
The UK Border Agency reveals that illegal immigrants are using fake documents to work in Hampshire restaurants, and works with the police and the local authority counter-fraud team to arrest a person wrongfully receiving benefits. Presented by Dominic Littlewood

Season 2 Episode 11
Criminals who counterfeit the euro and the impact it can have on holiday-makers. Plus, a woman whose diet pills contained a banned substance, and the fake buggy salesman who conned money out of young mothers. Presented by Dominic Littlewood

Season 2 Episode 12
A man who lost £800,000 after falling victim to conmen, a woman who was tricked by a faith healer, and a couple whose savings were lost to bogus prize scams. Presented by Dominic Littlewood

Season 2 Episode 13
The story of an innocent holiday-maker who was arrested after drugs were found in luggage checked in under her name on a flight to the UK. Plus, the case of a woman who booked a holiday at a ski chalet that did not exist, and a fake literary agent. Presented by Dominic Littlewood

Season 2 Episode 14
An investigation into new equipment that could allow criminals to carry out apparently genuine transactions by faking Pin numbers and a report on workers whose lives are being put at risk by counterfeit safety equipment. Plus, the story of how a man's intended visit to his family was ruined after he was sold a forged airline ticket. Presented by Dominic Littlewood

Season 2 Episode 15
The UK Border Agency discovers illegal immigrants using counterfeit documents to land jobs in London, and trading standards teams crack down on the growing fake champagne business. The programme also reveals how people are wrongfully acquiring blue badges to park for free in disabled spaces

Season 3 Episode 2
Dominic Littlewood joins an operation to stop the trade in fake medicines, and reveals how investigators exposed an insurance scam involving a bus crash. He also reports on an art forger whose copies of Victorian fairy paintings nearly fooled experts, as well as a conman who cost British tourists thousands of pounds

Season 3 Episode 3
Greater Manchester Police take on forgers in the city's Strangeways district, considered a hotspot for counterfeiting. Fake energy-saving plugs being sold to the elderly are found to be dangerous when tested, and there is a second report on the rogue dental technician making illegal dentures in a laundry room. Presented by Dominic Littlewood

Season 3 Episode 4
Dominic Littlewood examines a fake DVD factory that makes £100,000 a week, Chinese counterfeit items are tested to compare them with the originals, and there is a look at an art forger who made tens of thousands of pounds by faking the paintings of famous artists

Season 3 Episode 5
Dominic Littlewood follows the investigations into more fakes and frauds, including a London-based money-counterfeiting gang that police finally manage to catch up with. He also tells the story of a conman who promised war veterans a battlefield tour, but took them for a ride by giving them nothing at all, and looks at credit card forgeries that are difficult to detect

Season 3 Episode 6
City of London police officers pursue one of the country's most audacious identity fraudsters. Plus, the fake baby carriers putting infants at risk and how aircraft safety was compromised by a fire extinguisher scam. Presented by Dominic Littlewood

Season 3 Episode 7
Dominic Littlewood investigates a rise in fraudulent pet insurance claims, while Trading Standards officers in Brent and Harrow visit market stalls selling fake clothing. The programme also features reports on the dangers of imitation cigarettes, and how pubs and clubs across the country are selling pints that are not what they appear to be

Season 3 Episode 8
Dominic Littlewood investigates fraudulent charity collections costing legitimate organisations millions, and finds out how they operate. Plus, chip shops selling fake fish, and illegal counterfeit fireworks being sold to children

Season 3 Episode 9
How a bogus firefighter relieved shopkeepers of their cash - at gunpoint. Plus, following trading standards officers as they crack down on a dangerous counterfeit vodka that could leave consumers with more than just a headache. Dominic Littlewood presents

Season 3 Episode 10
Dominic Littlewood investigates the fake make-up that is being sold to market customers, and the benefits scrounger who faked disability to get hundreds of thousands of pounds of money. Plus, the Driving Standards Agency cracks down on the fraudsters who take driving tests for other people

Season 3 Episode 11
Dominic Littlewood and the team are given access to the country's biggest postal hub to see the huge range of fake goods flooding into the UK. Plus, two old fashioned criminals who forged the works of famous street artist Banksy and the fake lonely heart who lured pensioners out of thousands of pounds

Season 3 Episode 12
Dominic Littlewood and the team look into the world of fake ham pizza toppings when they go on patrol with Trading Standards officials to visit food outlets fooling the public. Plus, they investigate a bogus burglar alarm company that is conning pensioners out of thousands of pounds

Season 3 Episode 13
Dominic Littlewood investigates a clamping firm accused of faking fines to make money out of motorists and meets a man who tracked down the fraudster who stole his identity and £7,000

Season 3 Episode 14
A factory in China producing millions of counterfeit cigarettes, mobile phone shops in Birmingham selling potentially dangerous chargers, and the problem of fake HIV testing kits. Presented by Dominic Littlewood

Season 3 Episode 15
Dominic Littlewood and the team learn about the people cashing in on London 2012 by selling dangerous fake lighters. They also report on the international money raids that are keeping counterfeit euros off the streets. Last in the series

Season 4 Episode 1
Matt Allwright hosts the consumer show exploring to what extent people use counterfeit goods in the UK. In this edition, he investigates criminals who import puppies with fraudulent passports, high-tech cloners creating fake car keys, and crooked sellers flogging bogus high-end watches for thousands of pounds

Season 4 Episode 2
Matt Allwright investigates potentially deadly child car seats, a sham marriage that was stopped by the UK Border Agency and the forged £20 notes that are causing problems across the country

Season 4 Episode 3
Matt Allwright investigates more counterfeit goods across the UK, looking at how a seven-year-old's life-threatening electric shock led to the discovery of dangerous fake smartphone chargers. Plus, how copycat products are harming one of the UK's most successful companies

Season 4 Episode 4
Matt Allwright investigates the powerful laser pointers that are capable of causing blindness, and the counterfeit laptop chargers that could engender serious damage. Plus, a fraudster who used multiple identities to claim millions of pounds

Season 4 Episode 5
Matt Allwright investigates more counterfeit goods across the UK, looking at bogus teeth-whitening kits, phony charity bags and the trade in fake Second World War memorabilia

Season 4 Episode 6
Matt Allwright investigates a confectionery con aimed at children, as well as counterfeit sunscreen that fails to protect against harmful UV rays. He also learns about a man who went to extreme lengths to fake his death by forging his own ashes

Season 4 Episode 7
Matt Allwright investigates imitation car airbags that can kill and counterfeit handbags that are costing unsuspecting buyers hundreds of pounds. Plus, the presenter finds out about the car number plates on sale that can get drivers arrested

Season 4 Episode 8
Matt Allwright investigates fake henna that can scar people's skin for life, and the problem of counterfeit top-of-the-range chefs' knives being sold to the public and restaurants. Plus, car servicing software on the black market that could make vehicles too dangerous to drive

Season 4 Episode 9
Matt Allwright investigates the dangerous fake dental equipment that has been found in some British surgeries, and how a group of art forgers made hundreds of thousands of pounds selling counterfeit paintings. Plus, an elaborate plot to help immigrants pass citizenship exams

Season 4 Episode 10
Matt Allwright investigates the substandard food products masquerading as premium goods, and examines counterfeit medical products that can cause diseases. Plus, a website that has provided thousands of criminals with false identities

Season 5 Episode 1
New series. Return of the consumer show. In the first edition, Matt Allwright learns how a man has taken it upon himself to track down lethal counterfeit booze after his 23-year-old daughter was fatally poisoned by fake gin. Plus, the presenter reveals the extraordinary levels of food forgery across the UK

Season 5 Episode 2
Matt Allwright investigates lorry drivers who falsify their working hours records, and finds out what effect this can have on innocent road users. The presenter also examines how bogus degrees are damaging Britain's job market, and speaks to family members who were left stranded at an airport after receiving counterfeit holiday tickets



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