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Holby City Episode Guide

Season 6 Episode 47
Smoke and Mirrors Mickie is still keen to become a doctor, but Mubbs' criticism of her inexperience leaves her questioning her abilities. Jess decides to put her own feelings before her father's wishes, and ends up letting Donna in on her secret, while Owen reassesses his priorities, putting his philandering days firmly behind him and deciding that his future is with Diane and the baby

Season 10 Episode 1
Bitter from the Sweet Donna and Mark's medical expertise is needed when they catch up with James and his abductors on an industrial estate and have a fight on their hands to save his life - then comes the problem of getting back to the hospital without Elliot finding out. Daniel struggles to choose between Maddy and Louise, and Abra's departure leads to Kyla drinking during her shift

Season 10 Episode 2
The Last Throw Clifford is forced to choose between the women in his life and understanding the consequences of his actions, while at the same time coping with a medical dilemma related to someone from the past. Meanwhile, Elliot struggles to deal with the revelations about James's drug addiction. Medical drama starring Peter Wingfield and Paul Bradley

Season 10 Episode 3
No One Cries Like a Baby Jac learns a consultant's post is available on Keller, but her hopes take a battering when she discovers Lady Byrne is on the interviewing panel. Sam takes advantage of Maddy by dumping baby Grace on her while he goes out with agency nurse Zoe. Elliot catches James rifling through his wallet, but Mark is about to discover the surgeon's son is involved in a more serious criminal act

Season 10 Episode 4
The Apprentice Kyla's drinking at work leads her to make serious mistakes and Faye is not able to cover for her for long. A new locum arrives to stand in for Connie as she prepares to go on a sabbatical, immediately pitting Sam and Joseph against each other to act up in her absence. Mark confesses his cocaine habit to Elliot, but refuses to admit how serious it is, leaving the surgeon worried

Season 10 Episode 5
Dust Off Your Wings Maddy convinces Sam he may have chlamydia, but the tests reveal a potentially more serious problem. Kyla gets through a meeting with the chief executive but has to admit she needs help, and new locum Stuart fails to make a good impression on Chrissie with his reorganisation of the ward, but his charm subdues her arguments

Season 10 Episode 6
Unfinished Symphony Sam tells Maddy and Elliot he has the all-clear, but they do not believe he has collected his results, leaving the senior surgeon to request them from Oncology himself. Donna sees the new locum consultant being beaten up in the car park, but it is he who frightens her when she tries to ask him about it, and Maria comes face-to-face with a disturbed patient on her first day as a Staff Nurse

Season 10 Episode 7
Someone to Watch Over Me Sam is unable to concentrate on work after his diagnosis, but has to continue due to a staff shortage after a train crash. Mark too is overstretched on AAU, where his drug habit leads to paranoid accusations of terrorism. Meanwhile, Donna tries to casually ask Michael out on a date, although it is Jac who makes the connection, despite his learning of a patient's complaint and her affair with Lord Byrne

Season 10 Episode 8
Mirror Man Mark makes a near-fatal mistake at work, but continues to deny he has a drug problem - until Chrissie finds a stash of cocaine in his desk. Meanwhile, a local radio DJ hopes to boost his flagging ratings by broadcasting his operation live on air, and Michael finds it increasingly hard to resist Donna's charms. Guest starring Shaun Williamson

Season 10 Episode 9
The Reckoning Elliot is in a terrible mood after learning of James's arrest - which has appalling repercussions for the rest of the staff when he takes it out on the already stressed STI nurse Tim. Chrissie discovers Sam has cancer, Maddy is concerned that Maria is becoming too emotionally involved with her patients, and a department store Santa receives a devastating diagnosis

Season 10 Episode 10
Into the Void The shootings in reception push everyone to breaking point as staff members struggle to treat the victims, their own colleagues among them. As Martha fights for life, Elliot breaks down at the thought that having pushed James into his drug addiction, his last words to Tim tipped him over the edge. As the death toll is revealed, the surgeon is left blaming himself for the devastation

Season 10 Episode 11
Elliot's Wonderful Life Festive episode from 2007 inspired by James Stewart classic It's a Wonderful Life. The cardiology team has the matter of Izzy and her heart transplant to consider, having attended to the casualties of the crossbow shooting as best it can. However, a disillusioned Elliot walks out of Holby into the snow and wishes he had never been born - until he meets an elderly gentleman (Richard Briers) who takes the doc on a tour of a world without him in it. Paul Bradley stars, with Amanda Mealing, Robert Powell, Luke Roberts, Gillian Bevan, Keeley Forsyth, Jack O'Connor and Paul McNeilly

Season 10 Episode 13
Queen of Hearts Connie's insensitive attitude starts to lose her the team's respect as injured staff members return to work at the end of their sick leave. When a complaint is made against her, she has to work hard to regain support or risk being moved aside as Darwin is restructured. Stuart is uncomfortable with Kyla's over-familiarity outside their AA meetings, and falls out with Chrissie over her friendship with Sam

Season 10 Episode 14
Stolen New surgical consultant Linden Cullen arrives to lead the team on AAU, leaving Lola unsure of her position. Sam struggles on Darwin as he tries to work through his chemotherapy, and Ric is frustrated first by Michael's ability to get his private patients priority treatment and then at his secret plans to open a private ward in the hospital

Season 10 Episode 15
Physician, Heal Thyself Joseph's world falls apart when his comatose brother Harry is brought into the hospital needing emergency surgery, leading him to turn to Faye for support. Sam feels pressured as he operates on a possible sufferer of Gulf War syndrome under Connie's gaze, and on AAU, Linden annoys Mark by going to extreme lengths as he treats a girl with a suspected case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy

Season 10 Episode 16
The Key Is Fear Faye opens up to Joseph about the death of her second husband, and Chrissie discovers Stuart is responsible for Sam's move out of cardiothoracics when she finds the lost patient notes in his locker. Donna is caught out over a deception designed to curtail the teasing about her love life

Season 10 Episode 17
Final Cut A drunken Stuart tries to win Chrissie back, but she rejects his advances - with terrifying consequences. Joseph vows to keep his comatose brother alive, no matter the cost to himself and his mother. Donna refuses to co-operate in protest at the teasing about her fake date with Linden - but her attitude leaves everyone even more unimpressed

Season 10 Episode 18
The Extra Mile Stuart tries to lie his way out of trouble, but Connie is not convinced by his explanation of what happened to Chrissie and makes enquiries about the surgeon around the hospital. Ric suffers a cash-flow crisis and his realisation that Michael has a higher status because of his private practice adds to his disillusion. Lola engages in a battle of wills with Linden

Season 10 Episode 19
Complications Ensue Joseph returns following his brother's death to find Jac on trial as Sam's replacement, something neither he nor Connie is happy about. Stuart's departure tests Kyla's sobriety and forces Mark to deal with her dependence on alcohol. Sam refuses to succumb to the unpleasant side-effects of chemotherapy, determining to work through the pain despite his struggles and the advice of colleagues

Season 10 Episode 20
On a Mission Jac is frustrated by her lack of career progress and tries to impress Philip Lawlor with her skills as a surgeon. When Faye leaves work to attend her husband Donald's exhumation, it presents the surgeon with another opportunity to gain popularity. Maddy believes Linden is letting his religious views interfere with work. With guest star Jenny Eclair

Season 10 Episode 21
We Serve All Who Come to Us Connie's intention to perform simultaneous brain and heart surgery on a patient brings her into conflict with Elliot, but that is only part of her day's stresses. Already feeling guilty over his decision to send Chloe away, Linden becomes obsessed with finding an amputee's hand, and Maria is delighted to capture Sam's attention despite Kyla's warnings

Season 10 Episode 22
No Cars Go Part one of two. Connie struggles to cope as her daughter Grace fights for life and Elliot realises she needs Sam's support. Maddy worries about Linden's increasingly odd behaviour around Chloe, who needs emergency surgery. Donna's plan to attract Michael almost comes to fruition - but just as they seem about to get intimate the couple are interrupted by a phone call

Season 10 Episode 23
Long Dark Night Part two of two. The stress of watching baby Grace's deterioration and arguing with Connie affects Sam's health, and he collapses with septic shock. A mystery man arrives looking for Faye, and Joseph is determined to find out who he is, catching up with the stranger in the hospital's basement. Linden is forced to face his demons, prompting him to make a shocking confession

Season 10 Episode 24
12-Hour Nightmare Alan Clooney, the man who attacked Jac last summer, turns up at the hospital, and is found seriously injured after a confrontation with staff, leading police to arrest the surgeon. Maria keeps a vigil at Sam's bedside before laying into Connie for her treatment of the stricken registrar. Joseph worries about his relationship with Faye

Season 10 Episode 25
Love Will Tear Us Apart Maddy is rocked when she receives a call from Clifford, distracting her from her duties on AAU and causing her to make errors in surgery. Joseph is being suspiciously considerate toward Jac in the wake of her arrest - which upsets Faye, and Donna's attempts to get time alone with Michael go wrong when it imperils a potential organ donation. With guest star Peter Polycarpou

Season 10 Episode 26
All This Useless Beauty Chrissie receives depressing news about her scar, and her day goes from bad to worse as a hospital executive makes advances and a journalist patient struggles to write his final words. Michael employs charm in an attempt to mislead Connie over what she saw in the locker room, but it does not end his infatuation with Donna. Sam's efforts to let Maria down gently fail to go to plan

Season 10 Episode 27
Pants on Fire Joseph's suspicions increase after Faye is again questioned by police over her husband's death. Connie and Michael successfully perform pioneering surgery on a patient's heart and later celebrate with a drink, but when she rejects his invitation to go back to his place, Donna seizes her opportunity. Maddy spends the day in a foul mood after realising Clifford will never return

Season 10 Episode 28
You're So Vain Lady Byrne is shocked at the state of her late husband Charles's charity, and tackles Elliot and Jayne about the problems. Michael believes Donna is spreading rumours about their relationship, and Jac makes efforts to be friendlier with her colleagues, but Mark and Keith are suspicious of her motives. Elsewhere, a TV presenter collapses live on air. Guest starring Marina Sirtis, formerly of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 10 Episode 29
The Softest Music A dangerous situation leaves Mark questioning his future. Lady Byrne arrives intending to make changes to the management of Charles' charity and appoints Elliot as the new Medical Advisor. Connie fights to save the lives of two teenage cardiac patients involved in a Romeo and Juliet tryst, and Michael is angry with Ric for walking out on a cosmetic operation

Season 10 Episode 30
Battle of Who Could Care Less Ric is shocked to find Abra back, injured and hiding in an ambulance. He agrees to secrete him but already senses trouble. Lady Byrne is looking for an attractive nurse to promote her charity, and Donna thinks it could be her ticket out of the hospital. Daisha is distracted following a row with her boyfriend, while Connie and Michael are increasingly enjoying their flirty banter

Season 10 Episode 31
Springflower Connie is frustrated by all the praise Jayne is heaping on Linden, but advice from Jac is able to ease the situation. Ric hides Abra in the hospital basement after a series of accidents, however his presence does not remain a secret for long, and Elliot is accused of playing office politics when he uses his position with the Byrne charity to help a patient

Season 10 Episode 34
Send No Flowers Ric gets Abra a job in the hospital by involving him in the treatment of a stabbing victim. Maria spends time nursing her birth mother, but does not reveal her identity, as Sam tries to persuade her to have treatment. Kyla nurses a child in foster care who she believes is being abused, but her attention is also drawn to another child living in the same house - her son Max

Season 10 Episode 35
Natural Justice Michael is suspicious when Abra tries to prevent a convicted murderer receiving a liver transplant. Kyla can only stand by while other people make decisions regarding her son Max's medical treatment while in foster care. Elliot tries to avoid Lady Byrne following their kiss, but realises that it might not have been an accident after all

Season 10 Episode 36
Love You Carl Hewson accosts Faye as she arrives for work, demanding money to pay off the loan sharks who are after him. Jac has an accident on her motorbike and is left unconscious on the road. A delighted Kyla learns Max wants to come home with her after his foster mum's issues are revealed, and Lady Byrne and Elliot's relationship continues to develop. Michael Pennington guest stars

Season 10 Episode 37
Doctor's Dilemma Jac tries to pass her message to Joseph but drifts in and out of consciousness after her accident. A mix-up ensues when Elliot is left recalling memories of Gina when he invites a celebrity friend by the name of Gordon Ramsey to the relaunch of the charity and the visitor's difficulties are greater than being mistaken for a TV chef

Season 10 Episode 38
New Lands, New Beginnings Faye disappears, and information given to Linden and Joseph by Jac causes concern, so they decide to track her down. The trail leads to Cape Town, where it soon becomes clear she is in trouble and desperately needs help. Special episode filmed on location in South Africa

Season 10 Episode 39
Change of Heart Linden is distraught and struggles to control his emotions when he discovers graffiti on his wife's grave, and Jac is rushed into theatre when she suddenly falls victim to a dangerous lung condition. Elliot compounds Lady Byrne's decision to step down by joining her in resigning from the foundation, leaving Connie and Michael in charge

Season 10 Episode 40
Only Believe Linden is suspended after the death of a patient in his care, but defies his superiors and returns to Holby. Sam is given the all-clear after his final cancer scan, and Connie and Ric become the front-runners for the new director of surgery position

Season 10 Episode 41
Crossing Borders Linden returns to Holby to treat the expectant mother of conjoined twins, even though he is still officially suspended. Staff arrange a surprise engagement party for Faye and Joseph, while Maddy becomes suspicious of Jamie's involvement in the death of Liam Harris

Season 10 Episode 42
On the Brink Ric is forced to make a difficult choice between friendship and his career when his hopes of landing the director of surgery job are compromised by Abra's erratic behaviour. Maddy enlists Sam's help in another effort to prove Linden is innocent, and staff come under pressure thanks to a Home Office inspection connected to the North Korean couple who are expecting conjoined twins

Season 10 Episode 43
You Do It to Yourself Abra continues to have flashbacks from his time spent working in the Congo, and his situation is not helped by a difficult patient and his daughter. Maddy finally discovers that Linden was not responsible for Liam Harris's death - and Mark has his hands full playing the role of peacekeeper when Lola and Faye have problems working together

Season 10 Episode 44
Eighteen and a Half Abra checks himself into a psychiatric hospital, unable to cope with his flashbacks to the Congo. Daisha discovers she is pregnant, and Ric finds an unlikely ally in his fight for the director of surgery position. Mrs Tan safely gives birth to her conjoined twins, but at the same time a journalist poses as a patient to gather information about the family

Season 10 Episode 45
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Linden is preoccupied with the conjoined twins and Jayne arranges for their transfer to a hospital in London. Daisha discovers her pregnancy is beyond the legal limit for abortions and starts to consider ways to get rid of her unborn child - much to Mark's horror. After spending time with a young patient and the arrival of her fiance's sister, Faye rethinks her engagement to Joseph and their childless future

Season 10 Episode 46
Hope, Faith and Charity Michael finds a millionaire priest willing to pay for the Tans' surgery, but Jayne is wary of the benefactor's motives. Mark struggles to find the £2,000 needed to pay for Daisha's abortion after he finds her considering radical options to end her pregnancy. Connie and Elliot withdraw from the race to be director of surgery, leaving Ric the frontrunner - until a heartbreaking task draws him away

Season 10 Episode 47
To Govern a Kingdom An offer of promotion for Ric comes at the wrong time. However, his emotional state does help him find a solution to Jayne's problem with accepting the money from Randall for the Tans' treatment. Maria is unsure how to react to a strange e-mail, Joseph confronts Jac over her meddling in his wedding plans, and Donna develops career ambitions

Season 10 Episode 48
Whatever It Takes Jayne and Linden are called before the board to defend the Tans' treatment, but find the directors sceptical that Holby has the staff or equipment to cope. Jac delves deeper into Faye's personal life by inveigling her way into the private hospital where Archie is being cared for, and Donna tries to impress Elliot in her bid for promotion

Season 10 Episode 49
Separate Lives Linden tries to reassure the Tans about the immigration debacle and the future health of the twins if they are separated. Kyla and Daisha compete for the position of sister on Keller ward, while Donna and Maddy refuse to believe Maria's e-mail admirer is genuine. Ric has to make some tough decisions about redundancies - with Lola top of the list

Season 10 Episode 50
Leave It to God Sam struggles with his responsibilities when a crisis with the twins adds to the challenge of post-op care. As Maddy copes with a busy department in Linden's absence, she has a run-in with an awkward patient who takes a shine to Kyla. Meanwhile, Daisha's day goes from bad to worse when the father of her baby lets her down

Season 10 Episode 51
No Breaks on the Midnight Express - Part One Part one of two. The staff at Holby put aside their differences and prepare to separate the conjoined twins. However, the Press have latched on to the fact that a man accused of child abuse is funding the risky procedure - and Jayne is forced to explain her decisions to the board. Meanwhile, Maddy persuades Kyla to forget her past and give in to the advances of her patient admirer

Season 10 Episode 52
No Breaks on the Midnight Express - Part Two Part two of two. Jayne discovers the Government has backed down and is going to pay for the twins' operation, but the board of directors still needs to meet to decide on her future. Maria finds out Aaron is a successful doctor, and although initially daunted, allows herself to be swept off her feet

Season 10 Episode 53
Mad World Lola is shocked to find Abra is a patient at the psychiatric hospital where she has recently been given a job, and plans to reunite him with Kyla. Ric is forced to face the details of Leo's life when he is called to clear his flat and meets a drug-using friend of his late son, who leads him on a journey through the recent past. Starring Sharon D Clarke and Adrian Edmondson

Season 11 Episode 1
Lazarus The team fights to save the life of Jayne's son after he falls into a river, but Connie is distracted when she learns the identity of the boy's father. Faye is jealous that Joseph is bonding with the pregnant Daisha but struggles to explain her reticence to have another child. When Chrissie returns to the hospital to have surgery on her scar, she is surprised by all the changes that have taken place

Season 11 Episode 2
Or I'll Never Fall in Love Chrissie decides she no longer wants to be a nurse and feels able to offer only moral rather than medical assistance to a boy injured in a car accident. Connie realises she can never break up John's family and ends her relationship with him, all the while fighting to save his son's life. Joseph hopes that bringing the wedding forward will end Faye's insecurity over his desire to be a father

Season 11 Episode 3
Labour of Love Jac helps Michael steal one of Elliot's patients so they can perform a dangerous procedure. Joseph is uncomfortable spending time with Faye's son and makes his excuses to leave. However, once at work he finds himself trapped in a lift with Daisha, just as her waters break. Meanwhile, Donna is jealous of Maria's relationship and sets out to bag herself a consultant, and the identity of the new anaesthetist surprises one member of staff

Season 11 Episode 4
We Said Some Things Joseph finds himself stuck in a lift with Daisha as she goes into labour, and delivers a boy - but the happiness of the occasion is marred by Faye's response. Meanwhile, Linden feels aggrieved at having a proposal turned down by the board, and Michael tries to avoid working alongside wife Annalese - until a crisis leaves him with no choice

Season 11 Episode 5
Cutting the Cord Daisha faces a decision over her baby's future, but is pleased she has the support of Faye and Joseph, while Ric is embarrassed by problems at the revamped Keller when equipment fails in the middle of a media tour. An accident occurs in theatre when cocky anaesthetist Jamie starts playing with the defibrillator, and new nurse Rachel forms an instant bond with Sam and Maria

Season 11 Episode 6
The Weaker Sex Faye's plea for space leads to a recurrence of Joseph's obsessive behaviour and he turns to drink. Donna lets Maria down, and Max is offered a place at a football academy in Holland, forcing Kyla to rethink her priorities. Meanwhile, Sam is worried by a series of strange phone calls and apparent wrong numbers

Season 11 Episode 7
About Last Night Maria is concerned that Sam's cancer has returned when he starts acting strangely. Joseph tries to convince himself that nothing happened between himself and Jac, and Kyla hands in her notice so she can join Max in Holland. Ric is under pressure to find a new anaesthetist, and Linden is once again too heavily involved with his patients' lives as he deals with an apparent love triangle

Season 11 Episode 8
Sweet Bitter Love Ric learns a drug-addicted patient was his late son Leo's partner. As Sam gets to know Kieron, he comes to realise what sacrifices his son is prepared to make for their relationship. It is Kyla's last day and Max has a surprise in store for her, while Linden begins to lose faith after spending the night at Callie's bedside. Daisha makes a big decision about baby Joe

Season 11 Episode 9
This Be the Verse Ric's mind is on Michelle and the grandson he never knew he had as he attempts a risky operation on Callie. A meeting with prospective adoptive parents leaves Daisha even more confused about her baby's future, and Maria learns the truth about Sam's relationship with Kieron. Donna sets to work single-handedly saving Christmas when the staff party is cancelled by hospital management

Season 11 Episode 10
Maria's Christmas Carol Struggling to deal with her feelings for both Sam and Kieron, Maria consults a clairvoyant. She is shown visions of her life in the past, present and future, which help her come to a decision. Since Faye is the only one offering her any assistance, Donna is missing the nurse's company as she prepares for the Christmas party and begins to doubt their friendship. Sam's bond with his newly discovered son is threatened by his awareness of Kieron's relationship with Maria, but, with everything out in the open, the surgeon realises where his priorities lie

Season 11 Episode 11
Not in the Stars Ric agrees to help Michelle stay off drugs when she arrives at the hospital to inform him of social services' threats to take his grandson away from her. Donna joins Maria to look for a lost patient, and Linden is delighted when Callie finally wakes from her coma, but tries to protect her from the truth about the accident

Season 11 Episode 12
No Word of Farewell Mark calls the police when Daisha goes missing, but as they focus inquiries on him, he begins to fear the worst. Faye tells Joseph their relationship is finished, but Elliot tries to intervene. Michael is still discovering how working with Annalese will affect his personal and professional lives, and Linden realises he has become too involved with Callie and her problems

Season 11 Episode 13
Clean Slate Ric is surprised by the identity of a new medical student, who then reveals the truth about Michelle. Joseph has to make it up to Faye after missing Archie's christening, and Rachel is left looking after baby Joe when Mark has to deal with an outbreak of the C.diff infection on one of the wards. Jac is worried about her hands after the accident, but her specialist insists she is fine

Season 11 Episode 14
Just Joseph worries that Jac may be pregnant when she complains of feeling sick. Ric battles to save the lives of a security guard and the drug addict who stabbed her, while at the same time trying to placate the victim's fiance and the Press. After confessing to his priest about his feelings for an engaged woman, Linden learns Callie knows the truth about the night of the accident

Season 11 Episode 15
Breaking News Connie hijacks Ric's attempts to gain the public relations initiative after the murder of the security guard, by planning to perform a high-profile operation. Maddy saves the day when the excesses of the night before put Tom under stress, and the opening of the new creche fails to solve Daisha's problems with Joe, so Rachel offers to take care of the infant to allow her a night off

Season 11 Episode 16
Tough Love Ric's initiative for zero tolerance of patients who refuse to help themselves or abuse hospital staff makes it clear to Connie he has no intention of quitting as director of surgery. Joseph continues to be distracted by fears that Jac is pregnant, Maddy suffers after her night out with Tom, and Maria makes use of Sam's car but is upset to learn he has no plans to return from America

Season 11 Episode 17
Trust Annalese suspects Michael is being unfaithful and rummages through his belongings, hunting for evidence. Ric refuses to treat an obese man as part of his zero tolerance policy, but promises Connie he does not intend to stay long as director of surgery. Daisha's friends throw her a surprise birthday party, and Joseph continues to struggle with his guilt over his night with Jac

Season 11 Episode 18
Truth and Mercy Joseph plots to get Jac permanently out of his life after Faye voices her suspicions that the registrar is pregnant. When Ric admits he has not resigned, Connie is determined to undermine his campaign and suggests one of his patients has surgery instead of following her rival's healthy eating plan, while Daisha feels guilty for failing to notice that Joe has developed an infection

Season 11 Episode 19
Take Her Breath Away Joseph dreads Jac's impending announcement, certain she is going to reveal details of their night together. Frankie's father confronts Connie when he discovers he has to pay for his son's operation, and Chrissie returns to work as an agency nurse on the private ward. Mark and Rachel worry about Daisha when she fails to arrive for her shift and neither she nor Joe is anywhere to be found

Season 11 Episode 20
Exposures Michael receives a shock when a nurse he once had an affair with begins working on his private ward. Meanwhile, Linden is forced to put his own feelings to one side as he helps Faye with the emotional fallout of her break-up with Joseph, and Elliot's prodigal daughter Martha returns from Las Vegas with some surprising news. Hari Dhillon, Paul Bradley and Duncan Pow star

Season 11 Episode 21
Feet of Clay Ric ruthlessly pursues his zero tolerance policy, refusing to let Connie treat an overweight patient. However, when he learns the man is a well-known local philanthropist, he is forced to reconsider his stance. Meanwhile, an encounter with Donna seemingly confirms Annalese's suspicions that Michael is having an affair, and the AAU team struggles to cope with its workload

Season 11 Episode 22
Coming Back to Bite You Michael pleads with Donna to lie for him as Annalese pursues the truth about his fidelity. Linden finds evidence of Jac's scheming but struggles to decide what to do, while Chrissie tries to get Daisha out of Mark's life. Ric's zero-tolerance programme is challenged by the offer of a charitable donation to the hospital, and Elliot's decision to bring his dog to work again backfires when it knocks Jac over. Melanie Hill and David Roper guest star

Season 11 Episode 23
Breathe Deeply Ric's latest initiative to breathalyse employees makes several of them nervous after a night of heavy drinking. Michael helps Annalese try to cover up her fatal mistake in theatre as Kathy Hewitt demands action over her husband's death. Elliot distrusts Martha's new husband after finding disturbing photos on his laptop, while Faye decides she wants Joseph back, but Jac remains an obstacle

Season 11 Episode 24
Locked Away After two members of staff collapse in the middle of surgery, Jac and Joseph are trapped in a quarantined operating theatre with a potentially lethal contamination. While Elliot considers evacuating the hospital, Annalese colludes with Michael after learning a formal investigation has begun into Steve Hewitt's death, and Daisha tries to escape Mark's interference in her life

Season 11 Episode 25
Careful What You Wish For A furious Connie adds Michael to her list of targets when his unexpected absence forces her to cancel a high-profile operation, but her mood improves when she finds ammunition she can finally use against Ric. Elliot explains his distress at Martha's marriage, Daisha is delighted her sister is around to help with Joe, while Joseph and Faye set their wedding date

Season 11 Episode 26
Too Much to Ask Annalese is suspended as part of the inquiry into Steve Hewitt's death and finds her whole world falling apart as she seeks advice from a solicitor. Ric demands Tom prove he is up to being a surgeon after dismissing his report as a tissue of lies and telling him to produce another, while Jac sees an opportunity for advancement when she assists Elliot in operating secretly on Samson the dog

Season 11 Episode 27
No Legacy So Rich Having finally lost patience with Tom, Ric sacks him - but the decision leads to a series of devastating revelations affecting both their families. Joseph's sister Sophia arrives determined to transform his wedding to Faye into a massive event - no matter what the bride thinks - and Daisha is grateful for Lalaine's support when baby Joe is rushed to hospital with a suspected case of meningitis

Season 11 Episode 28
Running on Empty Maddy feels the need to prove herself to Ric as he is taking every opportunity to vent his frustration at Tom on her. Though Annalese's manslaughter charge has been dropped, Michael has to inform her she remains suspended while Connie schemes to protect the hospital. Meanwhile, Lalaine is forced to return to the Philippines and makes Daisha a surprise offer after their mother is injured

Season 11 Episode 30
Mirror, Mirror Maddy puts her career at risk when she agrees to secretly treat a stabbing victim as a favour for her sister, who has recently been released from prison. Donna feels responsible for Michael's obvious unhappiness at his separation from Annalese, which only worsens when he receives a call from his children's school, and Ben shares his health worries with father-in-law Elliot

Season 11 Episode 31
Seeing Other People A lack of suitable candidates for the new job gives a disappointed Maddy a second chance to impress Ric, but an unexpected encounter has dire consequences. A flirtatious patient helps Daisha recognise that Chrissie is telling her the truth about the depth of Mark's infatuation with her, while Faye and Joseph deal with the practical arrangements for their forthcoming wedding

Season 11 Episode 32
Just a Perfect Day In a special episode focusing on Maddy in the aftermath of her attack, the doctor is faced with the choice of staying at Holby or joining Dan Clifford in Europe. The former consultant bonds with Linden, hoping to persuade Ric to interview her for his new position, while she treats a victim who has been stabbed - an injury that is very close to home. Featuring a guest appearance by Peter Wingfield

Season 11 Episode 33
What Will Survive of Us Jac tries to distract herself from talk of Joseph and Faye's wedding by appealing to Connie's ego and getting more time in theatre. Ben's concerns about his eyesight look set to be realised when he attends an appointment at the hospital, and Maria worries about finding the appropriate words for the memorial service, but receives support from her friends

Season 11 Episode 34
Proceed with Caution Surprise guests take the gloss off Faye and Joseph's wedding as the bride struggles to reconcile with her estranged parents and the groom learns a secret from the past. While most of her colleagues are at the celebrations, Jac is left in charge of AAU and supervises of two new trainee doctors

Season 11 Episode 35
The Honeymoon's Over Faye hopes ignoring Linden will make him go away, but eventually has to inform him that she loves Joseph and their kiss was a mistake. Ben takes his diagnosis badly and though Martha pledges her love, he tries to end their marriage. Jayne returns with a harsh assessment of Ric's actions since his promotion, but he fails to change his attitude to the staff, forcing her to make a tough decision

Season 11 Episode 36
Attachments Frustrated by his unrequited feelings for Faye, Linden takes out his anger on his new protege Oliver. Martha invites an old friend of Elliot to a surprise birthday party she is organising, and Penny tries to prove she is a better doctor than her brother - but both find they have a lot to learn. Meera Syal joins the cast

Season 11 Episode 37
Smoke without Fire Connie receives surprising information about Jayne's husband when the chief executive confides in her. Michael's interest in Penny worries Donna and she approaches an interested party to share her concerns. Tara tries to persuade Elliot to help her re-run a dangerous operation they first performed years ago - but he dislikes the thought of repeating the experience

Season 11 Episode 38
Your Cheating Heart Michael insists that he carries out the operation on his injured daughter, despite the fact it breaks the rules - while Annalese watches on. Jayne notices her husband's intimate relationship with Connie, forcing the surgeon to admit their affair, and Elliot resists Tara's efforts to repeat a dangerous operation, but he starts to rethink the offer after Jac inadvertently teaches him a lesson in risk management

Season 11 Episode 39
Body Language Donna's father is admitted to the hospital, but he tries to persuade her to discharge him. Oliver is desperate to impress Linden, but his efforts lead to a patient making a complaint against Daisha. Having identified her competition in the race to be director of surgery, Connie latches onto Elliot and Tara's proposed operation in the hope of impressing the board. The Wire star Clarke Peters joins the cast

Season 11 Episode 40
A Glass Half Full Donna struggles to accept Ric's diagnosis that her father's cancer is terminal and seeks a second opinion. Penny wants to observe an operation with Connie, but misses out when Jac fails to tell her it has started, and Mark quizzes Chrissie over her feelings for Oliver after seeing the pair flirting

Season 11 Episode 41
Future Perfect Elliot is visited by the parents of the girl who died during his and Tara's controversial surgery 25 years ago, and struggles to convince them he is looking out for the best interests of his current patient. Michael persuades Ric to go the extra mile for Donna's father and operate on him despite his poor chance of survival, and a suspicious bank statement breeds mistrust between Joseph and Faye. Guest starring Denise Black

Season 11 Episode 42
My Girl Donna finds her father drunk ahead of his operation, but Ric quickly sees through her efforts to cover for him and cancels the surgery. Connie hopes to impress the hospital chairman, but knows having Jac in theatre will hinder her chances, and Daisha stands up for Oliver when Linden accuses him of being the ward joker, even though he has proved himself capable of doing the job

Season 11 Episode 43
These Arms of Mine Elliot's doubts get the better of him and he withdraws from Tara's team on the morning of the high-profile surgery. Ric informs Donna there is nothing more he can do for her father, so she buries herself in work to avoid facing the truth about his condition, and Oliver worries he is only getting good marks because of his friendship with Chrissie - but a misdirected e-mail jeopardises that. With guest star Kellie Bright (Rock & Chips)

Season 11 Episode 44
The Blind Side Elliot and Tara disagree about a patient who does not want to be resuscitated, which causes doubts to surface about Tara's long-term future in Holby. Connie's determination to land the director of surgery job threatens to cost her dearly when a patient dies while undergoing a high-risk operation and Jac immediately uses the information to her own advantage. Chrissie tends Oliver's wounds after he is assaulted. Tony Britton guest stars

Season 11 Episode 45
Reformation Ric suspects Connie of informing the media of his decision to operate on Donna's father, little realising that his rival consultant is also hot on the trail of the leak. Joseph offends Faye when he allows doubts about her fidelity to get the better of him, and Daisha informs Penny that her time would be better spent caring for patients instead of advancing her academic career. Hugh Quarshie stars

Season 11 Episode 46
Faithful The decision over whether Connie or Michael gets the director of surgery job falls to Jayne, and Joseph's suspicions about Faye's fidelity mount when he discovers she phoned Linden on their wedding day. Maria is disappointed to learn that Sam is not going to visit from America, leaving her preoccupied when Donna returns to work too soon after her father's death

Season 11 Episode 47
Long Day's Night Ric operates to save Maria's life, but his colleague's health becomes an issue in his political battle with Michael when he learns his fellow surgeon has been given the job he coveted. Daisha unwittingly treats the hit-and-run driver, while Jac struggles to run Darwin in Connie's absence, and her calls for help go unanswered as Joseph remains preoccupied with Faye's fidelity

Season 11 Episode 48
Out of the Woods Faye realises she must tell Joseph the truth when he walks out of theatre unable to complete an operation. Maria is distraught to learn she may be paralysed, but Penny's attempt to reduce her fears only makes the situation worse, and Chrissie turns down Oliver's offer of a birthday drink after spending the morning suffering persistent worrying symptoms

Season 11 Episode 49
Spin Michael tries to steal Connie's plans for robotic surgery, but finds himself out of his depth when he expands the scheme. Though frustrated by her condition, Maria starts to see light at the end of the tunnel when she helps save another patient's life. Penny is offered a chance to shine on AAU but must first impress Jac, and Chrissie tells her father she is pregnant

Season 11 Episode 50
The Cost of Loving Archie is rushed into the hospital needing urgent treatment, jeopardising Faye's attempts to fix her marriage. Maria faces high-risk surgery if she is to have any chance of regaining the use of her legs. Penny makes a mistake while under scrutiny by Jac on AAU, but acquires the evidence that could give her the upper hand, while Mark advises Chrissie against hiding her pregnancy from Oliver

Season 11 Episode 51
The Uncertainty Principle Maria is determined to have the operation, despite Donna and her parents' misgivings and her limited chance of survival. Oliver only realises that Chrissie was pregnant with his child when she goes through the trauma of miscarriage, while Penny is given an important task, but becomes distracted by a heart transplant Elliot is conducting

Season 11 Episode 52
The Spirit Dancing A dying patient who Maria helps reunite with her mother offers the injured nurse renewed hope of walking again. Connie impresses the hospital's new chief executive with her surgical skills, while Chrissie is buoyed by the discovery she is able to get pregnant and searches for a man. Leslie Ash joins the cast as the CEO Vanessa Lytton

Season 13 Episode 1
Shifts Connie's authority is usurped when she meets Henrik Hanssen, the new joint director of surgery, who makes an impression on the staff by warning them that tough times lie ahead. Meanwhile, a grieving Faye lies to Joseph, telling him Linden is the father of her unborn child, and Michael tries to make use of the HolbyCare scheme to reinvent himself as the hospital's saviour. Guy Henry, who appears in the final two Harry Potter films, joins the cast

Season 13 Episode 2
The Short Straw The prospect of falling victim to Hanssen's axe leaves Elizabeth unable to fulfil her duties, and Ric steps in to lend a hand. However, when he too faces redundancy, Connie decides to play the new director of surgery at his own game. Meanwhile, prospects in AAU are equally grim, and when Penny is found struggling to cope, Michael realises he has a decision to make

Season 13 Episode 3
Tough, Love Ric tries to deny his declining health by throwing himself into work, but the problem quickly begins to affect his capability. Meanwhile, Jac warns Joseph to be wary of involving himself with Faye, and Chrissie returns from maternity leave, but Sacha misses the chance to win her affections when she immediately sets her sights on Greg

Season 13 Episode 4
Queen's Gambit Jac believes her chances of securing Ric's old job are reduced when she makes a potentially fatal mistake before taking a high-risk patient into surgery. Desperate to maintain her ground, she decides to pin the blame on the newly returned Chrissie. Meanwhile, Joseph considers sectioning Faye when she suffers a breakdown on the ward, and Donna struggles through an assessment while secretly looking after Mia

Season 13 Episode 5
My No 1 Fan Michael lets Penny down when he delays writing a report to focus on a forthcoming job interview, and Ollie struggles to deal with an asylum-seeking patient whose son needs an urgent transplant. Meanwhile, Donna tries to advise Hanssen against hiring overpaid agency nurses, until she is charmed by charismatic temp Kieran Callaghan (Barry Sloane) who asks her out for a drink

Season 13 Episode 6
Betrayal Elliot finds himself in the firing line when Hanssen informs Connie that cuts still need to be made on Darwin, and Jac's efforts to prove she is indispensable to the hospital lead her to make a poor decision during surgery - with devastating consequences. Meanwhile, Michael hopes to persuade Frieda to come back to working the day shift after she helps him resolve a difficult medical dilemma

Season 13 Episode 7
Future Shock Faye goes into labour and needs an emergency Caesarean, but when she refuses to leave the psychiatric ward, a desperate Joseph enlists Jac's help in persuading her to receive the care she needs. Meanwhile, Chrissie worries she is not cut out for an all-night date with Greg, and Donna resolves not to give in to Kieran's charms - until she discovers the source of his secret phone calls

Season 13 Episode 8
Losing Game An expensive surgical procedure is cancelled when Elliot walks out of theatre, and with Hanssen's axe still looming over the ward, Connie realises she cannot continue to defend her friend. Meanwhile, Joseph halts divorce proceedings to safeguard Faye's wellbeing following the birth of her baby, and Sacha provides Chrissie with a shoulder to cry on when a patient complains about a mistake she made during his operation - but remains unaware that Jac was responsible for the error

Season 13 Episode 9
The Lying Kind Greg gains new respect for Elliot's skills, but is shocked to hear Connie has decided to push him out of Holby. Meanwhile, the pressure mounts for Ollie to perform well after his ill-fated time on Darwin, but a slip-up in theatre only serves to embarrass him in front of Michael

Season 13 Episode 10
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Faye announces she does not plan to return to Highfields with baby Harry, prompting Joseph to step in and invite her to spend Christmas with him. Meanwhile, Penny lets power go to her head when she is asked to cover registrar responsibilities, and life as a single working mother starts to get the better of Chrissie - but things begin to look a little brighter when Sacha offers her a shoulder to cry on

Season 13 Episode 11
Snow Queens It is Christmas Day, but Connie fails to feel the festive cheer as her father is rushed in for emergency surgery. Meanwhile, a rare opportunity for a heart-and-lung transplant patient is thrown into jeopardy, and Faye is forced to make the most difficult decision of her life after Jac thwarts her plot to leave England with baby Harry

Season 13 Episode 12
Running the Gauntlet New registrar Antoine Malick makes his mark on the Acute Assessments Unit, and his brash attitude meets with disapproval from Michael and Penny. Meanwhile, Kieran receives a mystery phone call that threatens to derail his budding romance with Donna, and the humiliation of facing a disciplinary hearing prompts Chrissie to wonder whether she should remain at Holby - but it appears the final decision might not be hers to make

Season 13 Episode 13
China in Your Hands Joseph decides to cut back on his hours at work to spend more time with his infant son, but when Hanssen offers him a promotion, he is forced to make a difficult decision. Meanwhile, Sacha's efforts to make things up with Chrissie end up placing the health of his patients at risk, and when Frieda discovers she is next in line for redundancy, she considers applying for the F1 position

Season 13 Episode 14
My Hero A dalliance with Mary-Clare lands Greg in trouble with Elliot, and as he struggles to prove his worth, he ends up putting one of his patients at risk. Meanwhile, Donna's bad attitude at work following Kieran's departure only serves to provoke Mark's temper, and Chrissie tries to put a damper on Sacha's romantic advances

Season 13 Episode 15
Don't Go Changing Mark is torn between maintaining his friendships and his duty to the hospital when Hanssen tells him he must drop a consultant from the rota. However, when Elliot bends the rules to help a patient again, the choice appears to have been made for him. Meanwhile, Kieran returns, desperate to win Donna's affections before he leaves for Afghanistan

Season 13 Episode 16
Love Thy Neighbour Malick is left in charge of the AAU while Michael is away, but his arrogance leads to disaster when he decides to disregard all of Penny's diagnoses. Meanwhile, Elliot tries to prove his abilities when he is asked to work with a film crew for an NHS intranet report, and a show of faith from Hanssen helps Chrissie to put aside her fears about how she managed to avoid redundancy

Season 13 Episode 18
Blue Valentine The arrival of new surgeon Sahira Shah prompts Jac to try to prove her abilities to Hanssen, but despite overcoming a series of tricky obstacles, she is still outshone by the talented newcomer. Meanwhile, Chrissie debates whether to sign up for Nurse Consultancy training, and Ric is granted the expensive drugs he needs for his battle with cancer, but receives them at the expense of the hospital's other patients

Season 13 Episode 19
Open Your Heart Hanssen asks Sahira to report on Greg's performance in surgery, and with rumours already circulating about her past, she is torn between remaining loyal to colleagues and maintaining her relationship with her old boss. Meanwhile, Donna discovers Kieran's time in Afghanistan has come to an end following an injury, and Chrissie struggles to step back from her everyday duties while training as a nursing consultant

Season 13 Episode 20
No Credit, No Blame Oliver faces the prospect of repeating his F1 year if he makes another mistake, and when a past error returns to haunt him, he takes desperate action to avoid suffering such a fate. Meanwhile, Jac's ruthlessness makes an unwelcome return when she discovers one of Greg's patients is a candidate for cutting-edge surgery, and Donna wonders whether she is strong enough to handle the casualties of war after visiting an injured Kieran

Season 13 Episode 21
What You Mean by Home Sahira struggles to meet Hanssen's demands as the race for Darwin consultancy looms, but when her son is taken ill, she finds an unlikely ally in Jac. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Jess try to help Donna find the strength to let go of her past and start a new life with Kieran, and Frieda discovers why alienating the nurses is a bad idea when she encounters a patient with a fear of doctors

Season 13 Episode 22
Too Much Monkey Business Penny remains angry with Oliver for betraying her, but her fury wanes when a patient's unexpected death prompts him to reveal a secret from his past. Meanwhile, Sacha gives Dan the wrong impression about how he met Chrissie, and Hanssen berates Sahira after she loses focus during an operation, causing Greg to regret questioning her ability to juggle work and motherhood

Season 13 Episode 23
Clash of the Titans Hanssen announces plans to transfer patients who usually fall under Ric's jurisdiction to another hospital, but when he discovers the surgeon is battling cancer, he offers to perform potentially life-saving surgery. Meanwhile, Elliot tries to keep a controversial patient's case under wraps, and Jac's chances of securing the consultant's job look slim after a death in theatre

Season 13 Episode 24
Second Coming Hanssen believes he can save Ric's life by operating on him, and enlists Jess to help persuade him to consent to the procedure. However, when Elliot warns her the surgery is dangerous, she asks him to assist in theatre, thwarting Jac's chance to shine in front of her boss. Meanwhile, Oliver prepares his letter of resignation, but begins to reconsider after spending the day working with Frieda

Season 13 Episode 25
Coming Second The day of the interviews for the consultancy role arrives, and Sahira's judgement is tested when a patient whose condition she had previously diagnosed as a benign tumour is readmitted with serious complications. Meanwhile, Malick is forced to suppress his aggressive personality while dealing with a man suffering from a stab wound, and Dan books a weekend away in Barcelona for himself and Chrissie - but his grand gesture misfires

Season 13 Episode 26
Boy Valentine, Girl Valentine A train crash gives Jac a chance to demonstrate her abilities as Darwin's new head, but she is forced to ask for help when it emerges that handling the aftermath of the disaster will require more than just medical know-how. Penny threatens to tell Hanssen that Oliver failed his exams unless he confesses in person, and Sacha tries not to resent Chrissie's blossoming relationship with Dan

Season 13 Episode 32
A Greater Good Sir Fraser's right-hand man Angus Farrell turns up at the hospital to review the Plastics unit, and things begin to look bad for Michael when an operation on a vulnerable patient is forced to come to an abrupt end. Meanwhile, Sacha struggles to make a tough managerial decision to ensure things run smoothly in AAU, and a fragile Elizabeth is caught in the crossfire between Dan and Malick

Season 13 Episode 33
Damage Control Dan treats his best friend for a long-standing knee injury, but as the case becomes more complicated, his working relationship with Malick undergoes a drastic change. Hanssen becomes jealous of Greg's new role as Sahira's mentor, and Frieda struggles to finish her shift after receiving word from Ukraine that her father has died

Season 13 Episode 34
Rescue Me Sacha struggles to cope on a chaotic AAU when a new temp nurse fails to pass muster, but a surprise in the form of a well-trained visitor helps ease the pressure enough to impress Hanssen. Meanwhile, Elizabeth's personal and professional lives collide when her mother turns up at the hospital, and Jac becomes confrontational when the plastics team begins to dominate the theatre schedule, leaving her with no time to perform a life-saving procedure

Season 13 Episode 35
All About Me Sahira performs emergency surgery in the back of an ambulance, and the procedure provides Jac with the inspiration she needs to fight back against the plastics team. Meanwhile, Dan remains uncomfortable around Malick following their charged encounter, and Eddi struggles to keep her personal and professional life separate on her first official day as senior staff nurse

Season 13 Episode 36
In Between Days A series of flashbacks explores how Oliver struggled with his conscience in the aftermath of Penny's death, seeking solace in alcohol and drugs until an opportunity for redemption arose. Meanwhile, Elizabeth remembers her grandmother's funeral five weeks earlier, recalling how the occasion sparked a reunion with her unstable mother

Season 13 Episode 37
The Bottom Line Darwin faces the prospect of closure, and with Sahira threatening to leave, Hanssen's day goes from bad to worse when Sir Fraser turns up asking tricky questions. Meanwhile, Chrissie passes up an opportunity to further her dream of becoming a nurse practitioner, instead opting to spend time with Dan, and Sacha struggles to find a way to deliver bad news to agency nurse Chantelle

Season 13 Episode 38
Out on a Limb Hanssen's announcement regarding Darwin's merger with St James's leaves Sahira with no choice but to demonstrate why Holby needs to retain its cardiac trauma unit, and she takes desperate measures to prove her point. Meanwhile, Dan's efforts to avoid Malick place a patient in jeopardy, and Eddi helps Sacha realise he has to start spending time with his son

Season 13 Episode 39
Hand in Glove Dan and Malick come to blows once again and find themselves under increasing scrutiny from both Chrissie and Hanssen. Michael is determined to prove his surgical prowess, but his success in an important case is short-lived, and Sunil is forced to step in to resolve his mistakes. Meanwhile, Sacha tries to overcome his feelings for Chrissie and finds a welcome distraction in the form of an elderly patient's attractive daughter

Season 13 Episode 40
Going It Alone The cardiac trauma facility trial is sanctioned by Hanssen, and Sahira resolves to make its first day a success, but faces serious challenges to her leadership and surgical abilities. Meanwhile, Malick tries to prove himself worthy of consultancy by working on a prestigious case, and Sacha devises an inventive solution to the problem of finding a replacement for Penny

Season 13 Episode 41
Sirens Ric is left with a dilemma when Elizabeth's mother Simone returns to Holby in a critical state, and signs an Advanced Decision form that stipulates she is not to be resuscitated if her condition should worsen. Meanwhile, a tricky trauma case prevents Sahira making it home in time for her son's birthday party, and an outbreak of food poisoning confounds Eddi and Sacha in AAU, and gives Lulu an opportunity to show off her skills

Season 13 Episode 42
Old Habits Chrissie pushes Dan away after he accuses her of letting their personal differences cloud her professional judgement - but she is forced to set aside their disagreement to help him complete a dangerous procedure. Meanwhile, Sahira suspects Greg is harbouring a dark secret when his childhood friend turns up on the ward, and Michael is immediately attracted to Lulu when he arrives on AAU - unaware she is Sir Fraser's daughter

Season 13 Episode 43
Walk the Line Greg tries to distance himself from Andy, but is forced to administer his care while Sahira and Hanssen deal with the aftermath of the light-aircraft crash. However, exploring his old friend's medical history brings a dark secret to the surface. Elizabeth begins to accept the truth about her mother's mental health after Ric suggests moving her to the psych ward, and a newly returned Frieda bonds with Eddi over a mutual dislike of Lulu

Season 13 Episode 44
One of Those Days Malick tries to keep his temper in check while trying to convince a nervous cancer patient to undergo a routine procedure. Eddi warns Sacha against getting too close to the people in his care while treating an aspiring snowboarder with a back injury, and Hanssen hopes to impress the chairman of the board of directors by personally operating on his wife's hernia

Season 13 Episode 45
All Good Things Hanssen announces the transferral of the cardiothoracic unit to St James's, prompting Sahira to hand in her resignation - a decision she comes to regret. Elliot learns his operating hours will be reduced as a result of the move from Holby and resolves to prove his surgical skill to the new hospital's board members, while Frieda is determined to focus on work following the death of her father

Season 13 Episode 46
Big Lies, Little Lies Lulu is frustrated when Sacha prevents her from assisting Michael in surgery, and she deliberately places a patient in jeopardy in an effort to undermine him. Meanwhile, Chantelle unwittingly puts Elizabeth in grave danger while trying to repair her relationship with Simone, and Sahira worries about Greg as he tries to forget his past by flirting endlessly with the hospital's female staff

Season 13 Episode 47
Who Needs Enemies? Michael is under pressure from Hanssen to deliver his business plan, but his day goes from bad to worse when a former patient arrives with complications. Chantelle helps Elizabeth fend off a patient's advances, but a prank leaves them both in hot water, and Lulu finds herself alienated when her attempts to impress Michael backfire

Season 13 Episode 48
Night Cover Dan makes a life-changing decision about his relationship with Chrissie when he becomes confused by Stephen's behaviour toward him, but the duo's lack of focus leads to professional sloppiness. Elsewhere, Greg faces the wrath of Hanssen when he covers for an overly tired Sahira, and Eddi has to deal with the spoilt-brat behaviour of a young patient

Season 13 Episode 49
Broken Eddi's attachment to Josh means they both struggle with his transferral from Holby. A former patient returns with a faulty implant, leaving Michael suffering a crisis of confidence, and Elizabeth's mother is readmitted in a serious condition, forcing her daughter and Chantelle to abandon their plans for a night out. Medical drama, starring Sarah-Jane Potts and Wilfred Taylor

Season 13 Episode 50
Everything to Play For Elizabeth wants to know why she was abused as a child, and struggles to accept her mother's decision to refuse treatment. The lies surrounding the plastics emergencies begin to unravel as Sahira discovers the use of illegal implants at the hospital, and Eddi tries to keep her distance from Josh

Season 13 Episode 51
Oliver Twists Oliver decides to leave medicine and accept a lucrative job offer from recruitment officer Peter O'Gorman, but his resolve is put to the test as he treats a man with learning difficulties. Elsewhere, snowboarder Josh Cahill discovers whether he will ever walk again, and the news forces Eddi to rethink her approach to nursing. Meanwhile, Sahira discovers Sunil bought cheap implants that turned out to be defective

Season 13 Episode 52
PS Elliot Hanssen tries to contain the plastics scandal, while Sahira realises how much she will miss Greg, as he and Elliot work their final shift. Chrissie's delay in telling Sacha she's engaged to Dan has repercussions, and her dreams of an idyllic life with the consultant are threatened by a patient's intrusive questions. Meanwhile, snowboarder Josh prepares to face the outside world

Season 14 Episode 1
Keep On Keeping On Following the public exposure of the plastics scandal, Sir Fraser tells Hanssen the hospital's aim of achieving Foundation Trust status has been put on hold. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is inspired to make a decision about her own future after she unintentionally becomes involved in a patient's life choice, and Chrissie is determined to prove herself to Eddi

Season 14 Episode 2
Culture Shock Sahira digs in her heels over Hanssen's new `micro-management' system, but reconsiders her actions when it becomes clear he is under pressure. Chantelle's role of evacuation warden seems questionable when she starts the day by damaging Ric's car, but tries her best to redeem herself. Sacha puts his team first over the diagnosis of a patient, but Chrissie goes behind his back to prove he is wrong to do so

Season 14 Episode 3
Shame Jac tries to kick-start her career with a new research project, but she needs the help of Ollie, who has discovered disturbing news about his mentor. Michael returns to try to clear his name, but winning back the trust of his colleagues proves difficult when he and Ric enter a dispute over the needs of a patient. Chrissie is forced to tell Dan the truth, while Greg and Sahira's relationship takes a new turn

Season 14 Episode 4
Under the Skin Eddi clashes with the new senior registrar, and Oliver makes a decision about his career. Meanwhile, Jac battles to save baby Freya after she is diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition, and Eddi is forced to put the AAU in lockdown after an unstable patient is discovered to have contracted a form of TB while in prison

Season 14 Episode 5
Devil in the Detail A patient's operation has to be cancelled twice in the same day and Michael suggests a switch to private healthcare. Hanssen's micromanagement of resources also prevents Sahira completing a favour for a friend, but she is soon given other things to worry about when Jac reveals Freya is about to be put into foster care. Meanwhile, Dan worries his sexuality will be exposed when agency nurse Stephen Hopewell is admitted to AAU after a fall

Season 14 Episode 6
No Shortcuts Malick hears about Michael's resignation and decides to spend the day on AAU trying to impress him, but when his ego interferes with his judgement, a patient's life is placed in jeopardy. Greg is forced to turn to Sahira for help when a pregnant woman with a heart murmur doubts his assessment of her condition, and Oliver is left to supervise the orthopaedic department while Dan attends a conference in Miami

Season 14 Episode 7
See You on the Ice Hanssen refuses to acknowledge the administration chaos in his department, and Sahira struggles to convince him to take a potentially life-saving risk during a complex emergency trauma case. Meanwhile, Michael is forced to tackle his guilt over the plastics scandal when a former breast implant patient is re-admitted, and the atmosphere becomes tense as Dan worries Greg will confront him about his connection with Stephen

Season 14 Episode 8
The Hand that Bites Sahira reluctantly declines Hanssen's invitation to join him in attending a conference in Stockholm because it clashes with her wedding anniversary, but the arrival of an intriguing patient gives the director of surgery another chance to win her over. Meanwhile, Chrissie's worries about Dan's sexuality become overwhelming as her own nuptials approach, and Chantelle receives disappointing news that causes her to rethink her carefree attitude to life

Season 14 Episode 9
Personal Injury Malick's old flame Paul turns up at the hospital after an accident with his family, and reveals he is seriously ill, prompting the hot-headed medic to recommend a risky course of treatment. Meanwhile, the return of a familiar face causes Chrissie to doubt her relationship with Dan, and Jac takes desperate action to keep baby Freya, but ends up reconsidering after an encounter with an overweight patient

Season 14 Episode 10
Half Empty Malick blames himself when Paul's brother dies, but the ordeal is not yet over, and the volatile medic is left anxiously waiting to see whether his ex-lover can recover from kidney failure. Meanwhile, an encounter with a happily married couple prompts Chrissie to contemplate her relationship with Dan again, and Jac takes out her frustration on newcomer Kip Maxwell after losing baby Freya. Guest starring Maureen Lipman

Season 14 Episode 11
Wise Men A delighted Elliot visit Ukraine to give a lecture to a group of students, but is shocked to learn he has actually been lured to Kiev to perform a dangerous heart operation. Meanwhile, Sacha puts aside his seemingly unrequited feelings for Chrissie to bring her some Christmas cheer, but by mistakenly assuming her advances are not genuine, he risks losing everything he has ever wanted

Season 14 Episode 12
When the Hangover Strikes Eddi struggles with the repercussions of the previous night's New Year's celebrations, and clashes with Luc over the correct course of treatment for a hung-over woman she found unconscious and out in the cold. Meanwhile, Sahira worries she might have made a mistake by asking a patient to hypnotise Greg, and Ollie is grateful for his good working relationship with Dan, but begins to miss the high-octane work he experienced in cardio-thoracic surgery

Season 14 Episode 13
Hide Your Love Away Greg's emotions run high when he thinks Sahira has been involved in a traffic accident, while Chantelle has to prove herself in the face of demanding patients as the hospital is in the running for Foundation Trust status. Frieda is disappointed about having to work with Luc for the first time, given that she knows about Eddie's departure

Season 14 Episode 14
She's Electric Sahira announces she is leaving Holby, but Greg refuses to let her leave without telling her what she means to him. Eddi cannot wait to get away from Luc and AAU, but a power cut forces the pair to work together in a life-threatening situation. Meanwhile, Hanssen has to think on his feet when asked about future plans for the hospital

Season 14 Episode 15
Butterflies Sahira fights her feelings for Greg, but is drawn ever closer to him when they attend a medical conference to secure funding for the Cardiac Trauma Unit. Michael finds himself in a difficult position, and Ric is annoyed when a difficult case on the Keller ward attracts media attention - though Hanssen sees the situation as an opportunity to secure positive publicity for the hospital

Season 14 Episode 16
Here and Now Hanssen discovers Sahira is planning to leave Holby and move away with her husband - so he decides to do everything he can to make her stay. Frieda's nerves about her exam results threaten to get the better of her as she diagnoses a fellow F1 student, while Dan is far from happy at having to work with Chrissie and Sacha following their holiday in Australia

Season 14 Episode 17
The Best Man Michael clashes with new consultant Alex Broadhurst over the treatment of a man with abdominal injuries, and finds himself fighting to keep his position as clinical lead. Oliver realises he must prove himself to Greg, while Dan confronts his lack of determination when he treats an anti-war campaigner. Former Coronation Street star Sasha Behar joins the cast

Season 14 Episode 18
Awarded Oliver eagerly anticipates the award ceremony, where he and Jac may be honoured for their research. However, the arrival of a patient with an unusual condition forces him to choose between his moment of glory and carrying out an operation. Chantelle thinks Lleucu has ruined her Valentine's Day plans, while Sacha discovers he may not be able to give Chrissie everything he had intended

Season 14 Episode 19
What You Wish For Greg is delighted when Sahira returns to Holby, until he discovers her husband Rafi is the new anaesthetist on Darwin - and when he tries to avoid the couple, he puts a patient's life at risk. Dan's attempt to use Frieda to prove himself to Malick does not go to plan, while Michael questions his future on AAU when he is passed over for the Clinical Lead job

Season 14 Episode 20
Fight the Good Fight Hanssen's plan to secure Holby's future as a teaching hospital runs into trouble when he clashes with the university's vice-chancellor, Philippa Pawlowski, about who should be appointed clinical skills teacher. Elliot faces a dilemma after being told he cannot treat a critically ill Ukrainian patient, and Sacha is forced to reveal his secret to Chrissie

Season 14 Episode 21
Fresh Blood Enthusiastic new student doctor Tara is keen to get involved when she starts work on the ward - but ends up putting a patient's life in danger. Eddi discovers a different side to Luc's personality when a friend of his arrives seeking treatment, while Chantelle breaks a promise to Lleucu, leaving her colleague in serious financial trouble

Season 14 Episode 22
The Ties That Bind Sahira struggles to cope with working alongside Greg and Rafi - and as the two men's friendship grows, her life at home deteriorates. Malick is delighted when Hanssen offers him the opportunity to become Clinical Skills Teacher, but is then unsure what to do when his boss makes a potentially dangerous request. Meanwhile, Eddi's brother Liam (Emmerdale's Luke Tittensor) turns up at Holby and pleads for her help

Season 14 Episode 23
Eastern Promise Elliott tries to persuade Hanssen and the hospital board to send disused surgical equipment to Ukraine rather than throwing it away - but must also find time to treat a long-standing patient. Eddi receives help from an unlikely source as she struggles to monitor Liam, while Frieda has trouble answering Tara's seemingly endless stream of questions

Season 14 Episode 24
Got No Strings Michael resents Alex's handling of the Clinical Lead position - and the tension between the pair spills over when their diagnoses of a patient are completely different. However, as their bickering intensifies, the patient's life starts to slip away. Hanssen sees a way to exploit Sahira's divided loyalties to her job and her husband, while Chantelle tells Lleucu she is going to Ibiza on the day they are scheduled to move in together

Season 14 Episode 25
Throw in the Towel Sahira fumes after Hanssen takes her off CTU, and finds no relief at home when Rafi quizzes her about her bond with Greg. Dan is sure the Clinical Skills job is his for the taking, but starts to lose confidence as he and Malick are interviewed, while Michael discovers Alex is writing a report on him on her last day on AAU

Season 14 Episode 26
Equilibrium Sahira's relationship with Rafi is troubled, and she is forced to decide between her career at Holby and her marriage. Luc promises Liam he will support him at a Youth Offender's Court hearing but fails to turn up, and the distress he causes makes him realise his responsibilities as a mentor. Tara learns to cope with death as part of the job when she has to contend with the loss of her first patient

Season 14 Episode 27
Ribbons Sahira bids farewell to Holby, but Hanssen finds it hard to accept she is really leaving - and as the pair argue about a patient's care, it becomes clear they still have unresolved issues with each other. Malick fears he may have overestimated his capabilities as a surgeon after taking on a tricky case against Ric's advice, while Eddi thinks she has finally got used to working with Luc - until he does something completely unexpected

Season 14 Episode 28
Half a Person Malick balances his new role as Clinical Skills Lead with his duties as a doctor, but starts to realise how serious a teacher's responsibilities can be. Greg struggles to remain professional when he gets too involved in a young patient's case, and Annalese visits Holby with some unexpected news for Michael. With Hannah Waterman (EastEnders' Laura Beale) and Murray Head (Heartbeat)

Season 14 Episode 29
Coercion Greg puts his career at risk when he is unable to distance himself from a patient, and is forced to confront uncomfortable truths from his past. Malick struggles to stay focused on the ward as he worries about a serious complaint made against him, while Michael makes plans to spend a day off with his daughter Jasmine - only for work to get in the way once again

Season 14 Episode 30
A Woman's Work New consultant Serena Campbell arrives on Keller and Malick's predictions come true when she ends up clashing with Ric. Tara becomes the target of Jac's anger when she interferes in her treatment of a difficult patient, and Eddi tries to project a nonchalant air following her kiss with Luc, but her efforts to appear laid-back place her at risk of seeming unprofessional

Season 14 Episode 31
Wolf's Clothing Sacha tries to encourage Ella, a medical student on the verge of quitting - but a confrontation on AAU makes him realise he may have overestimated her capabilities. Elliot struggles to adjust to technological upgrades on Darwin, while Frieda makes a surprising decision about her future after getting caught in the middle of Ric and Serena's bickering

Season 14 Episode 32
Double Bubble Registrar Mo Effanga and nurse Jonny Maconie start work on Darwin as Holby tries to establish itself as a transplant centre - though not everyone is happy with the attention the newcomers receive. Chrissie refuses to go home, despite Michael's pleas, and insists she is fine to carry on working. Meanwhile, Dan gets a surprise when old college friend Simon Marshall joins the staff on Keller. Paul Nicholls, Chizzy Akudolu and Michael Thomson join the cast

Season 14 Episode 33
Kids' Stuff Malick clashes with Serena over a patient's care, but is unnerved when she responds by giving him full responsibility for the case. Jonny infuriates Jac by doubting her diagnostic skills, and Sacha is concerned when his daughter Rachel arrives on the ward complaining of abdominal pain - but Chrissie thinks she is taking advantage of his good nature to play truant

Season 14 Episode 34
Last Day on Earth A transplant patient jeopardises her chances of receiving a life-changing operation, but Tara is determined to ensure she gets the care she needs - even if it means putting her own career at risk. However, her plan also puts Oliver in the firing line. Meanwhile, Serena struggles to remain composed when her daughter arrives on the ward in a heavily intoxicated state. Guest starring James Dreyfus (Gimme Gimme Gimme)

Season 14 Episode 35
Unsafe Haven - Part One Part one of two. Luc faces the harsh truth about his fractious relationship with Eddi as he struggles to communicate with her. Ollie covers for Tara when she makes a mistake with a patient, but learns the dangers of letting personal feelings affect his work. Meanwhile, Dan endures a difficult day on the ward and tries to find the courage to stand up for himself

Season 14 Episode 36
Unsafe Haven - Part Two In the conclusion of a two-part story, Luc is determined to redeem himself for missing the diagnosis that led to the legionnaires' disease outbreak, and frantically searches for its source. Elliott has trouble dealing with an eager student, while Dan's new relationship becomes strained when his father is admitted to the ward as a patient. Guest starring comedienne Andi Osho, with an appearance by Charles Dale as Casualty's Big Mac

Season 14 Episode 37
Long Way Down The continued presence of his father Jeremy on the ward leaves Dan with conflicted feelings about his relationship with Simon. Luc is forced to make a big decision about his future when he is offered a permanent contract, while Tara tries to impress her superiors - but finds she has attracted Hanssen's attention for an entirely different reason

Season 14 Episode 38
Stepping Up to the Plate Chantelle decides to speak up for a patient when an ethical dilemma arises on the ward, but discovers she may have chosen the wrong moment to find her voice. Michael grudgingly answers a last-minute call to come in to work on his son's birthday, while Elliott tries to bolster the confidence of a promising medical student who is considering dropping out

Season 14 Episode 39
Only You Simon considers quitting Holby after receiving an ideal job offer in Leeds, leaving Dan worried their relationship might be over. Chrissie is furious when Ella, the medical student whose incompetence nearly killed Sacha, returns to the ward as a patient, while Tara meets Hanssen to discover her fate - but Ollie suspects they may be discussing something else instead

Season 14 Episode 40
Last Man Standing Ollie tries to shut Tara out when they work together on a sensitive case, leading to an argument that threatens his professional standing and his duty of care to a teenager struggling to accept his mother is dying. Ric believes Serena does not have a patient's best interests at heart and betrays her to Hanssen, while Eddi is in a bad mood over Luc's departure and has no time for anyone today. She thinks she has found a kindred spirit in rebellious old patient Vincent - until he angers her by refusing the surgery he so desperately needs. Ron Moody (Oliver!) guest stars in the medical drama

Season 14 Episode 41
From Here to Maternity The heavily pregnant Mo begins to feel labour pains, but convinces herself she is fine and prepares to operate on a local man who is due to appear in the Olympics opening ceremony. But when the inevitable happens, her birthing partner is delayed and help comes from an unexpected source. Eddi becomes unusually nice in a bid to prove to Sacha she is not upset by Luc's departure, while Serena treats a woman who is keeping the truth about her condition from her partner. Chizzy Akudolu, Sarah-Jane Potts and Catherine Russell star

Season 14 Episode 42
Breathless Tara tries to win Jac's support for a research project, but she refers her to Ollie instead - forcing the young doctor to consider how she feels about him. Michael returns from America and clashes with Serena over her non-referral initiative, while Malick is unsure who to seek guidance from as he tries to care for patients using the new system

Season 14 Episode 43
Crime and Misdemeanours Malick struggles with the idea of treating a convicted killer, but softens when he hears the man's side of the story and becomes determined to save him so he can be reunited with his daughter. However, the patient is refusing to give his consent. Eddi is determined to prove she can cope with the new non-referral policy and clear her ward, only for her attempt to be ultra-efficient to backfire when she discharges a seriously ill patient. Jac learns the value of friendship and teamwork when Elliot criticises her for being selfish. Guest starring Amanda Barrie (Bad Girls, Coronation Street)

Season 14 Episode 44
You and Me Chrissie worries when a farmer is brought in with serious injuries, believing the non-referral system will take away her chance of receiving the best possible care. But when she clashes with Serena, the consultant's reaction takes her by surprise. Mo comes back to work after giving up her baby, although Jonny is not sure she is physically or mentally strong enough to return yet. Eddi and Max grow closer, while Hanssen hires fresh blood to help get the hospital into better financial shape - but newcomer George doesn't see eye to eye with his no-nonsense boss

Season 14 Episode 45
The Devil Will Come Michael's desire to impress the new business manager looks set to backfire when a full AAU theatre forces him to take desperate measures. Tara rejects offers of help from Elliot and Oliver as she struggles to cope with Jac's brutal regime, but her stubbornness could have unfortunate consequences when a guest patient's diagnosis proves far from routine. A complaint is made against Chantelle, threatening her application for a permanent nursing position on Keller

Season 14 Episode 46
Taxi for Spence The enforcement of the no-referrals policy means that a dangerously ill patient has to be taken to another hospital but, with no ambulances available, Michael decides on drastic action to ensure their arrival, something that has devastating consequences. A recovering alcoholic is the primary candidate for a liver transplant, which initially fails to impress Serena, but she later clashes with Ric when it appears that her patient is not considered a suitable recipient. Jonny tells Mo he cannot attend her family get-together because of his auntie's birthday, but the disappointment she feels at the time turns to fury when his attempts to fix her up with a fellow doctor come to light. Medical drama, starring Hari Dhillon, Catherine Russell, Hugh Quarshie, Michael Thomson and Chizzy Akudolu

Season 14 Episode 47
I'm Sticking with You Mo and Jac are divided over a medical dilemma involving a Jehovah's Witness who insists on having a bloodless operation - but it soon becomes clear that is not the only problem between them. Hanssen has closed the non-referral scheme following the death of Michael's taxi patient and wants answers from everyone involved - will Michael accept his role or stand up for what he believes to be the truth? Meanwhile, Chrissie feels guilty for her part in the tragedy and overcompensates in her care of another patient

Season 14 Episode 48
Devil's Dance Max covers for Eddi when she is suspected of stealing drugs, but Sacha is not convinced and remains concerned about the nurse's state of mind. Jac refuses to read Tara's research project until she has diagnosed a patient, but when it takes longer than expected and clashes with her date with Ollie, dare she go against Jac's orders? Malick thinks teaching his new students will be a breeze, until he realises they will be marking him on his abilities

Season 14 Episode 49
A Crack in the Ice Jac worries the entire hospital is gossiping about her and Jonny, and flies off the handle with Mo after catching her whispering with Ollie. It seems the surgeon is suffering a serious case of self-denial. Eddi disappears for a moment alone with Max - only to be interrupted by the last person she expected to see again - and Chrissie faces a milestone birthday, but is not in the mood for celebrating

Season 14 Episode 50
Hold on Me With the report on Ritchie Mooney due for release, tensions run high as George, Ric, Michael and Serena await a meeting with Hanssen. Serena's mood isn't helped when her plan to introduce new streamlined treatment brings her into direct conflict with Ric, a situation aggravated by unexpected complications in a supposedly straightforward case. Max makes Eddi an offer, but it's Luc who faces the most difficult decision when Sacha reports that drugs have gone missing on the ward. Jonny and Mo take advantage of Jac and Ollie's absence to play a prank on Tara. Susan Jameson (New Tricks) and Sarah Gordy (Upstairs Downstairs) guest star

Season 14 Episode 51
Blood Money Hanssen receives another threatening phone call - only this time, the mystery man makes good on his promise when he takes the surgeon hostage. Jac is in a foul mood, which Jonny assumes is down to work - until she reveals she might be pregnant. But while he is eager for her to do the test, she is in no hurry to find out. Chrissie is angry when Sacha suggests they should get married soon for tax reasons, so he attempts to make it up to her with a public announcement of his feelings - will it be enough to bring her round?

Season 14 Episode 52
When Sacha Met Chrissie Chrissie's hopes for a quiet wedding are thwarted when Sacha's daughters and mother find out, and with just days to go the pressure begins to take its toll, prompting her to wonder if she is doing the right thing. Eddi's supply of Camoxidan runs out when Michael imposes a strict drugs signing-out policy, so she resorts to stealing from a patient - only for Luc to catch her in the act. Ollie jeopardises his relationship with Tara by saying the right thing at the wrong time

Season 15 Episode 1
The Third Way New series. Hanssen is struggling to cope with the fallout from last week's interview as the media descends on Holby - so when a patient is admitted who has spoken to the press about his treatment at the hands of the NHS, the surgical director becomes determined to silence the critics. Elliot is horrified by Tara's treatment of a patient who is refusing life-saving surgery, while Luc resolves to make Eddi face up to her problems following her drunken behaviour at Chrissie and Sacha's wedding. Guy Henry, Paul Bradley and Sarah-Jane Potts star, with a guest appearance by Eve Matheson (May to December)

Season 15 Episode 2
Chasing Demons Eddi returns to work determined to prove she can cope. But when a patient's case is too close to home and the pressures of the demanding ward take their toll, Luc's worst fears are realised. Elliot is disillusioned when his artificial heart project suffers a last-minute setback, and he fears it may never get off the ground, while Chantelle nervously prepares for an interview for a permanent position at Keller

Season 15 Episode 3
Follow My Leader The arrival of new trainee doctor Lilah causes ripples between Michael and Serena as they battle to win her respect - but is the newcomer worthy of their efforts? Hanssen asks Jac to treat a board member's daughter, but when she finds out more than she wanted to, she begins to have doubts about his leadership. Chantelle begins her first day as staff nurse, but the envious Marie-Claire is not making her life easy - and when a new hunk arrives on the scene she is drawn into a dispute that threatens to cost her professionally

Season 15 Episode 4
If Not for You The knives are out for Hanssen as the doubters continue to challenge his leadership, and when the son of his very first patient at Holby is admitted, the hospital CEO fights to save him and his own career. Jonny is stuck between Mo and Jac when they disagree over a difficult diagnosis, and as tensions boil over his attempts to please both women only make things worse. Sacha's dreams of being a consultant seem likely to go up in smoke - until he is faced with an amusing medical case

Season 15 Episode 5
To Absent Friends Serena thinks she is a cert to take over from the absent Hanssen as acting CEO, especially when her only other rival is Ric, who is too busy dealing with a transplant patient to worry about things like interviews. Tensions rise between Jonny and Mo following their argument last week, while Michael's day starts badly with the news his children are not coming home until Christmas, and only gets worse thanks to a feisty health care assistant who has not got time for his pomposity

Season 15 Episode 6
Hail Caesar Only Fools and Horses actress Tessa Peake-Jones joins the cast as acting CEO Imelda Cousins - and despite a polite and friendly start, she and Ric are soon butting heads when she questions his actions. Jac is disturbed that Jonny seems to be dealing with their break-up remarkably well and feels betrayed when he disagrees with her on a tricky case, while Luc is forced out of his lab when the new boss demands he return to ward duties, making him realise he has been pushing his friends away. Hugh Quarshie, Rosie Marcel and Joseph Millson co-star

Season 15 Episode 7
After the Party A complicated teenage pregnancy case arrives on the ward, so Imelda orders for the girl to be sent to another hospital. But Jac, who is determined to make a good impression, takes the patient into theatre - and soon discovers what it means to disobey the new boss. Trainee doctor Lilah faces her assessment, only to be unnerved by a patient with anger issues - and when Ric steps in to help, their relationship takes an unexpected turn. Serena is delighted when she discovers she has worked with Imelda before and throws herself into doing a good job on the acute admissions unit, hoping she will be moved back to Keller. But it seems her memory has been playing tricks on her. Tessa Peake-Jones, Rosie Marcel, Hugh Quarshie and Catherine Russell star

Season 15 Episode 8
How Lo Can You Go? The death of a popular patient has a massive impact on Tara, who realises she should tell Ollie the truth about her brain tumour or risk losing him for ever. Lilah and Ric try to get things back on a professional footing after their kiss, but when he fails her on an assessment, she cannot help but wonder if their moment of madness had something to do with it. A stressed-out Michael is surprised to receive support from Ramona - and even more so when she makes him a tempting offer. Jing Lusi, James Anderson, Hugh Quarshie and Natasha Leigh star

Season 15 Episode 9
Fault Lines The atmosphere between Ric and Lilah continues to be strained following their kiss, and Imelda's involvement only makes things worse, resulting in Lilah issuing a sexual harassment complaint. Mo is compromised when her lover Albie begs her to treat his dying wife - will she take Jonny's advice and steer clear? Chrissie's dreams of a romantic Caribbean Christmas break are shattered when Sacha reveals what he has planned for them. Hugh Quarshie, Natasha Leigh, Tessa Peake-Jones, Chizzy Akudolu and Tina Hobley star

Season 15 Episode 10
Through the Darkness Ollie returns to Holby, having been away desperately searching for ways to treat Tara's condition. Can she forgive him for running out on her when she needed him most? Michael and Ramona's blossoming relationship is jeopardised when he asks her to perform duties outside of her role, while Chantelle is desperate to know if Rhys is going to ask her to the New Year party. Unfortunately, a patient with a needle phobia keeps her busy all day, giving Mary-Claire the opportunity to sneak in and try to ask him instead

Season 15 Episode 11
`And We Banish Shade' Ric swings by Holby to tell his colleagues he is leaving - he is heading to Las Vegas to begin a new job in the pharmaceuticals industry. But when his expertise is required on an emergency patient, the consultant quickly finds himself drawn back in. Can he really bring himself to leave the hospital behind? Jac becomes embroiled in a family crisis, so Jonny appeals to her better nature, desperately hoping his friend will get into the festive spirit for once, while Sacha delays going home when his mother visits, leaving Chrissie to deal with the chaos of Christmas alone. Featuring a guest appearance from former Coronation Street star John Savident (Fred Elliott)

Season 15 Episode 12
Blood Ties Luc finally gets a breakthrough in his research, only to reveal a darker side to his personality after seeing a patient's tattoo. Can Sacha help his friend or is it too late? Lilah returns to the hospital, shocked to find Ric has not resigned, meaning she will have to continue working alongside the man she accused of sexual misconduct. Ollie is worried about Tara, especially after her latest confession, and tries to engage her in a patient case. But it soon becomes clear this is going to be an uphill struggle

Season 15 Episode 13
Hanssen/Hemingway Serena sends Jac to Sweden on a mission to find Henrik Hanssen, and discover why he is actively blocking a financial offer from a pharmaceutical company that would pump £40million into the hospital. The consultant eventually catches up with the rogue CEO, but when she discovers the reasons behind his actions, will she side with him or carry out Serena's instructions? Back at Holby, Luc's future is uncertain after the events of last week, and despite Michael and Sacha's attempts to help, he seems to be heading off the rails. Guy Henry, Jac Naylor and Joseph Millson star

Season 15 Episode 14
Push the Button - Part One Things are going strong between Jac and Jonny, until she hears a former lover is getting married and jeopardises everything she cares for. Holby is running like clockwork with Serena as CEO - can she hold on to the position when a competitor throws his hat into the ring? Chrissie has a health scare but is reluctant to confide in Sacha. Medical drama, starring Rosie Marcel, Michael Thomson, Tina Hobley and Catherine Russell

Season 15 Episode 15
Push the Button - Part Two Part two of two. Jac is guilt-ridden after the events of last night and is desperate to put it all behind her - but keeping the truth from Jonny may prove easier said than done. Two new junior doctors turn up for work at Holby, and while Arthur fails to make a good first impression on Malick, Gemma surprises Michael when he discovers her extracurricular activities. Medical drama, starring Rosie Marcel, Michael Thomson, Hari Dhillon, Jimmy Akingbola, Rob Ostlere and Ty Glaser

Season 15 Episode 16
The Waiting Game Malick struggles to deal with the arrival of Jake - the son he never knew he had. While the visitor is keen to get to know his father, in doing so it seems he can't help but make trouble, forcing Ric to give the registrar an ultimatum. Elliot's attempts to help a rebellious medical student backfire, and as new doctor Gemma tries to toe the line, just how long will it be until she lands herself in hot water again? Jimmy Akingbola, Hugh Quarshie and Paul Bradley star

Season 15 Episode 17
Spence's Choice - Part One Part one of two. Members of Michael's team are divided over a suspected case of child abuse - should they pull the family apart by calling social services or give the parents the benefit of the doubt? Ollie is sick of splitting his life between two homes and suggests he move in with Tara, but when she refuses his attempts to win her round get them both in hot water with Elliot. Arthur's people skills are tested to the limit when he deals with a patient who thinks he comes from outer space - but luckily Chantelle is on hand to help out

Season 15 Episode 18
Spence's Choice - Part Two Part two of two. Michael's decision to report a couple as suspected child abusers comes back to haunt him when the mother, Mandy Fairlock, is admitted to the ward following an arson attack on the family home. Serena becomes professionally compromised when her mother is brought into the hospital, while a complaint puts Elliot's career in jeopardy - will Ollie help or is he still too angry with the professor for hiding the truth about Tara's condition?

Season 15 Episode 19
Ask Me No Questions A tense situation arises in the acute assessment unit when an ex-patient takes Gemma hostage, leaving the trainee doctor fearing for her life. Malick and Nathan's secret relationship is going from strength to strength, but the registrar's determination to keep his private life from his colleagues looks set to ruin everything, while Tara faces her worst fear after suffering another symptom. Is this the beginning of the end? Medical drama, starring Ty Glaser, Jimmy Akingbola and Jing Lusi, with Lysette Anthony

Season 15 Episode 20
Unravelled Serena is determined everything goes to plan with her mother's operation, but when there's a complication, who will she blame? Gemma tries to show she's ready to return to work following the trauma of recent events, although getting through the day is certain to be a challenge, while Mo finds a friend in Sacha after Jonny lets her down

Season 15 Episode 21
Recovery Position Ric is forced to intervene when a face from Malick's past turns up on the ward and the registrar's emotions affect the way he treats the patient. Jonny prepares himself for Jac's imminent return from Japan, but is thrown when she turns up earlier than expected. Will they be able to work together after everything that has happened? Meanwhile, Serena is dismayed when her mother's transfer to the stroke ward is delayed

Season 15 Episode 22
Not Aaron Jac is determined to make up for her mistake and prove to Hanssen that her new surgical procedure is worth funding - but things take a turn for the worse in theatre. Malick is forced to tell Jake that Anna is dying, and when he takes the news badly, the registrar realises he needs to be the father the boy never had - can he bring himself to do it? Gemma brings her son to work when he is too sick for school, although her chances of hiding him away for the entire shift seem unlikely

Season 15 Episode 23
Holby's Got Torment Jac gets a diagnosis for her condition and manages to struggle on through the day, trying once more to achieve the funding for the Japanese technique from Mr Hanssen. But just when it looks like her professional life is back on track, her personal life falters as she and Jonny reach breaking point. Malick returns to hospital on the day of Anna's funeral, sure he has seen the last of Jake - only for his son to turn up injured after becoming involved in a fight - and Chrissie gets her breast cancer results, leaving Sacha upset she did not confide in him

Season 15 Episode 24
Journey's End Tara is given a fantastic opportunity to assist in theatre, only to experience another symptom of her tumour. As she faces her demons head on, she realises the time may finally have come for her to admit defeat. Sacha and Chrissie struggle to find a way out of their marital rut - until an unlikely ally steps in to save the day - while Chantelle feels she has little reason to celebrate her birthday and makes Arthur promise to keep it a secret. But the cat is soon out of the bag. Jing Lusi stars in the medical drama

Season 15 Episode 25
The End of the Beginning Tara arrives back at Holby, refusing to believe her career is over, leading to a breakdown when she finally realises she can no longer cope with her debilitating condition. As Chantelle nervously prepares for her hearing regarding Serena's mother, the consultant treats an undercover journalist who threatens to expose the legal action she is taking against her own hospital. Arthur struggles in the F1 prize assessment

Season 15 Episode 26
Promises, Promises Malick is presented with the career opportunity of a lifetime - the only problem is, it will mean leaving Holby and the son he is just getting to know. Gemma's attempts to put her problems behind her are frustrated when a mysterious figure from the doctor's past shows up, while with Tara's operation looming, she proposes to Ollie - but he worries she is not thinking straight. Is this what they really want? Medical drama, featuring an appearance by David Yip (The Chinese Detective)

Season 15 Episode 27
Great Expectations Tara's friends and family gather to support her as she goes under the knife to have her brain tumour removed, but it seems everyone but the patient is looking for complications. Malick also faces an important day as he finally decides to come out to Jake - will he be able go through with it? Gemma arrives for her last day at Holby, though when she becomes involved in a tricky case involving a child and his teacher, she wonders whether she has made the right choice about her future

Season 15 Episode 28
Second Life Ollie returns to work, much to his colleagues' surprise - will he be able to keep his emotions in check? All eyes are on Arthur now he has been awarded the F1 prize, and he is determined to prove he really is the best junior doctor in the hospital. But the pressure soon begins to take its toll. Ric isn't too happy when he finds himself covering on AAU

Season 15 Episode 29
Time Has Told Me Elliot tries to help Ollie, only for the tension between the pair to threaten their professional relationship, especially when the latter's counsellor gets involved. Ric discovers his brief spell on AAU is to be made permanent, causing him to question his passion for emergency medicine, while Malick's frustration with being overlooked for promotion leads him into conflict with Michael. James Anderson, Paul Bradley, Hugh Quarshie and Jimmy Akingbola star

Season 15 Episode 30
Only Human Malick is given the extra responsibility he longs for when he is put in charge of a mysterious high-profile convict admitted after an attack in prison. He is keen to prove he can handle the case, but how long can he remain impartial when he finds out about the hideous nature of the woman's crimes? Sacha returns from an idyllic family holiday to be given devastating news about daughter Rachel's health, while Jac is stunned by a revelation

Season 15 Episode 31
The More Deceived Malick is drawn further into the world of convicted murder accomplice Amanda, and finds himself tempted to cut a deal with her to help find the body of a missing girl. But in doing so he would jeopardise his career. Will he act on his sympathies for the victim's mother or his duty as a doctor? Gemma treats a patient who thinks she's a vampire, while also resisting the charms of handsome new doctor Harry (played by former Blake singer Jules Knight), and Ollie finally begins to grieve properly as he contemplates the future without Tara

Season 15 Episode 32
Divided We Fall Sacha is determined to be strong for Rachel, and pins all his hopes on the chemotherapy. But when the results come back, his world falls apart and he is left wondering what he can say to his daughter now. Jac refuses to tell Jonny about the pregnancy, until he makes a discovery that forces her to reveal the truth. Arthur's attempt to romance Chantelle with an old-fashioned mix tape goes disastrously wrong when Malick gets involved

Season 15 Episode 33
Back from the Dead Malick is stunned to discover that Amanda Layton's deathbed confession was a lie and her victim is not buried where she said - and when he is betrayed by Dominic, his career ends up hanging in the balance. Sacha is devastated when none of the family is a match for Rachel's bone-marrow donation - until he reminds Chrissie that Daniel hasn't yet been tested. But will she be prepared to put her son at risk? The thought of becoming parents worries Jonny and Jac, who struggle to get on together at the best of times

Season 15 Episode 34
Home The hospital comes under the microscope as Amanda Layton's case is heard in the coroner's court, putting Malick's personal and professional lives in jeopardy. Gemma's day goes from bad to worse when she encounters a difficult patient and problems at home, forcing her to seek help from an unlikely source

Season 15 Episode 35
All Tomorrow's Parties It's Sacha's birthday, but he's in no mood for celebrating as he awaits Daniel's test results, while Chrissie tries to maintain a brave face, knowing that she faces a difficult decision if her son is a match for Rachel. Michael plans to devote the day to his daughter Jasmine, who is due to arrive from America, but his good intentions are challenged when he meets Seb, a teenage cancer patient. Elsewhere, an unusual case from AAU forces Harry and Ollie to work together

Season 15 Episode 36
Follow the Yellow Brick Road Elliot tries to protect Ollie when his mistakes begin to threaten the entire ward, but when a heart patient is re-admitted, the young doctor insists on conducting the treatment alone, forcing him to confront his emotions once and for all. Daniel is a perfect match for Rachel's bone-marrow transplant, but Chrissie is terrified at the thought of putting her son through such a risky procedure, creating tension between her and Sacha. Michael is frustrated that there is nothing he can do to help a patient, especially when the boy's parent accuses him of giving them false hope, so he resolves to make one of the youngster's last wishes come true

Season 15 Episode 37
Break Ollie is clearly near breaking point but insists he is fit enough to work, forcing Gemma to step in when his erratic behaviour endangers a patient's life. Will he let his colleague take the blame? Sacha tries to put things right with Chrissie after deceiving her over Daniel's operation, while a patient encourages Arthur to finally take the plunge and tell Chantelle exactly how he feels

Season 15 Episode 38
The Journey Home Michael struggles to remain impartial as cancer patient Seb deteriorates and his parents can't be found, and faces further problems as his daughter Jasmine pushes him to let her stay in England. Harry is put in charge of AAU for the day, leading to a clash with Gemma - until his treatment of a difficult case makes her see him in a different light. Elliot readily accepts an invitation to the opera from Sharon, but is shocked when his colleagues point out his companion may view it as a romantic date

Season 15 Episode 39
Mens Sana in Corpore Sano Oliver sinks to a new low as he competes for his next rotation on Darwin, stealing Tara's work and passing it off as his own. Harry is furious with his grieving colleague for how he treated Gemma - but an angry patient forces him to rethink his attitude. Malick returns to Holby, determined to keep a low profile, and ends up losing his nerve after antagonising a patient. Can Digby, of all people, help his boss get back in the driving seat?

Season 15 Episode 40
Make or Break Student doctor Arthur may be top of the class, but he still struggles to apply his knowledge to practical situations. He soon realises this when he is put in charge of Keller for the day, only for the ward to fall into chaos as he deals with a patient's unhinged relative. Jac is troubled when a woman she previously operated on returns with new complications - and her attempts to concentrate on the case aren't helped by Jonny's excitement about her latest scan. Sacha tries to stay positive as the results of Rachel's bone-marrow transplant are due, which is easier said than done when the world's most pessimistic man is admitted for treatment

Season 15 Episode 41
A Night's Tale Arthur wrestles with his guilt in the aftermath of the recent shocking events, while Chantelle insists on returning to work, only to be challenged by a difficult patient. Mo tries to forget it's a year since she gave birth to William, the surrogate son she gave away, but it proves easier said than done when a familiar-looking patient arrives needing her help. Harry realises Mary-Claire is expecting him to plan something special for her birthday, but can he wriggle out of it or will he make her day special? Rob Ostlere, Lauren Drummond, Chizzy Akudolu, Jules Knight and Niamh McGrady star

Season 15 Episode 42
Never Let Me Go A mystery patient provides a welcome distraction for Chantelle when Arthur wants to know where he stands following their kiss, and Mary-Claire experiences similar emotions, feeling ecstatic about her date with Harry but unsure how he feels about her. Hanssen is distracted by the arrival of old flame Maja, the rest of the medics are challenged by a new doctor, and Mo is willing to try anything when Hattie's health deteriorates

Season 15 Episode 43
Digby Dog Chantelle's attempts to discover Charlie's real identity have a positive effect as she finds her spirits lifting in his company - but the time she is spending with the mystery patient only serves to make Arthur jealous. New doctor Edward turns out to be a figure from Serena's past, threatening to compromise her personal and professional lives, and Elliot is flying high as his relationship with Sharon grows stronger, until shocking news threatens to drive them apart

Season 15 Episode 44
Old Wounds Chrissie's secrets mount as she prepares to have another scan. Having lied to Sacha before, can she finally find the courage to tell him the truth? The pressure builds on Mo as she faces the consequences of her actions, forcing her to question whether she has made the right choices. Serena finds out that she and Edward are attending the same medical dinner and becomes determined not to be seen without a date - but finding someone to go with her proves easier said than done

Season 15 Episode 45
All at Sea It's the day of Rachel's fundraiser and as Sacha struggles to organise the event, she grows jealous of the bond between Chrissie and Michael, leading to a confrontation. Serena is delighted to be performing a difficult operation for an audience of medical students, but her elderly mother's admittance to hospital leaves her in a quandary. Elliot books a romantic weekend away with Sharon, but when she receives a job opportunity in America, he starts to question their future together

Season 15 Episode 46
Good Day for Bad News Chrissie is nervous about her prognosis consultation and becomes emotionally involved in a case while reflecting on her own medical health. Serena feels tense working alongside her ex-husband Edward and discovers he hasn't been completely honest with her, while Elliot is shocked by Sharon's offer of a holiday and must decide whether to take a three-month sabbatical for the benefit of their relationship

Season 15 Episode 47
Point of Impact An emergency arises when a patient with an explosive device embedded in his chest is brought in - only for Harry to endanger his colleagues' lives with his maverick approach to the problem. Arthur struggles to cope with Hanssen taking such a keen interest in his career, and panics so much that he puts a patient at risk, while Jac and Jonny try to lift Elliot's mood, but his reaction takes them by surprise

Season 15 Episode 48
The Kick Inside Jac has her 20-week scan, only to be told her pregnancy has complications - can she and Jonny find a way to help each other through this devastating news? Mary-Claire tries to get into Ric's good books, only for a mistake in theatre to rock her confidence, and Arthur discovers that being nominated for Doctor of the Year brings its own set of problems when he finds himself caught between three women

Season 15 Episode 49
Contra Mundum Jonny and Jac have to make a tough decision following the diagnosis about their unborn baby, while Chrissie is determined to keep things as normal as possible as she begins her cancer treatment, and she soon makes a friend in fellow patient Tim (guest star Paul O'Grady). Malick wants to prove to Hanssen he can still meet his responsibilities as clinical skills tutor - but has he met his match in feisty new trainee doctor Zosia

Season 15 Episode 50
Fredrik Malick's career is on the line after his recent behaviour, so when an emotive case is brought in, Hanssen warns him to tread carefully. However, will the senior medic be able to lead by example? Chrissie is struggling to cope with her cancer treatment, a difficult patient and Daniel's first day at nursery, and while Sacha wants her to take it easy, new friend Tim encourages her to keep going. Jac is keen for everything to continue as normal after the traumatic events of last week, only for an unusual case and a surprising suggestion from Jonny to present her with even more challenges

Season 15 Episode 51
The Cost of Loving Hanssen is still wrestling with his conscience after learning he is to be a grandfather, so when Chantelle puts a pregnant patient at risk, he is out for blood. Will Arthur risk his chance of winning the Young Doctor of the Year Award to stand up for her? Sacha tries to remain optimistic about Chrissie's radiotherapy, although when he confides in Mo, he doesn't get the reaction he was expecting. It's Malick's first day as a consultant and Serena's birthday - and both are in for unwelcome surprises

Season 15 Episode 52
Like a Prayer The car crash leads to a shocking emergency situation, in which two of Holby's most popular members of staff end up seriously injured. As the paramedics rush them back to hospital, the rest of the team put on a brave face while treating their friends - but just as Hanssen is about to operate on one, the other is taken critically ill, forcing him to choose between his colleagues. Meanwhile, Jonny and Jac deal with a patient who is literally being fought over by his overbearing mother and spoilt fiancee

Season 16 Episode 1
If I Needed Someone Malick struggles to accept he is now a patient for the foreseeable future and doesn't acknowledge the fact he needs counselling for his trauma. Elliot realises his new protegee Zosia is going to be quite a handful when a woman complains about her conduct, and Sacha finds that honesty isn't always the best policy as he comes clean to Chrissie about his secret kiss with Mo

Season 16 Episode 2
Friends Like You An old friend of Harry's turns up on the ward and proves a real handful - but when drugs go missing and Finn falls ill, the doctor is forced to confront his former schoolmate. However, Ric is less than impressed when he discovers Gemma's son is on the ward again. A guilty Arthur hopes a day on Keller will help Chantelle, but his ongoing concern for her safety leads him to over-react with a patient. Mo is frustrated that the men in her life keep making her question her romantic choices, although things start to improve when she clears the air with Sacha

Season 16 Episode 3
Flesh Is Weak Chantelle returns to work, desperate for the comfort her job offers her - only for her expectations to be quickly challenged. Can she survive her first day back after the crash? Zosia speaks out of turn while treating a patient with heart disease, setting her on a collision course with Elliot, and Mary-Claire tries to pull the wool over Harry's eyes

Season 16 Episode 4
Last Dance Malick is adjusting to a career outside of the theatre, although when a mentor from his past is admitted as a patient, he becomes tempted to break the rules. Sacha and Chrissie make a sudden decision to renew their vows after she is given the all-clear, only to wonder if they can actually live up to such a gesture, while the tension between Bonnie and Jac rises to the surface. Will either of them be able to bite their tongue?

Season 16 Episode 5
`Arthur's Theme' Chantelle is surprised when Arthur professes his true feelings for her, then stunned to see Holby's latest patient is none other than her attacker Cameron Pollins. The nurse realises she's reached a crossroads in her life - but what will she do? Mo is forced to face up to some bitter home truths when her online beau Joey is admitted with chest pains, while Chrissie is suffering post-treatment complications, so it's not the best day to be served divorce papers from Sacha. Luckily Michael is there to offer comfort - and before long, one thing leads to another

Season 16 Episode 6
Merry-Go-Round Chrissie is overwhelmed by the sheer emotion of the past few months, and as she faces up to what seems like an impossible number of decisions to make, she struggles to know what she really wants. Arthur is also finding it difficult as Malick spirals out of control, but he realises the time has come to stand up to his formidable mentor. The question is, does he have the courage? Mo bemoans her run of back luck in the relationship stakes - seemingly unaware that the perfect man is right under her nose

Season 16 Episode 7
Sink or Swim It's all hands on deck when the hospital staff have to deal with an influx of patients from a major accident. Malick is surprised to discover Jake is back working at Holby, but when a difficult case compromises them both, the consultant is taken to breaking point. Serena gets a shock with the arrival of a new face, and Zosia is determined to prove her worth, but when it becomes clear she doesn't understand the ways of the ward, Jonny and Bonnie decide to teach her a lesson. John Michie (former Coronation Street killer Karl Munro) joins the cast

Season 16 Episode 8
Fait Accompli New surgeon Guy is determined to make a fresh start at Holby, but that proves easier said than done when he is confronted with faces from his past. Jonny worries that Jac is taking on too much and tries to lighten her load, although difficult news leaves them both struggling. Serena is brought in to deal with a tricky patient on AAU, but soon it's not clear who is controlling who

Season 16 Episode 9
Heart of Hope Mary-Claire is shocked to learn that Edward stood her up for Serena, but when she threatens to tell his ex-wife all about them, she realises he is not a man to be messed with. Guy persuades Elliot to perform an impromptu heart operation on a vulnerable patient, but when things don't go as planned in theatre, he is left with a deep sense of guilt for his young charge. Zosia is in need of somewhere to live, so she bets Arthur he cannot go a full day without mentioning Chantelle's name - otherwise she will move in to his spare room

Season 16 Episode 10
Father's Day Michael is still reeling from Chrissie's rejection, and goes all out when faced with a heart-breaking case involving a father and son - jeopardising his career in the process. Gemma makes a mistake that almost costs a patient's life, forcing her to question her future at Holby. Elliot remains in hiding after last week's operation ended badly - so Jac, unable to tolerate his self-pity, tries to force her colleague back into theatre - and Mary-Claire grows increasingly tired of Edward's snide remarks

Season 16 Episode 11
All I Want for Christmas Is You Mary-Claire makes it clear she won't forgive Edward's treatment of her, and he is forced to make a confession - which could spell trouble for his relationship with Serena. Zosia is determined not to let her father back into her life, but a patient notices the medic's solemn demeanour and gives Arthur a few ideas to cheer her up, and Mr Thompson is doing a great job of entertaining the patients in his Christmas elf outfit - although the staff think he'd be better off entertaining Mo in private. Can she pluck up the courage to ask him out?

Season 16 Episode 12
Ring in the New Guy attempts to rebuild his relationship with Zosia, but has to accept she wants to keep things purely on a professional level. Serena's morale is at an all-time low following the humiliation of Edward's betrayal, while Mary-Claire is managing to put the past behind her - which is more than can be said of Harry, who is struggling to forgive his friend for her actions

Season 16 Episode 13
Self Control Jac is getting ready for her delivery date, only to start experiencing contractions - and before anyone knows it, she has gone into early labour, prompting the team on Darwin to spring into action. Serena returns from her Christmas break ready to start the new year afresh - until the return of a familiar face makes her question her entire future at the hospital. Ric attends a party at his former university, where an old flame makes him realise life hasn't turned out as straightforward as he thought it would be as an idealistic youth

Season 16 Episode 14
Intuition Jac and Jonny struggle to cope - can they work as a team or will the strain push them further apart? Colette comes under scrutiny from HR when it turns out Guy cut a few corners to get her the job, Mo's sister Adele arrives to join AAU's nursing team - and soon makes a big impression - and Arthur's excitement over his budding relationship with Zosia is ruined by the return of an unwelcome face from the past. Guest starring Ian Lavender (Dad's Army)

Season 16 Episode 15
Life After Life The day of Emma's surgery arrives and Jonny is appalled when Jac decides a patient needs her more than her daughter. Arthur assures Sacha he can work with Dominic, then embarks on a sabotage mission against his hated colleague. Adele is upset when Mo pulls rank on her, shattering her sister's trust. Will they find a way to mend their broken relationship?

Season 16 Episode 16
Prince Among Men Jac is still unable to bond with her baby after three weeks, so her consultant takes a tough approach to show her how wonderful motherhood can be. A new registrar is determined to make his mark on AAU, going so far as building his own equipment when the hospital lacks the necessary apparatus to save a young patient's life. Sacha arranges for a 2,000-year-old Egyptian mummy to be scanned at Holby in an attempt to inspire his junior doctors, but the plan backfires when Guy intervenes on behalf of Zosia, insisting she should be showing more interest in surgery

Season 16 Episode 17
Things We Lost in the Fire As Sacha continues to put his students through a punishing teaching schedule, Arthur begins to let his Doctor of the Year award go to his head, so Dominic plans to take his rival down a peg or two - and he gets the perfect chance when the pair of them are assigned to the same case. Serena is furious at being sent to cover AAU, but when an intriguing patient presents a business opportunity, she thinks she may have finally found a way to prove her worth to Guy. Jonny feels left out when Jac steams ahead with her plans for Emma

Season 16 Episode 18
Eat Your Heart Out Jonny is dismayed when Jac risks being late for Emma's christening to help Elliot operate on a patient with a rare heart condition not seen at the hospital in more than a decade. Harry becomes determined to find his own area of specialism after seeing Raf being photographed by a medical journal for his work with the resus team, while a man with an abscess in his rectum refuses to be operated on by a woman, but the only male surgeon Serena can find is Guy - and it's well outside his comfort zone

Season 16 Episode 19
Aftertaste Zosia is excited when Sacha finally gives her the chance to prove herself with a challenging patient, only for events to take a catastrophic turn. Jonny is shocked when Jac suggests her position gives her the right to make decisions about their daughter. He resolves to expose her as a bully - but it proves harder than he imagined. Harry is frustrated by the return of adoring patient Annie and does his best to shake her off

Season 16 Episode 20
Anything You Can Do Jonny starts work as clinical nursing manager on Darwin, although it soon becomes clear he is finding it hard to juggle all his new duties, and things are made twice as difficult with Jac breathing down his neck - not to mention a couple of runaway teenagers. With all this to cope with, can he find time to save the life a vulnerable patient? Zosia is still reeling from her disastrous theatre experience when her father suggests she assist a visiting surgeon with a difficult kidney transplant, while Harry is busy making last-minute holiday plans - although it seems Raf has other ideas for him

Season 16 Episode 21
Instinct With Beth still in a coma, Guy is on a mission to boost the Tressler Neurosurgical Foundation's profile, and Dominic, after stumbling in late, is determined to prove himself. But will he keep his cool with a difficult patient? Meanwhile, Ric sets out to restore Jess's faith in him as a father following an emotional trip to his old college, and it's Bonnie's 30th birthday, but an overworked Jonny has forgotten all about it

Season 16 Episode 22
Exit Strategy - Part One Part one of two. As Jess prepares to undergo surgery, Ric struggles to step back as a doctor and let Serena handle the case. He is determined to support his daughter following her separation - but is she ready to put the past behind her? Guy is feeling the pressure following the withdrawal of the Tressler fund, and as he becomes increasingly distracted, Zosia's concerns about a critical case fall on deaf ears. Bonnie wants to move her relationship with Jonny to the next level, but as he spends all his time with Jac, she worries he doesn't feel the same

Season 16 Episode 23
Exit Strategy - Part Two Part two of two. Guy is pulled up before the board after Zosia backs a complaint against him, but when she begins to crumble, it seems the CEO is more interested in protecting his daughter's career than his own. Ric is also in big trouble after covering for Jess's part in the hit-and-run, although she seems unwilling to let her father take the blame, and news of Jonny and Bonnie's engagement gets out - will Jac finally let her ex-boyfriend go or stake her claim once and for all?

Season 16 Episode 24
Green Ink New consultant pharmacist Amy catches Harry's eye, although she is less than impressed with his attempts to charm her and they are soon at loggerheads over the best way to treat a patient. Arthur takes it upon himself to handle Dominic following his malpractice, only for the warring junior doctors to compromise a patient's care. Jac refuses to play happy families during another shift full of Bonnie's endless wedding plans, but when events spiral out of control during the hen party, Jonny decides enough is enough

Season 16 Episode 25
The Cruellest Month It's Jonny and Bonnie's big day but the groom still has a million and one things to do before he's ready to tie the knot. Mo is on hand to help as `best man' but when he is forced to go into theatre with Jac, he finds himself questioning what he really wants - and more to the point, will his ex let him go that easily? Zosia struggles to cope on the anniversary of her mother's death, while Serena becomes obsessed with pushing the new patient satisfaction surveys, eager to impress after hearing that Connie has been appointed head of ED

Season 16 Episode 26
The Win Harry is excited to receive an invitation to an exclusive black-tie event, only to be put out when he discovers that not only is arch-rival Raf the keynote speaker but his wife Amy is now permanent consultant pharmacist on the ward. However, he is intrigued to learn their marriage is not quite as perfect as it appears. Dominic offends Zosia while carrying out a difficult task for Sacha, and goes all out to win back her friendship, and Jonny returns to work after the wedding, furious with Jac over her behaviour at the ceremony. Can they possibly clear the air?

Season 16 Episode 27
Cold Heart, Warm Hands It's a big day for Raf and Amy as they find out whether their final round of IVF treatment has been successful. However, while she is focused on a positive outcome, her hotshot surgeon husband becomes distracted by a case in which he could bring a patient back from the dead, testing his priorities and putting their marriage under strain. Dominic has a blast from the past in the shape of a familiar patient, who he is keen to get rid of as soon as possible, while Elliot tries to smooth the waters between Jonny and Jac when the tensions between them spill over into the ward

Season 16 Episode 28
Battle Lines Jac plays her dirtiest card yet in the custody battle, twisting Jonny's words and setting her lawyer on him - only to realise with horror she may have made a mistake when she is faced with a brutal blast from the past. Arthur is desperate to impress Guy and new anaesthetist Jesse, leaving him with some important decisions to make, and Mo turns down a great opportunity - little realising there is a nasty surprise around the corner

Season 16 Episode 29
Wild Child Raf and Amy's dreams of parenthood suffer another setback, putting their relationship under further strain and leading to a heart-wrenching betrayal. A lonely Jac struggles against her instincts as Paula fights to get under her skin - can she trust her mother or is she destined to always be the victim of the older woman's manipulative ways? Zosia is determined to forget a disastrous date from last night, which is easier said than done when the man in question turns up on the ward as a patient

Season 16 Episode 30
My Name Is Joe Zosia is determined not to be held back by being put on probation and sets out to show Sacha she still has what it takes to pass her foundation training. But when an unusual patient raises suspicions, it remains to be seen whether she has learnt from past mistakes. Jonny finds an unlikely ally in the custody battle, unaware that Jac's mum is not to be trusted, and Dominic is tired of playing second fiddle to Arthur, only to find himself on AAU for the day. Can the ambitious trainee handle the stress of emergency medicine?

Season 16 Episode 31
No Apologies Sacha quickly quashes Zosia and Arthur's concerns about a patient with a suspicious past - only to suffer a crisis of conscience after being faced with a shocking truth. An incident in the hospital brings Jonny and Jac closer together as parents and prompts him to extend an olive branch - could this be the end of hostilities? Adele proves she's got the gift of the gab as she assumes Mo's identity on a local radio show, but does she really know what she's getting herself into?

Season 16 Episode 32
Keeping Mum Serena is stretched to her professional limits when Guy asks her to draw up an urgent report, so the last thing she needs is her mother arriving on the ward - and to make matters worse, she becomes involved in a paternity issue with a patient. Elliot isn't feeling himself and has started forgetting things, so he feels flustered when Guy announces they are bringing forward the launch of the Herzig 5, while Adele sets out to prove herself to Mo, who is holding her sister to impossibly high standards

Season 16 Episode 33
Crush Amy finally gets what she has always wanted, only to realise that escaping the mistakes she has made with Harry is easier said than done. Adrienne pays another visit to the hospital, only to cause a near-fatal accident, forcing daughter Serena to accept some painful truths about her mother's future. Adele escapes sister Mo and finds herself on Darwin, where she immediately gets on the wrong side of Jac. However, with Jonny's help she finally begins to show her true potential. Actor Hugh Quarshie (Ric Griffin) returns to Holby tonight, although he's behind the camera, directing the episode

Season 16 Episode 34
Collateral Amy is battling morning sickness, so the last thing she needs is to be caught in the middle of Raf and Harry's ongoing clash of egos. Guy realises that having Harry around isn't doing her any good and offers to transfer the junior doctor - but she realises she has to deal with him in her own way. Mo is basking in her celebrity status while dismissing her sister's career aspirations, although she is forced to rethink things when a star-struck patient turns violent. Jesse helps Zosia when she is told she must improve her bedside manner, only for their friendly flirting to turn into something else

Season 16 Episode 35
Masquerade Amy helps Harry with a tricky case, but when a crisis threatens to ruin her hard work she is forced to consider her options - including one that may threaten her marriage to Raf. Jac's childcare troubles leave her no alternative but to bring Emma into work. However, when the informal babysitting arrangements go awry, an irate Jonny is forced to come to his baby daughter's aid, an action that may influence his chances of custody. Arthur discovers Jesse and Zosia's romantic liaison, but any jealousy he feels is soon forgotten when he falls for a marine biologist

Season 16 Episode 36
Little Star Jac prepares to face Jonny in court, determined to win custody of Emma, but her carefully laid plans are thrown into disarray by Paula, who, even at death's door, proves she has the power to tie her daughter in knots. With his divorce finalised and living at home with his mum, Sacha is sure his day couldn't get any worse, but when news of the Nazi war criminal he treated is leaked to the press, he puts his own feelings aside to go to Estelle's aid

Season 16 Episode 37
Every Dog Has Its Day It's the day of Amy's hearing and although husband Raf is as supportive as ever, he becomes uneasy when he realises her story contradicts Harry's and confronts his untrustworthy colleague about what really happened. Elliot is hiding in the lab, until Mo coaxes him out to help treat a singing fisherman with an embarrassing secret, a case that helps him confront his own worrying medical symptoms, and Colette works out what is going on between Jesse and Zosia, pulling no punches as she warns the anaesthetist to keep away from his friend's daughter

Season 16 Episode 38
All Before Them Raf is not a happy man. Having discovered that pregnant wife Amy cheated on him with Harry, he demands she takes a paternity test - but she knows that finding out the father's identity potentially spells the end of her marriage. Will she go through with it? Colette's warning has hit a nerve with Jesse, who decides to cool things off with Zosia, although she doesn't do herself any favours when she grows jealous of his friendship with a young patient's mother. Elliot continues to shut himself away in the laboratory, only emerging to diagnose an elderly man who senses all is not well with the professor

Season 16 Episode 39
Captive Raf feels isolated from Amy while also having to work alongside Harry, until a vulnerable patient makes him realise he can't live without his wife. Guy offers Jesse a permanent contract but he is reluctant to accept it, knowing that he won't be quite so popular once the CEO finds out about his relationship with Zosia - and as she grows more obsessive, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep a lid on things. Jonny decides to move back to Scotland with Emma - can Mo convince her best friend to stay at Holby?

Season 16 Episode 40
`The Spirit' Elliot is still worried about his undiagnosed illness, and as the launch of the Herzig arrives, he hopes he can get through it without any incidents. However, when he freezes in theatre, he faces not only losing his life's work, but also the potentially devastating truth of what's wrong with him. Serena is forced to bring her mother in to work when her carer fails to turn up, `hiding' her on the ward while she goes about her business, and Zosia struggles to cope with Jesse's abrupt departure. Can Digby help mend his flatmate's broken heart?

Season 16 Episode 41
A Heart Man Elliot is nervous as he prepares to undergo brain surgery - not just about the operation but also about what it could mean for his future at Holby. The professor's career comes under further threat when a disgruntled patient claims he has been negligent, so Jac fights her colleague's corner. Is it too little too late? Raf struggles to separate the personal and the professional when he is asked to help advance Harry's career

Season 16 Episode 42
One Small Step Jac rejects Guy's offer of a promotion at Elliot's expense, and then is forced to do some tough thinking after he teams her up with former colleague Connie Beauchamp on a complex procedure. The student doctors reach the end of term, and while Arthur concentrates on his studies, Zosia drowns her sorrows - with disastrous consequences. Raf's brother arrives on the ward after a mugging - and when he is rushed into surgery, Harry is the one who spots a potentially life-threatening complication

Season 16 Episode 43
Affair of the Mind Serena's mother takes a turn for the worse, but instead of receiving sympathy she finds herself confronted about it from all sides, as a patient challenges her methods of dealing with Adrienne, while Guy questions her ability to be a carer and a consultant at the same time. Arthur becomes increasingly worried about Zosia, convinced her constant partying is affecting her skills as a doctor - so much so that when his girlfriend is brought in with an infection, he doesn't trust his colleague to treat her. The pressure of running Darwin ward has put Mo in a bad mood - so Adele, Johnny and Mr Thompson conspire to put a smile back on her face

Season 16 Episode 44
Star Crossed Lovers Casualty viewers may do a double take when they see they the new nurse on AAU, as it's none other than Fletch, who left ED six weeks ago. Now he's back at Holby, although Colette isn't happy about her nurse because of a long-held grudge. Can they reach an understanding while treating the victim of a pile-up? A paranoid Sacha suspects Estelle may be carrying on with Mr Thompson, and it's Elliot's first day back on Darwin, but he's reminded of his recent illness when a patient is told about his brain tumour and refuses to let him operate

Season 16 Episode 45
The Art of Losing As word of Jac's appointment spreads throughout the department Elliot manages to save face, that is, until he is told by the surgeon he will no longer be responsible for Herzig. Will he be able to forgive the very person he trusted with his life's work throughout his illness? Sacha and Essie are still in the honeymoon phase, something junior doctor Dominic is more than happy about as the registrar spreads his jubilant mood on the ward. However, the speed of the relationship could lead to a stumbling block for Essie. Fletch is keen to show Colette his management style is superior, but the arrival of new nurse Kirsty to AAU does little to prove to the director that he is taking his new role seriously

Season 16 Episode 46
Going, Going Arthur is excited at the prospect of looking after a VIP patient for Guy, who is busy with a charity gala and new board member, however Zosia's involvement doesn't quite go to plan. When obstetrician Mr T asks Jac for help with a special case, she seems more determined than ever to make her mark on Darwin, but with the team distracted by the high-risk challenge, only Jonny seems to notice what's really going on with Jac. Elsewhere, the discovery that Harry's father Billy has joined the board is the final straw for Raf - the three of them are thrown together along with wife Amy at the gala - are things about to get complicated?

Season 16 Episode 47
The Looking Glass Elliot is still smarting from Jac's betrayal, but remains determined not to be pushed aside, ignoring her instructions to take on the case of a young patient with a concave chest. Amy has a scan that reveals the sex of the baby, and while she is delighted, Raf remains detached. Sacha worries that Estelle is hiding something, only to realise she has not yet come to terms with her grandfather's actions. He thinks she needs a holiday in Germany to meet her family, an idea that forces her to make a brave decision

Season 16 Episode 48
`Hoops' As Arthur adjusts to the pressures of leading a team, his anxiety over Zosia brings him face to face with Guy. Jac is unimpressed with Adele's determination to improve herself, leaving the nurse wondering whether her future lies at Holby, and Fletch struggles to stay in control on AAU, a situation not helped by increasing concerns from Ric. However, just as he fears his options are running out, support arrives from an unexpected source. Medical drama, featuring a guest appearance from Michael Starke, best known to soap fans as Sinbad from Brookside and Corrie's Jerry Morton

Season 16 Episode 49
Forgive Me Father Raf decides to give Harry a chance to prove himself, but his worst nature gets the better of him when he sees an opportunity to undermine the ambitious registrar. Guy worries about Zosia's health following her break-up with Jesse and asks Amy to make an informal assessment, while Adele wonders whether Jonny is ready to start a new relationship - and might just have a suitable candidate in mind

Season 16 Episode 50
Mummy Dearest Serena admits her mother to AAU, bringing the women's relationship under scrutiny when Adrienne makes some damning allegations about her daughter. As if that weren't bad enough, the deputy CEO's attempts to keep her personal and professional lives separate fail miserably, with dramatic consequences. Jac sets out to build bridges with the team after ousting Elliot as lead consultant - but instead she ends up angering the professor by ignoring his advice about an experimental procedure. Dominic's social calendar looks embarrassingly empty compared with those of his friends, until a blast from the past offers the possibility of romance. Alexei Sayle guest stars

Season 16 Episode 51
Inside Out The day of Harry's hearing arrives, with a vengeful Raf determined to destroy his rival's career once and for all, while Serena prepares for the impact of the outcome on the AAU. Elliot is making plans for retirement, having lost the Herzig project to Jac and been forced out of the consultants' office - but with Adele fighting his corner, will he succeed? With Arthur all loved-up and Zosia absent, Dominic is feeling lonely - until a surprising encounter with Kyle leads him to make a risky decision

Season 16 Episode 52
True Colours The reinstated Harry returns to AAU, where he receives much-needed support from an old face - but there are still some awkward questions to which he needs to know the answers. Jac finds out that Elliot is working on a new project and is quick to tell Guy, leaving the professor worried that he could lose out to his scheming superiors all over again. An erratic Zosia ignores a patient's wishes, and the knock-on effect leaves Dominic and Arthur worrying about their own futures, while Colette is forced to face some home truths when an old friend turns up

Season 17 Episode 1
`Not Waving But Drowning' There are a trio of new team members this week - some familiar faces, one new - led by the return of consultant surgeon Michael Spence, who left after a falling out with Guy Self. He's back to tie up a few loose ends - and no doubt create a few waves with the CEO in the process. Raf is also back on AAU, keen to pick up where he left off - only to struggle in theatre - while formidable new consultant Fleur Fanshawe makes quite an impression on both staff and patients, for all the wrong reasons. An encounter with daughter Emma has an adverse effect on Jac's work, forcing her to visit Guy for help

Season 17 Episode 2
Bounce Back Raf is suffering a crisis of confidence, so when he faces the prospect of a complex specialist operation, he doesn't think he is capable - despite Fletch and the rest of the team believing he is the best man for the job. Guy needs to get on Jac's good side if he is to impress a visiting dignitary from a fundraising organisation - a man who more than admires the no-nonsense cardio-consultant - and Dom's excitement over his blossoming relationship with Kyle is threatened by a misunderstanding

Season 17 Episode 3
The Science of Imaginary Solutions Mo is jealous of Jac's career development and fears she is being sidelined, so when she sees an opportunity to prove her skills, she grabs it with both hands. But has she really got what it takes to perform a ground-breaking procedure? Serena is determined to handle things calmly when her mother is brought in for treatment, but when her daughter Elinor arrives wanting to know what's wrong with her grandmother, once again the consultant's personal and professional lives collide. Sacha's nose is put out of joint as no-nonsense new consultant Fleur makes a bid for supremacy on Keller ward

Season 17 Episode 4
Chaos in Her Wings As Zosia spirals out of control, Colette battles to save the junior doctor from disaster, but her loyalties are put to the test when her efforts push her relationship with Guy to breaking point. Raf is adjusting to life as a single man, but finds he is in need of practice when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex, as a romantic encounter on the ward leads him into hot water with Michael. Adele is less than impressed with Jesse's attempts to charm her. Featuring guest appearances by Georgia Moffett and Antony Costa, as the characters first seen in Saturday's episode of Casualty

Season 17 Episode 5
`We Must Remember This' Fleur and Michael are pitted against each other in the race to diagnose a patient who is constantly arresting - and as the day progresses, it turns out the competition between the surgeons is more than professional. Mo and Jesse strike up a good relationship as they perform a tricky transplant operation, and while Mo can't help but be impressed by her colleague's work, Jonny suggests she admires him for a little more than that. Serena is distraught that her mother no longer recognises her, so an old soldier helps bring them together

Season 17 Episode 6
Severed Serena faces a painful dilemma when her mother announces she doesn't want to live any longer if her condition gets any worse - and wants her daughter to be the one to pull the plug. Michael is keen to avoid returning to the scandal he has left behind in the US, and hopes working on a complicated operation with Fleur will help him stay at Holby, while Jesse offers some friendly advice to Adele, who is struggling to balance the job and her student course work - but does he have a hidden agenda?

Season 17 Episode 7
Flesh and Blood Guy collects Zosia from the clinic and believes she's well enough to be allowed back on the wards of Holby. But as his daughter's behaviour deteriorates, can he see the truth of her situation before she puts herself or any patients in jeopardy? Elliot is forced to go cap in hand to Jac to get the funding he needs to build a prototype of his new device

Season 17 Episode 8
I Am What I Am Not Jesse is made to face up to the destructive consequences of his womanising ways, while Zosia sets out to demonstrate she can still perform her duties while on medication as she grapples with a patient harbouring an embarrassing secret. Holby board chairman Angus Farrell descends onto the wards determined to oversee the introduction of fierce cost-cutting measures

Season 17 Episode 9
Estel As Raf and Harry forge a new professional relationship, their personal lives come under scrutiny again when Amy has surprising news. Dominic is determined to impress Fleur in a bid to make it to Los Angeles, until Zosia brings in an old friend who threatens his chances. Jac faces a testing time when a two-day-old baby is transferred to AAU, while Mo is sure her search for her perfect man may be over

Season 17 Episode 10
Star of Wonder A terminally ill patient claims Zosia is her daughter, so the troubled doctor does whatever she can to save her life while trying to figure out their connection. But as the woman's condition rapidly deteriorates, so too does Zosia's behaviour, forcing Guy to take extreme action. Mo finally admits she has fallen head over heels in love with Jessie, only for her romantic notion to be quashed when she spots him getting very close with her own sister. Amy confides in Serena that Raf and Harry still don't know who fathered her baby - so the consultant lends a hand by fast-tracking the results

Season 17 Episode 11
I Will Honour Christmas in My Heart A vagrant is attacked by a gang of hooligans near the car park, and the staff get a surprise when the victim turns out to be a familiar face who has arrived at the hospital in need of help from Elliot. However, the roly-poly consultant is preparing for a family ski trip - will he drop everything for the sake of his old friend? Ric returns to AAU and manages to tread on a few people's toes, Arthur comes to Guy and Zosia's aid as they face an uncertain future, while Raf treats a pair of bickering panto stars for whom the drama has spilled over onto the ward. Darren Day guest stars

Season 17 Episode 12
Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot Dominic's past returns to haunt him with the arrival of an old face - and things get really tricky when the pair of them become trapped in a lift together. Mo puts on a brave face when she realises Adele is taking Jesse to a family wedding and is determined to find her own date. She eventually plumps for the reliable Mr Thompson - but he is disappointed to realise she sees him as nothing more than a friend. Harry helps Raf out by clearing AAU of patients by the end of the shift so the staff can all go for a drink to welcome in the new year - and gets his reward courtesy of feisty nurse Mary-Claire

Season 17 Episode 13
Brand New You Mo and Adele join their relatives for their sister's wedding, with Jesse and Mr Thompson escorting the medics to the ceremony - although before the day is out, a huge family secret is let slip, leading to heartache for at least one of the guests. Guy's world is rocked by the arrival of a familiar patient, although with help from the team on Keller, it allows him to finally come to terms with Zosia and her mental illness

Season 17 Episode 14
Wages of Sin Jonny is keen for Jac to engage more in Emma's life as her first birthday arrives - so when the consultant gets the chance of a career opportunity in the USA, she considers taking the child with her. Can she really deprive her ex of his daughter? Sacha's daughter Rachel is brought in, and is reluctant to reveal an infected tattoo. However, when amphetamines turn up in her blood tests, dodgy skin art is the least of her dad's worries. Mary-Claire is forced to remind Harry that their new year fling was a one-off, but when they work in close proximity on a tricky case, their mutual attraction proves hard to ignore

Season 17 Episode 15
Sucker Punch Fletch's ex-wife Natalie turns up drunk on AAU with her best friend Bex, and tension rises as she proceeds to wash their dirty laundry in public. Jonny berates Guy for his new theatre initiative - but does his anger have more to do with the fact that the CEO and Jac have been getting close just recently? Sacha is concerned that Rachel's infection isn't clearing up, while she just wants to be well enough to sit her mock GCSEs - but a shocking discovery leaves both of them reeling

Season 17 Episode 16
Good Girls Don't Lie Sacha's attempt to be a good father to Rachel in the light of last week's revelation is threatened by yet another development, one that really pulls the rug out from under him. Mo tries to avoid Adele, not ready to tell her about the family secret just yet, but her sister is determined to clear the air between them and proves persistent. Mary-Claire worries she is falling for Harry, so she puts the brakes on their relationship before they get too serious

Season 17 Episode 17
The Beat Goes On Mary-Claire agrees to supervise AAU in Fletch's absence, and is soon balancing several precarious and sensitive cases. Unfortunately, the job is made more difficult by her feelings for Harry - until an old friend gives her a fresh perspective on her relationship with the doctor. Jonny is asked to make peace between the parents of a dead teenage boy, who cannot agree whether their son's organs should be donated. Sacha jeopardises his new understanding with daughter Rachel by forgetting her birthday

Season 17 Episode 18
Love Divided by Three Sacha is reeling at the news that Rachel has left the hospital to meet her forbidden love Mr Kerrigan - but he soon has much more to worry about when his daughter's condition drastically worsens. Harry realises he has much stronger feelings for Mary-Claire than he initially thought - but now she is dating someone else, has he left things too late? Ma Effanga apologises to Mo for not telling her the truth about her parentage, and presents her with a box of keepsakes that could bring her a step closer to learning the identity of her real father. However, the doctor is cautious about lifting the lid on her family secrets

Season 17 Episode 19
Be Bold, Be Bold Sacha is exhausted with the emotional upheaval of the past few weeks, so when Mr Kerrigan turns up at Holby, he finally loses control - but it seems as if he might also have lost his daughter in the process. Mary-Claire is determined to keep Harry at bay, so she sets her sights on a career opportunity. However, when a patient arrives on AAU, the ambitious nurse behaves in a way that no one, especially Harry, could have predicted. Jonny believes that Guy is set for a fall - but is he the man to bring him down?

Season 17 Episode 20
Domino Effect Elliot excitedly prepares for the first official trial of his new device, but when a major incident strikes leaving Jonny stretched to the limit, the professor is forced to choose between his team and his life's work. Mary-Claire's night shift is made a little more interesting by the arrival of an old flame. With the prospect of a new romance on the cards, can she finally put aside her feelings for Harry? Dominic and Arthur compete to out-do each other on Keller - only to overlook a critical detail in a patient's care

Season 17 Episode 21
Trust in Me When Harry learns Mary-Claire may be leaving Holby, he's forced to confront his true feelings for her - but it might be too late. Tensions rise on Darwin as Guy investigates the death of Elliot's patient, and Jonny is shocked to find he's in the firing line. Can he depend on the team to save his career? Zosia takes matters into her own hands when she fears she's being sidelined, and there are some unfortunate misunderstandings on the ward as she and Arthur each try to hide their vulnerabilities

Season 17 Episode 22
Blindside Harry comes out of his coma but it's clear he isn't out of the woods yet, leaving his colleagues with crucial decisions to make regarding his treatment - and as if that weren't bad enough, Mary-Claire comes into conflict with the patient's formidable mother. Jac and Guy leave Elliot in charge of Darwin while they deal with the fallout from the death of the professor's Kibo patient - although Jonny's arrest causes further shockwaves - and Arthur frets over which area of medicine he should specialise in, eventually finding inspiration in an unexpected place

Season 17 Episode 23
We Have the Technology Jonny is behind bars, where he meets his frightened young cellmate, who has been targeted by a fellow prisoner - and when an attack takes place, the nurse puts his life on the line by intervening in the scuffle. As Raf brings in a facial reconstruction expert for Harry, the patient wallows in self-pity and refuses any further treatment - until a young woman gives him something to think about. Zosia is candid about her bipolar with a patient, only to realise that honesty isn't always the best policy

Season 17 Episode 24
Rock and a Hard Place As Raf prepares for the groundbreaking surgery to reconstruct Harry's face, he receives terrible news, leaving his colleagues doubting whether he is in a fit state to perform the tricky operation. Arthur has decided to specialise in emergency medicine, although to earn a rotation on AAU he has to impress Serena, and when Mo's mother falls seriously ill, she is faced with the possibility that she may never find out about her real father. Can the two women forgive and forget or will Ina take her secrets to the grave?

Season 17 Episode 25
The Last Time I Saw You With Jonny now recovered, a vindictive Guy tries to have the nurse returned to prison, so Elliot and Mo team up in one last desperate attempt to clear their colleague's name. Harry's excitement over the results of his surgery move dangerously toward obsession as he struggles to get better in time to join Mary-Claire in America. Arthur doubles his efforts to impress Serena and win a place on AAU - but he can't let go of the feeling that his patient is withholding something

Season 17 Episode 26
Squeeze the Pips Jonny returns to work after being released from prison, struggling to bury his anger and frustration at having been accused in the first place. But when his former cellmate Archie is admitted after an overdose, the nurse is forced into making a life-changing decision. Sacha is delighted to see Essie again after her time away in Germany, but realises that absence may not have made the heart grow fonder. Arthur suffers from first-day nerves on AAU, which isn't helped when Fletch and Raf ask him to treat a tricky patient

Season 17 Episode 27
Go the Distance Guy is struggling to hold it together as he prepares to launch the Supercentre - a situation not helped by Jac's disappearance, pressure from Ric and new demands on the Darwin ward. Pushed to the limits, the CEO is forced to make a bold decision that has far-reaching consequences. Mary-Claire is upbeat as she faces a future in Chicago without Harry, although when she makes a mistake with a patient, Serena suspects all is not what it seems. As gossip spreads that Sacha has stayed out all night, Essie wonders if she is too late to win him back

Season 17 Episode 28
All About Evie Fletch is optimistic about Evie's first day at her new school, but his hopes are quickly dashed when she is brought into the department as the result of an accident. But is his daughter as innocent as she seems? Guy is pleased to present his latest new member of staff on Keller, only to realise he may have underestimated her when she begins to make waves. Adele worries that Mo is avoiding the issue of her birth father and decides to take the lead in finding him

Season 17 Episode 29
Small Disappointments Guy presents his vision for the future of Holby City to the trustees, so the last thing he needs is Annabelle and Zosia disagreeing with him over a special case. Serena tries to hold things together as the future of the hospital remains uncertain - only for a pair of new shoes to get her a new admirer - and Mo arranges to finally meet her real father without him knowing who she is. But with Adele around, nothing stays secret for long

Season 17 Episode 30
Homecoming No-nonsense surgeon Henrik Hanssen returns as CEO of Holby, proving an unpleasant surprise for Guy, especially when he freezes his predecessor's neuro funding and questions his surgical judgement. He's not the only familiar face back at the hospital as Oliver Valentine arrives to work on Darwin, and soon ruffles Jesse's feathers with his attitude. Zosia discovers a worrying secret about colleague Annabelle, and Fletch has money concerns - could a racing tip from a patient be worth a flutter?

Season 17 Episode 31
Lifelines Adele intervenes in an attempt to heal the rift between Mo and her dad, but it remains to be seen whether she can rectify the situation. Meanwhile, Zosia discovers Annabelle's tumour has grown, so the pressure is on to kick-start the medical trials that could lead to a cure. Elsewhere, Raf sets out to impress Hanssen, but his plans are scuppered thanks to a patient's dog

Season 17 Episode 32
The Ides of March Zosia proves herself as a surgeon when she steps out from behind her father's shadow. Meanwhile, Raf must tread carefully when he offers medical help to a reluctant patient. Elsewhere, Mo has mixed feelings when Clifford, her estranged father, starts working at the hospital

Season 17 Episode 33
All Coming Back to Me Now Oliver returns to work, but is still haunted by his memories of Tara. His inability to focus on the present leads to a terrible mistake during surgery that could prove fatal for the patient. Raf finally discovers the truth behind Lucy's mysterious injuries, while Essie feels that things are moving too fast when Sacha asks her to meet his teenage children

Season 17 Episode 34
Tug of Love Adele and Jesse have a rollercoaster ride of a day, which brings them closer together than ever, and Fletch attempts to give his daughter the best birthday he can, despite the fact he has no money. Meanwhile, Serena tackles the tricky subject of taking her relationship with Angus to the next level

Season 17 Episode 35
When a Man Loves a Woman A fiery Essie clashes with Sacha and is determined to follow her instincts, but is unprepared for the consequences. Meanwhile, a cash-strapped Fletch crosses a line when he accepts an offer from a new `best mate', and on Adele's first day back, Jesse tries to keep someone hidden from her

Season 17 Episode 36
The Children of Lovers It's Zosia's first day back on Darwin, but Ollie proves troublesome. Meanwhile, new nurse Cara upsets Raf when she intervenes and organises a psychiatric assessment for a patient. Elsewhere, Dominic is left with his hands full when he is assigned to a neuro case

Season 17 Episode 37
Spiral Staircases Jesse clashes with Guy over his surgical risk-taking, and sparks fly as Duty Psychiatrist Seb puts Zosia's head in a spin. Elsewhere, Fletch is tempted when Clifford offers him a solution to his mounting debts, though escalating his illicit activity may not be the answer to his problems

Season 17 Episode 38
Losing Control of the Wheel Arthur is surprised by the arrival of Morven, the new Foundation Year 1 doctor on the Acute Assessment Unit. At first he is proud to be assigned as her mentor, but soon wonders if he's ready for the responsibility. Meanwhile, Mo returns to Darwin, eager to see her sister and father, and Dominic is stunned when a face from his past turns up

Season 17 Episode 39
Beneath a Mask Fletch and his kids are thrown into crisis when they are evicted, and Ollie's emotional detachment is tested as he realises Zosia is growing closer to Seb. Meanwhile, Dominic struggles to deal with his larger-than-life mother as she seems determined to stay at Holby

Season 17 Episode 40
U-Turn Fletch finds he's in too deep with the pharmaceutical robbery. Meanwhile, Essie decides to take control of her life and her career, and Adele and Jesse realise they don't share the same values

Season 17 Episode 41
Family Fortunes On the day of Adele and Jesse's engagement party, their celebration is overshadowed by tragedy. Meanwhile, Arthur steals medication to help him cope with his debilitating anxiety, and Essie stuns Sacha by announcing she wants to have a baby

Season 17 Episode 42
Return to Innocence Clifford and Fletch panic after the criminal gang they owed money to turns violent. Although they agree to keep quiet on the matter and try to carry on as normal, the situation becomes so serious, Clifford realises he has to leave Holby. Elsewhere, Arthur is pulled up short when treating an alluring patient. When Sian refuses to take her health seriously, he finds her difficult to treat and starts to lose his cool, much to the disappointment of Morven, who gets the full force of his anger

Season 17 Episode 43
A Good Man As Adele remains unconscious in ITU, an uncompromising Mo decides Fletch's fate, forcing him to finally confront his demons. Oliver worries about Zosia's blossoming relationship with Seb, leading him to overstep the mark, while Jesse throws himself into his work - but is he avoiding his true feelings for Adele?

Season 17 Episode 44
Speak True Elliot's day is thrown into chaos by the arrival of an old friend with a special purpose. Serena decides that Morven needs to spread her wings, but is she ready to fly? Elsewhere, Sacha and Essie realise they may have slightly different visions of their future together

Season 17 Episode 45
Beautiful Cara's suspicions cause a rift in the Acute Admissions Unit team - but is she right? Meanwhile, Dominic is determined to change Hanssen's opinion of him, and Elliot is presented with a dilemma when he is offered an exciting new position

Season 17 Episode 46
Infallible Wise words from a troubled patient force Sacha to take stock of his own life and make an important decision, while Seb is unnerved as his girlfriend Zosia and Oliver struggle to contain their growing feelings for one another. Guy's past revisits him when an old friend of his deceased wife is admitted and, troubled by his motives for treating the patient, Jesse implores him to reconsider surgical intervention

Season 17 Episode 47
Man of Conscience Clifford is admitted to hospital after a road accident, and Fletch realises his illegal activities have escalated, leaving him with no choice but to tell Mo what has happened. Ollie and Zosia suspect a young patient who has been admitted with a heart murmur is hiding something about her condition. Jesse and Guy disagree about the best treatment for a patient, and their working relationship starts to fall apart

Season 17 Episode 48
An Eye for an Eye Guy is held hostage by a grieving widower looking for revenge. Meanwhile, Ollie and Zosia can no longer suppress their feelings for one another, and a paranoid Dom thinks Hanssen is out to get him

Season 17 Episode 49
Shockwaves In the aftermath of the explosion, Arthur struggles to keep on top of his anxiety disorder. Meanwhile, Zosia is forced to make a choice between Ollie and Seb, and Sacha's world is thrown into uncertainty when an old nursing friend of Essie's turns up on Keller

Season 17 Episode 50
At First I Was Afraid When Elliot's first love Brigitte tumbles back into his life, he makes a startling choice, while Dominic attempts to save Arthur from his anxiety-induced demons, only to face his own. Medical drama, starring Paul Bradley, David Ames and Rob Ostiere

Season 17 Episode 51
Cover Story Cara is shocked when her policeman husband Jed arrives at the hospital while working under cover, and soon realises he is working on a complex case when she meets Sean and his pregnant wife Nicole. Meanwhile, Adele returns to work and is determined to put a brave face on things following her brutal attack, and Jesse is reluctant to have a stag do, until he gets involved with a patient's case

Season 17 Episode 52
Ever After It's the day of the wedding and Adele's world is rocked when she makes a startling discovery. Is it a case of cold feet when Jesse arrives at Holby on the day of the nuptials? Meanwhile, a betrayed Cara wants answers from her husband, undercover detective, Jed. Last in the series

Season 18 Episode 1
The Sticky Mess of Being New series. The medical drama returns as Mo's surgical skills and emotional resilience are pushed to their limits by a reunion with her surrogate son William and old friend Sorcia, who require her help. Jesse shadows Sacha for a day to learn the role a surgeon plays on Keller, but Guy is quick to question his motives. Plus, Cara tries to track down the mystery hero who saved an octagenarian patient from drowning, even if it risks the wrath of Raf

Season 18 Episode 2
Cover Up Cara gets a shock when her husband's lover Nicole is admitted in labour and is compelled to take drastic action when Nicole's husband Sean realises he is not the father of the baby. In the aftermath of his hostage ordeal, Guy wants to avoid the stress of surgery but finds himself has to deal with a comically morbid patient who needs his expertise, while Mo focuses on caring for her surrogate son William

Season 18 Episode 3
Calling Time Gangster Sean returns to the hospital looking for his missing wife, forcing Cara to turn to Jed for help, but her lies ultimately places Raf in danger. Sacha's confidence is knocked when new boy Jesse seems to be one step ahead of him, while Mo is forced to face the reality that she will have to give William back soon, and overcompensates professionally by giving a patient false hope about thei rincurable medical condition

Season 18 Episode 4
What it Takes Arthur worries he has ruined his career and irreparably damaged his relationship with Morven as he returns to work, and it quickly becomes clear he will have to acknowledge a few painful truths if he is to earn his place back in AAU. Meanwhile, Ollie's interference leads Mo to believe she is being taken advantage of by Zosia, and Guy must overcome his crisis of confidence as he tries to save the life of a boy with a critical neurological condition. Medical drama, starring Rob Ostlere, Eleanor Fanyinka, James Anderson and Chizzy Akudolu

Season 18 Episode 5
Left Behind The day Mo is due to hand William back to his father arrives, and despite losing her position as the youngster's chief care-giver, she seems remarkably upbeat. However, when Brett faces a sudden medical setback, the cracks begin to show in Mo's ambivalence, and she decides cannot possibly part with her surrogate son. Meanwhile, Sacha is perturbed when Patsy Brassvine, one of the interviewers assessing him for the position of consultant, interferes with his care of a patient, and Serena's mind is diverted from her ex-husband's forthcoming wedding as she tends to a fellow doctor who has been admitted with a toy soldier wedged in his arm

Season 18 Episode 6
Beneath the Cover Cara's marriage is thrown into sharp focus when her husband's mistress asks for help. Meanwhile, Dom struggles to keep his emotions in check when a challenging patient catches his attention, and Mo is confronted with the aftermath of a disastrous date

Season 18 Episode 7
A Delicate Truth Ollie refuses to be belittled by the formidable Jac Naylor as she makes her return to Darwin. Meanwhile, Morven clings to her professionality when faced with an elderly couple's emotional case, and Dom feels conflicted as he begins to develop feelings for a patient

Season 18 Episode 8
In Which We Serve Arthur and Morven struggle to rekindle their friendship after clashing over patient care, while Dom is distracted by a patient that he has fallen for and struggles to concentrate on the case of a nun who has lost her voice. Meanwhile, Zosia's confidence that she can impress Jac takes a knock when she sees a question mark against her name on a board in Jac's office

Season 18 Episode 9
Skin and Blister Jesse is forced to relive tragic events from the past when he treats the seriously ill sister of a former patient, while Jac's brusque manner puts her at odds with Fran, who questions her decision to discharge a patient without undergoing the operation she believes he needs. Cara hits it off with a flirtatious patient, leading to Fletch and Raf encouraging him to ask her out in a bid to cheer her up

Season 18 Episode 10
Bad Blood, Fake Snow Fran escalates her campaign against Jac, with disastrous consequences, and the AAU team lack festive cheer but Serena finds a way to restore some Christmas goodwill. Meanwhile, Dominic's keen to buy the perfect Christmas present for Lee. However, a shocking revelation leaves him reeling

Season 18 Episode 11
Blue Christmas Troubled nurse Fran returns to Holby and is determined to get Jac's full attention, with near tragic consequences. Meanwhile, Sacha proves his worth when he finds himself treating the man who bullied him at school. Elsewhere, Christmas romance is in the air when Arthur sets Morven's heart aflutter, and Ollie steals a kiss from Zosia

Season 18 Episode 12
Beginnings Serena's in a melancholy mood, having resigned herself to yet another lonely New Year's Eve, but fate has other ideas. Ric Griffin is back with a bang, but the Holby team have moved on in his absence and he struggles to find his place back in the hospital. Meanwhile, Mo continues with her plan to have a baby by herself, until Mr T steps in with a shocking proposal

Season 18 Episode 13
Young Hearts, Young Free While battling for a research grant at an outdoor pursuit centre, Arthur is pushed to the limit as he tries to win Morven's affections. Meanwhile, Zosia is torn when she is offered a research internship in Edinburgh, but time is running out for Ollie to be honest about his feelings for her. Medical drama, starring Rob Ostlere and David Ames

Season 18 Episode 14
The Hope That Kills Essie allows her personal life to affect her work when she has to deal with a case involving an adopted son donating his kidney to his birth mother. Guy's career goes from strength to strength, but at a cost, while Morven suggests to Arthur that they keep their new relationship a secret, although things don't quite go to plan

Season 18 Episode 15
Sins of Our Fathers Hanssen pits Jac against Guy in the race for funding, but has Jac got what it takes to win? Determined to be exceptional, Arthur's ambition drives him to a new but strangely familiar path. Meanwhile, Sacha lies to protect Essie's feelings, and is unprepared when the truth is finally revealed. Medical drama, starring Guy Henry and John Michie

Season 18 Episode 16
Kiss and Tell When Arthur returns to Keller, Morven's dad places him in a compromising situation, and he is torn between doing the right thing for his girlfriend or his patients. Meanwhile, as Mo waits to see if she is pregnant, her true feelings for Mr T are pulled into sharp focus. Elsewhere, memories of Serena's mother are stirred when an old neighbour arrives at the Acute Assessment Unit

Season 18 Episode 17
Serenity When an Army medic arrives on Darwin, tensions run high for Guy and Ollie. Meanwhile, Serena battles a difficult decision after the discovery of a family secret, and Dom lands himself in hot water when he tries to keep a secret from Ric. Can Dom keep his cool as the pressure rises, or will the truth out?

Season 18 Episode 18
A Partnership, Literally A figure from Dominic's past makes an unwelcome return with traumatic consequences, and the death of Serena's sister sets off a chain of events that brings an unexpected visitor to Holby. Meanwhile, Zosia is out of her depth when she becomes over-involved in the personal life of her patient, Major Bernie Wolfe

Season 18 Episode 19
All That Glitters Dom returns to work after being cleared by the police, but he is shocked to find that Lee still has the power to hurt him. Meanwhile, Morven makes a life-changing decision as her father's condition deteriorates. Mo needs to take her plans for solo parenthood to the next stage, but she is distracted when she helps a patient

Season 18 Episode 20
All Fall Down Arthur's dream of becoming a live donor for Morven's father receives a damaging setback. Meanwhile, Serena must decide if she's going to fully accept Jason into her family or not. And it's Bernie's first day as a civilian doctor, but will she be able to leave the army rules behind?

Season 18 Episode 21
One Under Arthur goes into battle for a young patient who was hit by a train, but buries his head in the sand over his own health. Meanwhile, a hungover Adele gets more than she bargains for when she becomes Guy Self's nurse for the day. Elsewhere, Morven arranges a charity auction and Fletch sells Raf to the highest bidder

Season 18 Episode 22
On the Ropes Ric battles to stay in control when operating on his old school teacher, while a feisty young patient reminds him of his former self. Meanwhile, Mo is left reeling after finding out she didn't get the Consultant's job and realises that it's gone to an old acquaintance of Jac's. Elsewhere, Serena is in love with Robbie, but feels nervous about introducing him to her family

Season 18 Episode 23
Where We Belong Bernie is forced to question what she wants when her future at Holby is put in doubt, while Ollie and Zosia's world is blown apart when a former flame of his turns up. Elsewhwere, Cara wants to keep her personal and professional lives separate when it comes to her living arrangements, but soon realises the errors of her ways

Season 18 Episode 24
Who You Are A life-changing birthday gift leaves Morven reeling as she struggles to cope when Austin is admitted to AAU, while Mo and Sir Dennis clash over a patient. Still suffering from the aftermath of the attack, Ric has an emotional outburst on the ward, leaving him grateful for Jesse's help

Season 18 Episode 25
A Friend in Need Arthur receives some shattering news during his engagement party, and Adele makes a startling decision when an old friend is re-admitted to Darwin. Meanwhile, complications arise when Cara finally makes a move on Raf

Season 18 Episode 26
Handle With Care When Jason arrives on AAU with his seriously ill carer Alan, Serena's personal involvement affects her professional judgement. In the aftermath of the news that Arthur's cancer has progressed, Dominic is overly protective of his friend. But acting out of character proves counter productive. And keen to impress on her first day on Darwin, Cara has to manoeuvre herself though a personality clash and a song-based initiation test

Season 18 Episode 27
Dark Night of the Soul In the aftermath of his mother's death, Jesse reappraises his relationship with his grieving father and makes a life-changing decision. When Mo's mother, Ina, is admitted with end stage heart failure, Mo clashes with Sir Dennis over her treatment. Meanwhile, Ric takes the case of a patient with an injury to a delicate part of his anatomy very seriously, but a shared interest in poker and boxing help the medic to find his own funny bone

Season 18 Episode 28
Prioritise the Heart When Bernie finds herself working alongside an old army colleague, she's forced to confront the secrets of the past and face the truth behind her sudden exit from the army. Meanwhile, Serena has to make a stark choice between her own future happiness and her responsibility to Jason. Elsewhere, Mr T is frustrated to discover that no-one takes him seriously, but can he find his voice and prove them wrong?

Season 18 Episode 29
Out of Sight Out of Mind Arthur rallies when Morven's dad, Austin, is admitted in need of an immediate liver transplant. Meanwhile, Zosia persuades a terminal patient to be a guinea pig for Jac's new stent prototype, and when Bernie is served with divorce papers, she realises her ex is going for the jugular

Season 18 Episode 30
The Coward's Way Bernie is shocked when her estranged husband turns up at work and she battles to keep her adultery a secret. Meanwhile, new nurse Naomi Palmer makes an instant impression on Fletch, and the two hit it off - much to Raf's disapproval. Elsewhere, a fragile Zosia struggles to keep her emotions at bay as she deals with Arthur's cancer

Season 18 Episode 31
It Tolls For Thee Arthur and Morven celebrate their love for each other on a day neither will forget. Meanwhile, Mo listens to her head instead of her heart, leading to a last minute dash to the airport, but is she too late? Elsewhere, Serena is devastated when her actions have terrible consequences for the hospital

Season 18 Episode 32
Running Out Zosia oversteps the mark and accuses a patient of a media leak, leaving Oliver with an unwelcome dilemma. As his suspicions spiral out of control, Zosia makes a gut-wrenching decision. Dominic faces his fears when he encounters someone with a painful past, and Serena returns to find Bernie helping out on AAU. However, her gratitude is short-lived when she discovers the real reason for the surgeon's presence on the ward

Season 18 Episode 33
When I Grow Up Arthur is determined to prove his worth in the face of Hanssen's ambitions, but he struggles to keep his personal and professional lives separate, leaving him forced to make a tough decision. Oliver sees a chance to get back together with Zosia, but ends up in need of Cara's support when he pushes things too far. Raf comes to see Naomi in a new light, and makes a personal sacrifice

Season 18 Episode 34
The Sky Is Falling Zosia is forced to make a tough choice between Arthur and her career, and Dom's loyalty is tested by a familiar face. Meanwhile, Bernie struggles to find her place on the Acute Assessment Unit when an overbearing Serena insists she knows best. Will Jason become a casualty of their spat?

Season 18 Episode 35
I'll Walk You Home Arthur and Morven make a decision about their future, Dom battles with his guilt over letting down a friend and Zosia questions where her loyalties lie. Medical drama, starring Rob Ostlere and Eleanor Fanyinka

Season 18 Episode 36
Missing You Already A major train accident keeps the staff at Holby busy, as an influx of casualties arrives on the wards. While resources are stretched to their limit, Dom treats the disaster as a perfect opportunity to avoid his personal problems and escape into `work mode'. Bernie's husband turns her children against her as divorce proceedings continue, and as Zosia bottles up her grief, Ollie offers her a friendly shoulder to cry on - despite their break-up. Medical drama, starring David Ames and Jemma Redgrave

Season 18 Episode 37
The Lone Ranger Jac prepares to launch the new Digby Stent in a wave of publicity - only to discover someone has stolen the patent for the device. Hanssen tries to handle the setback with diplomacy - but can Jac be as cautious and forgiving? Dom is determined to be the best doctor he can - which proves easier said than done when a new registrar makes his life difficult - and Fletch tries to apologise to Naomi for standing her up on her birthday

Season 18 Episode 38
Another Day In Paradise - Part One Dominic finds a unique way to grieve the loss of his best friend, while Raf and Fletch are at loggerheads when Raf reveals how he really feels about Naomi. Meanwhile, Ollie is under the cosh when Jac leaves him with a list of jobs to do before a major operation

Season 18 Episode 39
Another Day In Paradise - Part Two Jac is forced to rely on Ollie when an allergic reaction prevents her from operating, while Raf and Fletch's friendship is tested when they work alongside Naomi. Essie goes full speed ahead with her plans to get pregnant, but Sacha struggles to cope with the pressure of the situation

Season 18 Episode 40
Children of Men Mo finds coping with her pregnancy increasingly difficult with only Hanssen to confide in, and struggles with a big choice regarding her future. Already snowed under with a packed and understaffed AAU, Fletch finds himself treating a drug addict who makes light of his situation - and when Mikey strikes a bond with the patient, Fletch gets more than he has bargained for. Isaac resolves to impress Ric, but finds his confidence knocked when treating a loudmouthed teenager

Season 18 Episode 41
A Perfect Life A troubled patient pays a return visit to Holby, but then goes missing from the ward. Essie resolves to find her wayward charge, but the search places her own life in jeopardy, and when Sacha realises she is missing from a family night out, a tragedy begins to unfold before his very eyes. Meanwhile, Serena struggles to manage the new trauma unit in light of Bernie's absence, and new doctor Jasmine Burrows makes a very good impression on Ollie as she bursts onto Darwin for her first shift

Season 18 Episode 42
From Bournemouth With Love Ollie is contacted about a job in Pakistan, and when he clashes with Guy on another case, and Mo refuses to take his side, he begins to ask some serious questions about his place - and his future - at Holby. Morven braces herself for her first day back at work following Arthur's death, and her confidence receives a knock when one of her old patients turns up on the ward. Meanwhile, Essie urges Dom not to let his past experiences hold him back after he receives an invitation to a formal ball from Isaac

Season 18 Episode 43
Back in the Ring Still grieving for Arthur, Ric questions his surgical skill, when he faces losing another young man. Oliver realises he needs to move on from his relationship with Zosia, when he treats a patient with a malfunctioning mechanical heart. Meanwhile, Jason observes the ward, and Serena finds herself not only clashing with Bernie, but under scrutiny from her nephew

Season 18 Episode 44
Indefensible Bernie's wayward son Cameron arrives at the hospital, forcing his mother to face some home truths about her parenting skills - and when he asks her to lie for him about a serious car accident, she finds it harder than ever to refuse. Sacha and Essie clash over a patient, although it soon becomes clear that the root of their disagreement is personal as they struggle to put the events of the pharmacy siege behind them, and Morven confides in Jasmine when she treats a difficult patient

Season 18 Episode 45
Little Acorns Guy must face his past when an unexpected patient arrives at the hospital. Meanwhile, Fletch struggles with single parenthood as his work and home lives collide, and Ric makes a new enemy as he campaigns for the deputy CEO role

Season 18 Episode 46
Fractured Jac returns from a break to find Guy's mother on the ward in need of urgent treatment. She is impressed with Jasmine, who shows a keen interest in the medicine - but that turns sour when she discovers the truth about the junior doctor. Serena is excited about going on holiday with her daughter but discovers she is needed on AAU, while Essie and Sacha worry that in trying for a baby they have lost some of their sparkle

Season 18 Episode 47
Protect and Serve Fletch struggles to treat a patient under police escort, but when they make a desperate dash to escape, Bernie and Serena rush to deal with an unfolding tragedy and a personal crisis of their own. Meanwhile, a troubled Morven seeks solace in charity work at a homeless shelter. However, the respite doesn't last long when Jasmine and Bernie's son, Cameron, encourage her to join them on a night out with Jez and Iain, from the hospital's Casualty Department

Season 18 Episode 48
Brave New World Sacha's birthday celebrations do not go according to plan, while Mo's delight at Mr T's return is short-lived. Serena tries to cover her confused feelings for Bernie

Season 18 Episode 49
Say a Little Prayer Fletch is in the grip of a creeping paralysis after losing feeling in his feet, but Raf struggles to make the diagnosis that will save his life. In the dark about Ollie's relationship with Jasmine, Zosia begins to think about the possibility of a reconciliation and a happily engaged patient and her partner present a vision of what might have been for Sacha and Essie

Season 18 Episode 50
Emotionally Yours Dom is knocked for six by a shocking discovery about Isaac's relationship with his former mentor, and Ric is dispatched by Hanssen to deal with the estranged wife of the local MP. Jasmine is keen to impress Jac professionally and make a connection with her half-sister personally - but will Jac's public acknowledgement of their relationship bring them together or drive them further apart?

Season 18 Episode 51
Life in the Freezer Mr Thompson's sister is brought in for treatment, and soon grows suspicious that Mo is not being entirely truthful with her brother about the baby. Bernie is forced to assess her true feelings after Hanssen offers her the chance of a secondment in Ukraine - leading her to make a dramatic decision. Dom gets the chance to move in with Isaac, but when he struggles to tell Zosia he is moving out of their flat, he puts their friendship at risk

Season 18 Episode 52
Snakes and Ladders Fletch takes his first steps after his accident and Mo's attempts to befriend Inga in light of her new role as best man prove futile when she repeatedly says the wrong thing. Dom puts his own success to one side to help make Isaac look good, but they both wind up in trouble

Season 19 Episode 1
Into the Abyss Jasmine gets herself into trouble as she battles her hangover while working with Ric and things take a turn for the worse when she finds comfort speaking to Tristan Wood. Zosia refuses to emotionally engage with a terminally ill patient who reminds her of Arthur and Raf questions whether it is the right time to be stepping up his career

Season 19 Episode 2
Rocket Man Zosia's behaviour continues to spiral out of control, leading Jac to become increasingly concerned for her, and Essie finds herself drawn into another family's drama. Morven keeps a patient at arm's length when he flirts, but becomes fonder of him after she witnesses a moment of vulnerability

Season 19 Episode 3
Black Dog Jasmine's future in the hospital hangs in the balance after being caught out lying by Hanssen, Ollie decides to follow advice from Mo, which ends up resulting in disastrous consequences and Serena's world is suddenly turned upside down when she is confronted by a familiar face from her past

Season 19 Episode 4
Somebody to Love Morven's future in the hospital is uncertain after she becomes involved with one of the patients and Dominic fights to prove his worth to Isaac, but is unprepared for the consequences of his actions. Guy's loyalties are put to the test when Tristan asks for a personal favour

Season 19 Episode 5
Song of Self - Part One Part one of two. Guy's plans for his much anticipated Neurosurgical Unit are put in jeopardy when he makes a shocking discovery about Tristan Wood - the Unit's main benefactor. Meanwhile, Serena considers re-kindling her romance with a smitten Robbie but, with Bernie in her thoughts, can she commit to happy ever after with him? And Ric is pressurised to undermine everything he's worked for by Tristan

Season 19 Episode 6
Song of Self - Part Two Part two of two. A conflicted Guy fights to save Tristan's life, and Raf's budding relationship with Kim is tested when he makes a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, spurred by evidence of Essie's romantic conquests, Sacha tries online dating, but is it really a good match for him?

Season 19 Episode 7
The Kill List Isaac receives a research grant and an assistant position is up for grabs. Lovestruck Dom stoops to low levels to get the job, but will he be successful? Meanwhile, Mo and Mr T's relationship doesn't sit well with Inga and she has to fight for her fiance's attention - especially as she suspects Mo is hiding a huge secret. And when Bernie arrives back at work, Serena does all she can to make it clear she doesn't care at all

Season 19 Episode 8
Parasite The arrival of Italian Stallion Matteo immediately irritates Jac, but when the medic discovers his past misdemeanours she throws down the gauntlet. Meanwhile, Dominic gets emotionally embroiled in a challenging case which exposes cracks in his relationship with Isaac

Season 19 Episode 9
Glass Houses Jac puts her patient before her own health concerns, with serious consequences. Meanwhile, Raf is taken aback when Parker is admitted and is concerned about the boy's welfare, and Fletch bonds with a lonely and vulnerable patient

Season 19 Episode 10
Hallelujah Essie's feelings towards Parker lead her to make a questionable decision in her work. Meanwhile, Ollie is forced to decide how he really feels about Zosia, and Morven and Cameron clash on her first day as Foundation Doctor Representative

Season 19 Episode 11
The Nightmare Before Christmas A terrifying blast from the past upsets Dom's plans for the perfect Christmas with Isaac. Meanwhile, Jac pushes her closest friend away as she waits on life-changing news, and Fletch is unnerved when he hears from his estranged father, but will it ruin the Acute Assessment Unit team's Christmas?

Season 19 Episode 12
Just Get on with It Mo strives to suppress her true feelings for Mr T but, with his wedding looming, can she lie? Thrown off Darwin, and then Keller, it's Jasmine's last chance on the Acute Assessment Unit under a steely Serena. Elsewhere, Essie and Raf come to blows over a testing patient, but it's a thin line between lust and hate

Season 19 Episode 13
I Do, I Do, I Do When Mo uncovers a secret, Mr T and Inga's Swedish-style wedding takes a dark turn. Elsewhere, Serena and her daughter argue, so Elinor storms off, and after the terrible accident which follows, Jason heroically tries to save Serena's life

Season 19 Episode 14
Aces High Oliver must compete for both funding and Jac's support when Matteo pitches a tempting rival project. Meanwhile, Dominic tries to keep his relationship with Isaac a secret from his ever-embarrassing parents, and Cameron wrestles with his feelings for Morven on his last day at Holby City

Season 19 Episode 15
Stick or Twist Sacha begins to suspect Essie and Raf are in a secret relationship and Fletch fights to save his friend Artem's life, when the old gambler returns to the Acute Assessment Unit. Later, undeterred by Jac's apparent coldness towards him, Matteo attempts to make a move on her

Season 19 Episode 16
Daylight Mo returns from maternity leave and drops a bombshell, while Dominic gets a shock when he realises that going to Hawaii with Isaac is not going to be as straightforward as he hoped. Elsewhere, Fletch accepts that he's inherited a stash of money and can finally enjoy it

Season 19 Episode 17
Of Lions and Lambs A grief-stricken Serena returns to work looking for answers, and Dominic is in turmoil when Isaac reveals a devastating betrayal. Meanwhile, a fun game designed to help declutter their lives leads Ollie and Zosia to question if they're ready for the next stage in their relationship

Season 19 Episode 18
Losing Game A familiar face makes a return under shocking circumstances, and a grief-stricken, Serena takes an eager Jasmine under her wing but both get more than they bargained for. Meanwhile, Jac has a change of heart when she lets her paranoia get the better of her

Season 19 Episode 19
Four Letter Word Jac may finally acknowledge her feelings for Matteo, while Bernie sees through Serena's attempts to keep everything normal, but will it make or break them? Meanwhile, Raf is determined to keep it professional when Kim reaches out for help

Season 19 Episode 20
What We Pretend To Be Isaac's dark side comes to the surface as his relationship with Dominic reaches breaking point when he suspects he may have spent a night with another man. Serena's mentoring of Jasmine gives Morven cause for concern, and as Hector is taken ill, Mo and Mr. T start to reassess their work-life balance

Season 19 Episode 21
The Price We Pay Raf enthusiastically makes plans for the future with Kim and the twins he is to be a father of. However, his hopes and dreams look set to be dashed by a series of revelations. Serena takes out her misery over the loss of her daughter on Jasmine. Matteo tells Jac he wants her to be more open with him, but Hanssen warns him that he needs to think about his own secrets



Holby City Episode Guide.

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