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Merlin Episode Guide

Season 1 Episode 1
Part one of two. Sam Neill stars in an epic tale of brave-hearted knights and mystical sorcery in this swashbuckling drama as the legendary wizard. Merlin is created by the conniving Queen Mab to ensure the people of Britain do not forget the old pagan religion - but her ruthless nature causes him to abandon his magical training. Furious, she vows to do whatever it takes to get revenge, and soon finds the key in the shapely form of Merlin's true love. With Miranda Richardson, Isabella Rossellini, and Rutger Hauer

Season 1 Episode 2
Conclusion. The legendary wizard sets out to raise young Arthur as a true and noble man, hoping to bring peace and harmony to the land - but reckons without scheming Queen Mab's interference and her influence on Morgan Le Fey. Sam Neill, Miranda Richardson, Helena Bonham Carter, Isabella Rossellini, Jason Done and Martin Short star

Season 1 Episode 6
A Remedy to Cure All Ills Morgana succumbs to a mysterious illness and a new physician arrives in Camelot just in time to cure her. Uther is impressed by the stranger's abilities but Gaius becomes suspicious and enlists the help of his friend Geoffrey of Monmouth to find out more about the newcomer. Guest starring Green Wing's Julian Rhind-Tutt and former Grange Hill actor Michael Cronin

Season 1 Episode 9
Excalibur Arthur's uncle Tristan De Bois returns from the grave in the form of a mysterious knight in black. Although intent on revenge for his sister's death, he could also reveal a secret from Uther's past. Gaius realises the only way he can be killed is with a sword forged in dragon's breath. Featuring the voice of Christopher Fairbank

Season 1 Episode 10
The Moment of Truth Bandits attack Merlin's home village, where his mother Hunith still lives - but with Uther unwilling to provoke a war by crossing the border to repel them, Arthur joins forces with Morgana and Gwen. However, an old friend of the wizard's, William, accuses Arthur of provoking the situation. With Alexander Siddig and Joe Dempsie

Season 1 Episode 11
The Labyrinth of Gedref After Arthur kills a unicorn while hunting, Camelot's crops are destroyed and its water supply runs dry. The prince refuses to believe he could be responsible for any curse, but is warned by the animal's keeper that he must make amends or the kingdom will face ruin. Frank Finlay guest stars

Season 1 Episode 12
To Kill the King Gwen's father Tom is put on trial by Uther, accused of practising magic by helping a sorcerer turn lead into gold. However, Morgana fears his fate has already been decided, and tries to help him escape before he is sentenced to death. Cal Macaninch guest stars

Season 1 Episode 13
Le Morte d'Arthur Arthur is mortally wounded by a monster that has the body of a lion and the head of a serpent. Merlin seeks out followers of an ancient religion who have the power to reverse death, but he faces a tough decision after learning that another life must be sacrificed for the prince to survive. Last in the series

Season 2 Episode 1
The Curse of Cornelius Sigan Colin Morgan returns as the talented young wizard to protect Camelot from a fresh batch of foes. When slippery servant Cedric starts causing trouble, Merlin discovers the newcomer is a conman who hopes to get his hands on a precious jewel recently unearthed from a tomb. But without the support of Arthur, Merlin has to find help from the creature he swore never to trust again - the Great Dragon. Mackenzie Crook guest stars, with Bradley James

Season 2 Episode 2
The Once and Future Queen Worried that the knights will let him win because of who he is, Arthur enters Camelot's jousting competition anonymously. Though he struggles to adapt to living undercover at Gwen's house without the privileges of rank, the prince is so determined to prove he can do it that he fails to spot the danger from a bounty hunter sent to kill him. Fantasy drama, guest starring Adrian Lester, with Bradley James and Angel Coulby

Season 2 Episode 3
The Nightmare Begins Morgana begins to wonder whether she has magic powers, but Gaius insists she remain ignorant of her potential for her own good. Merlin refuses to accept the decision, and in wilfully disobeying his master, he reunites Morgana with Mordred, the boy the Dragon predicts will one day kill Arthur. Drama, starring Katie McGrath, Richard Wilson and Colin Morgan, with Colin Salmon

Season 2 Episode 4
Lancelot and Guinevere Gwen is mistaken for Morgana and kidnapped by savage outlaw Hengist, prompting Arthur to defy his father and race into enemy territory to her rescue. However, he finds she is not alone in the abductor's castle - Lancelot is already there. Fantasy drama, starring Angel Coulby, Bradley James and Santiago Cabrera

Season 2 Episode 5
Beauty and the Beast - Part One Part one of two. Uther becomes infatuated with the beautiful Lady Catrina, a newcomer to Camelot. However, Merlin realises she is really a troll hiding her true identity behind magic. As the young wizard fights to prove to the disbelieving Arthur that the woman is a monster, it becomes clear she is motivated by more than the prospect of winning the king's heart. Fantasy drama, guest starring Sarah Parish and Adam Godley

Season 2 Episode 6
Beauty and the Beast - Part Two Part two of two. Having married Uther, Queen Catrina increases her influence over Camelot. Her accusation that Merlin is a thief forces the wizard into hiding, leaving him to seek evidence that she is secretly a troll. If that were not hard enough, he must also identify the spell that will break her hold over the king. Fantasy drama, starring Colin Morgan and Anthony Head, with Sarah Parish and Adam Godley

Season 2 Episode 7
The Witchfinder Uther invites notorious witch-hunter Aredian to Camelot in a desperate bid to rid the kingdom of magic, and no one is beyond his suspicion. Morgana is certain the ruthless detective will burn her at the stake, so it is up to Merlin to try to save her without landing himself in trouble. Fantasy drama, guest starring Charles Dance, with Anthony Head and Colin Morgan

Season 2 Episode 8
The Sins of the Father A challenge to Arthur from a mysterious warrior sets in motion a terrible chain of events, which leads to the uncovering of a dark secret that threatens the whole kingdom, as Merlin and the Prince respond to a request from the beautiful Morgause. Emilia Fox (Silent Witness) guest stars alongside Bradley James and Colin Morgan

Season 2 Episode 9
The Lady of the Lake The wizard rescues a druid girl who has been captured by a bounty hunter, but his heroics lead to the release of a ferocious magical beast that brings terror to Camelot. As Merlin tries to protect the stranger, their friendship develops, but the arrival of her former jailer forces him to make several heart-breaking decisions. Fantasy drama, starring Colin Morgan and Laura Donnelly

Season 2 Episode 10
Sweet Dreams Dignitaries from rival kingdoms visit Camelot for peace talks, but one monarch, King Alined, hopes to stir up war by using magic to bewitch Arthur into falling in love with Vivian, the daughter of King Olaf. As the prince grows besotted, chaos reigns and it seems inevitable that the lands will be pitched into conflict. Guest starring Georgia Moffett and Mark Lewis Jones, with Bradley James

Season 2 Episode 11
The Witch's Quickening A ruthless warlock sends Mordred to steal a priceless magical relic Uther has locked deep within Camelot's vaults, relying on Morgana's bond with the boy to keep him safe on his mission. Though many have died trying to get their hands on the Crystal of Neahtid in the past, the true power of the ancient artefact is beyond even Merlin's imagination. Joseph Mawle (Jesus in The Passion) guest stars, with Katie McGrath

Season 2 Episode 12
The Fires of Idirsholas Fearing the revival of the deadly Knights of Medhir after 300 years, Arthur and Merlin leave Camelot to fight the magical army. In their absence an enchantment is cast that subdues the whole population except Morgana, and Morgause returns to the all-but-defenceless city - more determined than ever to destroy Uther. Starring Emilia Fox, Bradley James, Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath

Season 2 Episode 13
The Last Dragonlord The Great Dragon is finally free, and attacks Camelot. With the castle crumbling, the knights cannot hold out much longer - only a Dragonlord can kill such a beast and Uther wiped them all out years ago, or so it is believed. Gaius reveals one such man may still be alive and in hiding, so Arthur and Merlin set out in search of him, before the kingdom is destroyed. But even if they find him, can they persuade him to help his old enemy Uther? Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Richard Wilson and Anthony Head star, with a guest appearance by John Lynch. Last in the series

Season 4 Episode 6
A Servant of Two Masters Morgana uses ancient magic to bend Merlin to her will, turning him into a deadly assassin on a mission to kill the king. But with Arthur oblivious to the danger, his only hope rests with someone else noticing his manservant's strange behaviour before he commits the evil deed. Colin Morgan, Bradley James and Katie McGrath star

Season 4 Episode 7
The Secret Sharer Morgana sets out to uncover Merlin's secret, an act that would change the course of destiny - and to ensure success, she joins forces with enigmatic wizard Alator, meaning the young warlock is more reliant on his friends and allies than ever before. Sword-and-sorcery drama, guest starring Gary Lewis (Billy Elliot), with Colin Morgan, Katie McGrath and Bradley James

Season 4 Episode 8
Lamia The young warlock is struck by a mysterious illness that draws him to a distant village where something sinister lurks. Before long, he finds himself embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse - but he cannot be sure if he is the hunter or the prey. Colin Morgan stars in the sword-and-sorcery adventure

Season 4 Episode 9
Lancelot du Lac Lancelot's return from the dead reignites old feelings for Gwen, forcing her into temptation - a contest that, if she loses, could lead her to commit an unspeakable act of betrayal that would destroy the legacy of Camelot for ever. But Merlin is suspicious about the knight's reappearance and believes something more sinister is at play. Magical adventure series, starring Colin Morgan, Santiago Cabrera, Angel Coulby and Bradley James

Season 4 Episode 11
The Hunter's Heart Morgana finds an ally in powerful warlord Helios and they plot to take over Camelot. However, Arthur and his people are so preoccupied with a visit from the beautiful Princess Mithian, it is left to the returning Gwen to raise the alarm - and her appearance soon reopens old wounds. Sword-and-sorcery drama, starring Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath and Angel Coulby, with Janet Montgomery and Terence Maynard

Season 4 Episode 12
The Sword in the Stone: Part One In the first of a two-part season finale, Morgana and her massive army close in around Camelot, and when she strikes, the ferocity of her attack forces everyone to run for their lives - even Arthur. But the sorceress will not let him escape that easily - and so begins a chilling hunt for the king. Can Merlin save his master's life yet again? Sword-and-sorcery adventure, starring Colin Morgan, Bradley James and Katie McGrath, with guest appearances by Ben Daniels and Miranda Raison

Season 4 Episode 13
The Sword in the Stone: Part Two Part two of two. Morgana and Helios have captured Camelot, leaving Arthur and Merlin on the run - and faced with the betrayal of a trusted courtier and the strength of the enemy, the king has lost the will to fight. It seems only the young servant can restore his master's faith - but only an extraordinary act can prove he was born to rule. Sword-and-sorcery adventure, starring Colin Morgan, Bradley James and Katie McGrath, with guest appearances by Ben Daniels, Miranda Raison and Terence Maynard



Merlin Episode Guide.

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