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Mr Selfridge Episode Guide

Season 1 Episode 1
Andrew Davies' drama based on the life of American retail magnate Harry Gordon Selfridge, starring Jeremy Piven (Entourage) and Katherine Kelly (formerly Coronation Street's Becky McDonald). Harry arrives in London in 1908 with a grand plan - to open the biggest and finest department store in the world, and to do it within the year. With a frosty reception from the British press, the last-minute departure of a business partner and an ever-growing staff already on the payroll, not to mention his wife and family arriving from the US, the pressure is on for Harry to complete the project on time. As opening day approaches, he pulls out all the stops to achieve his dream - whatever the cost. With Frances O'Connor, Trystan Gravelle, Aisling Loftus and Tom Goodman-Hill

Season 1 Episode 2
The store has been open for a few months, the displays are dazzling and the staff are as eager as they were on opening day - but customers are few and far between. In an attempt to attract business, Harry arranges a meeting with French aviator Louis Bleriot - the first man to fly across the English Channel - hoping to exhibit his plane inside Selfridges. The event is a huge success, drawing in crowds of shoppers, but the retail magnate's sense of victory is short-lived. First, Lady Mae turns up to remind him how much he is in her debt. Then, he's caught in a compromising situation in Ellen's dressing room. Drama, starring Jeremy Piven, Katherine Kelly and Zoe Tapper

Season 1 Episode 3
Harry comes up with another new project to give the store a boost - he wants to set up a beauty counter near the front entrance to sell perfume and make-up - but some of the staff are not convinced this is such a good idea. Meanwhile, Victor is still trying to woo Agnes, but she appears to be more interested in Henri, and Lady Mae tells Rose the truth about Mr Selfridge's partnership with Ellen, which spurs Rose to do something for herself

Season 1 Episode 4
Harry scores something of a coup when prima ballerina Anna Pavlova agrees to pay Selfridges a visit. However, Agnes's job looks to be under threat when a violent Reg reaches breaking point and gatecrashes the event - and things only get worse when Ellen invites herself along. Meanwhile, one of the department store's most loyal employees is caught stealing, a formidable new head of fashion arrives and Rose reveals her true identity to Roddy

Season 1 Episode 5
Harry delights in a new car brought in for a window display, but after a confrontation with Rose, who has received a visit from his mistress Ellen Love, he hits rock bottom, drinking and reliving a traumatic childhood memory as he drives the vehicle into the night. Meanwhile, Agnes falls out with Victor when she returns to Selfridges, although Henri is pleased to see her again. Period drama, starring Jeremy Piven

Season 1 Episode 6
Harry is left unconscious after the car accident and as his family gathers by his bedside, the news arrives that Mrs Grove is dead - something which leaves Miss Mardle confused. Meanwhile, a suffragette demonstration in the area sees all the store's staff pulling together, and as Victor and Lady Mae conduct their secret affair, Agnes and Henri's friendship continues to grow

Season 1 Episode 7
Author and spiritualist Arthur Conan Doyle is in Selfridges for a Sherlock Holmes book signing when he persuades Harry to hold a seance in the store - and the results of the gathering force the retail magnate to have a long-overdue heart-to-heart with Lois. Meanwhile, Agnes is transferred to women's fashion, Doris resolves to help an old friend, Miss Mardle is still agonising over Mr Grove, and Kitty has a secret admirer. Guest starring John Sessions, with Jeremy Piven, Kika Markham and Aisling Loftus

Season 1 Episode 8
Old family friends Frank and Jennie Woolworth arrive in London and Harry is immediately suspicious he might have some competition on his hands. Determined to seize the advantage, he plans a mid-season sale - but there's little chance he can match his rivals' low prices. Meanwhile, life turns awkward for Rose when she runs into Roddy at Lady Mae's soiree, Agnes and Henri's working relationship steps up a gear, and Mr Grove's behaviour continues to confuse Miss Mardle

Season 1 Episode 9
Harry invites Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton to give a lecture in the store, but the retail magnate's mind is elsewhere, disturbed by news of a death. Rose complains about Roddy, but Mr Selfridge is shocked by what he has to say on the matter, Grove and Doris find consolation in each other and Victor finally plucks up the courage to tell Lady Mae what he really thinks of her

Season 1 Episode 10
Harry arranges for Edward VII to visit the store for an after-hours shopping spree, and is later invited to be the king's guest on the first night of Ellen Love's play at the theatre. Rose agrees to attend with her husband, but it's a decision she will soon come to regret. Meanwhile, Henri delivers sad news to Agnes, Kitty lets Miss Mardle in on a shocking secret and Victor decides to take matters with Agnes into his own hands. Starring Jeremy Piven, Frances O'Connor and David Calder

Season 2 Episode 1
New series. Return of the drama based on the life of retail magnate Harry Gordon Selfridge, played by Jeremy Piven. In the years since the opening of his store, Harry and wife Rose have become increasingly estranged, so he's thrilled when she travels from America to celebrate Selfridges' fifth anniversary. However, it's clear there's still a rift between them and she's more interested in an exciting new friendship with a novelist. Meanwhile, Lady Mae is thrown by her husband's unexpected arrival in London, and after hearing him blackmail his way onto a government military committee, she knows he's up to something - especially with all the rumours of an impending war. Co-starring Frances O'Connor, Polly Walker, Katherine Kelly and Aidan McArdle

Season 2 Episode 2
Trade unionists arrive at Selfridges to demand more rights for workers, and the protest stirs up emotions among the staff, with some asking whether Harry will return to America if war breaks out, and what this will mean for their jobs. Wanting to reassure everyone he isn't going anywhere, the store owner organises a tango party to thank his employees for all their efforts. Meanwhile, Lord Loxley thwarts Lady Mae's plans to escape to the country without him, and Rose tracks down Henri, finding him living in squalor

Season 2 Episode 3
Agnes works through the night to get the empire exhibition ready, but by morning it becomes clear to Harry she is struggling to cope with the project. Loxley pays Mr Selfridge a visit to tell him he can get Winston Churchill himself to open the event, while Lady Mae discovers the dire state of her husband's finances during a trip to the bank. Mr Grove is handed his final warning when he turns up to work late again, Henri receives a job offer and Rose finds Gordon's collection of racy photos

Season 2 Episode 4
With news of the first horrors of war in Belgium, the men of Selfridges clamour to sign up, while Rose, Delphine and Lady Mae organise a special chocolate sale to aid refugees - which goes down a treat in the store and proves inspirational for Miss Mardle. Thackeray suspects Henri is up to no good, Victor faces a family crisis and Loxley gets his shady money-making plans off the ground

Season 2 Episode 5
With so many of the men signing up for duty, the women are now working in the loading bay and struggling to adjust, while Harry yearns to do more for the war effort, so Delphine introduces him to several senior government figures who could help. Crabb organises rifle training for the staff, Thackeray's anxieties about Henri reach a new level and Miss Mardle entertains a surprising house guest. Lord Loxley suddenly seems to be in the money, much to Lady Mae's concern

Season 2 Episode 6
With German goods being taken off the store's shelves, Harry organises a patriotic concert to raise money for British troops, and Lady Mae arranges for an old friend (played by tenor Alfie Boe) to headline the event. However, Mr Selfridge has also offered to help the government, and just as the gig is about to begin, he's ordered to leave London on a secret mission to Berlin. Elsewhere, Agnes and Victor find themselves going over old territory and an increasingly paranoid Thackeray takes action against Henri

Season 2 Episode 7
Following Henri's arrest and Harry's disappearance, everyone is in a state of confusion and the police arrive at the Selfridges' home in search of clues. However, when Rose discovers her husband is away on secret government business, she's more worried for his safety than ever before. Meanwhile, Agnes receives an ominous telegram, Lady Mae has to make a tough decision, and will Loxley get his comeuppance?

Season 2 Episode 8
Harry deals with a raft of problems on his return from his secret government assignment - not least the news of Henri's arrest. Coming to his employee's aid, Mr Selfridge pulls a few strings and calls in a favour to get him out of custody. Meanwhile, the beleaguered staff receive a much-needed morale boost when Delphine arrives at the store accompanied by Hollywood producers and actresses, and Lady Mae decides it's high time she cut her ties with Loxley

Season 2 Episode 9
Having endured a scandal in the press and dealt with Henri's arrest, Harry is determined to get the store back on track and asks Delphine to organise a special event, but takes a risk by inviting notorious American journalist Winifred Bonfils Black. Meanwhile, as Miss Mardle experiences true happiness, Agnes doubts she has made the right choice, and Lady Mae and Frank unite to help Mr Selfridge, but could there be more trouble on the horizon?

Season 2 Episode 10
Harry is desperate to clear his name in time for Thanksgiving, but things get worse instead of better for the retail magnate when Rose brings him bad news. Meanwhile, a rowdy dinner takes place at the Selfridge house with all the family and new houseguest Lady Mae, and there is a promise of exciting new horizons for Victor, Agnes and Henri. Starring Jeremy Piven and Frances O'Connor

Season 3 Episode 1
New series. Return of the drama based on the life of retail magnate Harry Gordon Selfridge, played by Jeremy Piven. It's 1918 and as the family gathers at Rose's funeral, a grief-stricken Harry wonders how he will ever get by without his beloved wife. However, nine months later and the Selfridges are in high spirits - Rosalie is marrying renowned Russian aviator Serge De Bolotoff. At the forefront of the lavish wedding is Russian emigre Princess Marie (guest star Zoe Wanamaker), the glamorous mother of the groom, but what is she hiding? Agnes is overjoyed to be reunited with Henri, who has recently returned from the war. Kara and Hannah Tointon take over the roles of sisters Rosalie and Violette Selfridge for this third series

Season 3 Episode 2
While Harry pursues a new charitable project, Crabb is faced with a professional dilemma. The biggest fashion event in store since the end of the war proves a challenge for the staff, and an exclusive contract with the famous Parisian brand of Lanvin hangs in the balance. As Rosalie begins married life, a bored and frustrated Violette looks for something to keep herself occupied. Miss Mardle decides to make a fresh start, Agnes faces an unexpected obstacle close to home and Loxley makes trouble for Mr Selfridge

Season 3 Episode 3
Harry pushes ahead with plans for the Selfridge Estate, aiming to buy a field at auction, but an unexpected rival bidder poses a threat. Kitty launches a high-profile cosmetics demonstration, getting herself into her boss's good books and landing a job for her sister Connie in the process. Miss Mardle returns to the store and makes her mark in fashion, while Henri continues to behave erratically, leaving Agnes out in the cold. Could their marriage be in trouble? Jeremy Piven stars in the period drama

Season 3 Episode 4
Kitty is taken to hospital following the attack, and a horrified Frank later learns he may be unwittingly complicit in the incident. As a police investigation begins, security is tightened at the store. Shaken by the evening's events, Harry abandons his theatre plans and takes Nancy to dinner instead. He toasts to friendship - but it becomes clear he's falling under her spell. A seductive Violette makes her move on Victor, who finds himself in trouble with DI Purkiss, while Henri and Agnes struggle to work through their problems

Season 3 Episode 5
As his secret romance with Nancy continues, Harry announces the acquisition of the Selfridge Estate - but Loxley is out to get him. Mr Grove and Miss Mardle compete for the role of deputy manager, while Kitty finds herself the focus of unwelcome press attention in the aftermath of her attack. When Lois drops in unexpectedly on Princess Marie, the exiled Russian is forced to reveal the truth about her situation, and as things hot up between Victor and Violette, the future of the club seems to be in jeopardy

Season 3 Episode 6
Drama based on the life of American retail magnate Harry Gordon Selfridge, starring Jeremy Piven and Katherine Kelly

Season 3 Episode 7
Nancy begins to feel the weight of her deception as her fling with Harry continues, while Mr Selfridge finds himself pushed into a corner when he clashes with Loxley at a shareholders' meeting. Reality soon hits home as Victor and Violette take a romantic trip to the coast, and George grows increasingly unhappy at the club. As Mr Grove struggles to face up to recent events, Miss Mardle offers her support, but beneath the surface she is racked with guilt - and when he finds out the truth, he makes a rash decision

Season 3 Episode 8
Harry is thrown when Nancy suddenly announces they should keep their relationship professional, at least until the Selfridge Estate is finished. A grieving Mr Grove is keen to carry on as normal, but continues to shun Miss Mardle, while Grace and Gordon have an embarrassing encounter with Mr Crabb. Victor and Elsa come up with a new idea for Colleano's, Violette catches the eye of a visiting French count, and a huge `Britain at Play' promotion is launched in the store to keep the shareholders happy

Season 3 Episode 9
Harry takes a massive gamble with the biggest flash sale in the store's history, while Nancy finds it difficult to keep their engagement a secret from Gus, and a meddling Princess Marie makes things even trickier when she starts to smell a rat. As Gordon and Grace try to get back on track, Violette is presented with a pragmatic life choice. Miss Mardle and Mr Grove come to blows again, and Loxley manipulates the board into making a decisive move against Mr Selfridge. Jeremy Piven stars in the period drama

Season 3 Episode 10
Harry locks horns with Loxley in a dramatic boardroom confrontation before he announces his engagement to Nancy, while it becomes clear to the future bride that the con may not last much longer as Princess Marie grows more suspicious about the Selfridge Estate project. Harry is later forced to face an unimaginable truth, while Gordon must make a big romantic decision and Mr Grove accepts the error of his ways, setting out to put things right. Jeremy Piven stars in the period drama

Season 4 Episode 1
It's 1928 and nine years on, retail magnate Harry is enjoying his time at the heart of the Roaring Twenties. In store, while about to unveil a new monument he receives a very special visitor - though a later accident places his role at the helm in jeopardy. Elsewhere, Mr Grove celebrates his birthday in the company of his now 19-year-old daughter Meryl, and store favourite Kitty Edwards is keen to show off her luxurious new abode - while her sister Connie has some exciting news. With Jeremy Piven, Tom Goodman-Hall and Amy Beth Hayes

Season 4 Episode 2
Following the Queen of Time unveiling accident, Harry recovers at his country home. However, keen to quash any retirement rumours, he returns to the store at the earliest possible moment intent on opening a cutting-edge technology department, and soon annoys Mae when he insists on a role for the Dolly Sisters at her first-ever fashion launch. Kitty is soul-searching after Connie's news gets around the store, while mysterious entrepreneur Jimmy Dillon starts to make his mark on Harry - not to mention Mae. With Jeremy Piven, Katherine Kelly, Amy Beth Hayes and Sacha Dhawan

Season 4 Episode 3
Despite his loss, Harry pretends that it is business as usual and is happy to be distracted by new belle Rosie Dolly. Kitty is nervous to meet her role model, cosmetics icon Elizabeth Arden, who is opening an historic concession in the store. Following a fall, Grove contemplates retirement and buys the family's first motorcar, while the launch of a joint venture between Jimmy and Harry leaves Gordon simmering. Drama, starring Jeremy Piven, Emma Hamilton, Amy Beth Hayes, Madeleine Potter, Tom Goodman-Hill and Sacha Dhawan

Season 4 Episode 4
Buoyed by the success of the Selfridge Trust, Harry whisks Mae, Jimmy, Frank, the Dolly Sisters and a group of journalists abroad to Biarritz for a typically decadent roaring twenties affair, which soon manages to get a little out of hand. Unperturbed, the retail magnate uses the occasion to announce that the Selfridge group has purchased a raft of new department stores across Britain. Meanwhile in London, the staff are preparing for a special visit by celebrated writer AA Milne, and Grove determines to continue with life as normal, until he gets a blast from the past. Drama, starring Jeremy Piven and Tom Goodman-Hill

Season 4 Episode 5
The ground floor of the department store is transformed into a movie set, as Double Trouble starring the Dolly Sisters and famed-actor Bumby Wallace is filmed. Harry is delighted to be the source of excitement throughout London once again, as Grove and Mardle attempt to grapple with their past - and their future. Kitty comes to a horrible realisation, and Mae reconnects with old-flame Victor. Meanwhile, Harry's mistakes catch up with him in dramatic fashion. Drama, starring Jeremy Piven and Tom Goodman-Hill

Season 4 Episode 6
Reeling from the bad publicity after the assault on the store, Harry finds himself forced to admit the true state of his financial affairs when D'Ancona piles on more pressure, and later finds himself embroiled in a costly spat with media magnate Lord Wynnstay. Mr Grove and Miss Mardle plan their very special forthcoming event, and Meryl enlists Tilly's help for a very important task - fuelling Miss Ellis' ire in the process. Mae and Victor grow closer, leaving Jimmy to become increasingly jealous. Drama, starring Jeremy Piven and Tom Goodman-Hill

Season 4 Episode 7
Harry determines to get his life and the store back on track, and returns to what Selfridge's does best - a classic, store-wide summer promotion. However, he still has to contend with the disruptive antics of Lord Wynnstay, while a guilt-ridden Jimmy hides behind a daring new business proposition. Despite her grief and shock, Mae's new ready-to-wear summer collection proves a runaway success as Kitty's time at Selfridge's comes to a poignant end. Drama, starring Jeremy Piven, Sacha Dhawan and Katherine Kelly

Season 4 Episode 8
Harry, Gordon and Jimmy publicly announce the purchase of Whiteley's, claiming it to be an exciting project that will cement the future of the Selfridge legacy. However, while later helping out Crabb with the Whiteley's accounts, Harry makes a worrying discovery. Grove is forced to admit it's time to retire, while Meryl makes a stand to her father in order to get Tilly reinstated. Jimmy starts to arouse suspicions when questioned about Victor, and a sudden tragedy sends shockwaves through the store

Season 4 Episode 9
As preparations are made to celebrate the store's 20th anniversary, Harry works tirelessly to break the suppliers' embargo on Whiteley's, while Mae manages to avoid him. A stoic Mardle struggles to cope, and Meryl steps in to provide some much-needed help. Jimmy's accountant reveals a massive problem, which leads to a very risky and secret plan, while journalist Joe Tooby continues to investigate him - with shocking results. Drama, starring Jeremy Piven, Sacha Dhawan and Katherine Kelly

Season 4 Episode 10
Harry's judgement, Whiteley's and even Lady Mae's love life are now all under the spotlight of a tabloid frenzy. Jimmy's final act has Harry reeling and the retail mogul retreats from the publicity for the sanctuary of home. Mae, now at the end of her tether, contemplates her future in London. The threat of a trade embargo imposed by Hardcastle sees acting boss Gordon backed into a corner, and Harry called to account. Drama, starring Jeremy Piven, Katherine Kelly and Greg Austin



Mr Selfridge Episode Guide.

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