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Primeval Episode Guide

Season 1 Episode 1
Evolutionary zoologist Nick Cutter investigates a sighting of a mysterious animal and soon finds himself confronted by a gigantic creature believed to be extinct. As he enlists the help of his team to discover how it managed to travel to the 21st century, a deadly predator goes on the rampage. First episode of the fantasy drama, starring Douglas Henshall and Hannah Spearritt

Season 1 Episode 2
Cutter investigates an invasion of giant spiders on the Underground and soon finds himself confronted by a far more ferocious creature - the 15ft arthropleura, a prehistoric relative of the millipede. Stephen tries to save his old friend but is attacked in the process and has a vision of Helen, who delivers a message intended for her husband. Meanwhile, Abby is unimpressed by Connor's romantic overtures. Fantasy drama, starring Douglas Henshall and James Murray

Season 1 Episode 3
Cutter tries to find the mobile anomaly through which an ancient sea monster has travelled to the 21st century, attacking two lifeguards and a young boy at a swimming pool. Meanwhile, Claudia's suspicions are confirmed when the body of a diver is found - with a message from Helen attached. Fantasy drama, starring Douglas Henshall and Lucy Brown

Season 1 Episode 4
Helen refuses to answer Lester's questions about the anomalies and manages to escape custody, leaving behind a flock of dodos - which is playing host to deadly parasites. One of the creatures bites Tom, giving him a compelling urge to attack - and prompting Cutter and the team to launch a desperate bid to prevent a pandemic. Fantasy drama, starring Juliet Aubrey and Ben Miller

Season 1 Episode 5
The discovery of a murdered golfer and an anomaly in the sky leads to a whole new set of problems for the team. As Abby and Connor investigate the latest sightings they come across a disturbing scene in the woods and Claudia finds herself at the mercy of a savage pack of flying prehistoric reptiles

Season 1 Episode 6
Helen returns and claims a predator from the future is behind a spate of disappearances, prompting her estranged husband to join her on a desperate race through time to prevent further attacks. Claudia is sceptical about the scheme - and it seems her concerns are well-founded when a showdown between creatures from the past and the future ensues

Season 2 Episode 1
Cutter grapples with Claudia Brown being erased from history whilst struggling to adjust to working with her replacement Oliver Leek. Meanwhile, the team tries to recapture a Utahraptor that is on the loose in the local shopping centre. Fantasy drama starring Douglas Henshall and Hannah Spearritt

Season 2 Episode 2
A sulphurous mist spreads through a newly built skyscraper in the city with mysterious creatures lurking beneath that attack the employees. The situation tests the nerve of new operations manager Jenny Lewis as events inside unfold and the team races to rescue trapped executives before it is too late. Connor sets out to develop an anomaly detector for the team to use, while Abby takes an instant dislike to his latest love interest. Douglas Henshall and Hannah Spearritt star

Season 2 Episode 3
The team's new anomaly detector fails on its first outing when a paintballer is attacked at an adventure park. Refusing to accept the machine does not work, Cutter starts to think of a conventional explanation, while Connor disgraces himself by accidentally shooting the park's mascot. When the real culprit is revealed, the professor is forced to consider the possibility of human involvement as well as an anomaly. Guest starring Casualty's Gillian Kearney

Season 2 Episode 4
An anomaly opens underwater, dragging a teenager into a flooded drain leading to a canal. As the team launches a frantic search, Jenny narrowly escapes with her life when her boat is attacked by a shark - although the youngster is not so lucky. The team is convinced he was killed by the big fish, but Cutter is not so sure, believing there is a different creature out there. Sci-fi drama, starring Douglas Henshall, Lucy Brown and Hannah Spearritt

Season 2 Episode 5
When an 11-year-old girl wanders through an anomaly into a desert, ARC traitor Oliver Leek is first on the scene with a heavily armed team of mercenaries at his disposal - but they soon fall victim to deadly scorpions lying below the sand. Cutter and Stephen eventually make their way through and manage to locate the girl, only to get stranded when the portal closes behind them. Douglas Henshall stars

Season 2 Episode 6
Cutter sets out to unmask the ARC traitor, only for his plans to be interrupted when a giant mammoth appears on a busy motorway in broad daylight. The team rushes to the site, and eventually manages to trap the beast in the back of a lorry - but suspiciously, Stephen is nowhere to be found. Douglas Henshall stars, with an appearance by Ramon Tikaram

Season 2 Episode 7
With most of the team trapped in the bunker with the menagerie of future predators, Leek releases a Silurian sand scorpion at a busy beach and threatens to let loose more horrors. Stephen is the only one who can battle the scorpion, and as he does so Cutter and the others plot their escape - only to realise that if they do, they will unleash the creatures around them

Season 3 Episode 1
A crocodile-like monster from ancient Egypt breaks through an anomaly at the British Museum, and a race against time ensues as Cutter, Abby and new head of security Captain Becker chase the otherworldly animal through London, while Connor and museum archaeologist Sarah stand guard

Season 3 Episode 2
Jenny, Connor and Abby are sent to uncover the mystery surrounding a haunted house in which two teenagers died years earlier, and find themselves battling a terrifying camouflaged creature from the future that can disguise itself until it is almost invisible - as well as a meddling detective. Hannah Spearritt and Jason Flemyng star

Season 3 Episode 3
Disaster looms when cute but dangerous burrowing creatures from the Permian era threaten to chew through the power supply of a busy London hospital. Elsewhere, the ARC is attacked by an army of cleaner replicas from the future led by Helen, and Cutter faces his ultimate battle when confronted by his own clone. With Douglas Henshall and Hannah Spearritt

Season 3 Episode 4
A giganotosaurus appears when the biggest anomaly the team has encountered opens in an aircraft hangar. The giant creature smashes aside journalists keen to get a scoop, before playing cat and mouse with a 747 parked on the runway. A race to rescue the trapped crew from the rampaging predator ensues, with help coming from an unlikely source. Guest starring Nigel Marven, with Jason Flemyng

Season 3 Episode 5
The team battles a deadly flesh-eating fungus that takes over any human it comes into contact with, turning the victims into a hideous shell of their former self. However, they face a race against time to destroy the creature before it spreads its lethal spores throughout the whole country, absorbing everyone it encounters and gaining in strength and momentum all the time. Starring Jason Flemyng and Hannah Spearritt

Season 3 Episode 6
A high-speed chase through the streets of London ensues when Christine Johnson and the military invade the ARC in search of a mysterious artefact. Forced to take refuge in an old hut in the woods, Abby, Sarah and the team's sense of safety is short-lived when an anomaly opens nearby and they find themselves besieged by giant terror birds. Elsewhere, Jack faces trouble of a different kind when he hosts a game of poker. Hannah Spearritt, Laila Rouass and Robert Lowe star

Season 3 Episode 7
A wounded dinosaur, a dracorex, appears when an anomaly opens in the middle of a car breaker's yard. Just as the team is trying to force it back, a medieval knight gallops through the portal, chasing what he believes to be a dragon. While Becker, Abby, Danny and Connor split up to pursue the dangerous beast and the fierce warrior, Sarah seizes the opportunity to step back in time. Hannah Spearritt and Laila Rouass star

Season 3 Episode 8
Jack sets out to uncover the truth about his sister's job, but soon finds himself under attack from a Megopteran, a huge carnivorous insect-like futuristic creature. Seeking refuge in a race car at a test track, he inadvertently drives it straight through an anomaly and into the future - leaving Abby and the team with little choice but to launch a perilous mission to save him. Hannah Spearritt stars

Season 3 Episode 9
Abby and Sarah race to save a civilian who is trapped in a tent when an anomaly opens at a campsite and releases a herd of embolotherium - rhinoceros-type beasts from the Eocene. Danny arrives with a mysterious woman from the future who seems to have the power to stop the stampede, but the team discovers she has a dark secret. Jason Flemyng, Hannah Spearritt and Laila Rouass star

Season 3 Episode 10
Another chance to see the cliffhanger that brought the last series to an end, as a curtain-raiser to the new series starting soon. Danny, Connor and Abby race to stop Helen wiping out the whole of humankind, coming under attack from raptors and pterosaurs as they journey through several anomalies. Fantasy drama, starring Jason Flemyng, Andrew Lee Potts and Hannah Spearritt

Season 4 Episode 1
After a year trapped in the Cretaceous period, Connor and Abby find a lost anomaly device in a raptor's bower and escape back to their own time, only to discover ARC has been privatised and taken over by a new regime led by scientific entrepreneur Philip Burton (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Alexander Siddig) - and their services are no longer required. Hannah Spearritt and Andrew-Lee Potts star, with Ben Mansfield, Ben Miller, Ciaran McMenamin and Ruth Kearney

Season 4 Episode 2
Reunited with an old friend from university, Connor encounters a deadly creature terrorising the docks and finds evidence of a fresh kill. Abby and Matt arrive to help catch the beast, leading to a tense chase through a container yard. Later, Connor hopes his brave efforts will be rewarded and returns to ARC to fight for his job. Andrew-Lee Potts, Hannah Spearritt and Ciaran McMenamin star

Season 4 Episode 3
Matt inadvertently brings back a mysterious woman trying to escape through an anomaly ARC is investigating, but its sealing off means she has been left stranded - along with two undetected arboreal dinosaurs. Later, after Abby and Becker have managed to corner one of the deadly creatures in a theatre, Matt and the woman are forced to undergo a terrifying confrontation with the remaining beast. Hannah Spearritt, Ciaran McMenamin and Ruth Bradley star

Season 4 Episode 4
A school detention class is thrown into chaos when a teacher is killed and the pupils run riot - unaware that a deadly therocephalian is stalking the corridors looking for its next meal. ARC's attempts to capture the creature are hampered when youngsters hack into the automatic locking system, but the school lab proves invaluable when an even greater threat emerges. Elsewhere, Abby's menagerie is under threat. Hannah Spearritt and Andrew-Lee Potts star

Season 4 Episode 5
Connor and Abby are sent to investigate unusual anomaly signals in a coastal village, where they uncover the existence of a supposedly mythical labyrinthodont that has turned its attentions to the local fishermen after attacking cows. Back at ARC, Lester and Jess learn that Emily has been kidnapped by Ethan, prompting Matt to make a dash to a cemetery - where he faces a difficult choice. Hannah Spearritt and Andrew-Lee Potts star

Season 4 Episode 6
The team stumbles upon the stately-home wedding of ex-ARC member Jenny Lewis while investigating an anomaly. As the bride tries to keep her past hidden from her fiance, she finds herself reliving her old role by helping her former colleagues fight a family of hyaenadons that wreaks havoc at the ceremony. Meanwhile, Becker's life becomes endangered as the hunt for Ethan continues. Hannah Spearritt, Andrew-Lee Potts and Lucy Brown star

Season 4 Episode 7
ARC tackles a carnivorous terrorbird at a prison tourist attraction after an anomaly opens, which also results in the unexpected reappearance of Danny, who has a warning for the unit. Matt manages to locate Ethan at the same site, but fails to spot the danger he presents, giving him the opportunity to reveal his secrets as he takes revenge on Emily and the team. Jason Flemyng, Hannah Spearritt and Ciaran McMenamin star

Season 5 Episode 1
Lester hears reports that a man has been dragged into a huge hole in the ground, so the team heads out to investigate and soon comes face to face with a giant burrowing insect causing chaos across the city. Matt devises a plan to draw the creature out so it can be killed, but more than one member of the gang is put in danger as the battle commences. Back at ARC, Philip hires a new lab assistant for Connor, but is there more to her than meets the eye? Sci-fi adventure, starring Ben Miller, Ciaran McMenamin, Andrew-Lee Potts, Hannah Spearritt and Alexander Siddig

Season 5 Episode 2
When a nuclear submarine encounters an anomaly in the sea, the team is called aboard to help, only to come under attack from aquatic reptiles and be transported back to prehistoric times. With external damage to the sub and no electricity, Connor, Matt and Abby face a struggle to repair the craft for the journey home while fending off the marauding creatures. Back at ARC, Lester has to cope with Navy bigwigs threatening drastic action if the crew cannot fix the problem. Sci-fi adventure, starring Andrew-Lee Potts, Hannah Spearritt, Ciaran McMenamin and Ben Miller

Season 5 Episode 3
The team accidentally sends a ferocious raptor back to Victorian London, where it claims several victims. Matt races to track the creature down, only to find Emily trying to do the same thing - and just as they get over the shock of seeing each other again, two dark strangers drag her away. Meanwhile, at ARC, Abby hatches a plan to infiltrate Connor's lab and find out what he has been up to. Sci-fi adventure, starring Ciaran McMenamin, Ruth Bradley, Hannah Spearritt and Andrew-Lee Potts

Season 5 Episode 4
The team tackles killer beetles from the future, which swarm into Connor's lab through an anomaly and begin devouring everything in sight, starting with a luckless security guard. As the crisis escalates, Philip devises a way of saving the day - but unfortunately it entails destroying the whole of ARC. Drama, starring Andrew-Lee Potts, Alexander Siddig and Hannah Spearritt

Season 5 Episode 5
As the exhausted team members at ARC let Lester in on the secrets of Matt's mission, they are interrupted by news that anomalies are opening everywhere and there are reports of a T-rex loose on the streets. Matt knows he must get to Philip's machine and switch it off before it can create further havoc, but when Philip escapes Connor's custody, the clock is ticking to stop him before it's too late

Season 5 Episode 6
The ARC is put under threat by an army of future predators as the team fights to prevent the destruction of Earth and save Connor's life. Jess and Lester face a losing battle as they run out of weapons and ammunition, and with time ticking to stop Philip's anomaly expanding, Matt prepares to risk his life in a last-ditch attempt to seal it. Sci-fi adventure, starring Ciaran McMenamin



Primeval Episode Guide.

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