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Revolution Episode Guide

Season 1 Episode 1
Pilot New series. Post-apocalyptic adventure from the makers of Lost and Supernatural, set in a dystopian future 15 years after an unknown phenomenon disabled electricity and all devices powered by it. The drama follows members of one family who unite with a rogue band of survivors and set out on a mission to overthrow the militia, while exploring the mystery of why the power failed and whether it will ever return. Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos and Graham Rogers star

Season 1 Episode 2
Chained Heat Miles and Charlie hope to recruit a rebel fighter to their cause, while Danny witnesses exactly what his captor, Captain Neville, is capable of. A very special prisoner is revealed by militia leader General Monroe. Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos and David Lyons star in the post-apocalyptic drama

Season 1 Episode 3
No Quarter Nora leads Miles and Charlie to a rebel camp, which is soon attacked by Monroe Republic commander Jeremy Baker and his army. Meanwhile, Aaron and Maggie's search for the mysterious Grace leads them to an abandoned home containing a home-made computer. Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos and David Lyons star in the post-apocalyptic drama

Season 1 Episode 4
The Plague Dogs Charlie, Miles and Nora unite with Aaron and Maggie as they continue their search for Danny. However, trouble ensues when they kill a vicious dog and its owner exacts revenge. Danny is presented with a chance to escape his underground bunker, while Rachel - also being held prisoner by General Monroe - is forced to reveal information regarding Ben's role in the blackout. Drama, set in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future, starring Graham Rogers, David Lyons and Elizabeth Mitchell

Season 1 Episode 5
Soul Train The search for Danny intensifies as Charlie and her friends close in on Neville and his men. However, the militia leader is not willing to give up his hostage without a fight and has resurrected a forgotten technology to help him stay one step ahead of the rebels. Drama taking place in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future, starring Giancarlo Esposito and Tracy Spiridakos

Season 1 Episode 6
Sex and Drugs Nora is injured, so Miles takes the group to the home of a drug-dealing old acquaintance in search of medical assistance. The friend is willing to help - but it comes at a heavy price for Charlie. Neville finally delivers Danny to Monroe, while Jason reveals to the General that Aaron is in possession of one of the mysterious pendants

Season 1 Episode 7
The Children's Crusade The quartet encounters a village of lost children, one of whom has been kidnapped by the militia - and when Charlie suggests helping, Miles unexpectedly agrees. However, the mission sets in motion a startling chain of events that stops everyone dead in their tracks. Danny and Rachel are still being held captive, while Monroe and Neville are frustrated not to have found any pendants

Season 1 Episode 8
Ties That Bind Nora discovers her sister Mia is being held by the militia and faces a test of loyalties when ruthless sergeant Will Strausser threatens to kill her sibling unless Nora hands over Miles and Aaron's pendant. At Monroe's base, Neville hopes to save his son from certain death following the revelation of his loyalty to Charlie, while his wife Julia begins to question Monroe's leadership skills. Apocalyptic drama, starring Daniella Alonso and Kim Raver

Season 1 Episode 9
Kashmir Miles makes a deal with a gang of rebels - if they help him rescue his nephew, he will deliver Monroe's head to them. The only way to infiltrate the militia's base is through a series of disused subways which have been booby-trapped - and as they journey closer, the lack of oxygen causes hallucinations for the team. But even worse, it turns out there's a traitor in their midst. Above ground, Rachel works on a machine to amplify the pendant's power - but can she be trusted?

Season 1 Episode 10
Nobody's Fault But Mine The mission to rescue Danny takes the team to the centre of Monroe's lair, where Charlie makes a shocking discovery, while Miles plays Neville at his own game. As Rachel tests the general's patience, flashback sequences reveal the depth of the bond between Miles and Monroe, before the blackout and during its early years. So it proves difficult for the pair when they finally come face to face in an emotional stand-off

Season 1 Episode 11
The Stand The rebels escape from the compound relatively unscathed, but with Monroe's helicopter now in full flight, he launches a relentless attack. A guilt-ridden Rachel, having realised what she has done by building the amplifier, tries to redeem herself by offering to take Miles to a former colleague with weapons they can use to fight back. But the bloody battle that ensues causes devastating casualties

Season 1 Episode 12
Ghosts The rebels are devastated by their loss in the wake of the attack, but despite their guilt they carry on. Miles decides the best thing is to recruit his former militia comrade Jim Hudson, whose savage killing skills would be invaluable. At the HQ, Neville worries he's been replaced when Monroe leaves him out of an important operation

Season 1 Episode 13
The Song Remains the Same Monroe doubts Neville's loyalty to the militia following Jason's betrayal, so he gives the captain a chance to prove himself on a classified solo mission. But he is then captured by Miles and at the mercy of his enemies. Rachel and Charlie begin to rebuild their relationship, only to face being torn apart again when she embarks on a quest to restore the power and her self-respect. Accompanied by Aaron, she must make a dangerous journey to a mysterious tower, where her only chance for redemption lies

Season 1 Episode 14
The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia Monroe is plagued by paranoia when he discovers that Neville has fled Philadelphia and abandoned the Militia. Meanwhile, Rachel continues her dangerous mission to restore the power, and when Miles finds himself on the wrong side of the law in Georgia, he is offered an interesting proposition by someone with whom he shares a mutual enemy. Drama, starring Billy Burke and David Lyons

Season 1 Episode 15
Home The increasingly volatile Monroe is desperate to reclaim authority but knows the only way he can do it is to kill Miles, so he orders his former friend to meet him in their home town of Jasper. However, as the enemies square off, the past catches up with them in the shape of mutual love interest Emma, who has stunning news. Aaron's life is turned upside down by an unexpected encounter, while President Foster uses Tom Neville for intelligence on the Monroe Republic, putting his loyalty to the test. Former 24 stars Leslie Hope (Teri Bauer) and Annie Wersching (Renee Walker) join the cast

Season 1 Episode 16
The Love Boat Miles and Tom enter into an uneasy alliance and embark on a mission to keep the anthrax out of Monroe's hands, but it soon becomes clear the former enemies are struggling to trust each other. Meanwhile, Rachel gets injured on the journey to the tower, and fearing for her life she reveals more secrets to Aaron about why the power went out - stunning her companion by suggesting he could be involved - while Grace bears witness to a terrifying sight. Sci-fi adventure, starring Billy Burke, Giancarlo Esposito, Elizabeth Mitchell and Zak Orth

Season 1 Episode 17
The Longest Day As war rages all around, love blossoms in the rebels' camp, with both Miles and Nora, and Charlie and Jason growing closer. However, a devastating militia strike causes Miles to question whether there is a mole in their midst. Monroe's paranoia escalates as he accuses his last friend of leading him into an assassination trap, while Rachel reveals why she is determined to turn the power back on - and how she doesn't care if she dies while doing so

Season 1 Episode 18
Clue Monroe subjects Nora to several days of brutal torture in the hope of finding out the rebels' whereabouts, and it is only when he has left her for dead that she lets slip Rachel's plans to turn the power back on. There is trouble in the rebel camp when several of the group are killed, seemingly by one of their own. However, when Miles learns of the militia's plans to intercept Rachel, he sets out with Charlie, Jason and Neville to save her from certain death

Season 1 Episode 19
Children of Men The action drama reaches its conclusion with a double bill. Rachel and Monroe are forced to work together after gaining access to the tower, only to come under an unexpected attack. As militia troops surround the area, the rebels negotiate safe passage inside - leaving the Nevilles at the mercy of the men they once served alongide

Season 1 Episode 20
The Dark Tower The double bill concludes as Miles and Monroe face one another in a tense stand-off - will either man be able to kill the other this time? Aaron discovers the extent of his inadvertent involvement in the blackout, and sets out with Rachel, Nora and Charlie to turn the power back. But Neville and Flynn are determined to stop them

Season 2 Episode 1
Born in the USA New series. The apocalyptic drama picks up six months on from last season's devastating finale, when the triumph of turning the power back on was cut short by the launch of the nuclear missiles. Now the bombs have dropped and the world has changed again. Miles, Aaron and Rachel are adjusting to life in a small Texas town, where a familiar face soon mixes things up, Charlie is on a mission in the Plains Nation and Neville and Jason are searching for a loved one in a refugee camp

Season 2 Episode 2
There Will Be Blood Miles and Sheriff Mason are captured by Titus Andover, and it soon becomes clear the Texas warlord means business. Rachel and her father try to revive Aaron, Charlie's hunt for Monroe continues and Neville hatches a plan to infiltrate the Patriots

Season 2 Episode 3
Love Story Rachel and her dad break into the mill and rescue Miles, but their decision to take someone else - Titus's wife Jessica - sparks all-out war. Neville and Jason are caught off-guard by a group of violent refugees, while Charlie and bounty hunter Adam disagree over what to do with Monroe

Season 2 Episode 4
Patriot Games Willoughby is placed on lockdown and the gates are barred, preventing anyone entering or leaving the town. However, Rachel's curiosity gets the better of her, and when she investigates the situation, she makes a potentially costly discovery. Meanwhile, Neville manipulates a pair of Patriot power brokers, Aaron experiences a breakthrough, and the dynamic between Monroe and Charlie begins to evolve. Post-apocalyptic drama, starring Elizabeth Mitchell

Season 2 Episode 5
One Riot, One Ranger A new power comes to light as Aaron speculates about the extreme effects of Nano technology, while Miles reconnects with a figure from his past, a Texas Ranger who might just be the key to bringing down the Patriots. Emotions run high when Charlie is reunited with Miles and Rachel, and Neville is desperate to know the secret Secretary Allenford is keeping

Season 2 Episode 6
Dead Man Walking Time is of the essence for Monroe when he is placed under arrest by Edward and sentenced to death. Plus, Aaron's visions continue to spark questions. Drama, starring David Lyons and Zak Orth

Season 2 Episode 7
The Patriot Act As the hunt for power continues, and with a mole in their midst, Miles lays everything on the line to protect his family and friends. Meanwhile, the enemy tries to find the key to Aaron's unusual `gift'. Drama, starring David Lyons and Zak Orth

Season 2 Episode 8
Come Blow Your Horn Dr Horn proves to be a formidable obstacle for Miles and the gang as his interest in Aaron grows. Charlie gets caught in the middle when Rachel and Gene struggle to salvage what is left of their relationship, and Neville takes a gamble with the Patriots

Season 2 Episode 9
Everyone Says I Love You Charlie and Monroe make for an impressive double act when they join forces, while Rachel and Gene struggle to pick up the pieces and move on. Aaron and Cynthia have a run-in with Dr Horn, and Neville issues a determined proclamation after receiving a surprise

Season 2 Episode 10
Three Amigos The sci-fi drama returns after an 11-week break. Miles is ready to launch the next offensive, but first, Monroe wants payment for his part of the bargain - the location of his son. The scheming begins as Julia and Neville look to rise through the power ranks, while in a desperate search for answers, Aaron follows the rumours to Spring City, where he makes a remarkable discovery

Season 2 Episode 11
Mis Dos Padres Monroe's reunion with Connor proves to be anything but sweet as his estranged son hands him over to the local cartel boss. Meanwhile, Gene and Charlie spot Truman and the Patriots hurriedly building a new camp, leading to the discovery of a deadly new threat, and Grace drops another bombshell on Aaron by revealing the identity of a second houseguest. Post-apocalyptic drama, starring Billy Burke and Tracy Spiridakos

Season 2 Episode 12
Captain Trips The typhus outbreak has forced a truce between the Patriots and the Mathesons, although it's almost immediately shattered when Rachel makes a grim discovery. Meanwhile, the Nevilles put their political plans on the backburner to spring son JD from prison, and Aaron follows the nanites' lead back to Lubbock, Texas

Season 2 Episode 13
Happy Endings Monroe decides the only chance of winning is to recruit more muscle, so he leads Charlie and Connor on a risky mission to find mercenaries in Las Vegas. Neville accepts a deadly assignment after a face-to-face meeting with the President of the United States, and Aaron reconnects with an old friend who has embarked on a career as a faith healer. Featuring a guest appearance by US rock star Bret Michaels

Season 2 Episode 14
Fear and Loathing Following their disastrous heist, Monroe and Connor find themselves at Gould's mercy, and things deteriorate further when the casino boss spots an opportunity to make money and organises a high-stakes brawl between them. An increasingly combative Charlie sets out to interrupt their battle, while in Willoughby, Miles doesn't buy Neville's friendly act. Aaron's quest for answers gains momentum when he spots a flaw in the nanite code

Season 2 Episode 15
Dreamcatcher Aaron is confused when he wakes up in his apartment back in 2014, a world with power - until he realises he must have dreamed the whole experience of a post-apocalyptic Earth. But when he begins to bump into some very familiar faces, he concludes something isn't right. Zak Orth and Maureen Sebastian star in the sci-fi adventure

Season 2 Episode 16
Exposition Boulevard The Patriots are back in Willoughby, where they stumble upon the enemy's new re-education centre - and a couple of its brainwashed pupils. Rachel and Miles clash over the extremes they are prepared to go to in their fight for the greater good, while Neville and Jason gain a new ally

Season 2 Episode 17
Why We Fight Gene is tired of the bickering between Miles and Monroe, so he heads into Willoughby to recruit more allies, contacting an old flame who runs the local bar. But it soon becomes clear how much the Patriots have blackened his reputation. Meanwhile, as Monroe rebuilds his army, he comes up with a plan to surprise the enemy

Season 2 Episode 18
Austin City Limits Jason turns to Miles with information on the Patriots' plans for Texas, so the gang sets out for Austin, determined to stop them in their tracks. Meanwhile, Neville grows suspicious of wife Priscilla's increasingly strange behaviour

Season 2 Episode 19
S£!& Happens Neville confronts Charlie about his son's whereabouts, while Miles is separated from the group after encountering some Texas Rangers

Season 2 Episode 20
Tomorrowland Truman gets permission from the president to launch a mustard gas attack designed to kill Miles and Monroe. It proves a step too far, however, prompting the two of them to team up in a bid to beat the enemy at their own game. Neville has his own problem to deal with, while Aaron witnesses the full force of the nanotech's power

Season 2 Episode 21
Memorial Day Neville and Monroe join forces, united in their desire to wreak revenge on the Patriots, while Miles and the gang's attempt to steal the enemy's supply of mustard gas doesn't go according to plan. Rachel comes face to face with the nanotech during her search for Aaron. Penultimate episode of the sci-fi drama, starring Billy Burke, JD Pardo and Giancarlo Esposito

Season 2 Episode 22
Declaration of Independence The sci-fi adventure reaches its dramatic conclusion as Miles, Charlie and Monroe launch an attack on the Patriots to prevent all-out war between California and Texas. Neville closes in on President Davis, looking to satisfy his desire for revenge, and Aaron and Rachel's efforts to save Priscilla from the nanotech have unexpected consequences. Last in the series



Revolution Episode Guide.

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