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Rude Tube Episode Guide

Season 1 Episode 2
Pranks and Stunts Outrageous video footage of stunts and pranks, including the best wedding dancers, a shark surfer, a wheelchair backflipper, and an interview with the man responsible for a memorable BMX crash. Presented by Matt Kirshen

Season 1 Episode 3
Freaky Skills and Geeky Thrills Interviews with the people responsible for impressive, outrageous and astounding internet clips. Including a British 'fluteboxer', a Norwegian video editor, a drive-through rapper and a tongue-sewing artist - plus a countdown of the 20 most popular online videos

Season 1 Episode 5
Naughty and Naked Interviews with the people behind the internet footage of dirty ditties, moments of shame caught on camera, seductive songs and a boob tube workout. Featuring the much-viewed Wii Fit Girl, the self-styled Pimpmasta General, and a woman who can play the kazoo in an unusual way

Season 1 Episode 6
Animals and Kids Featuring children and creatures that have become famous online, with a mixture of bad behaviour, prodigious talent and animal magic - including swearing babies, break-dancing toddlers and motorbiking monkeys. Plus, interviews with the owner of a parrot with a foul mouth, two of the internet's most recognisable kids, and the victim of an infamous goose attack

Season 1 Episode 7
Drink and Drugs Featuring some of the most notorious internet videos of all time and the heavily inebriated people who star in them. Including a mix of the outrageous and often disastrous - with feats of drinking, celebrity spoofs, semi-naked strutting and a tipsy squirrel

Season 2 Episode 1
Rude Tube: Heroes and Villains Alex Zane showcases the world's most popular internet videos, combining the funny, bizarre and often rude exploits uploaded on to the web. This programme features the never-ending battle between good and evil as people are pitched against their sofas, trees take on houses, and a monkey goes to war with a car

Season 2 Episode 2
Rude Tube: All Things Weird and Wonderful Formation shepherding, two camels in a car, sex tips from a cantaloupe melon, Saudi Arabian sandal surfers and an extraordinary penguin escape all feature in Alex Zane's showcase of the world's most popular funny, bizarre and often downright rude internet videos

Season 2 Episode 3
Rude Tube: Superstars of the Web Alex Zane introduces a celebration of the most popular stars to appear in online videos, including Keyboard Cat, Cassetteboy and Bizkit the Sleepwalking Dog

Season 3 Episode 1
Rude Tube: Epic Fails Alex Zane counts down the top 50 video clips where things fail to go to plan, including a best man at a wedding having an unusual mishap, a festival-goer who mistakes a urinal for a sink, and a church pastor who regrets going for a motorbike ride inside church

Season 3 Episode 2
All Things Weird and Wonderful Formation shepherding, two camels in a car, sex tips from a cantaloupe melon, Saudi Arabian sandal surfers and an extraordinary penguin escape all feature in Alex Zane's showcase of the world's most popular funny, bizarre and often downright rude internet videos

Season 3 Episode 3
Superstars of the Web Alex Zane introduces a celebration of the most popular stars to appear in online videos, including Keyboard Cat, Cassetteboy and Bizkit the Sleepwalking Dog

Season 3 Episode 4
Rude Tube: Total Stunts Alex Zane presents a countdown of the 50 most dangerous stunts posted on the internet. The programme features breathtaking pranks, suicidal leaps, lizard snogging and the wedding DJ from hell

Season 3 Episode 5
Rude Tube: Rude Tunes Alex Zane continues his countdown, focusing on music-makers who have shot to stardom from nowhere thanks to the internet. Former US president George W Bush is among those featured, apparently performing a cover of a U2 song, along with a 75-year-old man's video remake of Katy Perry's California Gurls

Season 3 Episode 6
Rude Tube: Viral Ads Alex Zane counts down the 50 most comical and absurd viral commercials available on the internet, including running shoes that walk on water, the surfing sheep, a shark attack in Venice and Darth Vader sat-nav

Season 4 Episode 1
Epic Fails Alex Zane counts down the top 50 internet calamity videos of all time, including a pastor who regrets riding a motorbike in church and the best man at a wedding who had a mishap on a windmill

Season 4 Episode 2
Animal Madness Alex Zane counts down the 50 most popular online videos featuring animals, including Mischka the talking dog, a great white shark that tries to lunch on a couple of cage divers, the OMG cat and the rasping rooster that has become a star on Germany's thrash metal scene

Season 4 Episode 3
Ultimate Champions Alex Zane showcases the bizarre champions of the online universe, people who are very good or extremely bad at their chosen activities. The programme features a man who picks his nose with his tongue, the world's greatest petrol pump attendant and an emotional individual who cries at the sight of a rainbow

Season 4 Episode 4
Total Stunts Comedian and DJ Alex Zane presents a countdown of the Top 50 online videos of amateur stunts, showcasing the people who have risked life and limb for a moment of internet immortality - with hilarious results

Season 4 Episode 5
Rude Tube: Love Bytes Alex Zane counts down through 50 internet clips of romantic, raunchy and weird characters. Among the viral masterpieces on offer are a rude take on Star Wars favourite Yoda, parody video The King's Piece, and an entry billed as the greatest marriage proposal ever

Season 4 Episode 6
Rude Tube: Ultimate Stunts Alex Zane showcases 50 of the most audacious stunt videos available on the internet, revealing the antics of an international collection of daredevils. Includes footage of a home-made Russian bungee, a snowboard train jump and mayhem orchestrated by UK stuntman Damien Walters

Season 4 Episode 7
Rude Tube: Rude Zoo Alex Zane presents a selection of the internet's most famous non-human stars in a rundown of the funniest animal clips to be found online. Includes footage of the ultimate dog tease, not-so-cuddly koalas, killer cats and a ruthless honey badger

Season 4 Episode 8
Rude Tube: Extreme Rides The most popular internet videos featuring modes of transport, counting down the 50 most dangerous ways of getting from A to B. Presented by Alex Zane

Season 5 Episode 1
Utter Fails Alex Zane is joined by his sidekick - a talking computer - to showcase more of the world's most popular internet videos, beginning with a countdown of 50 clips on the theme of failure, featuring spelling bees, crashed Lamborghinis and the world's worst bedroom band

Season 5 Episode 2
Animal Anarchy Alex Zane and his trusty talking computer (voiced by Johnny Vegas) present 50 of the most peculiar and amusing online videos featuring animal antics. Highlights include elephants behaving unusually, a cat that appears to be able to fly and a surprising new use for piranha fish

Season 5 Episode 3
Serious Skills Alex Zane and his talking computer (voiced by Johnny Vegas) present online videos showcasing a variety of unusual skills and talents, including rapping and dancing grannies, a highly advanced form of moonwalking, and a market trader whose fish-selling technique has turned him into an internet hit

Season 5 Episode 4
Daft Stunts Alex Zane and his talking computer, voiced by Johnny Vegas, showcase 50 videos found online that feature a range of bizarre stunts, including a trick that combines a tomato with a ceiling fan to produce a highly unusual culinary experience

Season 5 Episode 5
Totally Mashed Alex Zane and his talking computer (Johnny Vegas) present a countdown of 50 great internet mash-ups, in which original footage is given an amusing twist. Including online star Cassetteboy taking on the news, Darth Vader playing the bagpipes, Tupac Shakur being brought back from the dead and the youngest-ever thrash metal band

Season 5 Episode 6
Complete Prankers Alex Zane presents a countdown of 50 memorable online videos featuring a range of tricks and pranks, from a stag-do bungee stunt to a scarily realistic zombie running riot on the streets of Miami

Season 6 Episode 1
Web Stars Alex Zane presents a countdown of internet A-listers - people who have achieved celebrity or infamy just by appearing on the web. The show features the so-called Simon Cowell of online songs, a man who threw a house party in a furniture shop and the Jesus lookalike who was removed from a darts tournament

Season 6 Episode 2
WTF?!? A countdown of 50 of the internet's weirdest clips, featuring rodent toothbrushes, the Swedish bear dance, and ridiculous ways to unblock a toilet

Season 6 Episode 3
Rom Dot Com Alex Zane continues his exploration of popular online videos with a countdown of 50 clips on the theme of romantic comedy. Featuring some hilarious wedding disasters, the craziest marriage proposals on the internet and a strange act of adultery

Season 6 Episode 4
Dumb and Dangerous Alex Zane presents a selection of popular online videos on the theme of dumb and dangerous, featuring unwitting contributors to their own downfall and others who have hit the self-destruct button deliberately in the name of internet glory. The line-up includes Man v Cactus, Woman v Water and Girl v Bus Stop, plus a humorous hair tutorial

Season 6 Episode 5
Rude'lympics Alex Zane continues his exploration of popular online videos with the inaugural `Rude'lympics' - 50 memorable examples of sporting success and failure. Featuring the Tenerife pool towel dash, a shopping centre Base jump and the world record for a dog licking a man's face

Season 6 Episode 6
Bad Trips Alex Zane concludes his exploration of popular online videos with a countdown of 50 clips on the theme of travel, featuring a man who lives on his bike, the world's most enthusiastic trainspotter and an entertaining taxi driver

Season 7 Episode 1
World of Fail Alex Zane introduces viral clips of merry mishaps including a parallel parking fail marathon, the infamous Wealdstone Raider, a scary ice-cream van and a memorable television news debut

Season 7 Episode 2
Kick-Ass Animals Alex Zane presents a top 50 countdown of `kick-ass animals' on the internet. The amusing clips feature a woman swimming with a great white shark, a mad Brazilian goat, a clothes-stealing orang-utan and lots of playful cats

Season 7 Episode 3
Badass Stunts Alex Zane presents 50 of the internet's most entertaining stunts, featuring daredevil base-jumping from a moving lorry and other don't-try-this-at-home feats, to hammock-spinning in Redcar and no-holds-barred action captured on headcams

Season 7 Episode 4
Mashed Up Alex Zane presents a top 50 countdown celebrating the greatest internet mash-ups, featuring exploding actresses, Ryan Gosling refusing to eat his breakfast and a special appearance from Orlando Bloom

Season 7 Episode 5
Super Pranks Alex Zane counts down the top 50 pranks from the worldwide web, featuring a band of brave jokers attempting to reach new extremes, a memorable drive-through stunt and a trick played on American film star Zac Efron in his own limousine

Season 7 Episode 6
Internet Incredibles Alex Zane presents a top 50 countdown of `internet incredibles', in order of their online popularity. In response to Hollywood's legions of superheroes, the web is fighting back with some heroes of its own, featuring the world's loudest female belcher, a human Wikipedia and a swimming baby

Season 7 Episode 7
Gods of Geek Alex Zane highlights another selection of bandwidth-grabbing videos from across the internet, this time focusing on the antics of would-be mad scientists, who have uploaded clips of DIY experiments for the public's viewing pleasure. Devices include rocket-powered shopping trolleys, a treadmill on wheels, a toilet-brush revolver and the world's most useless invention

Season 7 Episode 8
Web Celebs Alex Zane takes a look at clips that have seen the people who star in them become online celebrities in their own right, including a video featuring an attention-grabbing impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Plus, the story of a software developer-turned-fugitive, and a singer-songwriter who found fame thanks to his posts on a social networking site

Season 8 Episode 1
Planet Fail Alex Zane introduces a countdown of 50 of the greatest online fails - including selfies, the latest gadgets and even an exorcism going awry

Season 8 Episode 2
Bad Ass Beasts Alex Zane presents a countdown of the 50 most popular animal videos on the internet, including base-jumping marsupials, raving ostriches and a frustrated walrus with something on its mind

Season 8 Episode 3
Viral Idols Alex Zane continues to present the best and strangest clips on the internet, with a countdown of the top 50 internet stars, featuring an echo-voice waiter, a beatboxer and the creepiest family band in the world

Season 8 Episode 4
Massive Prankers Presenter Alex Zane continues his look at the best videos on the internet, with a countdown of the 50 greatest pranks - featuring clips of selfies, an intervention, and arguably the best horror trick to be found online

Season 8 Episode 5
Fearless & Foolish Presenter Alex Zane introduces clips of some of the most dangerous and crazy stunt videos on the internet, including a shark dancer and the world's highest building climb

Season 8 Episode 6
World Wide Weird Host Alex Zane presents a countdown of the oddest video clips from across the internet, including one of the world's stupidest tattoos, and one of the weirdest public information films ever made

Season 8 Episode 7
Arena of Awesomeness Alex Zane presents a countdown of the 50 greatest sporting clips on the internet, featuring a selection of amusing videos including footage of flying press ups, a bikini wax race and arguably one of the world's best tackles

Season 8 Episode 8
Cats & Dogs Alex Zane finishes the latest round of viral video countdowns with a look at the internet's favourite cats and dogs, including a feline that resembles comic-book hero Wolverine, and the world's cutest pooch, Jiff

Season 9 Episode 1
200% Cats Alex Zane kicks off a new series of the internet video show by presenting a countdown of the top 50 clips of cats, including angry and devilish felines, a zombie moggy and even a flying cat

Season 9 Episode 2
Masters of Disaster Alex Zane presents a showcase of painful and embarrassing moments recorded on the internet. The clips featured include an encounter with a man-eating plant, a selfie stick that causes a car crash, and disastrous incidents involving drones, phones and petrol stations

Season 9 Episode 3
Internet Icons Alex Zane presents a countdown of the top 50 internet icons who have gained online fame through popular videos, including a rebooted Rambo, singing mormons and Shia LaBeouf

Season 9 Episode 4
Cunning Stunts Alex Zane introduces another selection of daring internet videos involving unusual stunts, including clips of people cooking with lava, taking selfies with sharks and setting a world record for doing flips on a BMX

Season 9 Episode 5
Prank Bank Alex Zane introduces more daring internet videos, including a football transfer prank and a man tricked into thinking he has killed someone

Season 9 Episode 6
Kick Ass Critters Alex Zane presents a Top 50 featuring the greatest Kick Ass Critters of the web, including a Japanese cockroach blowing challenge, a parrot dentist and a turtle singing Coldplay

Season 9 Episode 7
OMFG Alex Zane fronts a Top 50 countdown of the most jaw-dropping, eye-popping and side-splitting clips from the endless swarm of strangeness to be found on the internet. This edition includes dashcam birthing, a samurai sword trick gone wrong and the most unbelievable karaoke competition ever

Season 9 Episode 8
Love Sexy Alex Zane counts down the Top 50 online videos devoted to love, sex, marriage, dating and everything in between, including 50 shades of Lego

Season 9 Episode 9
Ultimate Lols Alex Zane counts down a Top 50 of the funniest online videos, featuring Nirvana played on a shovel and a real-life Naked Gun incident

Season 9 Episode 10
200 Per Cent Dogs Alex Zane showcases a collection of internet videos featuring dogs, including a pooch that sings Westlife songs, the world's worst guard dog and a dog heli-pad

Season 10 Episode 1
Daredevils & Dummies Alex Zane presents a countdown of 50 stunts featured in internet videos, including a daredevil who kisses a cobra, a reckless surfer who swaps riding waves for trains, and a prankster who finds a hilarious new use for gaffer tape

Season 10 Episode 2
Clan Anarchy Alex Zane counts down the top 50 funniest family-based internet videos, including the best way to wake a teenager and the most cringeworthy wedding dance

Season 10 Episode 3
Mashed 'n' Trashed Alex Zane counts down the 50 greatest viral homages, remakes, pastiches and parodies, with a Darth Vader made of balloons, a dragon-slaying politician and a beatboxing Forrest Gump all vying for the coveted number one spot

Season 10 Episode 4
Rudelympics Alex Zane presents 50 clips from the internet showcasing the funniest and greatest alternative sporting and athletic heroes and fails. Featuring cats doing a workout, a woman who laughs her way to a six-pack and a weightlifter with a unique hands-free technique

Season 10 Episode 5
Feasts of Fury Alex Zane presents food clips from the web, including the Pope popping out for a pizza, a cat cookery show and the rudest waitress in the world

Season 10 Episode 6
Animals Unleashed Alex Zane presents a selection of clips featuring animals, including `the mole whisperer', a double dose of sharks and an unusual delivery of tropical fish

Season 10 Episode 7
Man v Machine Alex Zane presents a selection of clips featuring various modes of transport, including a magic carpet ride on the streets of New York and Mike Tyson falling off a hoverboard

Season 10 Episode 8
Epic Legends Alex Zane presents a selection of clips celebrating people who have found fame through viral videos, including the UK's foremost expert in pointless skills, a hands-free beer drinking yoga hack, and a dozy dad's accidental holiday selfie blog disaster

Season 10 Episode 9
Cats v Dogs Alex Zane presents a selection of viral videos featuring cats and dogs, featuring singing and dancing and a chance to see which is better at using a toilet

Season 10 Episode 10
World Wide Weirder Alex Zane counts down 50 of the weirdest clips on the internet, including an amazing chocolate man and a bizarre remake of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining



Rude Tube Episode Guide.

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