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Waterloo Road Episode Guide

Season 1 Episode 1
Drama set in a comprehensive school in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Acting headteacher Jack Rimmer hires Oxbridge graduate Andrew Treneman, hoping he can improve their failing status and bring them back from the bottom of the league tables. Colleagues Tom and Lorna tie the knot - but the groom ends up kissing someone who isn't his new wife. Jason Merrells, Jill Halfpenny, Angela Griffin and Jamie Glover star

Season 1 Episode 2
Donte and Chlo are plagued with guilt over their involvement in a fatal car crash, and suffer malicious taunts from all corners of the playground. Izzie feels awkward after kissing Tom at his wedding reception, while he remains unsure about exactly what he wants. Andrew comes into conflict with Kim, but they soon begin to see eye to eye

Season 1 Episode 3
Pregnant student Zoe causes problems for Jack, while Andrew's new scheme to bring a little competition into the school backfires. Lorna considers having an abortion because of Tom's apparent disinterest in being a father, and Chlo visits Donte in prison, where they discuss what will happen if Holly wakes from her coma and reveals the truth about the crash. Drama, starring Jason Merrells

Season 1 Episode 4
Izzie's ex-husband Jimmy causes chaos at the school when he demands access to their children, and Tom confronts Lorna about her miscarriage. Meanwhile, the pupils set up a homework scam to gain more points in Andrew's new house system, but it isn't long before their devious plot is uncovered. Jack wonders about the sudden improvement in the grades gained by Steph's French class

Season 1 Episode 5
Lorna tries out a sexy new image in a bid to catch Tom's attention, while Head of English Grantly Budgen suspects one of his students may be taking drugs and approaches Andrew for help. Chlo takes drastic action to convince everyone she was driving on the night of the crash, and Steph stages a break-in to get rid of the suspicious coursework and avoid losing her job

Season 1 Episode 6
An education inspector pays a visit and brings bad news regarding the school's future. Jack decides the time has come to let Steph go, but she threatens dire reprisals unless he rethinks his actions. Meanwhile, Tom and Izzie fight their feelings for each other, but things come to a head when they find themselves alone

Season 1 Episode 7
The staff organise an open day in a bid to impress the inspectors, but events take a turn for the worse when gay pupil Rory starts a petition against homophobic bullying. Holly wakes from her coma, and Chlo rushes to her bedside in the hope of finding out what she remembers from the crash. Andrew asks Jack why Steph hasn't been sacked, while Lorna catches Tom and Izzie together

Season 1 Episode 8
Tensions run high as the inspectors make their decision about the future of the school, while Chlo's nerves are in pieces as she faces her day in court. Kim speaks to the committee about the terrible incident with Lewis, but they are less than sympathetic to her cause and she contemplates quitting her career - much to Andrew's dismay. Lorna remains heartbroken over Tom and Izzie

Season 2 Episode 1
A private investor pledges money to establish a sixth form at the school in return for a seat on the governing body - but he demands changes that do not sit well with everyone. Izzie and Tom get a shock when they run into Lorna, who they thought was in Australia. Classroom drama, starring Jason Merrells, Jill Halfpenny and Jason Done

Season 2 Episode 2
Andrew enrages Jack by siding with millionaire sponsor Roger Aspinall and accepting the position of headmaster, and his zero tolerance policy angers the community as badly behaved pupils are excluded and left to run riot in the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, a jealous Leigh-Ann falls out with Mika and starts a bullying campaign against her

Season 2 Episode 3
Izzie's life is sent spiralling when Mika becomes the target of an internet hate campaign, and Chlo lies so she can spend the night with Donte. Jack finds himself becoming attracted to Davina, but has a love rival in teenager Brett, while Lorna and Andrew share an intimate moment. Jill Halfpenny and Jason Merrells star

Season 2 Episode 4
Brett learns some hard truths about his father. Steph is mugged by an ex-pupil, while Jack and Roger come to blows over the future of the school. Drama, starring Denise Welch, Jason Merrells and Nick Sidi

Season 2 Episode 5
The police are called in to advise the school on safety after a pupil is assaulted. The episode reopens old wounds for Kim, who sets up a self-defence class - where the chemistry that develops with one of her helpers proves to be electric. Steph's protegee Maxine considers returning to school, while Lorna is dealt a devastating blow. Starring Denise Welch, Angela Griffin and Camilla Power

Season 2 Episode 6
Tom's indiscretion is soon out in the open, leaving both his career and his relationship in tatters. Izzie returns to work and becomes protective of her two daughters when another attack is reported, while Mika plucks up courage to admit her feelings for Brett. Steph's work pays off when she sees Maxine return to school, but rogue boyfriend Lewis tries to lure her off the straight and narrow again

Season 2 Episode 7
Jack gives Davina the chance to prove herself in the classroom, while a student teacher struggles to learn the ropes when he takes on the Waterloo Road kids. Lorna finds comfort in Tom as she gradually comes to terms with her illness, and Steph continues to help Maxine by trying to find her a new home. Jason Merrells, Christine Tremarco and Denise Welch star

Season 2 Episode 8
Year 11 work experience starts with a bang when Maxine is accused of stealing, and Mika causes trouble by unwittingly revealing Brett's fling with Davina. Tom and Lorna grow increasingly close, much to Izzie's dismay, and things begin to heat up when the pair share a few drinks. Jill Halfpenny and Camilla Power star

Season 2 Episode 9
Ambitious Lyndsay Woodham steals the limelight during the interviews for head teacher, leaving Jack as the underdog, while Kim tries to get to the root of the problem when Dale Baxter plays truant. An after-hours drink gives Jack the chance to announce he and Davina have moved in together, but the party mood is dashed when Lorna delivers news of her own. Jason Merrells and Michelle Holmes star

Season 2 Episode 10
Lorna walks out of her job as her illness plunges her into emotional turmoil, prompting Davina to step into her shoes. Before leaving she tries to rekindle Izzie and Tom's relationship with a weekend away - but all is not what it seems. Steph stirs up trouble with a few choice remarks to Jack, and Brett invites Mika out on a date. Jill Halfpenny, Jason Done and Camilla Power star

Season 2 Episode 11
While staff and pupils come to terms with Lorna's death, Jack is oblivious to the religious agenda a new buyer has planned for the school. The Head's healthy eating policy goes awry when a burger van starts selling junk food at the gates - which arouses suspicion when a youngster is rushed to hospital, while Andrew agonises about a job offer in Rwanda. Angela Griffin and Jason Merrells star

Season 2 Episode 12
Much to Andrew's annoyance, Jerry's creationist ideology starts to take hold, while the burger van continues to supply pupils with drugs outside the school gates, despite Siobhan being in hospital following an overdose. Meanwhile, Izzie gives Chlo and Donte an ultimatum, and Lorna's memorial service is held. Drama, starring Jill Halfpenny, Angela Griffin and Jason Merrells

Season 3 Episode 1
Tom blames Jack for Izzie's death and is struggling to come to terms with being a single dad to Chlo and Mika. His family crisis worsens when he learns that Chlo and Donte have taken off to get married and faces a race against time to get to the register office. Meanwhile, the staff place bets on how long newly qualified teacher Jasmine Koreshi will last. Drama, with Jason Done and Neil Morrissey

Season 3 Episode 2
A fight club is in full swing at the school and the staff discover Paul is using it to toughen himself up before challenging his violent uncle. He soon plucks up the courage to confront him with a knife, but Jack and Eddie race to stop him. Tom worries newlywed Chlo is going to fail her mock exams and Aleesha and Danielle persuade Karla to audition for the musical

Season 3 Episode 3
The fund-raising efforts of the girls' football team land the school and Jack in trouble, while Jasmine struggles to control her class and jeopardises the first match by putting half the team in detention. Donte plans an escape from the claustrophobic Grainger household with his new wife, but Chlo seems more interested in Brett. Drama, starring Jason Merrells, Shabana Bakhsh and Adam Thomas

Season 3 Episode 4
Steph's decision to keep quiet about Ben McNulty being HIV-positive leads to potentially serious consequences for drama teacher Matt when the pupil falls and cuts his head during preparations for the school musical. Meanwhile, Jack has love on his mind and presents Davina with an engagement ring, and Donte plans a romantic surprise for Chlo, unaware she has slept with Brett

Season 3 Episode 5
Donte pays Brett a visit after finding him in bed with Chlo and proceeds to beat him up. News of the liaison spreads like wildfire through the school, and after Donte reveals the awful truth to Mika, Chlo heads home to pack her bags. Meanwhile, Jack takes Davina out for lunch, determined to come clean about his one-night stand with Steph, but loses his nerve

Season 3 Episode 6
Jack and the school are in the media spotlight yet again as he speaks to reporters about Chlo's disappearance. Donte steals Lewis's moped and goes to look for his wife, while Jack's efforts to win back Davina fail. His day worsens when Eddie discovers his use for the Excellence In Cities' money and he is called to explain himself at a governers' meeting

Season 3 Episode 7
A new head teacher arrives, with big plans for the school and a determination to root out failing teachers. Meanwhile, Mika continues to feel guilty about her sister's disappearance, as Chlo finds herself in grave danger and Tom races to her rescue. With Eva Pope, Neil Morrissey and Kate Griffiths

Season 3 Episode 8
Eddie, Tom and Davina plan an adventure trip for some of the school's most difficult students, but when Grantly gets on the wrong side of Bolton Smilie, he puts the excursion - and a teacher's life - in danger. Back at the school, Rachel discovers a pupil's young brother has been left home alone and Brett requests a transfer after Mika says she never wants to see him again

Season 3 Episode 9
An archaeological dig takes an unexpected turn when Karla and Janeece unearth a baby's remains in the school playing fields - and the police believe the mother may have been a pupil. Eddie is particularly disturbed by the find, and reveals he has a young son his ex won't let him see. Meanwhile, Mika tells Brett she might be pregnant and Tom invites Davina to a family meal

Season 3 Episode 10
Rachel and Eddie prepare to reveal their initiative for Waterloo Road to become a Rochdale Business and Enterprise College, but the presentation is wrecked when Eddie's ex turns up and dumps his son on him. In a bid to salvage the situation, Rachel brings the first performance of the school musical forward, while Tom discovers Grantly's personal life is more troubled than he'd realised

Season 3 Episode 11
Rachel organises a prison trip for the youngsters, hoping her shock tactics will stop Bolton leaving school. Meanwhile, a frustrated Eddie sets the teachers an after-school exam when they claim the students aren't under any real pressure and Tom tries to keep Chlo and Mika in the dark about his relationship with Davina. Drama, starring Eva Pope, Neil Morrissey and Jason Done

Season 3 Episode 12
Developer Stuart Hordley reinstates his bid to build Waterloo Road training centre, but when Rachel refuses to put in a good word for him, he produces an incriminating document from her past. Darren Briggs Snr asks Davina out to repay her for helping his son. However, things turn nasty when she turns him down and has a complaint made against her for hugging Darren Jnr

Season 3 Episode 13
Rachel compromises her professional integrity in the hope her blackmailer will keep quiet about her shady past, and Mika is in for a shock when she arrives home to find Tom in bed with Davina. Meanwhile, a work experience placement inspires Janeece to follow a surprising career path. Drama, starring Eva Pope and Lauren Drummond

Season 3 Episode 14
Jasmine intervenes when she sees Michaela bullying a younger pupil, unaware of the consequences of her actions. Brett spots a chance to win back Mika's affection and the sparks begin to fly, while Stuart apologises to Rachel for blackmailing her. Elsewhere, a peeved Grantly is assigned to teach ballroom dancing, but earns respect from the kids when he proves he can cut the mustard as a break dancer. Shabana Bakhsh stars

Season 3 Episode 15
Matt's mother visits him out of the blue and nearly finds out about his relationship with Colin. Eddie encourages Jasmine to fight the allegations made against her by Michaela, but she can't face the governors' meeting later that evening, leaving Eddie to fight her corner. Meanwhile, aspiring eco-terrorists Mika and Brett rebel against the school's reluctance to go green. Chris Geere and Neil Morrissey star

Season 3 Episode 16
The truth about Wilson is revealed when Steph overhears a conversation between him and Janeece. Rachel comes clean after Eddie confronts her about her past, but the revelations about the blackmail leave him with no choice but to issue an ultimatum - either she reports Hordley or he resigns. James Rawlings, Neil Morrissey and Eva Pope star

Season 3 Episode 17
Rachel hatches a plan to stop Eddie from resigning, but her efforts are dealt a blow when Steph shows him a bounced cheque from Hordley. Mika and Brett take their eco-warrior aspirations to the next level on the building site of the new training centre, and Chlo admits she wants Donte back. Neil Morrissey, Eva Pope and Lauren Drummond star

Season 3 Episode 18
Sameen learns her family is to be deported back to Iran, but when the immigration officials arrive, she barricades herself inside the school changing rooms with Aleesha and Danielle. Eddie is furious when he learns Rachel hasn't called the council regarding Stuart Hordley, and Tom and Davina come to a difficult decision

Season 3 Episode 19
Davina faces a potentially life-changing decision when she must choose between two men and Steph is devastated when her language lab funding falls through - but goes into full seduction mode to win the money back. Christine Tremarco and Denise Welch star

Season 3 Episode 20
Rachel is relieved, believing Hordley is off her case, before he returns to the school and reveals her past as a prostitute - in front of staff, parents and children. Grantly frantically tries to cover up the exam cheating and when a fire breaks out in the kitchens, there is a race against time to get everybody out safely. Starring Eva Pope and Silas Carson

Season 4 Episode 1
Head teacher Rachel Mason enforces new measures to get the school into better shape following the fire, including a no exclusion policy for pupils. However, it is not long before her patience is tested with the arrival of gun-wielding, borderline psychopathic teenager Earl Kelly and his family. Meanwhile, new PE teacher Rob Cleaver causes a stir

Season 4 Episode 2
Melissa has a lot to prove on her first day as Head of Extended Services, with sister Rachel relying on her to make the initiative work but also keen to keep their family connection a secret. However, it does not take long for the truth to be revealed. Meanwhile, new security guard Dave develops a crush on Steph, and Eddie is furious to discover Rachel has gone behind his back

Season 4 Episode 3
Davina's reputation is at stake when she is accused of racism by Maaka Lacey, a Maori supply teacher with an alternative approach to education. Meanwhile, Earl Kelly's behaviour pushes Tom to breaking point, leading him to question his future as Head of Pastoral Care, and Rachel struggles to hide her true feelings when she discovers Melissa and Eddie are a couple. Drama, with Jason Done and Christine Tremarco

Season 4 Episode 4
Tom's feud with the Kelly family intensifies when he becomes convinced Earl is leaving dead birds on his doorstep. To ease the situation, Eddie organises a falconry day at the school, but when one of the birds goes missing there seems to be only one explanation - Earl has stolen the bird to get back at Eddie and Tom. Meanwhile, Rachel tries to help Rose Kelly give up drinking and get a job

Season 4 Episode 5
Melissa introduces a new drugs awareness initiative with voluntary tests for senior year pupils. Governor Ralph Mellor has his own agenda, however, and plans to use the scheme to get Marley Kelly expelled from school and away from his daughter Flick - even if it means tampering with the results. He then places a call to social services that has devastating consequences. Katy Carmichael, Malcolm Scates and Luke Bailey star

Season 4 Episode 6
Matt Wilding applies to be an emergency foster carer, but thinks he may be out of his depth when first young ward Sambuca Kelly turns up, and it is not long before her reprobate father also arrives, wanting her to stay with him. Meanwhile, Donte launches an underground boxing promotion and organises an illegal match between Waterloo Road, represented by Bolton Smilie, and a rival school

Season 4 Episode 7
Matt Wilding applies to be an emergency foster carer, but thinks he may be out of his depth when first young ward Sambuca Kelly turns up, and it is not long before her reprobate father also arrives, wanting her to stay with him. Meanwhile, Donte launches an underground boxing promotion and organises an illegal match between Waterloo Road, represented by Bolton Smilie, and a rival school

Season 4 Episode 8
Rachel is horrified when Eddie's relationship with Melissa takes a dramatic leap forward. Eddie is forced to keep his mind on the job, however, when an argument between Danielle Harker and her father threatens to ruin the day. Chlo and Donte receive life-changing news, and a show of solidarity takes Maxine and Earl's relationship to the next level. Meanwhile, a determined Jasmine decides to step up her flirtatious behaviour with Rob Cleaver

Season 4 Episode 9
A spot inspection kicks off a day of anxiety and turmoil at the school. Earl tries to convince Maxine they should start a family, but the arrival of a mystery girl looking for him triggers a chain of events that leads to tragedy. Davina and Jasmine argue over Rob's treatment of Bolton, while Philip threatens Melissa and Eddie's happiness by revealing more secrets. Rachel then begs Melissa to tell Eddie the truth, but she assures her everything is under control

Season 4 Episode 10
Rachel blames herself for Maxine's murder and plans to resign immediately, but feels compelled to fight for Denzil's release when Paul reveals that the gun really belonged to Earl. Bereavement councillor Charlotte tries to help Steph and Janeece deal with their grief, while Donte and Eddie realise life is precious and organise surprises for Chlo and Melissa respectively

Season 4 Episode 11
Rob gives Bolton pills to calm his nerves on the day of the boxing match, but gets in trouble when Jasmine reports him to the medic and a furious Rachel. The Kellys are told they are being evicted, forcing Marley to make a deal with the chairman of the board of governors as Tom and Rose try to get the decision reversed. Meanwhile, Eddie is left reeling after learning Melissa's secret

Season 4 Episode 12
Kim Campbell returns from Rwanda for the new term, but with no sign of Andrew Treneman, rumours circulate about who is the father of her baby. Rachel's careers day is thrown into chaos with the arrival of former pupil-turned-glamour model Sarah-Leanne, as the school's obsession with celebrity leaves Kim dismayed. Meanwhile, pregnant Chlo decides to rethink her future, much to Tom's delight

Season 4 Episode 13
Kim's day gets off to a bad start when Grace's uncle shows up at school threatening to expose a secret. Desperate for help, she turns to Steph - who proves to be suspicious of her motives. Meanwhile, Janeece goes under the knife in an effort to pursue a modelling career, and Rachel and Eddie inadvertently end up on a date when Philip ducks out of going bowling

Season 4 Episode 14
Eddie assumes control while Rachel is away on a course, but his day gets complicated when travellers set up camp next to the school and wish to enrol their children. Janeece returns following her cosmetic surgery, and Kim is forced to put a stop to pupils customising their uniforms. Elsewhere, Marley confesses about the bribe to Rose, who takes matters into her own hands

Season 4 Episode 15
Philip is humiliated by his classmates after admitting he is still a virgin during a sex-education class and cancels his birthday party. Kim persuades him to change his mind and ropes him into handing out leaflets about STIs, but Lauren's mum is furious to discover the material in the hands of her under-age daughter. Meanwhile, Matt struggles to find people willing to join his choir and Davina fears she is no longer Tom's priority. Kim discovers the Home Office has hired a private investigator to track down her and Grace

Season 4 Episode 16
Tom's decision to run an Army Day at school descends into chaos when a pupil seizes the opportunity for personal revenge, and his relationship with Davina is put in jeopardy when she finds out he has lent money to Rose Kelly. Meanwhile, Kim wonders whether she has done enough to protect her secret from the home office as the investigation intensifies

Season 4 Episode 17
The school's latest supply teacher, Jem Allen, riles Grantly with her upbeat attitude and glamorous lifestyle, but proves popular with the other members of staff and students. Janeece takes desperate measures to appear modest, and with the exams in full swing, Chlo realises how much motherhood is going to restrict her future and tells Donte she wants to put the baby up for adoption. Guest starring Daniela Denby-Ashe

Season 4 Episode 18
Steph returns to work after hiding in the country with Kim's daughter Grace and faces a suspicious Rachel, who blames her for a pupil's apparently disruptive behaviour. Steph's day then takes a dramatic turn when she discovers the same pupil in a life-threatening situation. Meanwhile, Donte struggles with Chlo's decision to put their baby up for adoption and Tom marks Rose's mock A-level paper

Season 4 Episode 19
Chlo and Donte continue to wrangle over their unborn baby's future, but as Kim provides a shoulder for the young mum-to-be to cry on, the girl doubles up in pain and has to be rushed to hospital, terrified because her baby is not due for another six weeks. The drama does not end there for Kim, however, when a Home Office official turns up at the school to tell a shocked Eddie and Rachel that the teacher has taken daughter Grace against the father's wishes - painting her as little more than a criminal

Season 4 Episode 20
Kim is forced to face up to her past when her former boyfriend arrives out of the blue from Rwanda and wants to talk about their relationship. Ralph attacks Marley, while the fundraising day is thrown into disarray when a mystery illness strikes the school - and the finger of suspicion is pointed at the canteen workers for using cheap, out-of-date meat. Drama, starring Angela Griffin

Season 4 Episode 21
As the last day of term approaches, everyone is excited about the final of the choir competition. However, Rachel has professional and personal battles to contend with first, as a vengeful parent threatens the school and Melissa's return throws her future with Eddie into jeopardy. Classroom drama, starring Eva Pope, Neil Morrissey and Katy Carmichael

Season 5 Episode 1
The closure of a local private school leads to an influx of middle-class pupils to Waterloo Road, and things get out of hand when a big fight breaks out in the playground. Rachel has to deal with a feud of her own in the form of a new executive head, and an English teacher struggles in her first day in the role. Featuring the first appearance of Jenna Coleman in the series

Season 5 Episode 2
Bolton has no one to turn to when he is accused of the attempted rape of an ex-pupil, while Rachel accompanies Lindsay and Em to their father's funeral, and worries how the girls are dealing with their loss. Helen returns to school after her accident and accuses Michaela of pushing her down the stairs, and Kim and Max go out for dinner together. Eva Pope and Tom Chambers star

Season 5 Episode 3
Rachel and Max clash over the observation procedures for teachers at school as Steph struggles to meet Jo's standards when she is assessed. Paul steals a bottle of ethanol from the lab and starts selling it to other pupils, but things go horribly wrong when Danielle drinks too much of it and ends up unconscious in the toilet. The past comes back to haunt Tom, while Max and Kim try to keep their romance secret. Eva Pope and Tom Chambers star

Season 5 Episode 4
The pupils discover the truth about Luke's family life, and he snaps after suffering a day of cruel comments. Steph decides to abandon her teaching course on the first day, and as the animosity between the school's two factions continues, Rachel tries to encourage Lindsay to apologise for bullying Karla. Elsewhere, Rose puts in a good word for Tom with Josh. Eva Pope and Tom Chambers star

Season 5 Episode 5
The school celebrates an open day and Max and Rachel are determined to show everyone that the merger between the two schools is a success. However, Max's personal life interferes as he struggles to keep the women in his life apart from each other. Elsewhere, Ruby's luxurious lifestyle catches up with her. Eva Pope and Tom Chambers star

Season 5 Episode 6
New deputy head Christopher becomes the focus of unwanted romantic attention from his female students, and lands in hot water when he tries to help one of the girls, putting his reputation at risk. Lindsey learns that as a witness in a murder case she will not be able to see her mother, and confesses to Rachel that her father had been sexually abusing her. Ros sets up a school comedy club, and Josh is delighted when Tom and Georgia meet up for dinner. Eva Pope and Tom Chambers star

Season 5 Episode 7
Kim steps in when she realises that Cassie is being bullied by Amy, Siobhan and Michaela, but the girl ends up in hospital after harming herself. When one of the pupils discovers Helen's home address on a networking site, a school gang wrecks her flat, while Rachel struggles to keep Max's marriage a secret from Kim. Eva Pope and Tom Chambers star

Season 5 Episode 8
Helen is terrified to face her official teaching inspection and resorts to foul play to keep the class under control. However, when her scheme is discovered she is forced to leave the school, but not before leaving compromising video evidence against Max. Elsewhere, Chris learns of Max's threatening behaviour toward Rachel, and Lindsay tries to rekindle her friendship with Ros. Vinette Robinson, Eva Pope and Tom Chambers star

Season 5 Episode 9
Rachel accompanies Lindsay to court for her mother's trial, but after a grilling from the prosecution, the girl breaks down in the witness box and finally confesses to the headmistress the real events of that fateful day. Back at school, Steph warns Kim to be wary of Max, who responds by beginning a campaign to have his colleague sacked, and Rosie ends her relationship with Tom, concerned she needs to get her priorities right

Season 5 Episode 10
The governors arrive, keen to gauge the merger's impact, but Rachel does not realise that Max is planning to do what he can to get them to fire her. The children excitedly prepare for the Waterloo Road Has Talent contest, while Grantly is disappointed to discover no one has planned to celebrate his 25th anniversary as a teacher. Classroom drama, starring Tom Chambers and Eva Pope

Season 5 Episode 11
Rachel becomes involved in a dangerous situation when she tries to rescue a pupil who has been abducted by her estranged father. Elsewhere, Ruby's marital and financial problems force her to start stealing equipment from school, and following Max's hasty departure, Kim reveals she is expecting his baby. Drama, starring Eva Pope, Angela Griffin and Elizabeth Berrington

Season 5 Episode 12
Ruby struggles with her personal problems but refuses medication to help her cope. To make matters worse, she must take the Year 10 class on a trip to a farm, where Josh suffers a serious accident, and she finally confesses to Rachel how her worries are affecting her work. Elsewhere, Chris and Kim's mentoring scheme causes trouble for everyone. Starring Elizabeth Berrington and Eva Pope

Season 5 Episode 13
An overweight pupil causes problems with his bad attitude, while Kim and Chris argue over Michaela when he refuses to accept her on his advanced university preparation scheme. Ruby feels snubbed when Rachel hires a new chef to lead the school's healthy eating campaign - and the successful applicant turns out to be a welcome face from the headteacher's past. Drama, starring Angela Griffin, William Ash and Eva Pope, with Steven Waddingham

Season 5 Episode 14
Lauren's birthmark is revealed to the whole school, so she takes drastic action to get rid of it, and Ruby wins a few Brownie points with Rachel by organising a clothes-swapping event - only to abuse her trust by stealing some of the best goods to sell for herself online. Adam makes changes at the canteen, much to the annoyance of Rose, and Grantly feigns depression in a bid to get out of supervising a school trip. With a guest appearance by one-time Brookside star John McArdle

Season 5 Episode 15
Chris is pushed to breaking point when he ends up with Finn as a teaching assistant on work experience day. Meanwhile, Rachel is not impressed with Adam when she learns he has been to a gig with the sixth formers, and Sam and Bolton become closer when they end up in trouble. Drama, starring Jack McMullen and William Ash

Season 5 Episode 16
Finn, Josh and Amy face disastrous consequences when they use a legal high at school. When Tom confronts Josh about his behaviour he feels humiliated and decides to spike his father's drink with the drug, but when Tom offers to drive Kim to the hospital after a pregnancy scare he crashes the car. Elsewhere, Chris's scheme to establish a sports partnership with an exclusive school fails when he tries to hide Waterloo Road's problems. Drama, starring Jack McMullen

Season 5 Episode 17
Jo learns Ros, one of her brightest students, has developed a crush on her, and informs Rachel about it. However, when the pupil publicly retaliates, Rachel is forced to suspend her colleague. Elsewhere, Adam is allowed to set up a new takeaway scheme to promote healthy eating, but has to pick up the pieces when Ruby is evicted from her place by Steph. Drama, starring Sarah Jane Potts

Season 5 Episode 18
A trip to an art gallery takes Kim to the edge when the pupils deface a valuable painting and she is rushed to hospital suffering from what she thinks are practice contractions. Elsewhere, Philip's efforts to inspire Ros end up in a row about sexism and Steph's relationship with Ollie hits the rocks. Drama, starring Angela Griffin

Season 5 Episode 19
Amy and Finn are kept apart following the ill-fated trip to the art gallery, causing Amy to play up in Ruby's class. The teacher's emotional state finally catches up with her when Rachel and Adam announce their engagement, and she locks herself in her office, only for the truth about her drug addiction to come out

Season 5 Episode 20
Amy's relationship with Finn takes a terrifying turn when he suggests a radical proposal to ensure they stay together. Meanwhile, as Rachel and Adam prepare to walk down the aisle, trouble at the school puts the bride's attendance at the ceremony in jeopardy. Starring Jack McMullen and Eva Pope

Season 6 Episode 1
New headmistress Karen Fisher sets out to revolutionise the school but faces tough challenges, beginning with two home-schooled pupils who are struggling to adapt to the mainstream education system. Elsewhere, Chris discovers that the girl he slept with is one of his pupils - and Karen's daughter. Starring Amanda Burton, William Ash, Linzey Cocker and Wil Johnson

Season 6 Episode 2
Karen's husband Charlie joins the team as a supply teacher, but finds himself in hot water when his son Harry discovers a suspicious text message on his phone. Ruby talks to John about their parenting options after learning about her infertility, and a jealous Jess sabotages Chris's friendship with the head teacher by publishing a scathing article in the school magazine. Drama, starring Ian Puleston-Davies and Linzey Cocker

Season 6 Episode 3
A new sexual health initiative causes uproar among parents, pupils and staff. Ronan and his girlfriend Sarah argue over whether she should take the morning-after pill, Jess and Vicki fall out, and Lauren shifts her romantic attention to Josh. Elsewhere, Charlie confesses his affair to Karen and hopes she will give their marriage another chance. Drama, starring Ian Puleston Davies and Amanda Burton

Season 6 Episode 4
Josh vents his own frustrations on a new gay student, and gets involved in a fight with Finn following the spread of malicious gossip around the school. A celebration at the Fisher household divides the family as Charlie reveals his true feelings, and Vicki blackmails Chris to improve her grades. Drama, starring William Rush, Jack McMullen and Amanda Burton

Season 6 Episode 5
Marcus interferes in Ronan's private life after catching him selling DVDs at school, but his well-meant efforts only complicate things further for the boy and his father. Tom is worried that Josh cannot defend himself when he sees Finn picking on him and urges him to take up self-defence lessons, while Ruby and Janeece call a truce. Drama, starring Wil Johnson and Ben-Ryan Davies

Season 6 Episode 6
Francesca's honest approach in her drugs-awareness class backfires when Sam asks her for money to buy some, but the pupil's dealings leave her facing exclusion from the school. Harry's suffering increases, but he strikes up a friendship with Ruth, who encourages him to fight back against his tormentor, while Grantly's personal problems come to the surface and Ruby wonders what has gone wrong with her marriage. Drama, starring Karen David and Holly Kenny

Season 6 Episode 7
Ruth becomes Waterloo Road's best entrant in the interschool debating contest, Harry's bulimia worsens as bullying and his parents' separation take their toll, and Ruby gets tired of being constantly used by Janeece. Drama, starring Anna Jobarteh, Ceallach Spellman, Elizabeth Berrington and Chelsee Healey

Season 6 Episode 8
Vicki cannot balance living in a hostel and visiting her sick father at hospital with her schoolwork, and resorts to blackmailing Chris to improve her grades. Grantly struggles to cope with his wife's illness but refuses to take her into care, and Janeece has doubts about her decision to give her baby to Ruby and John. Drama, starring Rebecca Ryan, William Ash and Philip Martin Brown

Season 6 Episode 9
Chris's plan to install CCTV in the school backfires when Jonah discovers compromising footage. Ruby gets in touch with Steph to see if she can persuade Grantly to sort out his domestic problems, and Janeece takes drastic action when Ruby refuses to give her back baby Poppy. Drama, starring William Ash and Lucien Laviscount

Season 6 Episode 10
Grantly's home life unravels when he finally puts Fleur in a home, but he has to take drastic measures when he learns the economic cost of care. His situation at school also reaches breaking point as Ruth discovers that he has been teaching the wrong syllabus to his A-level class. Elsewhere, a mysterious figure appears in the school and begins to spy on Karen. Drama, starring Philip Martin Brown and Anna Jobarteh

Season 6 Episode 11
A new term begins and controversy soon hits the corridors of Waterloo Road with a scheme that puts boys and girls in different classrooms. Bex continues to hide the details of her disappearance and becomes embroiled in an allegation of sexual assault involving new pupil Kyle, who wastes no time in seeking revenge. Drama, starring Tina O'Brien and George Sampson

Season 6 Episode 12
A year 10 pupil is convinced that her mother is trying to steal her newborn daughter from her, so Janeece becomes involved - with dramatic consequences. Grantly's colleagues are concerned about his wellbeing and decide he needs more assistance at home, and an attraction develops between Jonah and Francesca during their one-to-one Spanish lessons. Drama, starring Chelsee Healey, Nadine Mulkerrin and Philip Martin Brown

Season 6 Episode 13
Karen discovers Bex has been lying about her whereabouts, but the situation escalates when her daughter receives an envelope full of cash. Jonah's relationship with Francesca develops as he visits the teacher at her house, and Nate's father is unable to accept his son's sexuality, despite Tom's effort to cool things down between the two. Drama, guest starring Reece Dinsdale (Coronation Street's Joe McIntyre), with Amanda Burton, Tina O'Brien and Karen Brown

Season 6 Episode 14
Ruby's political views land her in hot water when she joins Martin and Kyle in their racist abuse against the school's new Polish caretaker. Janeece hatches a plan to stop Ronan's scheme to sell exam papers, Francesca finds it increasingly hard to resist Jonah's charms, and Bex's shopping trip ends in disaster when Hodge turns up. Starring Kieran Hardcastle, George Sampson and Elizabeth Berrington

Season 6 Episode 15
Karen and Harry come to blows over his low grades, and he takes revenge by stealing her phone and sending malicious e-mails to the staff. Sambuca returns to school and leads the girls in gate-crashing the boys-only business initiative, while Tom comes back but gets involved in a violent classroom incident. Drama, starring Ceallach Spellman, Amanda Burton and Holly Kenny

Season 6 Episode 16
The truth about why Bex ran away is revealed when Wayne Bodley discovers compromising footage of her on the internet, testing Tom's recovery when he is forced to deal with the aftermath. Elsewhere, Sam realises Finn's intention to mentor Denzil is genuine, and Jonah becomes frustrated with the secrecy surrounding his relationship with Francesca. Drama, starring Tina O'Brien and Qasim Akhtar

Season 6 Episode 17
Unbeknown to the teachers, the students organise an illegal party at an abandoned mill that soon turns violent. When Karen learns Bex is preparing to run away with Hodge, she enlists the help of Chris to find her, but they are shocked when Hodge takes Bex and Jess hostage. Elsewhere, Francesca makes a life-changing discovery that leads Jonah to consider abandoning his education

Season 6 Episode 18
Ronan tries to boost Vicki's self-confidence ahead of the school's fashion show by getting expert mentor Dan Hangrove (guest star Will Mellor) to advise her, but his plan backfires. Grantly and Ruby form an unlikely creative partnership following their book-swap, and Jonah makes a desperate attempt to prevent Francesca terminating her pregnancy. Drama, starring Ben-Ryan Davis and Rebecca Ryan

Season 6 Episode 19
The secrecy surrounding Francesca's relationship with Jonah is finally lifted when she hands in her resignation to Karen. Adanna stages a pantomime to unite the sexes, Denzil continues with his life-threatening stunts, and Ruby and Grantly argue over their writing project. Drama, starring Karen David, Lucien Laviscount and William Ash

Season 6 Episode 20
Finn goads Kyle into a fight so he can get him kicked out of the pantomime cast and take the lead role himself. Ruby decides to pursue a literary career, Francesca and Jonah rush to get married with the police hot on their heels, and Denzil's latest stunt ends in tragedy when Finn has to step in to save the day. Drama, starring Jack McMullen, George Sampson, Karen David and Lucien Laviscount

Season 7 Episode 1
Karen Fisher's return as head of the school proves eventful when new site manager Rob Scotcher discovers an abandoned baby on the premises. Eleanor Chaudry and Daniel Chalk adapt differently on their first day working at Waterloo Road, while Rob's son Aiden makes a memorable first impression on Jess and Vicki. Robson Green and Mark Benton join the cast, and singer Dionne Bromfield makes a guest appearance

Season 7 Episode 2
A shy pupil is under the spotlight when he is caught looking at a lingerie magazine, and Chris realises the truth is more complicated than it seems. Elsewhere, Sambuca learns her seizures are being caused by a brain tumour, while Vicki is disappointed about Jess and Aiden's budding relationship

Season 7 Episode 3
Amy is delighted to discover she has a stalker, but Eleanor's handling of the situation gives Karen cause for concern. The sixth-formers shoot films for their English project, while Rose and Tom struggle to tell Sambuca there is no apparent cure for her cancer. Drama, starring Ayesha Gwilt, Poppy Jhakra and Holly Kenny

Season 7 Episode 4
Chris takes a mysterious new pupil under his wing, but it is not long before her sinister past causes problems for Karen. Meanwhile, Eleanor and Daniel undergo their appraisals, Aiden continues his illicit encounters with Vicki, despite his attachment to Jess, and Finn delivers shocking news to Sambuca. Former Coronation Street star Debra Stephenson joins the cast

Season 7 Episode 5
Karen invites the Director of Education to the launch of the new community cafe, but the inauguration is jeopardised by Shona and Rhona's grandmother, who is involved in a bitter custody battle with the twins' mother. Meanwhile, Rob's estranged wife Naomi confronts Karen, and Vicki decides to reveal her affair with Aiden to Jess and Ronan

Season 7 Episode 6
Sam is eager to meet the father she has never known before she dies, and enlists Lauren and Finn's help to track him down in Blackpool. Karen hires a PR woman to improve the image of the school, but the director of education makes no secret of the fact he disapproves of both the plan and the head teacher's perceived incompetence. Meanwhile, a fight between Aiden and Ronan is the last straw for Rob

Season 7 Episode 7
Exams approach for the sixth form, but Vicki has other things to deal with. She discovers she is pregnant with Aiden's child, and his solution to her dilemma causes more problems than it solves. While clearing out Sam's locker Lauren and Amy teach Finn to appreciate the sentimental value of the little things that are left behind, and Denzil struggles with his grief at her memorial service

Season 7 Episode 8
Chris discovers new pupil Scout is a drug courier, but trying to rescue her from a life of crime lands him in trouble with both Karen and the police. Vicki and Jess realise the value of their friendship when they run in a mock student election. A redundancy notice is served on Waterloo Road, causing concern among the staff, and Eleanor continues to covertly help with Richard's plan to close down the school

Season 7 Episode 9
The staff nervously await the Local Authority's decision on whether to close the school. Pressure mounts on Eleanor as she realises the consequences of her actions, and Karen uncovers her betrayal. Meanwhile, Chris creates healthy competition between the teachers and pupils with a community garden project but soon finds himself drawn back into dealing with Scout's personal life

Season 7 Episode 10
The school faces an independent inspection and it is revealed Chris allowed a pupil to spend the night at his house. Both Karen's job and the school's future are on the line, and as the staff rally round, Jess tells Eleanor if she wants to save Waterloo Road she needs to take action. Meanwhile, the prospect of being taken into care causes Scout to run away - with Chris, the police and a drug dealer in pursuit

Season 7 Episode 11
The staff and pupils return for a fresh term - and ruling the roost is new headmaster Michael Byrne, brought in by the education authority to turn the school around. But he has his own demons, having been attacked by a knife-wielding pupil at his last school - and when the boy is acquitted of attempted murder, the aggrieved teacher vows revenge. The old staff have their noses put out of joint when the head also introduces his own team of high-achieving teachers, while brothers and new pupils Phoenix and Harley have a shocking start to the day when they discover the death of their nan. Alec Newman (Hope Springs), Jaye Jacobs (Holby City's Donna) and Alex Walkinshaw (The Bill's Smithy) all join the cast

Season 7 Episode 12
Newlywed teachers the Diamonds plan a dinner party to get to know their colleagues, only for the unexpected arrival of Jez's estranged children to throw things into disarray. Michael is keen to reunite the Taylor boys with their father, so Phoenix sets out to prove his dad is just a good-for-nothing alcoholic, Grantly clashes with the headmaster over the A-level recruitment drive and Matt is impressed by Scout's enthusiasm for the guitar

Season 7 Episode 13
Michael continues his mission to shake up the school by appointing his old student friend Linda Radleigh as Head of English. However, the newcomer soon has her hands full keeping an eye on Emily, who sneaks out of school to see her sister on the day she is released from prison. Meanwhile, Chalky's crush on Janeece prompts him to join Jez's lunchtime fitness club and Michael tries to get closer to Sian over a late-night drink. Sarah Hadland (Miranda) joins the cast

Season 7 Episode 14
Vicki suffers a black eye in an accident, prompting Sian to suspect Ronan of hitting his girlfriend. Jez enlists ex-pro Ken Watling to prepare for the school's first rugby match - only for the new coach to insist on dropping Zack from the team - and Phoenix is over the moon when Nelson buys him a moped for his birthday. Michael and Linda's relationship takes an interesting turn after she makes him an indecent proposal. Kai Owen (Torchwood) guest stars

Season 7 Episode 15
Sian finds out about Linda and Michael's one-night stand, and her unexpected reaction could have serious implications for her marriage, while the headmaster himself faces his demons once more when he receives an unwelcome visitor. Scout is offered a job as live-in carer to an MS sufferer, only for Emily's recklessness to jeopardise everything, and a promise to an old friend threatens to ruin Matt's orchestra project

Season 7 Episode 16
Bad boy Tariq turns over a new leaf by leading his fellow students in self-defence classes, but it doesn't last long when he discovers his sister is dating Finn. Michael tries to cover his tracks over the missing CCTV footage of his altercation with Wayne Johnson, Phoenix's secretive behaviour makes Scout question their relationship, and Linda's pet rabbit causes mayhem after it is set loose in the school

Season 7 Episode 17
Tom is put out to discover Linda has hired a teaching assistant to help him, but the newcomer's questionable grasp of English literature brings his credentials into doubt, prompting a suspicious Tariq to lay a trap for him. Michael is alarmed when he receives an anonymous e-mail containing footage of his fight with Wayne, while Jez's romantic overtures force Sian to question her affair. Phoenix announces he is thinking about joining the Army - much to Scout's dismay - and Rosie tells Matt she is pregnant

Season 7 Episode 18
The wife of a local entrepreneur visits the school, thinking about making a sizeable donation. But Michael struggles to keep focused with the VIP after discovering his tormentor's identity and then learning that Linda knows about his affair with Sian. Emily's rebellious streak threatens to land Scout back in foster care, a house party gives Ronan and Finn a chance to find new girlfriends, while a new pupil who recently underwent a heart transplant gets on the wrong side of Denzil and Phoenix

Season 7 Episode 19
Jez confronts Sian after discovering she has spent the night at a hotel with Michael. A well-known local radio DJ broadcasts live from the school, much to the excitement of the children - except for the woman's own daughter, a shy girl embarrassed by her mother's fame. Chalky burns his surprise dinner for Linda, only to get help from an unexpected source, and Finn gives Trudi a hard time after it accidentally emerges that she is to have an arranged marriage

Season 7 Episode 20
The last day of term goes from bad to worse for Michael when he finds a threatening note in his car, learns Jez is making a formal complaint to the governors about his affair with Sian and receives a surprise visit from a vengeful Wayne Johnson. Emily tries to prevent Scout moving away with her foster parents - only to land them in trouble with the police - while Ronan and Vicky say goodbye to Waterloo Road - and each other

Season 7 Episode 21
A new term begins for the pupils and staff - except headmaster Michael, who is convalescing at home with a fractured pelvis and no memory of the hit-and-run that put him out of action. All fingers point at Jez as the prime suspect, while Chalky continues to provide Linda with an alibi - but when his suspicions are aroused, her story begins to unravel. A local gang infiltrates the school, and soon sets its sights on Tariq, while Grantly makes an enemy of the dinner lady by criticising her food

Season 7 Episode 22
Lauren sets her sights on a modelling career, but after a failed audition she realises her only chance of getting any further will be to have a boob job. Chalky persuades Michael to let him be the school's gang liaison officer, and as his first task he persuades the disgraced Tariq to stand for head boy - causing anger among the other pupils. Josh's drug problem lands him in deep trouble with Tom, Matt is shocked when Rosie goes into premature labour and Grantly begins selling cosmetics, in direct competition with Maggie

Season 7 Episode 23
Tom's relationship with Josh is plunged into crisis when he finds drugs in the boy's pocket - so the last thing he needs is advice on handling his son from one of the candidates for the Head of English job. Grantly is puzzled when he mislays a large sum of money intended for Fleur's nursing home fees and Matt's daughter's life hangs in the balance. Heather Peace (London's Burning) joins the cast of the classroom drama, with Jason Done, William Rush and Philip Martin Brown

Season 7 Episode 24
Zack takes a DNA test to confirm his suspicions about his parentage - although a devastated Jez tells him that if the result comes back negative, it will make no difference to his feelings. Josh's increasingly erratic behaviour forces Tom to seek psychiatric help, while Matt is furious when he hears Rosie is moving away with Alex, meaning he could lose his daughter so soon after she has been born. Grantly and Maggie are left high and dry when the cosmetics company goes broke

Season 7 Episode 25
Grantly struggles to cope when Fleur's health deteriorates, and after a heart-to-heart with Maggie, he hands in his resignation so he can spend more time with his wife. Grabbing her from the nursing home, he heads off to a country cottage near where they honeymooned in a desperate bid to jog her memory. Back at school Trudi's world is plunged into crisis by the discovery she is pregnant, while Nicki challenges Tom to be more honest about Josh's mental health issues

Season 7 Episode 26
Jez's life starts to unravel when Sian admits her true feelings about their marriage, and then Mercedes makes a huge error of judgement, ending with the PE teacher being accused of making a pass at his student. Trudi is unable to tell Finn the truth, so decides to break up with him, and Grantly returns to work barely a week after his wife's death - and it is clear he is struggling to cope with his loss

Season 7 Episode 27
Exam season proves difficult for Josh, who is already struggling with the workload. But without his medication, his mental health spirals out of control - not helped when some of the girls play a trick on him. Jez moves out of the family home, Trudi and Finn both face important decisions, and Janeece's wedding day looks set to be a disaster when nothing goes right, topped off by the groom going missing

Season 7 Episode 28
Former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett (Jo Sugden) joins the cast as alcoholic pupil Shelby, who struggles to concentrate during an exam after spilling her secret stash of vodka. To commiserate, she takes Madi to the pub - leading to embarrassment later when her father, a local education officer, visits the school and sees his daughter drunk. Janeece takes drastic measures to dig herself out of a financial hole, Finn falls further under the Murray gang's influence and Michael receives an interesting offer from a former pupil

Season 7 Episode 29
As Finn retaliates against Tariq's crew, Michael installs extra security to deal with the escalating gang violence. But when the funding is cut, he is told the school's future is under threat - just as former pupil Lorraine reminds him about her job offer in Glasgow. Scout prepares to marry asylum-seeking pupil Danilo, only to call the wedding off after seeing him flirting with Emily. Grantly feels guilty after waking up with Maggie, and Zack struggles to cope now his father has gone

Season 7 Episode 30
The end of an era approaches as the school prepares to close its doors for the final time, but Michael has a plan to keep Waterloo Road alive. However, it would mean persuading the staff to relocate 220 miles north. Meanwhile, Janeece receives a surprising gift, Finn and Trudi get back together and Josh is dragged into the gang fighting - just as Tariq and Kyle smuggle a deadly weapon into the school

Season 8 Episode 20
Exam day arrives but Scout's promising future is thrown into doubt when her sick mother returns to her thieving ways. Connor faces a dilemma when Christine tells him she has booked a holiday straight after school - exactly the same time he is planning to marry Imogen in a secret ceremony - while Kevin and Chalky pitch their game to a business contact of Lorraine's. Grantly appears to be suffering from a serious bout of man flu - but when he collapses and is rushed to hospital, the results prove shocking. Katie McGlynn, Lisa Riley, Mark Benton and Philip Martin Brown star in the classroom drama. Last episode in the current run. The series continues later in the year

Season 8 Episode 21
The classroom drama returns after an eight-week break. New pupil Fergal arrives with a warning from his mother that this is his last chance, but no sooner has he arrived than he meets Barry and the pair end up dealing drugs to their fellow pupils - with disastrous consequences for Harley. The teachers are surprised when Lorraine announces Nikki as the new deputy head - an appointment she has made without consultation. However, when Michael confronts Lorraine, she reminds him who is holding the purse strings. Grantly struggles to keep his illness a secret from his colleagues, but when Maggie's hopes of donating a kidney to her husband are dashed, she can no longer keep quiet. Alec Newman, Daniela Denby-Ashe and Heather Peace star

Season 8 Episode 22
Rhiannon stays out all night, having been working at the takeaway with her friend Naz - but when Maggie's interference gets her the sack, the disgruntled girl plots revenge against the concerned dinner lady. Connor is dismayed to learn Imogen isn't allowed to stay over at Michael's house, so he tries to find somewhere to be alone with his wife - but the last thing he needs is an offer of help from Barry. Audrey's friend Ndale comes in to fix her classroom blinds, giving Sonya an idea

Season 8 Episode 23
Dynasty gets a shock when her ex-boyfriend Steve-O turns up at the school, having been recently released from prison. He is going straight and wants to make a fresh start in Liverpool with her by his side. The only problem is, she has eyes for someone else. There is uproar in the staffroom when Lorraine and Michael announce the cuts they need to make to keep the school afloat - and it spells bad news for Audrey - while Maggie is forced to return to work, unable to stay by Grantly's side indefinitely. However, there is hope for the couple when Tom makes a life-changing decision. Jody Latham (Shameless) guest stars

Season 8 Episode 24
Sonya is tired of living in her sister's shadow, so she follows her dream of becoming a beautician by selling products to the pupils - only for Rhiannon to be rushed to hospital after suffering a bad reaction to a tanning injection. Lorraine is forced to rethink her relationship with Nikki, while Steve-O's reign of terror continues as he takes on Connor's debt to Barry and warns Kevin to stay away from Dynasty. Tom explores the reality of donating a kidney, but when son Josh pays a surprise visit to the school, he struggles to tell him he is going under the knife

Season 8 Episode 25
Steve-O puts further pressure on Connor, while Kevin and Dynasty's joy at being alone together is short-lived when they discover the ex-con has broken into their flat - and with even Barry too scared to intervene, Dynasty is forced into a shock decision. Christine has an interview for a job at rival school Havelock High, new science teacher Esther proves a great inspiration to Lula - but not necessarily in the right way - and Audrey and Ndale announce their engagement, although Sonya is in no mood to share their good news. Daniela Nardini (This Life) joins the cast

Season 8 Episode 26
Kevin is left reeling after discovering Steve-O forced himself on Dynasty, so he turns to Barry to help get rid of the ex-con once and for all - despite Connor's attempts to talk him out of the deadly plan. Lorraine's latest idea for the school leads to an angry confrontation with Michael, prompting the headmaster to make the rash decision to resign, and Lula takes her animal rights campaigning to a new level - unaware she's being manipulated by maverick science teacher Esther. Ndale is unhappy when Sonya becomes involved in planning his wedding to Audrey

Season 8 Episode 27
A jealous Sonya causes problems on Audrey and Ndale's wedding day after finding out the couple are moving to London. Meanwhile, as Michael hatches a plan to secretly meet with the council to save Waterloo Road, Christine leads a strike by some of the teachers as a response to Lorraine's vision for the school, and Lula steps up her animal-rights campaign with a little encouragement from Esther. Angus Deayton joins the cast

Season 8 Episode 28
Michael is back as headmaster and still determined to prevent Lorraine from turning the school into a fee-paying academy. However, she is far from impressed when she gets wind of his takeover plans with the local authority - leading to a confrontation that ends in a momentous decision. Lula's campaign against Nox Pharmaceuticals reaches a shocking conclusion, while Carol has an idea to bring the warring Barry family back together

Season 8 Episode 29
The Barrys prepare to air their dirty laundry on a Jeremy Kyle-style chat show, with Dynasty determined to embarrass her mother on national TV. Kevin reluctantly goes along to show his support - but to his great horror, he is the one who ends up in the spotlight when an unexpected guest arrives. Back at school, Christine makes a bold start on her first day as head teacher, despite the obvious tension between her and Nikki, while Maggie faces the heartbreaking prospect of turning off Grantly's life-support machine

Season 8 Episode 30
Bad boy Kyle Stack turns up unexpectedly having being released from prison, and while there isn't too much enthusiasm at the thought of him enrolling again, Simon persuades Christine he has the necessary skills to get through to the troubled teen. However, things quickly turn sour when he comes face to face with Barry - and with Kyle involved, it seems things can only end badly. The teachers and pupils are thrilled to have Grantly back in the land of the living and throw a charity auction in his name, while Tom prepares to donate him a kidney - only for his friend to stun him with an announcement. Jason Done, Philip Martin Brown, Laurie Brett, George Sampson and Carl Au star. Last in the series

Season 9 Episode 1
New series. The classroom drama returns for a fresh term and there are a few new faces among the staff and pupils. They include scruffy twins Lenny and Lisa, whose dishevelled appearance prompts Audrey to think they are being neglected. But when she visits their home, she gets much more than she bargained for and finds herself the victim of a hate campaign. Meanwhile, newly qualified science teacher Sue finds the job tougher than expected, deputy head Simon is keeping a secret that could affect his career - and rock the staffroom - and as the school mourns Tom, Kacey struggles to cope with the loss of her mentor

Season 9 Episode 2
New science teacher Sue is excited about her first day, but it quickly descends into chaos when the students run rings around her. To make matters worse, fiance Simon offers her no support in his determination to keep their relationship a secret, so she is forced into a shady alliance with someone who might just be able to help her keep control. The pupils are unhappy about Christine's budget cuts, and when Connor leads them in a walkout she is forced to consider excluding her own son. The Brown twins continue their vendetta against Audrey and more than a few eyebrows are raised when George introduces his new teaching assistant

Season 9 Episode 3
As the council decides to expand its Mandarin programme, Princess is angry with George for assuming she will continue to cover for his poor grasp of the language. So as the school launches its Apprentice-style contest, pitching the boys against the girls to come up with a winning business idea, she spots an opportunity to get revenge on her hubby by helping the lads - but it leads to potentially serious consequences when she gets closer than expected to one of the pupils. Meanwhile, Audrey is delighted to have found a new friend on the internet, and Christine wonders if she has misjudged Simon

Season 9 Episode 4
Rhiannon is delighted when Darren agrees to be her date at the launch party for Waterloo Road's new fundraising initiative - although she is less thrilled when the saucy photos she texts him end up being shared around the entire school. Princess tells George she is bored and wants to leave for London, so in a desperate bid to save his marriage he takes her credit cards - unaware someone is willing to help his wife - and Audrey discovers Lisa and Lenny still bear a grudge

Season 9 Episode 5
Audrey is disappointed in the twins for trying to swindle her, and calls in their estranged grandfather - a retired sergeant major - to straighten them out. However, while Lenny soon bonds with his elderly relative, Lisa is less than happy at the idea of having him back in their lives, prompting her to make off with the old man's precious war medals. George turns to the bottle following Princess's departure, and his problems only get worse when Christine realises that without his wife, his grasp of Mandarin is virtually non-existent. Connor discovers a new-found talent after accidentally stumbling into a cookery class and realises this is the career for him - but his mother isn't happy

Season 9 Episode 6
Grantly returns to teaching but only gets as far as the school gates before admitting to Maggie he is having second thoughts. Christine eases him back in by asking him to help out with the national school poetry competition - but things soon fall apart when his temper gets the better of him and he accuses Harley of plagiarism. The day of Kacey's first big fight arrives and she is already dreaming of Commonwealth Games glory. Barry, however, has a different idea up his sleeve as he starts taking bets against his sister winning. Sue is struggling to cope with her classes - and turns to tranquillisers

Season 9 Episode 7
Nikki has a tough decision to make when her estranged daughter Eve shows up at Waterloo Road, having run away from home, angry with her father. As the staff and pupils mourn Grantly's death, Maggie puts on a brave face and is determined to get straight back to work, causing her friends to worry about how she is really coping. The school's sponsored clean goes awry when Sue slips on a wet floor, leading to a further breakdown in Christine and Simon's relationship

Season 9 Episode 8
The staff and pupils get all dressed up when Living History Week hits Waterloo Road. Christine is looking to impress visitor Robert Bain from the Department of Education, but Simon is on a mission to prove what a bad head teacher she is. And when Darren and Barry go foraging for mushrooms in the woods - resulting in the paramedics being called - and Sue learns a secret that threatens to expose George's Mandarin failings, criticising her leadership doesn't prove difficult. Meanwhile, Kevin tries to woo Dynasty back into his arms

Season 9 Episode 9
Boxing hopeful Kacey's confidence begins to waver as the school and her family get stuck into raising funds for her sports scholarship - especially when Nikki arranges a visit from Olympic champion Nicola Adams. However, jealous Barry is soon hatching his own plans for the money they have raised. New supply teacher Frankie McGregor's heavy-handed approach divides Christine and Simon, and as the twins grow apart, he proves an unlikely companion for the lonely Lenny

Season 9 Episode 10
The day of the interviews for the headship arrives, although Christine worries the odds are stacked against her as Simon clearly has Bain's support and Imogen's mother is also on the panel. However, Simon is also feeling extra pressure from his father-in-law, just as he is getting cold feet about marrying Sue. When he is asked to sort things out for a bullied pupil, he clashes with Christine over how best to deal with the problem. Meanwhile, Nikki is shocked to discover someone has stolen Kacey's boxing fund, jeopardising her hopes of training in the USA - and when the identity of the thief comes to light, the news threatens to split the Barry family for good. Last episode in the current run. The series continues in the new year

Season 9 Episode 11
The classroom drama returns for a fresh term after a nine-week break. New girl Gabriella enrols, having already been thrown out of several other schools for disruptive behaviour, and causes no end of mayhem among staff and pupils alike. She is sassy and smart, and it doesn't take long for her to make an impression, especially when she sets her sights on handsome new PE teacher Hector. Simon launches his education resilience scheme, designed to prepare pupils for life in the real world - but as usual, he ends up arguing with Christine - and Nikki is enjoying a new relationship, unaware she has also caught the eye of someone else

Season 9 Episode 12
Carol Barry is desperate to pay for Dynasty to go on the school trip, but the bailiffs are on her back, forcing her to take two jobs - including one in the bar where she used to work. But when her sleazy boss gets up to his old tricks, a familiar face comes to her rescue. Connor is over the moon after being offered his dream job in London, although his mother is less than happy at the thought of him moving away. Nikki and Vix take a big step in their relationship, while George and Christine go on a date to the theatre

Season 9 Episode 13
Gabriella declares war on Dynasty when her classmate embarrasses her in front of Hector - and Imogen and Rhiannon also find themselves on the wrong side of the trouble-making newcomer during a girls' night out. Christine struggles with her emotions as Connor leaves for London, and feels even more isolated when she is left out of a staff get-together. An excited Vix can't wait to tell everyone about her engagement, but Nikki has other things on her mind - not least the arrival of her daughter Eve

Season 9 Episode 14
Simon teaches the pupils the importance of vigilance as part of his social-awareness programme - although Lenny takes his advice a little too far when he suspects a local shop is a cover for criminal activity and enlists Darren to hold a stake-out. Barry returns, determined to come home no matter what it takes, while George is caught off-guard when his meddling mother Marjorie turns up unexpectedly and sets about insulting everyone with her superior attitude. However, she gets a shock when she meets her son's new girlfriend Carol. Wendy Craig guest stars

Season 9 Episode 15
The long-awaited school camp finally arrives but it seems some of the pupils and staff have ulterior motives for going. Hector uses the cover of the woods to find time alone with Nikki, pulling out all the stops to impress her - despite her recent engagement to Vix - and Gabriella causes chaos with another stunt. Back in the classroom, Christine is forced to confront her feelings for George, but she doesn't help matters by suggesting his new girlfriend Carol is a gold-digger

Season 9 Episode 16
Kevin is a bag of nerves as his university bursary interview looms, despite the presence of Chalky, who has made a welcome return to support his foster son. But when the anxious student collapses and is rushed to hospital, it sends shockwaves through the school. Nikki frantically tries to keep Vix in the dark about her one-night stand with Hector, but after vindictive Gabriella finds out, she sets out to destroy her teacher's relationship, and Lula's excitement at being offered a university place is short-lived when her family is threatened with deportation

Season 9 Episode 17
Headmistress Christine is away, leaving George in charge of the school. But he soon finds himself out of his depth when the immigration officers arrive for Lula, prompting the staff and pupils to launch a rooftop protest. Barry takes Gabriella to a fancy restaurant to discuss their future, while Dynasty gets a shock when she visits Kevin in hospital. Angus Deayton, Carl Au and Abby Mavers star

Season 9 Episode 18
Dynasty is optimistic as she sets off for her job interview with the police, only to have her hopes dashed when her family's criminal background is revealed. To make matters worse, she uncovers the truth about how brother Barry is making his money, forcing her into a decision that will affect the Barrys' lives once and for all. Indecent images are found on Darren Hughes' phone, so Christine decides it's time to visit his mum - but she is appalled by what she finds

Season 9 Episode 19
Christine wakes up with a terrible hangover and, in an error of judgement, drives to school under the influence of alcohol. From that moment onward, her day goes from bad to worse - until her whole future hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, Kacey Barry returns from America to a hero's welcome, but a jealous Gabriella is fuming that she's no longer the centre of attention. Determined to get even, she unleashes her vindictive side - but it's Kevin who bears the brunt of her anger

Season 9 Episode 20
Connor returns home to support Christine in the wake of her drink-driving offence, but as his mum prepares to face the education board, it seems she has given up any hope of ever teaching again. Kacey is overjoyed to discover she has been shortlisted for the Commonwealth Games, but her happiness is short-lived when a jealous Gabriella causes an accident, and Nikki's day goes from bad to worse when first she hears Vix is leaving for Berlin, and is later accused of attacking a student. Last in the series

Season 10 Episode 1
New series. Neil Pearson and Nicola Stephenson join the cast as new headmaster Vaughan Fitzgerald and his partner, art teacher Allie Westbrook, as Waterloo Road opens its doors for another new term. Vaughan is the kind of dynamic, forward-thinking chap the school needs, and while he and Allie are madly in love, their home life is far from easy thanks to their blended family - they have four children between them from previous relationships, and none of them gets along. Meanwhile, Christine promises she will help Darren deal with his difficult situation at home, but nothing could prepare them for what happens when they try to confront his mother. Finally, George discovers the hard way why nobody messes with the Barry family

Season 10 Episode 2
New headmaster Vaughan introduces his first initiative - the community hub, a project offering help to anyone who needs it. Before long, the phone is ringing off the hook and the entire school gets behind the enterprise - all except Shaznay and Lisa, who quickly realise they can use it as an opportunity to help themselves. Darren is still grieving his mum and seeks comfort in Rhiannon's arms - although when Maggie discovers the pair's canoodling is taking place at night, she is quick to put an end to it. Meanwhile, Justin's anger spirals out of control - and when the person whose attention he craves the most refuses to accept the severity of the situation, it ends in a shock resignation

Season 10 Episode 3
Allie introduces her virtual baby project, allowing the pupils to get a taste of parenthood, although Darren can't understand why Rhiannon seems to be taking it so seriously. A penniless Carol hits upon a money-spinning idea by faking an injury in the home economics class, making Maggie fear for her job. Will Vaughan see through her scheming ways? Justin's anger issues reach crisis point after one too many confrontations with Allie, leaving a furious Vaughan determined his son should face the consequences of his actions

Season 10 Episode 4
The students are shocked by the return of Gabriella Wark, and despite her claims that she has turned over a new leaf, she gets a frosty welcome from Kacey, whose hopes of competing in the Commonwealth Games were ended in the accident caused by the trouble-maker. Taking their friend's lead, Lisa and Shaznay mark the returnee out as an easy target. Allie feels uneasy as Vaughan and the boys prepare to visit Olga on her birthday - and with the couple so wrapped up in their own problems, they don't notice Justin and Tiffany are growing closer. Hector finds an ally in Sue - and it soon becomes clear there's a chemistry between them

Season 10 Episode 5
Lenny is determined to get the grades he needs for university but as the mock exams get closer, he crumbles under the pressure of all-night study sessions, causing concern among the staff - and sister Lisa's attempts to lead him astray don't exactly help matters. Allie is keen for her and Vaughan to put their problems behind them, so she is devastated to discover he has been keeping a major secret and forces him to make a decision about his arrangement with ex-wife Olga once and for all. Sue tries to keep her distance from Hector after their fling - but he's not prepared to let go of her that easily

Season 10 Episode 6
Justin is determined to make up for his bad behaviour, so when he sees a young, impoverished pupil shoplifting, he tries to help by taking matters into his own hands. But when his actions don't get the response he was expecting, things spiral out of control. Sonya plans to enter a creative writing competition, and is devastated to learn the teachers are making fun of her efforts, Kevin shows off his talent for computer-hacking to an impressed Leo, while Simon and Sue's dinner party goes badly wrong after Hector speaks out of turn

Season 10 Episode 7
Floyd confronts Tiffany and Justin about their relationship, and after the two boys gets into a fight, Tiffany worries her brother will spill the beans to Vaughan and Allie. The police descend on Waterloo Road when Kevin's computer hacking on a multinational organisation is traced back to the school, sparking a major security risk, and Sonya's short story looks set to jeopardise her friendship with Christine after it turns out she has drawn inspiration from her colleague's alcoholic past

Season 10 Episode 8
Things are tense in the Fitzgerald-Westbrook household following the revelation that Justin and Tiffany have been sleeping together, and they only get worse when Allie convinces Vaughan to send his son to boarding school. Justin is furious at the news and soon hatches a plot of his own. Darren isn't happy when Rhiannon considers a career as a plus-size model, while Sue looks forward to a fresh start with Simon in Wales - but forgetting Hector proves easier said than done, especially when he makes an impassioned plea for her to stay

Season 10 Episode 9
Leo feels neglected so he is happy to be befriended by new girl Mandy - only to be taken aback when she displays a sudden burst of violent behaviour toward Justin. Although he promises to help her, alarm bells ring for Vaughan and Audrey when the new friends go missing. Hector decides he has had enough of sneaking around and threatens to tell Simon about his affair with Sue. Can she reach her husband before he does? Drama, starring Zebb Dempster, Neil Pearson, Georgie Glen and Bobby Rainsbury

Season 10 Episode 10
Justin is struggling to deal with the breakdown of his relationship with Tiffany and erupts in a fit of uncontrollable rage, which comes to a head when he punches Allie. Can Vaughan deal with his son or should this now be a matter for the police? Hector pushes Sue to be with him but is left in the cold when she makes it clear she needs some space, while Darren arranges a surprise for Grace but she's not too happy about it. George Windsor makes an unexpected appearance at the school dance with some important information about the future of Waterloo Road. Last episode in the current run. The series continues in the new year

Season 10 Episode 11
The classroom drama returns after its short break for the start of the final series. The staff and pupils are back after their holiday, and there are a few fresh faces among them. New deputy head Lorna Hutchinson has a bad first day, while it transpires that new pupils Kenzie and Scott have met before - and there is unfinished business between the two. Vaughan gets a shock upon meeting his new supply teacher, and the pupils cannot believe how Bonnie has transformed herself over the summer

Season 10 Episode 12
Vaughan is determined to save the school, so to prove it is a vital part of the community he launches Waterloo Wheelers, a scheme that allows any pupil to borrow a bike. Unfortunately, it leads to conflict between Scott and Kevin, with disastrous results. The threatened merger has also left the teachers worried about their jobs, so Lorna suggests starting a parent-teacher association, only to clash with Christine over who should run it. Audrey receives a mysterious cash windfall, Kenzie wants Lorna to take over her literacy classes and Vaughan has a surprise offer for Olga

Season 10 Episode 13
Vaughan welcomes two new teachers to the school, although Lorna isn't impressed to discover one of them, Guy, has only had six weeks' training and will be learning on the job. Sure enough, he is soon out of his depth in the classroom - and things only get worse when suspicions are raised over his connections to new pupil Carrie. Meanwhile, Christine attempts to keep Audrey's smothering at bay by pretending to date George, while Sonya retreats into herself as she worries over a personal problem. Repeated later on BBC One

Season 10 Episode 14
A school trip to the coast turns sour when Kenzie lets slip about Bonnie two-timing Scott and Justin, and when more secrets are spilled one of the group runs off - placing themselves in grave danger. Some of the other students rebel against Marco's textbook teaching methods, tensions run high at the PTA meeting as the staff and parents discuss the implications of a merger with Havelock High, while Guy is desperate to hide the fact he is living at the school - only to draw unwanted to himself by bickering with Carrie. Repeated later on BBC One

Season 10 Episode 15
Vaughan is determined that the school makes a good impression when the PTA spends the day visiting Waterloo Road and its swanky rival Havelock High. However, when Lorna and Christine arrange for them to take on an entire new classload of students at the last minute - not to mention problems with erotic novels, exploding science labs and cyber-bullying - it proves to be the headmaster's biggest challenge yet. Meanwhile, Sonya worries about the results of her cancer screening and Leo forms an unhealthy attachment to a computer game - and when George confiscates his laptop in class, it becomes apparent how serious his addiction really is

Season 10 Episode 16
It's the day Dale has been waiting for - a rare opportunity to try out for a professional cycling team. His classmates are all behind him, but the pressure of mock exams has interrupted his stringent training routine, leaving Lenny concerned about how little his friend has been eating. Abdul is baffled by his father's reaction to his genetics science project, leading to the revelation of a devastating family secret, while Kenzie is unable to reconcile with her mother and moves out - effectively leaving her homeless with no plan in place. Bonnie confides in Leo about her worries when the school is unable to track down her cyberbully

Season 10 Episode 17
Dale is unable to come to terms with his failure to make the cycling team and tries to find his adrenaline rush elsewhere - but Lenny worries his friend's increasingly reckless behaviour is leading him on a path to self-destruction. Hassan panics when PC Fairchild questions him over Abdul's birth documents, so the worried father makes plans to take his son away for a few days. Kenzie finds herself caught in an explosive showdown between Scott and Justin. But who will win?

Season 10 Episode 18
Dale's erratic behaviour leaves Maggie and Lenny concerned, but he shuns their support and continues to seek his next big adrenaline rush. However, his actions soon become illegal and dangerous, and as he pushes himself to breaking point, Lenny strives to help his friend before he causes himself real harm. Abdul is nervous about meeting his birth mother, while Bonnie is devastated by the result of the police investigation into her cyberbullying case, and Vaughan finds out about a surprise inspection in advance. Will their preparation be enough to save the school?

Season 10 Episode 19
Vaughan's stress levels reach a new high the day before the final merger consultation, and with Justin being threatened with exclusion for his part in the cyberbullying, the head teacher struggles to keep his professional and private lives separate. Lorna is shocked by the sudden appearance of her estranged husband at the school, but as he lends some much-needed expertise to the campaign, will she reconsider her feelings for him? Sonya makes a discovery about Guy that forces her to confront her guilty secret

Season 10 Episode 20
After nine years of classroom drama, which has seen seven headteachers come and go and even a move from Rochdale to Greenock, the time has finally come to close the gates on Waterloo Road in the last-ever episode. But will the school be forced to merge with Havelock High or will it manage to remain independent? The decision day arrives, but with no Vaughan to lead them, the pupils are forced to take matters into their own hands - and soon discover the council is not being entirely honest about its plans. Meanwhile, Marco grows suspicious of Lorna's ex-husband, only for his meddling to put him and Kenzie in danger. Last in the series



Waterloo Road Episode Guide.

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