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Yonderland Episode Guide

Season 1 Episode 1
The Chosen Mum Married mother-of-two Debbie Maddox is convinced her empty suburban existence has driven her mad when she finds an elf hiding in her kitchen cupboard. Accompanying the creature back to its magical home land, she discovers she is actually the Chosen One, a hero destined to save the weird and wonderful realm from certain doom. Comedy adventure, created by the cast of Horrible Histories, and starring Martha Howe-Douglas

Season 1 Episode 2
Wizard Bradley After her meeting with the Elders, Debbie is dispatched to locate the ancient scroll necessary to save Yonderland from the fast-approaching forces of darkness. However, to find this magical artefact, she discovers she will need the help of a wayward wizard who seems to have lost his mojo. Comedy adventure, starring Martha Howe-Douglas and Laurence Rickard

Season 1 Episode 3
Reformation Debbie learns that honesty is not always the best policy when she helps truth-telling monks who get on the wrong side of Negatus, and he attempts to destroy their monastery with the help of minions and bounty hunters. Comedy adventure, starring Martha Howe-Douglas and Laurence Rickard

Season 1 Episode 4
The Ultimate Prize Excitement bubbles as the residents prepare for Ye Grand Tournament, but the contest hits a snag when firm favourite Philip of Woolworth is forced to pull out. Debbie rewrites the rule books by persuading his faithful page to take his place and face the land's most fearsome fighter - and all before she has to rush back for her kids' school sports day. Comedy adventure, starring Martha Howe-Douglas

Season 1 Episode 5
Closing the Portal Debbie tells Elf that she has had enough of being the Chosen One and wants her life back after she misses a romantic evening with her husband. However, the only way to close the portal is to complete one last quest, as she sets out to collect magical properties from specific lands. Comedy adventure, starring Martha Howe-Douglas

Season 1 Episode 6
The Idiot King Debbie teams up with self-centred King Bernard to find something tucked away in a distant tomb. However, the monarch, who is planning to build a lavish monument to himself in a bid to improve his popularity, sets his sights on wooing his married companion. The suburban mother-of-two and Negatus meet for the first time while camping in the woods and, back in Maddox, Elf tries his hand at housework. Comedy adventure, starring Martha Howe-Douglas

Season 1 Episode 7
Debbie is captured and taken to a village inhabited by idiots, where she brings some much-needed common sense into the community and concocts an ingenious plan to stop them sacrificing their cleverest residents to the Sun God. Meanwhile Negatus, who has been exploiting the villagers for years, hopes to score uncut gemstones for free. Starring Martha Howe-Douglas

Season 1 Episode 8
Dirty Ernie Imperatrix tells Negatus he must think of a way to lure Debbie to his lair, so he travels through the portal to her home in the guise of Dirty Ernie and asks her to join his rescue mission. Although she is suspicious, she agrees and assembles a crack team of familiar residents from across the realm. His Badness has a whale of a time hanging out with them but his true colours are revealed once they reach the lair - is this the end of the heroic housewife?

Season 2 Episode 1
Panic in the Streets of Yonderland It falls to Debbie to quell the chaos when Imperatrix's presence brings rioting to the streets and sends the elders into lockdown. Back in the Chosen One's own world, a strange old man sends her a bizarre package from his deathbed that promises to change everything. Comedy about a suburban mother-of-two destined to save a weird and wonderful fantasy realm, created by the cast of Horrible Histories, and starring Martha Howe-Douglas

Season 2 Episode 2
The Winging Detective A murder at the Meadowlands Festival calls for the skills of Yonderland's finest - and only - detective, while Negatus endures the imperial equivalent of an Ofsted inspection from Imperatrix's second in command. Peter starts to suspect that something very strange is going on in his house. Fantasy comedy adventure, starring Martha Howe-Douglas

Season 2 Episode 3
A Vicious Circle Things get dangerous for Debbie when Ellis of Woolworth mistakenly believes that she is to blame for his brother's death, while there are terrible consequences for Admiral Anous as he attempts to address Negatus's incompetence. On the other side of the portal, a close call with a messenger creature causes Peter to believe his house might be haunted. Comedy adventure, created by the cast of Horrible Histories, and starring Martha Howe-Douglas

Season 2 Episode 4
Up the Workers Debbie sets out to source the latest revelation in posterior cushion comfort, but discovers a grim sweatshop run by the newly educated Ninnies and she must act quickly to restore the ethical order. Meanwhile, Negatus finds himself in a sticky spot after unwittingly killing off Imperatrix's right-hand man Admiral Anous, and Babbas is finally able to reveal the message from Yonderland, meaning Debbie learns some shocking information about her past. Comedy adventure, starring Martha Howe-Douglas

Season 2 Episode 5
Nanny La Roo Having learned that Yonderland will fall if Debbie ends up in the clutches of her evil sister, the Elders banish the Chosen One from the realm. However, she disobeys them to visit her childhood home with Elf in the hope of getting a glimpse of her newly discovered past, and meets her old nanny, an eccentric human-kangaroo hybrid still haunted by Debbie's disappearance as a baby. Meanwhile, Negatus's lies and bragging land him in a prickly situation when he is invited to lead a seminar in battle techniques

Season 2 Episode 6
Game of Crones Debbie embarks on a secret mission with Elf to the Imperatrix-controlled Darklands to rescue an eccentric scientist who has been kidnapped by her sister and hoodwinked into building her a weapon of mass destruction. The problem is he doesn't realise he has been abducted and instead believes he is on the holiday of a lifetime. Comedy adventure, created by the cast of Horrible Histories, and starring Martha Howe-Douglas

Season 2 Episode 7
The Last Fahl A vicious monster is placing the life of the the last survivor of a noble species called the Fahl, so the Elders call on the help of a hapless hunter whom Debbie has the misfortune of accompanying into the forest. Meanwhile, inept warlord Negatus has noticed that Imperatrix is off the scene and bids to take advantage of the power vacuum by staging an inevitably badly thought-out coup. Comedy adventure, starring Martha Howe-Douglas

Season 2 Episode 8
Careful What You Wish For The discovery of a special fruit tree that grants wishes appears to be a miracle for Yonderland as its people prepare to fight for their survival against the evil Imperatrix. However, the tree falls into the hands of the greedy and hapless Elders, who decide gold, women and jewels prove a bigger priority than peace. As always, it's up to Debbie to intervene.. Comedy adventure, starring Martha Howe-Douglas

Season 3 Episode 1
With the evil empress Imperatrix gone, Negatus thinks that he can finally take control of Yonderland for himself, but his fellow overlords may have other ideas. Former elder Cuddly Dick (Stephen Fry) returns having been imprisoned for years under Imperatrix's regime and is welcomed back with open arms. Back in the real world, Debbie's husband Peter has been offered a promotion that means the family must relocate to Glasgow. Return of the fantasy comedy, starring Martha Howe-Douglas

Season 3 Episode 2
Cuddly Dick overthrows the Elders to seize control of Yonderland, prompting Debbie to head out on a daring rescue mission to save Nick. Meanwhile, Negatus is finding his new role as vice-president of refuse and sanitation less prestigious than expected. Comedy adventure, starring Martha Howe-Douglas and Stephen Fry

Season 3 Episode 3
With the Elders exiled in Debbie's loft, Cuddly Dick seizes control of the press and tries to sully the Chosen One's reputation. Debbie needs to restore Yonderland's faith in her so she sets about dealing with wannabe crime-fighting superheroes the Bird and the Bee, while Negatus is fed up of being at the bottom of the social ladder and decides to go it alone

Season 3 Episode 4
Debbie continues her quest to win back the hearts of the people of Yonderland and reveal Cuddly Dick's true colours. Meanwhile, Negatus moves in with a new and terrifying cellmate called Mr Big

Season 3 Episode 5
Debbie and the Elders attempt to break Negatus out of jail on their way to confront Cuddly Dick about the mysterious disappearance of Yonderland's citizens

Season 3 Episode 6
Debbie successfully breaks Negatus out of prison and he immediately embarks on a mission to infiltrate Cuddly Dick's chamber and spy on behalf of the Elders. Meanwhile, Elf and Debbie swap bodies after something goes drastically wrong with Nick's portal, leaving some potential house buyers very confused when they drop by for a viewing

Season 3 Episode 7
Negatus is getting closer to discovering the fate of people of Yonderland, but his loyalty to Debbie and the Elders is becoming blurred as Cuddly Dick draws him closer into his inner circle. Meanwhile, a reality TV competition to find Yonderland's Miss Smashing is keeping the locals glued to their screens and distracting them from what is happening, but Debbie finds out that the contestants who have been voted off the show are disappearing

Season 3 Episode 8
Cuddly Dick attempts to maintain control of the local population in every devious way imaginable. Comedy, starring Martha Howe-Douglas and Stephen Fry. Last in the series

Season 3 Episode 9
Yonderland Christmas It is the night before Thanktival, Yonderland's version of Christmas, but amid the joy lurks a monster called Chompus, who is eating all the presents in the realm. Festive edition of the fantasy comedy about a suburban mother-of-two destined to defeat the forces of darkness. Starring Martha Howe-Douglas



Yonderland Episode Guide.

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